GfK's most important resource is our panel of Mystery Shoppers. Our Mystery Shoppers are the essential building block of our business model. As a GfK Mystery Shopper you will pose as a normal customer to evaluate many facets of a company's day-to-day business operations. Among these facets are customer service, product quality, compliance, and environment. Tools required to join the GfK Team: <li>Ability to meet performance expectations and deadlines </li> <li>Attention to detail, follow through, and initiative </li> <li>Ability to make objective observations</li> <li>Excellent communications skills (verbal and written) </li>

Functionality required to join the GfK Team: <ul><li>Windows or Mac OS </li><li>Internet and email connectivity </li><li>Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or an equivalent web browser</li> <li>Adobe Acrobat Reader</li> <li>A printer</li> <li>A scanner and connection to upload digital photos</li> <li>A valid PayPal account</li></ul>


Key Qualities of a Mystery Shopper Being a GfK Mystery Shopper requires responsibility. Although Mystery Shopping is both fun and interesting, it is also extremely serious business. Being a Mystery Shopper is your opportunity to impact change for all types of environments, in almost all industries, including gas stations, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, amusement parks, and financial institutions. Companies make important decisions based on the data supplied. Results are used in reviewing employees and management and can have an effect on the

You must memorize the standards being evaluated.</li> <br><br> <li><b><font color="#E55A00">Anonymity</font> </b> Mystery Shoppers must always remain anonymous. known as the Shopper Rating.future of an individual and a company as a whole. GfK does also offer revealed shops. The score is based on work assigned and the quality of data reported and timeliness of execution. With this said. A high rating results in privileged status for work and higher earning potential. where you are asked to reward good service. All documentation provided by GfK must be reviewed in detail prior to completing any shop to ensure there is no room for error while conducting the evaluation. If a problem arises that prevents you from completing an assignment.</li><br> <br> 3 . A low rating impacts a shopper's ability to receive shops and can result in shoppers being deactivated from the GfK system. You are never to disclose the purpose of your visit to anyone and are never to record information in direct view of any employee. 3 GfK Mystery Shopper Responsibilities</font></u></b> <ol> <li><b><font color="#E55A00">Reliability</font></b> It is your responsibility to complete an assigned shop during the date and timeframe you agreed upon. you should never bring any documentation regarding the Mystery Shop inside the location being evaluated. If you are required to conduct this type of shop it will be noted in the Briefing Notes. <br><br> GfK maintains a performance rating for every shopper. you must reschedule your shop or cancel it via the GfK website. The only way to gather accurate and objective information is to be completely unknown to the location and employees being evaluated. Never accept any shop if you are not positive you will be able to successfully complete it during the specified date and/or time as your Shopper Rating may be negatively affected for not performing shops as agreed upon. Unless noted. Preparation</font></b> GfK Mystery Shoppers must prepare for each shop in advance. unless specified otherwise in the Briefing Notes.</li> <br><br> 3.

