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Europe’s leading 20 day NLP

The ITS Official 20-Day NLP Certification Training

Practitioner programme. Certification matches and adheres to international standards.

“It sounds like a cliché but this training has changed my life. I came largely for professional reasons, and have experienced a personal exploration and development I would not have believed 5 months ago. What I have spent weeks, months or years working on in the past has changed beyond recognition. If I believed in miracles, this would be one. And I do believe in miracles. Ian’s integrity, sensitivity and humanity are something remarkable.”
Jane Aspden - University Lecturer

What is NLP?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence. It was created in the 1970s as a way of identifying how people were able to excel in various fields - business, therapy, sports, communication and many others. By discovering how the minds of great achievers were working, the creators of NLP - and the many pioneers that have followed, have uncovered many of the ‘structures’ of human excellence. By learning and duplicating these structures in your own life, you will be able to significantly increase your personal and professional effectiveness. NLP is often described as a set of tools that shows you how to run your mind. This is certainly one of its benefits. We live in a world of amazing technological innovations, yet many of us know very little about how we, as human beings, work. By becoming a Practitioner of NLP you will gain in-depth and profound knowledge about how you and others work. This will give you greater control over your own life and greater influence in your interactions with others.

When you take the ITS 20-day certification training, you will learn: • How to build and maintain rapport - the key to successful
relationships. • How to master advanced communications and influencing skills. • How to achieve clarity on precisely what you want in the key areas of our life.

Project-based learning
Some of the best learning can be achieved by applying the training to something that is of particular importance to you personally. As part of your Practitioner training you get to create your own NLP project. This enables you to integrate further what you have learnt and make the material your own. The projects can give great personal satisfaction. They can also be financially very rewarding both for individuals and for sponsoring organisations.

• How to gather specific, high quality information from
people and how to use it to achieve your outcomes.

• How to increase the range of what you are able to see,
hear and feel so you know more about what’s going on.

Personal and professional
One of the reasons that the ITS Practitioner Training attracts such a wide group of people, is the many applications of NLP. Our training is designed to enhance both your personal and professional life. NLP is well known for its many change techniques - enabling you to successfully generate change and overcome any fears and obstacles that may be standing in your way. By becoming a Practitioner you will become proficient in helping yourself and others resolve such issues and design a future that is both compelling and achievable. But the personal applications of NLP are only half the story. Many participants tell us that some of the most significant benefits are in the professional arena, from increased skills in communications, managing, influencing and team work, to entrepreneurial skills and increased effectiveness for small business owners and the self-employed. Many delegates considering career changes have also found their NLP skills invaluable in making effective decisions about their future, and increasing their abilities in key areas.

• How to use metaphor effectively, as all great
communicators do.

• How to generate practical, well-formed outcomes and how
to achieve them.

‘The project has linked every technique to me; it has enabled me to take this magic and use it for me and mine in my life immediately. It has made the training work.’
Ann Hunter, Management Consultant

• How to design interventions to move a person or an
organisation from where they are to where they need to be.

• How to create the right context for successful individual
and organisational change.

Some examples of the benefits of projects
‘I created a central management training programme for a national company’s 500 managers, using NLP to develop coaching and counselling skills, project management, assertiveness training and stress management.’
Jennifer Hill - Training Services Manager

• How to change unwanted behaviours. • How to determine what is important to yourself and others. • How to see what is going on inside others. • How to talk another person’s language. • How to create your own personal state of excellence. • How to communicate clearly and effectively. • How to make meetings work. • How to mediate and negotiate more successfully. • How to recognise and use powerful language patterns. • How to develop your behavioural flexibility and creativity. • How to be more at peace with yourself. In addition • You will learn how to use many specific change techniques

What happens
This 20-day NLP training is divided into modules of four days. To ensure you get the most from the training, there will be a lively variety of learning formats: large group presentations, special ‘how to’ demonstrations, small group exercises, step-by-step individual coaching, diagnostic sessions, practical skill-building work, tasks and discussion, and plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered as you go along. To ensure optimum supervised practice we have a team of qualified assistants and build practice sessions into each module. Between modules there are optional skill-building tasks.

