UNAMERICAN WAY Did you hear the guns a rattling out on the Kentucky hills As mud spattered up from your prison truck’s wheels Did you smile every day as you washed the days away Imprisoned for having nothing to say? Did you dream in an un-American way? Of diamonds and furs and long limousines in the rain Is that the un-American way? Now the Campsfield wire fences are rattling in the wind And there are stranger’s faces pressed against the panes What did they dream they’d find beyond the ghost of empire Were they dreaming of a world of American stars and bars Did they dream in an un-American way Now the holy walls are dripping with the blood of men As guns crackle like whips above their heads And that prison truck is busy carrying away those who’re caught Dreaming in an un-American way of diamond rings and furs


When the words came tumbling out of your mouth today Oh how I wished they would have floated away But here I am alone beneath the gasworks wall Carrying my broken heart in a cradle of straw I walk down by the river and I cry, cry, cry. Well it takes two to tango but only one to fall Why didn’t we see the writing on the wall There were two many paper boats floating in the rain Too many dreams that never would have been made Look at my hands they’re cut by your tears Look at my eyes they’re bloodshot with fear Where did we go wrong, where did we collide What made us ever think we’d ever survive? I walk down by the river and I cry, cry, cry.

MILLENNIUM TOMBSTONE BLUES Blacktop shiny, limousines steaming in the rain On the way to the cemetery outside the city gates Where the neon lights are few, the fences rust and split Somewhere where there’s black oil floodin’ out a ditch I took my heart and buried it Deep down in the dirt Under the blackthorn tree Deep down in the dirt Under the blackthorn tree. Cos she wouldn’t live her life with me Gonna burn down a forest, gonna drink a sea All ‘cos she walked out on me Sounds like a guitar scraped along a barbed wire fence Sounds like a hoot owl screeching in the hedge Spills feelings like a feather bed slit with a knife Swaggers like 1969, then sways like a drunk in a fight Where you going son with all that poetry Where you going with that young mouth that bleeds There’s nothing here to help any of us break free Don’t you know we’re all falling apart at the seams The old kings are dead or too stoned to see All this pain we’re feeling as we fall to our knees And if you walk away, walk away from me They’ll take this record and bury it with me Gonna burn down a forest, gonna drink a sea All ‘cos she walked out on me


Logs crackling in the College quarters Misting the windows above the Martyr’s graves Out on the cold black downs the fires were burning The men from the village dancing in a ring The vicar pouring tea in his study Rubbing leather-bound volumes with his tender hands Whilst the poacher dropped a still warm lamb in his hall Blood dripping on the bare dirt floor November 5, 1914 The vicar writes his memoirs with a silver pen Black ink curling like barbed wire across white parchment But most of the men who danced around the flames Are now buried in straight lines in a foreign place The vicar’s son led them all a merry dance He danced through no-man’s land until he fell down flat The poacher two steps behind him shot him as he fell Just as another shell blew them all to hell A blood red cross on a pure white sheet The poacher’s wife aches for the man she never sees And wonders what life might have been like If they’d all carried on dancing like that night in 1914

November 5, 1914

SEAWEED IN THE PORCH He’d spent a lifetime driving trucks But it was a heart attack that finally pulled him up One day everything had been just like normal Next morning they found him slumped in the hall And the seaweed in the porch Said things were gonna end He could feel it in his bones Deep down in the blood Well I’m still looking back at all the things I’ve lost Me and my cousin stood under an apple tree covered in frost Looking back at him with rotting apples all around our feet Him standing there in the porch and holding that seaweed And I promised him I’d keep it up Come rain or shine, wet or fine I’d keep it up Well I never did show him anything that I could do And my cousin’s done better in life that’s true But I promised I’d repay a debt to him the day he died For the places he had taken me, those four hour drives. He was just a working-man who drove a truck Nobody special, he gambled, he got drunk But I never saw him again after that day he turned and walked And left me with a promise and seaweed hanging in the porch


Won’t you be my lifeboat Can’t you see I’m all at sea Everything was going so well Then a hurricane hit me Won’t you please come rescue me Be my lifeboat Everything was plain sailing True love wins in the end Now I see the waters were all dark Full of rocks everywhere I went Now there’s nobody else on this island I throw rocks into the sea And wait for your warm touch And a heart that wraps itself around me


See the fields, the fields are golden See the sky, the sky is blue I am walking, walking beside you On a road with a mountain view I never caught up with you You were always one step ahead it’s true I never caught up with you See the river, the river is shining As it flows down to the sea I was always one step behind you Trying to catch you as you tried to go See this house, this house is empty See my heart its stopped and blue Somewhere outside there’s a world a turning But here inside everything is worn through.


I got more dreams than a Hollywood starlet Running around my head leaving me exhausted I’m sitting here staring at the hills From this trailer rocking in the wind And you are crying ‘cos you can’t stand Any more of my stupid plans And you call me A trailer trash star Well I been brought up in the back of beyond Watching the grey clouds burst on our backs This ain’t no tinsel town, this ain’t luxury Just the sound of people who can hardly breathe Trailer trash star Now there’s just me in this dusty caravan Watching the moon creep across the downs I watch the refinery flame flicker all night long Burns like my dreams then it is gone Trailer trash star


Our hearts were always leaking From the day we staggered through these doors Like the engine on our old car We were pouring love all over the floor We never even saw it slip away Until that night We were both bled dry, bled dry Well the night it all ended We were going in circles, the tank empty We ran out of gas in the middle of town I tried to get us some more but there was none around I gave you everything and more But your heart had been broken twice before Now I hold it here in my hand That love we had, its bled dry, bled dry Smaller than the tears we still cry Bled dry, bled dry, bled dry


River leaking all over the road Cant see the barns reflected in the water no Ever since you been gone The clouds been tearing themselves apart Remember all the dreams we had Baby theyre all poisoned water now Theyre poisoned water. I thought you would stay forever But you had your eyes on brighter weather Now the rivers are all flooded Theres an empty space where your boat was tethered How do two people start hurting each other Until those words just start burning their skin Its like love just cant help but leak away And hate start contaminating everything we say If I could walk with you now Up and down through these empty fields Id wash away all of your pain But it cant wash away the stain Of poisoned water Poisoned water

BLANKET OF GOLD I dreamt we were bringing the dogs back home We were walking through fields of gold And the river was shining and on the rise I could see the morning star starting to shine And you and I will sleep tonight Under a blanket of gold I dreamt I saw you at the window of my house I wrapped you in my arms, told you how I felt As we stood at the window, geese filled the sky All headed south for winter, they flew out of sight Now the dream is over and you are far away These fields are black and covered in ice today There’s only a few rooks picking at the day Now you’ve gone and taken that blanket of gold away And I don’t sleep under a blanket of gold today


You’ve given me the best time of my life And you’ve taken me half way to paradise So why is it I’m feeling so sad inside Could it be because now I’ve got nothing but time You make me feel good inside But now my clock just ain’t working right ‘Cos you are somewhere else tonight And all I’ve got is nothing but time If it wasn’t for these fireworks tonight Lighting up this cold dark sky I’d think my heart had stopped beating tonight Because everything else is turning black inside

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