as it may take longer than you think to get somewhere.</li> <li><b> <font color="#E55A00">Equipment and Materials</b></font> Be sure to have all the necessary equipment and materials needed to complete the shop successfully. If this is the case. restrictions that may apply.The Coversheet is the first page of a shop questionnaire and it contains information such as the location name and address. the information is accurate. This will ensure that when you submit your shop results online. </li><br><br> <li><b><font color="#E55A00"> Professionalism 4 .</li> <li><b> <font color="#E55A00">Timing </font></b> Always allow yourself enough time to get to the location. The quiz reviews the key points of the shop to make sure you are prepared. </li> <li><b> <font color="#E55A00">Review your Questionnaire Coversheet</font> </b> . not everyone is equally perceptive. you must ensure your camera or phone is fully charged to ensure you are able to effectively complete all portions of the evaluation. For example. You must thoroughly review your coversheet prior to completing any shop.The scenario dictates how you are to interact while in the location being shopped.</li></ul> <br> <li> <b> <font color="#E55A00">Observation </font></b>. you must pull into an adjacent parking lot or area away from the location evaluated and immediately fill out the questionnaire.</li> <li><b> <font color="#E55A00">Print out your Questionnaire </font></b> The questionnaire must be printed before you complete the shop in order to make sure you have evaluated all shop criteria properly. Shoppers must never rely on long term memory while conducting shops. some shops require a photo to provide digital images and feedback. For most shops you are required to enter the store a minimum of an hour before its closing time.Observation is a matter of skill and although it is one of those skills everyone possesses. After completing your shop.</li> <li><b><font color="#E55A00"> Memorize your Scenario </font></b> .In order to be fully prepared for an assignment you must also: <ul><li><b> <font color="#E55A00">Review the Briefing Notes and take the Briefing Notes Quiz</b> </font> For each shop you will be required to take a short quiz following the briefing notes. date and time to shop. etc. as most shops require you to note the time of entry and exit. areas you may need to evaluate. Your senses and memory must be sharp. You must always wear a watch while conducting shops.

your profile will be de-activated and you will no longer be able to conduct shops for GfK Mystery Shopping. In these instances. optimistic and enthusiastic attitude. You will also be required to dress in business casual attire. In order to complete your application. Information is only useful if it is timely. and unbiased. you will need to accept an Independent Contractors Agreement in which you agree that all mystery shopping services provided by you to GfK will be pursuant to the terms and conditions of the agreement. actionable. you are an independent contractor and not an employee of GfK Mystery Shopping. as you must always present yourself in a professional manner. If a third report is entered late. and also to be completed in an accurate and detailed manner. the shop Briefing Notes will describe the time parameters in which reports must be entered. This policy applies to all shops. If a report is entered past the 12 hour deadline. Occasionally some shops will require report entry sooner than 12 hours.</li></ol> 4 Review of Independent Contractors Agreement (ICA)</font></b></ u> <br><br> As a mystery shopper for GfK Mystery Shopping. unless otherwise noted. A second late report will result in a final notice. All shop reports must be submitted online within 12 hours of shop completion. accurate. If a report is entered late we will contact you with a warning explaining our policy regarding late reports.</font></b> GfK expects professional behavior from all of its Mystery Shoppers.</li> <br><br> <li><b><font color="#E55A00"> Reporting </font></b> GfK expects all shops to be completed on the agreed upon date. including those completed over the weekend. You are required to demonstrate a positive. your shop may be considered invalid and you may not receive payment for work completed. <br><br> The Independent Contractors Agreement states that the mystery shopping services you provide for GfK must be carried out as outlined .

and the shop fee. You will always be able to review the Guidelines before accepting a shop. or zip code. <br><br> <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Guidelines Quiz</font></u></b><br><br> . you will pledge that all data you provide is accurate and truthful. The Guidelines will include: scenario details. fee.in the Guidelines and in the Independent Contractors Agreement. shop scenario. GfK shall pay you a fee to be mutually agreed upon prior to the performance of each mystery shopping project. Survey Guidelines</font></u></b><br><br> We will provide you with online Guidelines for every shop you accept. any required test purchase. The Job Board allows you to search by county. Using this tool. on vacation. any required purchases to be reimbursed. 5 <b><u> <font color="#E55A00">Accepting Shops on the Job Board </font></b></u> <br><br> You can search for shops outside your zip code using the Job Board feature. Additionally. <br><br> Once you are a registered shopper you will be required to accept the terms of the ICA every time you log into the shopper website. The guidelines will brief you on everything you need to know to conduct the shop. or nearby other shops you have scheduled. All the details of a shop are outlined in the shop's Guidelines including visit requirements. <br><br> Carefully review the Independent Contractors Agreement in its entirety before consenting to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement. you can find shops along a travel route. If you have any questions about the agreement you can reach us at <a href="mailto:info@gfkmysteryshops. <br><br> <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Shop Requirements: Guidelines. In return. specific requirements.com">info@gfkmysteryshops. state. timeframes. Quiz. You can read over all the relevant information pertaining to any shop in the shop guidelines found on the job board before deciding to accept or decline the shop.co m</a>.

