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Teqchers lndiqn Associqtionof Physics

Date of Examination24th November 2013 Time: to 17.00 Hrs

Pleaseread the instruction carefullybefore answerirlg TO CANDIDATES INSTRUCTIONS

o n t h e a n s w e r s h e e t , f i | | u p a | l t h e e n t r i e s c a r e f u | | y i n t h e s p a c e p r o v i d e d , o N L Y | N information BLocKCAP I T Adisqualify LS.Useo n|yBIUEor-B[ACK your may filled Incomplete'/ incorrea lcarelessly BALLpENfor makingentriesand markinganswers. candidature. 2. 3. othenrvise Youranswersheetwill sheet(in the spaceprovided)' write the Q, P. CodeNo. mentionedaboveon YouR answer NOTbe valued. question has4 oplions'out of whichonly one is correct'choosethe Each questionsThe questionpaperhas80 muhiplechoice sheetasshownbelow: the.answer on box the oval in the coriespgnding correctanswerand shade


Correct Method

4. 5. 6. 7, 8. Acorrectanswercarries3marksandlmarkwi||bedeductedforeachwronganswers'A||roughworkmaybedoneontheb|anksheetprovidedattheendofthequestirrnpaper. PtIAsEDoNoTMAnEAT\YIaREShTHERTEANSHADII]GtN:fHEsPAcEPRr,Z',DEDoNTHEA|tswERsHEEI.Arrswer ls HoT AIIOWED' OFEftlTRY Dueto thb, CHANGE with the help of a machine. are evaluated sheets ON THEBACKOFA'IISTA'ERSHET' may result in wrong score. DO NOT WRITEANYTHING scratchingor ovenrrrriting calculatoris allowed' Use.of a nonprogrammable r 2o13' on our website - by 3oth Norrcmbe The answers/ sol,tiom to this question paper will be available & AWARDS CERTIFICATES
i) ii)

Certficatesto top 1o96students of each.centre' to statewiseTop 1% students' Merit certificates to the Professorin chargeof the centre' You will .centre top to/{ certificatesof NSEJS are dispatched end' 2o14 of your centreby January in charge from the Professor get your marks letters (lNJSo)' Individual olympiads - IndianNational Juniorscience

Top l/" students' i i i ) Merit certificateto Nationwise

10. Resuhsheets and the

for the next examination 1 1 . 30o(or so)studentsare selected are sent to these students ONLY'
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lndian Associotion of Physics Teochers

Totaltime: 120minutes Marks:2210

Onlyone out of four optionsis correct

1) One side of a glassslab is silveredas shown in the figure. A ray of light is incident on the other side at angle of incidence i = 45o . Refractive index of glassis given asl.5. The deviationof the ray of light from its initial path when it comes out of the slab is {Given , .'=6 = 23"; sin-'


(b) 180'

(c) lzo"

+s" {d1
d) 32 and33

2) Thenumber5J41lies between a) 29 and30 b) 30 and31

c) 31 and32

3) Oxidation numberand co-ordination numberof ft in cisplatin etClr1run.1, are respectively a) +4and2 b) +2 and4 c)Oand 4 d)+2 andG Pssage for Q(tl-5):In a field one summer'sday a Grasshopper was hoppingabout, chirpingand singingto its heart'scontent. An Ant passedby, bearingalong with great toil an ear of pea he was taking to the nest. "Why not come and chat with me," said the Grasshopper,,"instead of toiling and moilingin that way?" "l am helpingto lay up food for the winter," saidthe Ant, "and recommend you to do the same." "Whr7bother about winter?" said the Grasshopper; "We have got plenty of food at present."But the Ant went on its way and continuedits toil. When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger - while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer.Thenthe Grasshopper knew: lt is best to preparefor daysof need 4l ln the passage given abovethere seemsto be a factual error with respectto the ant carryingthe food to the nest.The most probablereasonfor this mistakewould be a) b) c) d) Peapod is too heavyfor an ant to carryto its nest. Peacannotbe carriedby an ant in the summerbecause it is a Rabicrop. Ant couldn't have passed by easilysinceit is the favouritefood glgrasshoppers. Grasshoppers avoidcomingout in summerand thus there cannotbe grasshopper in the story.



