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This presentation aims to:

Please note that a number of assumptions have been made in response to this brief and as such this presentation is based on these.

The HEALTHY FOOD market is predominantly associated with females because of the way products are positioned and the celebrities used to endorse products


738,000 73,000


25,760,317 1,075,567 COSTA

Pret a manger

Strength: Strong brand awareness,value Weakness: Perception of high fat content products, sales down Opportunity: Target new markets and new channels of distribution Threat: New entrants and product substitutions

Strength: Global brand recognition Weakness: Poor in store experience

Strength: Fresh brand and products, price premium

Weakness: Clientele is very specific Opportunity: Store locations strategically placed, widen appeal Threat: Competitive pricing

Opportunity: Introduction of Drive-thru format Threat: Localisation of competitors, British farmed produce

Strength: Value for money brand Weakness: Target of competition

Opportunity: New global markets

Threat: Increasing competition, over expansion

79,420 51,066


1. Create awareness of new products and benefits by creating a buzz

Consumer perception tracking through YouGovs BrandIndex, AVE and key message perception analysis, brand engagement via social media

2. Build trust and reputation with new and existing Measurable through social media monitoring, customers qualitative research, loyalty scheme, store footfall and sales revenue 3. Broaden appeal of Greggs brand to increase market share
Measurable through share value, sales revenue (like-for-like), sales volume, competitor performance


The campaign should involve three phases - anticipation, engagement, reinforcement. Objectives will be closely monitored and evaluated throughout the campaign lifetime alongside the implementation of a strategic PR calendar


Message themes
Purpose of new product range Highlight background and research Detail launch and campaign objectives Their role as brand advocates to help sell product and build consumer loyalty Regular and timely feedback of results Purpose of new product range quality, health benefits, USPs Key stats about healthy eating, honest, British, down to earth Stamp of approval from recognised industry bodies Clear personality of brand built through celebrity association


Keep Satisfied
Shareholders Industry bodies

Manage Closely
Employers Consumers Media


Purpose of new product range sales, market share, brand awareness, innovation, moving forward to meet changes in consumer demand, corporate social responsibility (CSR) Highlight background and research Regular and timely feedback of results and performance messages
Promote expertise and research findings with press and marketing sector Leader in market Innovation, moving forward to meet changes in consumer demand

Peers and influencers

Competitors Pressure Groups Government

Keep Informed
Creditors Suppliers Partners Investors

1. Quality of product range

good, honest, British food

2. Convenience of healthy food-on-the-go

3. Value for money
why should healthy food cost more losing pounds 1bs whilst saving s!

4. Key product health benefits

ie. natural ingredients, organic, part of 5 a day, low fat, reduced salt and sugar, gluten free, wheat free

1. 2. 3.

Build PR from within by engaging employees throughout the campaign by implementing an internal PR plan Build strong media relationships consisting of an overarching national solution, supported by regional media Engage target audience at key touch points in their day by creating a fully integrated campaign aligned to adjacent marketing activities to encourage repeat purchases from new and existing consumers


Build your PR from within by engaging employees throughout the campaign by implementing an internal PR plan

1. Launch an internal PR campaign engaging staff before , during and after the launch create two flow of communication rather than a top-down approach reinforcing key messages of campaign 2. Allow employees to be a part of the journey by building a team of PR champions, who actively seek new opportunities and give feedback to help shape future communications 3. Conduct a selection of back to the floor retail visits with James Corden to increase motivation and morale 4. Invite employees to a potential product launch 5. Use employees to push messages out both offline and online - give them a preview of ads and messages; provide them with the social media tools to share and create unique content that they can distribute on their own

2. Build strong media relationships consisting of an overarching national solution, supported by regional media

1. Build strong media contacts on both national and regional levels utilising online channels. Be creative in the approach to distributing news 2. Offer non-competing exclusive news to key media across TV, radio, online and press before mass distribution 3. Be different and create a national day or unique event turn campaigns viral and let consumers do the talking

3. Hold a launch event inviting key media journalists and influencers in the sector. Involving them from the
start will enable them to feel part of the journey whilst helping you to sell in follow up articles 4. Create photo opportunities across the UK involving James Corden to generate interest regionally 5. Know your market - keep an eye on the competition & adapt PR plan accordingly 7. Be ready for a crisis, look at potential scenarios and build a reactive plan whats the worst that could happen?

3. Engage target audience at key touch points in their day by aligning PR as part of a fully integrated campaign to encourage repeat purchases from new and existing consumers

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Work closely with other colleagues to align a proactive PR plan which supports other marketing activities at precise times Create Tweet Sheets formulating fun and creative social media communications making sure you say the right things at the right time, involve customers Drive traffic to social media pages or a microsite where you can promote messages more firmly and capture insight Sponsor local events and use sales promotion teams Involve customers in new product development - tell us what food you want to see at Greggs Create point of sale and discount incentives which drive consumers repeat purchases Gain insight from the target market and follow them through usage and rebuy thought processes

Examples of barriers to success: Celebrity association

What happens if James Corden piles on weight or is photographed with a rival product?

Inevitable scepticism of healthy food claims

New competitor product launches which rival Greggs?

Macro measuring rather than micro measuring objectives.

A fall in employment and disposable income levels? A rise in inflation or VAT? Increase in distribution channels of competitors

One shop was closed every hour last year on Britain's troubled High Streets as the shutters came down on 7,300 stores - Daily Mail article, February 2013 In the UK Mums the word for men who diet - Disposable income figures - Asda Income Tracker Sep 2013

Foodpocket edition 2012; Mintel 2012 report -

Exploring food attitudes and behaviours in the UK: Findings from the Food and You Survey 2012 Report 20 published March 2013 - Shrinking sales for diet foods as the nations waistbands expand Mintel 2013