On Behalf Of The Garden Of Chaos

A Public Statement

By Allison Hoffman [ChaosGarden.tumblr.com]

I - History Of The Garden
Thus far, this history of The Garden Of Chaos is a relati ely short one. After ! had e"#lored the A!$%& and old TOP' (ebsite, ! came across a no el idea of bein) able to share and dis#lay si)ils on a #ublic (ebsite. *hen ! disco ered the (ebsite for Thee Si)il Garden (as defunct, ! thou)ht +There should, e already been a du#licate some(here.+ ! searched the internet for a (hile, ho(e er nothin) came u#. A (hile #assed (ithout much thou)ht about it. ! had )i en some thou)h, ho(e er, about startin) my o(n blo) but, bein) the ma)ic-al dabbler that ! am, my life isn,t at a #oint ri)ht no( (ere !,d be able to )o into such a enue. ! (ent bac- and forth bet(een the t(o ideas, then finally )oin) (ith The Garden. ! decided on a tumblr since it seemed the easiest thin) to mana)e (ithout too much technical -no(.ho(. And (ith sites li-e Anti/uc-0ace, ! belie ed it (ould be a##ro#riate. Gainin) attention has been relati ely slo(, and ! o(e a lot of that to the -ind #eo#le at A!$%&. Ho(e er i,m confident that, if this idea ta-es off, si)il ma)ic- (ill ne er be so much more than (hat it is no(.

II - What It Is and What I Hope It Can Accomplish.
The Garden is relati ely sim#le. 'ou submit a si)il on (hate er medium you li-e, and it )ets dis#layed. *hat others do (ith this si)il is u# to them. !f you need hel# char)in) a si)il, ho#efully one could submit and #i))y.bac- the ener)y #eo#le are in estin) in it by comin) to the site. This (as1is one of the ori)inal #rinci#le intentions ! had for The Garden. !, e in ested a lot of time into The Garden2 !t,s ob iously ery im#ortant to me. !t,s not 3ust a chea# (ay for me to )et attention to a certain site. ! can,t let myself turn it into a commercial site made only to ma-e money off of ad ertisments and chea# merchandise. ! do ha e a lo)o for it,

is easy. but i. ! understand. *hat ! ho#e #eo#le can )ain throu)h this on)oin) #ro3ect is ins#iration. ! can.m runnin) out of o#tions. e stated in the last section.pilo!ue ! ha e no idea (here this (ill )o. Si)ili5ation is not limited to #ictures or audio. ! only ho#e that this (ill li e on. and countless other thin)s. That. ! 3ust need thin)s to be flo(in). Anyone can do it (ith (hate er facilities they already use. food. As !. III . The creati ity ta# is on lo( (hen it should be on hi)h.t do this alone. ! 3ust run the (ebsite. !.t let the #eo#les Garden become corru#ted and #olluted.s (here e eryone else comes in.t. 6 en those t(o mediums ha e not been #ublicly e"#lored fully yet. IV . ! need hel# not only (ith contributin) art(or-.Why I Need Your Help !n the )rande scheme of thin)s. thou)h ! do ha e co#yri)ht on it. ! ha e a relati ely small audience. This does not mean that ! discriminate bet(een more so#histicated art(or. let alone anythin) else li-e scent. and ! (on. Si)il 7a)ic. This is a community #ro3ect.and sim#ler. but that is in the free domain of the internet. e surrounded myself (ith this son) to ma-e sure that it (ill be sun). And fe(er of those submit to The Garden. 0eel free to use it as a symbol of The Garden. The creati ity ta# is on lo( (hen it should be on hi)h. but also ideas. ! can. dance. .The Bluefa4 Star (hich you see on the to# ri)ht hand corner of the site.