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Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos To: From: Re: #ate: Constitutional Law I, Section 2 ro!

" Steven #" Jamar Con Law I Review Hypot$eticals %pril &, 2''(


)elow are *uestions +esi,ne+ to allow you to assess your un+erstan+in, o! t$e material to -e covere+ in Con Law I" T$ese $ypos are +esi,ne+ to ,ive you a sense o! t$e sort o! *uestions you may !ace on t$e" It is li/ely t$at one o! t$e *uestions, or a *uestion +erive+ closely !rom it, coul+ -e on t$e actual !inal" lease note t$at alt$ou,$ we may not cover all o! t$ese areas in +ept$, you will $ave $a+ su!!icient e.posure to t$e /ey cases an+ materials to apply t$e law an+ principles to t$ese issues" It is not uncommon on e.ams to -e as/e+ to e.ten+ t$e law you $ave -een stu+yin, into an area you $ave not yet e.plore+"

1" %ssume Con,ress passe+ a law t$at says: T$e Supreme Court is pro$i-ite+ !rom re!errin, to or usin, or relyin, on international law or !orei,n law in t$e consi+eration o! or +ecision wit$ respect to cases -e!ore it" T$e Supreme Court su-se*uently +eci+es a case 0 Roper v. Simmons 02''122 t$at ma/es t$e +eat$ penalty !or minors unconstitutional on t$e -asis t$at it is cruel an+ unusual punis$ment" T$e ma3ority opinion re!ers to an+ relies upon international stan+ar+s +eclarin, t$e +eat$ penalty a violation o! $uman ri,$ts an+ upon t$e nearly unanimous position o! !orei,n states -annin, t$e +eat$ penalty !or minors" In a later case imposes t$e +eat$ penalty on a minor" ar,ues t$at t$e Roper case is ille,al -ecause it was +eci+e+ in violation o! t$e stan+ar+s set -y Con,ress !or +ecision in t$e Supreme Court" T$e +e!en+ant, #arcy ar,ues t$at t$e Con,ressional statute is unconstitutional" #eci+e t$e case e.plainin, your reasonin, !ully"

2" %ssume Con,ress passe+ a law t$at states t$at 45o state s$all -an t$e marria,e o! two in+ivi+uals on t$e -asis o! t$e ,en+er"6 )e!ore passin, t$e law, Con,ress $el+ many an+ len,t$y $earin,s at w$ic$ evi+ence o! wi+esprea+ +iscrimination a,ainst ,ays an+ les-ian across t$e country was s$own inclu+in, $omose.ual7tar,ete+ violence, pro$i-ition o! visitin, li!elon, partners in $ospitals 0-ecause t$ey are not 4relatives62, +enial o! ri,$ts an+ economic -ene!its o! t$e same type ,rante+ to marrie+ people o! opposite ,en+ers" T$e State o! 8issar/ana passe+ a law -annin, ,ay an+ les-ian marria,es" In implementin, t$e law, it re!use+ to permit anyone in t$e State o! 8issar/ana to per!orm suc$ marria,es or civil unions" Furt$ermore, 8issar/ana re!use+ to reco,ni9e any marria,e or civil union -etween two people o! t$e same se. w$ic$ $a+ -een reco,ni9e+ in ot$er states as vali+ in

Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos 8issar/ana"


:ou $ave -een consulte+ -y 8ary an+ Jen, les-ian resi+ents o! Sprin,!iel+, 8issar/ana, w$o wis$ to marry" lease prepare a memoran+um o! law assessin, w$et$er t$e Con,ressional enactment is a vali+ e.ercise o! Con,ressional power un+er section 1 o! t$e 1;t$ %men+ment"