The survey will include details important for your shop such as location address. fax or email. thermometers or prizes. Likewise. so the Quiz must be passed for each wave before you can conduct shops. <br><br> <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Survey</font></u></b><br><br> Only after passing the Guidelines Quiz will you be able to access and print the Survey for a shop. It is a requirement that the Guidelines quiz be completed within 24 hours of shop acceptance. If you are unable to . We will not accept reports over the telephone. the Quiz must be passed in order to enter your shop report. any materials shipped to you are the property of GfK and/or our client and therefore must be returned once the shop is completed. We ask that you retain your paper survey with all the information filled in for 3 months after your shop date in case we need to verify any information in your shop report. etc. Please note that unless otherwise specified in the Guidelines. <br><br> <u><b><font color="#E55A00">Additional Materials</font></b></u><br><br> Some projects require additional materials such as hand out certificates. shop scenario. If additional materials are needed you will be able to find detailed information in the program Guidelines. Failure to return items that are the property of GfK and/or our client may result in deactivation of your shopper profile or legal action. If you accept several shops in a wave with different scenarios you will be required to pass a quiz for each scenario as well. All shop surveys download from your job board in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.<br><br> <br> 6 <font color="#E55A00">Shop Reporting</font></u></b><br><br> All shop reports must be submitted online within 12 hours of shop completion. clipboards. This statement is also included in the Independent Contractors Agreement.Before completing any shop you will be required to pass a quiz on the Guidelines for the assignment to ensure you have understood what is required for the shop. Shop details are different for each wave.

Shops may be marked invalid if the correct images are not uploaded with your shop report. In the event that GfK is experiencing website issues. You must be as specific as possible with the left and right as we use this information to verify that you have visited the correct . Right locations</font></u></b><br><br> We will ask you to state in your shop report what stores and streets are adjacent on the left and the right of the location. Report Clarifications require your prompt attention so be sure to respond to the emails within 24 hours. pictures. late reports will be accepted and your shopper profile and rating will not be affected. Reports submitted past the reporting deadline may result in your report being marked invalid and denied payment. In these situations. or a verification form that is used to validate your shop. In these instances. You will be prompted to upload your image after you submit all of your answers in your online survey. <br><br> <br> 7 Helpful Tips <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Left vs. <br><br> <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Report Clarification</font></u></b> <br><br> Occasionally our clients will need your assistance in clarifying some of the information you provided in your shop report.) This could be receipts. <br><br> The majority of our shops require an image file upload when submitting your shop report (scanned image or digital picture. we will send you a Report Clarification email with a few additional questions about your shop. we suggest finding alternate methods to connect to the shopper website as we expect to receive your report within the specified deadline. Occasionally some shops will require report entry sooner than 12 hours. the shop Guidelines will describe the time parameters in which reports must be entered. Failure to respond may result in non-payment and in being banned from completing future shops for that program or for all GfK programs.access the internet from your home computer to enter your shop report. These details should be noted while you are facing the location from the outside.

