Written by Sam Babington Third Draft, 24/10/13

49 Swallow Rise Chatham Kent, ME5 7PR 07817167274


INT. BEDROOM, HOUSE - MORNING Listening to the floorboards CREAK and VIBRATE as music continues to BLARE out, TAY, a 19 year old boy, SLIDES his feet into his designer trainers, ignoring the laces. He ZIPS up his grey jumper and FLICKS his hood up, whilst looking BLANKLY into his DUSTY mirror for a short moment.


Tay then YANKS his phone from his speaker lead creating a moment of silence - until you hear a sudden SLAM as he shuts his bedroom door. 2 INT. KITCHEN, HOUSE - MORNING Tay walks into his kitchen, where the sound of SQUEAKY floorboards follow him. The mood QUICKLY changes into a BRIGHTER atmosphere - Tay enters the kitchen listening to the news coming from a SMALL PORTABLE radio. His MOTHER, whom is wearing a flowery cooking apron, is washing up. Being BLINDED by the glare of the sunlight coming from the windows, TAY draws the curtains shut, BLOCKING most light from coming into the kitchen. MOTHER Tay what have I told you about shutting the curtains? And don’t even think about changing the radio station. Changing the station REGARDLESS, Tay takes a bowl from the washing up area and REPEATEDLY shakes it, drying the bowl. Tay then GRABS the remaining value brand cereals. As the last few CRUMBS fall out of the box, TAY throws the cereal box onto the kitchen side, where it then slides SMOOTHLY on the side, onto the floor. MOTHER (CONT’D) Pick that up Tay, I wish you’d show some respect in this house, seeing as you do absolutely nothing. Continuing to IGNORE his mother as if she wasn’t even in the room, the ringtone of a Nokia phone ECHOED around the thin walls of the kitchen. The BLAND COLOURLESS phone screen displays ‘ADAM ringing’. Tay however declines the call, cutting off the ringtone, and then SLIDES the phone into his tracksuit pocket. 2

2. MOTHER (CONT’D) (moments after) Why didn’t you answer? Is there something you’re hiding? TAY Leave it out, it’s none of your business. Tay SCOWLS at his mother, almost in DISAPPOINTMENT. QUICKLY grabbing his man bag, Tay heads towards the kitchen door exit without saying a word. MOTHER Where are you going? TAY Like I said it’s none of your business. Standing infront of the door blocking the entrance, Tay’s mother SCOWLS back, looking up towards her son. MOTHER I’m sick and tired of you not telling me where you are and treating me like shit! Now tell me where you are going! TAY Get out the way why would I tell you? As the mother and son continue to SCREAM at each other, Tay’s brother JOE SPRINTS into the room, where he throws his halfdone school tie onto the floor. Joe, younger and smaller, pushes his brother and Mother apart from each other, where Tay STUMBLES slightly. Tay then GRABS Joe by his shirt collar and PUSHES him up against the wall. Silence ESCALATES into the kitchen, where the only noise you can hear is Tay’s fast-paced HEAVY breathing. Tay lets go off his brother and STARES at him for a moment, then once again GLARING at his mother. He opens the kitchen door with little effort and leaves the flat, shutting the door QUIETLY. The flat remains quiet, apart from the ongoing news REPORT on the Radio and the ECHO of voices coming from surrounding flats.


Tay leans at the end of the flat wall and SPARKS a cigarette. He looks over the wall and ADMIRES the RISING sun which BRIGHTENS the CROWDED cluster of buildings in his view. All you can hear is the ECHOING sound of car engines from the BUSY road ahead. Tay feels a BUZZ in his pocket. He looks at his phone and opens it to see a TEXT from Andy. ANDY (TEXT) Yo man where you at? We’re down usual spot. Ignoring the text, Tay puts his phone back in his pocket and FLICKS his cigarette over the wall, watching it SPIRAL down and hitting the floor, leaving a trial of smoke. Tay then begins to DESCEND down the GRIMY spiral of stairs covered in mud and TATTY walls, leading to the exit. 4 EXT. STAIRS, OUTSIDE FLAT - MORNING 4

