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Vol. 74 No. 39 November 27 - December 3, 2013 50 cents

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George Tignor Repeats at PBA50 Bryan’s Bowling Center Eastern Open
By Russ Mills - PBA LAUREL, Del. – George Tignor of Winchendon, Mass., successfully defended his title when he defeated PBA Hall of Famer Tom Baker of King, N.C., 278-248, to win the PBA50 Bryan’s Bowling Center Eastern Open presented by The Insurance Market at Bryan’s Bowling Center last week. Tignor, who won his first PBA50 Regional title in the same event a year ago, earned $1,700 for his second title while Baker earned $875 as the runner-up. Tignor defeated Fran Luzzi of Port Jervis, N.Y. 252-221 in the semi-final round while Baker defeated Sammy Ventura of Syracuse, N.Y. 235-224. Luzzi and Ventura each earned $725 as semifinal round losers. In the round of 8 where the it’s the best of three games, losers

Nolan Ryder 300 at Rockville Centre
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Nolan Ryder earned top game and set honors in the Tuesday Oceanside K of C League at Rockville Centre Lanes firing games of 250 and 235 around a perLODI, NJ - Eddie Penafiel blasted a 300 game on his way to a 794 high for the session set while contesting in the Monday 4-Man OAKLAND, NJ – Dave Nagelhout topped the scoring in the Tuesday Night Men’s League firing games of 279-296 for a high series of 800. MONTVALE, NJ - Tom Fojtlin blasted 248-278-269 for a 795 series to lead the Thursday Early Bird League at Montvale Lanes and Ed McAuliffe rolled a 299 high game finishing with a 712 series. fect 300 for the high series of 785. Ed Graeff rolled 279-211-691, Frank Pagnotto 269, Mark Gralto 260, Rich Tanner 256-216, Bob Eaton 254-235, Nick Nassour 252, and Pat Zenker 231-233-235-699. Classic at Lodi Lanes. Brittni Hamilton was close to perfect with a 289 game in her 740 series. Dwayne Shuart shot 279-257237-773, Ken Ayello 279-257755, Russ Smith 268-258-748, Dale Lagoda 277-248-743, and Brian DeYoung 279-236-738. Mike Wuhrman bowled 268-245239 for a 752 series followed by Henry Carlos with 248-696, Ed Kilianski 246-695, Steve Scorzetti 249-694, Graig Slawinski 279-691, and Mike Almodovar 258-686.

Eddie Penafiel 300-794 at Lodi Lanes

Dave Nagelhout 800 at Holiday Bowl

PBA photo

George Tignor (L) with proprietor Pete Bryan and runner-up Tom Baker. eliminated and earned $600 each: W.Va., 2-0; Ventura def. Mike Tignor def. David Kneas, Hastings, Millsboro, Del., 2-0 Annapolis, Md., 2-0; Baker def. The PBA East Region’s 2013 Thad Rand, Rapidan, Va., 2-1; season is now over. The 2014 seaLuzzi def. Charlie Toney, Oak Hill, son will resume in mid-March.
Tenn., and ACTS of Yuma, Ariz., earned U15 titles. A total of 227 athletes from more than 11 states participated in the Regional Tournaments, held at four sites: Rab's Country Lanes in Staten Island, N.Y. (East); Northrock Lanes, Wichita, Kan. (Midwest); Vestavia Bowl, Birmingham, Ala. (South); and Irvine Lanes, Irvine, Calif. (West) This year's USA Bowling Regional Tournaments were the first step in the development of a premier event for youth team competition. In 2014, USA Bowling will host eight Regional Tournaments and plans to host 16 events in 2015. Advancers from each of the 16