‘I integrated NLP techniques into the treatment of substance misuse to provide a more effective form of care.’
Jean Nash - Community Nurse

‘I devised a post-graduate training programme for medical staff in communications skills.’
Dr John Dale Phillips - General Practitioner

Official certification in NLP
Certification is optional in this programme. However, if you are interested in certified training you may wish to know that our certification is a worldwide recognised bona fide NLP qualification.

Make this the year you take your personal and professional life to new levels of excellence - the year you become an official Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Special payment plan £295.00 per month (after deposit)

‘I used NLP to help my son to become a good speller and to generally increase his ability to learn. (In 5 weeks his grades went from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s and have remained there.)’
Gail Mariner - Mother

To reserve your place on the next Practitioner training please fill in the enclosed form or call ITS on +44 (0)1268 777125

A five-month learning experience

20 reasons for the ITS 20-day
1 Change that lasts
You may have been to courses in the past which left you feeling great at the time but soon ‘wore off.’ The real pay-off from a good training is that you are able to do things differently after your training - even when with others who haven’t been on it. This is one of the areas where ITS excels. The learning is in the doing both in the training and between modules. That is why our 20-day certification is spread over 5 months.

NLP Practitioner Certification
course details
Venue Novotel, London Dates Spring 2007 programme 8 - 11 February 2007 22 - 25 March 2007 19 - 22 April 2007 17 - 20 May 2007 14 - 17 June 2007 Cost £2295 (plus VAT)

The ITS difference
When you choose the ITS Practitioner Training - you also get more than just NLP. We incorporate three further leading-edge fields of knowledge within the course - Coaching, Systems Thinking and advanced Accelerated Learning.

How you will benefit from becoming an NLP Practitioner • You will have mastered many of the cutting-edge skills being used by individuals and businesses to increase their effectiveness and impact.

2 Time to learn
While the training consists of 20 days, the Certification programme actually represents a 5-month learning experience. This is a vital point. In many ways the spaces between the 5 modules are as important as the modules themselves. It is during this time that you will integrate the material you have learnt into your everyday life. Like a good meal, the time comes when you want to stop eating, and have time to digest. So our 5-month training offers you a depth of learning that is simply not possible with shorter courses.

The Coaching Perspective
Your trainer, Ian McDermott, is pre-eminent in the field of NLP Coaching. He is co-author of the definitive book on NLP coaching, ‘The NLP Coach’ and co-creator of ‘The NLP Coaching Certification Training’ which is the international benchmark training in the field.

Unique Course Features
• An integrated vision - Ian McDermott gives the whole training, providing vital continuity and assurance of quality. No stand-ins. No substitutes. • Project-based learning - Ensures you integrate NLP into your life, both personally and professionally. • Optimum format - We deliberately favour modules of 4 days. These segments give in-depth experience fast but allow sufficient time in between to digest and integrate. • Outstanding support material - Fully comprehensive, specially written course manual, by one of the leading authors in the field.

• You will know how to overcome personal issues from the past that may have been holding you back. You will also be able to Being able to effectively Coach yourself and others is an increasingly pass these skills on to family, important life skill. We are all Coaches some of the time - potentially friends and colleagues. even in informal conversations with family, friends and colleagues. Because NLP offers such a powerful array of tools for change and • You will learn some of the most development, your ITS Practitioner Certification training will equip powerful communication skills you for life with foundation skills for effective Coaching. available. Systems Thinking • You will discover how to set
Learning NLP is one thing - but what you want is to be able to implement it effectively in your life both personally and in the work situation. You are part of larger systems like your family and the field you work in. To make the most of the NLP you will master on this training, you need to be able to use it in these larger systems. Ian McDermott, is an internationally acknowledged authority on applying NLP in systems. He is co-author of ‘The Art of Systems Thinking.’ Understanding how you can use NLP in these systems will dramatically increase your effectiveness, save you time and help you achieve your goals.

