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Parts of the body (do sth) by the skin of sb's teeth - only just manage to do something, nearly fail (be) down in the mouth - depressed, unhappy, sad get old feet - be ome ner!ous or afraid before doing something ha!e no stoma h for sth - ha!e no will or desire to do something lend sb a hand (with doing sth) - help somebody do something let one's hair down - get a lot of rela" and enjoyment after hard work make a good#bad fist of sth - make a good#bad job of doing something make a lean breast of sth - admit that you ha!e done something wrong make sb's blood run old - terrify someone, make someone !ery s ared (be) one in the eye for sb - a failure, defeat or disappointment for someone poke#sti k one's nose in#into - interfere in other people's affairs pull#wear a long fa e - look sad, depressed or disappointed send shi!ers down sb's spine - make someone feel fear turn one's ba k on sb - stop supporting or offering your help to someone wear one's heart on one's slee!e - show your emotions openly $%. Prepositional phrases at a (fair) li k - !ery fast, at a high speed at full tilt - with great speed, power et . at loggerheads with sb - arguing strongly with someone by fair means or foul - using all possible methods, e!en the unfair ones by hook or by rook - by any method, honest or not down in the dumps - depressed, miserable, worried for two pins - e!en though something that you want to do might not be sensible in a old sweat - an"ious, worried or !ery s ared in ahoots with sb - planning in ollaboration with someone to do something wrong in lieu of sth - instead of something in sb's good books - in someone's fa!our off one's own bat - upon your own de ision, without anybody else's en ouragement on the skids - falling into ruin, de lining, fa ing a disaster out of one's depth - unable to deal with a diffi ult situation (ha!e sb) o!er a barrel - ha!e someone under ontrol and do what you tell them to &'. Prepositional phrases (be) at ross purposes - misunderstand what someone is trying to say or do (be) at daggers drawn with sb - be ready to argue or fight with someone at#on the double - !ery (ui kly, at on e at sb's bidding - at someone's order, be ause someone has told you to do so ome on stream - (of a ma hine#fa tory et .) start working, produ ing et . for ki ks - (of sth wrong) for fun, pleasure or e" itement go round the bend - be ome ra)y in full swing - at the busiest, most li!ely or highest time in the bosom of sb#sth - prote ted or surrounded by someone or something in the pipeline - being planned, intended, de!eloped, but not in operation yet keep sth under wraps - keep something se ret or hidden off the re ord - said unoffi ially, not to be spread to the publi (be) on one's guard - be ready to rea t to or deal with a diffi ulty, danger et . on the heap - (of lower (uality goods) for less than the normal pri e, heaply under the heel of sb - dominated by someone, under someone's total ontrol