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 8  The beauty and benefits of the

32  What is a neurological exam? 34  A new approach to preventing
holiday weight gain

 9  What does it mean to be a

10  Look and feel your best this

36  Church and the environment? 37  The longing for relationship 40 Electromagnetic pollution 44  Happy and healthy for the
holidays a smile


What does it mean to be a surrogate?

holiday season

12  Vitamin D deficiency 14  Consider massage therapy when
you’re feeling SAD

16 Dog training 17  A love struggle, a power move 18  The quince surprise
A love struggle, a power move

45  Preparing for the holidays with 46 Essential oils 51  Living free of gastrointestinal
symptoms beef


20  Gratitude at home 22 Self-perception versus

52  Grassfed beef versus grain-fed 54  Getting to the root of sciatica 57  Let’s bring back the light! 58  Dental anxiety? You have options! 62  Osteopathic manual therapy
versus chiropractic

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31  Listening to your body through
the chakras

66 More on spiritual awakening

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Essential oils


Living free of gastrointestinal symptoms


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Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

from the editor
Jackie Peters

A simple gift

One of my most meaningful holiday memories is from just a few years ago. I invited a friend and her daughters to join my children and me as volunteers for a holiday party that a local nonprofit was holding for local individuals struggling with mental illness. Annual tradition called for a visit from Santa, who had a gift for each and every attendee. This nonprofit relied on generous community members to donate gifts (which were often the only presents many in attendance would receive for Christmas), so I mentioned that to my friend. The night of the party, after the setup, dinner and cleanup, all of us volunteers watched as each person’s name was called by Santa, so he could present their gift. The anticipation, excitement and appreciation in the air was palpable. At one point, a smiling woman was brought to tears by her gift: a beautiful, handmade, comforting, tie blanket. I turned to my friend and noticed tears streaming down her face. When I leaned over to put my arm around her, she whispered that the blanket was her and her daughters’ donation. That was a powerful moment for both of us. What my friend thought was such a simple gift brought so much joy to the life of another. And if it was, in fact, this woman’s only Christmas present that year, she was going to be happy. Why am I sharing this memory with you? As a reminder that you don’t need to go to extremes this holiday season to bring joy to others. Keep it simple, think of the less fortunate and enjoy yourself this year. The reduced stress will do wonders for your health! This issue is packed with information to help you on your quest for optimal health, not only this month, but also into the new year.

Sara Alvarado reminds us of the importance of practicing “living in abundance” and gratitude, especially at home. Jade Bunk explains the benefits of kettlebell workouts, and why we should incorporate this unique tool into our fitness routines. Douglas Nicholson shares some drug-free approaches to managing seasonal affective disorder, including massage! And there is so much more, so keep reading! All of us at Nature’s Pathways send our best wishes to each of you for a joyful and healthy holiday season! In health and happiness,

Do you have a comment or question about something you read in Nature's Pathways? Is there a story you'd like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion, we want to know! Please email Jackie at or Thanks for reading! December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways


The beauty and benefits of the kettlebell ������������������������������������������������������������������
By Jade Bunk


he kettlebell is a wonderfully useful tool. Originally fashioned in Russia as a farming implement, this tool has been used to cultivate fitness and health by some of the world’s greatest athletes since the 19th century. The kettlebell allows you to combine strength, endurance, cardiovascular, flexibility, mobility, stability, balance, coordination and mental focus training all in one efficient workout. The kettlebell seems to be one of the latest fitness fads here in America. But the fad is actually a resurgence of a proven, well-respected discipline, brought to America in early 2001 by Russian expert, Pavel Tsatouline. The kettlebell is made unique by its shape, and the set of specific exercises that this allows for. Shaped like a cannonball with a handle, it is traditionally made from cast iron. The unique shape allows you to position the weight directly above your center of mass, as opposed to barbells or dumbbells, which must be held in front of the body. The shape of the kettlebell also allows you to keep your hands and wrists in neutral alignment, allowing for greater endurance and longevity in their use. Due to its unbalanced shape, the kettlebell lends itself to movements that throw off your center of gravity, calling on your core muscles to keep you balanced. The combination of the handle and off-centered weight also means increased leverage and development of phenomenal grip strength and endurance. These attributes are helpful in a variety of everyday tasks and sports.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

All of these aspects cause the kettlebell to be more challenging to work with than other typical strength-training equipment, such as free weights or weight machines. The extra challenge translates into working many more muscle groups (including those infrequently-used core stabilizer muscles), kicking your heart rate up and burning more calories in less time. Much of the unique value of the kettlebell is also derived from the frequent use of ballistic movements, such as snatches, swings and cleans. This non-impact ballistic work actually strengthens your joints, as opposed to wearing them down over time, giving you all of the traditional benefits of weight training, such as increased strength in muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. This is also one of the reasons training with kettlebells, when done correctly, is safe for kids, grandparents and everyone in between. Women especially may be wary of training with weights in fear of bulking up, but this fear is unfounded. Working with kettlebells will help you tone up quickly and efficiently, without overdeveloping muscles. Gaining muscle is fairly difficult to do, even for men, and for women that should be the least of their worries. As kettlebell guru Mike Mahler put it, “Worrying about getting too big is like worrying about making too much money.” Working with kettlebells is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. By cultivating an attitude of “practice” as opposed to “working out,” you will learn

to pay attention to detail and focus your mind. The emphasis is on quality of work, rather than quantity. For being mindful of this, you will be rewarded with all the myriad benefits of this exercise tool. With kettlebells, you can get a quick and efficient workout that targets all your major muscle groups, while giving you aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular benefits and improved flexibility. It’s hard to find any exercise regimen that offers such great benefits in such a short amount of time. That said, it is important to learn to use kettlebells correctly. The benefits of this work come from doing exercises with proper form. Anyone can pick up a kettlebell and hoist it around, but to do so safely and effectively is a skill that must be learned. While useful, things such as DVDs and YouTube videos are not a replacement for in-person instruction from a qualified professional. Once you get started and have mastered the basics, however, kettlebell workouts are both convenient and affordable. These tools can be used nearly anywhere, and can be easily stored out of the way at home or in the office — oftentimes replacing thousands of dollars’ worth of dusty home-gym equipment.
Jade Bunk, SFG, HHC, is an SFG level 1 kettlebell instructor certified under Pavel Tsatouline. She is the owner and lead trainer at Fit Body Boot Camp Madison, 5617 Odana Road. Jade is passionate about helping people learn to move better, with strength, grace and ease. For more information, call 608.616.5695, email coach@fitbodymadison. com or visit


What does it mean to be a surrogate? �������������������������������������������������������������
By Christie Olsen, MSN, APNP
f the more than 100,000 in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles undergone in the United States in 2011, an estimated one to three percent of them involved a gestational surrogate. This means that, in these cases, embryos were placed into women who were not genetically related to the embryos. When a couple decides to work with a surrogate, they begin searching for a suitable candidate. When a potential surrogate is found, she and the parents-to-be meet face to face to determine if the match is indeed suitable. If everyone approves of the match, all parties start to complete the pre-cycle requirements. These proceed as follows.


also undergo infectious disease testing and screening, per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to minimize risks to the gestational surrogate. If the services of an egg or sperm donor are to be utilized, these donors will undergo testing and screening as well.

Psychological support

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine ( provides guidelines for IVF clinics to follow as they care for gestational surrogates. One of the guidelines is that the surrogate meets

with a mental health professional who has experience working with clients undergoing fertility treatment. The mental health professional will discuss topics such as, but not limited to: the surrogacy process, the relationship with the parents-to-be, some of the common challenges, and the surrogate’s coping strategies and support system. Just as close attention is paid to the surrogate’s physical body, great care is taken to understand her stressors, her strengths and her overall mental health.
continued on page 11

Medical testing

The goal of medical testing for the surrogate is to make sure that her body will be the most optimal place physically for the embryo to implant and the fetus to grow. The health care provider overseeing the care orders a number of tests to be completed. Some are typical prepregnancy tests: blood type, thyroid level, infectious disease and Rh antibody testing. In addition to these tests, an evaluation of the uterine cavity is very important to determine if any fibroids or scar tissue exist that could impact the embryo’s ability to implant. If the surrogate has a partner, he or she may need to complete infectious disease testing as well. The parents-to-be then complete testing to ensure good sperm and egg quality. They

• Age 21-45 • Healthy living habits & weight • At least one previous pregnancy & raising that child • Loved being pregnant • Not receiving public assistance • Emotionally and financially stable

Forward Fertility has many couples looking for the right match!
Compensation for gestational surrogates begins at $23,000+

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Visit the Forward Fertility Website or Call for Information

CHRISTIE OLSEN Nurse Practitioner/Founder

December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways


Look and feel your best this holiday season ����������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. Ingrid Recnik
he holiday season often offers us many opportunities to enjoy our friends and family, and, of course, to celebrate. However, with all of this comes plenty of feasting and overindulgence. It is estimated that the average American will gain 10 pounds from Thanksgiving through to New Year’s. And sadly, the weight gain usually is not from muscle (which in itself is a metabolic burner and can help us singe through those calories) but unwanted fat. We then spend most of the winter and spring trying to shed the weight to get back to where we were. Unfortunately, many of us don’t reach that goal, and the weight gain creeps up year after year. To avoid getting ourselves in this situation this year, let’s consider these tips for enjoying the holiday season without having to buy bigger clothes when it’s done. • StaY HYDRatED. We all know that it’s important to drink water. But what happens when we arrive at a gathering or an event and we are thirsty? The body translates thirst as hunger, which can result in overeating when simply it was just a case of needing to drink some water. • Do not sKIp WoRKouts. It is really easy to get out of our regular routines during the holiday season. If we find that our time is limited, it is better to shorten our workouts than to skip them altogether. We can do more intense workouts or find activities like snowshoeing or skiing to replace our regular routines. • GEt aDJustED. The holiday season is stressful, which affects our alignment immensely. By getting regular chiropractic adjustments, we can ensure that our bodies are readily adaptable to handle any and all the added holiday stress. • Host tHE paRtY. By having people come to our homes, we can choose the foods and drinks that are served. Since it’s the sugary stuff that really gets us into trouble, consider reducing the amount of sugar when preparing desserts.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


• PREpaRE FoR paRtIEs. If we know we are going to parties,

we should eat healthy snacks before we attend. The worst thing we can do is skip meals in order to save calories for these events, which always results in over indulgence because our bodies are so hungry. • WEaR snug cLotHEs. When we wear fitted clothes, we are less likely to binge, especially if they start to tighten up when we eat. This is a good indicator for us to move away from the food. • REmoVE tHE tEmptatIon. It’s important that we stay away from the snack bars, be choosy about our sweets, take small portions of only the foods we love, and add fruits and veggies to our plates. This way, we are getting in some good nutrition and filling ourselves with foods that have a lower caloric content. Once we have consciously chosen the food on our plates, we need to move away from the table and stay away! • LImIt aLcoHoL, DRInK moDERatELY. Alcohol has an immense amount of calories. These calories are almost immediately converted to belly fat. It gets even worse when we add sweeteners and soda. We can try drinking wine or mixing our drinks with water, lime or club soda. By following these simple strategies, we can enjoy the holiday season and feel great. When New Year’s arrives, we’ll be able to wear the same pant sizes and feel confident for a great year ahead. Remember, it’s about spending time with people and not about feasting and overindulging.
Dr. Ingrid Recnik of Wussow Chiropractic has been practicing chiropractic internationally for over 12 years. She is passionate and committed to helping families in her community experience improved health, energy and happiness. She loves to share her natural health philosophy through chiropractic, speaking and delicious cooking classes. For more information, please visit or call 608.833.1114.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A SURROGATE? continued from page 9

Often, the parents-to-be will also meet with a psychologist to discuss their feelings about becoming parents via surrogacy. For some couples, there is a huge sense of loss over not having the experience of being pregnant. Others may feel anxious about their strong desires for how the surrogate cares for herself during the pregnancy. These topics, along with other bits of helpful guidance and support, are covered with the psychologist as the parents-tobe embark upon their journey.

Legal contracts and protections

Each state in the U.S. has different laws regarding surrogacy. Some prohibit a woman from being a surrogate, while others have laws outlining how to proceed with a surrogacy. Such laws protect the surrogate, the baby and the parents-to-be. Wisconsin is considered surrogate-friendly, and successful surrogacy deliveries happen each year across the state. Every surrogacy match requires proper legal representation. In other words, the surrogate has an attorney to represent her, and the parents-to-be have their own attorney to represent them. Both attorneys must be experts in reproductive law. A special contract called a parentage agreement is written, agreed upon by all parties and signed. It outlines the intentions of both parties and paves the way for the baby’s entry into the world as the child of the parents-to-be. This agreement also covers topics such as the surrogate’s compensation,

health care insurance, expected number of embryos to transfer and other logistics. Ironically, one of the biggest fears of the gestational surrogate is that the parents-to-be will abandon her after she becomes pregnant, while the parents-to-be fear the surrogate will want to keep the baby, even though she is not genetically related to it. These fears have little grounding in fact. A gestational surrogate has her own family, and likely doesn’t want to be up in the middle of the night changing diapers on someone else’s baby. Conversely, most parents-to-be have been working toward their dream of parenthood for years; they wouldn’t dream of skipping out just when their dream has come into reach. The legal contract helps solidify each party’s intention and commitment to the process. All medical, psychological and legal expenses are paid for by the parents-to-be. There is no out-of-pocket expense for the surrogate. The process of arranging finances can take as little as a month and as long as six months. Wisconsin has a handful of attorneys who are experts in reproductive healthcare, as well as seven IVF clinics. Next month, look for an interview with several women who have been surrogates; learn about their motivation and their experiences.
Christie Olsen, MSN, APNP, is an ob/gyn nurse practitioner with 16 years of experience in reproductive health care. Christie has helped thousands of couples navigate fertility care. She owns Forward Fertility, LLC, based in Madison. For more information, visit or call 608.217.7511.

Expense and timing

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a test that monitors how your body is coping with your stress. The HRV will show if you are balanced and able to thrive in life, or if you are in a state of chronic stress.

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Dr. Brian Wussow Dr. Ingrid Recnik

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December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways


Vitamin D deficiency
A hormonal issue ��������������������������������������������������
By Kristina Amelong

he message is simple: To optimize your health, you must optimize your vitamin D level. To determine your vitamin D level, go to your doctor and have a 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test done. Make sure your result is greater than 50 ng/ml (65 ng/ml is better). If your health isn’t great, work toward a 90 ng/ml. Take this test two to four times each year in order to make sure your level reaches these numbers and keep them that way. Get plenty of sunshine and vitamin D therapy bed exposure when you are not able to get plenty of sunshine. Take vitamin D supplementation. Your body will absolutely not be able to get enough of its vitamin D needs from food alone.


25-hydroxy vitamin D levels
Deficient <50 ng/ml Optimal 50-65 ng/ml Treat Cancer 65-90 ng/ml Excess >100 ng/ml

Vitamin D is crucial to good health for many reasons. It contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the bloodstream, enabling normal mineralization of bone; modulates cell growth; supports healthy neuromuscular and immune function; and reduces inflammation. Vitamin D also encodes proteins that regulate cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Additionally, it is a “catalyst” or “activator” upon which the assimilation of all other nutrients depend — protein, minerals and water-soluble vitamins. In other words, without sufficient quantities of vitamin D, the body is significantly challenged to effectively utilize key nutrients. Got it? Simple really. Yes, but here is a crucial detail when working to optimize your vitamin D level that most people don’t know: Vitamin D is not a vitamin at all. It is actually a group of
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

fat-soluble steroid hormone precursors. Hormones. Turns out, when you think, “Optimize vitamin D,” you need to also think, “Balance hormones”! For women and for men. And, even though this reality makes optimizing vitamin D more difficult, it is actually great news because when you are REALLY doing what is necessary to optimize vitamin D, you will ALSO be balancing your hormones. Balanced hormones influence every function in your body, drive your feelings and improve your daily life. It’s a win-win. Imbalanced hormones can lead to fatigue, all types of skin problems (especially acne), mood swings, depression, weight issues, diminished sex drive, loss of memory, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, anxiety, endometriosis, fibroids, painful menstruation, female and male menopause, and VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY. The first step in balancing hormones is to support the liver. The liver breaks down old hormones that float around in the bloodstream. If the liver isn’t doing its job, excessive hormone levels in the blood can clog receptor sites and tell the pituitary gland to slow down the production of new hormones. It is this deficit in the liver that causes many of the symptoms of hormone imbalances. What’s more is the vitamin D that is obtained from sun and UV exposure, food and supplements is biologically inert, and must undergo hydroxylation in the body for activation. This process of activation occurs in the liver, where vitamin D is converted to 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Because the liver is key to optimizing hormone levels, many people find relief of their hormonal symptoms AND THEIR VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY ISSUES when following a liver detoxification program. There are several methods for detoxing the liver, including: detoxification diets such as is laid out in my book, “Ten

Days to Optimal Health,” coffee enemas, colon hydrotherapy, in-home enemas and the Young Living essential oil blend JuvaFlex™. Additionally, excess hormones in the blood stream (think insulin resistance) as well as environmentally troublesome hormone imposters from human activity, clog up hormonal receptor sites making it that much more difficult for the cells to receive the hormones that are in the blood stream. Of course, our cells also have vitamin D receptors. Fortunately, the Young Living citrus essential oils — Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lime and Citrus Fresh — actually clean out and reset the cells’ hormone receptor sites. Use a variety of citrus oils orally and in your colon cleanse program throughout each day.

Locally Owned Since 1999 Did you know that colon cleansing has

To optimize your vitamin D level:
• Detoxify your liver. • Clear cellular receptor sites.

Did you know that you can completely cleanse your colon in the privacy of your own home? Did you know that therapeutic grade essential oils offer taken in the colon, especially for health issues like Lyme disease, and prostate issues?

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Get sunshine exposure, vitamin D tanning bed exposure, vitamin D supplementation and regular testing of your 25-hydroxy vitamin D level. Within two to six months, you will see your vitamin D level improve … and your overall health.
Kristina Amelong, creator of the Optimal Health and author of “Ten Days to Optimal Health,” offers healing tools through the Internet such as in-home colon cleansing programs, healthy prostate programs, a detox diet and Young Living essential oil suppositories. The Optimal Health Center in Madison offers nutritional consulting, an FIR sauna, a vitamin D tanning bed and colon hydrotherapy. Visit for more information.

In-Home Enema Therapy Colon Hydrotherapy Prostate Healing Programs Young Living Essential Oils Enema Supplies and Equipment Free Colon Cleanse Video Education Herbs and Supplements Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water/Water Systems Coffee Enemas Vitamin D Therapy Far Infrared Sauna Ten-Day Cleansing Program Ionic Foot Baths

For questions call 608-242-0200, or go to our website to learn how colon cleansing saves lives!


December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways



Consider massage therapy when you’re feeling SAD ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������
By Douglas Nicholson
he days have gotten visibly shorter, the air has taken on a brisk chill and our natural surroundings have become barren. This is the time of year when many people tend to be less active and prefer the coziness of home. Along with this change in lifestyle can come changes in mood as well. While many people joyfully anticipate the first snowfall, the holidays, the gatherings


with family and friends, and the renewal of traditions, a sizeable number of individuals notice that they have more difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings, less motivation to address life’s tasks, and increasing hopelessness and anxiety. These people may be experiencing a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a form of clinical depression that is brought on by the reduction of sunlight

the body receives during the winter months. SAD is not to be confused with the occasional bout of situational depression, but is rather an ongoing, deeper, more extreme form of depression that typically spans years. Those affected by SAD tend to oversleep or have insomnia, experience weight gain, develop cravings for carbohydrates, starches or sweets, become easily fatigued, feel irritable and become more withdrawn or anti-social.

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

Come and Indulge Yourself
Moving Forward in Health and Wellness

jewelry ~ music ~ scarves

bath salts lotions candles oils wide variety of crystals and stones
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90-minute session, includes a 60-minute massage and 30-minute BioMat session — only $65 ($105 value)


just 7 miles south of Madison

Peaceful Heart
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123 S. Main St.~Oregon, WI~835-5288
Hrs: Mo-Fr 10-6; Sa 10-5; Su 12-4
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


Lack of sunlight stimulates increased production of melatonin and a decrease in endorphins, causing depression. Conventionally, physicians have prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are a class of anti-depressant that helps regulate communication in the brain and helps minimize the symptoms of depression. However, people are often hesitant to take medication due to negative side effects. Or they simply prefer a more holistic approach. There are a number of drugfree approaches to managing SAD symptoms, including: • Increasing fruits and vegetables, and reducing processed foods in your diet. • Avoiding caffeine and reducing alcohol consumption. • Exercising regularly. • Undergoing bright light therapy. • Meditating regularly. • Practicing yoga. • Getting massage therapy.