3 Time to practice
Much is made of the speed and power of many aspects of NLP - and quite rightly so. You will learn material quickly - and instantly be able to put the material into action in your personal and professional life. At the same time, you should be aware that, as with any other field of learning, real proficiency requires practice. Our 5-month training is designed to ensure you become really proficient - ITS Practitioners are generally recognised as having the best command of the material.

and achieve goals. • You will learn to master your mind - so that you are in control of your life rather than being at the mercy of events. • You will have a highly effective set of skills for handling stress. • You will gain an understanding of related fields such as Mind/Body Health and Systems Thinking. • You will discover how NLP can make a significant impact on organisations. • You will be a more effective learner - enabling you to master the skills vital for progressing your career in the years ahead. • You will be able to influence your children more effectively. • You will be better equipped to negotiate and handle meetings. • By understanding modelling, the cornerstone of NLP, you will be able to duplicate other people’s excellence in any field that you choose.

4 Where professionals train
For many, the ITS Practitioner training is where they meet and make the right connections. We like the fact that there are people who first met on the course and are now happily married. And we’re proud that we have made it possible for many delegates to join together in starting up new businesses that are now flourishing. While we can’t promise you wedded bliss or a business empire, we can promise you some remarkable introductions because this is where the professionals train.

Advanced Accelerated Learning
NLP allows us to model excellence - to find out how somebody does something superbly - and then replicate it. Nowhere is this more true than with learning. Your brain has an infinite capacity to learn - and to learn quickly and easily. The entire ITS NLP Certification Training is 20 days of Accelerated Learning, so the material covered spans years of developments in NLP. This course will not just enable you to learn NLP easily and effectively. It will show you HOW you learn. In a changing world, this is a vital skill. Ian McDermott is famous for superbly demonstrating the actual how to’s. And if you have children - you’ll then know how to help them become more effective learners too.

5 More time to pay
This 5-month training means you can spread your payments over a longer period and you can use our easy payment plan to spread the cost.

Become a Certified Practitioner of NLP for just £295.00 per month (after initial deposit).
International Teaching Seminars is committed to making it as easy as possible for you to become an NLP Practitioner. We therefore offer a special payment plan which lets you spread the payment over seven months, at £295.00 per month after an initial deposit. Please see the enclosed form or call the ITS office for more information.

6 More enjoyment
We believe that your NLP Certification Training will be one of the most significant learning experiences of your life. Above all, we hope that you will enjoy and treasure the experience. A shorter course would not just cut back on the learnings. It would reduce the enjoyment of the training too. This is another reason that our 5-month format is so popular and successful.

A Truly International Training
Because of the pre-eminent reputation of ITS for quality and excellence people come from all over Europe - and beyond! - to be part of this outstanding programme. New low cost flights have made travelling to London to learn with Ian McDermott even easier. Our training venue is ideally located for Heathrow and all the London airports. It’s five minutes from the tube and easy to access from mainline train stations. Please contact our office team if you would like assistance.

7 Tap into an ongoing network
When you join the ITS NLP Practitioner Programme, you are not just attending a training, you have the opportunity to become part of a community, in the sense that you will be with a group of people who you really get to know and who provide a supportive network for each other. This network often results in new business opportunities and wonderful lifetime friendships.

8 Be at the leading edge
Ian McDermott is famous for his how-to demonstrations of NLP and Coaching. Learn from the man who has over 20 years experience, has co-authored some of the most widely read and highly respected books in the field. See Ian in action and learn the how-tos direct.

9 Accelerated learning
If you are considering taking an NLP Practitioner training, you should be aware that there is no ‘law’ governing who can offer a training. Anyone can put on a training of any length, and label it ‘Practitioner.’ To overcome this, minimum standards have been set up to govern UK trainings. Some organisations choose to abide by these standards - others do not. You are free to choose, but you may want to know that your ITS Practitioner Certification is recognised internationally as representing the highest level of NLP expertise. It’s just one more reason for you to choose our 20-day training.

