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RNCM Skills Audit pro forma

This Skills Audit has been designed to help you to identify your strengths and areas for development so that you can use the seminars, workshops and classes within Professional Skills and Academic Studies to your best advantage. Professional Skills introduces you to important professional attributes, opportunities and expectations to support your development as a performer and composer through performance skills, research, writing and presentation, music business, instrumental & vocal teaching and the working musician. How to complete this audit Place a tick in the column that best describes your ability level and then in the final column decide the priority for !" in the development of this skill.
SKILLS # am good at this # need more practice
$ow important is this for you to develop% &' very important ( ' )uite important *' least important

ORGANIZA ION O! L"ARNING # have strategies to help me to plan and manage my time # am able to effectively prioritise my activities # am able to work to deadlines

R"SARCH SKILLS # am able to use a variety of different sources to find information+e.g. books, electronic resources, # am able to access and search electronic resources +on-line databases, electronic .ournals /0-1!2s, # am able to use search gateways on the #nternet to find information +e.g. 3oogle Scholar, # am able to use and evaluate the information # find R"A#ING AN# NO "MAKING # can decide which parts of a book # need to read # have a system for storing the information +e.g. book, author, date, # can make effective notes when reading # can make effective notes when listening +e.g. during lectures,

$RI ING % LIS "NING COM&R"H"NSION # can analyse assignment )uestions to determine what is expected # can recognise elements in musical performance and identify and describe these in writing # can produce a written plan to answer an assignment )uestion # confident to use punctuation, grammar and spelling correctly # am confident # can express my ideas clearly in written form # understand the need to reference my work to avoid plagiarism

'"R(AL &R"S"N A ION # am able to express my views verbally # am confident speaking to an audience # can prepare, plan and deliver a presentation # can use visual aids to support a presentation # communicate well as a member of a group or team # am able to listen to and respond to the views of others

IN!ORMA ION "CHNOLOG) # am able to use word processing to produce my assignments # can use a variety of different computer software +e.g. 4ord, PowerPoint, S R"SS MANAG"M"N # know what causes stress # am aware of my personal symptoms of stress # can use strategies to help me cope with my stress

&"RSONAL #"'"LO&M"N &LANNING # am able to identify my personal goals # am a good .udge of what my strengths and areas for development are # am able to identify opportunities for learning outside my course, e.g. volunteering, societies, clubs # am able to plan for my personal development

&lease keep this a*d use it to refer +ack to o,er this -ear. &lease *ote/ there is a* optio*al assi0*me*t usi*0 this Skills Audit as a +asis for -our ow* reflectio*s. 5ate 6uchanan, 0irector of Professional Studies

/heryll 0uncan, 7earning Support Tutor