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Use of English Az albbi szovegben 15 kihagyott helyet taldl.

Olvassa el a szoveget es egeszitse ki a Mhagydsokat a szoveg iddn taldlhato negy-negy lehetseges megoldds kaztil a helyessel. A legelso kihagydsndl a megolddstpeldakentfeltiintettuk. Plenty of Peace, Too Much Quiet Ivo, my taxi driver, recognised my symptoms with a deep sigh. On our way from the airport into Dubrovmk, a city in Croatia bombed __0__ the Serbs in 1991 and 1992, I was looking for ruined walls and burnt-out buildings. Ivo shrugged. "News of war __ 1 _ so much faster than news of peace," he said. "For a long time we had no sound of singing or laughter here, but the music __2_ back. When you go home you must __ 3 _ your friends, the war is over now." _4_ hours earlier, as I checked on to my Croatia Airlines flight at Heathrow, I began to wonder what kind of holiday I was in for. It was, after all, more than 20 years and a brief spell in _ 5 _ Army since anyone had seen me off with a cheery wave and the sobering farewell speech: "Don't get shot." But by the time I went to my week's trip to Dubrovnik, the phrase had become a prayer. The next evening as I was standing on the medieval city walls I remembered 6 Ivo said. Everything was peaceful. As the sun threw long shadows on Dubrovnik's elegant main street, the people _7_ below seemed as if they'd come out of a street scene on a painting by Canalerto. In many ways I was glad I __ 8 _ Dubrovnik before the war. Returning _9__ like meeting an ex-lover disfigured by an accident, seeing only the imperfections, the marks of the plastic surgeon. I knew the statistics of war well enough. More than 500 historic buildings damaged, 70% of all roofs hit, nine palaces destroyed by fire. Instead, I was astonished by the _ 10 _ work, who are returning this city to its former glory. _ 11_ the famous buildings seem quietly unconcerned by all the fuss now. In the city centre, I enjoyed the sights and sounds of a city determined to put the past behind it. I was seduced by the elegance of the people who have picked themselves up and got on with their lives. Often I had the feeling I __12 _ my own personal miniaturised Venice without the crocodiles of tourists. However, the memories of the past are still vivid. Maria, a local woman, told me of a day in December 1991 when the siege of Dubrovnik was at its height. "I was sitting on my bed when the sirens __ 13__. Just as I reached the stairs, a mortar came through the roof and landed where I had just been sitting." _ 14 _ , unless asked, people would prefer__ 15 _ the war and by now a new prayer was beginning to replace the old A waiter in a restaurant said, "The Italians come here by ferry, the Germans mostly are back too, but the British aren't. Dubrovnik is safe. Safer than London I think. And besides, the war is over now." The Daily Telegraph

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