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Induction By Michael Lawler

Characters: Andreas - Shoulder length reddish blonde hair, stubble/short facial hair. ears worn leathers, a riding cloa!. Short slee"es, bracers, fingerless glo"es. #ec! is $rotected by a short collar. %e has the loo! of an ad"enturer who does not get $aid nearly often enough. Crig and Bal! - &'tre(ely rough, seedy loo!ing (en )thin! of *ust about anyone fro( Barbosa+s crew in the ,irates of the Carribean (o"ies.. $articularly the fat guy and s!inny guy-. %erridus - .lder loo!ing fellow. Aragorn (eets Sa( &lliot. /ri00led.. he+s seen e"erything this old world has to offer. ars, sieges, dragons, undead.. he+s seen it. %is de(eanor rarely goes $ast the loo! of so(eone who is not a(used. 1ing &diste - 2all and lan!y. 2hin! a young Christo$her Lee. Long well groo(ed beard )by long I (ean 3is that a beard or $art of his robes443 %e is a (an of reason and lo"es art and cere(ony. &"erything he does is o"er the to$.

,age 5

$anel 5 Interior of a ta"ern. It+s during dinner so the $lace is fairly crowded but it is lit by la($s so the outer edges of the bar are fairly dar!. ,anel 6 Andreas is sitting at a table o$$osite Crig and Bal!. Andreas has a bag on the table that contains a boo!-end si0ed statue. %e *ust ac7uired this for the( fro( a dangerous to(b filled with nasties... they are arguing about $ay(ent now. Andreas : 8ou said 69 crowns if I could retrie"e it.. and I ha"e. Crig : See.. that+s where we ha"e a $roble( (ate. Bal!: e figure you can *ust ta!e 69 lu($s to yer crown and we+ll be done wiffit.

,anel : Andreas leans in and loo!s li!e he could eat the de"il ali"e: 8ou+ll need a lot (ore than two crusty gutter rats for that. ,anel ; ,ull bac! to see four burly (en crac!ing !nuc!les or holding blac!*ac!s/billy clubs. 2hey should loo! li!e the ty$e you would scra$e out of an alley fight. Andreas is glancing o"er his shoulder with a ner"ous s(ir!. A bar(aid is cleaning a table. She has a large (etal tray she+s $utting dishes on. Crig: e !now.

,anel < =ocus on Andreas for a reaction shot, he is loo!ing at the for! on the table. %e is about to ha"e a >ason Bourne (o(ent.

,age 6 )suggest first ; $anels narrow in the u$$er 5/:,anel 5 Snatching the for! and in one (otion *abbing it into the nec! of the closest of the four behind hi(, Andreas is rising fro( his chair, !ic!ing it into the further thugs. 2he thug with the for! in his nec! is done. %e+s got a loo! of 3wtf3 ,anel 6 2he ne't closest goon has his ar( outstretched, ha"ing *ust grabbed Andreas+ cloa!, he+s rearing bac! for an attac!. Andreas grabs the (etal tray fro( the bar (aid, she loo!s sur$rised, raising an ar(. ,anel : Andreas turns the tray "ertical and brings the edge down on the (ans+ ar( hard, fracturing it in an e'tre(ely $ainful loo!ing way. 2he thug is in agony and bloc!ing the other two. ,anel ; Andreas s(ashes the tray across the faces of the guy he *ust got and the one right behind. 2eeth and blood and sound f' =?: Claaaaaaaang ,anel <

Andreas u$$ercuts the last goon and has the loo! of a wild(an. 2he other : are reeling/dead/stu(bling around, the bar(aid is cowering, and the other $atrons are loo!ing on in shoc!. ,anel @ Andreas turns bac! to Crig and Bal!, he loo!s set and they loo! li!e they+"e *ust (essed their trousers. Andreas: 2he $rice *ust doubled you sorry sac!s. .ff $anel: 2hat+ll be 7uite enough sirA ,anel B Andreas turning, angry, ready for (ore action. Andreas: ho in the bla0es..

,age : ,anel 5 Standing in a close for(ation li!e a s$ear ti$, (en in cloa!s.. B of the(. %ea"ily shadowed. %erridus is in the front of the for(ation. 2hey loo! for(al but rough, li!e they+re tra"eling. Andreas off $anel: Constables.. well that *ust figures. %erridus: #o.. ,anel 6 Close u$ of %erridus re"ealing the royal crest )lion head with i"y on either side and beneath is a half-closed eye-. %erridus: #ot constables.. ,anel : Andreas has his ar( e'tended down to the now "acant table.. which is also de"oid of the bagged statue. Andreas loo!ing annoyed: to say about that4 ell.. not constables.. 8ou *ust cost (e @9 crowns. hat do you ha"e

,anel ; =ocus on %erridus, who has raised an eyebrow. %erridus: 8ou had the( u$ to ;9. Andreas: Bail (oney4 ,anel < =ocus on the (en on the floor and da(age. %erridus: 8ou wrec!ed this $lace. 2hat+s $ublic nuissance. 8ou !illed a (an with a for!. i($ressi"e, that+s still highly illegal. ,anel @ Andreas loo!ing bothered now. %erridus doesn+t care. Andreas: Are you constables or aren+t you4 %erridus: 2hat de$ends entirely on you. hile hich would co"er the da(ages and your bail (oney.