<" In e.ercisin, its enumerate+ power to provi+e copyri,$t protection !or certain /in+s o! wor/s li/e music, -oo/s, art, movies, an+ computer pro,rams, Con,ress passe+ a law t$at -y its terms applie+ to le,al persons 0inclu+in, corporations2 as well as to states an+ state su-+ivisions suc$ as cities an+ counties" =+u i. is a ma/er o! a variety o! au+iovisual wor/s inclu+in, vi+eo ,ames, movies, music vi+eos, as well as ot$er sorts o! wor/s" T$ese wor/s are use+ primarily in un+er,ra+uate pro,rams an+ in pro!essional or mana,erial trainin, pro,rams" =+u i. $as sue+ !ive +e!en+ants in !e+eral court !or in!rin,in, its copyri,$ts in t$e pro+ucts" T$e +e!en+ants are: 012 t$e State o! #elmarva> 022 t$e ?overnor o! t$e State o! #elmarva> 0<2 t$e )oar+ o! Re,ents o! t$e @niversity o! t$e State o! #elmarva> 0;2 t$e City o! Seaport, #elmarva> an+ 012 =ssent @niversity locate+ in Seaport" T$e @niversity o! #elmarva is a state owne+ pu-lic university 0li/e t$e @niversity o! 8arylan+2" It is not a political su-+ivision, -ut rat$er is 3ust an arm o! t$e state ,overnment li/e t$e #epartment o! 8otor Ae$icles" =ssent @niversity is a not7!or7pro!it private university" %ll o! t$e +e!en+ants are in!rin,in, t$e copyri,$ts in t$e so!tware" T$ere are no +e!enses on t$e merits" a" -" Consi+er t$e application o! t$e 11t$ %men+ment as a +e!ense !or any o! t$ese +e!en+ants" B$at, i! any, a++itional in!ormation woul+ you nee+ to /now to +eci+e t$e issue wit$ respect to any o! t$e +e!en+antsC

=.plain your reasonin, !ully"

;" %ssume Con,ress $as 3ust passe+ a me+ical in!ormation an+ services law wit$ several provisions: a" T$e !irst part o! t$e law provi+es t$at all law!ul resi+ents o! t$e @nite+ States must $ave a 8e+I# car+ on w$ic$ t$e !ollowin, in!ormation is containe+ in electronic !orm: name, a++ress, p$one, email> social security num-er> primary care p$ysician name, speciality, an+ contact in!ormation> insurance in!ormation> me+ical $istory> an+ ot$er me+ical in!ormation suc$ as aller,ies, immuni9ations, -loo+ type, p$enotype, national an+ et$nic

Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos


in!ormation, an+ #5% in!ormation to t$e e.tent /nown, an+ t$e li/e" T$e in!ormation must comply wit$ a !e+erally man+ate+ !ormat so t$at all me+ical provi+ers, inclu+in, +octors, nurses, me+ical tec$nicians, parame+ics, insurers, $ospitals, clinics, etc", can access an+ up+ate t$e in!ormation on t$e car+" -" T$e secon+ part o! t$e law re*uires t$at all private me+ical provi+ers, inclu+in, +octors, nurses, me+ical tec$nicians, parame+ics, insurers, $ospitals, clinics, etc", re,ister !e+erally, an+ t$at t$ey all -e e*uippe+ to use t$e 8e+I# car+ !or treatment, -illin,, an+ reportin, purposes" T$e t$ir+ part o! t$e law re*uires all p$ysicians an+ ot$er me+ical provi+ers to report all o! t$e services t$ey provi+e to everyone" T$e reports are to -e +one automatically at t$e en+ o! eac$ wee/ an+ are to -e su-mitte+ electronically to a central +ata-ase w$ere t$e me+ical recor+s o! eac$ in+ivi+ual are /ept an+ up+ate+" T$e !ourt$ part o! t$e law provi+es t$at non7compliant p$ysicians an+ me+ical provi+ers are ineli,i-le to receive me+icare or me+icai+ payments !or all patients !or any mont$ in w$ic$ any reportin, on even one patient is insu!!icient" T$e !i!t$ part o! t$e law provi+es t$at t$e central patient in!ormation +ata-an/ is open to researc$ers to +o +ata minin,, to assess t$e e!!ectiveness o! treatments, an+ to +esi,n in+ivi+uali9e+ me+ical treatment re,imes -ase+ on statistical pro-a-ilities" T$e si.t$ part o! t$e law imposes all o! t$e same re*uirements on states an+ political su-+ivisions wit$in states 0e",", counties an+ cities2 an+ con+itions receipt o! !e+eral money !or roa+ construction on compliance" T$e sevent$ part o! t$e law imposes a 1D service ta. on all me+ical services provi+e+ -y everyone covere+ -y t$e act" T$e law also provi+es !or a 1'D re+uction in t$at ta. i! certain +e,ree o! compliance is met -y t$e provi+ers o! me+ical services" T$e revenues !rom t$e ta. are earmar/e+ !or payin, !or t$e system an+ !or payin, !or me+ical researc$" % non7,overnmental or,ani9ation calle+ SEE8) 0Stay Eut o! 8y )o+y2 0pronounce+ soom0r$ymes wit$ soon27-e22, sues in !e+eral court on -e$al! o! its mem-ers to avoi+ $avin, to carry t$e 8e+I# an+ to stop t$e ,overnment !rom collectin, t$at in!ormation eit$er !rom t$e SEE8) mem-ers t$emselves or !rom insurers, $ospitals, p$armacists, or ot$er me+ical care provi+ers"







Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos


=valuate all issues reasona-ly raise+" )e sure to inclu+e a +iscussion o! w$at in!ormation you woul+ nee+ to ,at$er to evaluate t$e claims more !ully"

1" T$e resi+ent $as e.pressly aut$ori9e+ t$e CI% an+ t$e #epartment o! #e!ense to sen+ prisoners capture+ in t$e war in %!,$anistan to ot$er countries !or interro,ation" T$e CI%, #epartment o! #e!ense, an+ t$e resi+ent all /now t$at t$e interro,ation tec$ni*ues inclu+e met$o+s t$at woul+ constitute a-use o! prisoners un+er international law, un+er @"S" criminal law, an+ un+er @"S" arme+ services military co+e re,ar+in, treatment o! prisoners" % prisoner, Hamman, escape+ an+ $as sue+ t$e resi+ent, t$e $ea+ o! t$e CI%, an+ t$e Secretary o! #e!ense in @nite+ States Fe+eral #istrict Court !or violatin, @"S" law ma/in, torture a crime, an+ !or violatin, @"S" law re,ar+in, treatment o! prisoners inclu+in, rati!ie+ treaties an+ constitutional interpretation o! t$e +ue process clause an+ t$e cruel an+ unusual punis$ment clause" For t$is pro-lem assume t$at all o! t$ese provisions woul+ -e violate+ -y t$e actions o! t$e e.ecutive -ranc$ wit$ respect to Hamman" i" T$e resi+ent asserts 012 t$at as Comman+er in C$ie! $e can aut$ori9e a-use an+ torture, an+ 022 t$at actions $e ta/es as Comman+er in C$ie! in t$e con+uct o! a war, in t$is case, t$e war on terrorism, are not reviewa-le -y t$e courts" 3" T$e $ea+ o! t$e CI% an+ t$e Secretary o! #e!ense +e!en+ on t$e -asis t$at t$e resi+ent aut$ori9e+ t$e actions an+ t$ey are protecte+ -y t$e resi+entFs actions since t$ey were 3ust !ollowin, or+ers" /" T$e resi+ent claims e.ecutive privile,e an+ re!uses to +isclose any memoran+a or or+ers or +irectives relatin, to suc$ or+ers" l" T$e $ea+ o! t$e CI% an+ t$e Secretary o! #e!ense re!use to +isclose any memoran+a or or+ers or +irectives on t$e ,roun+s o! national security an+ on t$e ,roun+s t$at t$e e.ecutive privile,e o! t$e resi+ent covers t$em" Consi+er t$e +e!enses raise+ -y t$ree name+ parties to t$e action an+ consi+er w$et$er t$e claims o! e.ecutive privile,e woul+ -e up$el+ -y t$e courts on t$ese !acts" I! your position is t$at a++itional in!ormation woul+ -e nee+e+ to +eci+e t$e issues relatin, to t$e assertion o! e.ecutive privile,e, state w$at sorts o! in!ormation you woul+ nee+ an+ w$y it woul+ -e relevant to t$e +etermination" =.plain your reasonin, !ully"

Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos


G" T$e 5arina County in t$e State o! %r/e,on $a+ !allen on $ar+ economic times wit$ its in+ustrial -ase $avin, collapse+ +ue to competition !rom !orei,n te.tile ,oo+s" )ecause o! t$e way t$e county $a+ +evelope+, t$ere were no lar,e tracts o! lan+ t$at coul+ -e +evelope+ t$at woul+ permit t$e -uil+in, o! eit$er -i,7-o. stores or outlet malls or a massive s$oppin, mall" T$e county was -isecte+ -y a ma3or, $eavily7travele+ interstate $i,$way, an+ was only <' minutes !rom one ma3or metropolitan area an+ &' minutes !rom anot$er" Furt$ermore, ot$er t$an in t$ose metropolitan areas, t$ere were no lar,e s$oppin, centers or -i, -o. stores, ot$er t$an one Balmart some ;' miles to t$e nort$ in a !airly mo+est7si9e+ town" 5arina County wants to ac*uire some property alon, t$e interstate in or+er to permit construction o! a lar,e s$oppin, area" T$e County planne+ to -uy as muc$ o! it as possi-le in re,ular ne,otiate+ transactions, w$ic$ it +i+" )ut a num-er o! owners o! /ey parcels re!use+ to sell" 5arina t$en +eci+e+ to con+emn t$e remainin, private property un+er its power o! eminent +omain" 5arina County $a+ a contract wit$ a +eveloper to +evelop t$e lan+ an+ -uil+ t$e sort o! s$oppin, area it wante+" @n+er t$is contract, 5arina County woul+ sell t$e lan+ to t$e +eveloper at cost, plus ,ive ta. incentives an+ ta. relie! !or t$e ne.t 1' years" T$e +eveloper is a private company" T$e lan+owners w$o +i+ not want to sell +e!en+e+ in t$e eminent +omain action -y claimin, t$at t$e ta/in, was unconstitutional -ecause it was not !or a proper pu-lic purpose" T$e lan+owners conten+e+ t$at ta/in, private property an+ t$en trans!errin, it to ot$er private persons is not aut$ori9e+" T$e lan+owners ar,ue t$at 4pu-lic ,oo+6 limits t$e ta/in, o! property to -e use+ !or t$in,s li/e pu-lic -uil+in,s an+ roa+s" T$e County accurately ar,ues t$at un+er t$e %r/e,on Constitution, t$is sort o! ta/in, !or commercial +evelopment -y private parties is e.plicitly aut$ori9e+" B$o wins, an+ w$yC

&" %ssume Con,ress passes a law t$at provi+es t$at ,ar+en centers in t$e @nite+ States cannot sell any !lower or ot$er +ecorative or lan+scapin, plant t$at is not in+i,enous to t$at area" Consi+er t$e vali+ity o! t$is statute un+er t$e Interstate Commerce Clause"

H" T$e State o! 8ic$inois is locate+ on a ma3or east7west transportation corri+or an+ $as a $u,e amount o! commercial rail an+ truc/ tra!!ic pass t$rou,$ it" Li/e every ot$er state, 8ic$inois commercial truc/s $aulin, ,oo+s on t$e -asis o! t$e si9e o! t$e truc/ an+ t$e wei,$t o! t$e loa+"

Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos


However, two mont$s a,o 8ic$inois increase+ t$e amount o! t$e ta. to 1 times t$e rate it was -e!ore" T$is put 8ic$inoisF commercial truc/ ta. rate at ; times t$e ne.t $i,$est rate set -y any state" TallTruc/ Haulin,, Inc", sue+ in !e+eral court -rin,in, a +eclaratory 3u+,ment action to $ave t$e ta. increase set asi+e on t$e ,roun+s t$at it constitutes an unconstitutional -ur+en on interstate truc/in," Consi+er t$e issue" %lso, i+enti!y w$at a++itional sorts o! in!ormation you woul+ want to investi,ate t$at mi,$t $ave an e!!ect on t$e outcome o! t$e case"

(" %ssume Con,ress passes a law ,rantin, all ,un manu!acturers immunity !rom lia-ility !or state causes o! action inclu+in, ne,li,ence an+ pro+ucts lia-ility" Is t$is a vali+ e.ercise o! t$e interstate commerce power o! Con,ressC Is t$ere any ot$er power t$at Con,ress coul+ rely on !or t$isC

1'" %ssume t$e State o! Cali!e,on as a state activity ,rows mari3uana !or researc$ purposes an+ !or me+ical treatment w$en prescri-e+ -y a p$ysician" %ll o! t$e mari3uana is to -e use+ only wit$in Cali!e,on an+ in !act all o! it is" 5one is allowe+ to -e e.porte+ an+ none is sent t$rou,$ t$e mail to anyone" @n+er !e+eral law mari3uana is a controlle+ su-stance an+ accor+in,ly t$e pro+uction, consumption, sale, an+ possession o! it are all ille,al" #oes t$e action o! t$e State o! Cali!e,on violate t$e interstate commerce clauseC

