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APPLICATION DISTRIBUTION WITH BRANDED LEVEL II FILES ==================================================== The LEVII_?0.APP's -----------------LEVII_50.APP (VFP 5.0) LEVII_30.APP (VFP 3.

0) These APP's for Visual FoxPro 3.0 and 5.0 allow processing of the FoxPro application and runtime files to enable them to be run without affecting existing non-branded (or differently branded) FoxPro applications. This is achieved by ensuring the branded FoxPro runtime files: VFP300.ESL for VFP 3.0 VFP500.DLL for VFP 5.0 can be referenced only by the associated branded application. This requires the EXE file to reference an alternate registry entry: VisualFoxProRuntime for VFP 3.0 VisualFoxProRuntime.5 for VFP 5.0 The new references must be the same length as the original, so the APP's will pad out shorter references to the required length with "_" characters and truncate longer ones. The registry entry normally points to the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory where the runtime ESL/DLL typically resides. It is this reference that when changed allows the location and name of the runtime file to be modified to your choice. The dependencies are as follows: FoxPro Application EXE \ \ (internally holds) \ Registry Entry \ \ (points to) \ ESL/DLL location Branding Using ReFox and Level II Apps -------------------------------------1. Produce your VFP EXE application file(s) as normal, with compile set as ENCRYPTED in the project. eg C:\MYSTUFF\MYAPP.EXE 2. Copy the VFP500.DLL or VFP300.ESL runtime into your app directory, and optionally rename. Also copy the resource DLL files into this directory. 3. Load ReFox, ensure options shows Level II Branding. Also the timestamp of the VFP DLL/ESL can be changed, this would be reflected when issuing a VERSION(1), and may therefore help to identify whether a normal or branded VFP DLL/ESL is being run. The timestamp can be modified to custom values by specifying the new value. 4. Brand, Select your EXE files and the corresponding runtime DLL/ESL, and then enter the branding password. Check branding of EXE is successful by selecting and seeing if ReFox no longer recognises it as FoxPro code (just displays file contents). Quit ReFox.

5. Load Visual FoxPro 6. Run LEVII_?0.APP, parameters are : (i) Your new Application Registry entry (ii) New location and name of branded VFP runtime DLL (iii) Location and name of branded FoxPro EXE (optional) eg =LEVII_50('MyFoxProAPP','C:\MYSTUFF\VFP5X.DLL',; 'C:\MYSTUFF\MYAPP.EXE') 7. Run your EXE, which should now work relying only on the specified branded VFP Runtime DLL/ESL. eg C:\MYSTUFF\MYAPP.EXE 8. This has set up the application in this current environment only. It is likely that your own installer program can make Registry updates, so after running LEVII_?0.APP to modify the EXE and DLL/ESL files, you just need the installer program to update the registry with the same value as passed as the first parameter to the LEVII_?0.APP. The LEVII_?0.APP's create a LEVEL2.REG registry file so the registry options can be seen. Registry files can be imported or processed by clicking on them in the Explorer. Sample LEVEL2.REG file ---------------------REGEDIT ; Registry entry for ReFox level 2 branded app : c:\vfp5\orb2.exe HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MyVisualFoxProApp____ = Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0 Runtime HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MyVisualFoxProApp____\shell\open\command = C:\VFP5\VFP500.D LL %1

OTHER APPROACHES ================ Visual FoxPro 5.0 -D startup switch ----------------------------------Visual FoxPro can specify an alternate runtime DLL file by use of the startup switch -D. eg Branded Level 2 DLL located in C:\VFP\RUNTIME Start branded VFP apps with MYAPP.EXE -DC:\VFP\RUNTIME\VFP500.DLL The disadvantage of this is that users may create shortcuts to the applications and lose the startup switch, causing the application to fail with incorrect version errors. Care should be taken that the correct FoxPro version specific resource file is also used. For example, the VFP5ENU.DLL resource from 5.0 will not work with 5.0a version. This file can also be mentioned by the -L startup switch. Spaces are not allowed in the directory or between the

switch and the path. MYAPP.EXE -DC:\VFP\RT\VFP500.DLL -LC:\VFP\RT\VFP5ENU.DLL Applications Compiled Non-Encrypted ----------------------------------Applications that are not compiled with the ENCRYPT option still work with a branded level II runtime file. Xitech Cryptor 2.5 Users -----------------------Cryptor users who wish to modify the Visual FoxPro runtime file to another name should contact Xitech who can give directions to patch the FLL accordingly. Cryptor will otherwise give an "unable to initialize" error if running with a non-standard named runtime DLL file.

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