Massage therapy increases the production of serotonin, which helps improve mood and potentially decreases the amount of melatonin absorbed by the brain. This then

“Massage therapy can alleviate sluggishness, back pain, joint pain, headaches and PMS.”
reduces or alleviates symptoms of depression. Additionally, massage therapy relieves tension by softening rigid muscles and connective tissue, which can be painful, limit movement or cause inflammation. Massage therapy can alleviate sluggishness, back pain, joint pain, headaches and PMS. It can improve the immune system, circulation, blood pressure and mental acuity. And beyond the physical improvements, massage is thought to ease feelings of alienation because touch releases hormones within us that bind us to other human beings. Chinese practitioners have believed this for well over 3,000 years.

While there are numerous styles of massage to choose from, the positive effects of massage therapy can be felt immediately, whatever the type. Massage therapy is especially effective when it is tailored to each individual’s specific area of concern or desired outcome. Some therapists may incorporate scented essential oils, which can enrich a person’s massage experience by further reducing stress or heightening their energy level. Long-term effects require between two and four massage therapy sessions a month, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Regular massage therapy and exposure to natural sunlight are great ways to combat the effects of SAD naturally.

Douglas Nicholson is a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Avanti Massage Therapy, a business that offers BioMat sessions, Western massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and couples massage. Douglas’ goal is to help clients achieve optimal health through massage therapy and BioMat treatments. For information about Avanti Massage Therapy, call 608.709.1213 or visit

Perennial Yoga and Meditation

P e r e n n i a l Yoga Teacher Training
Winter Session starts 2/14 December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways



Dog training
An essential ingredient for a balanced dog ��������������������������������������������������������������
By Gabby Myers


og training should be your No. 1 New Year’s resolution! We love our furry companions. They greet us with their whole bodies, cuddle us and love us unconditionally. What can we possibly offer in return? We feed them gourmet meals, provide them with warm shelter and throw the squeaky

toys when they bring them to us … but is that enough? While a brisk evening walk might tire Fido out, that isn’t always enough to keep him from digging through the garbage while we try to sleep. Dogs benefit from a rich mental life as much as humans do. Dog training provides that essential stimulation.

Mental marathon
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We humans enjoy keeping our brains healthy and active. A game of Sudoku, a trip to the theatre or just a stimulating conversation with friends can satisfy our brains. Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. Remember how tired you can be after studying for hours — without even leaving your desk? Training alleviates boredom and is great for bonding. When Buddy stares at you, puzzling out how to earn a treat, he is forming new neuronal connections in his brain.

Not just for puppies

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Let’s set the record straight — you can teach an old dog new tricks. We talk about puppy classes so much because all dogs have only a small window of impressionability that will determine their sociability and resilience later in life. That window has closed in older dogs, so they may have certain habits, and stronger opinions about other dogs, babies or bicycles. But adult dogs have an advantage: They have already learned how to learn and will master complex behaviors quickly.
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A love struggle, a power move ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Rebecca Grazulis


hen I meet with women who are in transition and just starting to understand who they are capable of becoming, so many of them are still dwelling in the past. They are thinking of the mothers who held them back, the husbands who didn’t support them, perhaps even the children who they love completely, but who maybe arrived a little too early in their lives. Some are angry with others. Most are angry with themselves. The painful thing about coming into your own power is realizing that you’ve always had it. You could have always made better choices. You could have stopped the cycle of disappointment and heartache much, much earlier. I’ve felt the same way myself, and it’s a heartbreaker of a revelation. Like most everything in life, the only way out of this particular forest is to go straight through it. And part of walking through it is forgiving — yourself and others. Maya Angelou said: “When you know better, you do better.” It’s true. When I look back at all of the crossroads in my life, I can see now that I wasn’t able to see that there were so many options. There were so many choices. There were so many ways that I could have better expressed myself in the world. Look, things happen. We all have guides and angels who are always working with us to create the best possible circumstances. However, we all have free will, and insofar as that goes, sometimes the best-laid plans, well, don’t go as planned. Your mother wasn’t as supportive as she might have been. You married someone when your intuition said it wasn’t good for you. You took the wrong job because you lost faith in the truth that you really are a child of God. What can I say? You’re human. This stuff happens to the best of us. In “Letter to my Daughter,” Maya Angelou also wrote: “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”  The important thing is that you are on the other side of all this madness. You’ve realized that forward is the only direction there is and that time spent being angry (with yourself or others) is wasted time.

You truly were given gifts to advance your soul and advance the well-being of the planet. Stop wasting your days and your moments agonizing over what was or what should have been. Forgiveness is a power move and the mark of an advanced soul. When you forgive, you are allowing yourself the chance to become everything that you were meant to be and everything that God wants you to be. When you forgive, you allow the light in. You free others from recrimination and allow them the freedom to offer their own light to the world. Ghandi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That change begins with forgiveness — of yourself and others. Stop wasting time. Learn. Forgive. Be the change. The world is waiting on you.
Rebecca Grazulis is the owner of Enchanted Intuitive Coaching LLC. She is a psychic medium who specializes in intuitive readings and spiritual guidance for women. She also regularly offers classes and support groups for women at her office in Madison. You can reach her at 608.620.4874 or You can read more about her work at

helping women live magically

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The quince surprise �������������������������������������������������������
By Debi Morton


he holidays are times to enjoy traditions, and great opportunities to prepare new foods for family and friends. Quince is a fall and winter treasure to consider adding to your festive meal. Since my husband and I have an orchard and grow quince, I brought it into my store this season. Most of my customers asked what it was and how to use it. Many had heard of quince, but not too many had tried it. Those who had said: “Oh, yes! How wonderful!” or “I love it!” or “What a unique fruit!” The ornamental quince (genus Chaenomeles) is grown for its lovely flowers but does not fruit. The orchard quince (genus Cydonia) bears an unusually flavorful fruit. Quince has an odd, slightly bumpy shape and grey fuzz on its pale yellow skin. It has very distinctive characteristics. Its smell is intoxicating, and some people pile quince in a bowl to permeate their home with the perfume it exudes. The color is like a golden apple, but once cooked, the flesh turns a rosy pink. That color is the result of copious tannins in the raw fruit bonding with oxygen to become healthy anthocyanins (dietary antioxidants). Quince also has other health properties, such as lipid-lowering ability, anti-diabetic activity and anti-allergic properties. Its taste is linked to its exotic perfume smell, with a lasting aroma and finish. Some varieties of quince can be eaten raw, but most need to be cooked because it can be extremely tart, requiring honey or sugar. Quince can be prepared in savory dishes

with meat or duck, or for dessert as a sauce, chutney or quince tarte tatin. In Morocco, it is prepared in a tangine with lamb. In Spain it is commonly made into a jellied paste called membrillo, which is sliced and served as a counterpoint to Manchego cheese. For the holidays, Germans and Italians use poached quince in mostarda, a candied fruit mix that is spicy and used as an accompaniment to meat. The French have a liqueur made of quince called liqueur de coing and the Germans call it quitten schnapps. The French love quince, and they use it in place of apples in just about any recipe that calls for them. It’s a required element in a ProvenÇal Christmas.

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Quince has an ancient provenance and is a fruit mentioned in Greek mythology. Its origin is in Asia Minor, near the Caspian and Black Seas, spreading to the Middle East and then Europe, long before the apple or pear. The “apple” of Eve was actually believed to be a quince. The ancient Greeks called it the Cydonian apple and dedicated it to Venus. Its name comes from the ancient city-state Kydonia, on the island of Crete, where it has been cultivated since 5000 B.C. It is the fruit that appeared on the coinage of the island of Melos in 425 B.C. The top producer of quince today is Turkey. Certain varieties can be grown in Wisconsin. The quince tree is slow growing, reaching 8 feet in 10 years and not fully fruiting for five more in Wisconsin. Quince is a beautiful tree and fruit, and once you try a quince, you will understand why this fruit is so cherished and enjoyed.

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Fight those winter blues

Going for a walk in the snow when it’s dark by 5 p.m. is no fun. If work and preparing dinner interferes with your together time with poor Fluffy, relieve your guilt by taking a training class with your dog. It’s a great way to get out of the house in dreary post-holiday winter. Working with your dog is as much human training as it is canine. Learning how to communicate with your furry friend will improve your relationship as you develop a common language.

Fun with your best friend

Poached Quince

This sauce is easy and versatile. As mentioned, quince can go in a number of directions. Use as a side dish for pork chops, poultry or meats for a zingy accompaniment. Use over ice cream or pound cake for a wonderful sauce.
Ingredients: 5 cups water ½-1 cup sugar ½ cup local light organic honey 1 organic lemon, cut in half, or 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 Madagascar vanilla bean, split lengthwise 6 large or 8 medium organic quince A sprig of thyme, optional, but really great Directions: 1. Mix the water, sugar, honey, lemon and vanilla bean in a large non-reactive pot and turn it on to medium-to-high heat. 2. While the liquid is heating, quarter and remove the cores of the quince. Make sure to remove any tough or fibrous pieces. 3. Slip each cored and quartered quince into the simmering liquid. Slip them into the warm poaching liquid until any discoloration disappears. 4. Once they’re all in the pot, cover the pot just so a little steam can escape. 5. Simmer the quince (do not boil) for 30 minutes to one hour, until the quince are cooked through. They will have turned a pale pink. The longer you cook it, the deeper the color. 6. Serve warm or at room temperature.
Debi Morton owns Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Café, 140 Winsted St. in Spring Green, Wisconsin. She is a lifelong foodie, chef and advocate of eating seasonally. Debi and her husband are also organic and biodynamic growers of fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit or call 608.628.1001. References: “Simply Quince,” by Barbara Ghazarian; www.organicauthority. com/fruits/quince.html;; www.nytimes. com/2012/05/03/garden/in-praise-of-the-misunderstood-quince-tree.html; www.; http://ferrebeekeeper.wordpress. com/2011/09/21/the-quince; and

Even if your dog is already behaving well, you can still have fun taking training to the next level and maybe even become the next viral Internet sensation. I would tell Lassie’s owners she still needs “training” because it is about much more than just doggy manners. Above all, training with your dog should be FUN. Traditional obedience classes can be fun, like practicing “heel” by competing in a friendly relay race. High level obedience classes teach useful behaviors that your dog probably doesn’t do — like pick up her toys, wipe her feet on a mat or go to her bed when company comes to the door. Many training centers offer “Tricks and Games” classes. Who doesn’t want their dog to play dead on cue, push a ball with their nose into pins or even ride a skateboard? Dogs love the attention they get for performing tricks, and your friends will think you are a super genius.

Humane, holistic options

Holistic pet care recognizes that your dog is more than what is in their vet file. Buster’s a goof, a protector, a snuggler and a destroyer of stuffies. You probably already care about what’s inside your dog through their nutrition and what’s outside through grooming, and fulfill their social pack needs through doggy day care or the dog park. Training encompasses a dog’s intellect, emotions and ability to form human relationships. Find a trainer that respects your dog as an independent being and sets firm guidelines through force-free training with positive reinforcement.

You do have time!

Training is a quick and fun break from the pressures of daily life, and all of the skills you learn in class can be transferred to home. Set the timer for a three-minute training break. It is actually more productive for your dog to have 10 three-minute sessions a day than one 30-minute session. Work in “life rewards” like going outside for a “sit” at the door or throwing a ball after “shake.” Your dog will enjoy the attention more than any treat. Most New Year’s resolutions fizzle out, but working on goals with a partner is statistically shown to be more successful. Training with your dog can help you with your own resolutions, such as to lose weight, get fit or de-stress — AND your faithful companion will be more forgiving than a fad diet. Go ahead and take the next three minutes to start training with your best friend. Good human.
Gabby Myers is a training instructor and pet supply specialist at Tabby & Jack’s Pet Supplies and Holistic Grooming in Madison and Fitchburg. Her biggest goals are to be able to help owners communicate effectively and humanly with their animals. Her biggest wish would be to have every animal find a forever home, especially those with special needs. For more information, visit
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Gratitude at home ���������������������������������������������
By Sara Alvarado


e live in a world of abundance. Yet we also live in a very busy world. And when life is busy, it is easy to let “scarcity” creep in. It is easy to feel like we don’t have enough. Feeling like we don’t have enough or that we aren’t enough is no fun, especially during the holiday season. The good news is that the perception of having enough and being enough is a mindset. We have complete control over that. Choosing to “live in

“Being grateful for the little things like the nice person who opened the door for you and the big things like your lungs working well today is a joyful way to create more abundance of all the good things you have.”
abundance,” as I call it, is the daily practice of gently reminding ourselves that we are enough, that we have enough. To live in abundance means to live in gratitude. The two go hand in hand. As we navigate through the holiday season, it is important to practice living in abundance and gratitude with as much focus as possible. If we miss the opportunity, it is easy to get caught up in the busy consumerist culture of needing, wanting, running around exhausted, and trying to do it all, get it all done and make it all perfect. The beauty of the practice is that it results immediately in peace, calm and happiness, which bubbles up when all that other negativity is released. Practicing gratitude at home is a natural place to start because it is where we begin our day and end our day. Home is where we are safe to be ourselves. Gratitude at home will help create the holiday season

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you desire. Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude naturally, but it can become part of your everyday life, too. Being grateful for the little things like the nice person who opened the door for you and the big things like your lungs working well today is a joyful way to create more abundance of all the good things you have. And it works wonders with family and friends. When my kids are fighting, one of my favorite conflict-resolution techniques is to make them say five things they like about each other. It is painful for them at first, but it quickly eases the tension. And it can get very funny.

Change Your Story – Change Your Life
Change Your Story – Change Your Life
Change Your Story – Change Your Life
Change Your Story – Change Your Life

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How to play the gratitude game at home

Commit to playing once a day for one week. At dinner, each family member offers one thing they are grateful for (or go bold and make it 10 things). Another twist is to use the rooms in your home for gratitude inspiration. Start with the living room and find five things you are grateful for in your living room. Don’t focus on wanting to re-organize the bookshelf. Stay positive, and find five things you are grateful for in your living room. The next day, do the same thing in your dining room. Commit to spending either a certain amount of time, maybe five minutes, in a different room in your home, or coming up with a list of five to 10 things in each room you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be a physical item. For example, in the kitchen you might note how grateful you are that you have food, and you don’t experience hunger like others do in the world. Or you may be grateful for your health. To take the challenge to another level, write your gratitude lists in a journal. This can be a personal practice or something your family commits to as well. Being grateful for the place you call home brings more joy and happiness into your home. And we all can use more of that!
Sara Alvarado is the grateful owner of Alvarado Real Estate Group, a boutique real estate brokerage that helps families with the home buying and selling process in the Madison area. Her group has a unique team approach, and a passion for strong, vibrant neighborhoods, sustainable living and healthy homes. Great stories and information can be found at www. Or you can connect with Sara at 608.251.6600 or

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te 5 • Madison


Self-perception versus self-definition ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Don Neviaser

n extremely effective way of making a distinction between your perception of yourself, and how you would truly like to be and be seen, is to differentiate between selfperception and self-definition. Self-perception is often more of an idea or preference that can be impacted and altered by self-doubt and negative interactions as well as by more positive thoughts and assumptions. Self-definition, on the other hand, runs on the border between who and what you really are, who you believe you are, who you want to be and what you could actually be; a potential, yet definitive, reality that can become real as long as it is believed in. When attempting to more clearly define yourself and your life, you may want to begin by taking a realistic inventory of your natural assets, whatever they may be: talents, knowledge, insights, desires, experiences, capabilities, good health, etc, and don’t be afraid to ask those close to you for help. Then consider many of your desired pursuits and lifestyle, and connect them with who you are in the present by plugging in and incorporating the relevant good in you now that best defines who you really are, who you desire and plan on being, and what you will be accomplishing in life — all unfettered by old and irrelevant stories and messages. Imagine yourself in a wide variety of desirable personal and professional situations, interactions and end results. As you do, take into consideration and try to imagine what your actual thoughts, feelings, perceptions and beliefs may be during such times. Do the same for all the efforts that brought you to this place, as it is easiest to find a destination when you can see the path there. Further solidify your intentions by making additional, specific notes of the many other things you want and plan to accomplish. You may even want to go so far as putting together preliminary business or personal plans to get you going in the right direction. Validate this new mindset with ample positive and forwardthinking affirmations, and read them daily so you can begin to
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


think, feel and act with genuine inner faith and confidence in line with your future and the person you will become. You must believe in your heart that change is not just a possibility, it is an attainable reality. Further solidify this future reality by planning a time and place where you will stand up and begin making a specific, definitive shift in thought and perception toward living in line with your desired future self and reality. Remember that the vast majority of your thoughts and actions in the present, though a product of who you are and your experiences, are also habitual because they form a comfort zone of predictability and expectation. But anything habitual can be changed, eliminated, altered or enhanced with viable alternatives — and habits take just a few weeks to begin solidifying. So, whenever you decide to begin your shift of definition and perception, genuinely start thinking, feeling, acting and reacting in line with it, all while focusing on and continuing to define what you will be and accomplish in your future!
Don Neviaser has been a certified life coach for five years and is an award-winning author of 5 self-empowerment books. He published two books in 2012, “The Power of Perspective and the Gift of Gratitude” and “The Beauty that Love Is,” that each won a national award in its category. Don is also the official guide for attitude and perspective on the No. 1 self-help website,, and has had several articles published on this site and in its newsletters. For more information, please visit or

Crystal singing pyramids
The sound of pyramid power unleashed ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Luna Lynn and Andrew Frey

he Great Pyramid of Cheops in Giza, Egypt is one of the most enigmatic and controversial structures that humanity has ever come into contact with. Much debate has been voiced about when and how the great pyramid was made and what its uses were (and are). It is precisely aligned with true north, and has numerous geometric and mathematical overtones. Most agree that this pyramid has particularly impressive characteristics, energies and effects, which have been scientifically documented and quantified by various researchers. But what if one was able to sonically harness the power of the pyramids? That is exactly what German artist and master craftsman Dieter Schrade (see was able to do. While on a trip through the Mojave Desert about 15 years ago, he had the vision of creating quartz crystal pyramids that were scaled down versions of the Giza pyramid. Quartz crystal is able to absorb, save, strengthen and deliver energy to the user. Instruments made of crystal are characterized by powerful and voluminous crystal clear tones. After some trial and error, Schrade created crystal singing pyramids that were made up of 8 rods comprised of 99.98 percent pure quartz, and that could be chimed to create out of this world tones and sounds. Further, he created them in different sizes, ranging from 57mm (2.24 inches) to 666mm (26.22 inches), each of which explored different octaves and attained many complex overtones. Schrade continues to create his handmade crystal singing pyramids today. Each has an eyelet fused to the top and comes with a leather strap to make it easy to walk with or hang, and includes a suede covered mallet to chime it with. One of the best things about the crystal singing pyramids is that you only need to tap them. There is no special training, methods or techniques for using them. Just tap, listen and feel. The tones can last up to a minute or more.