Ed McAuliffe 299 at Montvale Lanes

Champions Crowned at USA Bowling First Regionals
ARLINGTON, Texas - Eight team champions were crowned this fall as the USA Bowling program held its first regional tournaments. USA Bowling, a team-based youth program offered through the International Bowling Campus, held four USA Bowling Regional Tournaments and crowned team champions in Under 15 and Under 12 divisions at each tournament. Under 12 champions were Nexgen All Stars of Staten Island, N.Y., 300 Club of Wichita, Kan., Smyrna Elite of Smyrna, Tenn., and Irvine Strikers of Irvine, Calif. Hot Shots of Staten Island, N.Y., Red Apple of Bartlesville, Okla., Smyrna Elite of Smyrna, Regional Tournaments in 2015 will be invited to compete in the first USA Bowling National Championships in 2016. "We are excited to develop this new avenue of competition for youth teams," said Chad Murphy, International Bowling Campus Managing Director of Youth Development. "Most sports are positioned as an individual or team sport, where bowling provides both. This unique advantage can give bowling a leg up when competing for youth participation with other sports." This year, each two-day regional event offered two divisions - for Under 12 (12 or younger as of July 31, 2013) and Under 15 (15 or younger as of July 31, 2013) teams - and each team was comprised of four to six bowlers. The format included both regular team games and match play utilizing the Baker format. "We traveled six hours to compete in the event," said Pamela Deveau, a USA Bowling parent. "My daughter and her team had a wonderful time. We'll definitely be back next year." USA Bowling is a mainstream competition model that was initiated to introduce youngsters to bowling. It follows the same structure as other youth sports by placing children on a team, providing each team with a coach and then having regular practices along with weekly competitions.



November 27 - December 3, 2013

Hannah Diem is Youngest to Roll 300 Game
Matt Cannizzaro - USBC ARLINGTON, Texas - Hannah Diem of Seminole, Fla., became the youngest United States Bowling Congress member to roll a certified 300 game last week when she ended her Youth/Adult Fall league session at Liberty Lanes in Largo, Fla., with 12 consecutive strikes. At 9 years, 6 months and 19 days, Hannah broke the previous overall record of 10 years, 2 months set by Chaz Dennis of Columbus, Ohio, in 2006 and shattered the girls' mark of 12 years, 4 months set by Brandie Reamy of Farmington, Mich., also in 2006. Hannah started the night with games of 204 and 226 before rolling the perfect game to finish with a 730 series, a personal best by 166 pins. Entering the night, her high game was 224 and her high set was 564. "Going into the third game, I knew what she needed for her first 600 series, but then the strikes started to add up," said Heidi Diem, Hannah's mother. "It's like every shot she threw was right there. It was magical." Diem credits much of her daughter's continuing improvement to the support and guidance of the older youth bowlers at Liberty Lanes and the dedication of USBC Bronze coach James Crouch, who runs the youth program and the Youth/Adult league. Hannah also spent time over the summer at the Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, Fla. In four years of certified competition, Hannah has raised her average to 162. She bowls in multiple leagues each week, practices often and bowls in tournaments on the weekend. In 2012, she won her singles division at the Florida State Youth Tournament. After her second game Sunday night, Hannah asked her mother when she thought she'd roll her first perfect game. The answer was, "next year." "I tried not to talk to her too much and distract her," Heidi Diem said. "I don't know how she composed herself. I've never thrown a 300 or been close, so I don't know the pressure she felt when she was up there. Going into the 10th frame, it's like she didn't waiver at all. She just got up there and nailed it." For Hannah, the accomplishment is a little bit overwhelming. "At first, I wasn't that confident I could do it, but as I got more strikes, I felt like maybe it could happen," said Hannah, who uses a 12-pound ball. "This just feels amazing. It's so much excitement, and my brain is still trying to process it all." Hannah hopes to continue improving with the help of her teammates and coaches, and her sights are set on potentially competing in the Youth Open Championships and USBC Junior Gold Championships in the Buffalo, N.Y., area next summer. For now, she and her mother are enjoying the chance to bowl together on Sunday nights. "She certainly didn't get the bowling gene from me," Diem said. "I always joke that it skipped me, and she got double, but it means a lot that it's something we can do together."