He BRUSHES past a mid-aged WOMAN as she walks up the stairs, whom turns around and looks at Tay in DISGUST - similar to the way his mother looked at him. 5 EXT. EXIT/ENTRANCE, OUTSIDE BUILDING OF FLATS - MORNING Tay then begins to walk towards the TOWN CENTRE, where he looks left across the road and JOGS to the other side when the road is clear . His head is kept LOWERED with his arms SWAYING in his jumper pockets. His eyebrows stay LOWERED and his face SCRUNCHES up, adding to his INTIMIDATING posture. 6 EXT. EXIT/ENTRANCE, OUTSIDE BUILDING OF FLATS - DAY 6 5

Joe leaves his flat and looks at his watch, keeping an eye on the time. Whilst walking he opens his shoulder bag and takes out his lunch box, and GRABS an apple. Taking LITTLE chunks out of the apple, Joe puts his lunch box back into his bag, and takes out his earphones. He puts his earphones in then continues to walk, SWAYING his arms by his side and walking at a SLOWER pace compared to Tay.

4. 7 EXT. OPEN FIELD - DAY Joe checks his phone as he walks along the field. The field is COMPLETELY empty - even the park, which Joe can see CLEARER as he walks CLOSER towards. He JOGS down the STEEP hill making sure that he doesn’t SLIP as the field is DAMP. As he looks up after maintaining his balance, there are two BOYS dressed in full GREY tracksuits. They both have their HOODS up and you can hear UNCLEAR and QUIET RAP music coming from a mobile phone. They hear Joe jog down the hill behind them, making the boys TURN around. The two boys look at Joe UP and DOWN - the only movement shown is one of the Boy’s SMOKING something which smells INORDINATELY and STRONG. BOY 1 Yo man, what you saying? Joe GLANCES at the two boys IGNORING them, put his hands in his pockets and keeps his head DOWN. BOY 2 Hey he’s talking to you, why you ignoring him? JOE Leave me alone. BOY 1 (sniggering) Leave you alone are you dumb? We’re not gonna attack you or anything kid no need to be scared. Joe SUDDENLY stops and throws his bag on the floor. His body TENSES up and his hands CLENCH into a ball. JOE Scared? Why would I be scared? Grow up. Joe then SNATCHES his bag from the floor and QUICKLY turns around. You can hear him make a TUT noise and SIGHS as he walks off, continuing his walk to school. BOY 2 Oi blud who do you think you are? Come back here now cuz, respect your olders. 7

5. The two boys walk at an INCREASING pace following Joe, eventually leading them to JOG up next to Joe. BOY 1 You got beef fam? Explain yourself. Momentarily, one of the Boys push Joe, causing him to STUMBLE. Joe rebalances himself by placing one hand on the floor as he nearly SLIPS and falls to the ground. As the Boys continue to shout at Joe, Joe SPRINTS to the left of the field towards the main road. 8 EXT. BUSY ROAD, NEXT TO FIELD - DAY The voices of the Boys turn WEAKER and QUIETER where eventually the shouting stops and instead you can hear the sound of cars RUSHING past Joe. Joe BENDS over trying to catch his breath. You can see his FAST-PACED breathing from the CONDENSATION coming out of his mouth when he EXHALES. He places his hands on his hips still trying to REGAIN his breath for a few moments until he EVENTUALLY continues to walk to school, however walking along the main pathway along the field. He continuously SCANS the field until he reaches the end of the field and walks along the road following on from the field. 9 EXT. HIGH STREET - DAY Tay walks towards a group of four boys dressed SIMILARLY to himself, who are sitting around a GREEN STATUE on the high street. Tay GREETS one of the boys from the gang by CLENCHING his fist and GENTLY NUDGING his fist against the other Boy. TAY Yo Andy, you cool? Tay also GREETS the other four boys by FLICKING his head upwards in their general direction, and then looks at each one of the boys INDIVIDUALLY. TAY (CONT’D) Wag’warn boys. Tay and Andy then move over to the other side of the statue, keeping a SMALL distance from the other boys. 9 8