5) what could be the most plausible rea.son that arfthe qrIrr LrrdL toited and moilr rolleo summer were happyand " ants that moiredin the content in *re winie;

,|o?"l;:,-t;'"1lll,,'::' c) Ants were happv,in." t'"v o) *::: ";,Jrffi;n was efficienuy o,,i,iuu-,"""J;;;
[Tff:ured '#;"1',o,n",
6) Grasshopper was at fault in this story a) b) c) d) mostly because

rood was not shared with ;i ffI I"T::??:j:[iffi:since their Grasshopper. ",,,n"

Of its attitude towards ants who were working tirelessfy of not having a forethougni io ,to." food for the upcoming winter season. of chirpingand singing tJitsieart's content in the summer. ft shourdhave askj ;;;;; tn" rooa ;;;; to surpass the winter somehow. "nJ

7) Anobjectom f ass1kgismadetoslidedownasmoothincrinedplaneof r e n gt h 2 o n t l f t h e kinetic energy possessed by the bodyat the bottom of the planeis 100-r thenthe , inclination of the planewith the horizontat is (take g=10ms-2) (a) ls' (b):z' (c) oo' (d) ro' 8) Two circles eachof radius3 toucheach other externaily in the prane. In how manywayscana circfeof radius8 be ptaced in the prane touching eachof thesetwo circles? a) 2 q4 c)s d)8
9) Which of these elements has the greatest electronegativity? a) Br b) N c)o 10) An inclinedplane of g is praced incrination in water as shown in figure given below. Consider a small area (44) around point p at a depth . _ h. - 'lf 'Density - . . :of water is p and accelei,ation due to gravity is g the force experienced bydA due to hydrostatic pressureis



a) peh(AA)

b) pgh(AA)sin0


d) pgh(AA)sec0

tu 'TA:rt

- t' # + y -5'4x+ 2yare thesides of anequirateral triangrg itsarea iscrosest to the b)8s
c) s6
d) 87

a ) 8 4 r .

12) ThepH of a 0.025M solution of KOH is a) 1.50 b)3.5s c) 10.31


13) considerthe followingtwo statementsabout light &sound.choose the most appropriateoption (i) When light and soundtravel from air to water, light may bend towards normal while sound may bend away from normal. (ii) Sound is longitudinalwavewhile light is transverse wave. a) Statement(i) is correctwhile statement (ii) is incorrect b) Statement(i) and statement(ii) are both correct and statement(ii) is not the reasonfor statement (i) c) Statement(i) and statement (ii) are incorrect d) statement (i) and statement (ii) are correct and Statement(ii) is the correct reasonfor statement(i) 14) lf xf =q3, y/=b3 ond zl = c3then I equals



.. D) --; a'


r )

c+ ) d u

a0' ---;-

15) How many H atoms are in 3.4 g of C12H22O11? a) 6.Ox1023 b) 1.3x104 c) 3.8x1022


Passage Q {16-18):Diatomsare the most common photosynthetic aquaticmicroorganisms group of algaewhichare unicellular and can existas colonies in the shapeof filaments or ribbons,fans, zigzags or starsdependingon the qualityof the water. Diatomcommunities are a populartool for studies of water qualityand pollutionmanagement. Karthik from Bangalore recentlywent on a field trip from Bangalore to Mysore.on the way he stopped his car at a sewagecanal,a lake and a mountain streamand collectedwater samples from all of these places for his lab work. After a carefulanalysis of his water samples, he observed that diatomscamewith varyingsizelshape and the size/shape increases has (have?) something to do with the water quality.


1"6) Beloware the diatomsobserved under a microscope by Karthik. Helphim to recognise the correctorderof samplelocalities (Viz., canal,streamand lake).


R=\\-?ry *\ J:*1 +

( n\ zz

,; {r

a) A- Mountain stream, B_ SewageCanal, C_ Lake b) A- SewageCanal, B_ Lake, C_ Mountain Strbam c) A- Lake, B- Mountain strearn,C_ SewageCLA d) A- Mountain strearh, B-,Lake, C- Sewqge canal 17) what is the take home messagefrom the above experiment a) Diatomscome in different sizesand shaoes b) The difference in size and shapesfrom different water samplesis suggestiveof the intensity of water pollution. c,l Karthik enioyed collectingsamplesfrom different locations d) Nothing can be inferred from the above experiment.

