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November at -es ,laines &hild -evelo ment &enter

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9375 Church St. Des Plaines, Illinois 60016 (847) 8 4!5180

Cele"ratin# $eacher %&ucation 't Des Plaines Chil& De(elo)*ent Center

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+ea& stories, (ie, u)co*in# e(ents on the calen&ar, "ro,se )hotos an& #et *ore in-or*ation a"out .our center.

Professional Development Day

1hat *a2es our )ro-essionals stan& a)art -ro* others in the -iel& o- earl. chil&hoo&3 4ur sta-- has the e&ucational -oun&ation, han&s!on e5)eriences an& )artnershi)s ,ith -a*ilies that )ro(i&e #roun&,or2 -or a success-ul )ro#ra*. 4ur sta-- is stri(in# to "e current on learnin# state o- the art tren&s an& &isco(eries that hel) *aintain hi#h 6ualit. e&ucation. 4ne 7o)e 8nite& )ri&es itsel- on )ro(i&in# a continuu* oe&ucation ". )ro(i&in# learnin# o))ortunities &esi#ne& to )re)are in&i(i&uals -or ,or2in# ,ith .oun# chil&ren an& their th -a*ilies. 4n 4cto"er 14 , Des Plaines Chil& De(elo)*ent Center hoste& Pro-essional De(elo)*ent Da.. 9an. o- the ,or2sho)s -ocuse& on o))ortunities that ,oul& len& the*sel(es to lea& teachers to i*)ro(e 2no,le&#e "ase, enhance sills, an& &e(elo) ne, an& inno(ati(e )ractices to i*)le*ent into their classroo* curriculu*. Presenters ca*e -ro* the 'rt Institute, %ri2son 8ni(ersit. an& local school &istricts to e&ucate teachers on the "est )ractices ,hile ,or2in# ,ith .oun# chil&ren -ocusin# on a#es "irth throu#h :in&er#arten. 4ne o- the #reatest "ene-its o- hostin# )ro-essional &e(elo)*ent &a. is #i(in# sta-- the o))ortunit. to net,or2 ,ith other earl. chil&hoo& )ro-essionals an& share stories, s,a) i&eas, "rainstor* an& hel) one another out. $he in-or*al learnin# e5)erience can "e e5tre*el. "ene-icial in hel)in# teachers 2no, that the. are su))orte& an& un&erstoo& ". others.


Upcoming Events
Scholastic Book Fair
November 11-14th Money Raised will go to outdoor equi ment !or the layground" including wood chi s# sand# buckets# balls# and other outdoor materials$

%ids Stu!! &ou on Book Fundraiser'

Begins Nov 4th thru Nov 1(th For every book sold the school makes )(* ro!it$ +here is a great collection

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November at !es #laines Child !evelopment Center

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of coupons for a variety of close locations.

What Is School Readiness?

NAEYC answers that question. "School readiness involves more than just children. School readiness, in the broadest sense, is about children, families, early environments, schools, and communities. Children are not innately ready or not ready for school. !heir s"ills and develo#ment are stron$ly influenced by their families and throu$h their interactions with other #eo#le and environments before comin$ to school." !hrou$h the %inder$arten readiness wor"sho# at &'()C*C s +rofessional *evelo#ment *ay, teachers became more aware of the ,llinois -earnin$ Standards also "nown as the Common Core State Standards. %inder$arten teachers recommend children be familiar with some of the followin$. / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / A0C in order 1can be sun$2 "nowled$e of letters and their sounds reco$nition of letters. u##er and lower identify and write numbers 3 throu$h 43 count to 533 verbally identify colors and sha#es s#ell and identify name1first and last2 Can they #lay with other children6 e7#ress their needs verbally Can they sit still for 58 to 43 min6 can they ta"e care of basic needs on their own such as washin$ "nowled$e of a boo" and its use 1 holdin$ it correctly, turn the #a$es2 cuttin$ lines. strai$ht, curves or 9i$9a$ use of e7#ressive and rece#tive lan$ua$e rhyme , units of sounds

School Closed
Thursday November 28th and Friday November 29th for the Thanksgiving oliday

Teachable Moments Within the Classroom

!eveloping fine motor skills necessary for cutting and early "riting skills.