Monday Early Birds: Evan Warshaw 247-637, Doug Scholtz 215, Alex Dalmedo 245-606, Ed Hardy 219, Michelle Clouse 226-570, Frances Haines 165-457. County Tuesday Night: Matt Franke 290-688, Jesus Cruz 279-772, Charles Wilfong 258, PJ. Adams 247-698, Lynn Coleman 214-599, Joan Rauh 212, Amy Banfield 189-488. Fox Hills Seniors: Bill Verderber 258-693, Sam landsman 188, Steve Friedman 215-640, Kathy Ingenito 164-436, Marilyn Forte 127, Helen Lovero 150-401, Donna Matthews 137. Morris Hills Mixed: Barry Webb 235-572, Bob McClughan 186-517, Manny Barroquieiro 164-476, Dolores Webb 176-471, Beth Williams 168-428, Rita McKoy 161. Rockaway Women: Colleen Boyd 223-555, Tammy Baldwin 212614, Marybeth Kanoiuse 211-520, Susan Chillemi 201-517, Annette Rossi 201-518, Pat Somers 192-514, Tracy O’Leary 191-499, Beverly Koval 163-445. PBA Experience – bowled on changing PBA lane conditions: Tim Panek 244-642, Joseph Caloger 232-611, Nick Westergaard 211-543, Philip St. Amand 187-500, Liesl Apgar 188 and Dori Tinogoli 186. NorBu Lodge: Bill Karpack 243-652, Charles Wrigth 238-665, Patrick Deo 238, Marie Vantreuren 204-504, Lynn Perry 195-524, Mary Abasto 189-541. Lake Hiawatha A.C.: Mike Harris 267-631, Larry Lewis265-618, Nick Westergaard 263-667, J.W. Albensi III 248-655, Paul CeCe 247693, Maryann Abasto 189-521, Jacqlyn Coren 182-446, Kimberly Feehan 171-453. Friday Tri-Mixed: Mike Svetik 201-497, Geno McCroy 198-534, Fred Driver 189-524, Steve Beltz 189, Michelle Halko 191-555, Amy Caselli 176-454, Joann Mossi 143-403. Spanish American Mixed: Tyrone Waal 296-724, Bill Coleman 290657, Julio Soto 267-704. Junior Leagues Sizzlin’ Strikers/Weekend Warriors: Nicholas Thiese 160-413, Mark Howarth 156-425, Emma Thiese 192-474, Chelsey Cruz 91-213. Gutter Busters (2 games): Jared Glickman 108-206, Christopher Dunleary 90-175, Isabel Glickman 94-176. Rockaway-Denville Recreation (2 games): Alexander Schulte 90179, William Ciampaglion 83-157, Hannah Digansgi 105-184. Bumper Busters (2 games): Ricky Rodriguez 130-212, Dominic Mellifore 105-179, Jacob Paniconi 98-194, Jeniece Lazard 82-158. Lucky Strikers: Colin Fisher 77-194, Samantha Fisher 68-182. Ball Busters: Zachary Clark 244-618, Brandon Kwestel 235-631, Mike Murray 187-477, Ben Gallagher 185, Haley Paccione 171-502, Stephanie Sihanick 155-401.

Sean Zeleniak 784
HOPELAWN, NJ Sean Zelenaik led the Raritan Bay Men’s League firing games of 256-230-298 for a high series of 784. Joe Lampariello shot 255-256259-770, Dena Simon 278 -269208-755, Glenn Mohr 219-268257-744, Patrick Plate 227-279233-739, and Dorien Soto 259213-246-718.

Joey Weisenstein 714
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joey Weisenstein led the scoring in the Madison Park Men’s League firing games of 234-225-255 for a high series of 714. Tom Martino, Jr. rolled 257-236205-698, Jeff Scire 243-206-237686, Andrew Tripka 222-222-237681, and Eric Velasquez 238-257673.

Manuel Gonzalez 711
HOPELAWN, NJ – Manuel Gonzales led the scoring in the Goldstein & Hanel Doubles League firing games of 235-279 for a high series of 711. Rusty Thomsen shot 218-224-237679, Bob Caruso 248-225-649, and Lou Gaudio, Jr. 223-227-641.

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November 27 - December 3, 2013



James Nolan 814
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – James Nolan topped the scoring in the Sunday Night Mixed League firing games of 268-279-267 for a high series of 814. Chuck Erkhardt shot 260, John Novichonek 258-237-720, Peter Conway 258-224-223-705, Julio Zambrano 243-237-685, William May, Sr. 243-216, Nancy Karish 248-209-632, and Kim Swanson 240.

Richard Butt 278-718
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Richard Butt topped the scoring in the Thursday Custom Thumbz Doublez League firing games of 278-258 for a high series of 718. Jim Constantantinides rolled 276-224-703, Alex Bogolubsky 269, Dave Goldman 268-225, Willie Fessler 268-238, Carl Clory, Julio Zambrano and Tony Taylor each rolled a 267, and Sean Dubose and Billy Rappel 258.

