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Vito Francesco De Giuseppe

Connect two systems with each other, characterized

by mutual incommunicability caused by the diversity
of languages used, the method used to communicate,
by any other hitch and not predictable, is the summa
of the difficulties that some should be able to resolve
in its use.
Humans establish relationships by communicating
with each other and to use this language. A Chinese
that seeks to talk with an American is not just a joke
character, but in the Palace of Glass in New York,
named ambassador wearing earphones and
sophisticated electronic (materials used and specific
audio) is located address the problem of having to be
included, as well as the American ambassador is
facing a similar difficulty. Thus check the ear of the
U.S. delegate to the UN, as if by magic, an item that
results in real time, real time for English speakers, the
ancient language of the land of the dragon in perfect
English where fatigue is recognized the sweet
inflections of English spoken in Louisiana.
The translator, the person in flesh and bones, is a lady
whose surname betrays the clear origins in China, but
has lived most of his life, including university studies
in the south of the United States. Miss becomes the
interface between the delegate of China and the U.S..
He hears the words spoken by the Chinese, who wears
the headset, and his ear perceives the sound and
structure discriminates frequencies, and these are
electrochemical impulses that are passed on in some
areas of the brain that process the stimulus. Here, the
brain that is, it's turning the operation of translation
from Chinese to English, with lots of special
inflection, and other electrochemical impulses are sent
from the brain to various parts of the human body that
perform different functions and among these, to
produce language.
The language produced by the translator moves from a
microphone, making electrical pulse that reaches the
ear of the delegate from the U.S. and here begins the
opposite course.
A question arises: in throughout this electric Babylon
pulse or the like, the motor that is activated, the
Larynx that vibrate to stapedius, paroxysmal that
contract, which is the interface?
Simple: the brain of the girl who leads and who is able
to perform activities in parallel with each other
different, but related topological.
Shorten the distance between man and the machine
seems to be the fundamental definition of the
interface. Indeed this distance will shrink to the point
that they exist, as to bring the car with the man
himself, and change to.
Interface: enter into a relationship with, relations
between, this process allows beings to evolve and
reach new goals of development.