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Treating of the Language of the Heavens. The Reading Of a Horoscope. The Measure of Time and of Hindu Astrology. Includes the influence of the Planet Pluto.





BOOK I – THE LANGUAGE OF THE HEAVENS Chapter I - The Divisions of the Zodiac – The Elements - The Constitutions – The Decanates – Lunar - Mansions - The Signatures of the Zodiac – The Zodiac and the Human Body - The Planets – Planetary Temperament; Flavours, Forms, Colours, Notes, Metals, Parts in the Human Body, and Occupations; Planets as Significators; the Relations of Signs and Planets, Planetary Dignities; Planetary Dominions - The Relation of Decanates and Planets: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces - The Houses - The Planets and Houses - The Aspects

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Chapter VIII - Calculation of the Horoscope Chapter IX Chapter X - Foreign Horoscopes - Summary

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NOTES TO BOOK 1 On the Divisions of the Zodiac – On Lily’s Descriptions 74

– Physical Infirmities – The Polarity of the Signs – Diseases of the Planets and Signs CHAPTER IV. – Illustrations – The Bodily Form – Accidents – Character – Wealth – Rank – Love and Marriage – Travelling – Kind of Death - - 128 . – Marriage – The Time of Marriage – Happiness or Sorrow – Description of Wife – Second Marriages – Female Horoscopes – Length of Marriage CHAPTER IX. – Sympathy and Antipathy CHAPTER XIII. – Children - - 106 113 115 117 119 121 126 CHAPTER X. – Friends and Benefactors CHAPTER XI. – Travelling and Voyages – Success or Loss by Travelling – Where to go – Residence CHAPTER XIV – The Kind of Death - CHAPTER XV.vi BOOK II. – The Rank or Position - CHAPTER VII. – Enemies - CHAPTER XII. – The Profession or Occupation CHAPTER VIII. – Financial Fortunes - CHAPTER VI. – THE READING OF A HOROSCOPE PAGE CONTENTS CHAPTER I.Physical Peculiarities – Accidents CHAPTER II. – Mental Qualities and Infirmities CHAPTER V. – The Physical Constitution - - 77 82 84 94 98 101 104 CHAPTER III. – The Bodily Form – Defects and Accidents .

– The Pre-natal Epoch of the Law of Sex – General Law of the Pre-natal Epoch – Theorems – To Find the Day and Hour of Epoch – Examples of Regular Epochs – Irregular Epochs – The Law of Sex – To Set a Figure without Tables CHAPTER II.The Houses – Aspects – Illustration – The Sub-periods – Example of Planetary Subdivisions – Judgment by Planetary Position – Periods – Sub-periods – Inter-periods – Rules to Judge of Planetary Periods – Locality – The Kalamritam – Effects of Periods and Sub-periods   177 .vii CONTENTS BOOK III. – Sepharial’s Method of Directing – Primary Directions – Secondary Directions – Time-Measure – Transits – Method of Directing – Primary – Considerations CHAPTER IV. – Directions – Primary Directions - PAGE 135 150 CHAPTER III. – Effects of Directions – Secondary Directions - 153 159 CHAPTER V. – Other Time Measures – Lunations – Transits – Eclipses – Proportional Arcs – – Planetary Periods – Planetary Geocentric Longitudes – Solar Revolutions – Lunar Mansions - 166 BOOK IV. – HINDU ASTROLOGY The Ayan msha – The Asterisms – The Planets’ Periods – The Signs of the Zodiac. – THE MEASURE OF TIME CHAPTER I.

viii CONTENTS APPENDIX Lunations - PAGE 213 214 Proportional Logarithms Table of British Summer Time Table of Eclipses. 53 25’N Hindu Planetary Periods - .215.218. 216 217 Tables of Houses for Lat. 219 220 SUPPLEMENT TO REVISED EDITION The Progressive Horoscope 221 222 224 226 227 To Calculate the Progressed Horoscope The Lunar Equivalent The Diurnal Horoscope Note on the Planetary Periods - . 1856 to 1964 ¡ .

Sibley. Ashmand. Coley. after Par shara. and we. and being. as containing the fullest possible information under the several heads of our subject. can.   The law of life is a low of progress. the present Manual may recommend itself to the lay reader. The treatment of that portion of our subject which deals with prenatal influences. Simmonite. and the law of sex. and truth. and much that needs to be told anew in the light of a more catholic experience than that enjoyed by astrological authors of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. as well as by the interpretation of planetary influences in relation to the conditions of Oriental life. The author desires to recognize to the fullest extent the merits of al former writers whose works have opened up and illustrated the subject of planetary influence to many thousands of intelligent minds. The discovery of the planet Pluto in 1930 has enlarged the field of our researches. has the merit of originally. devoid of those abstruse calculations and technicalities which have beclouded some of the most learned and brilliant expositions. in the choice of a guide to the celestial science. then. though. and it is believed that the Manual will give the average student a better grip of the key to celestial science. whose works have been consulted for the purpose of this Manual. Lily. In effect. the characteristics of fullness and simplicity have been considered in the preparation of this work.PREFACE In an experimental subject like Astrology there is always something fresh to be said. at the same time. The present exposition of the predictive art will find more favour with students of Astrology than with the lay reader. and much has been added to what is already known in regard to the nature and dominions of the planets. The section dealing with Hindu Astrology. yet it is deemed of sufficient interest and merit to introduce in these pages. if we . and a wider view of the ground-plan of Astrology than has hitherto been afforded. who from our temporal standpoint take note of the passage of events. the intra-uterine period. is properly dissociated from the body of the Manual by the difference of zodiacal measurement observed in the East.

is enabled. and that the whole plan and superstructure is but a presentation of certain well-defined laws operating in and from the archetypal world. or similar insecure foundation which could not stand the test of the plumb-line and level of science. but always in relation to the experience of new and successive generations. we go no further than the reader himself can prove by an application of the rules contained in this Manual to his own life and that of others. It is because of this mathematical basis in Astrology that the science is rendered so easy of proof. Perhaps the reader will think that in saying this we go too far without appeal to common experience. and that all forms were but the expression of certain numbers or quantities existing in the soul of things. shall occur again. The astrologer. Pythagoras held it as a truth that all things were formed after a type existing in the Universal Mind. The astronomer realises this in the return of the planets and comets in their orbits. and the succession of phenomena attaching thereto is found to be continually repeating itself. the impressibility of Nature. It is in the imperishable rock of numbers that the fadeless footprint of astral science was first set. It is not to be supposed that a scientific structure. such as Astrology purports to be. SEPHARIAL. and the same book is repeatedly studied by each succeeding age. There is nothing supernatural in this when once we come to know the laws of planetary influence. . centuries in advance of their occurrence. and other phenomena of the planets. Thus all humanity is taught the same lesson. occultations. but as far as Astrology is concerned. by his science. and the power of man to read such impressions. On the contrary. we claim that the predictive art is set firmly in the immovable foundations of Nature. taking note of the cyclic repetition of events in conjunction with concurrent celestial phenomena. see therein the working out of this law by means of the cyclic recurrence of those events in successive generations and ages. together with the eclipses of the Sun and Moon. the conjunctions. The astronomer. is able to predict the return of the comets. in contradistinction to many other less scientific modes of divination. to predict when such and such events. can have been in building through the ages upon the basis of a mere conceit of the imagination.will. by similar methods.


George. or Sun’s annual path. would find his place in the history and mythology of the nations. when considering the wisdom of that man who first conceived the idea of writing this stupendous record of our race in the starry heavens. Kristna might change to Hercules and to St. is divided into twelve equal parts. There the moth and dust of time had no advantage. the reasonings of the philosopher. but the stars would remain unchanged. each twelfth part will contain 30 . One cannot but pause to wonder and admire. and as the entire circle consists of 360 . They are named and symbolised thus:1 2 3 4 5 6 Name Aries-Ram Taurus-Bull Gemini-Twins Cancer-Crab Leo-Lion Virgo-Virgin Symbol 7 8 9 10 11 12 Name Libra-Balance Scorpio-Scorpion Sagittarius-Archer Capricornus-Goat Aquarius-Waterman Pisces-Fishes Symbol The Zodiac is a pictorial history of the evolution of the Universe. and a synthetic diagram of human progress through the ages. and the wounded heel should bruise the serpent’s head. and all the musings of the poet. A star that originally belonged to the head of the Dragon would remain his vulnerable point for ever.THE LANGUAGE OF THE HEAVENS CHAPTER I BOOK I THE DIVISIONS OF THE ZODIAC IN Astrology the Ecliptic. These twelve divisions are called Signs of the Zodiac. and the calculations of the searcher of the skies would not avail to move one star from the . nor could the busy hand of man reach there to mar the sacred records with excisions and interpolations. until the time should come when the record was fulfilled. and each of the great heroes who are depicted as closing with the dragon or the serpent in the struggle for life.

while the “mutable” are passive and servile. in use among astrologers are – 1. and physical processes in him.” THE CONSTITUTIONS The signs have a threefold constitutional nature. and are symbolical of the spiritual. mind. Earth. 3. These three constitutions of the signs may again be regarded as acute. soul. and flexed. Therefore the zodiacal signs form the ground plan of Astrology. Each group of three signs is called a “Triplicity. Fire. Astrology attributes to each sign a certain influence over the physical and mental constitution of man. due to their observed elemental and constitutional natures. So the record was set there. The “volatile” signs are active and forceful. The signs are thus distributed:+ = ¢ 1 5 9 Fire Aries Leo Sagittary 2 6 10 Earth Taurus Virgo Capricorn 3 7 11 Air Gemini Libra Aquarius 4 8 12 Water Cancer Scorpio Pisces ͪ The practical significance of this division of the signs into elements will fully appear in subsequent chapters. or mutable. grave.2 bright mosaic of the Zodiac. Their symbols and the signs that correspond to them are here set out. 4. and the specific nature and power of each sign have to be thoroughly known before the modifying influence exerted by the several planets can be estimated with any degree of accuracy. Movable or Acute 1 4 7 10 Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn 2 5 8 11 Fixed or Grave Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius 3 6 9 12 Common or Flexed Gemini Virgo Sagittary Pisces . psychic. 2. and so it has remained to this day. They correspond to the spirit. such being termed the “ruling sign” of the horoscope. and chief attention is given to that sign which is rising in the East at the moment of birth. Air. The signs are subject to a certain classification. mental. Water. the “fixed” are determined and masterful. fixed. and body of man. and each sign is either volatile. THE ELEMENTS The four “elements.” as they are called.

. is shown by a centaur. . . and are indifferent in this respect. – Every odd sign. and . . . written in the fifth century. . . Cardinal Signs. .e. . and by two fishes bound together by a cord. . symbolised by the figures of animals whose names they bear. half man and half horse. and are only mentioned here as affording a possible field of research to diligent students. and . is feminine. . . and : while . . The Mute Signs are .” Many other subdivisions are in use among the astrologers of the East.. Violent Signs. by two children. The Fruitful Signs are ..” they are the angular points which mark the equinoxes and tropics – i.. etc.. which are fully described in the Brihat J taka of Varaha Mihira. and also in different form by Johannes Angelus. . the Sterile Signs are . Double or Bicorporeal Signs. .” These latter are symbolised by a series of figures. . Already named as “movable or acute. consisting of 30 is subdivided into three parts of 10 each. making 300 parts to each sign. every even sign. which confers upon its subject a certain character corresponding to the nature of the planet and the sign in which the decan is placed. and . they have no practical value. – .” £ Each decan is ruled over by one of the planets.. .. and the last half of . But as we have lost the signification of these minute subdivisions. . . and are equinoctial.. The Signs of Voice are . . .. tropical. . . . and necessary to be known. The sign is also called “humane. The Human Signs. . etc. who subdivide the sign into tenths of a degree. and . – . . reprinted by “Raphael. and the first half of .” Bestial Signs. . called “decanates” or “decans. a sixteenth century writer. which are the only zodiacal signs depicted by human figures on the symbolic globe. The planets ruling the decans are given in the chapter on “The Relation of the Signs and the Planets. is masculine..3 Certain other classifications of the signs are in use among us. . These are: The Sex of the Signs. THE DECANATES Each sign.

. Those from Cancer :0. THE SIGNATURES OF THE ZODIAC ARIES.” Thus. . . 13. the 13th and 26th degrees of the Cardinal signs. It consists of a division of the cicle of the Zodiac into 28 equal parts of 12 6/7 degrees each.4 LUNAR MANSIONS One subdivision. and is the space measured by the Moon in the Zodiac by her daily motion. exactly corresponding to the above Lunar “Mansions. which has an important function in modern practice.yields a series of 28 points. . as they enter largely into a later portion of this worm. 21. These degrees should be remembered. we arrange these in the order of their natural sequence. in as much as she returns to any given degrees of longitude on the 28th day of her course. the 9th and 21st of the Fixed signs. 9. 21. if measured from the four cardinal points. 31. 9. . however. 4. 26 This table shows that the cardinal points. 17. and the 4th and 17th of the Common signs. 17. . broad temples. 9. unacquainted with this ancient division of the Zodiac. . the points of the Zodiac. are “sensitive” points of the Zodiac. . 13. . Those from Capricorn: 0. narrow chin. 9. we have the beginnings of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions. 21. 26. and are employed in the correction of uncertain horoscopes. SIGNS SENSITIVE OR FRITICAL DEGREES . bony or angular face. 26. 17. 26. 4. 4. . Those from Libra: 0. are as follows :0. . 13. and this he applied to the anomalies arising out of the law of the Lunar Epoch. 0 9 4 . CHAPTER II . This 28th part is called a “Mansion” of the Moon. suggested a new sevenfold division of the Ecliptic into seven arcs measuring 51 3/7 degrees each. as well as in the prognostications drawn from the lunar motion. 4. . . 13 21 17 . published by the author in 1890. has been handed down to us from the Chaldeans. 17. . counted from Aries 0 degrees. . 26. . A learned friend of the present writer. But it is found that this septile aspect or arc of 51 3/7 degrees. – The physical peculiarities of this sign are to be seen in the long neck. 21. If therefore. rejecting the fractions of degrees produced by this division. .

dexterous in the manual crafts. sympathetic. Mental qualities: Amorous. elegant. laborious walk. learned. the hands and feet are small. wavy hair. wide chest. prudent. Mental qualities: Learned. straight nose. sometimes sandy. GEMINI. audacity. disposed to collecting in some form or other. full face. generally of a grey tint. curious. imaginative and romantic. opposed to cliques and secrecy. long fingers. obstinate. fearless. patient.-Physical qualities: Full forehead. fair skin. wide shoulders. proud. rich in life and feeling. heavy jaws. benevolent. with a tendency to pendulous cheeks and double chin in mature years.-Physical marks: Tall. often fine expressive eyes. inventive. upright walk. very critical and precise. slender. LIBRA. searching after knowledge. roving disposition. VIRGO. and crisp or wiry hair. blue eyes.5 grey or greyish-brown eyes. impulse. oftentimes a stoop. ambitious. Mental qualities: Faithful. sometimes very dark. TAURUS.-Physical marks: Broad forehead. courage.-Physical qualities: Tall. full forehead. humane. rounded body. CANCER. grey or blue eyes. gaining flesh towards the prime of life. cheerful expression. inclined to baldness on top of the head. straight nose. The figure is often top-heavy. broad shoulders. subtle.-Physical marks: Strong neck and shoulders. Mental qualities: Artistic. active walk. generally long. pensive brows. elegant figure. artistic. curling or wavy hair. desire for prominence. quiet voice. wide forehead. full lips and nostrils. generous. such as a scar or mole. inclined to public life. determined. fearless eyes. which becomes ruddy or . passionate. inclined to art and literature. grey eyes. oblivious to enmity. Mental qualities: Changeful. LEO. ambitious. much occupied. eloquent in speech or writing. laborious. proud. ingenuity.-Physical marks: Strong. fond of the occult. hair generally swept back and falling about the ears. enterprise. dark eyes. long face. Generally a distinctive mark on the face. sometimes rolling or swaying. Mental qualities: Ambition. methodical. fleshy body.

AQUARIUS. rounded forehead. but sometimes capable of imposition. Mental qualities: Generous. sometimes brown. desirous of government. amorous but fickle. brown and fine hair. blue eyes. thin neck. prominent brows and sharp facial angles. and growing on the temples more thickly than is common. full figure. dark. long nose. shows itself. and orderly. frequently bald about the temples. sometimes crinkled or frizzy. well-made figure. frequently bent inward at the point. CAPRICORN. fine. capricious. but forcible in action. fond of contests and strifes. frank. artistic. sometimes affected at the knees. . Mental qualities: Wilful. defects in teeth. Mental qualities: Boldness. just. however. subtle mind. Mental qualities: Kind. good-tempered. rather long face. fond of literature and science. very daring when put to the touch. if any. Frequently the hair of a man ruled by this sign is parted in the middle or nearer the centre than the side of the head. SAGITTARY. a firm friend. The nose is long and straight. deficient in the lobes of the ears. imitative. of fixed views. just. wilful. produces the finest types of beauty.-Physical marks: Tall. not much inclined to exact science.-Physical marks: Dark or dusky complexion. confidence in self. next to Libra. brown or flaxen hair.-Physical marks: Tall. oftentimes some defects in the feet or lower parts of the body. very ambitious. Grecian type. oval face. eclectic. occult or chemical. fine. SCORPIO. inclined to philosophy and religion. happy disposition. strong in purpose. This sign. aquiline feature. patient. not easily imposed upon. strong but narrow chin. changeful. the eagle showing plainly in the profile. thin hair. good teeth and finger nails. small beard. firm lips.-Physical marks: Prominent features. or some form of research. fond of travelling. retiring. neat. kind nature. curling dark hair. and determined. reserved. frequently a good singer or musician. frequently a fondness for mystery. quiet and reclusive. impulsive. good complexion. fond of athletic exercises. clear complexion. sarcastic. but always fine and expressive. humane. fond of show and of approbation. sometimes stooping.6 pimpled in mature years. persuasive. Mental qualities: Genial. grey or blue eyes.

good judgment. . ... happy disposition. contributes largely to determine the personal appearance. . reins.. and ears Arms and shoulders Breasts and stomach Back and heart Belly and uterus Kidneys and loins Sex organs and anus Thighs and hips The knees Calves and ankles The feet. .. . together with that occupied by its ruling planet. bowels.. kidneys. and in all cases largely controlled by the prevailing planetary influence. . Virgo . Note. . heart. . ... generally stoop at the shoulders. The sign which rises at birth. ..... . should (Mars) be in (Gemini) at the time of birth. and softened by the sex influence. . THE ZODIAC AND THE HUMAN BODY The signs of the Zodiac have dominion in the human body as follows:Aries. . .. not as complete portraits of any one of them. . . .. .. Scorpio Sagittary Capricorn Aquarius Pisces . Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo. . Thus.. dark. . excellent friends. passionate... .. . Libra . . . short limbs.. .. . liver... . and skin.. generative system... stomach.. quick in understanding..... . -Lungs.. throat. . The internal government of the signs is distributed thus:.. PISCES.. nervous system... .. . difficult to know. gay.. . . . .-Physical marks: Short stature. . ... . versatile. -Throat. . pale complexion.. small hands and feet..7 quiet. . . and blood. . -Head. .. surroundings.... . and pursuits.. . ovaries.. fully-fleshed body.. . .. sometimes black hair. very fond of a few people. . .-These descriptions are only given as guides to the detection of peculiarities conferred by the ruling sign. full but watery or weak-looking eyes. Mental qualities: Loquacious. . generally disposed to a double life. . . love for humanising influences.. They are beautified in a female geniture.. . changeful. . The head and face Neck. and matrix. . secretive in many thins... . .

The Part of Fortune.. The planets are classified in the following manner:Major Planets – . In a female horoscope. But as Gemini rules both arms and both lungs. by the same symbol reversed. or Descend. THE PLANETS ASTROLOGY considers the Sun and Moon as “planets” in respect to their functions when taken in relation to the Earth as a centre of action. – The planet Mercury ( ). in a male horoscope. in this respect. .” and stands for the same in the astrologic art. they are agents of the side real influence. quite apart from their generic status in intracosmic life. according . Minor Planets – . the house in which Mars is found must be taken to determine which member is likely to be affected. . is denoted by . property. .ing Node. and the even to the right side. . a position we shall deal with later. Masculine – . . Feminine – . The odd signs and houses correspond to the left side of the body. the geocentric positions of the planets-i. Thus. or Ascending Node.8 the native would be liable to inflammatory action in the lungs. . . It is an old Egyptian hieroglyph for “land. in as much as. . the Moon’s north. to be particularised in due course. is thus indicated . the reverse of this is the case. its South. and hurts to the arms. or possession. Note. in regards to ourselves. is either male or female. Consequently. These symbols are generally called the Dragon’s Head ( ) and the Dragon’s Tail ( ). as in others. their longitudes in the Zodiac as seen from the Earth-are employed in all astrologic speculations and measurements. The ten bodies which may be considered as agents of celestial influences are thus named and symbolised:Neptune Uranus Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Pluto Venus Mercury Moon CHAPTER III Other symbols are in use for the purpose of indicating certain points in the Zodiac or positions in the horoscope.e. . .

binding. . and confident state of mind corresponding to this warmth and expansion of the physical functions. selfish and destructive yet can also express initiative. Planetary Temperament The Specific Natures of the different planets are as follows:Pluto is changeful according to mood and desire.9 to the planet to which it is in closest aspect at the time of birth. The magnetic planets render the mind and body negative and timorous. vital. sanguine. dry and barren. eccentric. . active. or if no planet is in aspect at all. and thus produces cataclysmic and sudden effects.” and the “Interpreter. forceful. . . spasmodic. defensive. the sign Mercury occupies will determine its sex and influence. and conduce to a positive. . and barren. combining in itself the magnetic and electric influences. . The negative or magnetic planets are . Saturn s nervous. ¤ . and fruitful. cold. The electric planets produce heat and expansion in the body of the earth and man. Neptune is nervous. dry. and for this reason we find it referred to in mythology as “the Winged Messenger of the Gods. inconstant. strong. . Uranus is variable. willing to take risks in service of others. expansive. . hard. fiery. Mercury and Uranus have a variable nature according to their position and relations in the horoscope. dry. and rather fruitful. susceptible. neurotic. vital. . secretive. hard. and according to tradition The Malefics are . moist. forceful. It is the peculiar function of Mercury among the spheres to reflect the nature and influence of the other planets. Sun is electric. hot. Forceful. temperate. inflammatory. moderately hot. constant.” for it translates the language or influence of the planets into terms of human thought and feeling upon this earth. inflammatory. Mars is electric. . Jupiter is generous. . The Benefics are . fearless. . impulsive. moist. susceptible to external influences. and thus to a variety of affections. warm. Uranus is of both natures. and fruitful. cold. sthetic. and according to tradition The positive or electric planets are . hot. selfsacrifice. and barren. . genial.

romantic. straight short lines. dark brown. Uranus: streaked and mixed colours. astringent. and seductive Mercury: mildly astringent and cold. Neptune: rhythmic curves and curved lines. Saturn: black. moist. pacific. moist. nebulous and chaotic forms. It can give the odour of the skunk and the perfume of the lily. Uranus: cold. changeful. but pliable with capacity for contortion. cold. subtile. Moon: insipid and odourless. . and pointed. warm. moist. temperate. Mars: sharp angles and barbs. clear-cut outlines. and cramped forms. and helical scrolls. and brackish Planetary Forms Pluto gives suqrish type of features and body. and indigo. magnetic. and fruitful. changeful. Moon is lymphatic. Venus: curved lines and rhythmic scrolls. Jupiter gives full. Planetary Flavours Pluto rules extremes. Sun: regular circles. astringent. Sun is sweet and pungent. plastic.10 Venus is gentle. Neptune: mauve or lavender. Venus: sweet and warm. passive. Jupiter: sweet and fragrant Neptune: sweet. pungent odours. Mercury: short incisive lines and slender curves. Mercury is active. Jupiter: purple. Planetary Colours Pluto: Smoky cloud formation susceptible to sudden change to almost any colour according to circumstance. excitable. and sour. and fruitful. nervous. Saturn is cold. generous curves. cold. fine. Saturn gives hard. mixtures of red and indigo. Moon: irregular curves and crooked lines Uranus: broken lines and mixed forms. and moderately fruitful. and burning astringents. Mars rules over hot acids. graceful. full curves. straight lines. wandering. violet.

geranium and strontium Uranus .. copper Mercury . . iron Sun . .. 1897. orange. Note. while at the same time their axial rotations are contrary to the order observed by the other planetary bodies. . .. 63 . Moon: white.. – The late Mr... “art tints” in general.. = A. = C.. . lead . Sun: yellow-brown. .. It is curiously significant that and do not contribute to that “music of the spheres” which delighted the mind of the great Pythagoras.. . copper . quicksilver Moon . Venus: lemon yellow and pale blue... and carmine. .. opal. . Thus – rules iron . gold ... 118 ... who met his death by asphyxiation. . . = G. . . 200 ... . = E. = F. folio edition.. = B. . . .. Planetary Notes The Notes of the Gamut corresponding to the several planets are as follows:= D. and iridescent silvery hues. has traced a reference to five of these planetary notes in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew..11 Mars: scarlet. uranium Saturn .... gold Venus . mercury ... tin Mars . Mark Knights. lead Jupiter .. on the 20th March. Planetary Metals Pluto governs plutonium Neptune .. 1623. . too does not conform to the musical scale but is associated with a form of sound which can be likened to the boom of distant thunder. red. pearl.... 108 . green.. tin . atomic weight 56 . ... being from east to west. silver The atomic weights of the different metal ruled over by the planets bear a curious relationship to the order of the planets and the days of the week. silver . spotted mixtures. gold and the deeper shades of yellow. 196 .. 207 ... Mercury: slate colour....

