Pursuing Excellence Through Partnership

November 25, 2013 Dear Community Members: Yesterday, the Buffalo News published an article entitled, “Recrimination, Revenge, Drive Wedge in Hamburg”. Walking through Wegmans to do some grocery shopping yesterday, I noticed many copies of the Buffalo News flying off of the shelves. Sunday newspapers are the most widely purchased daily editions sold and it appears that many are delving into this article as my phone has been ringing off the hook, as a result. The purpose of this press release is two-fold. The following two categories will continue to drive our purpose within the Hamburg Central School District: 1. Commitment: Taken as an introductory sentence from the Buffalo News article’s last sub-section entitled, “The Future”, I find the following introductory sentence compelling: “Despite all the controversy surrounding the Hamburg School District during the past three years . . . “ (page A9), I want to reiterate that our professional staff is committed to the safety, learning, and achievement of all of our students. Never before has our staff and administrative team been more united. We are working together for the common cause of educating your children. I am proud of all that Hamburg accomplishes on a daily basis. Our staff is committed to your children no matter what controversial cloud looms over our district. 2. Hope: As your Interim Superintendent of Schools, I have not lost hope in supporting our school system, nor am I losing faith in what is most important in our school district: that which takes place in your child’s classroom. I see incredible teachers and support staff members with a toil that I cannot describe. I see administrators, clerical staff, and a wonderful maintenance department working as hard as ever. We are positive and strong and will continue to carry out our duties without pause or hesitation. I am asking you to join me in not losing hope for our school district that has and will continue to exude excellence and pride, forever. Please don’t hesitate to talk positive about Hamburg, invite friends and family to move into our area to attend our great schools, and please remember . . . we really are here

for your children. No article or series of controversial events, that we may be experiencing, will ever steer us away from this being our #1 goal. Thank you for your support and positivism. Our “Energy Bus” is fueled up and ready to take on another terrific day with your children. We are strong! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and friends. Yours truly,

R. Jetter
Rick Jetter, Ph.D. Interim Superintendent of Schools & Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Technology

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