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Monday, December 28, 2009

Apps for Winter


Oh you guys, you guys are tough I !a"e here to #r$te a%out so"e th$&g, %ut &o# that I !a"e, I !a&'t !o"e to a (e!$s$o& a%out #hat I

!a"e )or *hat+ ,ou sa$( I !a&'t (o th$s+ ,ou sa$( $t's &ot -oss$%.e %e!ause $t's a /$$o& a&( &ot a "o/$&g o&e+ It's true, you guys

are tough ,ou 0&o# I ha/e tr$e(, at ($))ere&t t$"es, to -.ease you $& .$tt.e #ays, %ut th$s o&e t$"e I ha( th$s stu(e&t that #as g$/$&g "e hea(

a&( she sto--e( $& the "$((.e to te.. "e that I ha( goo( taste a&( you ha(

%a( taste, a&( I'.. a("$t $t, I %e.$e/e( her She #as your stu(e&t too, "ay%e

you'/e see& her arou&( She's the o&e #$th the s!ar/es a&( the 1e#e.ry a&( the 1e#e.s a&( the !ourtesy to g$/e the tea!hers hea( #ho (eser/e $t 2o you+


She ho/ers a%o/e -.a&et Earth, "a0$&g strateg$es )or sa)e .a&($&gs, %ut &ot a%.e to see that she $s o& -.a&et Earth, #at!he( .$0e a !ra6e( !at, a "a6e7 rat, or a t$e(7u- "$"e, I !a&&ot sa/e so"eo&e so h$gh u- or )ar (o#&, $t's .$0e a %.a!0 threa( a%out to s&a-, as $t stra$&s -ast %rea0$&g -o$&t she rea!hes )or !ha"-ag&e, to !e.e%rate8 .u&ge u- to %rea0


Se!rets #h$s-ere( %eh$&( us ha/e a !hea-&ess to %$&( us to .$9uors, %ut "ay %.$&( us to -oss$%$.$t$es o) #hat (ee-

se!rets are .ost $& -ursu$t o) a& u.t$"ate (ru&0e&&ess that re).e!ts o)) sur)a!es .$0e (ea( )$shes at the %otto" o) )$.thy r$/ers8 #hat goes u- "ost $s 1ust the $"-er/$ous&ess ga$&e( %y #a.0$&g (o#& streets, t$-sy, #h$!h I ($( as I sa$( th$s to her, o/er the S!huy.0$.., t#o )$shes


liquor store, linoleum floor, wine she chose was always deep red, dark, bitter aftertaste, unlike her bare torso, which has in it all that ever was of drunkenness— to miss someone terribly, to both still be in love, as she severs things because she thinks she must— exquisite torture, it’s a different bare torso, (my own) that’s incarnadine— ;oste( %y A(a" <$e.e( at 4=44 A>


Mary Harju said...
I&!ar&a($&e ?reat #or( I 1ust use( $t re!e&t.y #h$.e #r$t$&g a%out @esus :=34 A>

P.F.S. Post said...

It $s

Re"e"%er #he& the three o) us a!tua..y ha( a so&g !a..e( "I&!ar&a($&e"+

*e #ere a!tua..y a (e!e&t .$tt.e tr$o

A( 1A=1A ;> ;ost a Co""e&t Ne#er ;ost O.(er ;ost Bo"e

Su%s!r$%e to= ;ost Co""e&ts CAto"D

Blog Archi e
• • A414 CA3D o <e%ruary C1AD o @a&uary C11D A449 C:ED o 2e!e"%er C11D  T#o Last A--s )or A449  The ;er)e!t Se9ue&!e+  Res-o&se to >a$rea( Byr&e= ?e&(ere( Su%teFts  Essay $& The Argot$st= "O& the Ne!ess$ty o) Ba( Re  A--s )or *$&ter  T#o Boo0s o& IssuuG

o o o o o o o o o o o A44: o o o o o o o o o o A445 o o o o o o o o o A446 o o o o o o o

 Cha-s= >a1or a&( >$&or  >ore Ne# A--s  Ne# A--s $& The Argot$st  ?ett$&g ?er"a&, L$&gu$st$!  B.a6e/oFG No/e"%er CED O!to%er C:D Se-te"%er CED August CED @u.y C4D @u&e C11D >ay C5D A-r$. C16D >ar!h C4D <e%ruary C4D @a&uary CED C36D 2e!e"%er C6D No/e"%er C4D O!to%er CAD Se-te"%er CED August C4D @u.y CAD @u&e C3D >ay CED >ar!h CAD @a&uary C3D CA:D 2e!e"%er CED No/e"%er C1D O!to%er CAD August C1D @u.y C3D @u&e C4D >ay C3D A-r$. C3D @a&uary C6D C1:D 2e!e"%er CAD O!to%er C1D August C1D @u.y C4D @u&e C1D >ay C1D >ar!h C3D

o o

<e%ruary C3D @a&uary CAD

• • • ?oog.e Ne#s E($t7>e E($t7>e

A#out Me

Adam Fieled A(a" <$e.e( $s a -oet a&( "us$!$a& B$s a.%u"s $&!.u(e "2ar0yr Soo&er," "Ar(e&t," a&( "Co/ers " B$s %oo0s $&!.u(e "A--ar$t$o& ;oe"s," "E9uat$o&s," a&( "Che.te&ha" " B$s -ress !utt$&gs a&( %oo0s are %e$&g ar!h$/e( %y the ;oetry L$%rary at the South%a&0 Ce&tre, Lo&(o& B$s "us$! #r$t$&g has %ee& .$&0e( o& the T#$tter -ages o) the, the Ro..$&g Sto&es, Ray 2a/$es, Bru!e S-r$&gstee&, a&( "a&y others Be $s a "ag&a !u" .au(e gra(uate o) the U&$/ers$ty o) ;e&&sy./a&$a V$e# "y !o"-.ete -ro)$.e

2$s!ou&t Ba!0-a!0s

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