12 If these be arranged around a circle, and united b a seven-pointed star, it will be seen (1) that every alternate planet around the circle falls in the order of the days of the week, if counted from right to left: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; (2) that the seven-pointed star runs from one to another planet in the order of the Chaldean planetary system: , , , , , , . This cannot be the result of either “chance” or “imagination,” since the Chaldeans did not make the atomic weights of the metals, though they named the planets as their rulers. Planetary Parts in the Human Body Pluto governs that part of the head where the “opening” in a child is situated, together with the umbilical cord and the nerve centres that connect the solar plexus with the sacral plexus and the top of the spinal column with the pineal gland. Neptune governs the telepathic and psychometric functions, the psycho-physical processes which induce to intuitive perception, etc. Uranus governs the magnetic and physical aura, and the nerve fluids. Saturn rules over bones and articulation, liver, spleen, left ear, the calves and knees; the secretive system generally. Jupiter rules the thighs, hams, and feet, the right ear, and absorptive system. Mars governs the forehead, nose sex organ, gall, kidneys, muscles, and sinews; the muscular system generally. The Sun rules overt he heart, back, vital principle, the left eye in males and right eye in females; the arterial system generally. Venus governs the throat, eustachian tubes, aural ducts, reins, ovaries, chin, and cheeks; it governs the internal generative system, as Mars does the external; the veins generally. Mercury governs the nerves, brain, bowels, lungs, hands, arms, tongue, and the mouth; the nervous system generally. The Moon rules over the breast and stomach, the right eye in males and the left eye in females, the fluidic system, saliva, lymph, etc., and the glandular processes generally. Planetary Occupations Pluto rules nuclear scientists, aeronauts, and spacement generally, TV engineers and technicians, weather forecasters, archaeolo-

13 gists, all those who work in underground and subterranean spheres. Neptune denotes sthetic, artistic, and inspirational pursuits, It has much influence in the expression of artistic and literary genius, and is astrologically responsible for many forms of the higher psychic and spiritual powers exhibited by phenomenal persons. At the same time it is associated with the “watery triplicity,” and governs occupations in which the watery element is predominant. Uranus – Lecturers, public functionaries, government or civic officials, travellers, engineers, inventors, patentees, and all who follow uncommon pursuits, such as astrologers, electricians, mesmerists, phrenologists, spirit mediums, metaphysicians, and psychologists; also those who deal in electrical apparatus, scientific mechanism, etc. Saturn – Land and property dealers, miners, coal merchants, dealers in lead and other Saturnine commodities, plumbers, jailers, sextons, grave-diggers, undertakers, watchmen, etc.; such as follow laborious employments, and those that work at night or underground. Jupiter – Senators, judges, councillors, divines, clergymen, physicians, lawyers, bankers, collegians, clothiers, especially woollen merchants, and provision dealers generally. Mars – Soldiers, surgeons, chemists, gunners, workers in iron and steel, dentists, butchers, smiths, barbers, cooks, and workers who use sharp instruments, iron and steel, or fire. The Sun – Persons in authority, courtiers, noblemen, kings, princes, emperors, and those who hold titled offices under the Crown; also jewellers, goldsmiths, gilders, and those who work with gold. Venus – Musicians, painters, singers, poets, actors, artists of all kinds; makers of toilet accessories, and those who deal in scents, flowers, and articles of ornament; silk mercers, embroiderers, makers of gloves, bonnets, and women’s apparel, linen-drapers, clothiers, fancy dealers, etc.; also pastry-cooks, sweetmakers, confectioners, maid-servants, and butlers. Mercury – Literary men, writers, accountants, schoolmasters, preceptors, interpreters, secretaries, registrars, orators, messengers, printers, booksellers, clerks, postmen, carriers, etc. The Moon – Sailors, travellers, fishermen, those who manage public

14 conveyances, dealers in fluids, public salesmen, nurses, mid- wives, water-carriers, female officials, etc. Planetary as Significators A planet is called the “Significator” of a person when holding the ascendant or other important position in the horoscope. The general signification of a planet may be applied to the person under its influence. In a general sense the Sun and Moon are called “Significators,” but every planet is such in a particular sense, as our studies will show. Thus, when chief significator, Pluto indicates an experiencing of extremes of good and bad. It will give the inspiration aiding the arresting of failing conditions of both a private and business nature, the turning of what seem to be lost causes into successful projects. On the other hand there will be times in the life when objectives will seem to recede just when the point of realisation appears imminent, plans will be frustrated and brought to nought. Neptune denotes many changes; uncertain fortunes; rise or fall by the influence of women; artistic faculty; secrets in the life; intrigues and covert alliances. It renders the native, or person born under its influence, sthetic, artistic, intuitive, unstable, sensitive, mystical, imita- tive, highly emotional, self-deceptive, and enthusiastic. Uranus gives constructive ad mechanical ability, sudden changes, estrangements, sorrows, exiles, enmities, uncertain fortunes, and blind impulses. It makes its subject erratic, eccentric, impulsive, ingenious, and inventive, firm in opinion, critical, sarcastic, self-centered, romantic, heroic, and in many ways peculiar. Saturn gives delays, impediments, defects, secrets, fatalities, falls from position, misfortunes, melancholy moods, chronic hurts, sorrows, disease, and hurts to women and children. It makes the native independent, unhappy, secretive, cautious, jealous, miserly, and governed by habit. Jupiter confers fortune, happiness, plenty, success, honours, friends, protection, supremacy, and productiveness. It renders the subject jovial, generous, prudent, courtly, ambitious, sympathetic, and humane. Mars gives enmities, strifes, wounds by fire and steel, treasons,

15 calumnies, thefts, sudden deaths, glory in battle, burnings and poisonings, enthusiasm and madness, sharp pains and fevers. It makes the native fearless, brave, easy to anger, demonstrative, impulsive, cynical, experty, witty, independent, given to reforms, and often to destructions. Sun gives honours, glory, elevation, high patronage, celebrity, public offices, health, and power. It renders its subjects honest, free, generous, noble, desirous of glory, clever in the arts, judicious, truthful, and of wise counsel. Venus gives love affairs, attachments, amours, marriage, joy, pleasures, gaiety, favours of women, success, and wealth. It makes the native gentle, cultured, hopeful, bright, pleasant in manner, loving, poetical, and inclined to sensuous and mental beauty, the fine arts, etc. Mercury gives relations in family and commerce, industries, journeys, letters, messages, anxieties, worries, many occupations and mental activity. It inclines to writing and oratory, to the study of science, intellectual conquests; makes the native wary, subtle, talkative, busy, and restless. Moon gives changes, voyages, travelling, affections of the body according to the sign it is in, mysteries, romances, fancies, popularity, public life. It makes the subject inconstant, capricious, fanciful, unsettled; capable of securing public honours, but in danger of reversals. The Relations of Signs and Planets By empirical art it has been determined that certain signs are ruled by certain planets, and the Ancients have delivered to us a full statement of the dominion of the planets in this respect. The planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury have each two houses or signs, over which they rule; the Sun and Moon having one each, as shown in the following diagram. Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn, Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius, and so with the rest. Note. – A planet in the opposite sign to the one it rules is said to be in its detriment or “debility.” It is then weak, and disposed to evil.

.ceivable to the more mundane types of Venus and Mercury. It has an association with the signs Aries and Scorpio and its influence is very much in accord with the deeper occult and spiritual significance of Scorpio. Neptune has affinity with the watery triplicity . and may be the reason that Uranus produces eccentrics in the intellectual world.. and was the father of Kronos (Saturn). for he has no house of his own..” In mythology he ruled all the spheres.!. &. and is analogous to the Varuna of the Hindus. Pluto is also a planet having no fixed rulership over any sign but as with Uranus and Neptune it has a spiritual affinity with Mars. It has also some association with the sign Sagittarius. and Neptune eccentrics in the artistic world. 12 x 7 = 84. for whilst Mars is the planet of war and of partial and spasmodic destruction. so far as their influence in human affairs is concerned.e.". It represents the ocean of space. i. It has been suggested that both Uranus and Neptune are the spiritual correspondents. of Mercury and Venus – i. This is quite in accord with astrological experience. It is worthy of comment that his period of eighty-four years is the product of the number of the signs multiplied by the seven planets over which he rules. or counterparts. . Pluto is the planet of annihilation.e.16 ! " # $ % & The dominion of Uranus is indefinite. . %. In this sense he is the “prodigal son. though he is most successfully placed when in the airy triplicity . They probably are in touch with elements of thought and feeling that are wholly incon.

. ! Mars . and it will be seen that the signs ruled by these are severally opposed to each other.. wanderings. . and when a planet is found in such a sign it is said to be in its “exaltation... . exiles.. those planets whose houses and exaltations are in the same sign.. . & . A voluntary relinquishing of worldly interests in order to advance spiritual development.. Neptune rules ambushes.” The foregoing tables of Houses and Exaltations will show the planets have their friendships and enmities. .. % Venus . & # Moon .. % . the secrets of the life... .. . sudden death. . It brings extremes of good and bad luck. Thus – Saturn is exalted in Jupiter . . Note.... . country and fortune to be with one’s marital affinity. impositions... they are said to be in their “fall. and less disposed to evil than when otherwise placed. .. . frauds.. . as follows:is opposed to and .. secret societies.. Thus – is the friend of .. ! . .. . . governed by the signs of the Zodiac. . .17 Certain signs are found to be in affinity with the natures of the various planets. . Mercury . Similarly..... .. being exalted in its sign . .” and is found to be stronger for good.. . Thus – Pluto rules both the negation and the transforming of conditions.. are friendly. deceptions. – When the planets are found to occupy the opposite signs to these. A giving up of home. .. . .. Planetary Dominions The dominion held by the planets over the affairs of life is due to their correspondence to certain principles of the human constitution. assassinations. . . $ Sun . and disguises.

voyages. adornments. The thirty-six decans and their rulers are here set forth. falls and bruises. poverty. marriage. and public affairs. death. devotion. duties. worldly condition. jewels. sudden events. long ties. long journeys. prowess. energy. – In general. Saturn governs the father. the ocean. the above may be taken as the things signified and ruled by the several planets. Venus has dominion over money. food. mother’s relations. Jupiter governs religion. the arts. suicides. But in each case the houses ruled by these planets in the horoscope will determine their particular signification as regards any individual. tragedies. THE RELATION OF DECANATES AND PLANETS EACH sign of the Zodiac is divided into three equal parts of ten degrees each. friendships. ambitions. father. together with their general influence on the native when they are on the eastern horizon at birth. health. nobles. good fortune. advancement. memory. male relations. Sun rules over honour. native place. godfathers. acquaintances. Note. occupation. sickness. adventures. clothing and journeys by land. increase. Moon governs the mother. the king or ruler. romances. and female relations. habits. coins. hurts by violence. passions. learning. servants. and decay. bereavements. darkness. place of residence. females. chronic affections. hindrances. and wealth. changes. Each of them is ruled over by one of the planets. madness. poison. quarrels. etc. legal affairs. guardians. and the common people. so that there are thirty-six parts in the entire Zodiac. fame. letters.18 Uranus rules catastrophes. Mercury governs the mind. writings. disease. These divisions are called Decanates. CHAPTER IV . Mars governs fires. changes. the home. constitution of the body. marriage affairs. fevers. the clergy. pleasures. the father’s relatives.

and luxury. It produces enemies. It gives a highly-endowed mind. and secures the patronage of women. nd 2 decan. impulsive. bright and sparkling nature. and renders the native successful in travelling. disposes to injuries in the head and fac. . poverty or extreme difficulty in the attainment of wealth are the fruits of this decan. The decan is not a very fortunate one. extravagant and generous nature.19 1st decan. It gives success in drama. ruled by Saturn. a sensuous love of life. but it confers a generous. ease. it confers the favour of women of position. It conduces to wealth and the acquisition of property. Dependence and servitude. fondness for the artistic and beauty. a taste for political and public work. gives success through pioneer work or military service. nd 2 decan. love of pleasure. It confers a warlike and aggressive spirit. loving the practical arts. much depth of feeling and fidelity in attachments. but capable of sustained efforts of a mental nature.ful in form and colour. gives success in governmental positions and military life. poetical and creative fancy.tic disposition. This decan gives a changeful and roman. desiring to bear rule. and destroys the pleasure of domestic and married life. 3rd decan. amiable disposition. ruled by Sun. ruled by Venus. fine arts. renders the nature kind and loving. overthrows the ambi-tions. leads to disappointment in love affairs. Taurus 1st decan. and renders the life changeful and remarkable in many ways. 3rd decan. however. strong imagination. free. intuitive faculty. desire for comfort. disposes to artistic and poetical pursuits. It gives. and secures the favour of men. and renders the life generally very unfortunate. Gives strong passions. ruled by Mercury. fine feelings. ruled by Mars. but very impulsive and over-ardent. steadfast affections. love of art and poetry. ambitious and aspiring. but courteous in manner. despising mean or underhand actions. critical. It renders the nature sensitive and languishing. love of pleasures. warm disposition which attracts friends. ruled by Moon. fondness for dainty foods and good living generally. A proud and haughty nature. music.

many journeys. misapplied. ruled by Moon. ruled by Mars. confers favours from martial persons. and the faculties. It confers success in the study of literature and science. generous character. and misfortunes through enemies are less to be feared than through the wrong use of one’s own faculties. nd 2 decan. but it is not a fortunate decan. Gives public recognition and a certain popularity. st Cancer 1st decan. 2nd decan. an anxious. The mind is generous and the intellect strong. This decan gives a quarrelsome and violent nature. ruled by Venus. as well as for literature. and success in the artistic world. travelling. and leads to self-hurt. good social standing. adventure and mystical subjects. but small fortune. and gives sickness and fevers through acts of indiscretion. gives brilliance of intellect. and acquisition of property. gives many sea voyages and constant changes in life. helpful relations. restless life. which are very acute. Confers a humane and generous disposition. A sociable and amiable disposition. 3rd decan. according to the position of the Moon at birth. Makes a man his own enemy. and the interests are apt to be misplaced.20 Gemini 1 decan. Love of romance. 3rd decan. but eventual success in literary or artistic pursuits. a lover of travel and learning. many friends. but the judgment is perverted. Gives a strong imaginative intellect. ruled by Jupiter. It gives oratorical powers and taste for judicial and legal pursuits. . He is capable of rising by his own merits. ruled by Sun. ruled by Mercury. It gives hurts and dangers in travelling. gives too much self-confidence. honourable or otherwise. supporters among women of position. The subject of this decan becomes his own enemy in many ways. predisposed to acts of ingratitude and wanton. renders the native loquacious and sometimes a tattler. kind and attractive nature. patronage of women. makes a clever writer. The life is filled with useless strife and unprofitable discussion.ness. but unfortunate. and confers wealth or fame by the use of the pen. but the native makes enemies by too free use of the tongue. fame. A fondness for pleasure and for personal decoration mark this decan of Cancer.

but always laborious. and generous disposition. likely to suffer affliction and privation. ruled by Venus. hazardous speculations. Much sickness. A fortunate and profitable nature. Gives a strong. forcible nature. and the subject of this decan often lives a very retired life. forcible nature. difficult to control. ruled by Mercury. kind disposition. and desiring command. warn sympathies. A patient nature. artistic faculty. inclined to exploits and hazardous feats. 3rd decan. The nature is quick and alert. 2nd decan. loss of children. frank. and success through marriage. fortunate speculations. genial and vivacious nature. adventurous spirit. ruled by Mars. fortunate in the acquisition of property and artistic pursuits. 2nd decan. kind. dutiful family. st Virgo 1st decan. Strong. and disposes to the study of analytical and mechanical science. full of pleasant allusions and bright dialogue. and an inclination to domestic disputes.imposition and deception will mar the life. ruled by Jupiter. The native bears rule with a high hand. it confers a long life. and sometimes restraint or imprisonment. An artistic and literary person is with a love for philosophy and belles-lettres. inheritance and acquisition of property at the close of life. success in foreign countries. a careful. lack of sympathy in the nature. humane disposition. apt in the .21 Leo 1 decan. and is successful over his enemies. theoretical and practical. many journeys. austere character. domestic infelicity. plenty of confiance-en-sol. denoted. ruled by Sun. and a wasting of the vital powers. ruled by Saturn. poverty and trouble in life. spoiled by false pride. some falling-off of family fortunes. and lacking in self-confidence also. open. watchful nature. much familiarity with the stage or the artistic world. The native is distrustful of others. seldom achieving any great work. 3rd decan. capable of. inclination to form rather than colour. The nature is secretive. but is apt to assert his independence at inopportune moments. Self. gain by legacy. Long voyages are shown.

faithful friend and generous enemy. halting between two courses. In most cases the native is poor. the spirit of conquest strong. and acquires property. in most cases. the will is not less exalted and powerful. In strife. and has a chance or acquiring some property in land or houses. and disposed to extravagance and unsteady habits. and has some trouble in the marriage state. the native is implacable and dauntless. Scorpio 1st decan. The native falls and rises in life from his own fault or merit. are the fruits of this decan. disposed to the study of medicine and hygiene. and is born. but success in the end of life. many journeys. inclined to literature. Fondness for the home life and steadfastness in the affections are characteristics of this decan. The nature is capable of . ruled by Sun. 2nd decan. Libra 1st decan. frequently changing his pursuits or position. gains honour and position by public business. 2nd decan. clever in general business matters. the native bears high rule. and may become tyrannical. and very versatile disposition. Strange and impulsive love affairs. rd 3 decan. It is replete with masterful and governing qualities. gains honours and position by his own merits. a person of much business. The ambitions are high. well-balanced and fruitful mind. to command. sickness. energetic one. The nature is a strong. kind. forceful. Proud and haughty of spirit. of endurance and courage. scorning defeat and danger of reversal. ruled by Mars. A generous. and amiable nature. The native is beloved for his justice and probity.22 sciences and dexterous arts. ruled by Moon. very particular in the matters of diet and clothing. Griefs and troubles are shown. ruled by Jupiter. many changes of residence. easily influenced by women. Honours and dignities await the native of this decan. a changeful and restless mind. A genial but weak nature. loquacious and restless. ruled by Saturn. caused through indiscretion or excess. but the native has faithful servants. capable of immense feats of prowess. happy marriage and much wealth.

and gives wealth and good fortune. Success in literature is promised to those born under it. ruled by Mercury. but often beset with doubts. Many enemies arise against the native. is liable to bring disastrous results. and favours the more humane studies.23 extreme cruelty. a quick intellect. Inheritance or legacy falls to the native. preferably of a scientific nature. Death in a foreign land is to be feared. ruled by Moon. This decan gives much versatility and capacity for general work. Sagittarius 1st decan. a taste for lofty speculations and deep researches. The passions need to be bridled. but very steadfast. 3rd decan. and . is sure to fall to the native of this decan. a sober mind. and secret enmity from females may be expected.ronage of ladies in high life may assist in forwarding the fortunes. 2nd decan. The mind is of a philosophical and sober temperament. Riches are difficult to acquire. and in some way the native is responsible for his own demise. are the chief characteristics of those under this decan. 3rd decan. characterises the subject of this decan. The sympathies are narrow. This decan confers much romance and strong imaginative faculty. The passions are quick and volatile. which. Troubles and bickerings in marital life may be looked for. but well controlled. together with a rich creative power. however. many enemies and many conquests. Friendship are few. ruled by Saturn. the passions are strong. The mind is masterful land ambitious. and the nature is capable of great passional devotion. A certain restless activity of mind. love of travelling and life in foreign lands. In marriage there will be trouble. More particularly it gives a good judgment. The native rises in life through the exercise of his faculties. natural science and philosophy. Not infrequently it conduces to high renown. unless a strong guiding hand is over it when young. Philosophical and literary pursuits. but are yet certain to the native of this decan. The pat. The nature is prone to excess and folly in love affairs. or a less honourable reputation. Capricorn 1st decan. Fame. ruled by Venus. but powers running into profusion and disorder through richness of intellect and lack of method. ruled by Jupiter.

and austere. and at times to self-immolation. The disposition is proud. The spirit is melancholy. cheerful. the native is ever fearful of his destiny. He is sober and placid in temperament. Some secret evil mars the life and threatens the fame of a fair destiny. reserved. or yet a believer in the occult. and of red-hot enthusiasm is reached in this decan of Capricorn. and humane in disposition. and also in the pursuit of science and . ruled by Sun. He figures in reunions and social gatherings. and disposed to look gloomily upon life’s problems. He excels in the lighter sciences and the fine arts. The native may easily achieve high military honours. The nature is capable of extreme energy. Not infrequently there is danger of premature death. The decan gives very strong religious feeling. and also runs risk of financial ruin by speculations.24 the native is usually a strong sectarian. decan. and devoid of the wider sympathies. The keynote of the decan is conquest. the native of this decan gathers friends around him. The native suffers through his children. Bright. There are many and constant rivals who threaten the fame and position of the native. yet nevertheless carried onward by a prevailing self-confidence and high ambition. The acme of forceful self-assertion. Relatives assist. and favours fall in full measure to the native. artistic. He has success in foreign lands. devoid of unruly passion or excess. the native will secure very high honours and a wide fame. With moderation and proper feeling. Sometimes a fatalist. 2nd 3rd Aquarius 1st decan. the progress of the native. and suffering a speedy downfall. and may become cruel and despotic unless tempered by prevailing influences of a softer and more humane nature. but is always in danger of overstepping the limits of prudence. The struggle of life will be hard. ruled by Mars. and again obstruct. because the nature is too self-centred. of intense ambition. decan. cold. wanting in sympathy and grace. capable of arousing a high and worthy ideal. Yet friends are numerous and powerful. ruled by Venus. and again conquest. or disposed to religious austerities. and especially in decorative art and industrial science.

to strange terrors and weird experiences. ruled by Mercury. independence spirit. and will confer wealth by good fortune. The native wanders from place to place. 2nd 3rd Pisces 1st decan. His life is marked by an even and temperate course. trouble through love affairs and children. Inventive faculty applied to medicine and hygiene is productive of success. A certain religious or fanatical enthusiasm . morbid enthusiasm and corrupt sympathies. female influence strong.tion and genial nature. separation from wife and children. but assistance from friends in high position. and occult research are indicated. religious spirit. and has a taste for construction. ruled by Saturn. very sympathetic. A lover of solitude and of learned society. and by unknown and secret means. decan. long voyages. ruled by Moon. inclining to fanaticism.25 literature. The mind is bent on scientific and philosophical pursuits. but lacking in con. Loss b strifes and enmities. Great depth of thought and extreme patience are characteristics of this person. or inconstancy in the marriage state. many secret enemies. early death or affliction of a parent. certain elevation and honours. A melancholy individual. Danger of feeble or afflicted vision. 3rd decan. astronomy. two marriages. ruled by Jupiter. The inherent merits of the native will raise him to a good position. success in foreign lands. visions. disposed to solitude and nocturnal life. The native enjoys a fair name and good reputation. and anon very audacious. false friends. the native is not reliable. inclined to the lugubrious. Fortunate by science or art.stancy. power of assimilation. a kind. Women are likely to cause evil in the life. but detri. danger of drowning. troubles in the marriage state. Mathematical science. quarrels and disputes with powerful enemies. Changeful in fancy. He gains property. and hallucinations. nd 2 decan. Slow but sure success. but a menace of danger. and will lose many an opportunity of advancement. danger of severe reversals. decan. eminent friends. High position and much success.mental. warm disposi. At times timid. ruled by Mars. Loss of position. peculiar and fantastic appetites. penetrating mind.

referred to under each decan. but allowing for the octave expression of each planet. infected with an utter disregard of the consequences of action. Thus Nature continually refines and specialises. are capable of considerable modification when the planetary influences so dispose. but it is not constant. the point immediately beneath our feet. . The characteristics. This circle is called a vertical because it is always vertical to the circle of horizon. The planets Pluto. They are derived from an equal division of the circle of observation into twelve parts.” The following diagram shows how the houses are numbered. and falls short of end. through the western horizon. and also the points of probable destiny. One twelfth part of the circle of observation constitutes an astrological “House. Pluto will accentuate the vibration of Mars in the first decan of Aries and the first decan of Scorpio. What is this circle of observation? It is an imaginary line passing from the eastern horizon. Note. whereas the disposition of the planets bring out the individual characteristics and destiny. Neptune will enhance the vibration of Venus in the first decan of Cancer and the second decan of Virgo.ately overhead. Fanciful projects make a plaything of the native. thus considerably reducing the limits of error in the construction of a horoscope. from decanate to degree. Passionate nature. In astronomy it is the “vertica of latitude” belonging to the place of birth. round to the eastern horizon again. Neptune and Uranus do not exercise specific rule over any of the decanates as they do not come with the normal septenary scale. and lead him from one to another disappointment. through the point immedi.26 inspires the mind from time to time. The decans designate a type of person. CHAPTER V THE HOUSES THERE are twelve celestial “Houses” in Astrology. – These readings of the decanates are frequently useful in determining the part of a sign under which a person is born. while Uranus strengthens the vibration of Mercury in the first decan of Taurus and the second decan of Aquarius. from sign to decanate.

governs the soul. the ninth. and ninth. Relative. or Terminal. The first Houses. the fifth House. Thus. When a planet occupies a position within five degrees of the beginning of a house. Temporal. the Ascendant on the left. Houses are either Individual. as its influence is actually there. All the affairs of life are distributed among the twelve houses. corresponding to Sagittarius. The first House is that immediately beneath the eastern horizon. Above it is the mid-heaven. it is taken as being in the house. it would be read as in the fourth House. corresponding to Aries. . The Nadir is beneath. but within five degrees of the cusp of the fourth. fifth. The Individual Houses are the first.27 SCHEME OF HOUSES The star on the Earth shows the place of birth. the line joining them being the cusp or edge of the tenth House. For purposes of classification the following division has been introduced by the author. symbolised by Leo. and spirit of man. From this house the others are counted in the order shown in the figure. The cusp of each house precedes the space of the house. if Saturn ( ) were bodily in the third House. The outside circle is the circle of latitude. the Descendant on the right of the figure. and relate to the body. relates to the spirit. soul. governs the body.

