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Translated by Ana, I think the measurement conversions are right but double check to be sure!!!!!!!! Ai sa trebe sa faci substituii.. I included pictures to help give you an idea! A sa its trebe o tava cam de 28 cm x 43 cm x 5 cm cu capac daca ai!

In calzeste cuptor la 121 celcius (250 FARHENGIET) ca sa fie cald pe cand trebe sa bagi in el..


1/2 lb. chopped walnuts (226 grams of nuca toccata) 3 tbsp sugar (3 lingur de zahar) 1/2 stick butter (113 grams de unt)

spread evenly over pan then roast for 15 min. at 250F (121C). DUPA CE LI.AI AMESTECAT IL PUI IN TAVA SI BAGI LA CUPTOR PT 15 MINUTE. IL SCOTS SI IL LASI CA SA RACIASCA heat oven at 350F (177C) Incalzesti cuptoru!

in the mean time: make a cake "blat"

separate 11 eggs SEPARI 11 Oue 11 egg whites beat on high until peaks form (BATIS ALBUSU CU MIXTER LA ELECTRIC CA TREBE SA SE INTERIASCA CA O SPUMA GROASA.)

10 tbsp sugar add gradually (1O LINGUR DE ZAHAR ADUJE LA ALBUS CAND SE BATE) mix 10 tbsp of plain bread crumbs & 10 tbsp flour: then fold in by hand gently to maintain the fluffy blat pour over cooled nuts (PESMETU CU FAINA SA ADUGA CU MINA LA ALBUS CA DACA IL ADUGI PREA REPEDE NU TINE SI SA LASA FLAT.. YOUR BLAT CONSISTANCY IS TO BE FLUFFY- ASK YOUR MOM HOW TO MAKE A BLAT DIN ALBUS, AFTER YOU CAREFULLY MIX IT YOU PORE IT OVER THE NUCA MIXTURE) bake 15-20 min. at 350F. make cream - see below (ACUMA TREBE SA FACI PARTIA DIN TORT CARE E CREMA) dupa ce tortu e copt il intoarce cu blatu in jos in alta tava- look at the picture- now the nuca layer is on top of the blat layer.. now we have to make the crme layer.

dupa ce ai intors blatu its trebe UN BORCAN mare de NUTELla

1 large jar of NUTELLA (warmed in microwave makes it easier to spread) spread evenly over nuts while they are still hot (TREBE SA.L TORN PESTE NUCA) let cool (LASI CA SA SE RACIASCA)

in the mean time: IN TIMP

make cold coffee as strong as you like (FACI O CAFEA) lightly (crush/chop) approx 700 grams of animal crackers (SFARMI BISCUITII)


very quickly pass the crackers through the coffee -be sure to prevent soggy crackers. they should be almost dry spread the crackers over the nutella (PUI BISCUITII ON TOP OF NUTELLA) using the back of a spoon (or by hand) press it all down hard (CU SPATE DE LA LINGURAI APESI IN JOS)

the CREME:
then in a double boiler (pe aburi) mix/stir constantly

11 egg yolks then quickly add mixtures below: adugi galbanusu de le ou separately: (mix 5 tbsp water with 1 large packet of french vanilla pudding (the cook & serve type) separate amesteci o baxa de pudica cook and serve flavor vanilla cu 5 linguri de apa)

(mix 3 tbsp of cold water with one packet of KNOX gelatin- after it dissolves mix with egg yolks cook until mixture turns as thick as possible (15-20 mins) amesteca 3 lingur de apa cu un packet the KNOX dupa ce se desolve aduga toate la galbanusu care e pe foc in the double boiler..

si let it cook for 15-20 minutes MIXING CONSTANTLY then insert pot in ice bath in the sink (after cooking take off the hot water and put the walu over a ligian cu giata ca sa raciasca)

with mixer on high- beat 1 small carton of heavy whipping cream until peaks form (bati o cutie de frisca liquida pina sa intareste)

5 tbsp powdered sugar (la frisca aduji 5 linguri de zahar pudra) set aside in separate bowl (in alt legian bati): mixer on high-beat 1 packet of cream cheese (un packet de branza grasa

1/2 cup powdered sugar (64 grams de zahar praf) 1/2 stick butter (113 grams de unt) gently hand mix all three of these creme mixtures together: maintain fluffy texture (cu usurare amesteci alia 3 crme care ai sa faci una.. dupai o torni peste biscuitii) spread cream over animal cracker layer

through a sieve with the smallest holes-sprinkle 2 tbsp cocoa powder on top -cover completely (peste crme poti sa pui cacoa praf cu nuca de cocos razalit.) then spread 3/4 of a bag of sweetened shredded coconut on top of cocoa store covered in fridge overnight (se tine la rece in frigider acoperit macar 6 ore) try not to think about it then enjoy the next day.