What do these amazing objects sound like? The easiest reference point to describe them is to imagine the punch and drive of a
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The spirit of Christmas ����������������������������������������������������������
By Jack A. Erb

ach year in December, my thoughts return to my childhood days. Christmas was always a happy and joyous time of the year on the farm. Harvesting was done, and all we had to care about was the daily chores, milking 50 cows and feeding 200 to 300 feeder pigs. This seemed easy after all the planting, cultivating and harvesting that went on throughout the rest of the year. Holiday get-togethers were most joyous of all. It seemed that any troubles or tribulations just went away. Halleluiah! I fondly remember the manger scenes and the Christmas programs at school and at church that celebrated the birth of baby Jesus. Children prepared and practiced with anticipation, joyful moods and high spirits. And so it is to this day a very joyful time of year that lifts one’s spirit! Spirit, after all, is the life blood of good overall health. I find people who have uplifting attitudes are usually healthier than those who constantly complain and find fault with almost anything. I try to avoid those negative people in my life; however, that is not always possible, as you well know. Instead, I gravitate towards those who always have a smile when they see you and lift your spirits after just a short conversation. Those people who make your day for just appearing briefly. What a joy those people are! So my advice to you during this holiday season is to seek out those positive people in your life and celebrate with them. Life is short, so make the most of each and every day. Each day is a gift in itself, that’s why we call it the “present” day, right? My wife, Kim, is one of those people who always looks for the good in people. It’s why I chose her as my life partner after knowing her for only a short time. Her uplifting attitudes — along with those big brown eyes — were very hard to resist. Last year, I told her I would like to renew our contract for another 30 years. I’m fortunate she accepted!
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


The other morning, as I was dressing for church, I was informed by someone on the radio that it was “Mother-In-Law Day.” Unfortunately, my mother-in-law, Donna, passed away from cancer two days before last Thanksgiving. It’s been a difficult year of grieving and low spirits for us, but especially for Kim, who was very close to her mother. However, on this particular Sunday morning, just after the “holiday” announcement, the very next song that played was “Oh, Donna,” a popular ‘50s song, and both of us had a chuckle. We instantly knew that Donna was up there looking down on us and lifting our spirits for the holidays. This is why I encourage you all to embrace and cherish family during this time of year. We never know what awaits us around the next corner or tomorrow. Spirit moves us in various ways. You can make someone’s day by simply opening a door for them or, if they’re a veteran, thanking them for their service. Whether it’s a smile or heartfelt “Good morning,” get in the SPIRIT and improve your life, as well as the lives of those you touch in your day to day routine. May your holidays be spiritually uplifting!
Jack A. Erb, a natural health consultant, performs health consultations and analysis. He also sells Nature’s Sunshine products. Nature’s Sunshine is a 40-year-old company that has the ability and wherewithal to research where their products come from and whether they are getting the right part of the plant with the most nutrients. If you’d like more information, visit, email or call 608.655.4248.

CRYSTAL SINGING PYRAMIDS continued from page 23

“Properly constructed crystal singing pyramids are excellent for healing and meditation as well as clearing and energizing.”

gong combined with the sonic warble of a crystal singing bowl. When chiming the quartz pyramids, you are connecting to the grand mysterious power of the pyramids of Egypt. By combining the powerful healing qualities of quartz crystal with specific sacred geometry, the crystal singing pyramids become a vibrational tool unlike any other because they also create their own vortexes of energy. After his initial success with the crystal singing pyramids, Schrade experimented with other geometric shapes to see how they would sound. He built several platonic solids out of the quartz rods, including the tetrahedron, cube and octahedron, but to no avail. None of these shapes chimed or toned at all, only the pyramid! He also built pyramids out of glass, with identical dimensions, but these also failed to chime like the crystal pyramids. Instead they made a hard sound that faded away after a few seconds. Even though Dieter Schrade had the initial vision for and owns the German patents to these fascinating devices, we found that he is not the only source for crystal singing pyramids. Not surprisingly, a handful of companies based in China are also producing them. This is where most of the pyramids found in the United States appear to be coming from based on pricing and availability (Schrade is only one person after all). Properly constructed crystal singing pyramids are excellent for healing and meditation as well as clearing and energizing. As with anything though, experiencing them first hand is the best way to feel and understand the true power and majesty they possess. When demonstrated properly, they are often placed over people’s heads or specific chakras and given a bit of a spin as they are chimed. This activates the chakras and heightens the senses. As chakras are stimulated, both mental and physical blockages begin to clear. The crystal singing pyramids can also be used to do home energy clearings and enhance the vibrational frequencies of a variety of household and personal items, from foods and nourishing products, to crystals, healing tools and so much more. They’re also an excellent conversation piece!
Luna Lynn Frey is a certified holographic sound healing practitioner and has been doing work with crystal singing pyramids and sound therapy in the Madison area for over 8 years. Almost every person she has worked with has reported a heightened sense of awareness — lasting a few minutes to several hours — after receiving a sound session. Her husband, Andrew Frey, is a visionary artist and self-initiated ascensionistic metaphysician and long-time student of the left-hand path. Together they own Cosmic Delights, 2334 Atwood Ave. in Madison. For more information, please call 608.630.8680 or visit Reference: (Dieter Schrade’s site).

We are natural health consultants specializing in cancer protocols to prevent and treat cancer. Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment. The more acidity in your body, the greater risk you have for getting cancer. We provide information and suggested herbal remedies.

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Thyroid disease in cats and dogs ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������
By Lori Scarlett, DVM

ave you ever seen your veterinarian run her fingers down your cat’s neck and wondered what she was doing? The thyroid glands in animals and humans lie on either side of the trachea, about halfway down the neck. The thyroid is one of the largest endocrine organs in the body and, in a nutshell, controls metabolism. On a normal animal, the thyroid cannot be felt. However, in hyperthyroid cats — cats that produce too much thyroid hormone (T4) — a nodule can often be detected. It is estimated that 10 percent of senior cats are hyperthyroid; it is unusual to diagnose the disease in a cat younger than 10 years old. Common clinical signs of hyperthyroidism are increased appetite and weight loss. There can be diarrhea, as food moves through the gastrointestinal system more rapidly, as well as vomiting. Some cats will drink and urinate more. You might notice your cat shedding more than usual. Hyperthyroid cats are often restless or “cranky,” and may meow loudly at night. Diagnosing hyperthyroidism is generally straightforward. Blood work to check the T4 levels is usually sufficient. If the T4 level is higher than normal, then the cat is hyperthyroid. In some cats with clinical signs, the T4 will be normal or high-normal. If the cat is sick from some other disease, the T4 level may actually be low. Thyroid hormone levels can vary over time, so it may be necessary to check blood levels several times or perform a different test called a T3 suppression test. In rare cases, if the diagnosis is not obvious from blood tests, a nuclear medicine scan of the thyroid glands can be performed. Hyperthyroidism impacts all body systems. Besides increasing metabolism, thyroid hormones stimulate the heart to beat faster and stronger. Over time, cats with hyperthyroidism may develop
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


“Common clinical signs of hyperthyroidism are increased appetite and weight loss.”
an enlargement and thickening of the left ventricle of the heart. If left untreated, these changes can result in heart failure. High blood pressure is another potential complication and can cause additional damage to several organs, including the eyes, kidneys, heart and brain. There are several different treatments for hyperthyroidism. The most common is daily medication with methimazole. This medication reduces the production and release of the thyroid hormone. It doesn’t cure the disease, but is very effective in

controlling it. Another way of treating this disease is by switching to a low-iodine cat food, such as Hill’s® Prescription Diet® y/d® Feline Thyroid Health. Since the thyroid hormone requires iodine to be made, limiting the amount of iodine in the diet will limit the production of T4. This is also effective treatment, but if it is chosen, no other food or treats should be given to your cat. The food should not be fed exclusively to normal, healthy cats. Surgery to remove the diseased thyroid gland is also an option and is generally successful. There are risks and potential complications with surgery in older cats, especially if the cat has heart disease. Probably the best, though most expensive, thyroid treatment is with radioactive iodine. This requires a hospital stay of up to a week and is only performed at specialty hospitals or veterinary schools. Interestingly, dogs rarely have enlarged thyroid glands. Instead, they develop the opposite problem: hypothyroidism, or too little T4. Clinical signs of this disease are the opposite of those for hyperthyroidism, as they are the result of a slowed, rather than increased, metabolism. Weight gain, poor hair coat (hair loss over the body,

“Golden retrievers, Doberman pinschers and Irish setters are predisposed to the disease, which most typically shows up in middle age.“

though not itchy skin), slow heartbeat and decreased energy are all typical signs owners might notice. Golden retrievers, Doberman pinschers and Irish setters are predisposed to the disease, which most typically shows up in middle age. Diagnosis is a little more difficult with hypothyroidism, as some dogs have normal or low-normal T4. Further testing may be required. As with cats, some other disease may be causing the low levels. In some breeds, such as greyhounds, T4 may be falsely lowered. If your dog’s T4 is low and clinical signs point to hypothyroidism, then a thyroid supplement may be given. These often come in the form of liver-flavored tablets. If you have a cat that is losing weight or a dog that is gaining weight, be sure to get it checked out by your veterinarian right away. The sooner treatment is started, the sooner your furry friend will feel better!
Lori Scarlett, DVM, owns  Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic, 4504 Monona Drive in Madison.  Her practice specializes in cats and dogs. Lori received her doctor of veterinary medicine degree in 1995 from Michigan State University. She previously worked at McFarland Animal Hospital for seven years and in Durham, NC for 11 years.  For more information, call 608.819.6750, visit or look on Facebook.



Respon sive

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Give yourself the gift of holistic health! ����������������������������������������������������������������������
By Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC


ccording to the American Holistic Health Association, holistic health is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person, and how he or she interacts with their environment. The holistic approach emphasizes the connection of the mind, body and spirit. The goal is to achieve

maximum well-being, where everything is functioning at its very best. With holistic health, people accept responsibility for their own level of well-being, and everyday choices are used to take charge of one’s own health. It seems that we can get so caught up in our day to day activities that we often don’t take the much-needed time to reflect on ourselves. So with the end of the year

quickly upon us, this may be a good time to reflect on yourself in terms of your holistic health — your physical body, emotional body and spiritual self. When we have pain or trauma in our lives, it is there to get our attention. Have you recognized anything that may be unfinished with your healing? Isn’t it time to make your holistic healing a priority? “Those who do not find some time for health must sacrifice a lot of time one day for illness.” —Sebastian Kniepp
PHYsIcaL HEaLtH: How are you

Holistic Psychotherapist
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physically? Do you have symptoms, such as aches and pains, in your body that are signaling that you have something to take notice of? Do you have something that just doesn’t seem to get resolved fully, and that you have yet to pay attention to? “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” —C.S. Lewis

Jennifer M. Warner, LPC
660 W. Washington Ave., Suite 308, Madison

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SPECIALTIES: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma & Eating Disorders APPROACHES: Cognitive-Behavioral, Experiential & Brainspotting
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

EmotIonaL HEaLtH: Have you worked through past hurts, pain and losses? Have you been able to release and clear negative programming and self-limiting beliefs? Is there anything that may be blocking you from being your true authentic self? Our emotions can either be stored or released. When we take care of our emotions in a healthy manner, such as allowing ourselves to feel, go through

it and channel the emotions in healthy ways, we are able to move through our experiences more smoothly. However, we can also store, suppress or repress our emotions, in which case they get stored away. Anytime you repress/run away from a problem, it gets bigger, for “What you resist, persists.” Our beliefs and emotions around our experiences can keep us stuck in an old story in which we find ourselves replaying the same patterns throughout our life. When we store an emotion, it creates a “blockage,” which may create a blockage in the body that shows up physically and/ or emotionally. We know, through Eastern medicine, that sorrow and grief manifest in the lungs, and if it doesn’t get resolved, it then manifests more in the heart and can cause conditions of the heart. When we hold onto anger towards people, that anger we repress can be stored in the liver and can manifest in diseases of the liver. Often, we begin to pay attention differently when we start to experience aches and pains at a physical level; but things don’t always go away until they are met at an emotional level. “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” —Maya Angelou living as your authentic self? Are you aligning with who your soul wants you to be? Are you living your life purpose? Are you using your gifts, talents and strengths to your highest potential? Spiritual growth means growing through connection with your higher self, which is always leading you to your highest good. When you focus on spiritual growth, you live a more joyful, peaceful and loving life. So, as the holidays are upon us, give yourself the gift of YOU! Think of your holistic health as a great gift to yourself, so you can be more AMAZING than you already are!
Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC, is a holistic psychotherapist that integrates holistic therapies with traditional therapeutic approaches to empower individuals, couples and families to heal and transform their lives, so each of them is able to live to their highest potential. She is also a certified equine assisted psychotherapist and specializes in working with women and in eating disorders. For more information, visit or call 608.251.6590.

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Teach children to be charitable ���������������������������������������������������������������������

t is often during times of extreme devastation when children first see how communities can join together to help one another. Such efforts may be a child’s initial exposure to charity while highlighting the importance of putting another person’s needs before your own. But children need not be exposed to charity solely during times of tragedy. Teaching children to be charitable is one of the ways to help them become good citizens of the world. By helping others, parents can instill early on lessons of kindness, empathy and compassion into their sons and daughters. Children who are ready and willing to lend a helping hand may grow up to be more appreciative of what they have in their own lives. What’s more, they may learn to be selfless while assigning less value to material things. Youngsters who repeatedly see their own parents and other role models doing good and lending a helping hand may be more inclined to repeat that behavior, and giving will be the norm for them rather than the exception. To mold charitable children, families can employ the following techniques. • StaRt LocaLLY. There are people right in your own community or on the street where you live who can benefit from a helping hand. Ask an elderly neighbor if he or she needs assistance with shopping for groceries or could benefit from your child taking in the garbage cans after pickup. Children can help shovel snow from sidewalks or do other age-appropriate tasks, such as place a carelessly strewn newspaper closer to a neighbor’s door. • VoLuntEER as a FamILY. The entire family can get together and spend time working at a community-sponsored carnival or cleaning debris from an area beach. Volunteer work may be available at your child’s school, where families can plant gardens around the property. When volunteering as a family, not only is your entire family helping to do good, but you’re spending quality time together as well.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


• MaKE cHaRItaBLE DonatIons. Let children see the

solicitations for monetary donations that come in the mail. Read aloud the pleas for funds to help children and adults who may not have enough to eat or who may require medical care. This is an important lesson in humility and helps show children that not every person in the world is comfortable. Once kids have read about the needs of others, involve them in the donation process. They can assist with sorting clothing and toys they may no longer need and then help bag it up and donate it to an agency that takes collected items. • GIVE tHRougHout tHE YEaR. Charity need not be limited to the holiday season. Inform children that many people need throughout the year, and that volunteering is a year-round activity. • MatcH  KIDs’ cHaRItaBLE FunDRaIsIng. Encourage children to start their own fundraising efforts and match the funds they raise. Find companies that will also match the amount your children have raised. • SEt up a gIVIng poLIcY. Children can learn the importance of giving at an early age by dividing their allowances and financial gifts into different categories. They can put one-third toward savings, one-third toward spending and one-third toward donations. If children do not have a lot of money in a piggy bank, they can donate their time, which many charities need as much as money. 
Source: Metro Creative Connection.

Listening to your body through the chakras ���������������������������������������������������������
By Teresa Martens


or those of you who may not know what the chakras are, allow me to give you a crash course. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which translates as “energy wheels.” The chakras are located in your energy field (or aura), which extends two to five feet outside of your physical body, depending on your state of well-being, your cultural or familial upbringing, and where you are on your spiritual path. These energy fields absorb information from your environment and relay that information to your mind, creating thoughts, which in turn create an action in the form of a feeling. You have likely experienced your chakras at work if you’ve ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable, if you’ve met someone who made you feel ill at ease or if you’ve experienced an upset stomach as a result of a difficult conversation with someone.

The solar plexus chakra is located between the rib cage and the navel, and is your center of power and will. If you are feeling powerless, uneasy or indecisive, your solar plexus could be out of balance. To balance this chakra, try deep breathing, side bends and twisting exercises (giving yourself a big ole hug counts!). It’s also good to spend time in the sunshine. The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest, and is responsible for love of self and love of others, as well as compassion and empathy. If you are feeling hatred, despair, anger or jealousy, then your heart chakra could be out of balance. To balance the heart chakra, try placing your left hand over your heart and feeling the connection between the chakras in your hand and your heart chakra.
continued on page 33

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is the chakra responsible for both your experience of the physical world and your sense of security in that world. If you are feeling fear, anxiety, worry or doubt, it’s likely that your root chakra is out of balance. Try doing a grounding exercise, going for a walk out in nature or meditating on the cause of the feeling with smoky quartz, black tourmaline or hematite. The sacral chakra is located about two fingers width below the naval and is responsible for creativity (whether that’s painting or starting a business) and sexuality. If you are feeling guilt, remorse, shame or regret, then it’s likely that your sacral chakra is out of balance. To balance this chakra, try yoga, dancing, and forgiveness for yourself and others.

Let’s take a closer look at the chakras:

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What is a neurological exam?
(Part one) �������������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. Steve Puckette
hen you are enjoying good health, the left and right sides of your body should feel the same. If the left and right sides of your body perceive the world differently, that is a problem. A neurological exam helps a chiropractor to locate areas of imbalance in your body. It allows the doctor to look at how your muscles move your skeleton and to see where your nervous system function is impacting the coordination of your organ function. To give you an idea of what you can expect during a neurological exam, I’ve broken down the process as it happens at my office:


squishy grass requires your muscles to be flexible in their response. Walking on hard concrete requires your muscles to be firm and respond in the same groove with each step. If your feet cannot perceive vibration from the ground, they will respond incorrectly. This is the precursor to joint problems. If you have diminished vibration sensation in your feet, you very likely already have or will develop knee and hip problems.

Part two of the neurological exam

Part one of the neurological exam

I start by evaluating the function of your peripheral nerves (nerves to your extremities) to see how well you can feel your environment. Every nerve in your body has three different types of endings: one senses pain, one senses light touch and one senses vibration. A thorough neurological exam needs to evaluate all three types of nerve endings. I do this by using a pinwheel to test your pain fibers. The pinwheel is a small, softly serrated circular disk. By gently rolling the pinwheel across your hands and feet, for example, it simulates a series of pin pricks. Next, I use a cotton ball to assess your ability to feel light touch. Does it feel the same to you on your left and right sides? Does it feel the same to you when it touches your pinky finger as when it touches your thumb? Do you feel it at all? With the help of a “tuning fork,” I assess your ability to feel vibration. I begin by having you rank (on a scale of 1 to 10) the intensity of the vibration you feel from the tuning fork when it touches your thumb. Using that as your reference point, I have you score the intensity of the vibration you feel from the tuning fork when it is placed against your other hand as well as on your feet. In all three of the above tests, I look for differences between responses from the left and right sides of your body. If I find any weaknesses, I recommend peripheral neuropathy therapy to strengthen those nerves and to improve your sensations to the environment. Why is vibration sensation such an important input to your body? With every step you take, the vibration felt by your foot determines the muscle response of your leg. Stepping on soft and
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

Next, I assess the function of your cerebellum, the part of your brain that coordinates movements. One of the primary functions of your cerebellum is to coordinate your eye movements. Tracking eye movements allows me to assess accuracy, balance and coordination in your body. Jumpiness or sluggishness in the eye movement to the right indicates a weakness in the left side of your brain, and vice versa. Think for a moment about something you, like many of us, take for granted, such as the smooth, seamless, unconscious adjustments your body makes while you are walking. With a normal gait, as you step forward with your left foot, your right arm swings slightly forward, gently leading the right shoulder forward as well. This results in your body torqueing slightly to the left. If your neck and head were locked into place, this would result in your head turning to the left. This same pattern would occur with every step you take, resulting in your head constantly alternating between turning left and right. That would make it very difficult to walk in a straight line. But when healthy nerves are sending the right messages, your head and neck just naturally keep your head facing forward in spite of the shoulder movement. In next month’s issue, I will continue on in the neurological exam process with part two of this article.
Dr. Steve Puckette owns Puckette Chiropractic, 6315 Odana Road, Suite 101, in Madison and has been practicing chiropractic since 1994. He has taken over 700 CE hours in functional metabolic assessment, functional blood chemistry and nutrition, and is currently enrolled in a three-year diplomate program in chiropractic neurology through the Carrick Institute. For more information, please visit or call 608.276.7635.


Other ways to balance this chakra include volunteering, sharing or treating yourself to something you enjoy — like a massage!
The throat chakra is located — you guessed it! — at the throat. It is responsible for communication and expression of truth. If you are someone who tends to tell lies, criticize others, have a fear of speaking up for yourself or have an inability to listen, then your throat chakra could be out of balance. To balance the throat chakra, speak up for yourself (try connecting this to your heart chakra, so you come from a place of love). You can also try singing, humming or actively listening. The third eye chakra is located between the eye brows and is responsible for your sense of perception, knowledge, intuition and awareness. If you have a tendency towards aggressiveness or confusion, your third eye chakra could be out of balance. A lack of intuition, wisdom or common sense could also be indicators of an imbalance in this chakra. To balance this chakra, try meditation or listening to classical music. Things that stimulate the third eye can also be effective. These include doing Zentangle© or number puzzles, and looking up at the stars in the nighttime sky. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head, and is responsible for your feeling of connection with the divine, the source, the creator, god or whatever you prefer to call it. If this chakra is out of balance, it could lead to a lack of understanding, confusion or a feeling of a lack of purpose. It can often leave you feeling physically exhausted (in the form of excess energy around the head and feelings of anxiety). To balance the crown chakra, try doing a grounding exercise, meditating, praying, going for a walk in nature or developing a connection with the Universe, however you see it.

