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Leading Manufacturer of Anti-Slip Safety Products


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SAFEGUARD Technology Inc. SAFEGUARD Technology Inc. presents anti-slip safety covers for usepresents on all types anti-slip of safety covers for use on all types of ships and sailing vessels, on steps, walkways, ships and decks, sailing and vessels, on steps, walkways, decks, and ladder rungs. Hi-Traction covers provide ladder slip prevention rungs. Hi-Traction in covers provide slip prevention in the most slippery, wet and hazardous conditions the most slippery, on the wet and hazardous conditions on the seas and in port. seas and in port.

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SAFEGUARD Covers Protect Your Valued Crew and Ship

SAFEGUARD Covers are the ideal non-slip solution for the maritime industry. They are in use worldwide on hundreds of steps on ships and vessels, providing superior traction wherever they are used.


Why specify SAFEGUARD Covers on your vessel or on portside locations? Working on, or nearby the waterways of the world exposes your team to some of the most slippery, wet, icy and oily conditions possible. Traction can be the difference in saving a life! SAFEGUARD Covers are the best investment to ensure long-term high coefficient of friction. Trying to maintain non-slip surfaces using temporary tapes, paints and rubber flooring that wears down, is not economical and provides only short term service. SAFEGUARDs regular, or custom-sized covers can be easily installed over steps, walkways, decks and ladder rungs to address any need. Step covers are engineered with a vertical lip to address the leading edge, where most slips occur. Safety and directional markings including IMO/SOLA pictograms, can be incorporated into SAFEGUARD Safety Covers for value-added service. Photoluminescent glow-in-thedark can be incorporated to provide egress when the lights go out, as well as providing other critical safety warnings.

SAFEGUARD Covers are ideal for use on a wide range of vessels: Bulkers Fishing Tankers Tugs Ferries Containers Patrol boats Cargo ships Ship repair and port operations Offshore service and support vessels Passenger vessels Patrol, assault and rescue craft Pilot boats Oil spill Tourist Aquaculture support General work boats Research & Exploration Dredgers Oil/chemical tankers Navy/military Many others

SAFEGUARD Covers are offered in a full range of sizes, as well as the widest selection of surface grits (coarseness) for any application needed. They are available in a choice of materials, most notably lightweight and durable pultruded FRP composite fiberglass, galvanized, or stainless steel. Covers are prefabricated to the size specified for fast and easy on-site installation. A broad palette of industrial and contemporary color options are available, including photoluminescent. A History of Success Safeguard has been supplying anti-slip covers for the maritime and offshore industries for 15 years and the company has an impeccable track record of success! SAFEGUARD Covers are used by many leading marine organizations: Tidewater Kirby Subsea 7 Solstad Offshore Acergy Cal Dive International Maersk Crowley Marine Fire Island Ferries Seabulk Offshore Seacor Bath Iron Works Washington State Ferries Steiner Shipyard Island Frontier Bolling Shipyards Sealion Shipping Atlantis Submarines Matson U.S. Coast Guard

Specify SAFEGUARD Covers wherever anti-slip performance is needed.

Safeguard in Action Fleet of BP Rescue Supply Vessels Rely on Safeguard

BP currently maintains four Rescue Supply V Class IMT 992 Vessels, the Caledonian Vigilance, Caledonian Vision, Caledonian Victory, Caledonian Vanguard, to work in the North Sea supplying its offshore facilities. All four 4,321 DWT vessels are managed by Seaguard Offshore, forming an integral part of Project Jigsaw, a new rescue and recovery plan. Because of the slippery and hazardous conditions found in this environment, these ships have been installed with SAFEGUARD Walkway Covers to give the crew the best and safest footing possible. As these photos showcase, the covers span many walkway areas onboard the ships, covering open grating to provide safe, secure traction. For more information and a free sample cover today, contact SAFEGUARD Technology.


Leading Manufacturer of Anti-Slip Safety Products

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