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Case No: 13E008942 Reporting Officer: Kelila Ranney Date: September 16, 2013 Prepared By: Kelila Ranney Incident: This is a shoplifting case at the Sandy South Towne Target on 10130 S. State Street. Sandy, Utah 84095.
The suspect was observed by Target Assets Protection selecting and pushing out various merchandise without offering payment.

Detail of Event:
I was dispatched on a shoplifting incident at the Sandy Super Target on 10130 S. State Street. Sandy, Utah 84070, at approximately 5:10PM on September 16, 2013. The suspect, Henry Hoister, pushed two Dyson vacuums, a GoPro camera, and a Kitchenaid mixer out of the store without offering payment. Target Asset Protection Team members stopped Hoister as he exited the south doors. Hoister attempted to push past the AP team and was physically detained and handcuffed. Hoister was then taken back to the AP office and handcuffed to the apprehension bench for questioning until I arrived.

Actions Taken:
Upon arrival, at approximately 5:17PM, I entered the store and met the Executive Team Lead of Assets Protection, Ralph Breakaway, and he explained the situation. The suspect, Hoister, was believed to be reselling or pawning items that were taken from numerous Target stores in Utah. Breakaway gave me four reports from Target store in South Jordan (13F003439), West Jordan (13H004523), Cottonwood Heights (13X005176), and Salt Lake City (13A005585) that were linked to Hoister by the vehicles license plate. I entered the Asset Protection Office and read Hoister his Miranda rights. I then asked if he would like to tell me what happened today. He said, I dont want to go to jail. I asked him again to answer yes or no and he said Fine, I dont care. Hoister said that he was stealing the items to resell to pay for his heroin addiction. Hoister admitted to the four prior thefts at the other Target stores. I asked Hoister if he had any weapons or sharp objects on his person, and had him stand so I could search him. I then had him sit while I searched his back pack. In his back pack I found three hypodermic syringes with needles with a dirty brown colored residue in them, a small, bent spoon with burn marks on the bottom and brown residue in the top, and a lighter, inside of a small red draw string bag. Based on my training and experience, I recognized the syringe was drug paraphernalia used ny unlawful narcotic users to inject narcotics. I field tested the substance and it flash tested positive for heroin. I charged Hoister with two counts of felony shoplift (F3) for the total of $1700. Two Dyson Vacuums at $600.00 each, a Kitchenaid Mixer at $250.00, and a GoPro Camera at $250.00, and because he admitted to four other incidents he was charged with the second count for more than three occurrences (F3). Hoister was also charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (MB). I then took Hoister to the Salt Lake County Jail. I used no force during this incident.