that they should be completely mastered:The First Houses denotes the body of the native. shows consanguinity – the ties of blood relationship – brothers. the seventh. the grave.. the eleventh. though they must not be confounded with the houses. The following significations are attached to the several houses. etc. symbolised by Taurus. Third House – Letters. sisters. The latter always remain in the same position. conjugality – the husband or wife of the person. and hold the same meanings. honour. and the father-in-law in a woman’s. writings. advisers. denotes the end of man. and hence the same sign will be successively in the twelfth. the twelfth. It is absolutely necessary. love affairs. vehicles. the father in a woman’s horoscope. for the practice or Astrology. eighth. Cancer. and twelfth. denotes his comforts – food. The tenth. tenth. the mother in a man’s horoscope. Gemini. Pisces. houses. and near relatives. Libra. The third. the grave. eleventh. near relations. and social relations of the native. clothing. governs the possessions or property of the man. It denotes the friends. till it comes to rise again in the first house. The second. children. Aquarius. The fourth. his final condition. places under the earth. Scorpio. and eleventh. seventh. etc. papers. railways. all means of communication. the mother-in-law in a man’s horoscope. partners and others in legal contract with the native. are continually moving through the houses by their diurnal rising and setting. and the other houses. The signs of the Zodiac corresponding to the twelve houses may be taken as having potentially the same meanings. trade. the eighth House. grounds. on the contrary. that of bondage. possessions of value. neighbours. theatres. places of amuse- . landed property. servants. his physical condition and appearance.28 The Temporal Houses are the second. brothers and sisters. gain or loss. Second House – Money. and tenth. The Relative Houses are the third. Capricorn.. Virgo. shows the tie of friendship. etc. journeys by land or short water journeys. denotes the business. the place of birth. The signs. sixth. Fourth House – The residence. mines. the sixth. Fifth House – Pleasures. credit. and position of the person. is that of Death. – and his health. The Terminal Houses are the fourth. schools and educational influences. sex ties outside wedlock. associates.

and the sign and planets occupying that house. and the father’s relatives in a male horoscope. prison. the property of the dead. the mother’s brothers and sisters in a male horoscope. the grandparent – according to sex of horoscope (vide Fourth House). If it should be asked whether a person would have any voyages.29 ment. legacies. persons employed. clothing. losses. large animals. ambushes. persons opposed to the native in contests. publications. open enemies. voyages. then the ninth house would be referred to as governing the subject in question. and the government of the country. the clergy. Ninth House – Religion and philosophy. physical comforts. dissolution. associates. Sixth House – Health. The third. Seventh House – The husband in a female horoscope. The second. money in chancery. credit. financial affairs of employers and those in command over the native. climatic and other conditions bearing on health. foreign countries. secret enemies. companions. dreams. the partner’s property. servants. the father or mother – according to sex of horoscope.. bequests. fourth. councillors. the father’s brothers and sisters in a female horoscope. master. would determine whether voyages were likely. and twelfth are Cadent Houses. marriage relatives. bondage. tenth. Eleventh House – Friends. ninth. partners. etc. and seventh. long distances from the birthplace. wishes and hopes. and eleventh are Succedent Houses. Twelfth House – Confinement. etc. the bedroom. honour and rank.” They are the first. superior. Eighth House – Death. the wife’s or husband’s wealth and possessions. agreements. horses. church affairs. small animals and domestic creatures. society in which the persons will move. rivals. and plots. lawyers. food. These are the chief significations of each of the houses. wills. contracts. lawsuits. sixth.. exile. eighth. the employer. legal arbitrations. the mother’s relatives in a female horoscope. fifth. and whether they would be good or bad for the person to whom the horoscope refers. and all sensuous enjoyments. The Cardinal Houses are called “the Angles. litigation. the wife in a male horoscope. business affairs generally. Tenth House – The occupation. restraint. bathing. . spiritual occurrences. or ruling it.

” A sense of domination will be felt and the potentialities of action. as detailed in the previous chapter. and many planets therein considerable lessen the force and mastery of the horoscope. The capacity to rise in life will be marked and this can be brought about by the expressing of the power of attraction from the good standpoint or by ruthless action which liquidates competitors or opponents from the adverse standpoint. and they exert a powerful influence over the life and character of the native. and of these the first and tenth are the more important. Forceful and epoch-making horoscopes have the majority of planets in cardinal signs and angular houses. In the First Hosue Pluto – Will give a unique outlook upon life with an expressing of the principle “I am a law unto myself. and a visionary mind. for good or ill will be immense.30 The Angular Houses are the strongest in the figure. The Cadent Houses are the weakest. for these considerations will determine what effect will result from the presence of that planet in any particular house. CHAPTER VI THE PLANETS AND HOUSES WHERE a planet occupies a certain house at the time of birth. so that not infrequently the native sinks into obscurity. it endangers the life by plots and enmities. it stamps its own nature on the affairs of life governed by that house. in either a male or female horoscope. . a wandering disposition. It often causes a wasting disease. Neptune – Gives inconstancy. whether it is in a congenial sign or the reverse. For an explanation of the aspects the reader is referred to the next chapter. providing always that the planets are unaspected. Planets placed therein are said to have dignity. It is essential to notice whether a planet is in aspect to others or not. and what dignities and debilities it may receive therefrom. taste for maritime life. The following results will follow from the position of the planets in the several houses. and causes the native to be fearful. even though it may be that of retired luxury.

and personal ornamentations are favoured by the native of Venus. fondness for poetry. outspoken. Saturn – Melancholy mind. A proud disposition. solitary habits.31 Uranus – Makes the native erratic. shy. Makes the native bold. taste for literature of some sort. independent and firm. and abrasions. much writing. It increases the chances of success in life. an inquisitive mind. with every kind of sparkle and glitter. the drama. frank. Mercury – A restless spirit. changefulness. fortunate nature. free and independent. It also gives a love of display and publicity. Jewels. much inclined to brilliant company. haughty. sensitive and intuitive nature. an uphill struggle. and hurts by machinery to the head and that part of the body ruled by the sign occupied by Uranus. nervous speech. causes bruises to the head. patient disposition. It causes estrange. music. love of justice and equity. publicity. and reckless of danger. generous. Sun – Gives honour and success. given to ceaseless inquiry and concern. timidity. singing. generous disposition. if in a movable sign. pageants. Jupiter – Good health. tendency to sleep-walking at some time in life. Venus – Amiable and docile nature. fond of competition and strife. scorning defeat. always on the alert for new information. There will be a passionate desire to have money and the power of concentration and magnetic attraction will be used to draw money to the person either through contact with people who have plenty of . Danger of falls. stubborn. wayward. Mars – Causes a mark or scar on the head or face. quick. liability to many changes of residence and reversals of fortune. and generally conduces to domestic and social success. fruitful imagination. subjects the native to colds. scalds.ment from the parents and kindred. nervous manners. and brings the efforts of the native to successful issues. dancing. gives danger of cuts. Moon – Inconstancy. In the Second House Pluto – Money will be a focal point n the life. scents. despising cliques and coteries. and festivities. and fine arts. Many journeys. It confers a sociable spirit. accompanied by high motives. burns. constant changes in life and a roving disposition.

a thrifty nature. financial affairs very uncertain. sometimes poverty. But in spite of everything. and public affairs. and by fulfilling some public function. increase of property. be some chance of loss by theft or sharp practice. penetration and forcefulness in the expressing of views and opinions. and in a woman’s horoscope. gain and general prosperity. In a man’s horoscope. .” and shows a fighting mental tendency with much ingenuity. Uranus – Sudden changes in fortune. Neptune – Loss by fraud. that a good deal goes in dress and finery. Saturn – Business losses. In the Third House Pluto – Creates a condition of “War in the mind. Mercury – Gain by letters and writings. financial affairs much involved. but extravagant nature. The native is inclined to extravagance and luxury. Jupiter – The best position for wealth. and the native seldom continues rich for any length of time. it denotes that much is spent on pleasure and the opposite sex. and is frequently gained by artistic pursuits or the drama. Money runs quickly through the hands. Moon – Changeful fortunes. Venus – Money comes readily. There will. In personal relationships and where near relatives are concerned it can have a banishing influence in that relatives and neighbours move far away and are lost touch with or the person themselves moves away and loses contact. however. Very good for studies to do with atomic interests and nuclear science and for play and scenario writing. Mars – Good earning powers. It can however show a danger of fluctuations and unexpected losses which occur just when financial hopes and wishes seem about to be realised. many ups and downs in life. and by common industries. Gains by high offices and affairs of government.32 money or through contact with financial activities which give scope for the extraction of personal financial benefit from there. The native gains by travelling in foreign lands. Gain or loss by females. more particularly married women. money is always ready at hand. Sun – Gain by superiors and association with persons of rank and title. hard work for little gain. by help of clericals and professionals.

estrangement from kindred. peaceful relations among the members of the family. much writing. Jupiter – Gain by all those things governed by the third house. accidents on short journeys. Uranus – Wayward mind. curious and capricious fancies. unpopular ideas. success in letters and writings. letters are delayed and lost. It is not a good influence for matters to do with property showing a danger of distraint for debt or a loss of the property through the ruthless methods of other people. In the Fourth House Pluto – Often signifies condition of orphanage or shows a destruction of early home life through the parents parting or dying. or spiritual vision. . and short journeys. curious beliefs. many telegrams. Some honours fall to the relatives of the native. Sun – Possible fame by writings. inventive mind. publications fail. Mercury – Much activity. power of astral projection. many changes of pursuit and occupation. the native does not agree with his relatives. publicity of some sort. unstable mind. Moon – Constant journeys. the native’s health is endangered by wet journeys and exposure in travelling. which. amiable disposition. many short journeys. Venus – Strong inclination to the fine arts. Saturn – Troubles and losses through journeys and writings. a busy mind. only incur severe and adverse criticism. The name becomes famous in good or ill association. fruitful imagination. litigation. and painting are among the pursuits of those under this influence. eccentric method of travelling. given to the pursuit of various knowledges. disputes with relatives. troubles I letters. psychological faculties. change of name by deed or alias. especially literature and science. Mars – Quarrels and losses through letter-writing. dangerous journeys. high intuitive perceptions. Many peculiar incidents will occur in connection with domestic arrangements causing loss and strain. the mind is melancholy and unfertile. if published.33 Neptune – Occult sympathies. and imposition or fraud among relatives. curious and inventive. There will be loneliness at the end of life. pleasant travelling.

threatens danger to the native by plots in his own house. In a female horoscope it brings a liability to rape or to attack by a sex maniac if badly afflicted. Sun – Small chance of honours or dignities till the very end of life. love of home and country. much success in the place and country of birth. The native ends his life in seclusion and frequently in an asylum.34 Neptune . gives creative ability in art. a sudden end to life. some chance of inheritance. mines. but is “here to-day and gone tomorrow. attachment to the father (or mother). Mars – Loss by fire and theft at the house of residence. is very good for theatrical acting. and by dealing in property. From a constructive standpoint shows capacity for inventions. favours from women. The native seldom has a fixed residence. a peaceful end to the life. Mercury – Inconstancy in affairs generally. danger of paralysis or other incurable infirmity in old age. etc.” Moon – Uncertainty of position. The native is frequently tied down to a place to his great detriment. industrial or national calamity. change of residence through matters connected with business. losses through deceitful landlords. and through all matters of the fourth house. some popularity at the end of life. favours from the parents. buildings. quarrels with parents. Saturn – Losses and troubles in all matters connected with the fourth house. loss by speculation in property. inclined to secrecy and occult things. Venus – Gain and prosperity in all fourth house affairs.Afflicts the parent involved. Uranus – Unsettled residence. changes of residence are frequent. In the Fifth House Pluto – Signifies possibilities of abortion or the incitement thereto if it falls in a male horoscope. misfortune in the place of birth. Jupiter – Gain by inheritance. trouble through the parents. Is however very problematical regarding speculation and investment for although it can bring extraordinary benefits it can also wipe out fortunes through terrestrial. pride in house and property. many changes of house. .

etc. danger of heart affections and drowning. happy disposition. inconstancy in love. giving success in relation to children. rash and impetuous love affairs. The first child will be endowed with some artistic faculty. and theatres. Uranus – Troubles in domestic life. and licentious habits. or comedy. well-regulated appetites and pleasures. Danger of accident to the first-born. Moon – Public success in connection with theatres and places of amusement. The native wastes his energies in pleasure-seeking. much success in love affairs. and dutiful children. schools. successful. gain by speculations. all sorts of amusements and love affairs. domestic peace. fond of pleasures. the native will be disposed to chaotic and unnatural acts. will have depraved desire. An illustrious birth will proceed from this position of the Moon a child will become famous. losses through speculations and games of chance. loss by speculation. Jupiter – Good. Venus – One of the best positions for this planet. Unless other indications modify this position. fantastic appetites. fruitful nature. Mercury – Many little worries and concerns with speculative affairs. In either sex it is a dangerous position. Mars – Quarrels and strife in the home-life. opera. A woman with this position will have difficult and dangerous child-birth. seduction.35 Neptune – Illicit amours. grief. Sun – Generally good. and generally through artistic pleasures and education. It gives success and gain through the drama. Saturn – Disappointment in early love affairs. and leads to trouble in love affairs and all the evils of erotic mania. crosses and annoyances in youth. absorbing love of pleasures of a sensuous nature. danger in the pursuit of pleasure. inconstancy in love affairs. and will be of beautiful appearance. chance of a rich inheritance. some romantic and impulsive attachments. much in the company of women or children. loss of first child. In the Sixth House Pluto – Emphasises the liability to industrial forms of sickness caused by the work that is carried out and would make one . loss of a child. and some tendency to puerperal fever. good and successful children.

especially if connected with atomic work or nuclear processes. treachery among servants and employees. Sun – Enfeebles the health. extravagance in food and dress. Can also show contact with industrial interests to do with mining. Neptune – Gives a wasting sickness. and kindred subjects. If the work carried out does not appeal it can cause one to suddenly give up the work and to leave the job without saying anything to anyone. and gives some taste for the study of hygiene and medicine. Saturn – Illness through exposure and want of proper nourishment. improves the health after marriage. Venus – Faithful land good servants. love of fine dress. The chief illnesses arise from excesses and overindulgence in diet.36 very vulnerable to invisible rays and radiation. journeys on account of health. hygiene. explosives. Mercury – Study of medicine. inflammatory complaints in the bowels and the part ruled by the sign Mars is in. Uranus – Nervous diseases. demolition and also re-building. Jupiter – Improves the health. losses by their deception. many small vexations through servants. general debility. fondness of dainty and pretty deornments. losses and anxieties through servants. Does not necessarily mean an unhappy marriage but shows that the trend . deceitful servants. delicate appetite. In the Seventh House Pluto – Signifies that marriage can mean a leaving of familiar surroundings or even one’s own country in order to go with the marriage partner to his or her locality which can often be at a very great distance from one’s normal location. frequently fastidious in tastes. Mars – Quarrels and thefts among servants. changes which interfere with health and comfort. loss of physical comforts. very careful in diet. peculiar tastes in food and clothing. dyspeptic action arising from excessive mental or nervous action. gives many comforts and faithful servants.

It confers a happy marriage. Enemies become friends. gives successful partnerships. Moon – Changeful relations with the opposite sex. Sun – Honours through marriage. Saturn – Ruin by partnerships. industrious but dictatorial. or some serious accident to him. If badly aspected. oftentimes a drunkard. Neptune – Causes illicit attachments after marriage. happy associations. Venus – A felicitous position for this planet. In a woman’s horoscope it frequently shows that the husband will lead a roving and unsettled life. death. public opposition. In a male horoscope. bearing a high hand in domestic affairs. It is an insidious and sure source of evil in any horoscope. Mars – Quarrels and dangers in the married state.37 of affairs after marriage can bring a complete altering of personal activities. ruins the marriage life by neglect of duties. gain by marriage. and success in public relations. or friendships and benefits arise out of strifes. many worries and vexations. successful litigation. or enduring coldness of the marriage partner. or death of the partner. Violence often results. who will be of a saturnine disposition and habit. shows a danger of the disappearance of the marriage partner which could be either intentional or unintentional. the wife is frequently a virago. numerous but insignificant opponents. Jupiter – A faithful and well-disposed partner. The native may outrage the laws of society. divorce. frequently followed by estrangement. Uranus – Impulsive attachments. female enmity. peaceful termination to al strifes. troubles through writings and litigation. . separation. hasty marriage. sudden death of husband. many small strifes. unpopularity. In a female horoscope. many open enemies and public contests. honourable opponents. many treacherous enemies. A wasting disease of a neurotic type afflicts the marriage partner. Mercury – Unsettled married life. or suffer dishonour by immoral practices with others of the same sex. causes jealousies and scandal. caused by wilful and stubborn opposition on the part of the native. in Cancer or Pisces. and affects the married life. The native is constantly exciting opposition and strife.

chance of favours from deceased women. without shadow of a dowry or marriage settlement. gain by legacy. but success in finance comes after marriage. Jupiter – Marriage brings prosperity – the partner is or will be rich. if natural. The death is more or less public. It can also signify a personal disappearance either by choice or through the actions of others where death occurs in strange ways with the body never being found and death having to be presumed. The native may fall into trances which simulate death. Saturn – A poor partner. Suffocation through being trapped in a submarine. steady fortunes after marriage. or by explosion or disaster where identifica. coalmine disaster or similar occurrence. chance of fame or honours at death. or. jewels. troubles of a minor character in financial affairs after marriage. Moon – Unsettled fortunes after marriage. Danger of death in middle life. lingering death. Mercury – Inconstant fortunes. Neptune – Gives troubles in money matters after marriage – the partner is indifferent and careless and disposed to luxury. perhaps a lingering death. The partner will be fond of pleasures. thereby incurring danger of premature burial. a curious. a happy death. and pretty things. .38 Pluto – Usually shows and unnatural kind of death such as through being involved in a local or national disaster. Venus – Gain by marriage. gain in public affairs by the partner. strife concerning the property of deceased persons. difficulties after marriage. and will spend money thereon. Uranus – Difficulties in financial affairs after marriage – sudden losses through the partner. losses by fire and theft. danger of a violent death. from some nervous affliction such as epilepsy or paralysis. Mars – The marriage partner spends the substance of the native.tion becomes impossible. The skeleton may place the laurels on the native’s brow. Sun – The partner becomes rich by the exercise of his or her talents. or through a voyage. danger of sudden and extraordinary death from violence. loss of legacy or other expectation arising from decease. and may take place in a public resort or in the open streets.

a desire for life in foreign countries. Venus – Love of music and the drama. proud and confident mind. legal matters. apart from its uses. frequently atheistical. A patron of all that tends to beautify and enliven life. a kind. prophetic faculty. and knowledge of distant places. sometimes meddlesome. studious and thoughtful nature. strange dreams. Will give a strong desire for travel but much will depend upon individual circumstances.39 Pluto – Will give an interest in unorthodox forms of religion and a refusal to adhere to orthodoxy. constancy in religious beliefs. a person of many beliefs and opinions. legal suits. Sun – Honours through clerical or legal affairs. turbulent fancies and distressful dreams. literary pursuits. Saturn – Taste for philosophy. a highly impressionable and simulative nature. a constant reader and note-maker. A busy. religious spirit. ambitious spirit. fraud by trustees or lawyers. troubles in foreign lands. gentle disposition and cultured intellect. Neptune – Gives clairvoyant or other psychic faculties – a visionary nature. difficulties in foreign lands. as a result of unwise personal action or through enmity of others. danger of mental troubles. Mercury – Taste for science and letters. loss through legal suits. Mars – Freedom of religious beliefs. gain in foreign lands. deceit among relatives by. losses in legal suits. a chaotic religious mania. dangerous voyages. success in religious and philosophical pursuits. marriage. Danger of legal worries. strife among the partner’s relatives. and foreign affairs. curious forebodings. Jupiter – Clerical honours. and artistic pursuits. taste for fine arts and science. Uranus – Misadventure in foreign lands. and every form of knowledge. taste for occult and eccentric knowledge. legal difficulties. the fine arts. or madly fanatical. Sometimes shows conditions of exile from native land if part is taken in political and kindred affairs. many strifes. In extreme cases when Pluto is afflicted can show atheism. . dignities of some sort in foreign lands. troubles through marriage relatives. It is a position associated with space travel interests as well as space travel itself. active mind. bigoted. antiquarian pursuits. a supporter of peaceful measures and projects. danger of violence in distant countries.

danger of discredit. The mind is romantic. followed by a downfall. Estrangement from parents and kindred. The native rises in his sphere of life. It endangers the life of one of the parents – according to the sex of the horoscope. The native frequently penetrates into unknown and distant lands. a highly inspirational nature capable of attaining honours through some unique achievement. dishonour and failure. danger of the ruin or loss of a parent in early life. success. in government. either using an assumed name or some covert means. The native does so. Trouble through prejudice or jealousy of co-workers or employers. change of occupation. Originality will be a marked feature. Patience and firmness of purpose mark the life of the native. Jupiter – High honours. Uranus – Difficulties with employers. defeat. In business. and success. and his life is filled with turmoil and strife. life in foreign lands. and may gain honours as an explorer in some domain or other. A part will be played in public and social life but it will not be easy to obtain favours or recognition and services rendered can be very quickly forgotten. many sudden changes of position and credit. a strange and chequered career. two simultaneous occupations. a romantic and changeful life. and ever in search of novelty. under curious circumstances. changeful. Desire for conquest and a spirit of . chance of honours in some artistic field. in professional life.40 Moon – Voyages. in other fields of work. opposition from public functionaries and governmental bodies. financial ruin is shown. legal or clerical persuasions. Sagittarius. Mars – In military life. It is one of the best auguries of a prosperous and happy life. public affairs fail or bring loss and discredit. and gains credit and emoluments. wealth. In the Tenth House Pluto – Shows insecurity of position. Saturn – Rise in life. however. or Gemini. The native suffers from slander. Better if possible to work on one’s own but even then to be alert for strange twists of circumstances. Neptune – Gives a strange and eventful career. if in Pisces. A fatality hangs over the native from his birth. The native favours eccentric pursuits. fanciful.

or the drama. success in trading and in general agencies and commissions. Neptune – Gives seductive friends and alliances. Hence there will be periods of loneliness and this will be more noticeable when there has been a strong friendship with someone of the opposite sex.41 freedom spur the native to outstrip his powers and exhaust his energies. A servant with this position will secure service in high circles. artistic pursuits. impulsive attachments which end in hatred. Uranus – Eccentric and unreliable friends. danger of estrangements among them. . The partner is in danger of indulging in romantic love affairs. and general prosperity. Popularity. many changes and voyages. Mercury – Many occupations. The credit of the native is fairly secure. literary or scholastic profession. a rise in life. treachery among supposed friends. The native is often quarrelsome. Circumstances will again play a strange part. often followed by a reversal. unreliable advisers. but quite as often the subject of constant fault-finding and criticism. Much occupied with public business. and generally in close association with women. Women influence the position for good or evil. high patronage and success in government circles. vexations and worries. Changes in occupation. success in love affairs. taste for literature. restless spirit. Venus – Frequently confers a gift of prophecy and taste for divinatory arts. etc. Honours. The wife or husband is liable to moral delinquency. A peaceful and secure position. sometimes making havoc among the native’s friends. success in poetry. embassies. In the Eleventh House Pluto – Peculiar friendships will be made but it will not be easy to make lasting friendships. uncertain position. high patronage among ladies. music. losses and troubles thereby. Sun – Honours and success in life. his success steady and generally productive of honours in middle life. Unstable position. according to the sphere of life occupied by the native. Moon – Desire for public life. Strange and unaccountable attractions and associations. at times bringing unexpected benefit through friends but at other times showing that erstwhile friends can become enemies.

deceptions. Success will be due to the instrumentality of friends. The associations of the native produce many little worries and anxieties. danger of losing the children. successful ambitions. patronage of women. and nefarious schemes. fondness for society. favours from females. The native is beset with dangers. The wife may be unfruitful. ambitions frustrated. The native is frequently ruined by them. but few lasting attachments. it shows the birth of several children. but few constant friends. Sun – Constant and honourable friends. fruitful marriage. some association with literary or scientific men. If the Moon is in a fruitful sign. frauds. the ambitions are attained. unhappiness and strain. Venus – Gain and happiness through friends. happy associations. many acquaintances. Friends lead the native into extravagance or some form of dissipation. and lives in vague dread of some unknown danger. In a woman’s horoscope. In a male horoscope. honour through them. Danger to the wife in child-birth. The native’s hopes are brought to successful issues. The wife will be fruitful. and so prevent possible personal loss.42 Saturn – False and deceitful friends. the husband is often profligate. Mars – Contentions among friends. well-regulated hopes. The banishing influence will operate very markedly when the actions of enemies or unfair competitors becomes too marked for in a very subtle manner circumstances will arise that will seem to banish the enemy or competitor from the person’s environment and remove them to such a distance from the person that their power to do harm will be negatived. association of men in good position. In the Twelfth House Pluto – Has a very peculiar influence in that it can destroy enemies. success often comes with the birth of a child. Neptune – Ambushes. Moon – Unreliable friends. hopes are deceived. plots against the native. association with persons of noble birth. many secret enemies. Jupiter – Many benefits from friends. and will benefit by child-birth. or the husband disposed to be an anchorite. Mercury – Many acquaintances. unsatisfactory relations with others in social life. The death of a child is to be feared. .

