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Ques1. Should Dabur build scale first in India before investing in global operations? Ans1.

Yes, Dabur should first build the scale in India before investing in global operations because for any company its a mandate to build strength its roots in its own country first and then think of being globalized. As, we also know that India has a great geography in terms of size , diversity,opportunity as its a developing country , therefore, the scope to grow is much more than the developed ones. In addition to it as its the home country of Dabur, i.e. the market Dabur must be fully aware of therefore, it should first focus and put in its whole energy to flourish in India and after completing this first step they should then think of expanding and flourishing globally. And one other reason is that the Indian CPG(consumer packed goods) market was projected to grow almost threefold by 2015 to $33.4 billion and Dabur had stong brands in some of its categories( like: persona care, food, beverages etc.) which would further help the company to grow and give an opportunity to grap maximum of the market share.

Ques2. Does global expansion detract the company from its core market? Ans2

Ques3. What are the reasons why Duggal and his team are expanding globally? Ans3. The various reasons why the CEO Duggal wants to expand globally are: 1. One of the reasons was its consumers- the Indian Diaspora- to the Persian Gulf region of the Middle East. Indian consumers there were familiar with Dabur as a brand & preferred its traditional products 2. Globalization plans would indeed boost volumes and margins. Ques 4. What are the domestic competencies that Dabur can leverage in global market?

Ans4. The domestic competencies that Dabur can leverage in global market are: segmentation models i.e. acquiring niches, second is that its products are derivatives of Ayurveda, an innate form of medicine the raw materials are herbs which will indeed distinguish it from other similar products which are synthetic and will give it an edge over them globally as well. Last can be that the products target mass market as more and more people can consume products. Ques5. Is the companys template for globalization workable? Ans5. Yes, the companys template for gloabalization was workable because as shown in Exhibit 8 of the case study the sales of Dabur India Ltd. had shown a rise in 2007 as compared to 2006. And its also mentioned that :Dabur was uncompromising in sticking to the template. Ques6. Why is the template not working in Nigeria? Ans6. The reason why template was not working in Nigeria because its focus shifted from the original template and Dabur started focusing on the Nigerians as such that is they were going beyond Indian Disapora and the second reason was that Dabur started building up on products in which it did not had strengths on like: oral care and home care. Ques7. How should Dabur address the Nigerian Market? Ans7. Dabur should have tried to stick on to its original globalization template that is acquiring a niche and focusing on the customers of Indian Disapora and then further have though entering into other products the Nigerian Market was working on or on which the market was into.