18) In the aboveexperiment, difference in sizes and shapes of diatoms shouldbe inferredas a) Different species of diatoms. b) Differentgeneraof diatoms. c) Differentfamiliesof diatoms. d) Different ordersof diatoms. 19) Thepercentage change in acceleration dueto gravity at an altitudeequalto radius of earth comparedtothatonthesurfaceofearth , isgivenby a) 25%increase blgso6 decrease c) 75%decrease d)zs%decrease 2 o ) L e t g , b b e t w o p o s i t i v e r e a t n u m b e r s s u ca hc th ba <t ! *atet x=(o*!l-{a+}).ft,"n

a)x is always greaterthan zero b) x is ahrayslessthan zero Q x=O d) l*o suchdefinite conclusion can be,drawnaboutx 21) which of the followingspecies hasstanda;denttralpyor torr"itn as o'kj mol{? a) HzOtrl b) Nala . c) Na6y d)CO4d 22) A particleaccelerates wit-h a constant acceleration aeand reaches a maximum velocity andthen decelerates with a6and comes to rest.Theposition time graphdescribing the situaiionir;"r; represented by


Xinn D'

lr5 E

oa 0.1'

a.R *a




Xin n






23) Letm be the numberof distinct(noncongruent) triangles integer-sided eachwith perimeter15 and n be the numberof distinct(noncongruent) integersidedtriangles eachwith perimeter16.
Then m+l equals al -2




24) What is the molalityof a solutionmadeby dissolving 100g of bromothymolblue {C27H2sBrzOsS) in 1-00L of ethanolon a winte/s dayat 1@C?'The densiry of ethanolat this temperature is O.7979kgLL. al0.100mol kg-1 b) O.128 mol kg-l c) O.160 mol kg-1 dl O.201molkg-l 25) Two bulbsof specifications 50W,220Vand a 100W, 2mV are connected first (i) ln parallel and across 220v powersupply. tii) lryseries choose the correctstatement .tlren ' (a) ln (i)50 W willglowbrighter andin (ii)1m W wiltglowbrighter (b) ln (i) SbW wilt gtowbrighterand (ii) both wiil gtowequailybrighter. (c) ln (i) 100w wilt glow brighterand (ii) Sow wittgtowbrfiter (d) ln both cases the 50 W bulbwillglow brightef. \

26) LetI be the numberof 4- digitintegers, each:ending in 3 (in unitsplacejand eachdivisible by 11.Then al 7O<T<79 b) SO<r<39 c)90<T<9i d)r> 1oo 27) 1.00OmL of 0.1000 mol L-1 hydrochtoric acidwasdilutedto 100.0mLwith deionised water. 10.o0mLof thissolution wasdiluted to 100.0 mLagain using deionised water.Whatisthe,pH of the finalsolution? a) 2 b)3 c)4 dls

514 2s) Whileplaying football,Dimple fell down andwasbadlywoundedoh her left ankie.TheDoctor prescribed her antibiotics for a weekwhichshouldhavehealed her of the woundin a week. However, Dimple's wounddid not healin a week.What amongthe followingcouldhavebeen the reason for inability of the woundto healin the prescribed time framegivenby the doctor? ' a) Prescribed medicine's datewasexpired. b) Dimple wouldn't.have takenthe full course of the antibiotics. ' c) Botha & b couldbe the reason d) Docto/sinabilityto prescribe the correctmedicine for the wound. 29) Whichof the followingsituationis impossible? a) A bodyhaving velocityandacceleration in opposite directions. b) A bodyhaving zerovelocity and non zeroacceleration. c) A bodyhaving constant acceleration andvariable velocity. d) A body having constantvelocity andvariable acceleratioh. 30) At what time (to the nearest second) immediately after4 o'clock will anglebetweenthe hands of the clockbe the sameasthat at 4 O, clock? a) 4n42'so' b) 4h 43'39' c) 4h 43'4d d) sh5'27' g of a compound, 3t) 0.5755 containing sulfurand fluorineonly,hasa volumeof 255.0mLat 2SS.0 K and50.01kPa. What is the molecular formulaof this compound? a) SzFz b) sF2 c) SF4 d) sF6 32)Given here is a phylogenetictree (family tree) of greater apes.Which of the following statements cannot be true from the tree? {mya- million years ago) a). b) c) d) Humans did not evolve from chimpanzees. Humans and chimpanzees are evolutionary cousins. Orangutans evolved muchearlierthan Humans. Humairs are highlyevofu-ed amonggreatapes.