. and old age would be comfortable and prosperous. love of mystery. taste for occult science and secret schemes. Mercury – Many small enmities.B. danger of contusions and bruises through animals. when not in aspect to any other.43 Uranus – Strange and unexpected enmities. Saturn – Secret enemies. enmity of great men or those in office above the native. Moon. many secrets touching the native. effusion of blood caused by kicks or thrusts from animals. danger of falls from horses. Thus if Saturn should be in second house well aspected by Jupiter and other planets. wealth would be amassed at some time in life. love of horses and large animals. Moon – Female enemies. or life apart from kindred. and narrow in its sympathies. – The above delineations are subject to wide modification by the aspects of any other planet to the significator. Enemies become friends. and irrespective of the signs occupied by them. who work steadily for the native’s downfall. Venus – Secret love affairs. Eccentric people perplex and harass the native by their underhand actions. and intrigues. the mind is self-absorbed. frequently caused by writings and scandalous reports. and so in a less degree are the other bodies. The Sun. success with large animals and in remote places. accidents causing detention in out-of-the-way places or foreign lands. escape from bondage or restraint. A secluded life. plots. peaceful seclusion to one’s own taste. and Mercury are capable of a more exact interpretation when referred to the signs they occupy. voyages. The partner suffers from some lingering illness. success in isolated positions and remote corners. pains in the extremities. danger of estrangement or exile from one’s kin and country. Mars – Danger of violence from enemies in ambush. danger of restraint or enforced retirement. The native vanquishes his enemies. N. fanciful fears. Sickness of an inflammatory nature occurs to the partner. Jupiter – Secret enemies over which the native prevails. life in far-off lands. leading to enmity of women. But the prognostics previously given are for the planets’ positions only. jealousy. Sun – Danger of exile.

and produce benefic results. . The above readings apply to both sexes unless otherwise stated... 1½ .. without aspect. .. is found in any house of the horoscope.. .. -. .. etc. and whether it be movable.. The Sesquiquadrate The Trine . Thus if Uranus were in the third house. *. '. 0 ...e. therefore. The Sextile ..one above and one below. it would show eccentric methods of travelling. positions. 90( . whether above or i. . Fixed signs do much to establish and preserve the good or evil signified.. and in a very minor degree.. etc. flying machines. Retrograde planets show a falling off of such persons. or on opposite sides of it. fixed or common. . and such like inventions. 180( apart . motorcars. 45( . and the element which it signifies.. 6 signs or .. 2 . .. viz.. and not aspects. . * and . electric tramways... The chief aspects are:The Opposition . but consideration should be made of the sign that planet is in – whether a dignity or debility. and things as are signified by the house occupied by those planets. If in an airy sign. 60( .44 When. and to make it endure.. and even then the effects of mutual aspects between the planets would be left out of consideration. . occurs when two planets hold the same degree below the Equator. .... CHAPTER VII THE ASPECTS AN “aspect” in Astrology is a certain distance between any two planetary bodies or between any two zodiacal positions. the above interpretations will hold good. Those aspects which are formed from the * are good. eccentric and strange messages and means of communication. electrical launches.. 4 .. The Parallel of Declination (Par.. . .. ). called semisextile. To give a detailed reading of planetary action in regard both to sign and house would require a large volume. a planet.. . . 120( . The Semisquare . If it occupied a watery sign. . . 0 .. 135( . a congenial or adverse sign.. more correctly speaking. The last two are.... the / of 30(.. +.. such things would occur in connection with the water. 3 . associations.) of declination. The Conjunction .. 4½ . The Square .

# and . + and -. Thus. the Moon would be applying to the * aspect of the Sun. ) are good. Signs of the same constitution are in square (+) to one another. . but not by ephemeral motion. The ready measurement of zodiacal aspects is a matter of practical importance in Astrology. then it takes the nature of the lord or ruler of the sign it occupies. the aspect has already been completed. at birth. Thus. ). . ). the '. but it becomes so by its aspect. the Moon would be separating from the of the Sun. The Parallel. Good aspects are productive of benefits. or. Thus $. . chapts. and & are in opposition for the same reason. are in trine. and always takes the nature of that planet to which it is in closest aspect at the birth.45 The aspects fromed from the + are evil. and of evil planets ( . ii and iii) . the fact being that no planet is wholly good or evil in itself. The conjunction and parallel of good planets ( . at birth or other epoch. . 2. “Application” is when the aspect is not exact. (see Book iii. they are found to be with 5 of any of the distances indicated in the list of aspects. even from so-called “evil” planets. because the Moon is swifter in motion than the Sun. . if in no aspect. “Separation” is when. and would soon gain the 5( necessary to complete the exact aspect. Signs of the same element are in trine(*) to one another. They are. is limited to a distance of 1 . The lesser of two planets that may be in aspect is said to apply to or separate from the other. and the Moon in 10(. or in opposition('). while # and are in square. being of the same element (fire). in which case the swifter planet is said to separate from the other. and the following rules may serve to facilitate the process. Mercury is variable in this respect. if the Sun in $ 15 had the * aspect of the Moon in 17 . 1. Planets are called “in aspect” to one another when. So also. therefore. . evil. and produce results of an evil nature. – The larger and slower bodies may apply to the lesser and swifter by direction. if the Sun were in $ 15(. both being fixed signs and. of the same constitution.B. however. but afterwards becomes so by the motion of the swifter body of the two gaining upon the other in its progress. N.

but in % 5 it would throw a sinister sextile to the meridian. But if Uranus were retrograde (0).1. and the one applied to is retrograde in motion. and other necessary material. ascendant or other important significator. dexter and sinister. Again. and (2) a Table of Houses for the latitude of birth. would be a mutual application. Thus.. CHAPTER VIII CALCULATION OF THE HOROSCOPE THE requisites for the calculation of a horoscope. . As already explained. Messrs. London. whether good or evil. the Sun would be in sinister square to Saturn. houses. it would be progressing from 15 towards 12 . or figure of the heavens for the time of birth. Jupiter would be in dexter sextile to the M. mid-heaven.46 Mutual application happens when two planets are forming an aspect. Aspects. The and are only considered when in conjunction with any of the planets at birth. Dexter aspects are those thrown to any point from a preceding sign. which gives the places of the planets for each day at noon. W. (medium cæli). and therefore itself applying to the square of Jupiter. and such like possessions. Moon. and the (Dragon’s Tail) evil. and Saturn in dexter square to the Sun.C. and a Table of Houses for various latitudes can be ascertained from the publishers. if the mid-heaven were 5 and Jupiter were in 5 . are of two natures. The is considered when in aspect and conjunction. The (Part of Fortune) has no qualities of its own. particularly land. Therefore. W. their declinations. in 12 + in 15 0. Ltd. are stronger for good or evil than the corresponding dexter aspects. in conjunction with any of the significators. 2-5 Old Bond Street. and is merely a significator of the personal property of the native. These can be obtained of the almanac publishers. Jupiter would be applying to the square (+) of Uranus. and Uranus in 15 . Foulsham & Co. the (Dragon’s Head) is considered to be good. if Jupiter were in 12 . Thus. are – (1) an Ephemeris for the year of birth. with the Sun in 10 and Saturn in 10 . Standbrook House. The cost of an Ephemeris. Sinister aspects to the Sun.

in latitude 52 281 N. ThusSidereal time. Take the following instance. to the sidereal time. born 10th April 1940. when a mere question of the “exact time” would yield no satisfaction. and seconds of time. will also assist the student. 3. for a few minutes. by referring it to the rising sign. or dinner time. These facts having been duly noted. tea. the calculation may proceed.47 The data required for the calculation are as follows:1.” whether “before or after the church bells were ringing.. the planets’ places for each day at noon will be found tabulated. lunch. 9 April Add. is calculated for Greenwich. may throw the horoscope out of all relation to the events of life. 1940. at 10 secs. The Ephemeris. 10 0 10 0 0 2 2 8 54 54 S. and longitude 2 W. The birth took place in the morning. ten hours before noon of the 10th. date. In the column marked “Sidereal Time. It is important to have the time of birth very accurately noted. per degree Correction for 2 West longitude (add) Mid-heaven at birth th H.: fourteen hours. A photograph of the native. It is advisable to make enquiry in all doubtful cases. so that a correction is due for all places east or west of that place. at 2 a.” the longitude of the Sun will be found expressed in hours. if of mature years. one way or the other. and correction for fourteen hours at the rate of ten seconds per hour. The latitude and longitude of the place of birth. noon. 1 14 15 1 14 0 14 13 13 M. minutes.” and so forth. 2. and hour of birth. add the time elapsed since noon. It will often assist the memory of the parents by asking whether the birth took place at “breakfast. The year. month. the calculation is made from the previous noon. Therefore.Male. minutes. per hour Deduct for 2 West longitude at 4 min. This will give the meridian of the horoscope in hours. 19 0 19 0 0 10 10 0 10 2 12 . time of birth since noon Deduct for summer time Correction for 13 hrs. 10th April. it must be understood. 1940. Then. viz.m. Turning to the Ephemeris for the month of April. and seconds of sidereal time.. The sex of the native. By this means a fairly accurate estimate may be obtained.

9. having obtained the meridian or mid-heaven of the Horoscope of Birth. first. 25. then the longitudinal difference must be added. very nearly as above. the two seconds would have been subtracted. For foreign horoscopes there is again a difference of calculation but this is fully explained in Chapter IX. – For every 3 West longitude two seconds must be added to the sidereal time of noon at Greenwich. 27 secs. Note. if the birthplace were 15 east of Greenwich. had the birthplace been 2 East. and joined by the cusps of the houses.2. In Great Britain and Ireland the clock time now used is Greenwich Mean Time.48 Had the birth taken place at 2 p. Thus. viz. instead of a. % 28. iv.m. The figure when completed is thus shown – . In the columns on a line with this sidereal time will be found the longitudes of the cusps of the tenth. 1. therefore allowance must be made for the longitudinal difference of time which is 4 minutes for one degree or four seconds for one minute of longitude. Again. Now. second. and third houses respectively. 23.m.. and two hours would have been added to it.. and the remaining six cusps will hold the equivalent longitudes in the opposite signs to them. eleventh. If the longitude is West the longitudinal difference must be subtracted (as shown in above calculation) but if it should be East. These longitudes must be placed in their respective cusps. chap. and one larger to represent the heavens as given in Book i. the sidereal time for the noon of the 10th would be the basis of the calculation. instead of West. In the column marked “Sidereal Time” the reader will find the 13 hrs. Turn to the Tables of Houses for the latitude of birthplace. together with twenty seconds for correction. twelfth. &10. 55 mins. This longitudinal difference of time must not be confused with the correction for longitudinal differences which is given in the paragraph headed Note. draw a circle to represent the earth (a small one will do). the circles being equally divided into twelve parts. and the same amount must be subtracted for East longitude.. ten seconds would be subtracted from the sidereal time at Greenwich at noon to get the true sidereal time for noon at the birthplace.

and ! are intercepted.49 It will be observed that the signs . however. and the signs are almost evenly distributed through the houses. On the equator. Therefore it is essential that the time of birth. $. the circle of latitude becomes farther removed from the plane of the zodiacal circle. which is invariable the clock time in force in the country or locality where the person is . and are placed between the cusps of the houses according to their positions in the Zodiac. and the distribution of the signs in the houses becomes uneven. the zodiacal and equatorial circles so nearly correspond that a sign is never intercepted. As we proceed north and south. . The next process is to place the planets in the figure of the horoscope. and in places near the equator. These are calculated for the Greenwich Mean Time of birth.

In Great Britain and Ireland. Moon’s longitude 10th Moon’s longitude 9th Moon’s motion in one day To 12 121 . If the place of birth is in West longitude it will be necessary to add the Zone or Standard Difference to the clock time so as to obtain Greenwich Mean Time whilst if the place of birth is in East longitude then the Zone or Standard Difference must be subtracted from the clock time so as to obtain Greenwich Mean Time. The longitudes for noon on the 9th and 10th of April being known. i. by proportion the motion for 1 a. which is one hour in advance of Greenwich Mean Time. generally speaking. is used during the spring and summer. but Summer Time.m. Greenwich Mean Time is used.) . This obtaining of Greenwich Mean Time is absolutely essential because the Planets’ places in the Ephemeris are all calculated for Greenwich Mean Time. . The full table giving the dates of beginning and ending of Summer Time for Great Britain and Ireland are given in the Appendix at the end of the book. – The Greenwich Mean Time at birth in the example horoscope was 1 a. Therefore if the birth occurred during a summer time period it would be necessary to subtract one – or two hours – according to the date of birth. which is the Moon’s longitude at birth. subtracted from the Moon’s longitude at noon on the 10th.50 born should be converted to Greenwich Mean Time. which is 11 hours before noon. during the autumn and winter. With foreign births the clock time of birth is again the Zone or Standard Time of the particular country or locality in which the birth occurs and in these cases the Zone or Standard Difference of Time should be ascertained. During some of the war years (1941 to 1945) Double Summer Time.logarithm 19 7 12 = 5 561 441 121 361 2938 3388 6326 This. the motion in twenty-four hours is obtained by subtracting one from the other. leaves 14 201.logarithm Motion required . (time before noon on the 10th) can be known. then. (Note.m. 2 hours advance of Greenwich Mean Time was also in use during certain parts of the spring and summer.logarithm Add 11 hrs. 19 561.e. from the time given so as to obtain the Greenwich Mean Time.

Neptune.C. and Jupiter require only a mental calculation.are set out in the space beneath the horoscope. The longitudes of the planets having been found for the time of birth. . . Asc... and frequently will not need to be altered from what is stated in the Ephemeris. as their motions are very slow. . as shown in the following figure:- The aspects and parallels existing between the chief significators . they need only to be placed in the figure together with the Part of Fortune and the Moon’s nodes. M. and the horoscope is finished. Saturn. . and . A more convenient form is here shown. Uranus.51 The longitudes of Pluto.

M. . Par. Let us suppose a person born at 2 a. Par.' . + Par.391 23 N. . . . 1940.. . . . - . on the 10th April. / .m. or both.* . / Par. ' . Par. . M. * . . / . ASPECTS Asc.. ..271 11 S. The aspects are calculated from the horoscope. .* Par.+ The declinations of the planets are calculated for the time of birth from the Ephemeris. . ..211 22 N. + Par. The calculation would then be as follows:- .C. . . 2 .131 4 S.581 23(S. in the city or New York. 7 N. longitude 74 West. / . / . . New York time. Asc. . Asc. ./ . ..+ .* .271 24 N... Par. Par. Par.91 Par. Par. .* Par.311 10 N. ' . * / . .. Asc. .. .52 PLANET DECLN.451 17 N.+ .481 3 N. They may be distant from Greenwich by longitude of latitude.C. .. * Par. .501 13(N. . CHAPTER IX FOREIGN HOROSCOPES East or West Longitude THESE are of two kinds.171 7 N. Par.. .

. 10th April. 1 0 1 13 14 M. At 10 secs.C. 1940 Time p. 16 37 39 0 40 19 We now have to remember that the latitude is South and not North.m.e. 40 mins. per hour M. per hour M. West.. Therefore add that amount to the time of birth. 1940 Less for 9 hrs. The calculation is as follows:Equation 145 = 9 hrs.m. in the table of houses. longitude 145 East. 19 secs. 16 50 06 0 10 16 This M. 56 mins. North or South Latitude Let us now suppose that the birth took place at 4 p. Calculate the planets’ places from the Ephemeris for this time. as previously explained. and latitude 37 501 South. The horoscope is then complete. noon 10th April. at birth H. This amounts to 4 hrs. per hour Melbourne M. at New York it is past 2 a. and add six signs to it – i. 40 mins.C.C.m. The result is the corresponding Greenwich time. This involves a correction. M. noon.C.C. 13 mins. take the exactly . 9th April Time elapsed Add for 13 hours at 10 secs. 10th April.m. and place them in the figure as before. The next step is to place the planets in the figure. or mid-heaven. 14 1 12 0 0 13 S. The longitude of New York is 4 hrs. and the cusps of the houses are placed in the figure of the horoscope. 40 431 North. as in the cases preceding. Take a table of houses for North latitude 37 501 (or as near that as possible). 9th April Add for 74 West at 10 secs. noon (New York). 56 mins. in Melbourne. viz. 14 0 15 0 2 17 S. 56 mins. For every degree of longitude.. A.: 6 hrs. at 10 secs. as “Raphael’s” Ephemeris is made out for Greenwich. noon (Greenwich).53 Convert 74 West into time at the rate of 4 mins.m.C. Correction for 4 hrs. and proceed as follows:Find the mid-heaven corresponding to 5 hrs. 56 mins. at Greenwich by 4 hrs. Mid-heaven at birth H. 1 0 1 4 0 5 M. 1940.. When it is 2 a. is referred to in the Tables of Houses for Latitude of New York. Greenwich M.

The symbols of signs. too. This simple method saves a somewhat complex mathematical process. and from that all the aspects should be set down with the signs and degrees in which they fall. Afterwards it is necessary to acquire the meanings of those symbols. 6.m. . and houses are thoroughly learned and understood. The horoscope having been properly calculated for time and place of birth. The several houses. or when two or more planets shall mingle their influences by aspect or conjunction from any part of the heavens. If the simple natures of the planets. at Melbourne. The process should then be done mentally. The symbols should be frequently written out and thought over. The planets’ places are calculated for Greenwich time.20 a. and take out the cusps of the houses in a line with it. it will not be a difficult matter for the student to arrive at their compounded natures. The rules for this process will be found in subsequent chapters. The longitude being East.54 opposite sign and degree.. should be thought of in succession. Some practice will also be needed in the calculation of aspects. and also makes a single set of tables for North latitudes of universal utility. when sign. but always remembering to change the signs to the opposite ones. which corresponds to 4 p. signs. for they are the letters of the celestial book of secrets. planets. and house are taken together. the corresponding time is subtracted from the birth time in order to get the Greenwich time. and significations attached to the several houses. In the case of New York it was added. planet.m. A point in the Zodiac should be selected. till practice makes the student perfect. CHAPTER X SUMMARY THE foregoing chapters have dealt somewhat fully with the alphabet and language of the heavens. and aspects should be thoroughly learned. Without a knowledge of them the language of the heavens cannot be properly mastered. Thus we find the above longitude of the meridian to correspond to II 19 151. until all their significations are familiar. it is fit to be judged. Therefore we turn to 19 151 in the tables for 37 North.

time. and for North and South latitudes.55 The method of calculating the horoscope has been given for a. . The remaining section of this work will be found to embody all that is requisite for a complete understanding and practice of the art of fore.knowledge and prediction.m. Nothing now remains save to judge the horoscope. and to indicate the times when events will take place.m. and p. for East and West longitudes.

in The artistic appearance will be accentuated. oval face but spare in build. more thick-set type of body. in # Gives a beautiful figure during first part of life.56 APPENDIX TO BOOK I Description of Persons according as the Significator may be found in each of the Twelve Signs. during second part of life skin can become somewhat flabby. much associated with spiritual and evolutionary matters but averse to orthodox religion. – Revised from Lily’s “Astrology. Always ready to express new ideas. With women. causing unpleasantness at times that can either drive other members of the family away or alternatively cause the person to leave home without giving warning or any indication as to his future whereabouts. The emotional intensity will react upon home and family interest. Thoughts and ideas will be of a futuristic nature. in ! Gives a shorter. very subtle in their implications. would make good headway in connection with military matters. yet size of body will be in accord with height. almost an ethereal beauty with the curves of the body being most marked. inventive tendencies but will need to develop practicality if ideas are to be accepted by others and progress made. but in later life there can be a loss of beauty if the diet is not watched.” The Reader is referred to Notes at the end of this Appendix. the mannerisms and expression being after the style of the old Shakespearean actor with a fairly full build of body giving a courtly and dignified appearance. Has a reaction upon the eyes causing myopia and sometimes cataract. in Tends to slim the physical body. PLUTO IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Shows a person somewhat above middle height. The temperament will be good natured and there will be a particular understanding of children. gives a squarish type of shoulder. Usually gives an exalted view of self-importance and in certain instances a bullying and cruel tendency with no hesitation in hurting people who disagree with the personal views and attitude towards life. Much personal courage. the wearing of a moustache. darkish hair with sideboards down the face sometimes extending into a thin beard round the face and chin but not extending down the throat. The tenor voice in men and soprano in women being accentuated. with a partially florid complexion and with men. The artistic side of the nature is drawn out particularly where music and singing are concerned. . in " Sometimes increases the height disproportionately showing very tall or even above very tall people.

After age 40 they become breathless after a little exertion. The eyes are also large. Can be hard and unscrupulous in business deals and a hard and tough employer. sometimes miserly and with the latter can deny themselves proper food and sustenance. Gemini and Sagittarius increasing the height. sometimes to drunkenness leading to imprisonment. Cancer. A considerable interest in philosophy is shown. The physical activity will be very marked during early and first part of middle life but then tends to deteriorate particularly if sporting interests have been prominent. They seldom criticise or argue.. Represents a cadaverous type of feature and body with a scrawny neck. Gives a swarthy appearance. but more particularly in men. blond hair in women. & Shows a rather large head with flowing hair. Scorpio and Pisces increasing the width or girth. % Indicates a fleshy type of body with watery eyes. N. A thinning of the hair becomes apparent from the early 30’s. .B. Sometimes they will express brutality but the women can be very good at nursing and with childbirth whilst the men can excel in boxing. Yet the physical strength will not be great and there will be a susceptibility to divers ailments. The willingness to co-operate with others and to exercise the function of arbitration is marked and they usually take a prominent part in public and social life so long as they have the support of the marriage partner. At the other extreme a cringing employee. Make very good friends. fair hair and blue eyes in men.57 in Signifies a medium to tall type of physical body. always will to proffer advice which is invariably sound. They are the strong people and with physical strength will go voluptuousness. Limbs will be big but soft and in women the legs will often be very big.invariably has an influence over the size of the physical body increasing or decreasing the height according to sign. The bony structure is weakened. turning grey or white before middle age. Very sensuous nose and lips whilst the muscular development in both men and women is very marked. Shows a well proportioned body with inclination towards tallness. Lowers the height and thins the body. fairly wide apart with a roundish type of face but somewhat short neck. It accentuates the graceful poise and sense of balance and deportment. the knees and legs can be deformed or weak in some way. Leo and Scorpio giving considerable physical strength. They are often avaricious. but considerable litheness of movement.

