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Isabella Calpakis Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English 1103 September 9, 2013 Topic Proposal: Education for Children in Need Introduction/Overview For m topic, I !ill be e"amining the lack o# opportunit #or chil$ren in thir$ !orl$, $e%eloping countries to recei%e a proper e$ucation& 'his topic matters to the chil$ren that this situation concerns, the teachers, go%ernment or corporations gi%ing ai$, an$ #uture societies that !oul$ be in#luence$ b these chil$ren that coul$ become e$ucate$ lea$ers& 'his is important #or thir$(!orl$ countries, especiall the poorest areas in places such as )#rica an$ In$ia& 'here is *uite a $i##erence bet!een our schooling s stem in #irst !orl$ countries an$ the s stems, or lack thereo#, in thir$ !orl$ countries& )n issue such as this nee$s to be a$$resse$ no! so that !e can help these chil$ren learn ho! to help themsel%es& +hen ou gi%e a person kno!le$ge, it can ne%er be taken a!a & I belie%e it is crucial to un$erstan$ that these chil$ren are the #uture o# these countries, an$ !ill a##ect a $e%eloping countr ,s progress an$ become more in$ustriali-e$& E$ucation is easier an$ more e##icient to pro%i$e no! compare$ to pre%ious generations through the greater a%ailabilit o# technolog & I# these chil$ren ha%e access to technolog , the can ha%e an outlet an$ begin to un$erstan$ the issues surroun$ing them& 'he chil$ren in these countries are innocent, et man o# them ha%e seen more than their #air share o# !ar, thirst, hunger, $isease, or $eath& Some ha%e !itnesse$ #amil members being kille$, some are su##ering in silence as the star%e, an$ some are li%ing in po%ert be on$ belie#&

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'hese chil$ren nee$ to the kno!le$ge on ho! to help themsel%es. ho! to access clean !ater, ho! to pre%ent an$ treat $iseases, ho! to attempt to make peace !ith others, an$ ho! to increase their *ualit o# li#e& )ccor$ing to a /nite$ 0ations 1rgani-ation #or E$ucation, Science an$ Culture 2/0ESC13 report, there are still 240(million chil$ren o# primar school age !ho cannot rea$ or !rite, !hether the ,re in school or not, an$ 51 million teenagers !ho are out o# secon$ar school an$ missing out on %ital skills #or #uture emplo ment& E$ucation is one o# the most po!er#ul !eapons to place in the han$s o# a chil$. !ith it, he can change the !orl$, an$ help those aroun$ him& 6ather than )7(85 machine guns, oung bo s in !ar(torn countries shoul$ onl be carr ing !ith them the in#ormation that !ill assist an$ gui$e them in #urther helping the !orl$ aroun$ them& 'here is onl so much that outsi$ers can inter%ene. rather, change must start #rom !ithin, an$ then sprea$& In a$$ition to a classroom setting, these chil$ren nee$ to learn in a han$s(on en%ironment& 'he nee$ to un$erstan$ the $iseases plaguing those aroun$ them, as !ell as the causes, an$ learn !hat it is like to !ork me$ical miracles on patients in a hospital& 'he nee$ to un$erstan$ $iplomac , an$ learn !h countries, go%ernments, or tribes are at o$$s !ith one another& 'he nee$ to be in the #iel$ to un$erstan$ ho! the can make a $i##erence !ith this in#ormation& 'he !ill ha%e the most po!er#ul %oice in the #uture i# the can start to un$erstan$ ho! ine*uities can be sol%e$ or helpe$&

Initial Inquiry Question(s !ive list of questions" and #a$e sure that they don%t lead to different topics&

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+h is there such a big gap bet!een the e$ucation s stems o# #irst an$ thir$ !orl$ countries, an$ !hat can be $one to sol%e this9

'y Interest in this Topic I,m intereste$ in e$ucating chil$ren that are less #ortunate an$ $o not ha%e the same opportunities as I $o because I belie%e that kno!le$ge is po!er, an$ in#ormation can be a chil$,s !eapon to making a $i##erence in the !orl$& I alrea$ kno! that there are so man chil$ren that ha%e the min$ an$ capacit to learn, but the $o not ha%e access to such resources& I kno! that the coul$ e"pan$ their kno!le$ge, an$ I belie%e that the coul$ begin to help their #amilies an$ those aroun$ them to li%e a better li#est le, an$ hope#ull , li#t themsel%es out o# po%ert & I hope to learn !h this gap in e$ucation occurs, an$ i# it is correcte$, ho! much societ !ill be in#luence$& I hope to #in$ research an$ statistics pro%ing ho! e$ucation can better one,s li#est le, an$ ho! chil$ren an$ the ones most thirst #or kno!le$ge an$ learning& I belie%e that e$ucation is about inspiring one,s min$, not :ust #illing their hea$&

Ne(t )teps I !ill be %isiting !ebsites such as ;oSomething&org an$ /0ESC1&org to #in$ out more in#ormation on the speci#ics o# m topic as !ell as $ata that ma sho! correlations bet!een e$ucation an$ *ualit o# li#e& I !ill be e"ploring the librar ,s $atabase to search #or peer( re%ie!e$ sources that co%er the issues as !ell&