33)A tiquid (A) of density 1.6gcm-3 and liquid (B) of unknown density is poured into a U-tube as shown in'the figure. The liquids are immiscible.lf height of A is ha= 26.6cmand height of I is hs=50cm the density of g is i tt" a) 0.85 g cm-3 b) 3.01 g cm-3 I c) 0.33g cm-3 d)1.18g cm-3 + 34) lf o andb aretwo positive real numbers suchthat between ' a) 2and3 a 2+ b 2 ab

= 6 , thena positive value of






514 * exists betwee n cH3cHcr2 andcH2cf cH2cr is

functionalgroup isomerism I) d) metamerism

"' lH:hT;:rl#

c) positionaf isomerism 36) Theterm Biodiversity refersto . a)Species Diversity c) Ecosystem diversity 37) Diagramshows trajectory

b) Genetic diversity d) Alf of the above

I i

(a) l+ | | (q/

of a cricket bail. The set.of arrows which show the the acceleration direction of of ball at points p and Q respectivelyis

+ l

( ' b - ) | |

+ +
/ \

38) Sucharitha purchases x pencils at Rsx eacl y eachandz notebooks sHepurchases at Rsz each. aftogether 5o *cm" .^" --.:t^f "::^1Rs notebooks is

af togeth e r50 items ."o; ;,;. ;;:. ;"":H:1 ;nil:._,Ts ; ;:_1,::::ffi X

a) ,*"Tl"l, withdirute HCr is c)Ac

39) The metal that does n^r oirra rJ ^- ^_ esnotgive H2ll,

4oJon a field trip in America, students_no.ticed loTl that when threatened, Phryiosoma) squirtuooo tti ati;;"rt Horned rizards (Genus: when the reason o-r"r*. asked "t behindsuchbehaviout what courdhavebeenthe or go.n"l lizards, hadfired and triggered an", certainsensory a n""on"l-'"n"".urrin"ting receptors ";;;"d"";1",0 inln.r"oing the pressure in their sinus Thefirst response is correct, wrriiettr" second is incorrect. Bothexpranations are .".;;;',;d can be scientificary tested. Thefirst response is biotogicaf *i,1" ,n" second is phifosophical. Thefirst expranation it ,"J"or" a scientific t vpoir,,"rl, ,ihire the second ", is not. 41)tftemperatureofacertainmassofaruminunihavingspecificheatcapacityof0.g lowered by ooc and heat a) 169 b) 48g rost is g6J, ' ttren mass .t.og of afuminum is d) 2os l/gocis a) b) c) d)









a) o


ror which the cubic equation r - aat +3ax - o = ,has arr rear
c)2 d)3

43) Themaximum number of isomers for an ?)s ' b)4 arkene with morecurar formuta q2 d)3

44) People residing. in areausually do not facethe problem of Thyroxin hormone deficienry :::':"1 because their food intake,wiil be rich in one of the foilowingminerars. a) Sodium b)Chlorine c) lodine d) phosphorus

45)'ln photoelectriceffect, the maximum kinetic energy (Er) of photoelectrons depends on frequency(f) of right incidenton a metar surfaceof work runctionioj. i" / is varied andE*is measured. "" ""pieriment To determine value for pranck,s constant (h) (a) Plot Eeagainst g andfind intercept of bestfittedline. (b) plot fsagainst/ and find slopeof lineof bestfit. (c) plot Elagainst cpandfind slopeof lineof bestfit. (d) plot Esagainst/and find intercept of bestfitted line. 46) Arounda lawnwhich is of semicircular shapea pavement of uniformwidth is laid.lf the ratioof the aieaof the lawnto the areaof the pavem;,lr;;;;,;n"" t"s' ,t" ratioof the outerandinner , perimeters of the pavement is




d 246 )+

47) The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardnessof water is a) adding sodium carbonate b) distillation c) adding caustic soda d)-boiting 48) In angiosperm pfants, companion cell is associatedwith which one of the foflowing elements? a) Sieve tube b) Tracheids c)Vessels d) Xylem fibre 49) Essentialrequirement for the operation of a step down transformer is (a) Laminatediron core (b) Electricar connectionbetween primary and secondary coirs. (c) Magnetic interaction between primary and secondarycoirs (d) Non magneticcore. 50) Let ABC be a triangle in which AB = AC. Let D be a point on AC such that BD bisects angle g. ' Vafue of the ratio 48 _ ts between

a) 1.0and1.5

b)1.5 and2.0

c) 2.O and2.5

d) 2.5and3.0

51) consider the following reaction: a Pclr(g)-> Pok) + e cllg). rf the initiar concentration pcrr(g) of is'1'0 M' and "x!' is the equilibriumconcentration of Pe(g), what is the correct equilibrium relation? a) K. = 6x7

c)c= (x)(ox +x14 1611r.o-

'.:'/;t: lif = .;)^


52) In pregnantwomen, foetus'sphysiological functionslike nourishment, respirationand excretion

aretakenup by a) Stornach of mother c)Umbilicalcord

b) Placenta d) Uterus .