Both however have a hearty dislike of anything of an unclean nature and do not take too kindly to domestic life. Ears sometimes seem to stand out sideways. slims the body. but turning to corpulency later in life. quick to perceive dishonesty. sometimes insinuating in their overtures to others and can be deadly in the art of procrastination. Does not make friends very easily although usually desirous of company and of being with other people.58 NEPTUNE IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Gives protruding eyes with a smallish nose and smallish. There is often an interest in psychic matters. medium height of body. The ears will be very sensitive to sound hence they make good singers or musicians. they make very good mediums. a magnetic blue eye. Eyes usually brown and somewhat liquid. A susceptibility to respiratory disorders is shown. never deep set but can be penetrating in their gaze. Medium height and in women a very full bust. Fastidious regarding diet and food. Inclined to criticise and find fault. spare in early life. very thick and short neck. They make good parents. The eyes are sometimes bulbous. in ! Indicates a lymphatic or bovine type of physical body. They are very good eaters and drinkers. in Gives a fairly full build of physical body. Carelessness in dress occurs but they are invariable courteous and well-behaved. gives flexible limbs but a nervy kind of work. very impressionable and responsive to the gossip and suggestions of other people. They have a degree of garrulity. Usually just above medium height. The physical structure is strong and the health invariably good providing correct habits are maintained. but friendly not cold. women can be extremely beautiful. Pleasing features. Ingenious in covering up personal faults and failings. are often interested in magic and so can become witches or wizards. This is another position giving extremely good artistic capacity especially for the theatre. whilst the eyes are keen on form and they can make good artists and portrait painters. Women have wavy hair and a good deal of natural charm whilst men are courteous in their approach. pear type shape of face. in Signifies a kind of foxy appearance. in " Signifies a thin type of physical body but with considerable physical wiriness. in Shows a more refined type of physical body. home and family life being very important. in # Shows a mixture between a round and squarish type of face. They can be very nervy at times. are purveyors of gossip. . Physical and mental restlessness very marked.

not averse to making a sharp deal.in Tends to coarsen the physical form. the head tending to be smaller than normal. in Describes an ill-proportioned form of physical body.B. tricky or unfair nature and will usually be able to discern these traits very quickly when anyone tries to take an unfair advantage. N. uneven nature. thinness of hair. eyes somewhat more deep-set. They will be somewhat nervy. Musically inclined with very good capacity for piano or stringed instruments. in Represents a person of more than middle height but not unduly tall. in & Gives a very broad forehead. Fresh complexion. in % Shows a full stature. the trunk somewhat more developed with the legs rather thin. The walk will be of a somewhat jerky. They can be either cranks or geniuses but will invariably do something unpredictable. especially the violin. large head. eccentric people. – Neptune invariably has some influence over the eyes showing a susceptibility to weak eyes. In some cases a tendency to drink or drugs will become marked and then the character will deteriorate. sandy type of hair. They can be somewhat avaricious. 59 URANUS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Indicates a very prominent forehead. having unusual but also original ideas. Sagittarius can bring blindness. The sensuous side of the nature is intensified and in certain types there will be a marked jealousy with a nasty temper. sometimes quick as if in keeping with the flow of thought that is taking place. When in Taurus. Scorpio. and in consequence find it difficult to make true friends or a happy marriage. They can make very good composers or conductors and are usually very good company as they will always have a fund of anecdotes at their command. short-sightedness. rather prominent nose. Will be a very prolific traveller. On the other hand religious tendencies can also become strong and then many personal sacrifices will be made for others. sometimes slow. nose inclined to be flatter than normal. fairly long legs. but the full strength potential seldom developed with the result that from age 40 onwards a tendency to fatness occurs. bluey-grey or in women of a green tinge. fairly powerfully built. Will be a very good companion and very generous but will not condone anything of a deceptive. In more developed types the psychic capacity is once more accentuated and there will be remarkable ability in divining and in foretelling the future with cards and other paraphernalia. . cataract and other forms of eye disease. Sometimes the men sport a full beard often to cover up a weak chin and pale complexion. Sometimes gives a gypsy appearance but with women a capacity for fascination as well.

in Tends to increase size of body and height but in reasonably good proportions. mousy coloured hair which goes white rather quickly.60 in # Denotes a somewhat ungainly type of body. There will be more balance between thought and action but a very strong desire for romance. In some instances the men will be wrestlers. Nevertheless the personal factor of attraction will be very marked and they will have many good friends and acquaintances. Eyes will be smaller. Invariably makes good friends and will have a marked understanding of children. sometimes of a reddish hue. with delight in acting and kindred artistic matters as well as in education and science. Thick neck and full throat with roundish type of head. with a proud but not necessarily haughty bearing. particularly with women. in women sometimes almost black. very large and thick set with short legs but longer arms as if to compensate. Hair will be darker. Feet will be large with a tendency towards flatfootedness. The physical strength is again marked but if over-exertion occurs there can be a reaction upon the heart. . in Gives a smaller type of physical body. Hair will be thick and curly. There will be an appreciation of home life but sudden breaks. Ties and associations can be quickly made and yet as quickly broken. Will be quarrelsome with relatives and neighbours. desirous of changing the existing order of things but not very practical or clear as to what should take the place of the existing order. Hair will be unruly and inclined to grow long at the back. There can be a twitching of the eyes or a habit of running the fingers through the hair especially when worried or upset. in Usually shows normal height and body in reasonable proportion. rather piercing in appearance. With women the lower emotions will often be greatly intensified. in ! Shows shortness and broadness of stature. Temper will be somewhat uneven. it will not take much to provoke outbursts with accompanying belligerency. They will be intellectuals with an obstinate mental trend. A considerable degree of ambition. changes and disappearances can be made without any reasons being given. in " Signifies only medium height in apparent contradiction to the general indication of Gemini. Gives a dignified appearance. The impression given will be of very great strength. Slight slope to forehead. A somewhat difficult person to live with in the home as they will want to have everything their own way and will be a law unto themselves. Will not get on too well with co-workers as they will be too independent wanting to do things on their own or in their own way and refusing to adhere to instructions and routine.

fairly large eyes but there can be a weakness of the ankles. racing and various outdoor sports. B. Will have many strange love experiences but with no sense or appreciation of the orthodox in life. SATURN IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Gives a ruddy complexion. broad in build. sickly complexion. in men. Make very good psychiatrists but there is a danger of sudden collapse through undue mental strain. usually fond of hunting. in Gives considerable physical strength. In certain instances whilst decreasing the overall size of body will still give considerable natural strength with. hospital treatment or even imprisonment. in Darkens the complexion and skin. interested in the arts and sciences. In other directions have capacity for missionary work and exploration. Can be slovenly in dress and careless as to cleanliness. As a rule they are very intuitive. capacity for becoming a jockey. sometimes gives a kind of shambling gait as there can be a weakness of the knees. excitable. very strong arms and hands and supple lower limbs.61 in Represents an unruly individual. a spare. dark hair. N. Alternatively can go to other extreme and be very fastidious whilst women can become very good models so long as they keep their figures neat. full-faced. It brings a susceptibility to sudden collapse and in later years of life to a stroke. addicted to boasting. in certain instances can signify a liability to epilepsy or petit mal. They will be very good horsemen and horsewomen. Sometimes gives a semitic type of face and body. . in % Indicates a degree of physical weakness. not over tall. and very petulant. Nerve tension very marked. Unconventional in their habits they can do things which lead to restraint. Not a very easy person to live with. in astrology and phrenology. short stature. Hair will be lank and dark. The indications given will therefore be more apparent when the planet concerned is in a rising position and the sign in which it is placed is upon the Ascendant. Neptune and Uranus are not rulers of sings in the same way as the other planets and therefore are not normally classed as significators. in & Shows a stocky kind of body. sometimes very hairy. Eyes brown and slightly protruding. rather prominent eyebrows. not much beard. – Uranus generally shows a degree of nerve tension which will react very strongly upon the part of the body ruled by the sign in which it is placed. They are very shrewd in business and can become prominent in political or municipal life but do not make friends very easily even though within themselves they may wish to do so. resolute. swarthy complexion. raw-boned person. sometimes deformed feet. increases the height. The three planets Pluto.

reserved. broad. round shoulders. dark or black hair. not well made. oval face. in " Represents a person of rather tall stature. and seldom leave any wealth at their death. a projector of many curious matters to little purpose. melancholy. trussed body.in # Gives a person in no wise comely. though to his own detriment. not covetous. the body sometimes crooked. dark. in Describes a person above the middle stature. languid eyes. clear complexion. in ! Denotes a person of middle stature. in Represents a person of middle stature. eyes sunk. dark brown or black hair. surly aspect. quarrelsome. swarthy. apt to stoop. in Gives a person of moderate large stature. lumpish. sordid. sanguine complexion. prodigal of expense. retaining-anger. in Gives a large body. middle stature. which is usually short and thick. black or dark hair. subtle. yet willing to do good to all. studious. of few words. dark hair. rough in carriage. and suspicious in his dealings. large boned. obliging disposition. fearful. and merciful to an enemy. meagre face. dark or black hair. One who is peevish. One who will not bear an affront. wide cheat. calculating. brown hair. squat. in Personates a lean. sickly and feeble. solid countenance. inclined to servile and shuffling habits. in Represents a person of tall. one who may perform some violent and dangerous actions. and of a worldly disposition. large nose and forehead. lightish hair. and it plentiful. inclined to melancholy. good make. but a heavy. but somewhat choleric. Qualities tolerably good. comely brown hair. spare body. and a stooping awkward posture in walking. one opinionated of himself. perverse. a lover of his friends. awkward appearance. dark complexion. They are given to debate and controversy. small leering eyes. tolerable complexion. and is of great gravity. not over variant or courageous when put to the test. jealous. moderately frugal. raw-boned body. retains anger. dark hair. long visage. rather short than tall. discontented. rarely profuse. covetous. generous but passionate. and frequently unfortunate in his undertakings. oval visage. ingenious but unpolished. a long head. middle stature. thick. 62 . broad shoulders. generally unfortunate. adventurous.

fond of contending for honours. rather inclined to corpulency. A busy. a quick and penetrating eye. but not stout. but. very confident. searching fance. The deportment graceful. rather handsome. and generous disposition. and very humane and compassionate to the distressed. . rather plump. courteous disposition. rather lean than corpulent. expressive eyes. and curling. hair. behaviour free and charitable. sad or dark black hair. yet proving unsatisfactory in the end. sickly. a high nose. courageous. a sober. deportment good. An admirer of the other sex. and apt to intermeddle with other people’s concerns. but lofty. stout. yet above the middle stature. middle stature. and given to contention and dissimulation. graceful deportment. not handsome. in # Gives a middle stature. and complaisant. proud. ruddy. though compact. but disproportioned. They are not loquacious. and frequently the skin looks shining or oily. Fond of the water. The disposition is noble-minded. in " Represents a well-made. one who delights in warlike actions. complexion. Active in others’ affairs. and full of daring and enterprise. etc. sometimes the teeth are distorted. and in this sign they are generally discoloured and rotten. rough. though rather dusky. body. a person of a pregnant genius. They are said to improve as they grow old. especially to their friends. of an excellent. a large head and full eye. gentle. N. with generally pimples or a peculiar redness in the face. person. and full. well-set body. noble. and magnanimous. A friend of women. a large head and face. is a terror to his enemies. The disposition reasonably good. a clear complexion. very obliging. and who scorns to bend to them. brown hair. plump. a pale. 63 . affable. hair brown. compact body. oval face. and ambitious. in % Describes a middle-statured person.B. the hair is a light or yellowish brown. mild. and unwholesome complexion.. sad-brown hair.in & Gives a reasonable full-bodied person. whereon he is usually fortunate.always gives bad teeth. pale complexion. and good-natured. An uncertain. and do all thins circumspectly. kind to women. They are of a free. he is not courageous. polite. eye. A person not very comely. and generally very proficient in what he undertakes in arts or sciences. in ! Gives a person of middle stature. JUPITER IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Describes a middle stature. Unless throw a good aspect to . in Represents a strong and well-proportioned tall body. courteous. loquacious character. but deliberative. fickle person in everything. though often presenting a good exterior. full and fiery. oval visage. Affable. dark brown. yet disposed to be conceited. and curling. sanguine complexion. Complexion swarthy. judgment sound. and a lover of learning. obliging.

and agreeable. well built. complexion. One who is choleric. muddy. plump. crooked. ruddy complexion. and frequently an apparent mark in the fore-teeth. in an airy sign. and but 64 in % Describes a person of middle stature. If he be in a watery sign. improvident. rather disposition.in Gives a person of a reasonably full stature. and inviting face. hurtful just and merciful. light brown hair. and by his rashness often meeting serious losses. much esteemed and honoured. proud and lofty. and in a watery sign the teeth decay suddenly. in an earthy. a good eye. disposition courteous. N. in + or ' of . well conducted. The mind is just and noble. subject to have pimples or a rash in the face. good-humoured. in a fiery sign. the body is more strong and corpulent. In an airy sign. not much beard. upright. One fond of horses and hunting. inclined to be little given to extravagance. dark brown hair. especially if he be in . studious. sad-brown or black hair. obliging to none. lightish-brown hair. communicative. or in any evil aspect of or . clear corpulent.B. ruddy complexion. one who is ambitious. fleshy and full face. and too impulsive. brown chestnut-coloured hair. kind. They delight in good company. a handsome form. full beard. said to be darker than the beard. yet quick to take an advantage. manners. where if throw not an evil aspect to . usually gives good teeth. a well-composed body. wanting in sympathy. in a fiery sign more square made. upright body. more fat and comely. brown hair. but narrow. . with . and much expression in the face. and inoffensive. they are found to be fortunate. and apt to be overbearing. in Gives a fine. coarse hair. Manners. and moderate in recreations. oval face. and strong. compact body. oval face. clear complexion. in & Personates a middle stature. rather slender. resolute. he gives broad fore-teeth. weakly person. industrious. and one of a cheerful. behaviour. he is not easily imposed or wrought upon by any person. and possessed of excellent talents and good acquirements. tall stature. but the hair falls off early in life. good form and make. little head. especially about the temples. studious. and grow black and rotten. fleshy body. in Renders the body complete and elegant. and to be upon the water. affable. friendly. dark. well set. Disposition and temper mild. yet worldly. confident. compact make. and in a watery. the party has some defect in his delivery or speech. partial to exercise and recreation. dull complexion. The mind is ingenious. and exacting. obscure complexion. pale complexion. a full eye. in Gives a middle stature. Disposition harmless. therefore to be very warily dealt with. in Describes a small stature. tall. winning and obliging to all. and what may be termed handsome. thin face. stout. but not clear or fair. polite and accomplished. humane. scientific. in earthy they are discoloured.

remarkably so. etc. A hasty. rather tall person. with black or dark brown hair (though if be in the first seven degrees of ". or blemish in the face. it will be light). bold and undaunted. disposed to self-indulgence. by whom he is also much beloved. . is hard to please. but. and proud. large eyes. mark. unfortunate creature. leaving debts unpaid. may be a chevalier d’ industrie. dusky complexion. and hair light brown and soft. ruddy and smooth. and it brown. generally shifting here and there. cheerful aspect. without much hair. but it is sometimes to his prejudice. headstrong. as hunting. But good aspects of . light brown hair. and if be oriental. his own term. but. and generally very unfortunate in all undertakings. shooting. large bone. oval face. sanguine complexion. Much attached to the other sex. frequently red. in Produces a middle-sized body. a servile. black hair or very dark brown. in " Gives a tall person. . broad face. being the terms of . one who often gains by those means. but never fair. light hair. mostly employed in some low business. The temper is uncertain. in Shows a well-proportioned body. rather tall. one who is given to unhealthy ways. well set. A man dresses well. speculative. one who retains an injury. the body is generally ill-made and crooked. it is more wiry and reddish. and exercising the wits for a livelihood. proud. if be bear the Pleiades. the first seven degrees give lighter hair than the rest of the sign. or mere swindler. stout limbs. generally unfortunate. which is often ruddy. and inclined to selfish habits. in ! Describes a short figure and a bad complexion. if in the last two degrees. confident. and a brisk. unfortunate in most things. and curling. and well-proportioned body. and well made and proportioned. which is rough and coarse. but fond of boasting and very haughty. and ready for warlike occupation at any time. sanguine or sunburnt complexion. passionate. riding. but ingenious. and there is generally some scar. living in a mean way. austere countenance. will generally have some scar or other mark in the face. the terms of . well set. or will mitigate this evil tendency. rather short.. swarthy complexion. one who is careful of dress. the complexion is swarthy or darkish. dark or black hair. fond of war and dispute. wide mouth. and subtle mind. Fond of robust sports. complexion sanguine. choleric. being incapable of better. in Gives a neatly-made.65 MARS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Represents a middle-statured person. Restless and unsettled. and is favourite with women. The disposition is brisk and cheerful. in # Gives a middle stature. the face oval.

proud. An ingenious mind. and jovial. in # Gives a short. or with . highminded and lofty. shrewd. on the whole. in airy signs. a good complexion. rather short and fleshy. which. and large eyes. surgery. etc. and there is generally observed to be a falling in of the cheeks. especially if they be in angles. a sullen. – If be in . a good character. and one who generally is victorious. courageous. Confident. swarthy complexion. sandy hair. in % Represents a middle stature. rather corpulent. and lightness of feature. little head thin face. selfindulgent. dusky complexion. more dull. N. brown hair. witty. in & Gives a well-composed body. proud of physical strength. if he be weak and afflicted. black curling hair. he is hasty and choleric. not fortunate. merry.in Produces a well-set form of middle stature. flaxen or yellowish. compact and wellmade. and bold. in Represents a mean or small stature. rather corpulent. or THE SUN IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Describes a good stature. If be in fiery signs. and courageous. lean body. the disposition is capricious. gains victory. with an angry look. unless he be well aspected by . fair or clear complexion. but disposition hasty and passionate. is famous. in earthy signs. or ' of . being sallow and obscure. loquacious. and inclined to be tall (though frequently not above the middle size). more free and obliging.B.. idle. lank hair.. . and successful in undertakings. fond of opposition. and careless. though not very clear. when the person he describes is very excitable. delighting in warlike actions and enterprise. sanguine complexion. large broad face. The temper is very unsociable and rash. +. the mind is cheerful. wide mouth. strong and well made. and proud. a bad complexion. they are generally revengeful. broad and plain face. He is the giver of courage and resolution. light hair. far from handsome. generally fortunate. black. penetrating eye. not very fortunate in general. yet of good genius and ready apprehension. and penetrating. a debilitated look. bad complexion. thoughtless. valiant. and great nose. quarrelsome. and addicted to controversy. are very deficient. in watery. a buoyant disposition. well-set. naval and martial occupations. of dull mind. a quick. with a well-proportioned body. oval visage. and a terror to enemies. light brown hair. thin. excelling in medicine. dogged temper. 66 . Noble. etc. in Denotes a tall person. and stupid. rather ugly person. and fond of applause.

Very just. and gains love and friendship by agreeable manners. and disposition good. but indolent. but the temper rugged and overbearing. faithful to friends. because so meek and mild-tempered as to be controlled and imposed on by others. especially agreeable convivial parties. a right royal disposition. has a tolerably fair temper. unless strong benefic influences concur. brown hair. very hasty at times. the party is just and honourable in principles. aiming at great things. and often becomes ennobled. etc. good complexion. spare. well-proportioned body. ill-made. conquest. upright. ill-formed body. oval face. handsome. and honourable. in Makes a person something tall of stature. dancing. light brown hair. They are fortunate upon the seas. punctual.in " Represents a well-proportioned body. full.. austere and severe. sanguine complexion. scorning to do any meanness. but not black. A harmless. The mind ingenious. cloudy complexion. Affable. with a very unhealthy aspect. cheerful. and given to war and dominion. and slender. ruddy complexion. one who spends time in sports and pastimes. not very fortunate. in Produces an upright. but in the first eight degrees of the sign it is darker. especially in all matters of war or ambition. disposition ambitious. manners too brusque. if in the first six degrees of the sign. honorary distinctions. and fond of honest recreations. it is light brown. full eyes. etc. there is generally a mark or scar on the face. oval face. The mind is honourable. and is much addicted to roving. one who is very lofty and proud-spirited. above the middle stature. not curling. and frequently a rash or pimples in the face. in short. one who will not admit of an equal. and much of it. or as surgeons. or receives titles. broad face. brown. and not fond of employment. and a very portly person. fleshy person. the hair brown. very ambitious withal. and one who performs some honourable exploits. fond of rule and authority. sanguine complexion. in ! Gives a mean. but very well proportioned. 67 . in Represents a middle stature. well-proportioned body. light brown or yellowish hair. etc. dark hair. soft hair. and magnanimous even to enemies. in Makes a tall. the mind ingenious. courteous. light hair. or rather olive-brown or sunburnt. brown hair. a full face. etc. and. in Gives a remarkable square-built. etc. and kind. but the party is unfortunate. thin body. very prominent. sickly complexion. and large staring eyes. oval face. dun or sunburnt. in Gives a strong. physicians. tall and slender body. cheerful person. sanguine complexion. deformed in the face.

very inoffensive. etc. and they in the ascendant. corpulent body. the face will be quite white and wan. just. obliging. light brown hair. though harmless to others.. according as may be afflicted or not). Note. put the best side outwards. slender. with light hair. and if be well aspected. and rarely guilty of anything dishonourable. body plump and fleshy. with soft brown hair. or * of . desirous of bearing rule. light hair (if in the term of . dark). and indifferent complexion. but yet vain. and. etc. generally females are handsome brunettes. in # Gives a handsome person. a round full face. and very soft. and a tinge of colour appear in the checks. unless have a . may ruin himself by extravagance. round. they are very handsome. the hair may be reddish. The temper is mild and winning. proud. the disposition kind. The hair is generally brown. It confers a degree of pride and a desire for fame. and charitable. clear complexion. and sickly face. in % Gives a stature rather short. and seem to be in earnest when they are not. pale. she is careless of her home and other duties. free from malice or deceit. and ostentatious. but not fair. though the stature is not great. They have generally small grey or greenish eyes. They are good-humoured. in the first eight degrees of the sign it is flaxen. if be in her own term. ever mutable and inconstant. At the worst they are very fickle and timid. The eyes are generally black. humance. rather tall and slender. They are generally unfortunate both to themselves and others. good complexion. loving. upright. and usually a mark or scar in the face (often marked more or less with small-pox. frequently brown or hazel eyes. if in the term of . and have much the face and figure of the Venus de Medict. plump. the party is extremely partial to society. the complexion is ruddy. The disposition tolerably good. – The rising at birth generally produces a sunburnt or freckled appearance. they are fond of society and every from of pleasure. but if be in the term of . The complexion clear and fair. The disposition is idle and dull.68 in & Describes a person of middle stature. it is very soft and luxuriant. and very expressive. fond of pleasures. and if the be with . in " Gives one above the middle height. and are fortunate. well-made. the body is extremely well made. it is shining black. and well-made body. they generally gain much respect from those with whom they come into contact or deal. a pensive aspect. and the sense of duty weak. VENUS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Decribes a middle stature. . liberal. if it be a female. and. but not gross. and the hair very light coloured. and light brown hair (in the term of brown). round it is dark full face. in ! Represents a short person. a fleshy body.

if be in her own term. and soon pleased again. freckled and fair skin. a sad-brown). oval face. full eye. if be afflicted by or . but rarely successful in their pursuits. oval face. obliging to all. well made. free. clear complexion. in Shows a tall. aiming at no mean this. not at all inclined to vicious actions. and a dusky complexion. extremely well made. kind. or it may be flaxen. flaxen). though not seriously. round face. and foolish. They are generous. A good disposition. stout. well-set. very obliging. and rather beautiful.69 in Gives a person reasonable tall of stature. and are. eloquent. soon angry. affable. affectionate. will be a perfect beauty. a pale face. They are often envious. be in the ascendant. if a female. . they are possessed of hurtful propensities. hair reddish. having pleasing smiles and beautiful dimples. fortunate in affairs. active. tall. and very obliging. elegant person. sad brown. clear or sanguine complexion. and respected by friends and acquaintance in general. brown hair (if she be in her own term. generally unfortunate. and clever. and inoffensive. They delight in innocent recreations. well-formed person. the hair is brown and soft. but cast a * from If & . one who has nothing very pleasant in the countenance. and brown hair. of an aspiring turn. They are generally persons of large appetite. They are kind. peaceable. but they are frequently freckled. in Describes a small-sized person. in general. spirited. clear complexion. but rather proud. given to contention. and dark or black hair. not fortunate. rather corpulent or large body. in Represents a person rather tall than otherwise. fortunate persons. with a genteel carriage. rather proud. dark hair (but. They are petulant and passionate. corpulent body. and frequently indisposed. courteous. and there be no assistance by or . yet. thin and sickly. unhealthy. in Describes an upright. well-composed body. in & Gives a handsome. but rather grows long than plentiful. fair. dark hair. and. to be very ungracious actions. generous. and if both and afflict. fond of enjoyment. if in her own term. and there be no afflicting aspects. in Denotes a short. passionate. They are ingenious. subject to sudden changes in life and strange catastrophes. and generally well-beloved by all with whom they have any dealings. well-proportioned figure. The face is oval. good-tempered. in short. and good-humoured. sociable. short stature. quiet. the party. broad face and dusky complexion. or.

and having great natural abilities and many acquired accomplishments. in Describes a tall. talented mind. ingenious. and unworthy actions. in short. a fleshy. yet ingenious and studious. straight body. but somewhat unstable. full eyes. kind. sharp nose. or squat figure. yet quick to take advantage. A hasty. not a clear complexion. upright. not easily deluded by the most cunning knave he may encounter. in Gives a full large body and good stature. disposed to idleness. broad shoulders. brown hair. with a dimple in the chin. light brown. virtuous. good complexion. between pale and ruddy. be in the terms of and austere countenance. in " Shows a tall. Idle. light brown and curling hair. . proud. thick person. short stature. but not thin. yet moderately fortunate in the world. dull complexion. ambitious. a profound scholar or linguist. dark brown hair or (if or ) black hair. swarthy. ingenious. well formed. a lover and promoter of learning. boasting contentious. small eyes. or clever bookseller. plump body. a cunning lawyer. just . slender. round face. A very witty. dark complexion. and capable of any undertaking which requires great ability. and not to be depended upon. fond of the other sex. in Gives a short. MERCURY IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Gives a moderate stature. mean stature. strong and well set. well-proportioned person. a cunning person. and (if be not afflicted) one who is subtle. A just. one who perfectly understands his own interests. an ill complexion. light brown hair. a round full face. corpulent. in ! Personates a low. in Personates a tall body. and. conceited. in # Gives a middle-sized. a ruddy or sanguine complexion. one who is fretful. if be free from affliction. slothful. a thin sharp face. swarthy sunburnt complexion. addicted to dispute. good complexion. inconstant. dark hair. Not any way elegant or pleasing. A mind rather ill-disposed. very careful of their own interests. and partial to company and merry-making. swarthy. one who loves ease and luxury. and troublesome character. a good orator. smart business tricks. dull. and who hurts himself by his associations. Goodhumoured. a broad or high nose. smooth hair. sunburnt complexion. An ingenious pregnant fancy. spare and thin body. a long visage. prudent person. oval face. dark short and thick hair. brown curling hair. well made.70 in % Personates a middle stature. full and well-set but inn-made body. mild and peaceable. and a very intelligent look.

and aspiring. angry. in & Shows a person of middle height. in " Describes a tall. if in his own term or that of . fond of good company. but free from passion or rash actions. yet well disposed. given to change. A very fretfufl. rash in many thins to their own injury. if a man. but seldom attaining them. pale face. dejected. nor very fortunate. and very hairy body. obliging character. pale. feeble person. a large nose. dusky complexion. dumpty figure (though. rather thin). just. not often fortunate. brown hair. An ingenious. not of the best disposition. disposed to irregular habits. strong and largeboned. full face. rather short. sickly look. sad-brown hair. a thin face and figure. striving after honourable thins. owing to a suspicious nature and ill temper. not very fortunate. small stature. foppish person. light brown hair. is much respected. yet crafty and changeful. well proportioned. Hasty. The mind is ingenious. one who gains esteem. with brown hair and full face. sober. often changing. and 71 . unless other good testimonies by aspects of . obliging. a great traveller. brown hair. pleasant disposition. pretty good complexion. and remarkable for talent. large and prominent eyes. sanguine complexion. or concur. dusky complexion. a round. charitable person. well-set body.in Describes a person of tall stature. squat. and such undergo various mutation various mutations in life. THE MOON IN THE TWELVE SIGNS in $ Describes a person of indifferent stature. and fortunate in most affairs. and attains preferment according to the situation in life. The mind is flexible. in # Gives a strong. well-formed. but soon reconciled. between pale and sanguine. dark brown or black hair. easy. sickly. but rather largeboned and spare. one who is generally well-beloved. one who is unfortunate to self and disagreeable to others. kind. and brown hair. round face. often crooked made and bow-legged. and honest. very harmless and peaceable. tolerably good complexion. comely person. fond of arts and sciences. repining. yet active. . well formed. upright. in Gives a mean. rather fleshy or plump. not corpulent. very inventive. very insignificant and contemptible. a good complexion and clear skin. kind. good complexion. in Denotes a person above the middle size. corpulent. discontented. in % Gives a short. in ! Represents a middle stature. as well as being a humance. unsteady. A very peevish. an oval face. and fleshy person. a merry. The mind is rash. Gentle. well-proportioned. rather fleshy and corpulent. inclined to study. ambitious. and ruddy complexion. light brown or flaxen hair.

and held in low esteem by his associates. and sanguine complexion. the dispositor. and in a good house. more particularly in regard tot eh character ascribed to each. dark hair. rather bronzed. but tolerable clear complexion. but hasty and passionate. proud. aspiring person. black hair. one who aims at great thins. brown hair. not in general very well disposed. and if the afflicted by the + or ' of or . be and if it be a femal. not ingenious. having much invention. N. and a person rarely guilty of unworthy actions. she will suffer thereby. inconstant. a fleshy obscure complexion. oval face. one who is inactive. sanguine complexion. and sleepy eyes.] . A lofty. in Represents a handsome. handsome.72 full face. find red and white complexion. The are merry. affable. well made. generally very selfish in his conduct. especially about the knees. They are irregular. unfortunate both to self and others. and small feature. in Describes a rather tall person. but yet not be fortunate. yet forgiving. and desirous to bear rule. in Denotes a thick. very fond of amusement. melancholy. is fortunate. well-proportioned. covetous. short. weak body. she will be courted by m=numbers. and ill-shaped person. oval face. and callous. with smooth. and rather tall person. unless . jocund. open and generous. she is generally impulsive in her actions. a lover of curious and scientific studies. – if be well aspected. pale and bloated face. courteous. but plump or fat. etc. in & Represents a middle-sized person. An ingenious. light brown hair. reserved. dark brown or black hair. a thin. if a woman.B. The disposition is good. and rather corpulent. the complexion bad. in Gives a person of low stature. and pleasant cheerful countenance. – S. dull. and inoffensive. small. one who abhors servitude or dependence. rather ruddy. and bright brown or shining chestnut hair. They are ingenious. in % Describes a person of a mean or low stature. well-composed body. and much admired by the opposite sex. and feeble. impulsive. [The student is warned to apply these descriptions with caution. very ambitious. and is generally an unfortunate person. bad health. one not inclined to action except for pleasure. be very strong and well aspected. and much respected by those with whom he associates. often black. in Gives a tall. contentious. light brown hair. clear skin. and pleasant. and one who seldom performs any very commendable actions. the disposition is much improved. unfortunate person.

