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September Newsletter

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O'Hare Child Development Center 2300 E. Devon, Suite 171 Des Plaines, IL 6001 !7. 03."1 1 isuale!itor/ isual"e!itor"pre iew.#sp$agent.ui!%1115&8'15(((5)amp*format%html)amp*prin... 11/25/2013

!eptember "ewsletter

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Fall Fest Des Plaines Family Festival September 13-15 Lake Park 2200 Lee Street Stop by our booth on Saturday 12:00-5:00

Cooking with Toddlers

This month, our toddlers participated in a group cooking project. Our toddlers enjoy pretending to make all types of food in our dramatic play area so we decided to make something they could actually eat. We worked together to make banana muffins as a class.

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#eptember $ewsletter

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Cooking is a great way to incorporate multiple subject areas into one activity. Cooking provides children with a great sensory experience. Exploring through their senses is how young children learn and is a good way to spark conversation about what they are seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and hearing. They used their sense of touch to mushed up the bananas that would go into their muffins.

We would like to thank you for all of your wonderful words about our centers to your friends and family! Our program continues to grow through your referrals, and because of this we are pleased to announce that the ReferA-Friend incentive will continue throughout the year For every private pay family that you refer to us, that enrolls in our !enter, and stays enrolled for at least si" months, you will receive the value of one week#s private childcare fees FREE for your oldest child $alf of the incentive award will be given at the time of the new private pay family#s enrollment, the

We talked about how the bananas felt mushy and cold which was different from the feel of the flour. They also used their sense of smell to observe how one ingredient smelled unlike another such as the vanilla, bananas, and flour. They observed how our mixture continued to change as we added different ingredients such as the egg which added some yellow to our creation. This also introduced new vocabulary to the children as we talked about the many ingredients we were mixing together. The children were also exposed to measurement words as we

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other half after six months. In order to be eligible for this incentive, they must list your name as the referral on the "New Family" application.

talked about adding more or less flour or talking about whether the muffins were hot or cold after they came out of the oven. Through conversations such as these, we can introduce some of these early math concepts to children. This activity also incorporated the use of the children's fine and gross motor skills as they helped to pour in the ingredients and use full arm movements to stir the batter. Last, but not least, the toddlers had the opportunity to taste their final product. They were very excited to enjoy the muffins they all helped to create at snack time! very child was interested in getting involved and staying engaged throughout the activity. !ooking is also a great activity to do at home with your child. "ou can start out doing something as simple as having them add in the ingredients for you or mix things together with a spoon. #hatever the recipe, it will be a great activity for you and your child or family to do together.

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%eptember &ewsletter

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Planting a garden is a tradition at OHU O'Hare. With everyone's help we are able to bring our garden to life. We started the summer by planting our garden. The children and their families helped us by bringing in vegetables and flowers to get our garden started. During the summer the children helped pull weeds so that our plants had room to grow. They also made sure the plants were watered when it didn't rain. We were able to see the vegetables grow on the plants. We have pump ins! green beans! tomatoes! strawberries! onions! green peppers and cucumbers growing in our garden.

The children are more interested in tasting new things when they get to help with the process of growing them and putting them on their table to eat. We too a field trip to Wagner "arm to see how the farmers ta e care of the animals and

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gardens. They children made observations as to how their garden was the same or different from Farmer Jim's garden. Some children have a hard time trying new foods. There are different ways to have them try a food before they will eat it. Let the children use their senses. They can look at the food and describe what it looks like and see what color it is. The children can smell food and they can also touch it to feel the texture of it and see if it is hot or cold. If a child is not sure about eating something let them lick it to ex erience it on their tongue. ! child may need to do this many times before they will eat something. "y doing this they will feel comfortable about trying something new and different.

The children are also learning the food grou s for a balanced diet. !s the children learn all the food grou s and what foods are in each grou they can begin to identify the foods they are eating. They are able to tell us what the fruit#

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vegetable, grain, protein and dairy are. Taking a child to the grocery store or a farmers market and letting them help pick out some of the foods will make them more interested in eating them. As the children learn about what a complete meal is they are experiencing the different food groups. When they finish the food on their plate they call it a happy plate, and when they finish their milk they are making Jenny the Cow from Wagner !arm" happy too. !amilies and teachers work together to ensure we are all consistent with healthy practices.

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