,age ; ,anel 5 &st shot: lightly wooded road through hills. e see Andreas, %erridus, and his (en on horsebac! riding at a rela'ed $ace. It is (idday. Ca$tion: 2he ne't day ,anel 6 %erridus slightly in front of Andreas. Andreas loo!ing around as though the con"ersation doesn+t suit hi(. %erridus: Andreas: hat you thin! you !now about !ingdo(s and !ings.. the world e"en, it+s wrong. hat, and I su$$ose you+re to enlighten (e4

%erridus: #o.. that+s for you to reach on your own. ,anel : %erridus loo!s a little (ore gri(, there+s a bit (ore shadow on his face. %erridus: I+"e seen good (en die and wic!ed (en gain $ower. It+s the way of the world.

Andreas: 2his (uch I !now. %erridus: 2he !ing is a (an of "ision. ,anel ; Andreas loo!ing disturbed by %erridus+ last co((ent. Andreas: hat e'actly does a !ings+ hand do. e are his hand.

%erridus: e find things that ha"e been (is$laced. Bloody faces that need it. ,atch u$ the !ingdo( in ways a crafts(an can+t. ,anel < Andreas loo!ing li!e he+s accusing %erridus of (urder. %erridus is far in front and loo!s li!e he+s abo"e the conce$t. Andreas: 8ou do his dirty wor!4 2hat+s it then4 %erridus: 8ou need to broaden your (ind.. ,anel @ ide est shot of huge !ingdo(. .rnate, beautiful. 2owers, s$ires, bridges, banners, flags. %erridus: Learn to thin! bigger.

,age <

,anel 5 Interior throne roo(. Caulted ceilings, $illars, colu(ns, ornate. 2hrone is large.. insanely large... li!e.. o(g is that really so(ething so(eone sits on big. 2he !ing is standing in front of it. %e is dressed in a cere(onial robe. e can see the royal sy(bol of the lion head with i"y to either side but there is no eye beneath this "ersion. 2he cha(ber is otherwise e($ty. 2here is a large o$ening to a balcony.. we can+t see out of it due to the angle. Andreas and %erridus and a (essenger are entering. Messenger: 8our (a*esty, %erridus and a young (ister Andreas. 1ing &diste: &nter

,anel 6 %erridus does a gesture that+s a bit of a !neeling bow, Andreas does a half-bow and loo!s li!e he+s unsure of how to beha"e. 1ing &stide: %erridus old friend, did your tra"els find $eril4 %erridus: My lord, I lost two (en to the troll. Andreas: 2roll4 1ing &stide: Ah, how unfortunate. %ow stands the re(ainder of the 7uest4

,anel : %erridus $roduces a statue fro( a sac! on his hi$... Andreas loo!s stunned as it is clearly the one he was ac7uiring for Crig and Bal!. 2he !ing loo!s non-$lussed. %erridus: e retrie"ed the statue...

Andreas: #ow wait *ust a (inuteA ,anel ; 1ing &stide loo!s disa$$ointed at the outburst and lac! of social graces fro( Andreas. Andreas loo!s bothered.. %erridus loo!s slightly a(used. 1ing &stide: &'cellent wor!. Andreas: But.. he didn+t do anything.. 1ing &stide: ,erha$s, but you are now a(ong his (en, the co($li(ent was i($lied to all in"ol"ed. ,anel < Andreas loo!s confused Andreas: But.. I 1ing &sitde off $anel: ,anel @ 2he two ofthe( wal! to the balcony lea"ing %erridus standing, Andreas loo!ing bac! li!e he+s unsure if the !ing (eant hi( or %erridus. al! with (e

1ing &stide: 8ou thin! (y !ingdo( to be an oasis, a *ewel, a succulent cherry ato$ a festering ca!e. 2he truth is, it is a barricade. %er walls are the line in the sand and on the other side is a frontier of death. ,anel B )as large as $ossible1ing &stide standing to the side of the balcony. Loo!ing out we see a shadowy forest against the bac!dro$ of a "olcanic night(are. =eel free to use dragons or giants or a (enacing castle in the distance. >ust (a!e it loo! "ast and threatening. 1ing &stide: 8our world is (uch larger than you !now.