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PRINCIPAL FIGGINS and WILL are seated across from each other.] WILL: Id like to take over Glee Club. FIGGINS: You want to captain the Titanic, too? WILL: I think I can make it great again. There is no joy in these kids. They feel invisible. Thats why every one of them has a MySpace page. FIGGINS: 60 bucks a month. Thats what I need to keep this program up. WILL: And you-you expect me to pay it? FIGGINS: Im certainly not going to pay for it. Were not talking about Cheerios here, Will. They were on Fox Sports Net last year. When Glee Club starts bringing that kind of prestige to the school again, you can have all the money you want. Until then, 60 bucks a month. And youve got to use the costumes and props you already have. But we need the stools for wood shop.

[CUT TO: EXT. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. SUE is yelling at her Cheerios. RACHEL is watching from the bleachers.] [WILL enters. He sits down behind RACHEL on the bleachers.] WILL: You changed out of your costume. RACHEL: Im tired of being laughed at. WILL: Youre the best kid in there, Rachel. That comes with a price. RACHEL: Look, I know Im just a sophomore, but I can feel the clock ticking away, and I dont want to leave high school with nothing to show for it. WILL: You get great grades. Youre a fantastic singer. RACHEL: Everybody hates me. WILL: And you think Glee Club is going to change that? RACHEL: Being great at something is going to change it. Being a part of something special makes you special, right? I need a male lead who can keep up with me vocally.

WILL: Maybe I can coach Artie a little. RACHEL: Look, Mr. Schue, I really appreciate what youre trying to do, but if you cant give me what I need, then Im sorry. Im not going to make a fool out of myself. I cant keep wasting my time with Glee. It hurts too much.

[CUT TO: INT. PRINCIPALS OFFICE - DAY. FIGGINS is punching away at his calculator.] WILL: But we just started rehearsals. FIGGINS: My hands are tied, Schue. I need the auditorium. Alcoholics Anonymous wants to rent it out for their afternoon meetings. Lots of drunks in this town. Theyre paying me ten bucks a head. WILL: If we show at regionals, Glee stays; if not, the bars open on the auditorium. FIGGINS: What is it with you and this club? Youve got only five kidsone of thems a cripple. WILL: Then I guess youve got nothing to worry about. FIGGINS: Fine. WILL: Yes! FIGGINS: But youre running detention for free to make it up to me. WILL: Deal.

[CUT TO: INT. SHEETS N THINGS - DAY. TERRI. WILL enters.] WILL: Someone looks beautiful today. TERRI: Hey. WILL: Hi. TERRI: You look very handsome.

WILL: Thank you. I just thought Id bring you roast beef on pumpernickelyour favorite. TERRI: Aw. Oh, but does it have mayo? WILL: Yeah. TERRI: Will, if my diabetes comes back, I cant get pregnant. WILL: I TERRI: What is wrong with you? WILL: I just wanted to tell you that Im going to have to start working late for the next couple of months. Im, uh, monitoring after-school detention. TERRI: What? WILL: I had to make a deal with Figgins so he wouldnt kill Glee Club. TERRI: But Will, Im on my feet four hours a day three times a week here. Now I have to go home, and I have to cook dinner for myself?

[CUT TO: EXT. SIDEWALK - DAY. WILL is trying to scrape the gum off EMMAs shoe.] EMMA: Sues not wrong, but I dont think anything is set in stone. I mean, you know, kids are going to do what they think is cool, which is not always who they are. You just need to find a way to get them out of their boxes. WILL: Well, how do I do that? EMMA: They follow the leader. You know, if you can get a couple of the popular kids to sign up, the rest will fall right in line.

[CUT TO: INT. WILLS OFFICE - DAY. WILL shows FINN the packet of marijuana that SANDY gave him.] WILL: You want to tell me how long youve had a drug problem? FINN: I dont even know who the Chronic Lady is.