Take your NLP Practitioner with ITS - The World Leader in NLP Coaching
ITS is the only NLP training organization in the world - and the first training organization of any type in Europe - to receive formal ICF accreditation for its Coaching Certification Training. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest non-profit professional association in the world with more than 5000 members and 179 chapters in 30 countries. It is the world’s premier Coaching body. ICF only recognizes a handful of organisations worldwide for their Coaching training. Taking the ITS Practitioner training will ensure you become familiar with the coaching dimension of NLP. It can also be your first step to achieving full accreditation as an ICF recognized ‘Professional Certified Coach’.

Many people ask how we are able to pack so much material into 20 days. The answer is with Accelerated Learning. You will use the very latest learning techniques and will probably surprise yourself at the amount you have absorbed easily after the five months training.

10 Know what you’re doing
NLP contains some quick, simple change processes which you will learn quickly and easily. However, these alone will not make you an NLP Practitioner. You need to know when to do what, plus what works and what doesn’t. If you’re going to be any good at actually using NLP you’ve got to know what you’re doing. Techniques need to be backed up with real understanding - and that is what our 5-month learning experience offers you.

To reserve your place on the next Practitioner training please fill in the enclosed form or book online at or call ITS on +44 (0)1268 777125

“Ian is somebody who has been able to distil a potentially

y training
11 The Coaching Perspective
Ian McDermott is not only an internationally recognised NLP Trainer, he is also one of the world's leading NLP Coaches. For more than 20 years Ian has been Coaching individuals and executives and his experience in this arena will be invaluable for you. All of us are Coaches some of the time, with family, friends and work colleagues. It is also a wonderful gift to be able to Coach yourself effectively. The unique Coaching perspective of the ITS NLP Practitioner training will equip you with the skills and experience to be highly effective at assisting yourself and others achieve fulfilment and success.

Your trainer

complex subject into a compelling learning experience. Ian has achieved this through a supreme demonstration of empathy with individuals and the group.” Graeme King - Accountant

Ian McDermott
After many requests for NLP “with an English accent” he has made a number of audiotape and CD sets including: ‘An Introduction to NLP: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People’, ‘NLP, Health and Well-being,’ (both with Joseph O’Connor,) ‘Freedom from the Past’, ‘What is NLP?’, ‘Tools for Transformation’ and the acclaimed distance learning pack, ‘The Professional Development Programme’. Every year Ian leads two ITS NLP Practitioner Certification trainings, the ITS NLP Master Practitioner Certification and the NLP Coaching Certification Programme. He annually commits to a number of short public courses such as the one day ‘Essential NLP’ and the two day ‘Essential Coaching Skills.’ You can also see Ian at one of the regular Open Evenings he hosts most months in Central London. In recent years, Ian McDermott has pioneered the integration of two different disciplines NLP and Coaching. ‘The UK NLP Coaching Certification Programme’ is the result. Developed by Ian together with Jan Elfline, this advanced programme offers certification as an NLP Coach and an established pathway to full ICF recognition as a Professional Certified Coach. ICF -International Coach Federation - is the world’s leading coaching body. There are only a handful of organizations recognized by ICF worldwide as offering an Accredited Coach Training Program. ITS is one of these.

Your Practitioner Training checklist
When you take your NLP Practitioner training, you want to take it with the very best. Here is a checklist that you may find useful.

12 The best pedigree
Ths ITS NLP Practitioner Certification Programme has been in place for many years. We are constantly building on the programme and incorporating the latest developments. Over these years Ian McDermott has trained thousands of Practitioners. It is because of the results they have achieved that we know how well this 20-day training works.

The following are just some of the books co-authored by Ian McDermott.

✓ Does the organisation have a proven
track record? Can it show you how people have taken the training and made specific and measurable improvements to their personal and working lives?

13 Family benefits
Many Practitioners tell us that, while they became NLP Practitioners to further their own professional and personal lives, the material they mastered has also made a significant difference to their family. Whether it be a particular technique like coaching children in NLP memory strategies or just passing on accelerated learning skills, parents find NLP invaluable in equipping children with the life skills they need in our changing world. Meanwhile the communication skills you will learn can only enhance your relationships with parents and your partner.

✓ Does the training address the work of
all of the leading pioneers and innovators of NLP - not just one or two?