73 Appendix to Book I .

man’s mind to things that were not of earth. came as a complete revelation to the God-man Adam. it moulds our life. Assyria. ordered the laws of human thought. waking thereby the echoes of that old tradition which referred these qualities to the dominion of the Moon. engaged the minds of princes and rulers. the busy hand of man could not mar the sacred record. as we have said on our first page.74 NOTES TO BOOK I ON THE DIVISIONS OF THE ZODIAC WHETHER the influences and qualities of the several signs were revealed to man. We speak of lunatics and jovial men. while mar means a hurt. the names of thins express their qualities. primarily. we breathe in int. as purely physical. because. permeated the daily life of the nations. and venus. and psychic. Egypt. a revelation. with all its images and symbols. and the reading of the scroll. for mankind can never be free from tradition. Greece. we can safely say that the influences are there. which spread over the whole earth.” which. or were read into them by empirical art in the course of ages. and Rome. or such first of human kind as may be understood by that name. that the same signs and symbols stand for the same things. Mars. and drew. as Paracelsus says. We fashion our thought upon it . and carry the same meanings. and finallhy became established as a sacred science in the temples of India. that God covered Himself with the spangled vestment of heaven. by the celestial fires. the red planet will be called Mars and nothing else. the celestial language became a traditional knowledge. according to Josephus. Then came the revelation. . Babylonia.” Personally we would incline to the belief that the celestial scroll. of Jupiter. and speak it from our infance. Seth “engraved them upon pillars of stone. by modern astro-psychologists is call “the astral. So.” Some have imagined these pillars of stone to be the Pyramids of Egypt. but however that may be. the “breath of lives” – an inspiration as much spiritual. the Jewish historian says they were to be seen in his day. “Man is related to the stars by reason of his sidereal body. At first an inspiration. as in the days when. of martial men and venerables. into whose nostrils was breathed the nephesh cheyim. We are born in it. As a tradition it was imperishable. mental. and that. Herein Josephus voices a tradition which clearly shows that. Such is the immortality of tradition.

and much esteemed by modern votaries of Astrology. behind all these influences there is an Ego. Quite apart from the indications of character derived from Astrology. Our knowledge of them is purely traditional. although many of these illustrations are not likely to find their exact reflection in most modern instances.e. the influences of heredity. environment. but which. already referred to. which the polite reader will appreciate on reference to the original in the Ashmolean MSS. taught in the same school. is using them for the purposes of its own evolution – pushing through them. and must. The signs of the Zodiac must not be confounded with the constellations bearing the same names. and climate. in no sense to be regarded as the product of those influences. we have thought fit to paraphrase. therefore. The fixed or intellectual Zodiac is counted from the Vernal Equinox. are lacking. the first point of the constellation Aries is now located in 10(251343 of the sign Pisces. of mental and moral education. into a fuller and more perfect expression. wherein the controlling influence of social and mental culture did not obtain so widely as in these days. The conditions of seventeenth century life. as well as for the immortality of tradition. and is moving towards Aquarius. on the contrary. education. as noticed by Varaha Mihira in his Brihat Samhitâ. otherwise venial faults and common failings may easily descend to the worse evils depicted by our author in the appropriate language of his day. because Lily is a reputable author. The two Zodiacs coincided in the year A.It is the same in regard to the sings of the Zodiac. and otherwise brought up under like conditions. will follow us more intelligently that others. whose “Christian Astrology” is a standard work on the horoscopical science. so to speak. however. hygiene. fed at the same table. At the same time. and otherwise temper the language of Lilly’s delineations. no doubt would serve to bring into prominence many of the corrupt tendencies specified by our author in the forcible manner of one who illustrates by reference to extreme types. The precession of the equinoxes causes the constellations to retrograde through he signs of the Zodiac at the rate of about 50 3 a year.D. food. and where the refining influences of good parental care. will be disposed to believe that. For quite other reasons. or metempsychosis. all play their part as factors in the development or suppression of inherent faculty. be taken into consideration. yet the possibility of corruption is inherent in human nature.. while the shifting or natural Zodiac is counted from the beginning of the constellation Aries. it is the greater argument for primary inspiration. Yet those who have marked and thought upon the wide differences of character existing in children born of the same parents. refine. so that at the present time the divergence amounts to about 19(341263. 75 . i. and confirmed by references to former authors. it is proper to reflect that. Those of our readers who hold the doctrine of reincarnation.. If by daily experiment we find that knowledge to be true. ON LILLY’S DESCRIPTIONS We have ventured to introduce Lily’s description of persons in the Appendix to this Book. 498.

due to the presence of much iron in the system. affects the size of the body according to the sign which is rising.BOOK II THE READING OF A HOROSCOPE CHAPTER I THE BODILY FORM. and generally it contributes a ruddiness to the complexion. and the planets in close aspect to the ascending degree. will determine much concerning the bodily form to which the native will arrive at maturity. Scorpio and Aquarius increase the width giving thickset bodies. DEFECTS AND ACCIDENTS The rising sign. or in close aspect thereto. Ii. Taurus. Uranus in the ascendant. considered according to the signs they severally occupy. as set forth in the chapter on the “Signatures of the Zodiac. Sagittarius and Pisces. When rising it frequently gives a mole. Jupiter increases the vitality and gives bulk to the figure. (See Book I.” The modifying factors are the lord or ruler of the rising sign. and two or three planets in the ascendant. If in exact conjunction or any aspect to the ascending degree. The peculiarities conferred by these signs will be found more or less reproduced in the body of the native. . Thus Cancer. makes a dwarf. is the basis of the physical temperament. or one much under the usual stature. the ruler of the ascendant and that of the sign intercepted in the first house (if any). chap. Mars gives a larger form than that indicated by the rising sign. Any of the earthy signs ascending. and the planets closely aspecting the ascendant. Virgo and Capricorn will shorten the height but Gemini. it operates to produce red hair and grey eyes. Leo. more especially if Saturn be one of such planets. as indicated in the Appendix to Book i. gives length of limb and a slender body. considered with the signs they are in. Pluto in the ascendant. the ruling sign. or that which holds the eastern horizon. will increase the height. and Appendix.) Primarily. the ruddy colour and steel-grey being peculiar to the god of war. if it be close to the horizon. a mark or scar in the face.

it gives some claim to good looks. xv. The same result follows from the Moon in opposition to the Sun. PHYSICAL PECULIARITIES The Eyes. Venus and Jupiter in conjunction or opposition from any part of the figure gives blue eyes. owing to a sapping or wasting away of the vital fluids. and the second half of female signs. when ruling the half sign rising at birth. chap. and Scorpio give a medium stature. in 29 . When closely aspecting the ascendant or its ruler. The Sun renders the complexion fairer. the person born may become blind. and Aquarius produce tall persons. It has been frequently noticed that when this position or aspect occurs. Leo. and Pisces produce small persons. His thin. while the Moon takes the remaining halves of these signs. But these observations are.) Venus rising confers greater elegance on face and figure. of course. Neptune causes the face to become prematurely wrinkled. . – The Moon being with the Pleiades. Taurus. It was rising in Sagittarius in the horoscope of President Abraham Lincoln. or the Moon in conjunction with the Sun. Gemini. in any of these nebulous parts of the Zodiac. pale. 6 . the Sun and Moon only one each. Sagittarius. Libra. They are as follows:Fair -Dark The Sun rules the first half of the male signs. the Moon makes it darker. Cancer.78 Saturn makes the complexion paler or darker. Capricorn. “Rank”. only general. afflicted by Mars from an angle. The planets have each two complexions. (See Book ii. or in the Asselli. or the sun in these places. the native has very deep blue and almost violet eyes. Aries. and somewhat melancholic face will no doubt be familiar to many of our readers from photographs and pictures of him. they are subject to modifying influences. or with Antares in 8 . Virgo.

and is in opposition to the Moon. for it gives greater hope of relief. afflicted by Saturn. The third sign of the Zodiac ( ). is thus held in bondage. Taurus. . Scorpio. Uranus. squared by the Sun and Moon will also cause weak sight and accentuate the liability to blindness more especially if the signs Taurus. the native will have a defect in his speech. Saturn ascending in any of the bestial signs – Aries. – Mercury ruling the twelfth house. and so afflicted by the malefics or in conjunction with the Sun. or other impediment. lisp. In this matter it is better to have the Moon afflicted than the Sun. Leo. Pluto rising. Saturn. The same happens when Mercury is in the twelfth house. more particularly if the malefic be elevated above the luminary. then danger of blindness will arise from an accident. corresponds to the atmospheric vibrations. Mercury anywhere in the figure in the watery signs. and afflict the Sun or Moon by aspect. or being in conjunction with the Sun. especially by the opposition or conjunction. lisp. Mercury.79 When either the Sun or Moon is in or near 29 . The Tongue and Organs of Speech. stone-blindness frequently results. being ruler of the sixth house. and posited in either of the watery signs – Cancer. as denoted by the signification of the twelfth house. the cause differing according to the afflicting planet. and therefore has affinity with the sense of hearing. or pronounce his words badly. which is ruled by Mercury. Scorpio. If a malefic planet occupy any of the nebulous parts of the Zodiac already referred to. defective eyesight is the result. is afflicted by Mars or Saturn. The Sun in Aquarius. When Mercury holds any of the first six degrees of Scorpio. – If Mercury. Leo or Aquarius are involved. or Pisces – the native will have a perceptible stammer. or 8 . or Pisces – causes an impediment of speech. The same if the Sun or Moon be in Aries and afflicted by Mars or Saturn. and sometimes sore eyes. Or Mars. 6 . and afflicted by any planet. afflicted by Saturn. or Capricorn – or in any of the “mute” signs – Cancer. The Sun and Moon being in opposition from Aries and Libra gives weak sight. ruling the intellect. deafness ensues. then the native will talk very fast. causes a stammer. The Ears. If Mars add his influence by aspect. and afflicted by the malefics. and therefore has affinity with the sense of sight. The sign Aquarius corresponds to the etheric vibrations.

for then they increase the evils denoted. or Aquarius (the airy sign). conjunction. The second house (and the corresponding sign. it is necessary to observe whether the afflicting planets are angular or out of their dignities. if in evil aspect or conjunction with the malefic planets.80 Mercury in the sixth house. causes the hair to fall off soon. The greater the amount of iron. if any of these signs occupy the eastern horizon. and their intimacy with the ascending degree. or the seventh and tenth cusps. and if a “sign of voice. Sulphur darkens the hair. and assistance will proceed from the quarter indicated by the position of the benefice planet. then eloquence or some vocal gift may be predicted. afflicting Venus. the more ruddy is the hair. The Hair. or Sagittarius. Libra. or parallel.. produces premature baldness. If however. and the rising degree be afflicted by the presence or evil aspect of the malefics. and always that part of the body is afflicted wherein the Sun or Moon is found to be situated at birth. Besides this.. consideration being always made of the characteristic of the rising sign. and elevated above Venus in the figure. be found in the second house of the horoscope of birth. Jupiter or Venus assist the afflicted planet by their benefic aspects. Aquarius.e. more especially if Venus or Mercury be therein and free from affliction. either Gemini. causes a defect in the speech. i. Mars afflicting Venus. – The Sun or Moon afflicted in the signs Capricorn. The same if Saturn be ruler of the ascendant. Jupiter. in conjunction with the Sun or afflicted by Saturn or Mars. Mars in Aquarius. – Mars exactly rising produces red hair. and therefore Saturn rising produces black hair. and occidental. Pluto rising in Gemini or Sagittarius afflicted by the Sun or Moon.e. between the first and fourth. Taurus) governs the vocal organs. a similar defect is produced. . Thus far we see how certain defects in the body are brought about.” i. The Limbs. Gemini. The relative strength of Saturn and Mars in the horoscope. or Pisces often produce lameness. or. then the evils will be ameliorated. being ruler of the ascendant. and occidental. will determine whether the hair is naturally light or dark at maturity. the same effect is produced. together with Saturn brings a liability to partial or complete paralysis of either or both upper and lower limbs according to the severity of the affliction.

Pluto rising in the common signs. and afflicted by the square or opposition of Mars or Saturn. but Saturn disposes to produce falls and bruises. Again. The first decanate of Leo and Aquarius. still denotes accidents at such time as they may form their exact conjunction with the ascending degree by oblique ascension. a human or animal sign. Saturn. If the malefics. and afflicted by the evil aspect or conjunction of Uranus. In regard to the nature of the accidents thus foreshown. dispose to drowning. viz. This calculation is explained in Book iii of this work. electricity. being in the oriental quadrants.. or the malefics afflict the lights from those parts of the Zodiac. or Mars. – denote the . will produce accidents. Mars or Uranus increases the liability to accidents through travel which break the limbs and can cause amputations. Observe that the odd houses – first. The part of the body liable to accident may be known by the sing and house the malefic is in. the Sun or Moon. Gemini. blows. or Sagittarius denotes danger of gunshot or wounds if Mars be the afflicting plant. according to the sign it occupies. fifth. indicates similar dangers. The Sun or Moon rising. and hurts by falling things. etc. Mars or Saturn rising. Mars denotes cuts. especially when in cardinal signs and angles. watery.. bites. etc. or Pisces and in affliction with the Moon. Sagittarius. Uranus and Mars. as also the second decanate of Virgo. or earthy sign. is in the ascendant. even a benefic. The luminaries being afflicted by the malefics from Gemini. they denote serious physical hurt to the native. or that occupied by the afflicting planet.: between the ascendant and mid-heaven or the descendant and nadir. third. accidents by machinery. more particularly if cardinal signs are involved. when the lights are afflicted therein. scalds. whether a fiery. and thus afflicted. and the last of Taurus and Scorpio. Aquarius. are in conjunction or opposition. it denotes injuries to that part of the body indicated by the sign ascending. etc. Virgo. Uranus denotes strange and unexpected hurts.81 When a planet. and not in aspect to the luminaries. or Saturn and Mars. taken together with the house it is in. contusions. airy. Saturn in this respect denotes. etc. falls and dislocations. burns.

.82 left side in a male horoscope. its lord or ruler. the second decanate shows the middle part. and its ruler. for. if Mars be in the third house. etc. afflicted by the luminaries or by the lord of the sixth or eighty shows difficulty in rearing an infant. There will be particular need for augmentation of natural feeding and for care during the teething period. and. the shorter will be the life. Uranus. the nature of the planets rising (if any).: the Sun. the greater the affliction of the significators of life. the child is either still-born or dies immediately after birth. the premature death of the infant may be expected. Pluto rising. fourth. then. profession. The first ten degrees of a sign show the upper part of that portion of the body ruled by it. the nature of the rising sign. viz. The even houses – second. the right in a female. the twenty-fourth degree of Taurus shows the lower part of neck. afflicted by the ruler of the eighty. it will be manifestly absurd to predict anything concerning the fortunes. the condition of the Moon. Should Saturn. and the last ten degrees show the lower part. and other incidents of adult age. – denote the right side in a male and the left in a female. Thus all affections of the body may be localized. or Mars be found near the rising degree. In these and similar cases. without assistance from Jupiter or Venus. afflicted by the ruler of the eighth house. and the Moon at the same time afflicted by the Sun. CHAPTER II THE PHYSICAL CONSTITUTION A PRIMARY consideration in the horoscope of a newly-born child is that of its constitution and the likelihood of its reaching mature years. and will die before reaching maturity. the ascendant. without assistance from the benefics. the right side in a female horoscope. If the ruler of the ascendant be in the sixth house. the left side in a male. When all of these significators are afflicted. marriage. if life is denied at the outset. Moon. and the lord of the eighth house. then the child will be very sickly. Thus Mars in 24 afflicting the Mood shows hurt to the neck. Consider.

will bring the native safely to mature life. then the child will be reared only with great difficulty. or a female at an eclipse of the Moon. Scorpio. and applying by evil aspect or conjunction to a malefic. will be reared. On the contrary. When they are rising. When Taurus rises with Mars or Saturn therein. although sickly. assisted by the good aspects or conjunction of either Jupiter or Venus.83 A male child born at an eclipse of the Sun. and. as explained above. Cancer. Virgo. . It is important also to notice what aspect was last formed between the Sun and Moon. capable of withstanding considerable strain in the form of sickness during early years. Capricorn. the eclipse falling on the cusp of the fifth house in the horoscope of the Princess. Taurus. and Sagittarius are strongly vital signs. Leo. the child will die in a paroxysm. or by planets in their dignities. and the condition of the Sun. or is born only to see the light and die. The signs are classified as follows:Aries. and if the Sun or Moon be afflicted in a fixed sign. For if. They give much promise of continued life even in severely afflicted genitures. in a weak nativity. when the ruler of the ascendant is in the sixth or eighth house. and applying to the good aspect or conjunction of a benefic. the ruler of the ascendant is found in the sixth house. even though afflicted by the ruler of the eighth house. Gemini. Capricorn. Uranus. the child will be subject to fits during dentition. the rising sign being either Cancer. and Pisces are the weakest signs under which persons can be born. seldom draws breath. and the ascendant is vitiated by the presence of the malefics. and Aquarius are moderately vital. 17th June. Saturn. the child will hardly attain more than four years. or Mars. Neptune. or Pisces. though the nativity be otherwise a weak one. if the Moon be separating from a malefic. and what planets the Moon separates from and applies to. and the usual indications of weakness are shown. 1890. however. and may even die soon after birth. then the child will be reared. The strength of the constitution mainly depends on the nature of the sign rising. When. the child. which was born during an eclipse of the Sun on Tuesday. This happened in the case of the Duchess of Fife’s first child. Libra. The worst signs of short life are present when the Sun and Moon are both afflicted. the Moon be separating from a benefic. with agreeable aspect.

gives vital heat and a good circulation. of inherent tendency and hereditary transmission. taking note of the signs they occupy. These will declare . Therefore. and ascendant. afflicting the Sun or Moon. parallel. and such affections as proceed from external causes. and when the Sun or Moon is found in the first. is elevated above the luminary. climate. and the condition of the Sun. And this holds good in regard to all horoscopical considerations. or second house. tenth. the nature of the planets afflicting the Sun. or evil aspect. and easily succumbs to evil directions. in any aspect to the Sun or Moon. the more powerful is its action. When a malefic planet. observe that the Sun becomes the significator of the radical constitution. the native suffers much ill health. the life will be short. a long life may be predicted. The affliction from a benefic planet can only be by evil aspect. the Sun indicates chronic and lasting affections of the body. with the power to throw off diseases. such as food. The Sun is organic. In this matter. etc. The more elevated the planet may be which favours or afflicts the significator of life or fortune. The Sun in a fiery sign and the Moon in a watery sign are indicative of a sell-balanced temperament. and such as arise from the accidents of life. habit. and the Sun and Moon are in evil aspect to one another. or when Saturn is in the sixth house. well aspected by Jupiter and Venus. clothing. CHAPTER III PHYSICAL INFIRMITIES IN order to learn the various ailments to which the native will be liable. eleventh. the Moon denotes acute ailments. the duration of life may be judged by the sign rising. whereas in the case of a malefic the affliction may be by conjunction. Again. or the Sun or Moon therein badly afflicted. it disposes to accidents. When Saturn is rising. attention must be paid to those planets which afflict the Sun and Moon. Mars. it is more evil that when the luminary is elevated above the malefic. observe. first of all. while the Moon indicates acquired tendencies. the Moon is functional. But if in evil aspect. Moon. If the rising sign be also a weak one.84 In the horoscope of an adult.

obstructions. In the occidental quarters the luminaries afflicted show diseases. will determine the character of the evil tendency and the part of the body likely to be affected.85 certain hereditary and organic tendencies. and surfeit. the Moon. When the malefics are in oriental quarters of the figure. pleurisy. sleeplessness. the heart and dorsal region would be affected. . The Sun or Moon afflicted in the seventh house or in the sixth. This is particularly true if Saturn be in any of the common signs. Again. The planet’s nature. mental worry. Gemini. when Virgo is rising (as sometimes happens with those born soon after sunset between 19th February and 20th March). contraction. the luminaries afflicted in the oriental quarters show acute pains and accidents. fevers. in the sixth house. diseases arising from too full a habit. acute. and organic disorder would soon manifest itself. considered with that of the sign it is in. or grief. heavy pains and aches. the heart would already be affected from birth by hereditary transmission. as also small-pox. debility. but when occidental. chap. sores. Sagittarius. shows a strong tendency to consumption. Jupiter denotes apoplexy.. restlessness. will indicate by its evil aspects those ailments which will arise after birth to the detriment of the native’s health. if Saturn afflicted the Moon. or Pisces. overworked brain. Mercury denotes nervous complaints. tedious and prolonged illnesses are shown. effusion of blood. the illness will be short. and sharp pains. in a similar manner. much illness is shown. ossification. ruptures. and festering diseases. a wasting disease or consumption is shown. The places occupied by the malefics are always points of affection. inflammation. afflicted in the sign Pisces. constipation. etc. Venus denotes such as are incident to the generative system. for the parts of the body ruled by the signs of the Zodiac. ii. Mars denotes heat. swellings. sloughings. etc. if Saturn were in Leo. and painful. When the Sun is afflicted by Saturn in square or opposition. As regards the planets: Saturn denotes colds. irregularities in food. compression. The Sun and Mercury. but if Saturn afflicted the Sun. and corrupted blood. Next. excess. The student is referred to Book i. and Saturn occupies the meridian of the horoscope. Virgo. measles. dull. weakness. the heart would become affected by weakness. Thus. arising from weakness and poison.

sunstroke. If. and in some cases indicates barrenness. there is a probability that the periods will be very painful. Uranus near the ascendant or in square to the Sun intensifies the liability to heart trouble and to strokes. the periods may be irregular and liable to be suppressed. in either sex. weakness. irritable. square to it or to the Moon will cause wasting diseases and ailments which have their origin in drugs. and profuse. rays. the regularity of the system. radiation. but Saturn afflicts either Venus or the Moon. humidity. Those working in nuclear activities will be particularly susceptible. at the same time. The health. and through drunkenness. when the Moon is free from affliction and supported by the good aspects of Jupiter and Venus. . the catamenia may be profuse and weakening. and there is danger of a flooding haemorrhage. Neptune in the ascendant. will be such that even a feeble constitution will outlast the wear and tear of life. bites of animals. Venus being in the sign of Saturn. stings of insects. Even when Venus does not afflict the Moon. when afflicting the ascendant or Sun. The Sun. dropsical swellings. The supreme function of maternity. and irregularities. etc. the Moon should be in square or opposition to Venus in a female horoscope.. Good health happens. it denotes danger of the periods never occurring. and if. the positions and affections of the Moon and Venus are of vital importance. and the Moon in that of Venus. when afflicting the ascendant or Moon. and the health after puberty depend almost wholly on the condition of these two bodies in the horoscope of birth. and ills arising from excess of heat.86 The Moon. they are likely to be painful and irregular. therefore. Saturn afflict Venus. and the latter is in evil aspect to the Moon. and may even be entirely suppressed. and bring the native to a mature old age. occur. Pluto afflicting the ascendant or the luminaries brings disorders caused through the work carried out particularly in those industries where fumes. When Mars afflicts Venus. In female horoscopes. denotes fevers. denotes colds. When Venus is afflicted by both the Moon and Saturn. under these conditions. and when the ascendant is free from the presence of evil planets.