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“Maintaining your chakras is a good way to enhance your sense of well-being, happiness, stability and connectedness to the Universe.”
Tuning in to your body and how you are “feeling” can lead you to an understanding of what you may be experiencing in your life. Maintaining your chakras is a good way to enhance your sense of well-being, happiness, stability and connectedness to the Universe. At Loving Heart Reiki, we provide chakra balancing sessions to clear, balance and align all chakras. Starting the year off with a chakra balancing is a good way to enjoy the upcoming new year!
Teresa Martens, reiki master teacher, is owner  of Loving Heart Reiki, LLC, located at 433 Grand Canyon Drive, Suite 2, in Madison, WI.  She is  certified in Usui reiki and Karuna Reiki®, crystal healing, the EMF Balancing Technique®, acupressure for stress relief and holistic aromatherapy, and is a certified Angel Card ReaderTM.  Teresa offers private sessions and classes in a peaceful and loving environment that encourages and supports her clients and students on their path towards healing. At Loving Heart Reiki, we provide Chakra Balancing sessions to clear, balance and align all chakras. For more information, call 608.346.3424 or visit

“My knee pain went from 10 out of 10 to zero in two months!” –Earl “I was bone-on-bone and told I would need surgery. Since my treatments, I no longer limp. The hardest thing for me to adjust to is realizing that I can do things now that I couldn’t before!” –Carol “After my first month of treatment, I already feel 50% better. I also was able to reduce pain medication from twice a day to twice a week!” –Pam

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A new approach to preventing holiday weight gain ���������������������������������������������������������
By Brittany Miller

t’s that time of the year again, when delicious and indulgent treats are everywhere. At work, at school, at home … it seems nearly impossible to not gain weight during the holidays, right? If you do gain a couple pounds, is it really that big of a deal? The problem is, when you gain weight, fat cells not only increase in size, but also increase in number. And once you’ve got those added cells, you can shrink them by losing weight, but you’ll never get rid of them. That’s why losing weight is so tricky after you’ve gained weight. Luckily, you can avoid gaining the weight to begin with, putting yourself ahead of the game. While there are the usual approaches to preventing holiday weight gain, many find those haven’t worked. Perhaps you were told to avoid buffets, to use smaller plates or to remove the skin from chicken. Some take diet pills or head to the gym with lofty expectations of burning all those unwanted calories. While these seem like good ideas, most of us have found they simply haven’t worked. The best thing to do when the same old approach isn’t working is to try a new one. Instead of using old and ineffective weight loss tactics, try these new approaches. You’ll find that by adopting these new habits, it’s easy to not only prevent holiday weight gain, but also lose weight while you’re at it. Next year, these habits will be in place, so you won’t even need to think about how to prevent holiday weight gain!
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


“If we shift our minds away from expecting weight gain, we naturally make better choices.“
• ScHEDuLE YouR tREat: Most of us have that one treat we love more than anything else. Maybe it’s a glass of wine after work or a mocha on your morning commute. If you schedule your treat, it removes the treat’s unpredictability. Think of it like a slot machine. If you always knew you were going to win on the seventh try, it wouldn’t be so exciting, and you wouldn’t feel that overwhelming desire to keep trying. Similarly, when your coworkers offer you cookies, you won’t feel that sense of “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Instead, you’ll be able to politely decline, because you know you’ll have your delicious treat soon enough. • SHIFt YouR pERspEctIVE: Who says you have to gain weight during the holidays? There are temptations every day you could indulge in that would lead to weight gain, so why should the holidays be any different? If we shift our minds away from expecting weight gain, we naturally make better choices. When a parent has high expectations of their child in school, the child is more likely to succeed than if their

parents had low expectations. If we shift our perspective from “I always gain weight around the holidays,” to “I make good choices during the holidays so I won’t gain weight,” we will be more likely to succeed. • EXERcIsE YouR “WILLpoWER muscLE”: Willpower is like a muscle; the more it’s used, the stronger it becomes. Have you ever had to quit smoking or add a new routine to your workday? At first it seems hard, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. The same goes for making healthier food choices. Most of us know that cookies will undoubtedly add numbers to the scale. Take the first step in using your willpower and say no to the chocolate or potato chips. The second time you have to say no, it will be a little easier. Pretty soon it will simply be part of your routine! • GEt socIaL: Being a part of a social group that makes healthy choices rather than unhealthy choices does wonders for your weight. If you surround yourself with people who are working on changing their behaviors and exercising their willpower, you will be much more likely to succeed. Start now so you can prevent weight gain or, better yet, lose weight before the holidays are here!
Brittany Miller is a registered dietitian and the director of Madison’s most effective weight loss program, Get Waisted. Get Waisted is an innovative program founded by Dr. Mary Clifton, internal medicine specialist, and Tess Challis, chef and wellness coach. The program emphasizes a high antioxidant, whole food, plant-focused approach to weight loss and radiant health. Members are supported with weekly meetings, led by Brittany, at Whole Foods Market. For more information, visit, call 734.678.3785 or email

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Church and the environment? ���������������������������������������������������������������������������
By Rick Martin
ave you ever heard a sermon about the environment? If you’re like me, probably not. I heard one on the radio the other day, however, from a great speaker by the name of Chip Ingram. He started out by talking about how Earth is spiritual and about how important it is. He discussed how it should be honored and respected but not worshipped — that is what your higher power is for — and how we shouldn’t lose focus on the creator. (This is where I got really interested and decided to listen to the whole program.) I know people who actually worship Mother Earth, and I know people on the other side of the spectrum that say Earth “can take” anything we humans dole out. They say that Earth has gone through many cycles through the eons and has come out normally, unscathed. Here are a couple of ideas about all of this from the Bible, which I have chosen to follow. Even if you are not Christian, I think this is a healthy way to look at this topic. We are stewards of Earth. We were told to subdue it and to rule it all. Since we are stewards, however, it also means we should not abuse anything in it. We rule over the animals, and we raise them for milk, eggs or food, but we should not abuse them. We should be humane to them and respect them for what they provide for us. Use the ox and the horse to take the work burden off of our backs, but do not beat them in the process.


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God knew that there would be crude oil and other minerals that we could use for our benefit. He knew that we would develop technology to take advantage of the energy contained in its molecules. He also knew that the beauty of the Austrian Alps, the Grand Canyon and the redwood forests would be a vacation draw for us. Our job as stewards, however, is to be sure they are not worn out by our use. We must develop ways to protect it. We must allow laws to be made to keep them from being misused for profit and greed. We all hear about the people that are ostracized for making laws that prevent deforestation or laws dedicating millions of acres to national parks. The argument seems to ask: “What about the jobs that will be created by the pulpwood available? What about the families that will be helped by the money derived from the dam built on the river?” Tough questions, right? The Bible teaches that consumption and productivity are needed, but must be governed by conservation. We cannot let greed rule. This means we can’t ask, “What’s easiest?” Or, “How fast can we get it?” It means we can’t say, “It will cut into our bottom line if we investigate those safeguards against spillage.” So use the environment, but be smart about it. Let things cost a little bit more. Don’t always go for the easiest way to save time. Keep pollution to a minimum. And follow “the 4 Es”: • EXpLoRE: Walk without an electronic device in your ear. Take a chair outside and take in the beauty. • EDucatE: Learn about nature. Watch Discovery Channel. • EngagE: Conserve. Set the thermostat to 68 degrees. Reduce, reuse, recycle. • EmpoWER: Go to an Earth Day celebration. We can argue about global warming, plastics or pipelines all we want. It would be very respectful as stewards of Earth, however, to remember to just do what we know is right. Maintain clean water, preserve breathable, healthy air, reduce, reuse, recycle — then rejoice!
Rick Martin is with Mother Nature’s Diaper Service, which delivers fresh cloth diapers to your home in the Dane County area. He encourages you to make the environmentally friendly choice to keep your precious child wrapped in natural cotton comfort all day long! For more information, visit or call 608.251.2229. Gift certificates available!

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Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

The longing for relationship ���������������������������������������������������������
By Barry Kerr and Kristine Gay
ne of the most common longings that people report to us is for a fulfilling relationship with a partner. “The urge to merge” springs naturally from every level of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Humans have been following that urge for as long as we’ve existed. Yet, it remains possibly the most challenging, misunderstood and disappointing endeavor for most people today. Why is that? In working with couples who are in trouble, when we dig down into their relationships, past the surface complaints and dysfunctional habits, what we find is a universal pattern of misunderstanding about relationship itself. It’s no wonder people have trouble building fulfilling relationships when the beliefs, expectations and habits they bring to the partnership are fundamentally flawed. For thousands of generations, the purpose of relationship has primarily been survival. “Marriages” grew organically out of harsh environmental challenges and the innate drive for procreation. With the evolution of civilized societies, practical financial concerns continued to dominate partnering decisions. It wasn’t until recent centuries that large numbers of people had the luxury of following their hearts’ desires in marriage. Now, in our culture, “true love” is the celebrated and honored determinant. And with that change has developed a whole new set of beliefs and expectations, but not necessarily healthy and helpful ones. Most of them have morphed out of older paradigms that humans have held for all of history, and that limit our perspectives and self-knowledge. We are basically at a crossroads in human evolution. Millions of humans are awakening to the larger perspective of who and what we are: unique rays of the one divine spirit, manifested in human bodies and personalities. Though religions have been pointing to this truth for ages, it’s only now that masses of people are having actual direct experiences of it, moving them beyond mere faith. Even among those who haven’t fully blossomed into this awareness, many recognize a driving, subliminal longing that causes them to want more out of life, more out of interpersonal relationships. Deep inside, our higher selves know that it is in the crucible


of intimacy, in primary relationships, that we find the fastest and most effective way to surrender our temporary egos to our eternal souls. It is the “mirror” of our beloved partners that helps us see who we really are and what we really are not. When we step into intimacy, this “journey of the ego” happens, whether we want it to or not, are aware of it or not, resist it or not. However, choosing to want it, be aware of it and not resist it is what makes for fulfilling relationships, ones in which we feel alive, expanding, growing and closer to our divine souls. When we resist the awareness that intimacy invites, it is as if we are turning away from our own souls, rejecting our real selves. How could we possibly feel fulfilled in that way? Looked at in this way, relationship takes on a very different conscious purpose in our times. Relationship becomes a sacred path, a commitment of two souls toward spiritual awakening and mastery. That changes how we measure the worthiness of a potential life partner. Yes, practical concerns remain, and the warm glow of mutual attraction is still welcome and valuable. However, more profoundly important is whether the other person is awake and aware enough to desire and negotiate the depths of intimacy that will support both people in their souls’ longing to express fully. When both people can gain or regain a mutual understanding and intention of this purpose, then huge opportunities open to how they can resolve the ongoing challenges stemming from their clash of personalities, histories, habits, beliefs, etc. All of it becomes a welcome platform for deeper intimacy, self-discovery and surrender of two egos, as allies. In the light of this kind of love and commitment, whether the relationship lasts a year or a lifetime doesn’t matter. The experience will be fulfilling in the deepest way possible. The longing is satisfied.
Barry Kerr, a certified life and relationship coach, and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, own Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. They offer healing, coaching, therapy, mindfulness and astrology services for singles, couples and groups. For more information, visit
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the community continues to flourish
By Jennifer Owen
This time of year we often hear, “It’s better to give than receive.” It’s a nice thought, to be sure. But for one local organization, it’s a guiding principle for success — today and every day of the year. Since 1974, the Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative (WSGC) has offered a selection of natural and organic products while adhering to a set of principles, sustainable lifestyles and social responsibility. The seventh principle, Concern for the Community, is such: While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies accepted by their members. “Since its inception, Willy Street Co-op has given back to the community in a number of ways,” says spokesperson Brendon Smith. “This winter, for example, we’ll be calling for Community Reinvestment Fund

a cooperative giving tree ’s concern for

“Each year we give out $25,000 to local nonprofits, which goes toward great projects that really do a lot for the community, and that our Owners want to support.”
grant applications. Each year we give out $25,000 to local nonprofits, which goes toward great projects that really do a lot for the community, and that our Owners want to support.” The Community Reinvestment Fund consists of money that has accumulated over past years from Owners who have moved away or stopped shopping at the Co-op, but haven’t claimed their original equity investment (the money paid to become a Co-op Owner). Since 1992, the WSGC Community Reinvestment Fund has contributed $283,000 to help support a diverse array of projects in the areas of food, nutrition, health/wellbeing, sustainable agriculture, cooperatives and social change. The primary focus of this funding is on providing grants to local, nonprofit groups with limited access to funding. In 2012, the committee received 47 applications and made 22 awards totaling $25,000. This year’s application deadline is January 2, 2014. Another way Willy Street Co-op gives back to the community is by collecting money for the Community CHIP, a program of Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW), a fundraising program in partnership with Willy Street Co-op’s two store locations (1221 Williamson St. and 6825 University Ave.). “If customers say ‘yes’ when asked if they’d like to CHIP, the cashier will add a one percent donation to their purchase,” Smith says. “That’s only 30 cents for a $30 bag of groceries. The Co-op collects the money and sends 100 percent of the contributions to CSW. “Though it may seem like small change, CHIP dollars really add up. Last year, Community CHIP raised over $220,000 to help support CSW’s member nonprofits,” he adds. Because Community CHIP is a part of CSW, all CHIP contributions are tax deductible. To date, there have been more than $1.4 million in donations. Willy Street Co-op also donates more than $60,000 each year to more than 80 different local nonprofit events, such as fundraiser silent auction prizes and neighborhood festival sponsorships. “We just started a pilot program where a few of our local vendors are getting low-interest loans to develop their business,” Smith says. Finally, Willy Street Co-op has also instituted a Patronage Refund program. “If the Co-op has a profitable year, we issue a store credit at the register depending on how much an Owner has shopped in a year,” he says. “The profits are distributed in direct proportion to a Co-op Owner’s patronage (purchases) and are made up of patronage equity and store credit.” Becoming a Willy Street Co-op Owner means, among other things, that Owners make an investment in the Co-op, essentially becoming an owner of the business. At Willy Street Co-op, the investment is called a Fair Share and is defined as Ownership of Willy Street Co-op (with voting privileges). To join, prospective individual Owners make a $58 one-time payment for individuals or a $93 one-time payment for households. One need not be an Owner to shop, but there’s a five percent surcharge for non-Owners’ purchases, according to Smith. The spirit of giving and concern for the community are what make this member-owned market so unique. Through their philanthropic support of local nonprofits, Willy Street Co-op has grown into a cooperative “giving tree,” providing hope and a reason for celebration throughout the Greater Madison Area.

Community GroundWorks

Growing Food and Sustainability

ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation

a natural foods cooperative since 1974

Willy West: 6825 University Ave., Middleton, 608.284.7800 Willy East: 1221 Williamson St., Madison, 608.251.6776
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Lussier Community Education Center’s Harvest Celebration

Electromagnetic pollution
Hidden stress hazards in your house ���������������������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. Joanne Flanagan

ot stress? Did you know that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) above the Environmental Protection Agency’s safe limit are assaulting your brainwaves and body every day? Our natural state of wellness is being clouded with electromagnetic waves of invisible radiation — powerful enough to blast wireless communication data through concrete walls and buildings. Imagine how easily


it travels through us, especially newborns and young children. We can’t see the smog of electro-pollution, but it is affecting us. Harmful EMF fields are produced by cell towers, microwave beams, high power lines, cell phones, televisions, computers, florescent lights, Wi-Fi, hair dryers, cordless phones, video games, baby monitors, PDAs, hybrid electric cars and other electrical equipment.

456 1 . 0 4 5 . 414 ! Y A D O T ORDER Learn more at:

Just t! I r a e W

We need to be aware of the biological effects of these hidden stressors — sleeplessness, headaches, dizziness, immune suppression, electro-sensitivity, “unexplained” cardiac symptoms and decreased fertility, as well as increased risk for brain cancer and neurological disorders. Some people report having less energy and constant fatigue, along with getting sick often. Depression and moodiness are very common symptoms. There is a lot of research being done, but we need to identify our environment and find safer solutions. This includes considering use of headsets, wired vs. wireless Internet access, corded vs. cordless phones and more.

Strengthen yourself against EMFs

Equilibrex is a bio-energy enhancer scientifically designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of stress and fatigue from electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc.).
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013
A Wisconsin-Based Company

Children, pregnant women and the elderly are affected the most by exposure. The development of symptoms depends on proximity, frequency, intensity and duration of exposure, and is influenced by an individual’s vulnerability, overall health and immunity. CNN pointed out that studies show that the signals from cell phones reach more deeply into children’s thinner skulls and smaller brains.

Limit your exposure in these ways:

• Use a land line whenever possible. • Use a low SAR-rated phone and use the

“Keep a good distance from anything electrical, and limit your exposure to electrical fields.”
speaker function — avoid the handsfree, in-the-ear phones. • Keep cell phone powered off whenever possible. • Carry cell phone away from your body, with the keypad or front of the phone facing toward the body, and the back or antenna side facing away from the body. • Use phone outside of a car, train, elevator, airplane or other confined metal space. • Use a computer with wired Internet access, with the wireless function disabled, to surf the Internet, watch movies, download music, etc., not a mobile device. • Keep cell phones, electric alarm clocks, electric lamps and everything electric away from your sleep zone — at least four feet away. • Never sleep with cell phone powered on. Charge four feet away from people and pets. • Replace old electronics, fluorescent lights and dimmer switches. • Buy a RF and gauss meter to test appliances, TVs, etc.
• Stay at least three feet from house-

that the muscle becomes fatigued. It is not a question of who is stronger, but of whether the muscle can “lock” the shoulder joint against the push. By doing this experiment on a subject who is using a cell phone, you’ll find that the subject cannot hold his arm up because the radiation is draining his energy in that muscle. This can also test hair dryers and other electrical devices. If you would like to test the effect of anything on your body, try this experiment with a health practitioner or partner. Other ways to protect yourself from EMR would be to get plenty of exercise, drink at least eight glasses of water a day, eat nutritious foods, meditate at least 20 minutes twice a day, think positive thoughts and get outdoors several times a day. Keep a good distance from anything electrical, and limit your exposure to electrical fields.
Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world renown expert in stress-handling technology, which includes physical, mental, emotional and environmental stressors. She has worked diligently in the past ten years in determining the nature of hidden stresses that destroy vitality. The result is her invention of the Equilibrex Pendant, which lessens the effects of stress on the bio-energy field surrounding the human body. For more information and research on stress and how to protect yourself from stress-related illnesses, see Dr. Flanagan’s website at

hold appliances, such as coffee makers, microwave ovens, televisions, computers, electric clocks, plugs in walls, electric tools, etc.

A test to see how electromagnetic radiation affects us

Applied kinesiology can be used to test EMR’s effects on our bodies. It takes two people, the “tester” and the “subject.” This can be viewed on 1. Have the subject stand erect, right arm relaxed at his side, left arm held out parallel to the floor, elbow straight. 2. Face your subject and place your left hand on his right shoulder to steady him. Then place your right hand on the subject’s extended left arm, just above the wrist. 3. Tell the subject to resist when you try to push his arm down. 4. Now push down on his arm fairly quickly, firmly and evenly. The idea is to push hard enough to test the spring and bounce in the arm, not so hard

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate
A parent’s dilemma �������������������������������������������������
By Megan Dettloff-Meyer, MSOM, CA

he number of vaccines given each year continues to rise. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers a holistic perspective and has rules regarding when it is best to delay vaccinations. Only you, the parent, can decide if you should or


should not vaccinate your child. The beauty of TCM is that it supports the health of your child either way, vaccinated or not.

The mechanism of vaccines in TCM

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A basic understanding of the natural progression of disease from the TCM perspective will help you understand how vaccines affect people. The body innately has four different levels of defense to fight off disease:
1. Wei level: Initial defense against colds and the flu. 2. Qi level: Second line of defense against stomach flu and 3. Ying level: Third line of defense against latent viruses and

bacterial infections.

SPECIALIZING IN: • Infertility • Pregnancy care • Menopause • Painful periods • PCOS & fibroids • Hormone balance • Neuropathy • Multiple sclerosis • Fibromyalgia • Pain management • Digestive complaints

4. Blood level: Deepest line of defense against degenerative

chronic infections.

pathogens and heavy metals.

