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Upper-intermediate Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2010
Unit 2 wordlist
words your language
interrupt /int@"rVpt/
irritating /"IrIteItIN/
job /Qb/
knock of /nQk "Qf/
line manager /lain "m&nI@(r)/
makeover /"meIk@Uv@(r)/
media-savvy /"mi;dI@ "s&vi/
occupation /Qkju;"peISn/
occupy /"Qkju;paI/
peripatetic /perIp@"tetIk/
personal assistant
/p3;s@nl @"sIst@nt/
prospects /"prQspekts/
quit /kwIt/
read up on /ri;d "Vp Qn/
recourse /"ri;kO;(r)s/
refuse collector /"refju;z k@lekt@(r)/
resign /rI"zaIn/
run out of /rVn "aUt @v/
sail through /seIl "Tru;/
secretary /"sekr@t@ri/
security /sIk"jO;r@ti/
security guard /sIk"jO;r@ti gA;(r)d/
service charge /"s3;vIs A;(r)/
shelves /Selvz/
shoplifter /"SQplIft@(r)/
sort (yourself) out
/sO;(r)t y@self "aUt/
spot on /s"pQt Qn/
spy on /s"paI Qn/
start of /stA;t "Qf/
strategy /str&t@i/
supermarket /"su;p@mA;(r)kIt/
surly /"s3;li/
suspicious /s@s"pIS@s/
sympathetic /sImp@"TetIk/
trick question /"trIk kwesn/
tricked /trIkt/
trip up /trip "Vp/
words your language
academic requirements /&k@"demIk rI"kwaI@m@nts/
air hostess /"e@ h@Ustes/
aisle /aIl/
appeal /@"pi;l/
apprenticeship /@"prentIsSIp/
attend /@"tend/
attire /@"taI@/
biscuit /"bIskIt/
boss /bQs/
carry on /k&ri "Qn/
catch out /k& "aUt/
charge /A;/
clock of /klQk "Qf/
come across /kVm @"krQs/
consultant /k@n"sVlt@nt/
cost /kQst/
costume /"kQstju;m/
deal with /"di;l wID/
disguise /dIs"gaIz/
dry up /draI "Vp/
dustman /"dVstm@n/
duty /"u;ti/
end up /end "Vp/
expect /Iks"pekt/
expertise /eksp3;"ti;z/
fall for /"fO;l f@/
ight attendant /"flaIt @tend@nt/
formulate /"fO;(r)mju;leIt/
frustrations /frVstr"eISnz/
get away with /get @"weI wID/
get down to /get "daUn t@/
get rid of /get "rId @v/
gripe /graIp/
guard /gA;(r)d/
guide /gaId/
hurt /h3;(r)t/
income /"Ink@m/
indignant /In"dIgn@nt/
Upper-intermediate Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2010
Unit 2 wordlist
phrases your language
They open the wine for you.
take action on
to be laid of
to be on unemployment benet
to be recruited
to be sacked
to earn a lot
to nish work
to have a high income
to be on the dole
to be taken on
to go on strike
to take industrial action
tricks of the trade
words your language
turn up /t3;n "Vp/
uniform /"ju;nIfO;m/
wait /weIt/
phrases your language
As you will see from my CV
catch (someones) eye
come across as
cost an arm and a leg
fall at on my face
from both sides of the fence
get the sack
get rid of
I look forward to hearing from you.
Im writing to apply for the job of
let of steam
Lets get down to business!
make a loss
make an impression
miss a turn
roving trouble shooter
They bring the menu to you.