Aubrey Periera 279
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Aubrey Periera led the scoring in the Wednesday Senior Doubles League firing a high game of 279. John Khantzain shot 257-245707, Jerry George 246, Tom Saitta 225, and Richie Franklin and Ed Frontera 223.

Alex Vilardi 267
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Alex Vilardi led the scoring in the Sat. Scholarship League firing a high game of 267. Tarik Zephrine rolled 257234-660, Adam Glickman 228228-649, Gregory Schultz 221, Tom Sullivan 203, and Chris Johnson and Omar James, Jr. 201. Adam Malave shot 226, and Ramon DeLeon, Jr. 225 in the Sunday Adult/Child League. In the Tuesday Koffee Kats League Sondra Crumell shot 235, and Lori Flacks 205.

Patitucci 268
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Steve Patitucci led the Friday Night Mixed firing a high of 268. Al Doerrer hit 265-243-694, James Klein 264-234-665, Ed Rasa 247-222-235-704, John LaBau 243-232, Kevin Gracey 242, Gary Warner 238-224, Christina Kenny 242-215.

Steve Palopopi 279
ROCKVILLE, CENTRE, NY – Steve Palopopi topped the scoring in the Monday RVC 4-Man Classic League firing games of 245-248-279 for a high series of 772. Dave Smollett shot 267-265740, Sunil Kochar 276-236-735, Gary Robertson 268-255-735, Len Ambruso 268-232-722, Matthew Rose 279-238, Nick DiLauro 276, Bill Koste 257-225234-716, and Al Scorcia and Andy Schmid 256. In the Sunday Adult/Child Doubles League Pat Zenker shot 235, Mike Bukovsky 227-213, Santo DiSciafani 226, Patrick Bukovsky 221-220, and Barbara Migliorino 217-206.

Vicky Lockwood 245
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Vicky Lockwood paced the scoring in the Tuesday Ladies League firing a high game of 245. Gloria Belmonte shot 237-206, Stacy Salomides 222, and Rose Marie Yampiro 210.

Ed Small 788
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Ed Small topped the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing games of 265-257-266 for ahigh series of 788. Frank Krulish shot 262, Bill Koste 257, Frank Cimino 255223, John Cardinale 248, Douglas Becker III 245-215-652, and Anthony Scigliano 244-210. In the Thursday El-Cheapo League Ryan Ciccimarro shot 235, Roberti Baismelli 234, Steve Patitucci 230-205, Steve Frey 226-212, Joey Green 212-200, and Vinny Spano 202.

Joe Mazza 286
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Joe Mazza led the Tuesday Late Men’s League firing a high game of 286 and a high series of 682. Chris Piccinninni shot 246-225, Ken McCloat 245, John Soulant 244, Michael Fisch 243, Mike Czaplinski 241, and Anthony Bruno 236-220.

Jake Rollins’ 724 Tops Montvale in Stan Niemiec Youth League
By Vince Albrecht MONTVALE, NJ - If bowling pins could talk, they’d demand hazardous duty pay when facing all-state high school kegler Jake Rollins; when he releases his explosive ball, the maples scatter like bugs running from a can of Raid. In this week’s Stan Niemiec Youth League session, the Glen Rock senior fired games of 244-234-246-724 in leading his Fair Lawn quartet to a hard-earned 2860-2800 victory over Bowler City III, garnering five points in the process. Buoyed by their talented anchor, the Fair Lawn players stepped up their game as well. Matt Myers posted a stellar 225, Hassan Izzard 188 and in his first appearance of the season, 12-year-old Hunter Perry tallied scores of 185-187. The BC III squad wasn’t intimidated, hanging tough in splitting the first two games before slipping somewhat in the finale. Bergenfield junior Greg Khan parlayed his two-hand delivery into a pair of deuces, 204213; Teaneck senior Dana-Marie Laloo, last year’s Bergen County Girls Tournament Champion, added games of 180-177 while Alijah Jackson and Nathan Tombo chipped in with scores of 170 and 168 respectively. Holiday coasted into first, displacing Montvale at the top in a well-played match, 2813-2735. Indian Hills’ sophomore Alex McGuire paced the winners with solid scores of 197-193-205-595 while 13-year-old brother Ryan closed with a sterling 222. Anchor Nick Cilento stroked 195-193 and newcomer Jonathon Mormondo a 181. Sparking Montvale were Matt Russell 226-188, Tappan Zee senior Jessica Torres with a consistent 576 set and Katie Didonato a 185. Boonton’s big second game triumph 983-923 earned them three points in their tough match against Bowler City I. The Kattermann brothers returned after a two-week layoff, carrying Boonton with huge threesomes: Karl had the afternoon’s second highest set with 222-230-194-646 and Erik, his second “600+” in as many outings: 187-196-221-604. Also helping Boonton were Peter Hancock with 169 and Randy Devitt a 155. Tops for BC I were JonMikal Sepero 203-191 and Vinny Santoro 204. Rounding out the session’s matches, Bowler City II rode recently-turned 14-year-old George Held’s 203-574 with ample support from mates’ Brittany Hovan 191-186, Joseph Biondi 191-180 and Alex Vorhees 185184, to a three-game sweep of Lodi whose best was Chris Navarro’s 215191 and Avery Brown’s 179.

