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19 KISLEV, 5774 • NOV 22, 2013

Avir in Monsey and Williamsburg is more Frum and

more Tznius than Crown Heights even without

learning Chassidus. And why even those that are among us that learn and are even involved in Question: Chabad claims that Chassidus adds and are not so particular with Yiras Shamayim like gives you more Yiras Shamayim. I for one have lots davening with a Minyan or Kriyas Shema B'zman of !family out of Crown Heights and !I see that they etc. Does Chassidus add Yiras Shamayim or not? - A Mesivta Bochur have lots more Yiras Shamayim and that the whole
Answer: There was a Bochur in Eretz Yisroel who was thinking of going to a Misnagdishe Yeshiva because he didn't like the Chassidishe Yeshiva. His father said to him something that changed his whole attitude. His father said to him whatever bad things you find in Yeshiva, you will find it in every yeshiva but the thing that makes a Chabad Yeshiva special, ! that ! you won’t find anywhere. So bad things exist everywhere because the Yetzer Hara is everywhere and everybody has the talent to be bad but the one thing that Chassidus gives you, you’re not gonna find anyplace else. ! So does learning Chassidus add Yiras Shamayim? What is Yiras Shamayim? Ma Zois? There are people who B'teva are obedient. You tell them what they have to do and they do it ! because if your supposed to do it you do it. If you tell them it is very important, they believe you and they do it and if that is what it takes to be accepted in your family in your community then you have to do it. Yiras Shamayim doesn't mean that you are afraid of punishment. Yiras ! Shamayim doesn't mean you are afraid of being rejected. Yiras Shamayim doesn't mean you are afraid of going to Gehonim. Yiras Shamayim means that you don't want to do something that the Eibishter doesn't like. In order to have that feeling that you care what the Eibishter likes or doesn't like you have to get to know the Eibishter and in order to get to know the Eibishter you have to learn Chassidus. Does this ! make sense? So there are people who are Frum but are not ! necessarily ! Yiras Shamayim. The only way that we know of actually ! producing Yiras Shamayim is by getting to know the Eibishter and the only

learning Chassidus and work in the Rebbe's Shlicus

way to know the Eibishter is by learning Chabad Chassidus.! There is a famous story about Reb Yoel that many many years ago he was at a Chassuna, a wedding in Williamsburg. When they were going home they were all taking buses it was a rainy night and it was cold so there were a group of people in a doorway in a store. The store was right across from the bus stop. They were all huddled there it was cold and wet. One guy was very impatient and he kept running to the end of the street to look and see if the bus was coming and he would come back disappointed because he didn't see the bus. He ran out again and came back. So finally he got frustrated and came back to the group in the doorway and he said "Di bus vet shoin kimmen mit Moshiach" the bus will come with Moshiach. So Reb Yoel said what is the comparison? The bus could be will never come but Moshiach will for sure come! what are you comparing? So this guy with the rain falling from his hat looked at him and said "Lubavitcher? You talk like a Lubavitcher" What did he see? He was a Chassidishe Yid but when Reb Yoel said what are you comparing a bus to Moshiach? Moshiach is for real a bus who knows? He said you are a Lubavitcher. What does that mean? There are people that accept Ol Malchus Shamayim because they are Frum, because they are willing they are basically obedient people and then there are people who actually know that Elokus is real and Gashmius is not. ! That's a Lubavitcher. That comes from learning Chassidus. This is a transcribed excerpt from “On The Hot Seat” an open forum discussion with Rabbi Manis Friedman and ULY Mesivta full audio available on