14 Tracking learning
Between each module you will be able to put what you have learnt into action. To then come back and build on the progress you have made, and to get answers to any questions that your experiences may have raised, is a powerful and important aspect of this programme.

15 Re-establish balance
The format is 5 modules, each 4 days long, spread over a long weekend. For many people, this means they are achieving a balance, investing 10 days of their own time and 10 days of their employer’s time. This is particularly appropriate, as the ITS programme is specifically designed to improve and bring balance to both your personal and professional life.

Ian McDermott, international trainer, coach and consultant is one of the world’s foremost exponents of NLP and Coaching. He was recently named one of Britain’s Top 10 Coaches and described as ‘the Coaches Coach’(Independent on Sunday). He is the NLP Trainer and Coach of choice for more than 100 of Britain’s top organisations. As well as training thousands of NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and NLP Coaches, in his role as Director of Training for International Teaching Seminars (ITS), Ian coaches many FTSE and Fortune 500 clients. A best-selling author and certified NLP trainer since 1988, Ian is also a registered UKCP psychotherapist. He was made an International NLP Diplomat in recognition of his contribution to the field.

✓ Is the organisation offering you a training
known to give priority to supporting delegates, with customer service, not just before and during but after the training as well?

✓ Does the training offer a balance
between the personal and professional applications of NLP?

✓ Do you trust the trainer? Slick tricks won’t
do it - your personal credibility is what will make the difference. (We show you how.)

✓ Has the training organisation been
established in the UK for a minimum of ten years? Does it have a dedicated team with over a decade’s experience of working with individuals and businesses in the UK?

16 Time to master the field
The amount of material generated in the field of NLP over the last 25 years is staggering. You just cannot do justice to this material in a training that is less than 20 days.

17 Personal and professional
People come on the training for many different reasons, both personal and professional. Some focus very much on the enormous variety of skills that they learn during the programme. For others this can be a programme about making important personal changes. Once again, the training has been structured so that you can take the time necessary for you to focus on the applications of NLP that are important to you - in all areas of your life.

He is the co-author of some of the most widely read and respected Ian’s pioneering work and books in the field, highly popular style have including, Way of NLP also made him a regular (Thorsons), Practical contributor to the media. NLP for Managers Ian McDermott being interviewed about He has appeared on BBC NLP on ITV breakfast television (Gower), NLP and Television, ITV, Sky TV, Health(Thorsons), The Art of Systems Channel 5 and World Wide Television News Thinking (Thorsons), NLP and the New and made numerous radio appearances on Manager (Orion), Manage Yourself, BBC and commercial radio. Manage Your Life (Piatkus), Brief NLP He is a sought after presenter and enjoys Therapy (Sage), NLP First Directions speaking to a wide range of organisations (Thorsons), NLP Coach (Piatkus) and from Ashridge Management College, or the Your Inner Coach (Piatkus). He has also the Traditional Acupuncture co-authored two popular personal Society, Marriage Care or the Institute of development books, Develop Your Advanced Legal Studies. Leadership Qualities (Time-Life) and Take Control of Your Life (Time-Life). His books have been translated into 15 languages. Through ITS Executive Coaching Ian and his colleagues work personally with key senior players focusing on strategic issues, creativity and innovation. His work is also featured in the recent BBC video for the Open University MBA programme course B822 ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’. Whether it be as a trainer, coach, consultant or author and broadcaster, at the heart of Ian McDermott’s popularity and success is what one course participant called “the refreshing combination of his deep understanding and expertise in NLP, an entertaining and inspiring style, and a real sense of caring and commitment for those he works with”.

✓ Is your trainer recognised not just as one
of the world’s best NLP trainers and consultants, but also an experienced coach who knows how to empower people? And do you have a guarantee that he will be the one to deliver the training?

✓ Has the training been specifically
designed for the British market and a UK audience?

✓ Is the training spread over several
months, to give you the most effective learning experience possible?

✓ Are you able to spread the cost of the
course over several months? Your questions answered

18 Learn to make learning easy
You will find that over the 5 months, learning will become virtually effortless as your brain tunes in to a new way of thinking and a new way of learning. You’ll know how to learn more easily for the rest of your life.