An open question is one that cannot be answered with Yes or No and will encourage conversation with customers. To determine if a question is open or closed try saying it out loud and see if you could politely answer yes or not to the question. up-sell a product or make an offer. please ensure you have the appropriate means of payment. closed questions can easily be answered with either a Yes or No answer. ask 'what's that?'. . there were three piles of clothes on the floor. open and closed. you will be asked to provide objective rather than subjective feedback in your shop report. If you are ever asked if you are the Mystery Shopper. rather than report the store was messy. you would report the reasons why the store appeared messy. because as far as the staff is concerned. make a mental note of how to describe the associate if they are not wearing a badge or if the name is obscured.<br><br> <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Objective vs. you are. which is unlikely. You need to give them every opportunity to provide you with the appropriate information. For example. Also. Subjective Comments</font></u></b><br><br> As a mystery shopper. <br><br> Get into the habit of looking at staff name badges. note the exact time and note the appearance of the exterior of the building. or an item of clothing.</li></ul> A good salesperson will suggest a product that closely matches your requirements. for instance food.location.</li> <li>A <b>benefit</b> is an advantage of that feature. <br><br> Do not lead or offer additional information to the associate. It is common for a customer to ask an associate for his/her name in order to offer thanks for his/her assistance. They would then draw attention to the features of the product and how the benefits fit your specific needs. regardless of who is visiting the location. On the contrary.<br><br> <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Features vs. we recommend that you always act as you would if you were an actual customer.<br><br> <u><b><font color="#E55A00">Open vs. If you have a question about where a shop is located please contact GfK for clarification. Objective feedback describes specifically what happened during your shop and will exclude any personal bias or opinions. Objective feedback will ensure that all reports have the same reporting standard. Closed Questions</font></b></u><br><br> We categorize offers of assistance from sales staff under two headings.<br><br> <b><u><font color="#E55A00">Shop Instructions</font></u></b><br><br> Be sure to check the address of the location and its hours of operation before conducting your mystery shop. When you arrive at the location. <br><br> <ul><li>A <b>feature</b> is a distinctive or characteristic part of a product. If the associate is not wearing a name badge please ask for his/her name. drink. In most cases we will ask you to obtain the names of all associates you interact with. Benefits</font></u></b><br><br> Sometimes you will be asked to report on how effectively sales staff promote the features and benefits of a product in order to encourage customers to make the purchase. always keep the receipt as we may use it to help validate the shop. If you are asked to make a purchase as part of the shop. In addition.<br><br> Most of all.

If you have any questions regarding collecting funds from a PayPal account visit <a href="http://www.com</a> <br><br> For shops that require Report Clarifications.com">www. For these kinds of shops. A PayPal account must be set up prior to your first shop to ensure payment. For shoppers in the US who earn $600 or more during 1 year GfK is required to file a 1099 form with the IRS.com">www. For some of our shops we will provide you with prizes to distribute to store employees.com</a> Please note the email address on your profile must be the email address listed in your PayPal account. payment will not be approved until we receive your reply to our inquiries.paypal.paypal.PayPal. You will not be charged to receive your payment from GfK.8 Shop Payment</font></u></b><br><br > Mystery Shopping has selected PayPal an eBay company to process all shopper payments. Payment will not be processed until all outstanding prizes have been returned to GfK. we will deduct the difference from your total shop fee. 9 . After a payment is deposited into your PayPal account. <br><br> Payments are made approximately two to three weeks after your shop report is completely entered on the shopper website. If we only receive some of the prizes due back to GfK. 1099 forms are sent to shoppers who meet this criterion by the end of January each year. If you do not have a PayPal account you can open one for FREE by visiting <a href="http://www. At this time we only pay shoppers using PayPal you must have a valid PayPal account in order to conduct shops for GfK. we require that any unused prizes are returned to us immediately after completing the shop. you will receive an automated email with the total payment amount.PayPal.

Emails may contain important updates regarding upcoming shops or clarification on completed shops. Emails can be directed to <a href="mailto:info@gfkmysteryshops. Likewise.com</a>. In some situations. we expect our shoppers to be responsive if we have any questions concerning a scheduled or completed shop. We respond to all inquiries within one business day of receiving. There are several ways to get in touch with us through the shopper website as well as a Field Helpline. payment for a completed shop will be delayed or denied if we are unable to reach you with follow-up questions. Please be sure to check your email for messages from GfK and respond in a timely manner.Communication</font></u></b> <br><br> The GfK Field Team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 10 .com">info@gfkmyste ryshops.