The wei level can easily overcome pathogens, and there is no need to seek medical attention. Common household herbs are effective for these common cold and flu bugs. The qi level becomes active when respiratory infections have been lingering for days or weeks. As long as there is no fever, the body can usually continue to fight off pathogens at this level. At the ying level, the body is taxed and the pathogen can set in as pneumonia, mononucleosis and other deeper-rooted infections. At this level, it is important to seek medical advice and carefully monitor progress. Finally, if a pathogen makes it into the blood level, illness can affect the brain, spinal column, kidneys and other internal organs. This is the most difficult level to treat and requires a longer course of treatment. Vaccines inject pathogens directly to the blood level, and the body’s normal defenses are bypassed. Vaccines in the blood can cross the blood-brain barrier and are manufactured with heavy metals and other chemicals to lengthen their circulation time in the body. For infants and children who are healthy and strong,


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

their immune systems will effectively manage this immunization process. However, for those whose immune systems are not up to the extra burden, this can shock the body and lead to short- or long-term consequences.

TCM to support the immune system

When to consider waiting

You may want to wait to vaccinate your child if these signs are present: • If your child is sick or teething, wait for shots until they are vibrant and healthy. • If your child has asymmetrical facial features, they have a weakness in the blood level, and should see a craniosacral therapist and acupuncturist before receiving any shots. • If your child has developmental delays, you may want to consider delaying vaccinations until the blood-brain barrier is fully developed (around the age of two). Whatever you decide to do regarding vaccines, do it in faith and confidence that you are doing the right thing! Parents today have an overwhelming amount of health options to consider, and the best thing you can do is get informed. If you would like more information on the pros and cons of vaccines for children from a Western medicine perspective, I recommend Dr. Sears’ “The Vaccine Book,” which contains a modified vaccine schedule.
Megan Dettloff-Meyer, a certified acupuncturist (nationally board certified by the NCCAOM) and Chinese herbalist, practices at Isthmus Acupuncture Center, LLC in Madison. She has a master’s degree in Oriental medicine and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Through acupuncture, dietary modifications, Young Living essential oils and herbs, Megan helps each of her patients attain physical, emotional and spiritual balance, and transform into a healthier existence. For more information, call 608.441.9355 or visit Reference:


Before vaccinating your infant or child, it is recommended they see an acupuncturist a few weeks beforehand. Depending on your child’s health, a series of treatments before vaccination may be advised. A treatment soon after receiving a vaccine shot is important. Stimulation of acupuncture points with massage, magnets or needles, and a Chinese herbal formula to support the immune system prepare the body for the blood-level attack. This combination is extremely effective in supporting the immune system and preventing adverse reactions to vaccines. If you opt not to vaccinate your child, it is advised that your child visit an acupuncturist once every few months and more frequently during times of heightened disease or illness outbreaks. This will help the immune system stay strong and effectively fight off circulating pathogens. Herbs and other tools are important to have on hand and use at the first sign of sickness.

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“Before vaccinating your infant or child, it is recommended they see an acupuncturist a few weeks beforehand.”


Happy and healthy for the holidays
Easy tips for staying on track this holiday season! �����������������������������������������������������������
By Hallie Ringhand

e all have the best of intentions over the holiday season, yet many of us will gain weight. Why not make this year different by challenging yourself to stay on track? The key to success in this pursuit is being foodprepared. And by making responsible food preparation and planning a habit, you’re more likely to succeed with your health goals over the long term. Consider these tips to help you on your way:


Strategies for eating out:

• Drink water and/or herbal tea before you

New U provides you online accountability, education and tools to make your health and weight loss goals a reality. We can work with anyone, anywhere.

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eat. More often than not, we eat too much not because we are hungry, but because we are dehydrated. However, avoid drinking anything when you eat. Your body creates the proper digestive enzymes when you are ingesting food by itself. • Skip the bread. The most likely contributors to inflammation are bread and other grains. Start your meal with a salad or cup of broth-based soup. • Ask for dressings, sauces and, depending on the entrée, toppings on the side. You will be less likely to overindulge in sugar, salt and fat if you do this. • Choose main dishes that are centered around vegetables or local, organic cuts of meat. • Order steamed, grilled or broiled dishes instead of fried. • Order an appetizer instead of an entrée. This is a fantastic idea if you want a little something to eat but want to keep your portions in check. • Share a main dish with a friend. • When your food arrives, immediately pack half of it to take home. • Don’t feel you have to clean your plate. Identify where this idea came from and create a new habit, all your own. • Avoid foods with heavy sauces and gravies. • Choose fruit for dessert, or order your

favorite dessert and eat no more than one-third to one-half of it. • Pack a cooler when out shopping or with friends, so you have more control over what you eat. Pack it with fruit, cut-up vegetables, cheese, nuts and water.

Strategies for eating in social situations:

(e.g., holiday parties, family gatherings and office celebrations) • Eat before you go. Choose high-fiber and high-protein foods. • Drink a lot of water. • Bring a healthy dish to share and stay away from the unhealthy dishes. • Politely say, “No, thank you.” • If pressed to eat something unhealthy, tell the host your doctor advised you to refrain from eating those foods (you know your doctor would). Most of all, enjoy your holidays without guilt and worry, knowing you are making the best decisions you can for your health. Merry Christmas!
Hallie Ringhand has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, and is a certified fitness professional with over 20 years of experience. She holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise and other organizations in both fitness and nutrition. Hallie offers compassionate, educated, goaldriven services that allow you to live your best life. For more information, visit, email or call 608.212.2154.

Preparing for the holidays with a smile ����������������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. James E. Todd Jr.
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, but I’m completely stressed out! It is important to recognize when our levels of stress become excessive, and this stress manifests in nonfunctioning, reactionary stimulation. After all, we don’t just live and breathe every day. We are also busy raising children and grandchildren, commuting to extremely busy work environments on busy highways, hustling and bustling from commitments to gatherings, appointments and expectations. The holidays are often an added pressure to the already boiling kettle that has become our daily environment.


tress is a commonly used word that can apply to just about every aspect of everyday life. The central nervous system (CNS) is quite complex, and it has to generate a certain amount of stress just to function properly. Our involuntary, unconscious reflexes keep us alive and breathing.

The causes of excess stress are as unique to each one of us as our fingerprints. However, you may be surprised at how common the symptoms are of excessive, unnecessary levels of stress. The following examples comprise a few of the most common:
continued on page 47

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Essential oils
They do more than just smell pretty �������������������������������������������������������������
By Michael Balfanz, LMT

ou have probably heard of essential oils. Maybe you have even used them yourself or had them offered during a massage session. But what are they really? And how exactly do they interact with your body?


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the concentrated vital essences of aromatic plants and are used in aromatherapy. Also known as “volatile oils,” essential oils are responsible for a plant’s flavor and aroma. Although called “oils,” they are more like water, as they are a liquid that readily volatizes, or evaporates. Most oils are extracted by distillation from the root, bark, wood, fruit, seed, leaves or flowers of these plants. The extracted oil retains the characteristic odor, flavor and medicinal value of the original plant material. The oils are then either applied directly to the body or vaporized with a diffuser and inhaled. This amazing process has been around for thousands of years.

How do these oils interact with the body?

It’s science really. When we smell an essential oil, it triggers the olfactory nerve, which travels straight to the limbic system, a “primitive” part of the brain in charge of emotions and memory. This is an automatic response — our brains do all the work. If we smell lavender, for example, it has a tendency to relax or calm our nerves, giving us a strong sense of peace and calm. There couldn’t be an easier way to relax. There are some precautions to take, however, when using essential oils. They are very concentrated and can be irritating to sensitive skin. When using an oil for the first time, you should apply a small amount to the skin first to determine if there will be any adverse reactions. If you have any itching, burning or splotching of the skin, you should discontinue use immediately. As with most things in life, use common sense and educate yourself on the products you hope to use. Having said that, most essential oils are completely safe. Here are two that are especially popular and effective. • LaVEnDER oIL: This is a wonderful oil to use, as it displays both physical and emotional relief for problems as varied as
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

burns, migraines, insomnia, insect bites, skin problems, infections, stress and nervous tension. It is a very complex oil, and I recommend it to my clients constantly. Next time you are having a difficult time falling asleep, take a cotton ball and apply a few drops of lavender oil. Tuck that cotton ball in your pillow case, and you will be lulled to sleep and surrounded by the light lavender scent throughout the night. Yes, getting a good night’s sleep can be that easy! • EucaLYptus oIL: It’s cold season and it seems like everyone is sniffling and suffering from sinus issues. Instead of reaching for nasal spray or a decongestant, why not reach for a bottle of eucalyptus oil? Eucalyptus oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and decongestant in nature, which makes it great for combatting the common cold. Additionally, as eucalyptus oil is a stimulant, it relieves exhaustion and mental sluggishness, and rejuvenates the spirit. Eucalyptus oil can be used directly on the skin or in a diffuser near your bed. I like to rub a little on my neck and chest. You get a nice warming effect on the skin, and the vapors give you instant relief from that congested, runny nose. Lavender and eucalyptus oils are just two of the hundreds of singlenote essential oils. If you factor in blends of oils, the number of essential oil treatment options is really endless. Essential oils are an amazingly powerful, natural alternative to traditional Western medications. While modern medications are incredible in what they can do, they often come with unwanted side effects. During your next bout with an illness or ailment, consider trying a more natural remedy. Pick up a bottle of essential oil, and who knows? You just might find that it works better than the medicine you’re used to taking.
Michael Balfanz, licensed massage therapist, is the department head and lead massage therapist at Elevation Salon & Spa, 15 N. Butler Street, Madison. He attended Lakeside School for Therapeutic Massage and has been a massage therapist for almost a decade. Michael combines therapeutic modalities with energy work and truly believes in the mind-body-spirit approach to wellness. For more information, call 608.661.3636 or visit



Physical symptoms: Difficulty falling asleep; inability to quiet your mind; tension headaches and/or migraines; skin conditions, such as dry, itchy and irritated skin; fatigue and exhaustion; neck, shoulder and back pain; and thirst. Emotional symptoms: Irritability; hypersensitivity and/or oversensitivity; withdrawal; tearfulness; forgetfulness; loss of concentration; confusion; and lack of interest.

Hypnosis may be your answer to this commonly asked question.

Hypnosis really can help you to help yourself. You can quickly, effectively and easily learn to be your own pilot, seated at the controls and guiding yourself through situational stress management. And unlike the conventional, pharmaceutical medications that are commonly used today, hypnosis does not have any serious side effects. Additionally, there is no set number of sessions; you can undergo as many as you feel you need. Just one session can give you some of the most important tools for understanding, directing and maintaining your emotional equilibrium. Balance for your mind can lead to so many other opportunities for stability in your life. In addition, hypnosis enables you to quiet your conscious mind, access your unlimited, untapped subconscious, relax and feel rejuvenated.

A certified hypnotist helps guide you first by asking insightful questions prior to your hypnosis session. These questions will generate “keywords,” which can be incorporated into your session to elicit your optimum responses. You may also provide your own questions that you feel are important to address. Feeling comfortable is essential. When you and the hypnotist are ready, you can choose to sit or lie down. You are then guided by the hypnotist into a state of relaxation through a method that will ultimately be dictated by you. For this, the hypnotist may utilize the sound of voice, objects for gazing or progressive relaxation techniques. We all have our own unique way of accessing our subconscious. With the guidance of a certified hypnotist, you can discover what works best for you. A more advanced session incorporates brainwave entrainment. This method actually stimulates the waves of your brain so that you are able to enter your preferred state of relaxation by listening to different tones along with sounds of the beach, forest, etc. When brainwave entrainment is paired with the voice and suggestions of the hypnotist, the desired changes and results can be absolutely empowering. Give yourself the gift of stress relief this holiday season by scheduling a hypnosis session!
Dr. James E. Todd Jr., DCH, a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, specializes in using brainwave entrainment and guided hypnosis to create a positive environment that generates remarkable results for his clients. He has completed the Mississippi School of Hypnosis Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy Program and is a certified hypnotherapist (CH) registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Dreams Can Be Reality Hypnosis has locations in Monona and Sun Prairie. James can be reached by phone at 608.469.5538, or

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A monthly advice column for your energy system ���������������������������������������������������������������������
Everything in the universe contains energy, yet energy is something many of us don’t understand. Every month Tina Bensman, a practicing clairvoyant and energy healer, is here to answer any questions you have about your energy system. Topics may include energy anatomy, dream analysis, chakra balancing, manifestation, life patterns, etc. The ideas written here do not replace medical attention. Always listen to your body, mind and intuition when receiving advice of any kind. Dear Tina, I’m lost. I just realized that I have not been true to myself. (I honestly just now realized this and started writing — and crying — to you.) I haven’t allowed the truth out for fear that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I don’t know where this fear came from. I don’t know why it is there. I can’t hide any longer, but I don’t know how to escape the false world I set up for myself. It feels like a heavy fog around me that I can’t see through. I don’t know where to go next.  —Where Did I Go? Dear Where Did I Go, You are most certainly correct. It is a heavy fog around you. That’s an energy. Whenever we have a belief (wherever it comes from), that belief creates another energy. That energy surrounds us, clouding any other option from coming in. In your case, you wanted others to believe you were something else. You didn’t want them to see your truth, and you set the energy around you to protect it. Sure, that worked up until this point, but it is getting cloudy in there for you now. You’re actually at a fantastic place even though it probably doesn’t seem like it. You have noticed the cloud and that is something that some people never do. Now that you’ve noticed the problem, you can begin to change it. That starts with changing the belief that you won’t be taken seriously as yourself. Examine that. Do you remember a time when you didn’t fear that? Maybe as a child? Maybe you always did. Start there. I am in a similar boat right now, too. The Chakra House, my wellness studio in Madison, has hit a landmark. We have been successfully promoting, teaching and achieving wholeness for our clients for five years. Even though we are so proud of the successes of our clients, we realized that we dropped the ball a ton. Our greatest and most unique offering of customized alternative treatment plans was put on the back burner. How did this happen? How did we fail to shout out our most unique service? Well, faulty thinking and fear, that’s how. Guess what? I didn’t think it would be desired because no one has ever done it before. I was scared. I knew that we could really give so much that I

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Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

wanted to share it with as many people as possible. I thought that showcasing our yoga classes would be the way to start, since yoga is so popular in our Madison community. I thought that this would allow people to find us and then discover our personalized wellness plans. I was very, very wrong. That faulty thinking created an energy around The Chakra House similar to the heavy fog you describe feeling. Sure, we have yoga, but we are so much more. I was not being authentic to the true spirit of our space. Once I realized what I was doing, I got to work changing it. For me, I needed validation first. I needed to test the waters and see if people would be interested in this service. Guess what? They are! And, of course, they are because that is the most authentic expression of our studio. Maybe you need to test the waters a bit, too. While you are examining your beliefs, start exploring with people who you feel most safe with. Talk to them. Or connect with individuals you don’t know if that is safer and just speak your truth. If you truly speak your truth, and speak from the heart, I have a sneaking suspicion that you will feel freer, energized and supported.
Tina Bensman is the owner of Madison’s The Chakra House and mentor to hundreds of spirit-driven women and men around the world, empowering them to be amazing … just as they are. Known for blending heart-centered, compassionate, intuitive healing with down-to-earth reality-based transformation, Tina gets results in big ways. Above all, Tina is passionate about empowering women and men to create their lives exactly as they wish to live them — on their terms. She and her clients are living examples that you can finally feel like yourself again!

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Holiday Energy Balls
By Rebecca Brown Ingredients: 1 cup cashews (or nut of choice) 1 cup dried apricots or dates 1 cup shredded coconut 1⁄3 cup rolled oats

2 tablespoons agave syrup 2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 3 tablespoons chia seeds ½ teaspoon ground ginger (optional)
Rebecca Brown owns Happy Bellies Bake Shop, an all-natural, gluten-free (and mostly dairy-free) bake shop where they specialize in allergy friendly and more nutritious options. You can also find egg-free, soy-free and refined sugarfree alternatives on their menu. Stop by the new location at 2107 N. Richmond Street in Appleton. For more information, visit www., call 920.730.2253 or find them on Facebook at www.facebook/happybellies.

Directions: 1.  Place nuts in a food processor and process until nuts are evenly chopped. Set aside. 2.  Put dried apricots or dates in the food processor and finely chop (about 3-4 minutes). 3. Add coconut, oats, agave, coconut oil, chia seeds and ginger. Process until mixture comes together. 4.  Add chopped nuts to mixture and pulse until well combined. 5.  Roll into balls and store in fridge.

Add melted chocolate or roll in chocolate for an extra holiday treat!
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

Living free of gastrointestinal symptoms ���������������������������������������������������������������������������
By Dr. Carrie Decker
o you’ve been told you have irritable bowel syndrome, or as you now know it, IBS. You’ve been experiencing gas, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea or constipation all your life. Perhaps you’ve even gone as far as having a colonoscopy, endoscopy, biopsies, and testing to rule out Celiac disease, and all of these have come back “normal.” So what are you to do? Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) may be the cause of your symptoms. As the name says, SIBO implies an overgrowth of bacteria in your small intestine. The small intestine, large intestine and all surfaces of your body are host to millions, even trillions of microbes. However, overgrowth of certain strains of microbes can be the cause of different disease conditions. SIBO is one such condition. The overabundant bacteria in the small intestine produce gas and can cause focal contractions of the intestinal tract, leading to IBS symptoms. Unfortunately, this condition also leads to the malabsorption of foods. So despite the good food choices you make, you won’t reap the full nutrient benefits and may experience anemia, malnourishment, fatigue and mood swings, all related to your gut symptoms! Different forms of testing exist for the diagnosis of SIBO, but the most commonly used test is called the lactulose breath test. This test has been shown to agree well with the findings from small intestinal biopsies, and is far less invasive. Performing this test requires some dietary restrictions for 24 to 36 hours before the test, consumption of a lactulose solution (provided) the morning of the test and the collection of breath samples at regular intervals over the following three hours. The test kit is then sent off to be analyzed for the amount of hydrogen and methane — gases the problematic bacteria produce — present in the sample. A variety of treatment options exist for SIBO, including prescription antibiotics, herbal antibiotics, dietary changes or a specific “food” solution called an elemental diet. Long-term recovery also often involves dietary changes to eliminate offending foods which cause overgrowth to happen. The dietary changes necessary for treatment and prevention of reoccurrence vary from person to person, but most often involve minimization of carbohydrates, which are commonly malabsorbed and lead to symptoms. An agent called a prokinetic, which promotes small intestine motility, may also be employed to prevent reoccurrence of the condition. Most people who experience long-term recovery have employed a variety of these solution options; however, it is best to work with a physician to determine the next best step along the way.


In closing, it is important to note that our gastrointestinal tract doesn’t operate independently of our brain and other parts of our body, such as the thyroid, circulatory system and adrenal glands. Proper management of gastrointestinal symptoms also includes assessment and regulation of these organs as well. The best cure for a symptom involves fixing the cause, which is often multifactorial in nature.
Dr. Carrie Decker is a board certified naturopathic physician with the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners, graduating with honors from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Ore. Dr. Decker is offering an informative class, Living Free of IBS, on Monday, December 16 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at her office location, 6117 Monona Drive in Madison. To find out more about Dr. Decker or naturopathic medicine, visit or call 608.620.5831.

Join us on December 16th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. for a free talk:

Blessed Thistle

1 / 2 off single visit prices Dr. Decker uses clinical nutrition, in December! botanical medicine, homeopathy, and counseling to promote health and wellness. Her primary focus is in the realm of

✹ gastrointestinal and liver disease ✹ hormone and mood imbalances ✹ eating disorder recovery ✹ women's health ✹ autoimmune disease ✹ chronic fatigue Dr. Decker is now seeing patients in Madison, Fox Lake and Fond du Lac. Call 608-620-5831 for a free 5-minute consultation and to schedule your first visit. ✹ 608.620.5831 Madison: 6117 Monona Dr., Ste. 3 Fond du Lac: 952 S. Park Ave. ✹ Fox Lake: 205 W. State St.

