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compiled this checklist because I have been requested to assume the duties of another SQL Server administrator on a specific

project. The SQL Server has many external Vie s to !xcel and "ord# as ell as backups# replication# server and indo s lo$ins# and three or four applications usin$ the data. I post this checklist so that you have a base to start from# if % hen& you are required to pass %taken over& the SQL admin duties. Special thanks to 'arayana Vyas (ondreddi )http*,- he as instrumental in helpin$ me to compile this checklist )althou$h he does not kno it.,.

SQL Server information request

Backup information* /. "hat is the do ntime allo ed for the production servers in case of failure0 1. "hen is the maintenance indo * server has maintenance scheduled0 2. 3o hat is the time of the day# eek and month hen the database

much data loss is acceptable to the State0

4. "hat type of SQL server backup is implemented0 )or all, a. 5ackin$ up the database0 b. 5ackin$ up the database and the transaction lo$s0 c. 6ifferential database backups0 d. 7ile or 7ile8$roup 5ackups0 9. 3o do e plan to recover the data in case of a failure0 "hat is the process0

:. "here are the backups physically located0 ;. <re the System databases* =aster# msdb# model# tempdb and any distribution databases backed8up0 "here and hat type of back8up0 >. <re there pass ords for SQL Server 1??? backups0 @. "hat chan$es have been made to a server after installation 8 hard are or soft are. /?. "hen as the last <udit 6atabase <ccess accomplished0 )to see ho has permissions to hat,

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) /. "here is the 6isaster Aecovery 6ocument0 1. <re you certain to recover# in case of a catastrophe 2. 3o lon$ ipeout of servers0

ill it take to recover and have your system available for normal functionality0

4. "hat hard are+soft are is in place to achieve the required level of recovery0 Is it functional0 9. "hat is the final database state the users can expect0

Main Checklist for thin s to fin! out* /. "hat automated jobs and maintenance plans are on the server for thin$s like database backups# inte$rity checks# automatic shrinkin$# transaction lo$ backups# etc0 1. Is SQL =ail installed on all "B' production servers and set it up to send notifications on your email )or cell phone or pa$er,0

2. Throu$h SQL =ail# are email notifications set up for maintenance plans on the production0 4. Is there a script of the functional database schema in a secure location on the net ork0 9. Set the =SSQL and SQL Server <$ent services to <uto8start "o !o checklist* /. =ake a list of all the sa pass ords for each server and save it in a secure place. 1. =ake a list of all the SQL Server pass ords for each lo$in created on the production boxes. 2. =ake a list of all "indo s 1??? lo$ins or $roups that have access to production boxes. 4. 6ocument and save the SQL ServersC and "indo sD confi$uration information in a secure place. This information is needed to rebuild an 1??? E SQL Server box in case of a disaster. 9. "e need to perform a test restore of a database backup. This is done in order to prepare for unforeseen situations. :. List of all service packs installed for both =icrosoft "indo s 1??? Server and =icrosoft SQL Server. (eep records of net ork libraries used# the security mode# sa pass ords and service accounts. ;. List the physical limitations of access to Servers )IF# routers and fire alls, >. Frovide current documentation on the Gyear8endH cleanup process accomplished on Buly 2/st every year. #ther Checklist* /. <re all services runnin$0 )SQL Service =ana$er# SQL Server <$ent and =SSQL Server, 1. <re scheduled tasks on the production servers are runnin$ normally0 2. 3o much the hard disk space available on the SQL Servers )in Ii$s,0 "ill they provide services for the next year0 4. Is there sufficient database and transaction lo$ space on each server )in Ii$s,0 9. In the event Lo$s# are there any SQL Server error messa$es0 :. "hen ere the disk de8fra$mentation utilities last run0 hen the server starts.

Replication /. "hat objects are bein$ replicated0 1. "hat type of replication0 2. "hat is the schedule for replication0 4. "hat lo$in)s, or $roup)s, account is used for replication 9. "hat Server)s, is data bein$ replicated0 "hy0 :. 6o any external servers replicate data from "B' Servers0 $pplication $ccess to %&'(S an! "$BL'S /. "3J ith hich applications )=S <ccess# !xcel# etc., have access to Server)s, VI!"S and T<5L!S0

1. "hat type of database connections do the different applications have0 <re there %3o types of applications like this0 6atabase Kode8base# schemas and structure /. "here is the user T8SQL for stored procedures# tri$$ers and vie s backed8up to0 1. "here are user table structures and database structure backed8up to0 2. <re there any other script repositories0 Iood luck# =att 5urnett

many& other