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Good News

Hillsboro Presbyterian Church Pastor Chris Adams

December 2013

What are you thankful for?

This is the question HPC members have been asking themselves over the past month, and will continue to ask throughout the year. The Thankful Wall is a year-long project that encourages everyone to reflect and give thanks for anything from coffee to internet to good health and family. Join the Thankful Wall project in worship on Sundays and following the journey at

A note from Chris O

ne of my favorite translations in all of scripture comes in the first chapter of Johns gospel. At first John is describing the great cosmic mystery of God involved with creation. God is described as the One that exists as Three, that has been since the beginning. There are great transcendent themes beyond our ability to understand. God is completely beyond us. Its true that we cant understand everything when it comes to our Almighty God. But then we get to my favorite part. It comes in verse 14 of chapter 1. The Word, Jesus Christ, came and DWELT among us. The word to dwell in Greek is skeene, which means tent, and to pitch a tent is skeenoo. The scripture thus means literally that God comes and pitches His tent among us. In a culture of tent dwelling, which was the ancient Hebrew culture, this is a powerful image of the great cosmic God living with His people. The Message translation rightly translates it for today as God moved into the neighborhood. So we find out that our great cosmic God has chosen to live with us, in our world. This is the message of the incarnation. This is the message of Christmas. The all-powerful God has moved into the neighborhood and wants you and I to know that. That is the reason for our joy, the celebration with music and decorations, is all to demonstrate to God that we know the good news. Glory to


The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. -John 1:14 (The Message)

Advent Season Schedule

God in the Highest, and Peace on Earth! Perhaps then this is the perfect seaChris Adams son to share the joy and the peace of Christmas Pastor with our neighbors. There are many opportunities to come to HPC. From our Christmas Concert on the 8th, to the Stories of Christmas Hudson Neely on the 18th and of course the celebration of the Minister of Discipleship Nativity on Christmas Eve at 5pm; there are chances to join in the fellowship of the season. In addition, we have made available a daily Amy Dillon devotional for the season of Advent written by Director of Child our elders and deacons. Of course, the message of Christmas & Family Ministry goes beyond the walls of HPC. Its up to all of us to seek out God in the Whitley Gaffney midst of our neighborhoods and to bring a word of peace Director of Communications and joy to those whom we live among. Share a meal Stephen Nix with a neighbor thats lonely in this time of year, shovel a Director of Music Ministry next-door walk or bring the newspaper to someones door Carole Shean on an icy winter morning. There are lots of ways to Financial Administrator share the peace of the Christ child with those around us. Alice ODwyer We might even consider pitching a tent outside our Child Care Coordinator houses as a symbol that God truly lives among us, no matCynthia White ter where we are and what we are doing. I bet that would at Director of Creative Care least start an interesting conversation with our neighbors about the blessings of Christmas. Tim Gmeiner May Gods blessings for a very merry Christmas and a peace-filled happy New Church Organist Year be with us all at Hillsboro Presbyterian Church! 615.665.0148 | Chris+


December On Call Schedule

Nov 29-Dec 5 Hudson 864-680-8766 Dec 6- Dec 12 Chris 516-0569 Dec 13-Dec 19 Amy 417-6748 Dec 20-Dec 26 Stephen 268-8781 Dec 27-Jan 2 Hudson 864-680-8766

Sundays: Worship at 10am, Sunday School at 9am December 8, 6pm: Sounds of the Season followed by cookie reception December 18, 5:43pm: Stories of Christmas: Service of Grace with Live Nativity, featuring Christmas dinner and music by Alice Peacock. RSVP to Amy! December 24, 5pm: Christmas Eve service (Chapel open for prayer from 4-5pm

Help promote early literacy through Jos Reach out and Read
by Rebecca Swan

This program was started in February 2000 in memory of our first daughter, Johanna, who died in April 1999 at age 14 months. The program is part of a national non-profit organization, Reach Out and Read, which partners with medical providers to promote early literacy and school readiness. Research supports the efficacy of this program: more reading by parents, increases in language scores and better school outcomes. This program is entirely funded by donations. The program is based in the clinic where I work and has two components. One involves volunteer readers in the Vanderbilt Pediatric Primary Care Clinic waiting room, reading to the children and serving as role models for their parents or caregivers. The second part involves each infant or child receiving a new, age-appropriate book at each of their well-child visits from age 6 months to 5 years. The physician or nurse practitioner encourages the parents to read and offers age-appropriate tips. Resources for illiterate adults are also made available. Our clinic serves a majority of lower socioeconomic patients, including a large number of immigrant and refugee children. We provide books in a variety of languages, including Spanish and Arabic.