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Grassfed beef versus grain-fed beef ��������������������������������������������������������������������
By Gregory Stroncek

rassfed beef is healthier than grain-fed beef for humans.1 There are a number of factors that play a very important role as to why this statement is true. Grassfed beef has a lower fat content per equal weights of beef than a grain-fed animal. The consumption of the leaner grassfed beef actually lowers LDL cholesterol levels in humans,1 whereas grainfed beef consumption raises LDL cholesterol levels. This can lead to blood vessel plaques. In addition, grassfed beef has two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef.2 These omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy brain and heart function.3 “Brain and nervous tissue abnormalities figure prominently in diseases linked to omega-3 fatty acid deficiency and omega-6 excess. Repeated studies show that fetal and infant development is impaired by omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, which is widespread in this country.”4 Among ten populations from five different continents studied, American adults have the highest levels of omega-6 fatty acids, and American infants have the lowest levels of omega-3 fatty acids.3
Spiritual Clearings for the soul Done by Sonya Theis


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Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

Omega-3 fatty acids are most abundant in seafood, and certain nuts and seeds, but are also found in 100 percent grassfed beef. Beef cattle that eat grass or green leaves have significantly higher omega-3 fatty acid levels than grain-fed animals.5 Once a beef animal is fed grain in a feedlot, the omega-3 levels begins to fall.1 The most-used feedlot grain is corn, whose “fat is not a good omega-3 fat but rather the bad omega-6 fat.”2 The beneficial ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids is very important for good health. Our typical Western diet has excessive omega-6 fatty acids and is omega-3 fatty acid deficient. This imbalance has been linked with increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies, depression, obesity and autoimmune disease.1 “The ideal ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids is 4-to-1 or less. Grain-fed beef ’s ratio is 14-to-1, which is not healthy. A typical American diet has 11 to 30 times more omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids.”3 Wild game, such as elk, deer and antelope, and grassfed beef all have ratios around 2-to-1.6 This ratio is considered very healthy. In fact, grassfed beef has the same ratio that fish has, without the danger of mercury.8 Meat and dairy products from grassfed ruminants are the richest known source of another type of good fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).1 Grassfed beef has three to five times more CLA than animals fed conventional grain diets. Grain consumption makes a cow’s rumen (its first stomach) more acidic, thereby decreasing bacterial synthesis of CLA. An additional fat in grassfed beef is trans-vaccenic acid (TVA), which has been shown to convert to CLA.8 Beta-carotene has also been found to be much higher in pastureraised steers’ muscle tissues than that of grain-fed steers. This important precursor to vitamin A is critical for normal vision, bone growth, reproduction, cell division and cell differentiation. The difference in levels between these two types of steers was sevenfold.8

Seven Seeds F arm

Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, protect cells against the effects of free radicals, which can lead to the development of chronic diseases.8 Grassfed beef has three times the vitamin E of grain-fed beef. Another newly discovered protein, glutathione (GT), which is in grassfed beef, has the capability of quenching free radicals and thereby protecting cells from damage.8 In addition, grassfed samples are higher in superoxide dismutase and catalase, two powerful antioxidants that are increased in beef raised on grassonly diets.8 Grassfed beef offers the consumer a wealth of healthy attributes that grain-fed beef is unable to offer: • Contains a healthy omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio of around 2-to-1. • Contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. • Lowers cholesterol levels. • Lowers fat content (less calories per equal weight). • Contains three to five times more CLA. • Contains more TVA. • Contains seven times more b-carotene (pro vitamin A). • Contains three times more a-tocopherol (vitamin E). • Contains glutathione (GT). • Contains superoxide dismutase and catalase.


Seven Seeds F arm
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Many of these elements are cancer-fighting antioxidants that are potently packed in grassfed beef. Grassfed beef is not only great food, but also like medicine as it “may play a role in the prevention and treatment of: • Coronary artery disease. • Hypertension. • Arthritis. • Cancer. • Other inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.”7 “If you eat a typical amount of beef (66.5 pounds a year), switching to grassfed beef will save you 17,733 calories — without requiring any willpower or change in your eating habits.”1 You will also be improving your health!
Gregory Stroncek and Lea Dolan-Stroncek own Seven Seeds Farm in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. They raise grassfed Murray Grey cattle, pasture poultry and pastured pork. The beef is certified by AWA, AGA, USDA and MOSA Organic, and is audited annually by each agency. The Seven Seeds Farm Store is located at 5079 County Road Z in Spring Green. For more information, call 608.935.5757 or visit Sources: 1. 2. “The Grassfed Primer — your guide to the benefits of grassfed beef,” Animal Welfare Approved, 3. Masterjohn, Chris; “Precious Yet Perilous — understanding the essential fatty acids,” 4. Myers, Charles; Myers, Rose; “The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book,” Rivanna Health Publications, p.46. 5. 6. Simopoulos and Robinson, “The Omega Diet,” Harper Collins, 1999. 7. 8. Daley et al, “A review of Fatty Acid Profiles and Antioxidant Content in Grassfed and Grain-fed Beef,” Nutr. J. 2010;9:10.

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Getting to the root of sciatica ����������������������������������������������������������������������
By Wade E. Anunson, DC

f you’ve ever experienced a nagging, “toothache-type,” deep pain or ache in the hip, buttocks or leg, you likely had an impingement on a lower back nerve that runs down the leg. This can be improperly diagnosed as sciatica, which is not really a diagnosis but, more accurately, a description of symptoms. These symptoms can range from burning, cramping, numbness, and tingling or radiating pain in the buttocks, hamstring, feet or toes, to muscular weakness of the legs, knees or feet. They may or may not include back pain. It’s an all too common and misunderstood form of low-back and leg pain that occurs most frequently in people between the ages of 30 and 50. The sciatic nerve is about as big around as your thumb, and actually comprises several nerves in a bundle. These originate in the lower spine and travel together between deep muscles in the buttocks, down the back of the thigh, leg and foot. Because these nerves travel beneath the piriformis muscle deep in the buttocks, pain experienced here is often referred to as piriformis syndrome or deep gluteal syndrome. This occurs when tight, unrelenting muscle fibers irritate the sciatic nerve. The nerve bundle continues down the back of the thigh, branching off as it descends to innervate the skin and coordinate the deeper muscles of the hip, leg and foot.


“Bone spurs, pregnancy, bulging or herniated disks, bone dislocation or displacement, tumors, and a wide range of spinal conditions and abnormalities can all cause pressure on the sciatic nerve.”
the buttocks or hip can result in the impingement of the nerve bundle along its descending pathway. Sciatica can also result when chronic spinal misalignment, hip imbalance and an inflammatory diet cause long-term wear and tear on the lower spinal joints.

Treating sciatica

Top causes of sciatica

As sciatica is really a collection of symptoms, it can have many causes. Bone spurs, pregnancy, bulging or herniated disks, bone dislocation or displacement, tumors, and a wide range of spinal conditions and abnormalities can all cause pressure on the sciatic nerve. Soft tissue injuries like gluteal muscle strains and falls on
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

Proper diagnosis of the root cause is the key to a rapid recovery. Through a series of isolated neurologic stress tests, chiropractors are able to locate and determine where spinal and pelvic stress is coming from. They can then correct it with specific adjustments. A body that is structurally out of balance for any length of time will experience inflammation at points of increased stress, such as in the hip, knee, shoulder or vertebral disk joints. This inflammation can lead to the aforementioned degenerative changes. Since most sciatic pain results from chronic wear and tear rather than from injury, proper alignment and strengthening of the spine are

paramount to proper healing and to minimizing recurring incidents. In addition to corrective adjustments, sciatica can also be addressed through the strengthening and rehabilitation of weakened tissues, and through improved nutrition. Understand that ibuprofen, Aleve or other NSAIDS may or may not provide relief. These can make things worse in the long run, as they generally postpone appropriate care, and allow further deterioration of joints and soft tissue. Steroidal injections show little long-term benefit, while carrying the risk of dehydrating joints and disks. Surgery may provide relief in some cases, but is generally more palliative than corrective. If you are experiencing sciatica, limit rest and low activity to no more than two days. However, if stretching, yoga and exercise do not provide more than temporary relief, they may be doing more harm than good. You likely need professional realignment. Once alignment is restored and the nerve system can control and coordinate muscle and autonomic function to the affected tissues, exercise, stretching and yoga will be much more effective, as your body will be in a better healing state.
Dr. Wade Anunson is a 1994 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. His holistic approach to patient care stems from his own process of self-discovery through chronic respiratory problems as a child. Dr. Anunson’s passion is to share the body’s extraordinary nature and unlock stuck patterns that block our ability to adapt, grow and express our potential. He currently directs a thriving practice in Madison, Anunson Chiropractic, SC. For more information, email, call 608.829.2250 or visit Reference: American Chiropractic Association,

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“Since getting adjusted, I have been taken off all of my asthma medication, and I can now participate in gym without using my rescue inhaler. I’m able to pay much better attention while I’m in school, and I sleep better at night.” —Nick, 9 yrs.
COMMON CONDITIONS WE’VE HELPED: • Allergies & Asthma • ADD/ADHD Mention this ad and your first • GERD/Reflux visit is complimentary! • Bladder Control/Bedwetting Includes consultation and examination • Ear Infections/Sinusitis
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Dr. Wade Anunson

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Milk thistle
(Silybum marianum) �����������������������������������������������������

ilk thistle is a flowering  herb  native to the Mediterranean region. It has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for a variety of ailments and, historically, was thought to have protective effects on the liver and improve its function. Today, its primary folk uses include liver disorders such as cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders. Other folk uses include lowering cholesterol levels, reducing insulin resistance in people who have both Type 2 diabetes and cirrhosis, and reducing the growth of breast, cervical and prostate cancer cells. Silymarin, which can be extracted from the seeds (fruit) of the milk thistle plant, is believed to be the biologically active part of the herb. The seeds are used to prepare capsules, extracts, powders and tinctures.


side effects. Milk thistle can produce allergic reactions, which tend to be more common among people who are allergic to plants in the same family (e.g., ragweed, chrysanthemum, marigold and daisy). Milk thistle may lower blood sugar levels. People with diabetes or hypoglycemia, or people taking drugs or supplements that affect blood sugar levels, should use caution. Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.
Source: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), Herbs at a glance, NCCAM website. References: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Milk Thistle: Effects on Liver Disease and Cirrhosis and Clinical Adverse Effects. Evidence Report/Technology Assessment no. 21. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 2000. AHRQ publication no. 01-E025. Fried MW, Navarro VJ, Afdhal N, et al. Effect of silymarin (milk thistle) on liver disease in patients with chronic hepatitis C who failed interferon therapy: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.JAMA. 2012;308(3):274–282. Ladas E, Kroli DJ, Kelly KM. Milk thistle  (Silybum marianum). In: Coates P, Blackman M, Cragg G, et al., eds.  Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker; 2005:467-482. Milk thistle. Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Accessed at www. on October 7, 2009. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), silymarin. Natural Standard Database Web site. Accessed at on October 7, 2009. Milk thistle fruit. In: Blumenthal M, Goldberg A, Brinckman J, eds. Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E Monographs. Newton, MA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2000:257–263. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Hepatitis C: A Focus on Herbal Supplements. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Web site. Accessed  on July 18, 2012. Rambaldi A, Jacobs BP, Gluud C.  Milk thistle for alcoholic and/or hepatitis B or C virus liver diseases. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2007;(4):CD003620. Seeff LB, Curto TM, Szabo G, et al.  Herbal product use by persons enrolled in the hepatitis C antiviral long-term treatment against cirrhosis (HALT-C) trial. Hepatology. 2008;47(2):605–612.

What the science says

Previous laboratory studies suggested that milk thistle may benefit the liver by protecting and promoting the growth of liver cells, fighting oxidation (a chemical process that can damage cells) and inhibiting inflammation. However, results from small clinical trials of milk thistle for liver diseases have been mixed, and two rigorously designed studies found no benefit. • A 2012 clinical trial, co-funded by NCCAM and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, showed that two higher-than-usual doses of silymarin were no better than placebo for chronic hepatitis C in people who had not responded to standard antiviral treatment. • The 2008 Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment Against Cirrhosis (HALT-C) study, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), found that hepatitis C patients who used silymarin had fewer and milder symptoms of liver disease and somewhat better quality of life but no change in virus activity or liver inflammation.

Side effects and cautions
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

In clinical trials, milk thistle appears to be well tolerated in recommended doses. Occasionally, people report various gastrointestinal

Let’s bring back the light! �������������������������������������������������������������������
By Alanna Medearis


f you’re like me, this time of year, you leave the house before sunrise and return long after the sun has set — leaving you entirely “in the dark” figuratively and literally when it comes to the natural world. Yes, during these dark days even the most emphatic snow bunny can easily busy themselves indoors and find themselves disconnected from the nature. There’s good news however: the winter solstice is upon us, and the days will soon get longer! On Saturday, December 21, the northern polar tilt of our planet’s polar hemisphere will be the farthest away from the sun, leaving us Wisconsinites with the shortest day all year, before the days begin to lengthen. Earth rotates around the sun while spinning on its own axis, creating years and days respectively. However, the rotation of Earth upon its axis is tilted, so the North Pole constantly points to the same place in space, namely, towards the North Star (though, interestingly, this was and will not always be the case). Because of this tilt, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres receive different amounts of sunlight throughout the year. During the winter the Northern Hemisphere is tilting away from the sun, causing shorter day length, cooler weather and, ultimately, seasonal change. And on the winter solstice, we (in the Northern Hemisphere) experience the shortest amount of daylight because, on this day, we face farthest away from the sun (by 23.5°). Throughout time, cultures around the world, including Wisconsin’s Aztalan community, have celebrated the solstice as a time to connect with the natural cycles of the planet, reflect on the past year, and look forward to longer and longer days ahead. Why not take some time for yourself to do the same this year? From elaborate parties to simple hikes or bonfires, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and enjoy the solstice. Here are some ideas and traditions to get you started: • Light a candle on December 21 to celebrate the winter solstice and the gradual lengthening of daylight (until the summer solstice). • Lay out seeds and other treats for the birds in your backyard or community.
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Dental anxiety? You have options! �������������������������������������������
By Edwin Batchelor, DDS


ental phobia prevents more than 50 percent of Americans from seeking dental treatment. This alltoo-common phobia keeps people from receiving necessary routine dental care, potentially compromising the health and functionality of their mouths and smiles. Don’t let dental fears keep you from experiencing the oral care you need and deserve. A trip to the dentist can be a positive and comfortable experience. There are options in tackling this dental anxiety, including sedation and hypnosis.

“Oral sedation dentistry is … clinically proven and is effective at helping patients who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist.”
How does dental sedation work?
Sedation dentistry uses a common oral sedative that is sometimes combined with nitrous oxide to create a feeling of relaxation and ease. Sedation medications have an amnesic effect, so you will have few, if any, memories of the visit. The entire process is simple and comfortable. Oral sedation negates the need for IV needles, giving it an additional benefit for patients who may be fearful of this component of their visit. This technique in combination with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) results in patients who experience a minimally depressed level of consciousness and a reduction in sensation. In other words, the pains of dentistry will be diminished. You will still be able to breathe and communicate with your dentist, but the worries that were once experienced at the dentist will drift into the distant past.

Relationship-Based Dentistry
DENTAL ANXIETY? Let us be the bridge between your dental fears and obtaining great oral health. Dr. Batchelor is certified in sedation dentistry as well as hypnotherapy. Call today for a free consultation.
1001 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison (608) 318-4350 226 W. Cottage Grove Road, Cottage Grove (608) 478-2011
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013


Advantages of sedation dentistry

General and Family Dentistry

Oral sedation dentistry is now the most common technique used in the United States to end patient fears. This is because it is clinically proven and is effective at helping patients who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. It can also greatly

benefit patients who don’t like the idea of sitting through a particularly long operation. Remember that neglecting routine dental care can result in the need for more drastic dental treatments. If you are one of the many Americans who skips out on the dentist because of fear or anxiety, dental sedation may be able to help you get back on the path of proper oral health care.

LET’S BRING BAcK THE LIGHT! continued from page 57

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How does dental hypnosis work?

Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a state in which you have heightened focus, concentration and inner absorption. When you’re under hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and you can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while blocking out distractions. Under hypnosis, you’re more open than usual to suggestions, and this can be used to modify your perceptions, behavior, sensations and emotions.

at your favorite nature organization like the Aldo Leopold Nature Center or Olbrich Botanical Gardens. • Attend a solstice event, like the Aldo Leopold Nature Center’s Winter Solstice Celebration on Thursday, December 20. • Make your own hand-rolled candles from bees wax and light your way through the dark winter nights. • Celebrate the solstice with stargazing. • Have a family game night during the year’s longest night. • Celebrate the sun’s return by making or eating sun-colored (yellow or orange) foods. • Take a walk at sunrise to greet the return of longer days. • Have dinner lit only by candlelight.

coins at night or during the morning after the solstice. • Honor the new solar year with light. Use half of an orange peel for a candle holder (looks like a sun!) and enjoy the light with your family. • Build an outdoor fire (weather permitting) and gather around for storytelling, warm drinks and marshmallow toasting. Wishing you a very happy solstice!
Alanna Medearis is the director of marketing and audience development at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center (ALNC). With locations in Monona and Black Earth, ALNC provides hands-on programs (field trips, summer camps, family programs and events, scout and home-school programs, workshops and interactive exhibits) in the spirit of famed ecologist Aldo Leopold. To find our more, visit or call 608.221.0404.

Advantages of hypnosis

People who are tense have a lower pain threshold. Learning how to relax with hypnosis and prepare for dental work will help you to increase your pain threshold. Preparing for dental work through hypnosis may also help to reduce bleeding gums, decrease any residual pain after dental work and contribute to better overall health of your gums and teeth. Some applications of hypnosis in dentistry include controlling a strong gag reflex, treating chronic facial pain and modifying unwanted habits such as teeth grinding. Hypnosis can be used as an alternative to anesthetic for those who wish to undergo treatment without medications. If you’re interested in witnessing just how well hypnosis can work for dental treatment, watch this incredible video: http://www.
Edwin Batchelor, DDS, is a partner at Excellence in Dentistry. Dr. Batchelor graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry and provides care through sedation and hypnosis for those with phobias or fear of treatment. He is certified in oral conscious sedation by the State of Wisconsin; trained by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. He is also a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. For more information, call 608.318.4350 or visit

For a chance to win 1 of 5 Visa® Gift Cards


Peace is Possible
Akanishta Buddhist Center
17 North 5th Street meditation in 608-661-3211

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Jane gets a crown fit for a queen ������������������������������������������������������
“You nEED a Root canaL anD a cRoWn.” This is prob-

ably the last thing anyone wants to hear at their dentist’s office. Unfortunately for me, I’d heard those very words not too long ago. I got the root canal from my (former) dentist and, frankly, it was terrible. I can’t imagine a root canal ever being fun, but this dentist took a bad thing and made it worse. The experience was so unpleasant that I decided to seek out a new dentist for the crown. I soon found myself in the care of Dr. Batchelor at Excellence in Dentistry. I’m so glad I did. From the moment I entered the office, I had a feeling that it was going to be a positive experience. For one thing, the reception staff was all smiles — exactly what you want to see at a dentist’s office! And the waiting room was more like a cozy living room than a reception area. There were comfortable couches and pillows, soft lighting, and lots of plants and artwork. The vibe was very warm and welcoming, not sterile like so many dental offices. The place even smelled inviting. One thing I’ve always hated about going to the dentist is the smell. Most waiting rooms have that hospital smell hanging in the air, all latex and chemicals, reminding you of whatever grim procedure awaits inside. Not so at Excellence in Dentistry. The whole waiting room smelled as if someone were baking chocolate chip cookies. Then, to my surprise, I saw that there were warm, freshly-baked cookies set out for all of the patients to enjoy! Minutes after sitting down, I was called back to the treatment room by Dr. Batchelor’s assistant. She was very gentle while taking my X-rays, though I hardly noticed that she was doing anything at all. I was too busy enjoying the massage chair she had me reclining in. Before I knew it, Dr. Batchelor was sitting right down by my side, explaining in clear, simple language each step of what he was about to do. Knowing precisely what I was in for alleviated my anxiety considerably, and I could hardly believe it when, less than 30 minutes later, he told me in his kind voice that I was through. He sent me on my way with my new temporary crown and detailed instructions on proper care. The entire procedure was quick and painless.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

“And the waiting room was more like a cozy living room than a reception area.”
The following day, while flossing my teeth, I screwed up. I popped off the temporary crown. I had received clear instructions on flossing but, willful woman that I am, I didn’t do as I was told. Feeling embarrassed, I called Excellence in Dentistry to inform them of the problem. The receptionist was very pleasant on the phone, and I was invited to come in as soon as I could get there. I drove to the office immediately and was out again in what couldn’t have been more than five minutes! It was the same experience about a week later when I returned to have the temporary removed and the permanent crown fitted into place — quick, easy, painless. While discussing my new tooth with the doctor, I happened to mention that my son, Luke, had two cavities that he needed filled. I was then referred to Dr. Hill, who I learned is a consultant to the State of Wisconsin for treating children in institutionalized settings. I was impressed with my experience at Excellence in Dentistry, so I decided to schedule an appointment for my son. I had warned Luke many times about taking care of his teeth. While I didn’t want to scare him, I did want to be honest with him about what would happen if he didn’t. “There would be needles and drills,” I told him. I had experienced that trauma too many
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Na•ture’s Path•ways n. Your

resource to share information of health, wellness & sustainability with a natural perspective.

