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Austin Shafer 12\15\2010 Writing Workshop Christmas Items and More It was an average day for me I get out

of !ed "ust to hear the #horus ringing in my head $umping out of !ed I run to my moms room %o find that no one is in !ed I run down stairs and everyone is there My #at& mom& dad& and sister We are going to have the !est Christmas ever' (rior to the wonderfu) day we wou)d have #ho#o)ate for every day in *e#em!er +very day had a new neat design that no one #ou)d rea))y figure out Sometimes it wou)d !e a mouse in a house ,r "ust a #andy #ane ,r simp)y a -ear -ut the !est part is on Christmas day you get a four times !igger pie#e of #ho#o)ate and on top of that you a)so get everything in your sto#king %hat is why the sto#king is my most favorite type of Christmas item A )ot of stuff #an !e put in it %he !igger the sto#king& then !igger the amount of goodies wi)) !e inside It is "ust p)ain awesome My fami)y is a weird fami)y We put up the Christmas tree !efore Christmas perhaps to say a!out a month !efore Christmas $ust )ike this year& I went up to my parents who were setting up the tree and I was saying Why on earth are we setting up the Christmas tree this ear)y It is "ust #ra.y' -ut then I rea)i.ed that my mom is going on a trip to Austra)ia for a!out two weeks /or my fami)y it is a wonderfu) time of year We a)) get together and have a good time $ust )ike on thanksgiving !ut it is "ust a )itt)e !it more fun %he one person that makes Christmas !etter than it a)ready is Wou)d have to !e my )itt)e sister 0aty She runs down the stairs ye))ing 1 Its Christmas'2 3ra!!ing puppy rea))y tight %hat is her way of e4pressing "oy $ust gra! whatever you want and hug it hard and "ump with it Me& I don5t have that mu#h energy 6ow days it is #omp)ete)y the opposite I wou)d rather "ust s)ow)y #raw) down the stairs and !e 13ood Morning2 and

then sit on the #ou#h fa))ing !a#k to s)eep I mean don5t get me wrong I wou)d )ove to "ump up and down $ust at this age you "ust want to go !a#k to s)eep My artifa#t that means a )ot to me on Christmas day wou)d have to !e my Christmas ordainment and my !)anket that my mom #rot#het my !)anket !efore I was !orn When I was rea))y )itt)e I wou)d take it everywhere with me a)ong with my 1Snugg)e -ear2 -ut rea))y I used to put my pinky through one who)e on the edge of the !)anket and )et it drag a)ong the !a#k off me down the stairs It was "ust awesome 6ow days I rea))y "ust )eave it on my !ed& -ut I remem!er those wonderfu) moments of !eing a!)e to ho)d my !)anket that way I wish I #ou)d ho)d it )ike that -ut soon or )ater you "ust need to grow up So I did My ,rdainment was made in the #)assroom with my favorite tea#her of a)) time Mrs 0a#e She was the one tea#her that tru)y meant a )ot to me !e#ause she was there for me 7n)ike my 8th and 5th grade tea#hers I remem!er when I made the ordainment "ust )ike it was yesterday Mrs 0a#e had a !ig !in of things that you #an make #ookies out of and I #hose the #ow!oy hat !e#ause I figured that when I was o)der that is the one thing I want to remem!er this p)a#e !y -ut the truth is that I wi)) never ever forget what the p)a#e was )ike !e#ause it meant so mu#h to me 6o one #ou)d ever take away the pre#ious moments I had in the wonderfu) #ity of San Antonio -ut when I made the #ow!oy hat we had to )et go through the furna#e first So after it went through the furna#e and we got a)) of it !a#k a!out a week )ater we started to paint it At that time I was a !ig fan of the #o)or red -ut -efore I made it t he #o)or red I first painted it ye))ow -ut I 9ui#k)y remem!ered the !ook 1Curious 3eorge2 and the man in the ye))ow hat %hat "ust )ooked funky so I #hose red A)though when you go to stores and su#h you wi)) a)ways see that the gir) wi)) a)ways have the red hat un)ike the man #ow!oy So when I made it& I !rought it home and I put it on the tree in the front I usua))y put a)) of the non:

meaningfu) ordainments in the !a#k of the tree !e#ause most peop)e never see them -ut now starting a!out two to three months ago my mom started )etting me get ordainments at the store so that when I am spending a Christmas a)one in #o))ege I wi)) sti)) have stuff to put on my own tree So it wi)) !e a spe#ia) time for me& when I am a)one and on#e I start up my own fami)y My step: dad has a spe#ia) ordainment that he made as a )itt)e kid It is a !a)) with string a)) around it with some #otton on the !ottom with a fa#e that )ooks at you It means something to him and the same to me with this one ordainment I wish that everyone wou)d have an ordainment as spe#ia) as mine Christmas is kind of )ike thanksgiving in a sense that we a)) think a!out what we are given and how everyday is Christmas in this wor)d !e#ause peop)e die everyday and that everyone is given the #han#e to !e with their )oved ones "ust for one spe#ia) day ;;5 words