Ed Graeff 283
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – In the Tuesday Oceanside K of C League Ed Graeff shot 283, Nolan Ryder 268-258-718, Joe Lupo 267685, Keith Massimillo 258-246708, and Frank Cimino 246-680.

Mike Hanlein 290
MADISON, NJ - Mike Hanlein blasted a high game of 290 in the Friday Classic League. Mike Yoboud shot 288-726, Pete Dabbelear 269, Joe Parisi 739, and Donna Badolato 223. In the Ladies League Elaine Wilson shot 218 and Karen

Ben Geffken 726
MADISON, NJ – Ben Geffken topped the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a high game of 269 and a high series of 726. Jim Rave hit 248, Jon Russo 244706, Greg Havas 672, and Stephanie Rahn 233. In the Thursdau Mixed League Bill Phair shot 236, Thomas Litland 220 and Jim Sirica 218.

Ian Lerner 680
MADISON, NJ – Ian Lerner paced the scoring in the Police & Fire League firing a 253 game for a high series of 680. Joseph Tyson shot 257-661, Thomas Litland 245, Clorinda Landi 257-672, and Tommy Magers 650.

Reinacher 204.
Rich Lisiecki, Mike Stoyko 276 MADISON, NJ – Rich Lisiecki and Mike Stoyko each blasted a high game of 276 in the CMIL League. Chris Minch shot 695, and Jennifer Dunklin 220. Dan Pridham shot 224, and Don Prisco 215 in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League. In the Pharma Plus League Rich Kerstead hit 220 and Dan Smith 205.

Michael Mello 223
MADISON, NJ – Michael Mello shot 223, Chris Moran 211, and Jack Vander Meulen 206 in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League. Zachary Linder led the Bantam Prep Breakfast Club League with 161, followed by Charlie Glunk with 140. Jack VanDer Meulen shot 221, Curtis Kyzima 211, and Michael Mello and Evan Weinberg 204 in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League.

Chris Waller 645
MADISON, NJ – Chris Waller paced the scoring in the Livingston Business Men’s League firing a 228 game for a high series of 645. Steve Payne, Victor Pitra, John Guido, and Al Klein each rolled 222. In the Monday Night Ladies League Jodi Belli hit 189, and Diane Pallante 183.



November 27 - December 3, 2013

Chris Weis 714
FARMINGDALE, NY – Chris Weis led the Saturday Nite Fun League firing 290-235 for a high 714 SET. Clay Hunt shot 257-689, Brian Beale 245-671, Hari Soedarmasto 237-657, Paul Mule 237-656, Art O’Neill 224-651, and Luke Zito 252.

Tim Jackson 686
FARMINGDALE, NY – Tim Jackson led the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing games of 279-258 for a high series of 686. Pat Berardino rolled 246-245-658, Ken Tamburrino 246, Don Cuervo 221, Steve Butera 215-200. In the Monday A.M. Seniors League Jerry Hoeler shot 213, Marguerite Lauri 186, and Al Diebold 182.

Keith Hengel 299 at South Levittown
LEVITTOWN, NY - Keith Hengel blasted a near perfect 299 game and finished the session with a 757 high series while rolling in the Thursday Charles McShane League at South Levittown Lanes. Stephen Ziesig tossed a 278 followed by Bryan Beech with 267-705, Justin Sternberg 262, Bryan Costigliola 258, Tom Gallagher 257-257, Mike Krull 257, Justin Kampf 256 and Chris Vogel 256-703.

