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What kind of town was it? How did they live?

Millersville was a small town near Highway 77 and it was a peacefully place where people worked mainly in farms and they produced corn, wheat and dairy products. Moreover the city had some very nice locals to visit and enjoy. 2. Why did so many tourists go down there?

The city was known because its beautiful places such as Swallow Valley, where people could enjoy a park and a creek with a water mill. It was a simple place which offered high quality of enjoy to all. 3. What kind of man do you think the mayor was?

I think the mayor wanted to realize business that could offers advantages to himself. He put his wishes over the interests of the city.

4. Is the company worried about not polluting the valley? No, it isnt. The matter of nature conservation is not part of their agenda. 5. Is the company green? No, it isnt. They are concerned with increased production and more financial gains. They think the nature is an inexhaustible source of resources and they dont care the ambient. 6. Who is very green in the story? The teacher is very green because she warns her pupils about the need to preserve the historical and natural resources of the city. 7. What was the kids reaction to the coming of the company and the new projects? At first they thought it would be good to the city. They were very excited with a possibility of to learn computation and to have work in them own city. 8. How about the grown up people s reaction? Later children have been alerted by the teacher, them parents decided went to the swallow valley and to join to the protest against the building of the plant there.


If you were the mayor, would you accept a project like that?

No, I wouldnt. I think is very important to preserve the natural resources of the places when we project or building something. 10. What did the teacher do to open the kids eyes to the danger of a project like that? She talked to them about the story of that valley and about its importance for the identity of all the people were living there. She explained that they were going to the destruction of what their ancestors had done. 11. Do we have to be green? Why?

Yes, we have. It did our live better. We need to preserve the planet in all its aspects for the next generations have a world able to offer good conditions for life. 12. Do you think we still have time to save the planet ? Yes, we have. Always is time to save the planet. The human needs to understand that is not possible to keep destroying the life of all. 13. Could you say that progress can go hand in hand with sustainability? I think it is possible if the people learn to live that simple way and find a better integration with all life around.

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