WILL: Look, if it were up to me, we wouldnt have mandatory bi-weekly afternoon locker checks. FINN: But Ive never seen that before, Mr. Schue, I swear. Its not mine. Ill pee in a cup. Ill pee. WILL: Look, it it wouldnt make any difference. Possession is eight-tenths of the law. Im pretty sure that much pot is a felony. Yeah. Look, youll get kicked out of school. Youll lose your football scholarship. FINN: Wait I had a football scholarship? To to where? WILL: You could land in prison, son. FINN: Oh my God. Please, dont tell my mom. WILL: Look, I see a lot of myself in you, Finn. I know what its like to struggle to make good life choices, and I dont want to see you throw away everything you have to offer the world. I just expected more out of you, Finn.

[CUT TO: INT. WILLS OFFICE - DAY.] WILL: We have two options here. Im running detention now, so you can do six weeks after school, but thats gonna remain on your permanent record. FINN: Whats the other option, Mr. Schue? [CUT TO: INT. AUDITORIUM - DAY. FINN starts singing Youre the One that I Want from Grease. RACHEL perks up and joins in, excited. After a moment, MERCEDES breaks them up.] MERCEDES: Oh, hell to the no. Look, Im not down with this background singing nonsense. Im Beyonce. I aint no Kelly Rowland. WILL: Okay, look, Mercedes, its just one song. KURT: And its the first time weve been kind of good. MERCEDES: Okay, youre good, white boy. Ill give you that. But you better bring it. Lets run it again. WILL: All right, lets do it. From the top.

[CUT TO: EXT. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. PUCK is throwing footballs at another football players head. He notices KEN yelling at FINN.] [FINN walks by. PUCK catches up to him.] PUCK: Hey. Whats going on? FINN: Oh. I just I have to miss practice Saturday afternoon. Its, uh its my mom. I got to help her cook and, uh, do things. PUCK: Why? FINN: She just had, uh, surgery. PUCK: What kind of surgery? FINN: Uh, well, she, um, had to have her prostate out. PUCK: Man, thats a tough break. FINN: Yeah, its, uh, engorged.

[CUT TO: INT. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY. KEN enters and slaps away the book that WILL was reading.] KEN: You stole my quarterback. WILL: Okay, look. Finns got a great voice. He just wants to express himself. KEN: Youre screwing up my life. WILL: Okay, Ken? You hate football. Whats this really about? [CUT TO: INT. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY.] KEN: Youre right. Im overreacting. The herd will take care of it. WILL: The herd? KEN: The student body. The second someone tries to rise above - be different the herd pulls them back in. So. Oh, and by the way, thanks for putting a good

word in for me with Emma, buddy. I guess you just want her for yourself, huh? Adios, amigo. [CUT TO: INT. CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL - DAY. WILL and EMMA are in line for snacks.] WILL: Those kielbasas look like theyve been in there a while. EMMA: Do you want to go halvsies on a PB and J? WILL: That sounds perfect. EMMA: Yeah? WILL: Yeah. Lets go. (to people in line) Sorry. Excuse me. [WILL and EMMA sit down together.] WILL: I havent had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a really long time. EMMA: Really? WILL: Yeah. My wifes allergic to nuts. EMMA: Well, thats really sweet, thoughnot eating something because she cant. WILL: Oh, yeah. EMMA: Its really nice. Oh, thats really noisy. But theyre clean. [EMMA gives WILL half of her sandwich.] WILL: Oh, my gosh. EMMA: How, um How long have you two been married? WILL: Mm, five years last March. EMMA: Really? WILL: Yeah. But weve been together since high school. I mean, she was my first girlfriend, actually. EMMA: Was it love at first sight? WILL: For me it was. I dont know. She used to be filled with so much joy.

EMMA: And now? [The lights flicker.] WILL: Oh. Showtime. You dont want to hear about my marital problems. EMMA: Oh, no, I do. I-I do. I mean, I-Id love to hear. You I mean, Im not happy that you have marital problems, but people talk to me a lot cause Im a guidance counselor. WILL: Okay, heres the thing. Terri rides me hard, and Ive always appreciated it. I figure she just wants me to be better, you know? But lately, though, I keep asking myself, better at what? Making money? Being upwardly mobile? I dont know. I-I love her. Dont get me wrong. We just got to get back on the same page. EMMA: Do you like the sandwich? WILL: Oh my God, its like the best Ive ever had.

[CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY - DAY. FINN shuts his locker and finds RACHEL standing there.] RACHEL: Didnt see you at Glee Club today. FINN: Is that still happening? RACHEL: Ive taken over. Im interim director, but I expect the position will become permanent. FINN: Look, I-I should go. I cant do Glee anymore. It conflicts with RACHEL: Your reputation? Youve really got something, Finn, and youre throwing it away. FINN: I-Im going to be late. RACHEL: You cant keep worrying about what people think of you, Finn. Youre better than all of them.

[CUT TO: EXT. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. Football players are rehearsing. FINN and PUCK are talking.] PUCK: What do you want me to do, apologize? Thats not me, dude. Look, if I joined the flag team, youd beat the crap out of me. I just dont understand why you did it. FINN: Schuester told me itd give me enough extra credit to pass Spanish if I joined the club, okay? I I didnt have a choice. If I failed another class, Id be off the team. Look, its over, okay? I quit. Anything else? PUCK: No, thats it. And as a welcome back to the world of the normal I got you a present. [PUCK walks ahead. FINN hears a sound.] FINN: Whats that noise? [ARTIE is trapped inside a portable toilet.] ARTIE: Help, help! Help! [FINN walks up to the group of portable toilets. PUCK and other football players are standing nearby.] FINN: Whats going on? PUCK: We got that wheelchair kid inside. Were going to flip it. FINN: Isnt that kind of dangerous? PUCK: Hes already in a wheelchair. Come on, dude, we saved you the first roll. [FINN shakes his head. He opens the portable toilet and pulls ARTIE out.] ARTIE: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Oh my God, the smell. PUCK: What the hell, dude? I cant believe youre helping out this loser. FINN: Dont you get it, man? Were all loserseveryone in this school. Hell, everyone in this town. Im not afraid of being called a loser cause I can accept that thats what I am. But I am afraid of turning my back on something that actually made me happy for the first time in my sorry life. PUCK: So what? Are you quitting to join Homo Explosion? FINN: No. Im doing both. Cause you cant win without me and neither can they.

[FINN wheels ARTIE away. In the distance, DARREN, the Emerald Dreams employee from FINNs childhood is spraying the football field and singing Journey.]

[CUT TO: INT. AUDITORIUM - DAY. RACHEL and the rest of New Directions are arguing when FINN wheels ARTIE in.] RACHEL: Look, you guys, these steps are not hard. Ive been doing them since preschool. KURT: Im sorry, did I miss the election for queen? Because I didnt vote for you. RACHEL: I know what Im talking about. I won my first dance competition when I was three months old. KURT: (to FINN) This is a closed rehearsal. FINN: Look, I owe you guys an apology. I never should have quit. I dont want to be the guy that just drives around throwing eggs at people. RACHEL: That was you? KURT: You and your friends threw pee balloons at me. FINN: I know. KURT: You nailed all my lawn furniture to my roof. FINN: I wasnt actually there for that, but Im really sorry. Look, that isnt who I am, and Im tired of it. This is what I want to be doing, with you guys. I used to think that this was like, the lamest thing on Earth, and maybe it is, but were all here for the same reasoncause we want to be good at something. Artie, you play guitar, right? Think you could recruit the jazz band? ARTIE: I do have pull there. FINN: All right. Mercedes, we need new costumes, and they have to be cool. Can you do that? MERCEDES: Damn, dont you see what I got on? FINN: Rachel, you can do choreography. Tina, what are you good at?

TINA: I-I FINN: Well figure something out for you. MERCEDES: And what are you bringing to the table, Justin Timberlake? FINN: Ive got the music.

[CUT TO: INT. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY. WILL and EMMA are sitting together at a table.] EMMA: I want to show you something. I did a little research and this is a tape I found in the library of the 93 team at nationals. [EMMA plays the tape for WILL.] EMMA: Do you know who that is? Thats you, Will. Thats you happier than Ive ever seen you. WILL: That was the greatest moment of my life. EMMA: Why? WILL: Because I loved what I was doing. I knew before we were halfway through with that number that we were going to win. Being a part of that, in that moment, I knew who I was in the world. And the only time Ive felt that way since then was when Terri told me I was going to be a father. No. No, I need to provide for my family. EMMA: But provide what exactly? The understanding that money is the most important thing? Or the idea that the only life worth living is one that youre really passionate about?