53) On a rainy wet day, a thunder is heard 5 secondafter lightening. lf speedof sound is 35oms-1 the altitude of the cloudsis a) 1.8 km b) 1.9 km c ) 2 . 1k m d ) 2 . 5k m 54) A certain principalbecomesRs.95800/= in 2 yearsif compoundedannuallyat a certain rate same rate of interest.The rate of interestis of interest.The same principalbecomesRs.9724A/= years in two if compoundedhalf yearlyat the

a) 8%

u t S lz 3

c| 10/o

d) L2'/z%

55) Which propertiesof plastics make their dispo5aldifficult: (l) PVc producesharmful combustion products;(ll) polyalkenes are highly.flamrnable; (lll) polyalkenes are non-biodegradable a) | and ll only b) | and ilt only c) il and ilt only d)t, lt, ilt 56) Sureshaccidentally touched silencerof his two wheeler while parkingand withdrew his leg immediately.ldentifuthe correctorder of the flow of message to the brain? a) Receptor)Sensory heuron)CNS)Motor neuron)Effectors b) Sensoryneuron)CNS)Motor neuron)Effectors)Receptors c) CNS) Motor neuron)Effectors)Receptors)Sensory neuron d) EffectorsiReceptors)Sensoryneuron)Motor neuron 57) There are three bodiesA, B ond C.BodyA when brought closerto B, attract. When body I is brought closerto Cthey repel.We can then conclude a) Body A and 8 should haveoppositecharges while BodyC shouldhavethe same chargeas I b) BodyI and 6should have same kind of chargewhile BodyA may.have oppositecharge. BodyA and 8 shouldhavesame chargewhile Bodycmay have oppositecharge. :l d) Bodyc is neutralwhire BodyA and 8 should have oppositecharge. 58) A pen costs Rs L3/= and a note book costs Rs.35/=. Let rn be the maximum number of items that can be bought for Rs1000/= and n be the minimum number of items that can be bought , the same amount. Thenm + n is a ) 7 6 b) 88 c) 96


d) s8

59) When the pH of the environmentof a protein is changed,it is saidto be denatured. This is due to: a) breakage of peptide bonds b) breakage of disulfidelinks c) lossof tertiary structure d) breakdownof R groups 60) lf Brainis controllingunit of an organism, then at cellularlevelwhich cell organellecan be comparableto Brain? " b) Ribosome a) Chloroplast c) Nucleus d) Lysosome


51) Aldebaron,the brighteststar in the constellation Taurusrisesat localtime 7:00 pm on 1'tof October.On November1" the star will rise at a) 5:00 pm b) G:00pm c) 9:00 pm d) 8;34 pm 62) In thexy-plane l e t A b e t h e p o i n t ( 5 , 0 )a n d t b e t h e l i n e y : i . * " line L suchthat triangleOAp is isosceles is (O beingthe origin) a) 1 b) 2 tt s d) infinitetymany numberofpointspon the

63) For the reaction,2A + B -+ C which relationship is correct? a)alAl= alcl b ) - A l A l= A l c l c)-2AlAl=Alcl d ) - A I A I= . 2 a l c l 64) In some societies,"Women were solely held responsiblefor giving birth to female baby,, no role for men. But scientific advancement has proved men equallyresponsible for -assuming the birth of either sex.Armed with this informationwhich of the followingwould be the most appropriate scenariofor the birth of female child? a) ovum with X chromosomeand sperm with y chromosomeis FEMALE b) Ovum with Y chromosome and Sferrn with y chromosome is MALE c) ovum with X chromosomeand sperm with X chromosomeis FEMALE d) ovum with X chromosomeand Spermwithout chromosomeis FEMALE 65) A block of rilass2 Kg placed on a floor experiencesan externat force in horizontal direction of 20N, frictional force of 6N and normal f6rce of 20N. The body travels a distanceof 10m under the combined effect of allthese force. tf Initially body is at rest then what is the kinetic energy of the body at the end of4m a) L4oJ b) 260J c) 60J d) 4G0J 55) ff ,t'= a + 7 andx + (b/x)--a; then xequals ^, a, ' a(b+1) --# a' -b . ,a b+'l __;_: b) a2-b --____: ,ab+a +1. c) - ' =___ _ az .b ----- 1 ..a b-a d) = _ a2 b