and the diamagnetic currents instituted thereby between points at right angles thereto. by repeated and universal observation. and the legs. But apart from the direct influence exerted by a particular sign on a certain part of the human organism. The following familiar arrangement of the signs will show which are in sympathetic rapport with one another. unless free from affliction. or the first and eighth houses. and its ruler. that the signs of the Zodiac have a direct influence upon the human organism from head to foot. as also the blood. there is also a sympathetic influence. This is due to the polarity existing between opposite points of the zodiacal circle. does much to confirm good health and to establish the constitution of the native. those that are governed by the signs in square and opposition to its own. it will be seen that each one of these zones exerts in its turn a sympathetic influence upon three others. the sign thereon. the generative and excretory system ruled by Scorpio. and. These are in rapport with the heart and the dorsal region ruled by Leo.. what parts of the body exert a mutual and reciprocal influence:THE POLARITY OF THE SIGNS Thus Taurus governs the region of the neck. It has been found. Similarly each degree of the Zodiac has its polarity. or in opposition. or rather that part of them which is ruled by Aquarius. therefore. the line between these two points forming the magnetic axis of a sphere whose equator lies between Cancer 1 and Capricorn 1 . or arbor vitæ.87 The sixth house. and the ears. extending from any given region or zone in the body to certain other zones. together with the gustatory process and the salivary glands. There is thus a magnetic relationship existing between all signs that are at right angles to one another. and as each of these signs has a direct influence upon a certain zone of the human body. being free from the presence and evil aspects of the malefics. forewarns of continued sickness and early death. which is the life-fluid sent forth . The conjunction of the rulers of the first and sixth. viz. etc. Thus the polarity of Aries 1 is opposite to that of Libra 1 . including the cerebellum.

and ruled by Aquarius. Diseases of Pluto in signifies a liability to brain tumours. and the effect will then fall on the part signified by Taurus. disorders of the mammary glands. the Moon will form a square or opposition to that radical position whenever it is directed to Scorpio. and then it will be apparent to those versed in the theory of directions that. in indicates lung troubles. In general practice. DISEASES OF THE PLANETS AND SIGNS . or of passing of urine. catarrhal complaints. diarrhea. leukemia. accident through or injuries caused by animals. difficulty in getting the blood to clot. however. so are its diseases. ulcerated stomach and varied abdominal complaints. diseases of the arteries and of the liver. disorders of the thyroid gland. though called by other names. mastoidal ear. shingles and painful skin complaints. blood-clotting in the head. piles and strangulated hernia. poisoning by eating of strange berries. roots or fungus. spinal disorders. fevers due to undue exposure to the Sun or intense heat and to tropical disorders such as sleeping sickness. The following tabulation of the various ailments produced by the planets in the several signs when afflicting the Sun or Moon in the horoscope. in causes holes in the heart. it is sufficient to know what parts are ruled by each sign. goiter. in shows abnormal conditions of the womb after childbirth. loss of function of excretion in old age. in indicated disorders of the spleen and pancreas. in denotes pyorrhea. in signifies looseness of the bowels.” The Diseases each Planet naturally signifies when it becomes the afflictor. travel sickness.88 from Leo. curvature of the spine and damage to the spine by accident. in denotes floating kidney. particularly horses. if a malefic planet be in Taurus at birth. sportsman’s heart. blockage of the anus. blue blood in babies. black jaundice. Consequently. is taken from “Lily’s Astrology. cramp in the wrists and fingers. especially by sea. or by direction. Illness through drunkness or abuse of the sex function. in shows. disturbance of the point of balance in the middle ear. dysentery.” where it is quoted as from the ancient Arabian writers. blackwater fever. Affects the suprarenal glands. loss of use in the lower limbs. uraemia. But as “Zadkiel” remarks: – “As the human frame is still the same. many of the terms used are not those now employed in medical practice. and is posited in any of the Twelve Signs. softening of the bone formation of the arm. wasting or paralysis of the arms. and will be of the nature indicated by the planet in that sign. Leo or Aquarius.

and the uterus. rickets. swollen ankles. arterial disease. warts on the feet. the prostate gland. in shows dropsy. the iliac regions or groins. hallucinations and obsessions. disorders through attempted abortion. neuralgia of the intestine. poisoning of the blood stream. poisoning of the blood through radiation. conjunctivitis. in indicates glandular swellings in the neck. nodding head spasms. angina gangrena. in shows exanthematous sore throat. syncope. thrombosis. in signifies gastric catarrh. excess of carbonic acid gas in the blood stream. in denotes pneumonia. varied forms of heart disease. senile decay. the vessels of the testicle. in denotes deformed knees. glandular swellings. St. diesel engines. in shows odourous feet. loss of sight. angina pectoris. or of poisoning through drinking impure water. varicose veins. sudden loss of voice. chlorosis. spinal meningitis. leprosy. asthma. the gall. pernicious anaemia. yellow jaundice. neuralgia of the kidney. migraine and nervous headaches. cuts. softening of the brain. wasting of the bone marrow and failure of the bones to knit should they be broken. in denotes synovitis of the ankles.in signifies floating gout or rheumatism of a very painful nature. coal gas poisoning or poisoning through inhalation of fumes from motor cars. cardiac dis. quinsy. Vitus’s Dance. elephantiasis. hip-joint disease. abscess on the appendix. paralytic strokes. Bright’s disease. hallucinations. stenosis or stricture in the throat. the hydrocele vein. enteric fever. 89 . eczema. pleurisy. rumbling noises in the head. softening of glandular tissues.orders. a danger of venereal diseases. alopecia. bunions. in signifies sciatica. peritonitis. king’s evil. rectum. scrofula. in shows nephritis. apoplexy. troubles in pregnancy. epilepsy. loss of sleep. illness through exposure to extreme cold. erysipelas. Diseases of Neptune in shows migraine. membranous exudation in the throat. skin diseases such as impetigo. deformities of toes and feet. polypus in the nose. encephalitis. in indicates colic. in represents palpitation. mumps. aneurism. etc. cramp or paralylsis of the lower limbs. affections of the intestinal digestion. locomotor ataxy. Diseases of Uranus in signifies injuries to the head through blows. dislocated disc. myopia. in signifies mucous discharges. in denotes affections of the generative organs. dermatitis. nervous disorders. cataract. danger of drowning. tumours. thrombosis. dropsy. sickness through air travel. atrophy of the mental processes. diseases of the eyes. webbed toes. food poisoning. phthisis. dipsomania. laryngitis. fractures.

in denotes croupous pneumonia, disturbance of capillary oxygenation, bronchial colds o the chest, spasmodic lung cough, pneumoconiosis, paroxysmal dyspnoea. in indicates antiperistalsis, colic in stomach, stomach cramps, dyspepsia, hiccoughs, catamenial disorders, carcinomas, fractured or broken ribs, accidents to the breasts. in represents diseases, affections and injuries to the back and spine, trembling of the heart, sunstroke, yellow fever, disorders of the pituitary body, vavular lesions, convulsions. in shows digestive disorders due to nerve strain, barreness, duodenal ulcers, neurasthenia, electric shock, homosexuality, appendidicular colic. in signifies inflammation of the kidneys and ureter, diseases of the reins, retentin of urine, sugar diabetes, shooting pains in the lumbar region, accidents to the lumbar vertebrae of the spine. in denotes puerperal fever, inguinal hernia, haemorrhoids, renal stone, hydrocele infections, stricture of urethra, diseases of the ovaries, scurvy, spasm of bladder. in indicates haldness, over-heated blood, endemic diseases, bites from animals, hurt through falls from horses, diseases in the buttocks, fractures of the hips, thighs and femurs. in shows dryness of the skin, articular rheumatism, cutaneous complaints, dislocations, hypochondria, injuries to the knees and kneecap, nettle rash, urticaria, parasitic diseases. in signifies diseases through working under increased air pressure, disorders and hurts to the calves and the ankles, impure blood, astigmatism, colour blindness, glaucoma. in denotes club feet, corns and bunions, delirium tremens, lameness, relaxation of tissues, scabies, phlegmatic diseases, suppurative inflammation of areolar tissue, phobias. Diseases of Saturn in signifies rheum, melancholy, vapours, cold in the head, obstructions, stoppage in the stomach, pains in the teeth, deafness, etc. in signifies swelling in the neck and throat, king’s evil, scurvy, hoarseness, melancholy, and chronic distempers about the neck and throat. in signifies infirmities incident to the arms and shoulders, consumption, black jaundice, and diseases proceeding from bad blood. in denotes phthisis, ulcerations in the lungs, obstructions and bruises in the breast, ague, scurvy, cancer, etc. in signifies the heart afflicted by grief or poison, consumption of the reins or inward parts, vapours, weakness, and pains in the back, etc. in shows the blood corrupted, obstructions in the bowels, costiveness, weakness in the thigh, melancholy, gripings, stone, etc. in shows the blood corrupted, back and kidneys distempered, strangury, consumptive pains in the knees and thighs, sciatica, gout and liver complaint. in denotes swellings or distempers of the secret parts, melancholy, piles, palsy, gout in the hands and feet. in signifies weakness in the hips and thighs, old aches and bruises in those parts, and sciatica or gout.


in denotes the gout in the lower parts, pains and obstructions in the head, ague, etc. in signifies disorders in the head and teeth, defects in the ears, pains in the joints, bruises, swellings in the legs, and sometimes a sore throat. in gives defluxions of rheum, king’s evil, consumption, all distempers of the feet and toes, such as the gout, and illness by colds. Diseases of Jupiter in produces distempers in the head, a quinsy or swelling in the throat, chiefly from ill blood in the veins of the head; and causes strange dreams and imaginations. in brings distempers in the throat, wind in the blood, gripings in the bowels, and goutish humours in the hands and arms. in . – A pleurishy, or some disorder of the reins. in gives the dropsy, the stomach offended, bad appetite, corrupt blood, scury, surfeits, etc. in indicates a fever, pleurisy, the heart ill affected. in indicates a consumption, obstructions of the lungs, melancholy, cold and dry liver. in shows the patient hath too much blood, whence arise obstructions, corrupt blood, fever, piles tumours, inflammations, etc. in signifies the strangury, piles, the hlood surcharged with watery humours, whence arises dropsy, etc. in denotes some choleric distemper, arising from putrefaction of the blood; a fever, pains and swellings about the knees, etc. in . – The patient is afflicted with melancholy, obstructions in the throat, etc. in . – The blood abounds too much, whence it is corrupted, and many diseases and flying pains afflict the body. It gives lumbago. in . – The blood is too thin and waterish, which breeds dropsy. Diseases of Mars in signifies the patient is almost distracted with a violent pain in his head, rheum in the eyes, want or rest, etc. in denotes extreme pain in the throat and neck, king’s evil, weakness in the loins, and the gravel or stone. in shows the blood is corrupted; itch, breakings out, surfeit, fever, pains in the arms and shoulders, disorders in the secret parts, strangury, etc. in indicates pains in the breast and stomach, a dry cough, or a tumour in the thighs; accidents to the feet. in denotes affliction at the heart, choleric humours, gravel in the kidneys, pain in the knees, etc. in signifies choleric humours, obstructions in the bowels, bloody flux, worms in childred, humours in the legs. in produces diseases in the reins and kidneys, stone or gravel, urine hot, lues, etc., as may be suspected. in shows a suspicion of some venereal distemper, or ulcer in the secret parts, pains in the bladder, pains in the head, overflowing of courses, etc. in produces pain or ulcers in the hips and thighs by humours settled in those parts, and an extreme heat in the mouth and throat.


in denotes lameness in the knees, hands, or arms, or a flying gout. in signifies blood overheated, pains in the legs, surfeit, or fever. in gives lameness in the feet by corrupt humours settled there; sometimes the heart is afflicted, etc. Diseases of the Sun in produces sore eyes, megrims, head disturbed, fever, etc. in denotes tumours in the knees, quinsy or sore throat, breakings out and swellings in those parts. in . – Blood inflamed, pestilential fevers, breakings out in several parts of the body, scurvy, pains and weakness in the legs. in shows the measles or small-pox, a disordered stomach, hoarseness, dropsy, or swelling in the feet. in indicates violent pains in the head, madness, stone, pains in the back, plague, spotted fever. in produces humours in the bowels, obstructions in the stomach, bloody flux, sore throat, or swellings in the neck. in . – Inflammation of the blood, pains in the arms and shoulders, stone and gravel, the venereal distemper, etc. in indicates distempers in the secret parts, sharpness of urine, obstructions in the stomach and female courses, also phlegmaticæ dolens. in . – The thighs are afflicted by hot humours; a fistula, fevers, swoonings, etc. in signifies lameness about the knees, bowels disordered, and a fever. in . – The blood inflamed, breakings out, reins disordered, gravel, stone, strangury, etc. in . – The secret parts afflicted, strangury, and violent pains in those parts. Diseases of Venus in indicates the disease is in the head from sbundance of moist humours; lethargy, reins afflicted, and head disordered by cold. in signifies pain in the head or secret parts, swellings in the neck from moist humours in the head. in denotes a corrupted blood, king’s evil, dropsy, and a flux of rheum. in shows the stomach is much offended with cold, raw, undigested humours; many times with a surfeit, etc. in . – some ill affection of the heart, love passion, etc., pains in the legs, of bad consequence. in shows some distemper in the bowels, a flux, or the worms, mucus in the bowels. in denotes a gonorrhæa or distemper in the reins, or surfeit by too plentiful eating or drinking, and windy disorders. in produces some venereal distemper, and pain in the private parts, etc. in . – Hip gout, surfeits, cold and moist humours. in produces gout in the knees and thighs, and swellings in those parts. in . – Pains and swellings in the legs or knees from a cold cause, and the heart afflicted. in indicates lameness in the feet, swellings in the legs, a flux, windy complaints, etc.


Diseases of Mercury in shows the disease lies in the head and brain, vertigo and spasms in the head, and sometimes disorders of the womb. in produces defects in the throat, swellings in the neck, hoarseness, and also pain in the feet. in signifies windiness in the blood, gouty pains in the head, arms, etc. in produces a cold stomach, gripings, windiness, distillation of rheum, lameness in the legs and knees from colds, etc. in indicates tremblings, melancholy, pains in the back, occasioned by colds caught in the feet. in imports much wind in the bowels, obstructions, pains in the head, short breath, and wind cholic. in shows stoppage of urine, obstructions, blood disordered; breast, lungs, and reins afflicted. in denotes distempers in the secret parts, afflictions of the bowels, running pains in the arms and shoulders. in shows distempers in the reins, weakness in the back, stoppage at the stomach, coughs, swellings in the hips and thighs. in denotes stoppage of urine, goutish humours above the knees, pains in the back, melancholy, etc. in imports wind in the blood, running pains in different parts of the body, fluxes and disorders in the bowels. in signifies pains in the head, weakness in the legs and feet, a gonorrhæa or a distemper in the reins, etc. Diseases of Moon in signifies convulsions, defluxions of rheum from the head, lethargy, weakness in the eyes, and pains in the knees. in produces pains in the legs and feet, swellings stoppage in and sore throat, etc. in denotes a wandering gout in the legs, arms, hands, and feet, surfeits, and great obstructions. in shows the stomach much afflicted, a surfeit, small-pox, convulsions, falling sickness, tympany, or dropsy. in . – The heart afflicted, sore throat, quinsy, king’s evil, etc. in signifies great pain and disorders in bowels, melancholy blood, obstructions, weakness in the arms and shoulders. in denotes the reins are distempered, obstructions in the stomach, weakness in the back, whites in women, surfeits, pleurisy, etc. in shows the distemper is in the secrets; small-pox, dropsy, poison, the heart afflicted, swoonings, etc. in imports lameness or weakness in the thighs, distempers in the bowels, etc. in signifies the stone, weak back, gout in the knees, whites in women, etc. in . – Hysterics, swellings, and pains in legs and secret parts. in shows cold taken in the feet, and body disordered thereby; swellings in the legs, dropsies, and the body overcharged with moist humours.


They originate. volatile. . also. which contain the majority of the planets. while others of the cardinal type execute. much affected by their surroundings and those with whom they come in contact. always independent. and those wherein the Moon and Mercury are posited. and reserved. The nature of these signs. likely to go under when opposed. plodding. and never servile. With the majority of the planets in common signs. They are thoughtful. They have a tendency to contract habits of life and to get into a groove. and by the sings containing the planets thus in aspect. have chief influence on the mental qualities. ambitious. inconstant and imitative. . and persevering persons. or by well-timed action. Thus: Cardinal signs indicate active. of no set purpose. obstinate and dogmatic people. unbending natures. They achieve results slowly. and of making headway against obstacles. Fixed signs denote plain.busy people. they seldom make their way in life. but surely. however. They have very acute feelings and sensitive natures. selfreliant. They are reliable friends and unrelenting enemies. and averse to humble service. will determine the direction or bent of the nature. even when not in aspect to the mental rulers. They are very independent. and effect by patient work what others do by a stroke of luck. oftentimes repining and regretful. steadfast. and superficial generally. but self-absorbed and difficult to know.94 CHAPTER IV MENTAL QUALITIES AND INFIRMITIVES THE sign ascending. energetic. These general tendencies. and thrifty. waiting upon the intellect and industry of others. are modified by the aspects to the Moon and Mercury. the best business men and women. Planets in the third and ninth houses. pioneers and organizers. useful. If the planets aspecting the Moon and Mercury are in the first or tenth house. Unless born well-off. but often of weak character. a person is very sympathetic. dabbling. austere. capricious. and changeful natures. rigid. They are the natural servants of the world. inventive. philosophical. such as are capable of cutting out a line in life for themselves. Common signs denotes subtle. Disciplinarians. capable of simulating qualities not inherent in them. the workers of the world. versatile. very patient. their influence is greatly increased.

and frank mind. indolent. time and infinity. capable of absorbing the views of others. Neptune confers a strong taste for æsthetic and mystical subjects. free. or in aspect to the Moon or Mercury. makes the native a faithful friend or persistent enemy. oftentimes a desire for seclusion. a rash and ungovernable character. cautious in action. warmth of feelings. truthful. and produces a reliable disposition. a wayward. Mars produces a military spirit. gives a strong sense of justice. anxious disposition. giving great powers of visualization. full of strange tastes and fancies. must nevertheless be taken into consideration. allowing the responsibilities and duties of life to fall into neglect. It gives nobility of character. love of romance. an extravagant nature. bodily fears. timorous. renders the native jovial. Saturn gives a thoughtful. melancholic mind. humane. ardent passions. Fear of the unknown and the future will result and if persisted in can cause insanity. Indulging in reveries. on account of the influence these houses have over the mind. when so placed. of literary. contentious. It gives mediumistic powers. eccentricities. Uranus confers original and inventive faculty. disposed to gain by force what . and conscientious. gives a desire for conquest. taciturn. and self-indulgent. secretive. despising all mean and underhand actions.95 Moon and Mercury. curious studies. The disposition is dreamy. renders the nature unreliable and chaotic. oftentimes affected with Utopian ideas and unpopular projects. Pluto in favourable aspects to the Moon and Mercury especially from the third of ninth houses will strengthen the mind. erring rather on the side of leniency and moderation. a strong imitative faculty. generous. a proud spirit. psychic and prophetic ability. confident. It gives a profound and sincere nature. doubtful of others. and emulating characteristics foreign to the native. free and courageous. Jupiter produces an open. and highly neurotic. impetuosity. obstinate nature. the native is argumentative when aroused. The native is much attached to the home and relatives. Thus. and does much to enrich the nature. strange sights. It confers depth and steadfastness of character. very determined and headstrong. want of foresight. Pluto squaring the Moon or Mercury from the third or ninth houses will bring mental instability resulting from too great a concentration upon or speculating regarding the problems of space.

it confers a strong imaginative faculty. refined and elegant tastes. music. Everything depends upon the aspect of a planet to the significators. gives a desire for knowledge. Mercury when rising. amiable. or the sphere in which the life will chiefly find expression. active. Thus: Fiery signs are inspirational. Thus. makes people fond of traveling. Airy signs. vices grace and elegance to the manners. quiet. and in most cases upright and noble. disposed to kiss and fondle. cunning and alert. opposed to all underhand actions and covert deeds. whether a planet is essentially dignified by being in its own sign or a congenial one. and the bad aspects evil effects. jewellery. It confers beauty and tenderness. constant changes. Earthy. renders the native inconstant and uncertain in action and thought. fortune. a profuse nature. The elemental nature of the signs occupied by the majority of the planets must also be considered. inclined to society. love of romance. traveling and talking. adaptability to all kinds of mental work. quick intellet. Therefore. or aspecting the Moon. .96 cannot be obtained by other means. inclines to poetry. it modifies the expression of the mental qualities. cogitative and intellectual. worldly and hard. fondness for scents. ambitious of honours. inclination for reading. It must always be remembered that the good aspects of the planets produce good effects. Airy. and excessively busy. or aspecting Mercury. The majority of planets in any of these triplicities will generally indicate the trend of the nature. Amorous. the more laudable traits are the result of the favourable aspects of the planets to the Moon and Mercury. We must note. Earthy signs. and roaming about. and the drama. gives some artistic faculty. The sense of freedom dominates the nature. whether in health. love of approbation. self-confidence. Venus produces a love of refinement. and personal adornments. writing. too. The Sun gives a proud nature with a love of display. a thirst for renown. psychic and emotional. or character. or debilitated by being in an adverse sign – all of which should enter into the consideration of the student. or Watery signs. The Moon when rising. Watery signs. when the majority of the planets are found in either the Fiery. fond of children and pets. and makes men and women much beloved for their kindness. nimble. ease. and luxury.

With Neptune afflicting the Moon or Venus. and Venus. often accompanied by violence. Afflicting Neptune. Afflicting Saturn or Uranus. the native is liable to be led astray. Thus: Mars afflicting Jupiter causes boasting and extravagance. liability to seductive influences. harsh. Uranus. Uranus in aspect to Venus gives a strong attraction to the other sex. Mars. he causes some mania. without conferring stability. a sorrowful spirit. in certain signs of the Zodiac. In either case the evil is greater when the malefics are elevated above the Moon and Venus. Neptune. there will be a tendency to debauchery or drunkenness. he causes secret vices. Saturn. Mars in any aspect to Venus disposes to flirtation. though outwardly inclined to preserve appearance. Saturn in conjunction with the Moon. When Mercury. or both. When Venus or Mercury. The mutual aspects existing between the planets Neptune. he gives an ungovernable temper. Afflicting Venus. very sensitive. he causes an ardent. passional nature. Saturn afflicting Jupiter gives a doubtful and hesitating nature. romantic attachments. the same evil is to be feared. conjunction or parallel) with one . or in evil aspect thereto. and liable to severe disappointments. It also makes the native squander money on fineries and frivolities of various kinds. and gives intensity to the affections.97 The larger planet always controls the action of a minor one. also confer their influences on the native’s character. with Mars also in bad aspect. Uranus. the Moon. Jupiter. apt to shed tears. prone to waste its energies and substance on the opposite sex. Afflicting Venus. being of a more ponderous nature. In female horoscopes. or Jupiter. subject to sudden storms of passion. So Saturn can overrule Mars. If Saturn afflicts the Moon. generally of a neurotic character. Mental infirmities are produced by the affliction of Mercury or the Moon. badly afflicted by mars. chaotic sex relations are liable to ensue. often penurious and grasping. and ascendant are in no aspect or familiarity (mutual disposition. and lacking in sympathy. Venus afflicting the Moon makes the native untidy and slovenly. and Mars at the same time afflicts Mercury. The conjunction and bad aspects of Mars to the Moon always tend to produce unwomanly freedom. is found in watery signs. and of slower motion.

makes a fanatic. there is strong disposition to insanity or mental disorder of some sort. and in some circumstances may prevent the calamity foreshadowed. afflicted by Mars or the Sun. Sagittarius. tenth. Gemini. When either the Sun or Mercury is in one of the common signs. Saturn. together with the condition of the ruler of the second house. whether proceeding from Saturn or Jupiter. The planets occupying the second house. and the tenth. In a night nativity. and the benefic configuration of Jupiter and Venus. In all cases. or Virgo. and angular (in the first. nothing is better than the good aspect of the Sun to the Moon. Mercury in Pisces. The effects are more striking when the affliction is from the angles of the horoscope. and with other testimonies it makes a rabid sectarian. denote good effects. or else in the ascendant. The same if the Sun be angular in Capricorn and thus afflicted. If. indicates a tendency to mental disorder. and afflicted by Saturn. when the Sun is above the horizon. Uranus. it is a sign of danger to the mental faculties. For general good fortune.e. Remember always that good aspect. Mercury be afflicted by the presence or bad aspects of the malefic planets. or Mars insanity may result. from Mars or Venus. Uranus. the good aspects of Jupiter or Venus will assist for a while. Mercury afflicting the Moon. In a day nativity. and Mars shows epilepsy.98 another. CHAPTER V FINANCIAL FORTUNES THE condition of the Moon in a male horoscope. more especially when the latter are in elevation. Saturn shows insanity when afflicting Mercury.. or seventh house). must also be considered in this connection. Affliction from angles or from planets out of their dignities makes the evil more certain. Pisces. at the same time. but Mars denotes insanity. i. . Mars afflicting Jupiter gives religious enthusiasm. Neptune. determines the fortunes to a very great degree. Mars. Saturn afflicting Mercury indicates epilepsy. or Neptune. or any other planet. and itself afflicted by the presence or aspect of the malefics. and of the Sun in a female horoscope. fourth.

and generally by clerical and legal affairs (denoted by Jupiter itself). etc. . be judged from its position and rulership in the horoscope. and success cannot be expected unless Jupiter or Venus throws a trine or sextile to them or the lights receive their good aspect. and thus in aspect to one another. gifts. because it rules over money matters. from theatres. speculations. Saturn or Mars therein is bad. A planet that has no aspect to the Moon must. but its good aspect to the Moon. look to the Moon and those planets which aspect it. Saturn or Uranus in trine or sextile to Jupiter produces legacies. If the aspect be good. or placed therein. cannot do much good if badly placed and aspected.. Jupiter. again confirmed by its rulership of Pisces. say good will result from such sources as are ruled by those signs and houses in which the planet is posited. the sign occupying the cusp of fifth house. or by any partnership whatsoever. judgment is made of the good aspects of other planets. If either be ruler of the seventh. or Jupiter be therein. though a malefic. Of bad aspects. fifth sign of the Zodiac).99 In a male nativity. as well as those indicated by the nature of the planet itself. and ruling the fifth and second house. If ruling the fourth. or Uranus in the second house afflicts the Moon. also from things and persons ruled by those houses over which it has dominion in the figure. and especially when in good aspect to the Moon. and no assistance is given. especially if either be ruler of the eighth house. and by financial transactions (ruled by second house. it would show benefits to arise from high offices and business affairs generally (tenth house position). or ruler of the second house. in this respect. it shows gain by marriage. Saturn. on the contrary. gives a fortunate life. or Saturn. because of its influence over business matters. etc. Thus. The second house must have attention. if Jupiter were in trine aspect to the Moon from the sign Leo in the tenth house. as given in Book i. though benefic. If Mars. or placed therein. chap. and tenth. (Leo. may effect many benefits if well placed and aspected. evil results may be predicted from corresponding sources. and many chances of success. they give gain by inheritance. vi. occupied by the sign Sagittarius). the life will be a continual struggle against adversity. In a similar manner.

whether in marriage or business. Pluto in the second house in good aspect to the Moon. But if in good aspect to the Moon. The condition of the native after marriage can generally be seen from the condition of the seventh and eighth houses.. Neptune in the second house afflicting the Moon. Adversely aspected in these houses the Pluto influence would cause crippling losses. When so placed. sweepstakes and football pools are denoted. the native will rise above his difficulties. bankruptcy. and conduces to losses through indiscreet actions and generous impulses. etc. Saturn in the seventh house is bad for trade. it shows many sudden changes. Uranus or Saturn in the seventh. betting. Saturn or Uranus in evil aspect to Jupiter shows loss by law. When Uranus is the afflicting planet. Venus or Jupiter will bring financial gain through personal skill and ingenuity. The house wherein Saturn or Uranus is placed will indicate more exactly the source whence the trouble will proceed. it shows loss by fire. When the malefics are afflicting the Moon. lotteries. and badly aspected. makes the native the victim of a bubble company. and in evil aspect to the Moon it shows financial failure. and to avoid public affairs. and if Pluto is in the eighth house this combination would bring unexpected gain through legacy. iii). theft. If in good aspect to the Sun and Moon it denotes gain through things and persons governed by it. the eighth house being that of partners. the native makes little headway in the world. their rulers. profligacy. and deception of trustees and others having charge over the financial affairs of the native. and elevated . When Uranus is in the seventh. In the second house. (Book i. success and failure coming in rapid succession. the native is harassed by his creditors. and the planets therein. and afflicting the Moon. If Mars adds his evil influence to these planets. money by marriage. With the majority of the planets in cadent houses. is shown. the native should be warned to keep out of partnership. afflicting the Moon. it shows great financial danger. then loss by speculation. chap. or some big fraud.100 Jupiter afflicting the Moon in any position makes the native improvident. and strifes. extraordinary gains by speculation. the native is too liberal. If this combination occurs with Pluto in the fifth house. Jupiter in the eight. He gets into difficulties after marriage. especially in the sixth. Mars in the second house.