Osteopathic manual therapy versus chiropractic �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
By Jed Downs, MD, MPH


ne of the most common questions I get as a practitioner of osteopathy is, “How does osteopathy differ from chiropractic?” In this article I hope to fairly compare

and contrast osteopathy with chiropractic in a manner that can be understood by a layperson. There are many similarities between osteopathy and chiropractic. The founders for both schools of manual therapy were students of vitalism, the theory that life is dependent on forces distinct from purely chemical or physical forces, and spiritualism, a doctrine that spirit exists separate from matter. These were both religious and philosophical movements of the late 1800s.



Both osteopathy and chiropractic: • Recognize that the structure and condition of the body play a role in the inherent abilities of the body to heal itself and to fend off disease. • Recognize that lifestyle and environment play a role in the condition of the body. • Agree that finding the cause of an individual’s problems requires paying attention to the physical state of the body and not just to the symptoms related by the patient.


Madison Manual Medicine Madison Manual Medicine

Jed Downs, MD, MPH 2940 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg 608-512-7177 •

Chiropractic is not limited just to manipulation; it can involve nutritional and lifestyle counseling, as well as rehabilitation. Chiropractic emphasizes the role of the nervous system as being central to good health. As it is practiced, manipulation (or adjustments) of the spine is felt to be the key to restoring balance, function and health. The innate force of life is felt to be under the control of the nervous system and transmitted by the nervous system. To support life, the nervous system must be functioning optimally. From here, there are many subdivisions and manners of chiropractors who take different approaches to keeping the nervous system functioning properly.


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

“The osteopathic model of thinking about the body looks not only at the interplay between the spine and musculoskeletal system with the nervous system, but also at the impact of restrictions of other tissues, and how they too can impair the body’s functions.”
Osteopathy is not in conflict with most of the above. Instead of “innate force,” osteopaths use the term “biodynamic force” to refer to the manifestation of life forces within the being. Osteopaths do not limit their view of this life force as being manifest only in the nervous system, though they do not denigrate its role. The osteopathic model of thinking about the body looks not only at the interplay between the spine and musculoskeletal system with the nervous system, but also at the impact of restrictions of other tissues, and how they too can impair the body’s functions. There are many ways in which a problem in one bodily system can cause symptoms in another. An adhesion of a blood vessel may cause the nervous system to create reflex reactions that lead to local muscle spasm, stiffness of a bone or tightening of a joint capsule. Scar tissue from an appendectomy may cause the large intestine to adhere to muscle on the inside of the pelvis, which inhibits normal motion of the pelvis, leading to hip, groin or low back pain. Birth trauma or other trauma to the head may stress the casing of the brain and spinal cord (dura) and lead to pain and spasm adjacent to or distal from the site of restriction. Osteopaths look to the connective tissue system, the vascular system and the nervous system for interrelationships that, when disturbed, may cause impacts in terms of pain and function, even to the point of dysfunction of the digestive, endocrine and immune systems. There are differences between how chiropractors and osteopaths interact with the life force of the patient. These are too nuanced to describe fully. Osteopaths make use of manipulation via high velocity, low amplitude thrust or osteoarticular techniques when necessary; however, they tend to use gentler, slower techniques that involve finding tissue strain or rigidity, and present the awareness of the restriction back to the body. This is done in such a way that the body can process it and then auto correct. These are indirect techniques that involve finding pivot points or fulcrums that the body can use to work around as it processes the information, define a still point and go through an auto correction. The osteopath is in communication with the body’s response to treatment, and adapts his or her treatment on an ongoing basis. Treatment is adapted to the body’s needs, as opposed to being implemented on the body via a recipe of techniques that are usually repeated in follow-up visits until the correction holds.
Jed Downs, MD, MPH, has been studying osteopathy since 1995. Formerly he worked in occupational medicine until pursuing his passion full-time at Madison Manual Medicine, 2940 Chapel Valley Road in Fitchburg. He uses osteopathic techniques to manage consequences (pain and loss of function) of trauma regardless of etiology, be it birth, sport, MVA, repetitive strain or living life. For more information, call 608.512.7177, visit www.MadisonManualMedicine. com or email

JANE GETS A cROwN FIT FOR A QUEEN continued from page 60

times as a child, and I didn’t want him to have to go through the same thing. When I learned he had cavities, I feared the worst for him. However, I couldn’t have been more pleased with what came next. Dr. Hill examined Luke’s X-rays and did a careful physical exam. He then told me that, instead of two cavities, there was really only one area of decay that needed attention. I was taken aback by his honesty. What was more, for this one cavity, Luke wouldn’t need a filling at all. Dr. Hill explained to me that he was going to use a precision tool to simply sandblast the decay away. No needles, no drills and no metal in my son’s mouth. Once again, the procedure was done quickly, with no anxiety and no pain. I’m happy to report that Luke hasn’t experienced any further dental problems, and his teeth are looking great. It’s been several months now since I got my new crown, and it feels almost as though it’s been there all along. It has found a very comfortable home among my other teeth, and I’ve found a very comfortable new dental office. It’s a good feeling to know you’ve got reliable, trustworthy professionals to help you take care of your family. I found that feeling at Excellence in Dentistry. Drs. James Hill, Amy Sergeant and Edwin Batchelor are available at two convenient Excellence in Dentistry locations: 226 W. Cottage Grove Rd. in Cottage Grove (608.478.2011) and 1001 N. Sherman Ave. in Madison (608.318.4350). For more information, visit

Take control of our

energy future!



Full Spectrum Solar is a locally owned, environmentally conscious company focused on providing our customers the best solar energy installations possible since 2002. Owned and operated by UW-Madison mechanical engineering graduates, brothers Mark and Burke O’Neal, our staff includes engineers, NABCEP-certified installers, and Wisconsin-licensed electricians and plumbers.

Solar Electric & Solar Thermal • Design & Installation

(608) 284-9495 •
December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways



other Nature’s Diaper Service, Inc. was established in 1990 to deliver cotton diapers to the homes of Madisonarea families. Even before cloth diapering was considered “cool,” as it is today, we were helping people realize how easy, fun and healthy it is.


business employs special needs people through Dane County’s own Responsive Employment Services (RES and MARC).

Good for the children of the world!

Natural and easy!

Cotton diapers are a lot like a baby’s skin — soft and gentle. Thankfully, they’re free of chemical gels, unlike “disposables.” They are also pH balanced to help fight diaper rash. Plus, with our service, they don’t have to be emptied, rinsed or transported. Of course, since there is no pinning required these days, anyone can easily change them.

We send diapers to disaster areas to help flood victims, Nothing But Nets (malaria prevention group) and Help To Others (H2O) to name a few. We also work with many church groups that send layettes with our diapers to orphanages and hospitals all over the world.

Good for you and your child!

Good for the environment!

Our diapers are used over 80 times retail, 20 more times wholesale, and then either sold to car washes and other businesses, or donated to good causes (reduce, reuse, recycle). Our computerized commercial washing machines are very energy efficient and allow economies of scale that cannot be realized with home washers and dryers.

Good for our neighborhoods!

We contribute to many nonprofit groups that work for human rights, education, a clean environment, etc. Many of our contributions to local charities benefit worthwhile causes: transitional housing, Habitat for Humanity, Safe Home, Safe Place for Newborns and Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation. We also donate to many silent auctions that raise funds for organizations like Madison Junior Woman’s Club, The Rainbow Project, AIDS Network and Common Wealth Development. In addition, our
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

Today’s cloth diapering is fun! There are so many great products out there to facilitate the process, from diaper wraps to carrying bags. Our service can be used in conjunction with almost any of these products, so you can have all the fun without any of the mess! Our computerized washing process is very rigorous and follows all standardized guidelines set forth for a healthy, pH-balanced product that will never have any harmful residues. This is hard to achieve with home washers that are not made exclusively for diaper washing. At Mother Nature’s Diaper Service, we strive to be more than just a diaper service. We are literally honored when families in local communities choose us to be a part of their child raising and hope to show others that business is more than just about making money. For more information, visit our website or call us today!

931 E. Main St., Suite 5, Madison 608.251.BABY •

Foods that help fight fatigue ������������������������������������������������������

inter weather produces more than just colder temperatures and snow-covered landscapes. The longer hours of darkness synonymous with winter can promote feelings of lethargy and fatigue. People who leave the house in the early morning darkness, only to return home when the sun has set, often find themselves feeling tired. But changing your diet to include foods that provide energy may be just what you need to counter such fatigue. Energy levels are often affected by what we eat. If you choose foods that result in a mid-afternoon slump, it could be time to make some changes. The key is to select menu items that will provide a gradual stream of energy through the day, eliminating those highs and lows that can lead to dips in energy. Here are some smart food choices to fight fatigue: • OatmEaL: This fiber-rich food provides a quick boost of energy from carbohydrates, but will not result in a sugar crash that is common with many breakfast cereals. The fiber in oatmeal will feed the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract, helping to keep the digestion system healthy. This means you can easily absorb the nutrients in oatmeal and avoid constipation. • PumpKIn sEEDs: Researchers at the United States Agricultural Research Service found that people with magnesium deficiencies required more oxygen uptake during physical activity, which then brought on fatigue. Snacking on magnesium-rich foods, such as pumpkin seeds, will provide the body with the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. Aim for 310 mg of magnesium for women and 400 mg for men. • LEan pRotEIns: When enjoying proteins, opt for leaner meats and seafood that can be quickly digested by the body. Red meats marbled in fat require more energy to digest. • YoguRt: The soft texture of yogurt makes it easily digestible by the body, providing a quick source of energy. But unlike other foods, yogurt has a good ratio of protein to carbohydrates, making it a long-lasting energy source. Yogurt also contains


a bevy of healthy probiotics that promote healthy bacteria in the digestive tract while eliminating harmful bacteria. Recent research from the University of Toronto suggests that probiotics can help ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, among other conditions. This makes yogurt a good meal or snack to enjoy any time of the day. • WHoLE gRaIns: When choosing carbohydrates, opt for complex carbohydrates, which can be found in whole grains, instead of refined carbs. The body digests and releases complex carbohydrates slowly, moderating blood sugar levels and keeping your mood stable. This helps the body maintain adequate energy levels. • SpInacH: Fatigue may be a byproduct of an iron deficiency, which is a common cause of anemia. Red blood cells use iron to carry oxygen to cells. Without adequate iron, the red blood cells cannot do their job well, and mental and physical fatigue may ensue. Spinach is an excellent source of iron, magnesium and vitamin C. • WaLnuts: Walnuts and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can alleviate symptoms of fatigue. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that alphalinolenic acid found in walnuts can boost energy and relieve depression symptoms. • DaRK cHocoLatE: Every once in a while, you may crave something a little sweet for a pick-me-up. But rather than selecting just any candy bar or snack, opt for something smart. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. The chocolate helps boost the brain chemical serotonin, which can alleviate feelings of fatigue. Winter doldrums do not have to get you down. Selecting an array of healthy foods that provide maximum energy and mood-boosting properties can help to banish fatigue. 
Source: Metro Creative Connection.

More on spiritual awakening �����������������������������������������������������
By Michaela Torcaso

This article stands on its own but also builds on last month’s article, “Spiritual awakening.” Anything represented here is for the purpose of supporting the individual process of spiritual awakening. None of it is to be misconstrued as absolute truth. Q. Sometimes it seems as if all the progress I’ve made on my path to spiritual awakening is gone, and I’m right back where I started. Is this normal?

A. This is actually a very common perception when people are working towards this life-changing experience. It can seem as if you are stuck behind a cloud with no sun shining through the window. However, it is useful to notice that “feelings” do not necessarily represent the truth.  If using the analogy of a dirty window, it could be said that as you recognize the illusions of your ego represented as the dirt on the

window, you can then see clearly through these panes of glass. People often become accustomed to this clarity of sight and then are shocked to encounter a dirty portion of the window. At these times, you may feel as if you have always  been “stuck” and that there is no hope. However, nothing has been lost, and you may even find that you’re grateful for the recognition of newly discovered illusions.  Q. What is the ego, and how do I deal with it? A. The ego can be understood in a plethora of ways; most often it is associated with a negative connotation. Some philosophies consider the possibility that the ego is actually a temporary illusion, useful only until you are in full remembrance of your “self ” (“Truth” of who you are).  The following definition is based on this philosophy.
Ego:  Inflexible identity (self-perception) encompassing fixed patterns of behavior or attitudes (sub-personalities).  Produces automatic reaction rather than free response. Closely connected with F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Healthy Healthy legs legs are are just just a a phone phone call call away... away...
Now Now is is the the time time to to stop stop the the pain, pain, discomfort discomfort and and unsightly unsightly appearance appearance associated associated with with varicose varicose veins. veins. We We invite invite you you to to call call or or visit visit us us today today for for your your free free consultation. consultation.
Treatment Treatment Treatmentmay may maybe be becovered covered coveredby by byyour your yourinsurance, insurance, insurance, Medicare Medicare Medicareor or orMedicaid Medicaid Medicaidincluded. included. included. Bruce Bruce W. W. Cardone, Cardone, MD, MD, RVT RVT


• Observing that an impulse coming from • Choosing to follow an ego impulse

262.349.9371 262.349.9371
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

Board Board BoardCertified Certified CertifiedRadiologist Radiologist Radiologist Diplomate Diplomate Diplomateof of ofAmerican American AmericanBoard Board Boardof of of Phlebology Phlebology Phlebology

your ego presents you with a choice.

amounts to consciously indulging in illusion.

“How do you have an authentic experience of loving yourself when you are seemingly lost in self-judgment?”
• Choosing authentic action creates the

witnesses, that which recognizes your subpersonalities in action and reminds you of the space that exists between your misperceptions and the “Truth” of who you are. As you continue to observe with gratitude and appreciation, rather than judgment and ridicule, you automatically experience loving yourself.   Q. Does it always have to be so hard? A. You awaken as you perceive necessary. The ego is committed to survival, in order to provide justification for its existence. As you remember the illusive nature of the ego, you find peace in the process of awakening. When you believe the misperceptions about yourself, you experience suffering.

were true, confirming experiences begin to accumulate.)


• Misperceptions vastly increase the

experience of personal power.

It is common to default to judgment of self as you encounter your various ego patterns.  In addition, you may default to the belief that what you are witnessing is your true self. Dealing with “it” (the ego) by loving yourself through this process of awakening automatically returns you to the center of self (“Truth” of who you are). The question is: How do you have an authentic experience of loving yourself when you are seemingly lost in self-judgment? A vital first step is to experience your observer.
OBsERVER: The eye/I at the center of self — the “Truth” of who you are — that which

experience of suffering for yourself and those around you. • When you notice your own misperceptions, you are returned to the experience of everything/nothing. • Clearing  allows a misperception to lose its grip; that is, releasing  a misperception helps break the habit of seeing the world through its lens. Again, the difficulty associated with spiritual awakening is individual, neither good nor bad, right  nor wrong. It is useful to revel in the glory of the process.
Michaela Torcaso has been a facilitator of personal transformation since the late ‘70s and group transformation since 1996. She owns whitedoor, llc and TIBIA, Inc., and is also the founder of Creating a Peaceful World, Inc. (CAPW). For more information, visit, and Reference: Foundation Workshop manual, whitedoor, llc, Madison,

Disempowering generalizations formed to protect the ego from further shock. Misperceptions are thoughts like:  I can’t, they won’t, you always, we never. Anything other than the experience of freedom and peace is a misperception. (This last statement is an article of faith rather than a proven conclusion. Once you begin living as if it

6225 University Avenue, Suite 208, Madison, WI

Foundation Workshop … the power of choice
A 2-day course dedicated to: recognizing unconscious choices we make finding one’s center and maintaining steadiness experiencing Self

Saturday & Sunday, January 11 & 12, 2014 9 a.m.-6 p.m. both days $400 or $320 (if paid by 12/28/13)
6225 University Ave., Ste. 208, Madison 608.238.7328 • December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways



estby Cooperative Creamery is one of the longest-established cooperatives in the state of Wisconsin, celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2013. In 1903, 300 Vernon County farmers formed the cooperative with a tendollar investment from each. Today, the cooperative is owned by about 170 local


dairy farm families, called “patrons,” many of whom are third or fourth generation owners of their family farms. These patrons annually ship over 125 million pounds of milk from their farms to Westby Cooperative Creamery’s manufacturing facility in Westby, Wis. This milk is either conventional or certified organic,

Producing quality dairy products since 1903.
Years of experience ensures the highest quality products for each of our customers. Each product is made in small batches for high quality and great taste. Farmer-owned ensuring the best welfare of their animals producing rBST-free milk.

Creamery Plant & Cheese Store 401 South Main St., Westby General Offices & Distribution Center 615 North Main St., Westby (608) 634-3181 or (800) 492-9282


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

and all is rBST-free. At the facility, over 25 million pounds of cultured dairy food products — cottage cheeses, sour creams, dairy dips, yogurts — and cheese curds, cream cheeses, hard cheeses and more — are produced each year. Most people are surprised to learn that Westby Cooperative Creamery is the only manufacturer of cottage cheeses in the state of Wisconsin. As such, they manufacture this product, and many others, under their retail Westby brand as well as under the consumer brands of many other companies. This is called “private label manufacturing,” and it represents about half of the cooperative’s product manufacturing capacity. Products like dry curd cottage cheeses, sour creams and yogurts are also produced as ingredients for use in the production of other foods by other manufacturers. Products made by the cooperative can be found in school cafeterias, hospitals and restaurants. You’ll find Westby brand products in local grocery stores across Wisconsin and in surrounding states. All products are healthful dairy foods, and many are low-fat or fat-free, and satisfy the body’s basic nutritional needs for protein and calcium. As the patrons like to say, “Take home country goodness from the local family dairy farms of Westby Cooperative Creamery.” It is the mission of Westby Cooperative Creamery to support and strengthen local family dairy farms by providing a stable and competitive market for the milk of the patron-member-owners, good jobs for the cooperative’s employees and economic strength for the community. It is also the cooperative’s mission to manufacture healthful and award-winning dairy food products. They are succeeding in this mission, as the business topped $50 million in revenues during fiscal year 2012. Westby Cooperative Creamery, which employs over 130 people, is located in Westby, Wis., about 25 miles southeast of La Crosse. Westby Cooperative Creamery’s manufacturing facility is located in downtown Westby, along with a cheese store that includes a gift shop. The new general offices and distribution center are located off highway 14/61 on the northwest side of town. To learn more, please visit

401 S. Main Street, Westby • 608.634.3181 or 800.492.9282 Open 7 days a week 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please stop by for a visit!


on your own terms with SAIL!
Home Repairs Wellness Services Social Connections Personal Security

We are a nonprofit membership organization of Madison area residents age 55 and over.

Learn more, call us at 230-4321!

