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English for Speakers of Other Languages



Understanding language, methodology and resources
for teaching



Wednesday 5 JUNE 2013 Morning 1 hour 30 minutes

Additional materials:

Answer booklet

Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Do not open this booklet until you are told to do so.
Write your name, centre number and candidate number in the spaces provided on your
answer booklet and on any separate answer paper used.
Complete all tasks.
Write your answer in the separate answer booklet. Use a pen.
You may write on the question paper, but you must write your answer in pen in the answer
booklet. You will have no extra time for this, so you must finish in one hour and thirty minutes.
At the end of the test, hand in both the question paper and the answer booklet.

This paper consists of five tasks.
Suggested timings are indicated for each task.

UCLES 2013 Delta Module One

For examples of Task One and Task Two please refer to earlier past papers also available on this
Turn over
Task Three (15 minutes)

The extract for this task is a speaking activity for pre-intermediate (CEFR A2/B1) level learners.

Identify a total of five key language features learners at this level would need in order to complete
the activity successfully. Provide an example specific to this activity to support each choice.

Examples of lexis for possessions are provided in the task. Do not write about this lexis for
possessions in your answer.

Write your answer in your answer booklet.

The extract is taken from Natural English Pre-Intermediate, Gairns and Redman, OUP, 2005, page
Task Four (30 minutes)

The text for this task is reproduced on the opposite page.

a The text is a promotional leaflet. Identify five features of the text that are characteristic of its
genre. Give one example of each feature you identify. Do not include features of layout.

b Comment on the form, use and features of connected speech of the phrase in bold below.

What is Give Us A Break (line 4)

c Comment on the form and use of the verb forms in bold in the following extracts.

Having identified that some youngsters (line 35)
Once your application is approved (line 45)
After you have returned home (line 56)

d Comment on the form of to in the following four extracts from the text.

The Saturday Special Holiday gave the children an opportunity to get involved (lines 12-15)
YHA does not apportion any administration costs to the scheme (lines 29-30)
the group will be unable to afford the cost (line 36)
send it with photographs and comments to your local newspapers (lines 58-60)

Write your answers in your answer booklet.

Turn over

Task Five (25 minutes)

The text (191 words) for this task is reproduced on the opposite page. It was written by a learner in an
upper-intermediate (CEFR B2) level class in response to the following task:

You have decided to enter a short story competition in an English language magazine.
The story must begin with the following words:

Although Louise felt nervous, she realised this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

a Identify three key strengths and three key weaknesses of the text. Provide an example of each
strength and each weakness.

Your answer should focus on some or all of the areas listed below.

Accuracy of lexis
Organisation and cohesion
Range and accuracy of grammar
Effect on the reader

Do not comment on the first sentence in your answer.

b Which one of the weaknesses identified above would you choose to prioritise to help this
learner? Give three reasons for your choice.

Write your answers in your answer booklet.





Although Louise felt nervous, she realised this was the opportunity of a lifetime. It was
such a difficult decession to make! She lived in a little house in the countryside together
with his three years old triplet daughters and his husband, when recived a telephon call
telling her that she had won a fantastic trip to Sindney including half board
accommodation in the best hotel, a visit to the surranders and five thousand pounds
which should be spent in the three weeks trip. She had to answer at that moment or
would loose everything! So, as she was alone in that moment at home, it was a difficult
desision but she was lucky to think by her self and answer YES! why not! Im always so
busy with the children, the housework... It is ones in a lifetime. Im doing something
different and relaxing to myself.
When her husband arrived home and was told what had happened he felt very happy for
her and helpfull to arrange everything so that she could go without any worry. Even
thought, leaving her without her family worried her a bit just before she left.