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Emergencies and disasters can happen at any moment - and, they usually occur without warning. When an emergency strikes, our immediate safety and prompt recovery will depend on the existing levels of preparedness among faculty, staff, and students. The University of the West Indies (UWI) Disaster Management Plan for a Chemical Spill (the Plan) outlines policies and procedures for managing a major chemical spill that may threaten the health and safety of the campus community or significantly disrupt its programs and activities. The Plan provides a structure for coordinating preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of UWI personnel and resources. The Plan should be activated when an emergency reaches proportions beyond the capacity of routine departmental response procedures. This Plan provides a comprehensive approach whereas first responders activate and address impacts at a scene and the disaster management team define the strategy to respond and ensure resources are available and organized to support the University response. A chemical spill is defined as the uncontrolled release of a hazardous chemical, either as a solid, liquid or a gas. Chemical spills at UWI may occur in 3 main worksites: Chemistry, CARIRI and Chemical Engineering. Regardless of the type or quantity of hazardous chemical involved, all worksites must implement measures to reduce the potential for spills and have a plan for responding to chemical spills.

ASSUMPTIONS In the event of a major chemical leak at UWI, the following assumptions are made: The first priority will be safety and preservation of life. These include students, staff, visitors, custodians and all other person that may be on campus at any given time. In the event of extensive leaks there would be the need to deploy clean-up personnel and equipment. The clean-up operation would absorb the labour force of the localized department so that external reinforcement of equipment and man power from other departments would be required as contingency. UWI will be able to dispose of all the chemical spillage and waste products within the scope and capacity of Trinidad & Tobago.


The gas, liquid and solid chemical storage areas in UWI fall into, but are not limited to the following locations: Chemistry Department (Solid, Liquid and Gas) CARIRI Stores (Solid, Liquid and Gas) Chemical Engineering

Due to the level of chemical storage and use and proximity of each department to the other, these pose the highest risk of chemical spills than any other departments on campus.

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