Rainer Latteier 704
FARMINGDALE, NY – Rainer Latteier paced the scoring in the Sunday Early Mixed League firing games of 235-236-233 for a high series of 704. Nick Butera shot 236, Joe Venezia 235, Paul Burns and Mike Garfinkel 225, and Megan Cesare 220. In the Saturday PMS League John Coletta shot 228, Gary Beierling and Lou Bell 212.

Kerri Delisi 681
FARMINGDALE, NY – Kerri Delisi topped the scoring in the St. Martin Major League firing games of 224246-211 for a high series of 681. Carly Licht shot 234-200-632, Mackenzie Wagner 238-615, Luke Richardson 225-223-605, Nicholas Kideris 218, Emily Dean 213-211, Robyn Haines 213, Joe Napoli 210, and Sammi Ng 204-202.

Gary LaCara 696
FARMINGDALE, NY – Gary LaCara led the scoring in the Monday Night Fourplay League firing games of 257-235 for a high series of 696. Ronnie Simon rolled 256-235-685, Michael Martin 246-245-684, and Antonie Lyons 247-245-678. Joe Livolsi rolled 225, Jerry Hoeler 218, Paul Kester 195, Leo Fichter 191, and Fai Lovolsi 172 in the Friday Sunshine Kids League.

Ira Kaskel 686
FARMINGDALE, NY- Ira Kaskel paced the scoring in the Wednesday Party League firing games of 215-247224 for a high series of 686. Lloyd Hasluck shot 237-224-665, Eric Vazquez 237216-660, George Marrazzo 233, and Dave Green 232.

November 27 - December 3, 2013



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November 27 - December 3, 2013

Frank Wilkinson 743
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Frank Wilkinson topped the scoring in the Rab’s Wilkinson Memorial League firing a high game of 298 and a high series of 743. Tom Wilkinson shot 267-247742, Jerry Sorgente 269-247-731, Tim McAuliffe 269-725, Dennis Scire 246-245-713, John Rizzo 241-666, Ira Levy 253-664, and Tom Harrigan 280-661.

Monday Trios: Mark Newman 259, Marvin McCarroll 258, Matt Rybak 248, Linda Rose 247. Monday SunMix: Michael LaSpada 258. Monday 4-man CLassic: Tom Flynn 289, Nick Kochell 268, Brittani Hamilton 243. Wednesday Men's 820: Joe Alfano 257-716, Hoe Lennox 269, Brian Lennox 257. Survivors Trios: Michael Calabrese 268, Ron DeLuca 252, Louis Navarro 236. Friday G&L: Alex Protin 269, Gianvito Clavelli 268-765, Steve Nordt 256, Moe Vorhees 236. Thursday Mixed: Leo Castillo 266, Tony Viola 265, Joe D'amico 246, Meg Floresca 233.

Bob Jacobson 732
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Bob Jacobson led the scoring in the Mike Massaroli Memorial League firing games of 253-254 for a high series of 732. Rob Butler shot 265-713, Steve DeMaria 258, Scott McAuliffe 256, Ray Tirado 246, and Randy Chapple 244. Sean Van Pelt rolled 222, Russell Braccia 221, and Joseph Dorman 210 in the Larry McSorley Jr. League.

To the world you may just be one person, But to just one person you may be the world!

Paul Sheirer 729
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Paul Sheirer led the scoring in the Cartel Electric Fun League firing games of 247-266 for a high series of 729. Ray Carlisle hit 245, Jay Todaro 244-705, and Rebecca Rakauskas 216. In the Tuesday Earlybirds League Anne Marie Rubilotta shot 213224-630.

Steve McNichol 712
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Steve McNichol topped the scoring in the Michael Carbonaro Mixed League firing a 255 game for a high series of 712. Derek Gilbert rolled 259-684, Joe Astorina 247-681, Scott Walsh 672, Dominick Ucciardino 244669, Jason Todaro 257, Phil Karg 246, Robert Butler, Jr., Victor Correa, Bob Jacobson, and Nick Cuadrado 247. In the NEXGEN Junior League Brad Calandrillo shot 225-243645, Anthony Saccone 217-240645, Andrew Trapani 241-619, Kevin Buono 269-641, Timothy Barclay 212-204, and Nick Liseandri 224.