6. TAY (CONT’D) What you saying? ANDY Yo Tay, sorted out a mad deal for later bruv. Got some guy asking for an ounce of dizz! Fuck knows who he is, I gave him your number and told him you’re gonna bell him in a bit. TAY You don’t know who the guy is and your giving out my number? Are you mad? ANDY Woah chill Tay, it wont be anyone sketchy man. Give him a bell and see whats happening init. As Andy stops talking, a sudden ERUPTIVE collection of FLASHING BRIGHT blue lights appear on the buildings surrounding the high street and the two boys. Within seconds, a police car DASHES past where the ECHOING SIRENS dominate all noise within the area. TAY I’ve got a bad feeling about this bruv. You have no idea what this guys like - it could even be a trap. Andy LOWERS his eyebrows then SNIGGERS and smiles at Tay. ANDY What? Shutup Tay since when have you cared! Don’t be a pussy you’ll be fine! TAY Whatever man. Come lets go Jacksons, I hate lurking around here, especially with the feds being hot today. ANDY Chill out bro, you alright? Looks like somethings getting to ya. Tay begins to walk forward whilst keeping his head down, leaving the rest of the gang. Andy GLANCES at the remaining boys lifting his hands up and pulls a CONFUSED look. TAY I’m fine, lets bounce.

7. Andy SWIFTLY catches up with Tay as they walk towards the end of the high street. 10 EXT. JACKSONS FIELD - DAY Tay and Andy head towards the park until they hear a VOICE shouting Tay’s name. Yo Tay! VOICE 10

Tay hears the voice and him and Andy walk towards the park where two Boys are sitting on a BENCH. 11 EXT. JACKSONS PARK - DAY 11

The Boy who called Tay over stands up and GREETS Tay and Andy by SLAPPING their hands gently, almost like a reverse high 5. BOY 1 Easy boys, have I got something to tell you! ANDY What have you done now, G? G, who too is wearing a tracksuit, SCOWLS QUICKLY at Andy. G Basically yeah we’re waiting for this cocky little sixth former who started getting all mouthy earlier. ANDY A school kid are you dumb? What he do? Moments later, Tay’s phone rings, where he INSTANTLY pulls it out of his pocket. The phone displays ‘07817167273’. Tay’s breathing stops - he STARES at the number for a few seconds. The hand he holds his phone with begins to TREMBLE. You can tell that THOUGHTS are RUNNING through his head from the way he STARES at the phone and nothing else. Suddenly his eye’s BLINK HARSHLY as he SNAPS back into reality. Tay then carries on LISTENING to G’s story. BOY 1 The kids a faggot bruv, started telling us to grow up and tryna be a big man, so me and BLAINE are gonna teach him a little lesson.

8. ANDY You boys got nothing better to do? Guess the kid needs a lesson. 12 EXT. JACKSONS FIELD, MAIN FOOTPATH - DAY 12

Joe, with his earphones in, WALKS towards the path. All he can hear is the REOCCURRING bass coming from his earphones. He has his phone out playing a game called ‘Doodle Jump’ - he gets so into the game that he isn’t AWARE of his SURROUNDINGS. He then makes a QUIET sigh noise and puts his phone away after loosing the game. Joe then looks AHEAD and spots 4 boys wearing SIMILAR tracksuits GATHERED in the park. He then PAUSES and shows no form of MOVEMENT. Joe STARES at the boys and his BREATHING becomes FASTER and FASTER. The boy who was with G, BLAINE, blows out an EXCESSIVE amount of smoke from his ‘cigarette’. He then SQUINTS his RED eyes at a boy who looks at him back. Blaine then watches the boy SUDDENLY twist around, walking back in the direction he came from. BLAINE Yo G, look who it is. It’s that kid from this morning. G (kissing his teeth) No way! Boys lets kick, I’ll show you what happens when you don’t respect your olders. G and Blaine BRISKLY HOP over the fence, following Joe. They SIMULTANEOUSLY put their hoods up and put their hands in their pockets, whilst walking at a FASTER pace than Joe. Tay and Andy follow however are a few steps behind. 13 EXT. CENTRE OF JACKSONS FIELD - DAY 13