11" Ima 5" Aentor $as a patent on a +ia,nostic +evice use+ in almost every $ospital in t$e country -ecause o! its com-ination o! relatively low cost, ease o! use, an+ accuracy o! +ia,nosis" Her patent ri,$t arises e.clusively un+er t$e patent law enacte+ -y Con,ress" Aentor receives royalties !rom all users o! t$e +evice, e.cept !or some reason $ospitals owne+ -y states, state universities, an+ cities an+ counties +o not, in t$e main, pay royalties !or t$em" So, s$e +eci+es to sue" First s$e sues t$e State o! 8arsylvania, t$e 8arsylvania State @niversity 0owne+ an+ run -y t$e state2, t$e 8arsylvania State @niversity Hospital 0owne+ an+ run -y t$e state university2, an+ t$e City Hospital o! ennapolis 0t$e capitol City o! 8arsylvania2" T$e City Hospital o! ennapolis is owne+ an+ run -y t$e city ,overnment itsel!" S$e also sues t$e c$ie! ra+iolo,ist at eac$ $ospital" T$e +ia,nostic +evice is operate+ primarily -y $ospital ra+iolo,ists" S$e is suin, !or +ama,es !or past royalties w$ic$ $ave not -een pai+ !or t$e

Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos


past t$ree years, !or !uture royalties, an+ !or an in3unction a,ainst t$e $ospitals an+ t$e ra+iolo,ists a,ainst !uture use unless t$ey are license+ to use it" B$ile t$e suit is pen+in, Con,ress amen+s t$e patent act to provi+e as !ollows: 4State soverei,n immunity is a-ro,ate+ wit$ respect to any claims t$at woul+ arise un+er t$is atent %ct"6 Con,ress $el+ $earin,s a-out rampant patent violations -y state7owne+ $ospitals aroun+ t$e country" Consi+er all constitutional issues reasona-ly raise+ -y t$e !acts"


%ssume Con,ress passes a law t$at provi+es:
1'1" Torture is ille,al" %ll o!!icers, o!!icials, or persons or person actin, as an a,ent o! t$e @nite+ States are pro$i-ite+ !rom torturin, anyone, anyw$ere, at any time, un+er any circumstances" 1'2" Torture means any act -y w$ic$ severe pain or su!!erin,, w$et$er p$ysical or mental, is intentionally in!licte+ on a person !or suc$ purposes as o-tainin, !rom $im or a t$ir+ person in!ormation or a con!ession, punis$in, $im !or an act $e or a t$ir+ person $as committe+ or is suspecte+ o! $avin, committe+, or intimi+atin, or coercin, $im or a t$ir+ person, or !or any reason -ase+ on +iscrimination o! any /in+, w$en suc$ pain or su!!erin, is in!licte+ -y or at t$e insti,ation o! or wit$ t$e consent or ac*uiescence o! a pu-lic o!!icial or ot$er person actin, in an o!!icial capacity" Bater-oar+in, in all o! its versions is e.plicitly !or-i++en" It +oes not inclu+e pain or su!!erin, arisin, only !rom, in$erent in, or inci+ental to law!ul sanctions" 1'<" %nyone violatin, t$is law is civilly lia-le to anyone $arme+ t$ere-y"

T$e resi+ent vetoes t$e law" Jona$ Jones, not a @nite+ States citi9en or resi+ent, is ta/en into custo+y -y @nite+ States o!!icials actin, in t$eir o!!icial capacity pursuant to a resi+ential !in+in,, remove+ to a secret prison not on @"S" soil or on lan+ lease+ -y or ot$erwise un+er t$e o!!icial control o! t$e @"S" ,overnment, an+ interro,ate+" #urin, t$e interro,ation, Jones is su-3ecte+ to water-oar+in, an+ various ot$er !orms o! +eprivation an+ pain!ul p$ysical an+ emotional an+ psyc$olo,ical su!!erin, in an attempt to coerce in!ormation !rom $im" Jones was suspecte+ o! ai+in, terrorists in plannin, to attempt to +estroy t$e ?ol+en ?ate )ri+,e in San Francisco, t$e )roo/lyn )ri+,e in 5ew :or/, an+ t$e oplar Street )ri+,e 0t$e I7&' -ri+,e across t$e 8ississippi River -etween Illinois an+ 8issouri2" Jones is ultimately release+ wit$out -ein, c$ar,e+ wit$ any crime" He ma/es $is way to t$e @nite+ States, $ires an+ attorney, an+ sues t$e @nite+ States, t$e resi+ent, an+ various Jo$n #oes 0-ecause $e +i+ not /now t$e

Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos


i+entity o! $is captors or torturers -y name2 to $ol+ t$em civilly lia-le !or violatin, t$e torture statute un+er §1'<" Consi+er all +e!enses o! t$e +e!en+ants"