57) An electrochemicalcell constructed for the reaction: Cuz*("ql + MGt-) Cu1,t+ M2t"othas an Eo= O.75V. The standard reduction potential for Cu2'1"qy is 0.34 V. What is the standard reduction potentialfor M2*1"01? a) 1.09V b) 0.410V c) -0.410 V d) -1.0s V 68) Which one of the following is said to produceseedsexposedand they are callednakedseed plant a)Deodar& pinus b) Marsilea& Nostoc c) Maize& Gardenpea plant d) Spirogyra & Funaria 59) A body of mass2 kg moving in the positiveX-direction with a speed4ms-1 collides head on with an another body of mass3kg moving in the negativeX-directionwith a speedof 1ms-1. During collisiona loud sound is heard and they both start movingtogether. The soundenergycannot be greaterthan a) L2J b) 14J c)15J d)17.sJ



7O)Let a, b, c be positivereal numberssuchthat abe l, (obf = pcf = (caf = s6".Then x equals a) 1 b)2 c)s d)4 71) Whichradiation is the easiest to shield?
a) alpha

b) beta

c) gamma

d) neuFon

72) ldentifythe correctorderof sequence from exteriorto interior. a) Cell)Nucleus)Chromosome)DNA)protein , b) Nucleus?Cell)Chromosome)DNA)protein c) Cell) Nucleus)DNA)Chromosome)protein d) Cell)Nucleus)protein)DNA)Chromosome 73) In nuclear reactor,the electrron3 and protonsare movingin oppositedirection across a smalt hote in 2 second'lf numberof electronand protons the cu*6nt through , the hole is givenby "rix#i ""ch a) 1.5rnA b) OmA c) G.4mA d) 3.2mA

7 4 ) r h e sumt-1*1-1-.1-1* 2' 3 t-5 - _ +\_ t 1 1 - 1 f' al

b) '
:. d'

" 'l

1 1, equals 2'.'.*zOf,
1 .

1006 1,W7'1008 1 1

rca7 1oo8'1009


1 1 1 1 ' - 1 ' """'-'..:-.-m. 1006 7007 1008 ) 1' * 1 ' * 1 7007 1oo8 10@ * 1-m. 1

.75) Which speciesbelow has the same general shape as NH3?

a) SO32-


c) Nog


75) After hearingto an influentiallectureo4 "hpw to conserve environmentby avoidingusageof plastic"?GhanShyamresolvedthat he shouliJ alsocontributetowardsprotectingthe environmentfrom plasticmenace. can you suggest him the first step how ,ioulj r,"-co doingthis efkctively "oora a) Heshourd urgehis parents to stopusingprastic materiars at home. b) Heshouldwrite a letterto the lodalcivicbodyagainsr ;;tG ot;; materiats around hislocality. c) Heshouldpractice minimising plastic usage hiinself. d) He shouldaskhisteacher to advicepeopleon his behalfto stop usage of plastics.



(lz= lr)' The and 12 parallel to eachother' Theycarrycurrent11 ire placed situationaregivenin column1' Thecomments Different flelo is e1aii 82respectively. magnetic field are givenin columnll' Matchthe following and strei4h of magnetic on the direction 1 Column mid the at point is P f) fne point of the two carrying conductors direction. currentin same 2l Thepoint P is on right sideof second carrying conductor same in current direction 1 fne PointP is at the mid point of the two carrying conductors curientin oPPosite direction.
t -

o ,l t,

',, t,

2 Column

Thus 82+ 81getting lnto me plane or P) 82>81; the paper.

Q)'Bz>B; Bz Br comlng our oI tne Prdl the paPer.


Rl Bt= -gr t


t t
i l l

4) ThePointP is at the right of the two conductorscarrying currentin oPPosite direction

S)B"=BtTtrs Bt.Bz= 2Bgettingintothe plane of paPer

a::::,:t-*lT baseofaconeisdo'ubledthenthes|antareabecomes3timestheorigina| thebaseof 7s)lf theradiusof qr; when the radiuscffthe baseof the coneis a&upred(that'isincreasedto4
, slantlarei. Suppose ts * is closest k timesthe originalslantarea'Thenthe integer .times), the slantareabecomes b)g a) 5

is molecule 79) Themassof O.2moleof Oxygen b) 3'2C a) 5.4e

80) Wuchereria is an examPleof t b) Annelida ArthroPoda ") c) Arthropoda