November 27 - December 3, 2013



Happy Thanksgiving

8 By Jerry Schneider - PBA SEATTLE - Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer and two-time PBA Player of the Year Billy Hardwick of Memphis, Tenn., died of an apparent heart attack November 16th, at the age of 72. In one of the greatest turnarounds in professional bowling history, Hardwick went from a rookie PBA Tour season in 1962 failing to cash in a single event, to winning four titles and becoming Player of the Year the very next season. “It was pretty obvious that I wasn’t mentally ready for the Tour that first year,” Hardwick said when interviewed in 2009 after being voted as PBA’s 12th greatest player in history. “I was bowling with greats like Don Carter and Dick Weber and my mindset was more of a spectator than a competitor, and that was going to have to change.” Hardwick would go on to back up his stellar 1963 season by winning three titles in 1964, but his career always seemed to be in jeopardy having been diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis at age 10. Through sheer determination and occasional medication he was able to overcome it to continue his career. That 1962 rookie season was the beginning of a career that included 18 PBA Tour titles, three of which were majors that earned him PBA’s Triple Crown. His first major title came in the 1963 PBA National, which was followed by a PBA Tournament of Champions win in 1965 and the Bowling Proprietors Association of America All-Star (now U.S. Open) title in 1969. He won a then-record seven PBA Tour


November 27 - December 3, 2013

PBA Hall of Famer Billy Hardwick Dies at Age 72
titles in 1969 to earn his second Player of the Year crown. Hardwick won his final tournament in 1976 in Toledo, Ohio, and finished second to Hall of Famer Marshall Holman in the Tournament of Champions. He retired after the 1976 season and was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 1977. In 1969 Hardwick starred in a Miller High Life commercial becoming the first professional athlete to appear in a beer commercial. He was also a member of the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame, inducted in 1985. He was a two-time American Bowling Congress Tournament champion winning the Classic team and Classic all-events titles in 1964. “Billy had a true star quality, a magnetic personality and a unique talent, said PBA Commissioner Tom Clark. “The PBA mourns the passing of a legend and our thoughts go out to his friends, fans and family.” Hardwick, who was the proprietor of Billy Hardwick’s All-Star Lanes in East Memphis, Tenn., is the father of podcast entrepreneur, comedian and talk show host Chris Hardwick. Chris, who is also owner of the Silver Lake Atom Splitters PBA League team left the following message and interview on his website: "My dad was my favorite podcast guest. He was amazingly open and it brought us closer. I'm so thankful I have this:"

Monday Seniors: Michael Sala 228-214610. Monday BFCU: Joe Vento 243, Marty Grodsky 241, Tom Retmanski 237. Monday LIA: Ed Werbeck 247-679, Justin Sternberg 234, April Fucci 235-210-645, Susan Schmidt 204, Sally Gibilterra 202, Patty Werbeck 201. Monday Charlie Cap Classic: John Lennon 287, Bruce Bernstein 268-741, Jim Lizzo 267-735, Ross Robbins 259, James Nolan 258-726, Dwight Flowers 257, Derek Brandi 257, Nick D’Anna 257, John Cummings Jr.257, Ronald J. Broege 257, Richard Amar 256, Joseph Kurdziel 701. Tuesday Postal League: Leslie Myers 220. Tuesday Early Birds: Betty Espy 235, Karen Bernardo 202. Tuesday BK Sweeneys: Joe Pascalli 276, Bill Hammond 257-687, Steve McTigue 249, Bill Hammond 248, Chris Boyle 242. Wednesday Young @ Heart Seniors: Bob Haskin 235, Charlie Stumpf 223-203-603, Gene Gould 208, Joe Marsiello 203. Wednesday Swingtime Seniors: Cappy Caporusso 244-604, John Barrett 203, Joe Visone 203-201-201-605. Thursday Hits and Misses: Jerry Packard 256-246-684, Jim Fenimore 236. Thursday Night Foursome: Eddie Weissman 277-720, Mike Kraly 256, Fabrizio Cerutti 256, Ed Passaro 256. Sunday AM Trios: Gary Medina 267-707, Ed Stadtlander 266, Eddie Norton 257, Jim Risi 248, Kevin Falcone 247-247, Mike Wills 247, John O’Brien 247.