December 2013

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Fleet and Family Support Center
Supporting the needs of all our military members and families Fleet and Family Support Center 1802 Doolittle Rm. 225 Phone 817-782-1977 (Temporary Location)

Important Bulletin
Deployment Support
Deployments can be challenging for any service member or military family. We want to make managing those separations easier and help you find ways to make your reunions happy and successful ones. The Family Readiness System (FRS) is the network of programs, services, people, and agencies, and the collaboration among them, that promotes the readiness and quality of life of service members and their families. The services available through the FRS can help you develop new skills and tackle life’s challenges - in every stage of military life. We, here at the Fleet and Family Support Center, provide many programs, and services for Service Members and their families, during this, sometimes confusing and always stressful part of the military lifestyle. Some of the services we provide are:    Personal Financial Management Mobility and Deployment assistance Spouse education and career services

Hours of Operation M-Fri 0730-1630 For right now we do not have a computer lab for CAC access other than navy Centralized Scheduling To make an appointment for Clinical, Marriage, or Family Counseling. Please call 866-293-2776

The FFSC has a virtual Job Board where jobs are listed daily. You can visit our board online at: Please check daily for updates.

Beware of Credit Score
Many people do not know about the credit scoring system much less their credit score until they attempt to buy a home, or maintain a security clearance. More and more sailors are being put out of the Navy for this reason. It’s imperative that all of our service members and their spouses be aware of their score and where they stand. To get started and know where you stand, you can request your credit report and score by calling FFSC at 817-782-5287.

The list goes on and on. The most important thing to know, is that you are not alone. We are here to help make a deployment and a return as rewarding as possible. Please contact Work and Family Life Counselors Ora Millard: Alix Washington: Al Starks: Edward Caldwell:

Our building at 3175 Vandenberg Ave. is still under construction. We are temporarily re-located to the NOSC building 1802 Room 225. The main number to reach us is 817-782-1977, Please note that no messages can be left at this number. If you wish to speak to a certain counselor or provider, email is the preferred method at this time. If that is not possible, call the number above, and a message can be taken. Thank you for your support

Transition Goals Plans Success, known simply as Transition GPS, replaces the 20-year-old Transition Assistance Program, or TAP. In a sweeping overhaul of the 20-year-old TAP, as part of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act passed in 2011, Transition GPS takes military members through a week-long class, compared to the original TAP’s mandatory two to four hours of separation counseling. The Transition Assistance Program has been redesigned into a comprehensive, mandatory program that includes pre-separation counseling, a military to civilian skills review, a VA benefits briefing and application signup, financial planning support, job search skills building, and individual transition plan preparation Those who are separating from the military must prepare a year in advance, for retirees preparations for Transition GPS must begin two years in advance. In order to attend the service member’s Command Career Counselor must be contacted.

Safe Help 24/7
Sexual Assault Support Click here for more information or Call 877-995-5247 Local SAPR VA 817-204-3081 Local SARC VA 817-825-6347 SARC Corpus Christi 361-523-3580

Personal preparedness focuses on preparing equipment and procedures for use when a disaster occurs, i.e., planning. Preparedness measures can take many forms including the construction of shelters, implementation of an emergency communication system, installation of warning devices, creation of back-up life-line services (e.g., power, water, sewage), and rehearsing evacuation plans. Being properly prepared can save time, money and lives. Planning for all different types of events, at all magnitudes in at utmost importance. Proper planning is instrumental during times of chaos to make situations less stressful. With proper planning duties will be pre-assigned to different agencies, therefore when disaster does occur responders can jump right into action.

We’re here for YOU!!
For a list of services that FFSC can provide during times of disaster and crisis, call and speak to any one of our Work and Family Life Counselors. In times of need help is always a phone call away

December 2013 FFSC Events
Location of classes will be noted on calendar along with P.O.C. For more information call 817-782-1977

Sun 1

Mon 2 Retired Affairs 1000-1500

Tue 3 Texas Workforce Rep 0830-1530

Wed 4 Retired Affairs 1000-1500

Thu 5

Fri 6

Sat 7 339th MI Company Family day

Million Dollar Sailor/Wealthy Warrior 0800-1600 NOSC Bldg 1802 Room 119 P.O.C. 817-782-1977

1000-1400 1049 Hangar


9 Retired Affairs 1000-1500

10 Texas Workforce Rep 0830-1530

11 Retired Affairs 1000-1500





16 Retired Affairs 1000-1500

17 Texas Workforce Rep 0830-1530

18 Retired Affairs 1000-1500

19 FAC/IDC 1300-1600














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