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Conditionals Choose the correct alternatives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. As soon as / If you arrive, will you call me?

If / Unless you eat better food, you wont get sick. As soon as / Unless you work harder, you wont pass the exam. If / when you wake up tomorrow, you will see snow As soon as / If she liked that book, she will love this one! If / Unless we find a taxi right now, well miss the plane. Unless / if I see Dave, I will tell him you called. When / Unless you go on holiday, will you send me a postcard? If / Unless you take an umbrella, you wont get wet. When / Unless you get home well watch a DVD

Conditionals Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Include the pronouns where necessary. 1- A: I ______________________ (not be) home for dinner unless ______________________ (finish) my work. B: As soon as ______________________ (know) if youre coming, ______________________ (phone) me? 2- A: Where _______________ you _________________ (go) if you ______________________ (take) a holiday? B: If ______________________ (have) enough money, I ______________________ (visit) my aunt in Canada 3- A: When you ______________________ (graduate), ______________________ (become) a professor? B: If I ______________________ (find) a job, it ______________________ (not be) as a professor. 4- A: We ___________________ (be) stuck here for hours unless ___________________ (turn) off the motorway. B: If we ______________________ (not find) a restaurant, we ______________________ (die) of hunger. Conditionals Match the two halves If the students get under 50% in the final exam, We wont give you a refund, If you have problems remembering names, Unless you pay for the ticket within four days, We will continue to deliver the magazine The committee will inform you When you subscribe to The taxi will pick you up as soon as it makes its decision. we will email you a secret password. when you finish work. unless you tell us that you no longer with to receive it. our office wont be able to guarantee you a seat unless you bring the receipt. they wont be able to move to the next level of the class. you will benefit from the course in Memory Development

Complete the second sentences so that it means the same as the first. Use two to four words. 1- Unless we eat early, there wont be any food left. (if) __________________________ eat early, there wont be any food left. 2- Immediately after you arrive, you will receive a ticket. (as) You will receive a ticket __________________________ you arrive. 3- Its not necessary for us to book a place on the course. (have) We __________________________ book a place on the course. 4- If I drink too much coffee, I will be awake all night (be) __________________________ able to sleep if I drink too much coffee. 5- Its a good idea to call the office first. (phone) We __________________________ the office first. 6- Playing ball games is forbidden here. (mustnt) You __________________________ ball games here. 7- She can take the test if she wants to, but it isnt obligatory. (have) She __________________________ the test. 8- He wont come to the meeting unless its really necessary. (come) He __________________________ to the meeting if its really necessary. 9- You should wash your hands before you eat (eat) You __________________________ before washing your hands. 10- When I leave university, Ill go abroad immediately. (soon) Ill go abroad __________________________ I leave university.

Circle the correct words. 1- Unless we buy/will buy a phone card, we wont / will be able to call home. 2- If/As soon as you dont like meat, you wont/dont enjoy this restaurant. 3- When you will pass/pass the cinema, you will to / will see an Internet cafe. Turn left there. 4- Will you / You will call me as soon as you will know / know the answer? 5- Unless / If they dont take credit cards, we wont / cant be able to pay. 6- It will/doesnt be great for Europe when these countries join / will join the EU. 7- Technology will / wont develop if we put / will put money into it. 8- When / If you reach the age of 17, we will organise / organise driving lessons for you. 9- Unless / When the bag weighs less than ten kilos; you wont / will be able to take it. 10- Wont you / you wont fall off your bicycle if you wont / dont use your hands? CONDITIONALS Rewrite each sentence. Start with if. Be careful with modal verbs. (1st Conditional) 1- I hope he asks me to marry him because I would accept If _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2- Im planning to get a laptop so I can send emails when Im travelling. If _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3- I dont want to be late for my interview so I hope the train comes on time. If _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4- Maribel hopes to pass the driving test because she wants to buy a car. If _________________________________________________________________________________________ (2nd) Conditional 1- The government wants to build more roads but they dont have enough money. If _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2- Id like to swim more often but I dont live near a pool. If _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3- Terry would like to travel around the world but hes scared of flying If _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4- Celias dream is to join a choir but unfortunately she cant sing. If _________________________________________________________________________________________ Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences 1- If Steven hadnt passed the exam, he ___________________ to university a. Didnt go b. Wouldnt go c. Wouldnt have gone 2- If you ___________________ some ice in a drink, it makes it cooler. a. Have put b. Put c. Will put 3- I ___________________ for the cinema if you pay for the restaurant a. Paid b. Will pay c. Am paying 4- If you___________________ a positive attitude, you wont succeed in business. a. Dont have b. Didnt have c. Havent had 5- What ___________________ if your car broke down on the motorway? a. Will you do b. Would you do c. Are you doing 6- I ___________________ by taxi if I were you a. Would go b. Must go c. Will go 7- If John got a pay rise, we ___________________ to a bigger apartment. a. Might have moved b. Might be moving c. Might move 8- They ___________________ that hotel if theyd known how expensive it was.

a. Didnt choose CONDITIONAL

b. Wouldnt have chosen

c. Wouldnt choose.

Match the sentences halves to make correct conditional sentences. 12345678If we hadnt missed the plane, If you dont like Coldplay, Provided you pay for the tickets, If I had plenty of money If wed gone to the concert As long as I work overtime, Unless you pay for it, If we hadnt managed to get the tickets, a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. Id take a six-month holiday. We wouldnt have seen Coldplay. We would be on holiday now. Ill go to the concert with you. I can have an extra weeks holiday. You shouldnt have bought tickets for their show. We would have seen the band. I wont go to the concert with you.

Complete the sentences with the correct words. 1- Ill go to the party ________________ you agree to come with me. a. Unless b. As long as c. If not 2- If we ________________ stuck in this traffic jam, we would be there by now. a. Didnt get b. Dont get c. Hadnt got 3- If the film hadnt ended so late, we ________________ the last bus home. a. Would miss b. Wouldnt have missed c. Dont miss 4- Well give you a refund ________________ back the receipt a. If you bring b. If you brought c. Unless you bring 5- If she isnt at home, ________________ the invitation through the letter box. a. You would put b. Put c. You have put 6- If I ________________ to a part-time job, Id have a lot more time with the children. a. Changed b. Will change c. Had changed 7- If youve lived there all your life, you ________________ how beautiful it is. a. Will already know b. Had already known c. Already knew 8- If wed arrived earlier, we ________________ the film starts arriving. a. Might see b. Saw c. Might have seen 9- You mustnt use that expensive mobile phone ________________ its a real emergency. a. If b. When c. Unless 10- Darren ________________ in the winning team if he hadnt broken his leg. a. Wasnt b. Could have been c. Can be

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