1<" Invasive, non7native plants are causin, pro-lems in many ecosystems" Steps are -ein, ta/en to control t$e pro-lem, -ut wit$ limite+ e!!ect" a" %ssume Con,ress passes a law t$at provi+es t$at any state t$at 012 a+opts an+ implements steps to encoura,e native plants an+ t$at 022 attempts to era+icate or limit invasive an+ +estructive species will receive matc$in, !e+eral ,rants !or suc$ pro,rams in t$e amount o! up to I1 -illion +ollars per year !or t$e ne.t 1 years" T$e State o! Carol,inia a+opts an am-itious pro3ect to era+icate certain particularly invasive vines t$at are /illin, !orests an+ ruinin, t$e natural $a-itat !or native species o! animals" B$en Carol,inia applies !or t$e matc$in, !un+s o! IH'' million +ollars, t$e !e+eral ,overnment re!uses t$e matc$in, !un+s -ecause Carol,inia, it says, only +i+ part 022"

B$at, i! any, recourse +oes Carol,inia $aveC -" %ssume Carol,inia $as implemente+ a pro,ram t$at is !ully compliant wit$ t$e !e+eral stan+ar+s !or receivin, t$e ,rant" T" Ri--le $as ma+e a livin, sellin, various non7native, e.otic species !or lan+scapin," T$e new Carol,inia law will put $im out o! -usiness" He wants to sue t$e state, t$e state +epartment o! natural resources 0#5R2, t$e secretary o! t$e #5R 05at R" Sorces2, t$e !e+eral ,overnment, t$e !e+eral +epartment o! t$e interior, an+ t$e secretary o! t$e interior 0 ay 8" )a/2"

%+vise Ri--le as to t$e constitutional issues relatin, to $is suit" c" %ssume t$at Carol,inia $as not applie+ !or !e+eral !un+s an+ $as not implemente+ any pro7native species pro,ram" 5ow t$e 5ative lants %+vocacy ?roup 05 %?2 wants to sue to !orce Carol,inia to +o somet$in," Consi+er t$e constitutional issues concernin, its possi-le lawsuit" %ssume t$e same !acts as in ), -ut assume now t$at Small ?overnment Interest ?roup Inc 0S?I?I2 wants to sue to stop Carol,inia" Can itC



%ssume t$at Con,ress $as -een lo--ie+ to pass t$e !ollowin, law: 1'1" In or+er to o-tain a permit to $unt on !e+eral lan+s, a $unter must !irst pass a !e+eral $untin, sa!ety course relate+ to

Jamar Con Law I §2 Review Hypos t$e type o! $untin, t$e $unter wants to +o, must pay !or t$e sa!ety course, an+ must pay !or a !e+eral permit to $unt" 2'1" In or+er to o-tain a permit to $unt on any state or state political su-+ivision lan+s, a $unter must !irst pass a !e+eral $untin, sa!ety course relate+ to t$e type o! $untin, t$e $unter wants to +o, must pay !or t$e sa!ety course, an+ must pay !or a !e+eral permit to $unt" <'1" In or+er to o-tain a permit to $unt on any privately7owne+ lan+s, a $unter must !irst pass a !e+eral $untin, sa!ety course relate+ to t$e type o! $untin, t$e $unter wants to +o, must pay !or t$e sa!ety course, an+ must pay !or a !e+eral permit to $unt"


:ou are a sta!! attorney !or t$e House Interior Committee an+ $ave -een assi,ne+ to evaluate t$is proposal !rom t$e Constitutional perspective"

11" In 1((G Con,ress enacte+ t$e #e!ense o! 8arria,e %ct 0#E8%2 w$ic$ provi+es t$at states +o not nee+ to ,ive le,al e!!ect to marria,es -etween same se. couples even i! t$e marria,e is le,al in t$e state w$ere t$ey t$e marria,e ceremony was per!orme+" Con,ress enacte+ t$is law un+er t$e Full Fait$ an+ Cre+it provision in %rticle IA w$ic$ provi+es
Full Fait$ an+ Cre+it s$all -e ,iven in eac$ State to t$e pu-lic %cts, Recor+s, an+ 3u+icial rocee+in,s o! every ot$er State" %n+ t$e Con,ress may -y ,eneral Laws prescri-e t$e 8anner in w$ic$ suc$ %cts, Recor+s an+ rocee+in,s s$all -e prove+, an+ t$e =!!ect t$ereo!"


%ssess t$e constitutionality o! #E8%"

-" %ssume Con,ress repeals #E8%" 8ust E/la$oma reco,ni9e as vali+ a same se. marria,e per!orme+ in Aermont w$ere suc$ marria,es are le,ally reco,ni9e+ as vali+ !or all purposesC