If there is anything else you need to know before reserving your place for the Practitioner Training, please call the ITS office on +44 (0)1268 777125. We will be happy to answer your questions.

19 New career pathways
The ITS Practitioner Training is recognised as pre-eminent in the field and stands alone. However, it can also be the beginning of a very rewarding programme of professional development. With ITS you have a well established career path that can take you from Practitioner through to Master Practitioner to becoming a fully accredited NLP Coach. For some people this can be a career in itself. For others the skills they acquire give them new credibility and opportunities in their present work.

What the participants say about Ian McDermott
‘Above all, a teacher with that rare quality - total respect for the intelligence and integrity of his audience.’
Shaun D’Arcy, Copywriter

‘The most outstanding communicator I have ever met, with a depth and wealth of knowledge that was of immense benefit.’
Melba– Linda Schertler, Director, Language School

20 The best training experience
Many people find that becoming an NLP Practitioner is one of the most significant experiences of their lives. For that reason, when you choose your trainer, you want to choose the best - someone you can really learn from, someone you can trust. We hope that you will choose to train with ITS. We are proud of the fact that we are leading the field in the quality training of NLP Practitioners in Britain, and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

'Excellent! I have learnt a lot from watching his style of training - especially as he breaks a lot of the rules I was taught about presentation and training.’ Diane Thompson, Training Manager, Interflora. ‘Ian’s lightness of touch enabled people to deal with very serious issues’.
Pat Ridley, Computing & Electronics Services

‘Inspiring, Humourous, totally focused. Ian has managed to become an inspirational role model for me, without ever approaching the status of guru. I think that is an extremley fine tightrope to walk and i congratulate him for it.’ Robert Thirtle

To reserve your place on the next Practitioner training please fill in the enclosed form or book online at or call ITS on +44 (0)1268 777125

What learnt such a lot and everything I have learnt I can use every day of my life. This must be the most rewarding,
developing the practical applications of NLP

“On a scale of 1-10 it’s a 12!”

“It has been absolutely fantastic. I have


Matthew Harbour, Sportswear Dealer

have said interesting, fascinating course I have ever done.”
Nicola Kidman-Suessbier, Teacher & Consultant

about this



“I am free to be me and be honest and open to myself and others. I am speechless at the extent of change and growth.”

Samantha Edmonds, Actress Teacher/Mum

“Undoubtedly the best training I have
Harish Devda, Management Consultant

seen or experienced. Exceptionally well

“My level of communication skills is now 100 times greater.”

structured and delivered.” “Life changing - enabled me to move beyond things which have been issues literally all my life, to achieve things I didn’t know were possible.”
Alan Arnett, Consultant

John Donnelly, Consultant/Marketer

“I finished the training knowing that i

was not only capable of using NLP, but

was already using what i had learnt

quite automatically. I still keep being “Inspirational teaching. It has opened up a whole range of possibilities for me.”
Tim Hewitt, Business Development Manager

pleasantly suprised to notice that i am

utilising yet another piece of NLP

without thinking about it..”

Virginia Gage, Video producer

The NLP Practitioner Programme

“The training has been extraordinary “The opportunity to develop both your skills and yourself simultaneously. The structure over several months means you can split the training between your employer’s time and your own.”
Maggie Harte, Management Developmen Manager - London Fire Brigade

the training itself has modelled the

content. Strange that this is so unusual!

Ian McDermott

This congruence has enabled me to be

an extraordinarily effective learner. .”

Bill Goodyear

“Simply fantastic! It went much further I am. I have an amazing toolkit to empower me and I feel incredibly enriched and open to infinite possibilities. Brilliant.”
Deborah Moore, Manager

than I had anticipated. The interaction

“I have a greater understanding of who Spring 2007
• Head Office Telephone +44 (0)1268 777125 Fax +44 (0)1268 777976 Email w w w. i t s n l p. c o m

with so many people who have become

good friends made it very special. It has

helped me see myself and develop in

many ways.”

Chris Wilson, Production Director