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Daily Writings 1. My kindergarten teacher- She helped teach me how to read and write.

My parents- They taught me the alphabet. My Grandparents- They encouraged me to write stories when I was younger. Mrs. Grossman- Told me I was a good writer and encouraged me to continue. Mrs. McFarland- She taught me the proper format to write essays. 2. One place that was significant in shaping my literacy narrative was on e of the spare bedrooms at my grandparents house. My grandparents have a bookshelf in this room with all of the old books that they have collected since they were kids. My grandmother would always read this books to me growing up. My favorite books were always Nancy Drew and Ameilia Bedilia. After reading these to me, she even gave me my favorite books. Eventually I ended up owning the whole Nancy drew series. This really helped me become passionate about reading. 3. When I was younger I used to love school book fairs. My favorite genre of book was always murder mystery, Like Nancy Drew. I also loved to read Junie B. Jones. I would usually end up buying a lot of books that sounded interesting to me, but never reading them out of laziness. My school would also do this thing where everyone would bring in their old books and we would put all of the books on the tables in the cafeteria and each student was allowed to pick out any three books for free. 4. When I was I was applying to colleges I hadnt toured any schools beforehand. Because of this,, I was forced to apply to colleges just based off of what I had heard. After I started getting acceptance letters, I began to actually tour the colleges. I quickly realized that I didnt like any of the schools that I though I would. In the end, I was deciding between UNC Charlotte, and UNC Wilmington. I decided that I liked the UNC Charlotte campus better and I know that this decision will change my literacy narrative because of the different teaching styles in the two schools. 5. I feel the most connected to Lillys character in the book. She is an outcast in school and doesnt really fit in with anyone else. I can connect with this because I think that, at one point, everyone has felt out of place or left out. Also, she doesnt want to mention her mom because she doesnt want to have to leave. There have definitely been times in my life where I have avoided doing something just so something good wouldnt end too soon, such as packing to go home from a trip. This can be made to all literacy because there is an outcast in almost every story. 6. Cell phones have definitely had the biggest effect on my literacy narrative so far, When I first got a cell phone in the seventh grade, it was popular to use abbreviations for phrases and even shorter words such as u instead of you. This caused me to become a very lazy writer and it made my grammar skills get worse. Also, as smart phones came out, I got very bad at spelling because if I typed in a word that was spelled incorrectly, the phone would automatically fix it for me without me even having to know that I spelled it wrong.

7. -I am going to talk about book fairs that I went to when I was little as well as the book trades that we did. -My grandmother reading me stories and giving me some of my favorites. -My mother reading me horror stories and how I used to write my own. -How technology has affected my literacy narrative. I will still need to do some more research from outside sources and talk to my parents so I can learn more things about how I learned to read that I dont remember anymore. 8. My dad probably knows the most about my familys history, however he will only know about his side of the family. First, I will need to find out who I am going to ask for information about my moms side. Second, who are some interesting people in my familys history? 9. My family doesnt really have any special ethnic food that we make. Since we do live in the south, though, the closest thing that I can think of is the fried bread dough that my dad makes. He fries it then puts cheese and pizza sauce on it. Also, since my father is from up north, we eat a lot of Shepards pie. 10. I moved into the house that I live in now when I was two and I have not lived anywhere else since then. The only unconventional homes that I can think of are places that I have vacationed to. Every summer I go to California and stay in my dads apartment. Each year he has a different apartment and we get to stay right on the beach. Another unconventional home would be the yacht that I spent a week on getting served or my dorm room with a pool in it. 11. 1-50; represent states 2-George Washington; Barack Obama 3-Mayflower; Native Americans 4-Francis Scott Key 5-Bill of Rights 6-Congress 7-Preamble 8-President 12. The best thing that I did over fall break was go back to work. I work at a dog kennel and have worked there for one year and two months. I love my job because I get to play with puppies all day and I am really close with everyone that I work with. I wanted to get caught up on schoolwork, but I never even touched my book bag. I also was going to go to the gun range but I didnt have time. I did watch the Zodiac, which connects to the family tree project. 13. If I could pick which place to go, I would go to Never land. I would go there because in Never land, you never have to grow up and I wish that I could be a kid forever. Also, in Never land, I could live in the beach all the time and fly. If I went through this door, I would be sprinkled in pixie dust and be able to fly. Then I would fight Captain Hook and help take care of the lost boys. 14. I completely agree with this statement. I think that if you are hanging out with people who do not care about you, and do not always want the best for you, then there us no point in having them in your life. Although sometimes

they may make you stronger, in the end there is no reason to have them in your life. If you have a choice in whether or not they are in your life, you are better off without them. 15. For my annotated bibliography I am going to need to work on forming my own point of view. In order to think more critically about the articles or web site that I am reading. I need to add my own opinion into my summary of the source. 16. A visual mishap that I have had is the time when my project didnt save. It was back in the seventh grade and my group was supposed to make a video about the genocide in Darfur. We went up to present the video and none of the pictures that we had put into the video showed up. It turned out that we saved the pictures incorrectly so we had to present again at a later time. 17. If I could start the semester over again, I would make sure that I prioritize my time better the next time. I am not very good at saying no when my friends want to go out somewhere and I still have homework. Because of this, I tend to stay up later than I need to in order to finish everything. Staying up late also causes me to lose a lot of sleep, which makes me too tired to focus in class the next day. 18. One time I was presenting in English class and we had a sixteen-line Shakespeare sonnet that we had to memorize and present to the class. We had a week to memorize the poem, and I had the whole thing memorized. However, when I went up to recite it, I completely forgot it and I had to look at the poem during the presentation to remember it. Weeks later I could still easily recite the poem, but for some reason I could not do it while presenting. 19. Type all of my daily writings onto Weebly. -Reflection letter. -Scan all writing prompts. -Scan all my essays. -Get project proposal. -Put PowerPoint on Weebly. -I am going to go to the library after my third period today to type everything out then scan everything onto Weebly.