For many inner-city families, the cost of a new book is often insurmountable and the need to read to their children is not a priority. By providing these children a library of their own, we are giving them a better start in school and aiming to foster a love for reading. It is a fitting memorial to a little girl who loved her books

How to get involved:

Contribution forms available beginning Sunday, December 1 Forms due by Sunday, December 15 List of persons remembered/honored distributed Sunday, December 22

For further information, contact Jill Reddig at or 297-7331.

Whats the HAPS?


Hillsboro (YOUTH) Activities, Programs & Such

to scavenger hunt and then go to Alex and Nicholas Hodges house for food and hang out time. Anyone needing to travel from the church should be there ready to leave at 3:15 and expect to return at 8:00.

hats Whats the HAPS? you ask? If youre a certain kind of cool, its what you say when you want to know what was, is or will be happening. And now its also an article in the monthly newsletter dedicated to the HAPpenings of Studio 100. If something here piques your interest, feel free to contact Vicki Allen at vickiballen@ or call 319-6687. he Sunday before Thanksgiving, Studio 100 baked cookies for our CCC teachers to say thanks for all they do to share Gods love with children in our community.

Confirmation information lunch is planned for families of current 9th graders and any older youth who are interested in being confirmed for December 8. Well discuss plans for this years class which begins in January. Please RSVP to Vicki at Then well join with all of HPC Sounds of the Season that night. n December 14 Studio 100 will be hosting its Christmas Party! Come out for a study break and awesome fellowship! Well meet at the old courthouse on the square in downtown Franklin at 4:00, have a pho-

ere stoked about attending Youth Week at Montreat Conference Center this summer. This years theme is Rooted and Reaching. Details are being finalized and will be shared soon. If you dont know much about Montreat, check it out here. If youre familiar, grab a youth and tell them how awesome it is!

Fresh Start Update NEXT Chuch Recap

by Woody Cade by Chris Adams

So far in November, with your unselfish generosity, we have been able to provide seven previously homeless folks with household furnishings and/or furniture and appliances. It has been truly heart warming to see the amount of pride and gratitude our recipients have in setting up their new home. As most homeless are starting from scratch, even the most basic items are in high demand to make their new start feel like home. In order to continue doing this we need to maintain a stream of household items coming into Fresh Start. At this time we have no furniture (beds, sofas, tables, etc.) and only one appliance (a small toaster oven). There is, however, a good supply of bedding, dishes, silverware, towels, and personal hygiene items. While getting down holiday decorations from the the attic or other storage locations please look and see if you have any items no longer being used that you might like to donate to the program. There are so many who will appreciate it more than you can imagine. Donations may be taken to the Building and Grounds storage room on the 1st floor at HPC. Any HPC key will open the door. Call 615-833-7295 with questions.

What a privilege it was for HPC to sponsor the very first Mid-South Regional Conference for NEXT Church. This PCUSA group has been formed in the last few years with the singular purpose of asking the question: Whats next for the PCUSA? While that question could be interpreted as negative or a complaint about the state of our denomination, it is anything but. The NEXT Church conferences are about best practices and thinking together about what God might be doing with our denomination as a faithful witness to Christ. The organization has been clear about staying out of denominational politics and fights over issues that divide us, and instead has focused its attention on networking pastors and churches that are working hard to simply be the church. On Saturday, November 2 a group of about 45 church leaders from across the mid-south gathered at HPC. We heard from Executive Director, Jessica Tate, and a host of workshop leaders. Author and pastor Carol Howard Merritt was our preacher and Executive Presbyter Warner Durnell was a part of that service as well. Thanks to all at HPC who volunteered their time and resources to make this first conference a success. The truth is, God is not yet done with our PCUSA. What a blessing to share the good news of Christ with others who are encouraged and inspired by our churchs witness to faith and the future.

Hillsboro Presbyterian Church

December 2013

5820 Hillsboro Pike Nashville, TN 37215

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