Joe’s body begins to feel WEAK and starts SHAKING. He pulls out his earphones and QUICKLY forces them into his trouser pocket. Joe then hears a voice SHOUTING which makes him FREEZE. His face drops and then TURNS around, remaining SILENT.

9. BLAINE (moments later) Well look who it aint, the mouthy kid from earlier! Still gonna give it the biggen now then? The gang QUICKLY approach Joe who is still left SPEECHLESS. JOE I, I didn’t want any trouble. I was just pissed off. Blaine and G eventually catch up with Joe. Andy and Tay stop walking and STAND a few yards away. Once again, Tay’s phone rings again - he PUSHES a button to stop the phone from ringing. As he regains CONCENTRATION, Tay looks ahead and MUMBLES to himself. TAY (mumbling)


His whole body TIGHTENS and he doesn’t move a MUSCLE - almost as if his body has been SHOCKED from SURPRISE. Blaine and G pick up Joe together and THROW him on the floor. Joe’s head SMASHES and BOUNCES on the grass. Joe’s vision then BLURS. However he looks up to see his brother whom looks as FRIGHTENED as Joe himself. JOE Tay? Tay please! You’ve got to do something! ANDY (moments later) What? This kid knows you? Throughout the conversation, Blaine and G PIN Joe on the floor and SEARCH his pockets. TAY (faintly) It’s, it’s my brother. Tay remains in SHOCK. His hands begin to shake VIGOROUSLY. His phone rings again however Tay is so DISTRACTED by his brother that he doesn’t even NOTICE it ring. Blaine FREEZES and pulls a CONFUSED expression on his face, where his eyebrows INVERT and face SCRUNCHES up. What? BLAINE

10. SUDDENLY, Tay’s fist CLENCHES and his breathing becomes INTENSE. He then SPRINTS towards the action without saying a word and RUGBY TACKLES Blaine to the floor, which at the same time makes G STUMBLE. TAY He’s my fucking brother bruv are you dumb! Tay begins to PUNCH Blaine in the face CONTINUOUSLY for around 20 seconds. ANDY Tay bruv what are you doing! In the corner of Tay’s eye, he sees G stand up and UNZIP one of his pockets where he then pulls out an ITEM which Tay can’t see. As G lifts the ITEM up, Tay notices him hold something SILVER and POINTY. He watches G CHARGE towards him. Tay DROPS Blaine and STANDS up by BOUNCING off his knees, turning around to see G a couple of yards in front of him. Joe, who CRAWLS to STAND up and BRUSHES himself down looks at G and Tay. Moments later, the field is SILENT once again. G pushes the item into Tay’s stomach and QUICKLY pulls it out. Tay GRUNTS in pain. Tay SLOWLY looks down and his left hand (which he STRUGGLES to move) ATTEMPTS to cover up the area where he was STABBED. Their is still SILENCE apart from Tay’s HEAVY BREATHING and the noise of him FALLING to the floor. JOE Fuck Tay! No! Joe RUNS over to his brother and SLIDES to the floor, putting his HAND on Tay’s stomach whilst HOLDING his head up. G DROPS the knife on the floor in SHOCK and the three boys begin to run away however they all kept TURNING around GLANCING at Tay and Joe. Tay lifts up his SHAKY hand and watches blood DRIP from his hand. TEARS run from Joe’s eyes and the two boys are left ALONE in the middle of Jackson’s field.

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