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Breads & Spreads $15
Smoky hummus, winter greens dip, romesco,
chickpea Iries, pickles, puIIed pita
Our Daily Veg $15
Beets and pistachio, spicy squash, white pesto,
shaved brussel sprouts, roasted carrots,
sauerkraut, celeriac remoulade, garlic toast
Meat & Cheese $17
Tavern ham, IPA mustard, Jersey cheese,
salami dip, bologna, house-made jerky,
pickles, crackers
Simple Salad $6 per person
Greens, shaved cheese, grilled onion,
balsamic-sherry dressing
The Colonial Burger $14
Wyebrook grass-Ied beeI & Heritage pork belly blend,
Jersey cheese, smoked mayo
The Industrial Burger $13
Dry-aged brisket, cheddar cheese, special sauce,
onion jam
Triple Stacked BLT $11
Overnight tomatoes, thick cut bacon, creamy iceberg,
tavern aioli
Heritage Pork "Veterans Stadium Style" $12
Garlic conIit, winter greens, pork juice
Open Faced Greens $11
Grain bread, ricotta, almond pesto, pickled onions
Our Corned Beef Reuben $13
Grain mustard, black pepper rye, local kraut
!"#$"% '()* )'(+",+--."% /#("0 -# 0(123" 4#""5 0636%
3.88*( 9%$,*+
Local Chicken Baked in Hay $24
Root vegetable mash, winter greens,
chicken gravy
Tavern Steak $28
Kennet Square mushrooms, onions,
potato gratin, steak sauce
Roasted 1ersey Scallops $27
Fall squash, pumpkin seed-
golden raisin vinaigrette
Vegetable Farrotto $22
Kennett Square mushrooms, winter squash, kales
Rigatoni Bolognese $25
Pennsylvania veal, soIrito, parmesan
Pennsylvania Lamb Shank $28
Jersey grits, cranberry gremolata, lamb jus
!(/: ,1* !"*%4 ;<
Mashed roots, crispy shallots, brown butter
Caramelized cauliflower, mushroom cream
Braised greens, almond bread crumbs
= 7!
3#$6>+ ;?
BeDeviled eggs
Giant everything cracker
24-hour onion dip & chips
Latke tots & apple butter
Local Chopped Vegetables $13
Local greens, shaved Brussels, olives, ricotta salata, radish, oregano vinaigrette
Bloody Beet $11
Yogurt, pistachio, greens, pan drippings
Kale-Bacon $13
Rye croutons, warm mustard vinaigrette
Duck Confit $14
Farro, roasted broccoli, chopped egg, walnuts, mushrooms, orange-sherry vinaigrette
Waldorf $11
Local apple, celery root, chicories, creamy apple ranch dressing
@88*,"A*(+ 3/.8+
Minestrone $8
Parmesan broth, kale, beans, ditalini
Crushed & Crispy N1 Spuds $10
Thick cut bacon, sour cream, tarragon
Local Burrata $10
Sesame toasts, brussel sprouts, pancetta
Smoked Wings $11
Blue cheese & celery vinaigrette
Giant Meatball & Gravy $8
Crispy herbs, grated cheese
Rhode Island Calamari $10
Giardiniera vinaigrette, celery, parsley
Fluke Tartare $12
Crispy onions, sweet onion puree,
Iarro crackers
Fall Squash Flatbread $12
Tallegio cheese, brown butter, sage