December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways



Every Monday through December 23 • 6:30-8:30 p.m. Magical Mondays: A Spiritual Discussion Group for Women with Rebecca Grazulis Help create a community of soulful women! Join Rebecca Grazulis, psychic medium and owner of Enchanted Intuitive Coaching LLC, as she leads a discussion about different spiritual concepts every Monday. Topics will include, but are limited to: living the Law of Attraction; the importance of purpose; serendipity and signs; and developing a spiritual practice. Each Monday’s topic can be found at, and women should feel free to suggest future topics. Please contact Rebecca at or 608.620.4874. Register at using the PayPal link. If you buy three sessions, receive one for free. Event will be held at Enchanted Intuitive Coaching, 5610 Medical Circle, Suite 26, Madison. Cost: $25/person. Every Tuesday through December 17 • 6-9 p.m. Gallery Reading Night for Women with Rebecca Grazulis Share an evening with like-minded women who would like to learn how to fully express themselves and fulfill their purposes. Rebecca Grazulis, psychic medium and owner of Enchanted Intuitive Coaching LLC, will deliver messages for the women in attendance from their angels and guides that will assist them in healing themselves, identifying their natural gifts and talents, and unleashing their greatness into the world. Please contact Rebecca at or 608.620.4874. Register at using the PayPal link. Limited openings. Event will be held at Enchanted Intuitive Coaching, 5610 Medical Circle, Suite 26, Madison. Cost: $40/person. First Wednesday of Every Month • 6-9 p.m. West Madison Reiki Share Group If you are Reiki Level I or higher, join us the first Wednesday of every month. We’ll begin with a meditation to leave the cares of the outside world behind, we’ll share our Reiki experiences and then provide each other with a Reiki treatment. Donation. Loving Heart Reiki, LLC, 433 Grand Canyon Drive, Suite 2, Madison. Contact Teresa at 608.346.3424. Wednesdays • 7:30-9 p.m. Chakra Toning Group Chakra toning is the practice of using your own voice with intention and visualization to open, clear and activate the chakra system to its fullest potential. No prior knowledge or skill is necessary, just the desire to participate. After everyone has completed the initial toning, Luna Lynn uses crystal singing bowls and vocalizations to guide the group on a sonic journey to receive further insight, guidance and healing that may be desired. Give yourself the gift of self-care and join with community in a loving, safe space. You are your own best guru. Are you listening to the guidance you are giving yourself? Come tone with us and find out. Cosmic Delights, 2334 Atwood Ave., Madison, 608.630.8680. $5-10 suggested donation.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

Every Friday • 5:30 p.m. Get Waisted Meeting Lose 3-5 pounds a week! Eat 12 cups of food a day! Detox made delicious! Weekly meetings that work! Please join use at Whole Foods Market for weekly Get Waited meetings. For more information visit, call 734.678.3785 or email Sunday, December 1 • 5:30-7 p.m. Isthmus Acupuncture Happy-Hour with Young Living Essential Oils — Healing Oils of the Ancient Scripture Spend the first Friday of each month learning and sharing information on Young Living Essential Oils. Join us from 5:30-6 p.m. for socializing, networking, healthy appetizers and nutritious drinks. Learn from our guest speakers on hot topics from 6-7 p.m. Cost: $10 for Young Living distributors and free for guests. Friday, December 6 • 5-8 p.m. German Style Christmas Market at Driftless Depot Enjoy old world holiday spirit and camaraderie. Sit by the fire on the patio, and delight in homemade brats & spaetzle on a scrumptious pretzel bun, soup, mulled wine, beer, music. Discover locally sourced and Italian, German, French specialty products and gifts for the holiday season. Enjoy Larry Busch’s Holiday Brass Band! Driftless Depot, 140 S Winsted St., Spring Green,, 608.628.1001. Sunday, December 8 • 12-4 p.m. The Chakra House Celebrates Five Years of Finding Wholeness — Open House Join us for a complimentary sampling of our wellness goodies, including yoga, massage, acupuncture, energy work, nutrition consulting and what makes us most unique — our personalized wellness plans made just for you. Get to know our collaborative care providers who can help you to Feel Like Yourself Again. Held at The Chakra House Wellness Studio, 664 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 608.237.6128,

Wednesday, December 11 • 6 p.m. Meet the Dietitian Come and learn how Get Waisted will not only help you prevent holiday weight gain, but will help you lose weight for good and feel great while you’re at it! RSVP with Brittany Miller, RD, at 734.678.3785 or brittany@ Cost: Free. Location: Oasis Day Spa inside Princeton Club West, 8016 Watts Rd., Madison. Saturday, December 14 • 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Nourishing Your Body — Nutrition That Works Do you really know what good nutrition consists of? If you’re not happy with your weight, body composition, or overall feeling of health and wellness, then you meed to attend this seminar. You will learn simple steps to bring more nourishment into your diet, and make the food you’re eating work for you, instead of against you. These guidelines can and will put you on the path to safe and sustainable fat loss, improved health, and optimal well-being. You can expect to walk away with a plan of action that will greatly improve your health and happiness for years to come. Fit Body Boot Camp 5617 Odana Rd. Madison WI 53719. Cost is $15. Contact Jade - or call 608-616-5695 to register. Monday, December 16 • 6:30-7:30 p.m. Living Free of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Presentation So you¹ve been told you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You¹ve been experiencing gas, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea or constipation all your life, and this is what you get. Perhaps you¹ve even gone as far as having a colonoscopy, endoscopy, biopsies and testing to rule out celiac disease, and all of these have come back negative. What are you to do? Join Carrie Decker, naturopathic physician with Blessed Thistle, LLC, as she gives you some options that will help you move into a life free of your IBS symptoms. Dr. Decker will also have testing kits available at this time to help you investigate the possible aspects of your lower or upper gastrointestinal system, which might be contributing to your symptoms. Visit www.BlessedThistle. info to learn more about Dr. Decker and naturopathic medicine. Cost: Free. Location: 6117 Monona Dr., Monona. Call 608.620.5831 with questions. Saturdays in March Usui and Karuna Reiki® — Reiki for Children Reiki translates as “Universal Life-Force Energy” and is an energy system that is easy to learn and use. Classes include guided meditation, instruction, practice and a Reiki attunement. Participants will learn the history of Reiki, about energy and the chakras, the hand positions, and how to do Reiki on themselves and others, in person or distant. As a Reiki student you will learn a wonderful method for centering and relaxation that is always with you, which can be used easily at any time. Adult Classes: $200. Children’s Classes: $100. Loving Heart Reiki, LLC, 433 Grand Canyon Drive, Suite 2, Madison. Contact Teresa at 608.346.3424 or visit

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Full Spectrum Solar 1240 E. Washington Ave., Madison 608.284.9495

Support our local businesses in the healthy living industry!

Absolutely Art Meghan Blake-Horst, Gallery Manager 2322 Atwood Ave., Madison 608.249.9100 Absolutely Art is a communitybased art gallery, featuring a wide variety of fine art and affordable gifts. We purchase from local artists to help create a greater sense of place and to stimulate the local art scene. By buying locally, we help keep Madison a unique place to live and grow. This can only benefit our neighbors and our community. Peaceful Heart 123 South Main St., Oregon 608.835.5288 Peaceful Heart strives to offer products and services that promote and enhance emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We have many tools available in the form of books, CDs, classes, events and speakers to assist in understanding what our emotional needs are as individuals. We also have a wide selection of unique, fun and uplifting gifts including jewelry, music, scarves, crystals and Angel cards.


Basics Cooperative 1711 Lodge Dr., Janesville 608.754.3925 Basics Cooperative is a full-service natural and organic grocery store owned by our customers and open to the public. Our goal is to provide high-quality natural, organic and locally sourced foods and supplements to our community at affordable prices. We are dedicated to providing valuable information and healthy choices. Eat Well, Do Good!

Full Spectrum Solar is a renewable energy contractor serving Madison and southern Wisconsin. We design and install solar energy systems for homeowners, small businesses, large commercial clients, governmental organizations and nonprofit organizations. ENERGY STAR awarding our shop a 100/100 rating demonstrates our commitment to the health of our environment. Please contact us to start the solar conversation.

Natura Clean 608.215.6737 Never clean your home again! Our home cleaning service is safe for you, your family, pets and the environment because we use eco-friendly products and sustainable practices. You can relax and enjoy your free time because we’ve taken care of the details and your home is truly clean. We offer regularly-scheduled cleanings, deep cleanings, one-time, move in/move out and post-construction services. Entrust your home to the Madison area’s green cleaning experts … Natura Clean.

Herb Wellness, LLC 1708 Sunfield St., Sun Prairie (Inside the AMERIPRINT building) 608.721.4248 or 608.215.5098 Herb Wellness, LLC provides body, mind and spirit analysis. We test you to find out what your body may be lacking. Then we suggest herbs, flower essences, alkaline water, dental therapy or aromatherapy. Call for an appointment! Loving Heart Reiki, LLC 433 Grand Canyon Dr., Ste. 2, Madison 608.346.3424 Loving Heart Reiki provides private sessions and classes in the energetic arts, including Usui and Karuna Reiki®, chakra balancing, the EMF Balancing Technique®, crystal healing, holistic aromatherapy and spiritual mentoring. Each of these healing modalities offers its own unique and life-changing experiences and creates for the client a sense of balance, health, well-being, vitality and empowerment.

Blessed Thistle, LLC Madison: 6117 Monona Dr., Ste. 3 Fond du Lac: 952 S. Park Ave. Fox Lake: 205 W. State St. 608.620.5831 Blessed Thistle, LLC is dedicated to bringing naturopathic and alternative medical care to the Madison, Fond du Lac, and Fox Lake regions. Carrie Decker, ND is a board certified naturopathic physician who focuses on holistically treating the cause of disease using treatment modalities of clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and counseling. Common conditions seen include women’s health, gastrointestinal and liver disease and dysfunction, mental health, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, allergies, and other chronic disease conditions.

Fit Body Boot Camp Madison 5617 Odana Rd, Madison 608.616.5695 Fit Body Boot Camp is Madison’s premier holistic fitness studio. We combine short, intense workouts designed to get you twice the results in half the time, with holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching designed to coach and support you on your way to sustainable and lasting fitness and health. Schedule your complimentary Wellness Strategy Session today!

December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways



Integrative Dental Solutions N35 W23770 Capitol Dr., Pewaukee Office: 262.691.4555 • Fax: 262.691.4579 Biological or holistic dentistry is different from conventional dentistry in that it recognizes the importance of a healthy mouth in achieving optimal overall health. Our office understands that every patient has specific needs. Dr. Mahn and Dr. Shetty will even be happy to work with your healthcare practitioner to help you reach your goals.

pists. Whether you prefer to indulge in a light, relaxing massage or desire a more therapeutic, deep tissue massage with focus on specific areas of concern or tension, your massage will be entirely unique to you. Avanti also offers the BioMat, which generates far infrared (FIR) heat and detoxifies the body of harmful elements that can hinder healing. The BioMat is an effective adjunct to massage therapy in the treatment of a multitude of health issues. Open Mondays through Saturdays and evening hours for your convenience. Avanti Massage Therapy makes every client a priority. We take special care in meeting your needs.

Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Center 17 N. 5th Street, Madison 608.661.3211 Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Center is a member of the New Kadampa Tradition-International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU). We are located on Madison’s east side and offer a wide variety of guided meditations, day courses, study programs, empowerments, chanted prayers and pujas for the Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike. Our Dharma Center is devoted to developing a peaceful intention for all living beings.

Dreams Can Become Reality Hypnosis “Think It, Believe It, Feel It, Achieve It” Dr. James E Todd Jr., DCH Located in Monona & Sun Prairie 608.469.5538 Are you ready to tap into 95% of your mind to make positive changes in your life? By enjoying the relaxing and amazing experience of brainwave entrainment and hypnosis, you can make the changes you desire. From virtual gastric band and pain management to breaking unwanted habits, call or email today for a confidential consultation. Forward Fertility, LLC Christie Olsen 608.217.7511 Forward Fertility, LLC is a Madisonbased service that connects women who want to be gestational surrogates with couples in need of this assistance. Forward Fertility also works with egg donors, women who want to conceive with donor sperm and clients looking to donate embryos. Christie Olsen is a nurse practitioner with 16 years of work experience in reproductive health care and the owner of Forward Fertility. Isthmus Acupuncture Center, LLC 608.441.9355 Schedule your appointment online at Follow us on facebook: Isthmusacupuncture Isthmus Acupuncture Center, LLC offers a variety of therapies to meet the health care needs of our community, including acupuncture, massage, functional medicine, Young Living essential oils, facial rejuvenation services, infrared sauna sessions, nutritional supplements and Chinese herbs. Isthmus Acupuncture specializes in treating women’s health, fertility enhancement, pregnancy care, optimizing hormones and menopause.

Jennifer M. Warner, LPC 660 W. Washington Ave., Ste. 308, Madison 608.251.6590 Jennifer M. Warner, LPC, is a holistic psychotherapist. Her passion is to empower individuals, couples and families to call upon their personal strengths to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance in their lives. It is through the combination of talk therapy and experiential approaches that she assists each of her clients to go more deeply into their own process. Jennifer is also a certified equine assisted psychotherapist and specializes in working with women and in eating disorders.

Cosmic Delights Luna Lynn and Andrew Frey 2334 Atwood Ave., Madison 608.630.8680 Cosmic Delights offers tools and treasures for blissful living. From pipes to pentacles, we present a spectrum of local art, gifts, crystals and stones, incense, jewelry, clothing and other mystic bohemian marvels. Our oneof-a-kind cosmic sound chamber is home to holographic sound healing sessions facilitated by Luna Lynn. And don’t forget to stop by for a FREE smudge blessing!

Enchanted Intuitive Coaching LLC 5610 Medical Circle, Ste. 26, Madison 608.620.4874 Enchanted Intuitive Coaching LLC offers psychic readings and spiritual guidance that assists women in fully expressing themselves, stepping into their power, and identifying and fulfilling their purposes. Private sessions can be done in-person or over-the-phone. Classes for women are also regularly offered in enhancing intuition, recognizing divine signs and tapping into universal magic.

Memorial Pet Services, Inc. 4319 Twin Valley Rd., Ste. 15, Middleton 608.836.7297 Memorial Pet Services is a leading-edge pet funeral home providing the highest standards of aftercare and cremation services to pet parents and veterinary practices in southern Wisconsin. Our professional and compassionate staff can help you with pre-planning for your pet’s aftercare, throughout the cremation process and with emotional support when healing from your loss.

Avanti Massage Therapy Moving Forward in Health and Wellness Doug Nicholson, LMT/Owner Christine Schultz, LMT 6314 Odana Rd., Ste. 3, Madison 608.709.1213 At Avanti Massage Therapy, you will receive personalized care and treatment by one of our thera72
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2013

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43/90 North Earth Gifts����������������������������������������18 Absolutely Art�������������������������������������������������������75 Akanishta Buddhist Center�����������������������������������59 Aldo Leopold Nature Center���������������������������������57 Alvardo Real Estate Group�����������������������������������20 Anunson Chiropractic�������������������������������������������55 Avanti Massage Therapy���������������������������������������14 Blessed Thistle������������������������������������������������������ 51 Budding Rose Health����������������������������������������������5 Capital Fitness������������������������������������������������������47 Center for Conscious Living������������������������������������5 Cosmic Delights����������������������������������������������������25 Creating a Peaceful World������������������������������������45 Divine Body & Styles Organic Salon & Spa�������������3 Dreams Can Become Reality Hypnosis�����������������45 Driftless Depot������������������������������������������������������18 Elevation Spa��������������������������������������������������������47 Enchanted Intuitive Coaching LLC �����������������������17

Equilibrex�������������������������������������������������������������40 Excellence in Dentistry������������������������������������������58 Fit Body Boot Camp Madison���������������������������������2 Forward Fertility LLC�����������������������������������������������9 Forward Motion for Life!��������������������������������������23 Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic����������������������������������27 Full Spectrum Solar�����������������������������������������������63 Get Your Lean On��������������������������������������������������74 Get Waisted����������������������������������������������������������35 Green Earth������������������������������������������������������������5 Herb Wellness, LLC�����������������������������������������������25 Holistic HealthCare Options�����������������������������������3 Inner Essence Center��������������������������������������������36 Integrative Dental Solutions���������������������������������13 Isthmus Acupuncture Center, LLC�������������������������42 Jennifer M. Warner, LPC����������������������������������������28 Loving Heart Reiki������������������������������������������������ 31 Madison Acupuncture & Holistic Health LLC�������� 41 Madison EcoBroker, LLC���������������������������������������55 Madison Manual Medicine�����������������������������������62 Memorial Pet Services������������������������������������������49 We get it. Our team of real estate professionals has a different approach to real estate. The foundation is trust, and we build some fun into the process, too. If that feels like a good fit then it probably is. We can connect you with the right agent and schedule a no obligation chat on the phone, at our office or in your home.

Mother Nature’s Diapers�������������������������������������� 21 Natura Clean�������������������������������������������������������� 41 Natural Health Works�������������������������������������������35 New U������������������������������������������������������������������44 Optimal Health Network��������������������������������������13 Paradox Sugar Free Sweets������������������������������������5 Peaceful Heart Gifts & Books�������������������������������14 Perennial Yoga & Meditation��������������������������������15 Puckette Chiropractic�������������������������������������������33 Robert Gilboy Real Estate, LLC�����������������������������48 Rooted Spirit LLC��������������������������������������������������52 SAIL (Supporting Active Independent Lives)���������69 Seven Seeds Organic Farm�����������������������������������53 Spirit Elan������������������������������������������������������������� 21 Tabby & Jack’s Holistic Pet Supplies, Grooming����16 The Chakra House�������������������������������������������������49 Vena���������������������������������������������������������������������66 Westby Cooperative & Creamery��������������������������68 whitedoor�������������������������������������������������������������67 Willy Street Co-op������������������������������������������������76 Wussow Chiropractic�������������������������������������������� 11 and laboratory testing, we also have cat boarding and cat grooming. Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic is located right next to Monona Grove High School. Please visit our website at and see all our happy patients on our Facebook page. For appointments or more information, please call us at 608.819.6750.

Seven Seeds Organic Farm 5079 County Road Z, Spring Green Store hours: Saturdays 11-3 and Wednesdays 3-6, Or by appointment 608.935.5757 — Call to pre-order! Seven Seeds Farm is seven generations of farming located on County Rd Z in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. The farm practices sustainablility by returning the entire 130 plus acres to an organic, grass-based system to raise and finish grassfed cattle from birth to harvest. Proudly, we promote our animal-friendly environment by being AWA certified, and to show that we are truly grassfed, we additionally have the AGA certification. MOSA organic certification ensures the customer that they are getting the gold standard of beef by being free of harmful chemicals and antibiotics in all of our farming practices.

whitedoor, llc (previously TIBIA IntuAction Institute) 6225 University Ave., Ste. 208, Madison 608.238.7328 Discover what’s behind the whitedoor … the journey of awakening to the inherent perfection of who we are. By exploring and testing self-imposed agendas/restrictions that limit the experience of joy and fulfillment, individuals are empowered to make choices that can transform their lives. whitedoor offers support through individual sessions — workshops — intuitive training — retreats — essential oils.

The Chakra House Wellness Studio 664 W. Washington Ave., Madison 608.237.6128 The Chakra House is a space for you to find balance physically, emotionally and spiritually in a fun, natural and intuitive way. Every class, appointment and workshop incorporates your unique style, awareness and innate gifts to validate your ability to balance, heal and connect with your true self.

Alvarado Real Estate Group Sara Alvarado 1914 Monroe St., Madison 608.251.6600 Whether you are a first time home seller or ready to buy your fourth home, you want someone that gets you and your situation; someone that will guide you through the process in a natural and effective way. Not too pushy, yet can tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. A realtor with a long list of great client testimonials and references, deep roots in Madison and a strong knowledge of the market.

Get Waisted Brittany Miller 734.678.3785 Get Waisted is an innovative weight loss program founded by Dr. Mary Clifton, MD, and Tess Challis, chef and wellness coach. The program emphasizes a high antioxidant, whole food approach that leads to lasting weight loss and radiant health. Members are supported with weekly meetings, led by Brittany Miller, registered dietitian, at Whole Foods Market in Madison. Join us and see how you can lose weight joyfully!
December 2013 | Nature’s Pathways

Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic 4504 Monona Dr., Madison 608.819.6750 Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic provides “CPR”: caring, professional and responsive service to you and your pet. Lori Scarlett, DVM, and her friendly staff have many years of experience caring for and treating cats and dogs. We pride ourselves on our thorough exams and gentle care of your furry family members. In addition to exams, surgeries, dental procedures


To complement his book, nutrition & weight loss expert TONY BEDNAROWSKI is now offering WEIGHT LOSS AND WELLNESS COACHING.
Would you like to lose weight, have more energy, and possibly eliminate one or more medications you may be taking for a chronic health issue you’ve been suffering from? Well now it’s possible to look better, feel better and find your way to optimal health with my proven strategy.

To get started today, email!

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Madison's community-based art gallery, featuring original fine art and affordable gifts from local artists!

Shop local this

Buck by Nicky Torkzadeh



Offer redeemable at Absolutely Art. One coupon per visit. Expires 12/31/13.

Bring in this ad for

2322 Atwood Avenue, Madison | 608.249.9100

) 284-7800 Willy West: 6825 University Ave., Middleton • (608 Willy West: 6825 University Ave., Middleton • (608) 284-7800 ) 251-6776 1221 Williamson Madison • (608 Willy East: Willy East: 1221 Williamson St., St., Madison • (608) 251-6776 open 7:30am–9:30pm daily • Open 7:30 am- 9:30 pm daily • w w w . w i l l y str e e t. co o p

- bath Locally prepared Qet and body care products Handmade earrings crafted with eco-friendly, recycled and natural components Eco-friendly, stainless Klean Kanteens coffee bottles

Salt jars, neti pots and more, made by hand from Ohio clay

Trillium Organics OGmama organic body care items

Wooden cutting boards, crafted by Do you love hand in Richlandthe Center,place Wisconsin where you get your food? We’ve Join got great Willy Streetgift Co-op ideas! for as little Handcrafted, fair-trade African Market Baskets™

Or give as the gift of groceries with a and $10/year for seven years Willy Street Co-op gift card. own your local food source!

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