Kindergarten Readiness and the Des Plaines Child Development Center

Presented by: S san !ribe School District "# Morton $rove !his wor"sho# $ave our #reschool and "inder$arten teachers an o##ortunity to discuss some of the most im#ortant readiness s"ills included in the classroom curriculum, which will be used to #re#are students for the ne7t year. Com#arin$ these s"ills to our !eachin$ Strate$ies :old develo#mental

Amalia practices her cutting skills.

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No ember at !es Plaines "hild !e elopment "enter

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Learning to count up to 20 or higher while learning to count one object at a time. Also known as one to one correspondence.

objectives, our current form of assessing children and their development, we were happy to see that many of these skills are the same as what we have been working on in our classrooms. We were intrigued to learn kindergarten teachers stress the importance of incoming students knowing letter sounds or phonemes. They feel this is even more important than the letter names. In the preschool classroom, we have observed that many children who have a good grasp of letter names are just beginning to learn the letter sounds. In our classrooms, we have begun embedding daily activities that will help the children learn the sounds at the same time they are learning the letters. We have added a daily report to our morning calendar routine. As we list the day, date, number of children and the weather we talk about the sounds of the letters. For e ample, if today is !onday "!!!#, what else starts with this sound$ The children will say someone%s name or another word that starts with the ! sound. Also, when we use the name cards for our inside choices, we talk about the sound of the letters that begin the name. For e ample, this name starts with the !!! sound. Whose name is it$ Although we are mostly working with initial letter sounds of words, as the children are ready we will begin working on ending sounds and sounds in the middle of words.

Amanda counts with one-to-one correspondence

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Promotion for Jennifer Boberg

Jennifer has been a part of the Des Plaines Child Development Center as a Preschool Teacher since January of 2008. She has wor ed in the P! classroom with Philomene Calba for the past " years and will be #oinin$ the P" classroom as the Child Development Specialist. %er time here has helped coordinate the bi&annual boo fairs' promotin$ literacy and fundraisin$ for the center. Jennifer continues to coordinate family ni$hts and has helped plan our (onth of the )oun$ Child activities. Previously' Jennifer wor ed as an *fter School Director for a +utheran School Servin$ Pre , & 8th $rade' and was Superintendent of Sunday School and -acation .ible School. Prior to #oinin$ the teachin$ field' Jennifer wor ed in the hospitality industry for 8 years and the corporate world for /" years. She has wor ed in a variety of positions and industries and even chaired a Diversity Council of a "00 employee publishin$ company.

Child Development Specialist, Jennifer Boberg

Jennifer is very active in her church and has wor ed with international students. She has traveled nationally and internationally on mission trips. Jennifer en#oys learnin$ about and e0periencin$ other cultures and believes in celebratin$ each child and families1 culture with the classrooms. She is a mother of three dau$hters' two who are $rown and one in hi$h school. She has two $randchildren and has been married to her husband for 22 years. Please help us in con$ratulatin$ Jennifer on her successes' hard wor and her promotion to the Preschool " team as the Child Development Specialist.

Welcome to Des Plaines Child Development Center!

,athleen C Straus $raduated from 2a ton Community Colle$e in /38/ with an associate1s de$ree in 4arly Childhood 4ducation. She spent her first /5 years teachin$ ri$ht here at the Des Plaines Child Development Center when we were still part of +utheran 6eneral Children1s Daycare. ,athleen1s first son' 7ob' attended school here for his first five years. %e is now 28 years old' and is an 8th $rade math teacher in Carpentersville. 9hen her second son .rian was born' she left and spent the ne0t /" years runnin$ a home daycare center while raisin$ her

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family. Afterwards, she went to work at a preschool for five years. Happily, circumstances have brought her back here to work with this fine staff. She is passionate about children in early education. She believes it is crucial that we help children develop positive self-esteem and a love for learning and exploration. Some of her favorite things are food, family, friends, and being outdoors. Please help us in welcoming ! back to "es Plaines !hild "evelopment !enter#

Kathleen Strauss (KC) Teacher of Preschool

!ontact us !heryl "avis-$alone, !hild "evelopment "irector % &ulie '. "oyle-(arcia, Assistant Site "irector )*+, !hurch St. "es Plaines, -' .//0. 123+4253-,02/

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