10 0 S. 1 8 S. but to link his fortunes with those of a person born under more favourable influences. Venus. Property is largely controlled by the position and aspects of the Part of Fortune. 9 14 25 9 20 19 20 2 22 1 21 Sum. it will be difficult even to get into service. the native will overcome his difficulties. financial failure is shown. it gives success in the accumulation of property. in 25 2 in in 20 1 S. If Saturn be in the tenth house. or the Sun or Moon well aspected. look to the position of the planets and see where the majority are situated. When in conjunction with Jupiter. but both luminaries should always be considered in every horoscope. Again. We confidently affirm that the “imaginary nothing. more attention is paid to the position of the Sun. the source of help being shown by the position of Jupiter and Venus. the native never recovers his fortune. Some authors omit this symbol. or itself well aspected by the planets. in a subsidiary function. Its place in the horoscope is found by adding together the longitudes of the Moon and ascendant. A well-paid servant is better than a bankrupt master. Jupiter. and subtracting therefrom the longitude of the Sun. it is better for the native not to go into business for himself. Uranus. and its actual significance will be apparent to any who will take the trouble to notice the transits of Saturn.101 above it. But if the Sun and Moon are in evil aspect to each other. and Mars over its place and aspects in the horoscope. Thus: in 14 20 Asc.” the “airy myth. is of immense consequence in practice. Jupiter or Venus lending their assistance. . as chief significator of the fortunes.” called the Part of Fortune ( ). CHAPTER VI THE RANK OR POSITION IN order to know to what rank or position the native will attain in his sphere of life. In female horoscopes. but without sufficient reason for so doing. When misfortune is strongly indicated in a horoscope.

affects the native’s credit. the native strikes out some original and remarkable line in life. It frequently affects the credit and honour of the parent involved. and in the quadrant between the ascendant and meridian. but more enduring. success in the latter part of life. and will outrun his compeers. but suffers a downfall. the native will rise to a very good position in his sphere of life. but liable to much opposition and criticism. give much hope of success. make the native a prominent figure in his own walk in life. . the ruler of the ascending sign and mid-heaven. In a female horoscope. In fixed signs success is slower. are rising between the meridian and the fourth house. the native rises to a good position. When several planets are in square or opposition from cardinal signs.e. chiefly owing to his own impatience and pugnacious character. in a male horoscope. He has many jealous and envious rivals.” The planets essentially and accidentally dignified. whether it be warranted or not. in their own signs and in angles. and often far above that of birth. including the Sun and Moon. If the majority of the planets are in cardinal signs. When the Moon is there with Mars. or in a horoscope where marriage is denied. there are probable good grounds for suspicion and talk. Saturn in the tenth house. gathering no moss. Mars in the tenth.” and goes from one pursuit to another. He will be a constant victim of criticism. and the native generally has “too many irons in the fire. or in the service of others. a “rolling stone. this position of Mars makes the native a constant victim of slander and ill repute.102 If the majority of the planets. in common signs it only comes by the assistance of others. The majority of planets in angles and cardinal signs. is a good augury of success after marriage. gaining thereby a certain renown. however despicable such scandal may be. the native will rise in life and become his own master. This position is exemplified in the horoscope of Napoleon Buonaparte. Many planets well placed between the fourth and seventh cusps. Jupiter or Venus in the meridian always raises the native to high positions in his own sphere. Most of the planets being the cardinal signs bring the native into prominence early in life. Planets well aspected in the fourth house indicate a successful termination to the career. i. who throw aspersions upon his character and honour..

and. In general.103 The Sun in square or opposition to the Moon in a male horoscope. and contented. If the majority of the planets are setting. happy. the position of the native will decline with advancing years. difficulty in retaining office. the family fortunes will fall off. public offices. Venus. Sun. and in adverse signs. denotes success and honours. Pluto is well aspected. look to the fourth house for the condition of the native at the close of life. and sustains it only by outré and unpopular actions. It also gives a wide popularity. Any planet in the tenth or first houses. are found therein. Chiefly. the end will be successful. Indeed. it shows fleeting honours. Saturn there shows retirement or seclusion. dignified and well aspected. however. and the native usually ends his life in some asylum or other institution. at least once in every seven years. The Sun or Moon afflicted by the malefics from cardinal signs. unstable reputation. if Saturn afflicts at the same time. or out of their dignities. It ruins the energies of the native. shows troubles with superiors. From another standing it can show that the end of the life will be passed either in exile or in uncongenial conditions in a place far removed from the place of birth. Pluto in the fourth house if badly aspected shows a breaking up or disintegrating of domestic and family life during the closing years of life and sometimes shows the complete disappearance of the native with the nature of the death never being ascertained. particularly if these be the lights or benefics. and his progeny will not enjoy the benefits of a good patrimony. particularly by Venus or Jupiter then the end of life will bring contentment and the material position will be good. and well aspected. the native loses his appointment and gets into difficulties with his employers or those in office above him. . the native will not improve his position in life. especially if the planet be either Jupiter. Neptune shows some enforced retirement. however. Uranus indicates an eccentric existence. the native may become an ambitionless and impotent loafer. gives success in governmental circles. Moon. and. and many difficulties. between the tenth and seventh houses. or retrograde and afflicted. If. The Sun in sextile or trine to Uranus. If planets. in its own sign or exaltation. or Mercury. and honours thereby. and disposes to miserliness. the native attains a questionable fame. The same or similar events happen in a female horoscope under the configuration of the luminaries.

owing to the influence of Virgo upon food and clothing. farmers. The things over which those houses naturally have dominion. rising either just before or after it. and other delicacies and artistic foods. and in their own signs or exaltations. and the condition thereof. Venus in Virgo would denote makers of sweets. Similarly. show the end of life to be fraught with troubles and dangers. and so on. Sagittarius to the ninth. would in the same sign denote builders. The planet which is in nearest conjunction with the Sun. vendors of dress and food luxuries. and from those also which aspect the Sun and Moon. clothiers. steel implements. carpenters. and the character of the signs they occupy. will determine the sphere in which the significator will be employed.104 The malefics in the fourth house. iii.. then success is shown. in judging this question. will indicate the success attending the occupation. on account of its more practical nature. timber merchants. The signs occupied by the significators of the profession generally determine its nature. CHAPTER VII THE PROFESSION OR OCCUPATION JUDGMENT is made from the nature and condition of the planets occupying the angles of the horoscope. The planet in nearest aspect to the Sun has also great influence. The signs in this connection must always be referred to the nature of the houses to which they correspond – as Gemini to the third house. . Mars. has much influence I this question. dealers in garden stuffs. their natures. and those also which aspect the meridian. which is perhaps the most difficult to define. Virgo to the sixth. The signification of each planet will be found under the head of “Planetary Occupations” in Book i. art fabric makers. house-repairers. Pisces. etc.. in uncongerial signs. Sagittarius. etc. Therefore. Gemini. and its association with fire. These must be considered in relation to the signs they occupy – as for instance. by aspect and position. the native generally runs two lines of business at the same time. and workers in sanitary structures. Jupiter in Virgo would denote gardeners. those nearest the Sun. silk merchants. show double occupations and a multitude of interest . cakes. chap. bootmakers. consideration must be made of the planet or planets in the tenth house. etc. But if well aspected by Jupiter or Venus.

etc. or by correspondence. Taurus. occult things. aviation. and the native will do well to live quietly. if the planet in the tenth house be Mercury. The places and signs occupied by planets in good aspect to the Sun or Moon. For the degree of success the native will achieve in his work. and not come prominently before the public. corn-dealers. head work. then it is employed in twelfth house affairs. Pisces. should be observed as potent sources of benefit. or that planet be nearest to the Sun. but denotes that there will be fluctuations and periods of uncertainty with a need for guarding against fraud. soldiers. secrets. and depletes the native powers. The nature of the signs wherein the majority of the planets are posited will show the line of greatest success and natural aptitude. and fabrics. The airy signs show intellectual pursuits. brewers. surgeons. dealers in the produce of the soil in whatever capacity or kind. etc. especially if in the watery signs Cancer. motoring. shows opposition and loss in all public affairs. Virgo or Capricorn gives capacity for trading and commercial activities but if in the fiery signs. Uranus or Saturn in the seventh house. If Mercury be in Pisces. Pluto in the tenth house. or rising next before it. building and demolition. The fiery signs show those in which fire. The watery signs show occupations in which water is the motive power or chief element – dealers in soft goods. painters. The earthy signs show manual labour. etc. it denotes the use of the pen. Leo or Sagittarius would give more capacity for architecture. iron. Uranus in aspect to the Moon produces changes. .105 Thus. private correspondence. Scorpio. and the Sun afflicting the Moon is evil. especially if such planets are Jupiter or Venus. and all business should be done through a third party or agent. unless well aspected. all agricultural pursuits. and the metals generally are employed. Aries. chemists. particularly in the earthy signs. Neptune in the tenth house shows ability for interests to do with oil. literary and artistic occupations. Pluto or Neptune in the seventh house signify especial need for discrimination in matters to do with business partnership or any form of business co-operation owing to the liability of the partner either concealing certain of his activities or exercising a degree of deception or intrigue. giving also disfavour of superiors. textiles. sailors.

or intercepted therein. the fruitful signs. Jupiter or Venus in the seventh house. or Aries. Virgo. and the latter strong in the figure. the Moon strong in a fruitful sign. Pisces. but may be so in the service of others. the Moon in a fruitful sign in the first. and afflicted by Saturn. Pluto or Neptune being in the seventh house although emphasizing the idealistic conception of marriage again brings a liability towards unfaithfulness on the sid eof the marriage partner with a possibility of experiencing personal temptations towards adultery which. and afflicted by Saturn. The Moon in the occidental quarters of the figure in conjunction. tenth. Unless the majority of the planets be rising. and cadent. the native will not be successful in business for himself. or eleventh. CHAPTER VIII MARRIAGE THE promise or denial of marriage depends largely upon the condition and aspects of the Moon and Venus in a male horoscope. The Moon in Scorpio in evil aspect to Saturn. Saturn in evil aspect to the Moon and Venus. will break the marriage. Cancer. Scorpio. of the Sun and Mars in a female horoscope. on the seventh. . and of opportunities thereto. if given way to. fifth. Venus similarly placed. or the Sun well aspected in such position.106 judge by the rules given for the rank or position in the previous chapter. or the Moon alone aspected by Saturn. the marriage is difficult to achieve. Gemini Leo. or above the earth. The indications of marriage being denied are – When Pluto or Neptune square the Moon in a male horoscope or the Sun in a female horoscope there is a danger of the engagement being broken and of marriage not being consummated. The Moon or Venus in either Capricorn. With men the signs of marriage are: Mars in aspect to Venus. the Moon and Venus unaspected by Saturn. All these are indications of an inclination to marriage. the loards of the first and seventh house in conjunction or good aspect. Pluto can cause the prospective partner to disappear before the wedding day whilst Neptune gives an indication of the possibility of bigamy. if Saturn be strong and they weak in the figure. or in the signs of Saturn conjoined to the Sun. and stronger than Saturn in the horoscope. Venus similarly placed.

and not in aspect to Saturn or Uranus. and delays. is the best sign of felicity in marriage. The Moon and Venus well placed in congenial or fruitful signs. consult the condition of the seventh house. or when the Moon and Venus are in evil aspect to one another.107 square. If the Moon is found oriental of the Sun. Jupiter or Venus will give happiness. Again. The testimonies must be weighed carefully. or accomplished with great difficulty. Otherwise. marriage takes place later in life. Moon.. or the lord of the first going to an aspect with ruler of the seventh – these dispose to an early marriage. the native is left free to marry. neither early nor late. well placed and aspected. its ruler. But if the Moon be in an occidental quarter. and not in aspect to Saturn or Uranus. Even if well placed in the seventh. and afflicted by Uranus or Saturn. Mars in aspect to Venus. between the fourth and seventh. and also afflicted by Saturn. crosses. and decreasing in light. being in any of the fruitful signs in aspect to Saturn. marriage takes place at a moderate age. The position of the Moon must chiefly be considered in this respect. and judgment made accordingly. i. For these aspects show disappointment in early love affairs.e. and afflicted. and in an oriental quarter of the figure. disposes to a late marriage. increasing in light.e. The Moon in a male horoscope. When the Moon and Venus are in good positions. the native will marry early. or HAPPINESS OR SORROW THE TIME OF MARRIAGE . The Moon oriental and unafflicted. or the first and tenth cusps.. the Moon and Venus. Jupiter or Venus in the seventh house. but the Moon occidental and decreasing in light. it goes without saying that the native will marry at some time in life. i. Venus or Jupiter in the seventh. but will denote some affliction to the partner. Mercury. the Moon being in an occidental quarter of the figure. In general. then judge that marriage will not take place. Delay is shown when the Moon or Venus is afflicted by Uranus or Jupiter. If you find them cadent or in barren signs. or opposition to the Sun. All these are indications of the marriage being wholly denied.

The malesfics in the seventh denote unhappiness. afflicted by Mars or Uranus. The Moon afflicted by Saturn. fifth. in which case the wife dies early. happiness is almost certain. or Scorpio. The Moon afflicted by Mars shows a wife who is difficult to control. If Mars adds the weight of his influence by evil aspect. denotes gain by marriage. it will lead to complication. The Moon in opposition to Jupiter or Venus shows troubles after marriage. shows a wife of unsound mind. badly aspected. shows happiness in wedlock. more especially if the afflicting planet be in the seventh house. badly placed or afflicted. Neptune there (in the seventh). Mars. sincere attachment and wellmarriage. or seventh house.108 Sun in the seventh. Venus afflicted by Uranus or Saturn. and in Cancer. But if in good aspect to theses planets. well aspected. If Mars add his influence it will be much talked of. If Mars be in the seventh or eighth. well aspected. denotes a negligent and self-indulgent wife. shows intrigues with unmarried girls. then violence occurs. Good planets in the eighth house. Uranus afflicting Venus in any part of the horoscope. or in good aspect to the Moon. the native is ruined by an extravagant wife. If Mars be thus placed. or suffering from a severe nervous disorder. if not altogether loose in her conduct. Mercury in the seventh. Uranus in the seventh. in bad aspect to Jupiter. estrangement or divorce follows. Venus or Jupiter in good aspect to the Moon. domestic troubles ensue. a man is not fortunate in the choice of a wife. Jupiter assisting brings the native safely through his . or in evil aspect to the Moon. and may form the subject of a public scandal. or the Moon there. if the aspect be evil. the wife may be addicted to drink. The Sun and Moon in good aspect to one another is a sign of happiness. If either Uranus or Moon or Venus be in the first. or grief through bereavement. unless very well aspected. the matter is a secret one. This is certain to be the case when the planets thus in aspect are in the tenth house. But when Saturn gives his influence by aspect or conjunction. or grief through bereavement. but when afflicting the Moon. The reverse of this. Pisces. or Uranus. the attraction is to married women.

on the other hand. and making a bad choice. The planet with which the Moon forms the first aspect after birth must be taken into account chiefly. Uranus. . at the same time. If the Moon be applying to Jupiter or Venus. the marriage will be happy. then the native marries again. produces death by disease. then the evils signified by evil planets in the seventh house will be overruled. and if Mars. Mercury is a great talker. in the seventh house. however. The good aspects of Jupiter or Saturn to the Moon and Venus. the Moon. with the possibility that one or other of the partners (the marriage partner if Pluto is in the seventh) walking out and disappearing. with the malefics. as a result frustrating or disappointing conditions occurring. stimulates the sex feeling. The evil aspect of Saturn. shall afflict the Moon or the wife’s significator. and disposes to freedom of expression. Pluto afflicting the Moon or Sun shows that the marriage can turn “sour” as it were. do much to steady and regulate the expression of the sex feeling. or the Moon therein herself. or the aspect be a benefic one. Saturn under such conditions. chaotic relations. or Venus in the signs of Mars. a sudden death is shown. and his influence is to be feared in this matter. If this be a benefic. makes the native erratic in this respect. Sagittarius. The conjunction and opposition are most to be feared. but if. while Neptune conduces to chaotic and highly sensuous appetites. applying to Jupiter or Venus. tends to produce morbid feeling and unnatural restraint. If. the native in many respects being able to “lift” the prospective partner from out of unhappy or deplorable conditions as a result of marriage. the malefics. or Scorpio – or in aspect to many planets from Gemini. or one of them. fulfills the destiny noted by the malefic in the seventh house. a violent death. and lascivious habits. Mars being in evil aspect or conjunction with Venus. is found to be in a fruitful sign – Cancer. especially if no benefic aspects intervene to ward off the evil. but the wife will die before the native. or one of them.109 troubles. Pluto in good aspect to the Moon or the Sun will bring about happy conditions in the marriage. or Pisces. Pisces. In such cases if Uranus be there. then the wife dies before the native. Neptune afflicting Moon or Venus disposes to illicit and unnatural appetites.

or Moon. or opposition. If Saturn in one shall be on the place of the Sun or Moon in the other. until the ruler of the seventh house is reached by the lunar aspect or conjunction. The Sun and Mars are in more affinity by nature. together with the sign it is in. either by conjunction. The agreement or disagreement of the two contracting parties can be infallibly judged by the mutual interchange of positions and aspects in their horoscopes. The character of the wife must be judged from the condition and aspects of the significator. lest a lover be mistaken for a wife. or Mars in the one is found on the ascendant of the other. who will die before the native. and continual disagreement. in the partner’s horoscope. On the contrary. Then. and this planet.110 When. The successive aspects formed by the Moon after birth will show the several attachments of the native. the person whose Sun or Moon is thus afflicted will suffer by the marriage. together with the sign on the seventh cusp. it must be taken as the significator of the wife. then hurt will fall to that person whose ascendant it is. that planet is retrograde. wife. unless the Moon comes first to the aspect of the lord of the seventh. good results will follow from the marriage. If. The same if Uranus be the afflicting planet. in the horoscopes of the native and his partner. the various applications of the Moon must be regarded with caution. reject it. it denotes an attachment which will be broken off. Therefore. Uranus. or a planet in the seventh. meridian. Any other planet in the seventh house will describe the second. the sign occupied by the ruler of the seventh. shows trouble to the latter. Saturn. however. Sun. sextile. describes the first wife in legal bonds with the native. if more than one marriage is shown. Take the planet to which the Moon first forms an aspect after birth. will describe the wife. The circumstances under which the native meets his wife are DESCRIPTION OF WIFE . trine. square. But if it be the ruler of the seventh house. if Jupiter or Venus be thus situated in respect to ascendant. and their interchanges in the horoscopes of man and wife are rather fortunate than otherwise. Mars thus situated in regard to the Moon in the partner’s horoscope. But Mars in one in opposition to the Sun in the other horoscope is evil.

or the husband dies suddenly. The Moon in Cancer. and so of the rest. and also FEMALE HOROSCOPES SECOND MARRIAGES . if in the eleventh. If Mars be in Cancer. as. or otherwise. conjunction. in the ninth. denotes plurality. in a double sign. Mars in the fifth house delays marriages. or on a voyage. being weak in figure. The ruler of the ascendant in a double sign in the seventh. or Pisces. and be of a profligate nature. in the third. Saturn afflicts the Sun. among relatives. but two or more planets are in the seventh house. among friends. If the Moon be in aspect to no planet at all. and if. not in aspect to the Moon. Scorpio. associated with other planets similarly place. Pisces. The following observations apply particularly to female horoscopes:Mars. Mars afflicting the Sun by parallel. especially if a planet. or Sagittarius.111 judged from the house occupied by her significator. The ruler of the ascendant in conjunction with ruler of seventh. Saturn) be in fruitful signs. and in no aspect to the Sun. be found in the seventh. has a tendency to prevent marriage. Sun. or the partner may be a foreigner. shows a possibility of a second marriage. at his own home. unless Jupiter be in the seventh house. the husband will drink. Uranus afflicting the Sun Delays a woman’s marriage. in the fourth. or two of the foregoing planets (Mars. at the same time. Scorpio. or such a sign on the cusp of the seventh. The same if Mars be in no aspect to the Sun. and Mars instead of Venus. these are indications of more than one marriage. denotes plurality. the native does not marry. and in aspect to many planets. shows plurality of wives. and afflicted by Saturn or Uranus. or on a short journey. renders the married life unhappy. Gemini. Pisces. and the ruler of the seventh is in a double sign. The Moon in aspect to two or three planets in double signs – Gemini. taking the Sun instead of the Moon. abroad. and afflicting the Sun. Sagittarius – especially if she be in one of these signs herself. or in his native town. Are judged in all particulars like those of the male sex in regard to marriage.

When the Sun is found in a barren sign – Aries. Mars be in aspect to Saturn. in his own signs. Leo. he is unfaithful. in a sign of Venus. however. and not its aspect by direction. When the Sun first applies to the evil aspect of Saturn. – The Sun is said to “apply” to that planet to which it forms the first complete aspect by its motion after birth. If the Sun applies to Saturn in the seventh. and if. as former authors state. drug taking and immorality. Libra or Capricorn. to think that the Sun’s first aspect in the ephemeris after birth should be taken chief notice of. We are disposed. she will marry a widower with a family. and the Sun trine or sextile to it. and generally the sextile. In certain instances he can reappear without warning and expect to resume marital life as if nothing happened. and by whom she will gain. It shows that the husband can develop traits of drunkenness. Capricorn – and afflicted by Saturn. and opposition are the only aspects which need be considered in this connection. If Saturn be in the seventh house. unfortunate. The same happens if Saturn be in the seventh in aspect to Mars. Note. the native marries a widower. at the same time. miserly and selfish. Pluto afflicting the Sun shows that the marriage partner’s business or private activities can take him far away from the marital home causing absences of long duration that can disturb the marital life. the native marries a poor or worthless husband. . and Saturn be in its own dignities. or in good aspect to Jupiter. without enterprise or nobility of character. and if Saturn be in a watery sign he will be given to drink. Sometimes circumstances or the deliberate design of the husband can cause him to disappear so that his whereabouts are unknown.112 tends to produce an elopement or seduction. or alternatively can compel the wife to go with him and thus have no settled home life. Neptune afflicting the Sun increases the liability to deception before marriage and unfaithfulness after marriage. and Mars afflicts the Moon or Venus at the same time. then the native marries a widower who is wealthy. trine. Gemini. the native does not marry. This latter calamity is almost certain to follow if Uranus afflicts the Sun. in a sign of Jupiter. Virgo. square. In all cases the evil aspect of Uranus to the Sun produces trouble in the married life. and the Sun applying the some other planet in the figure.

and in opposition to Saturn. Pisces. Aquarius. Libra. Thus. Gemini. Cancer. afflicted by Saturn. For if it be found afflicted by Uranus or Saturn. as the distance of Jupiter from square of Saturn is ten degrees. if Jupiter were the significator in Aries one degree. The years of married life are measured by the distance of the significator of the wife or husband from the evil aspect of the malefic to which it is directed. if Venus be significator in Libra ten degrees. there is small chance of children being born. The Moon angular in the first. it delays marriage or wholly prevents it. Leo. afflicted by Uranus from the seventh house. But Mars is in the tenth house in Gemini. in a lady’s horoscope. In Taurus. Thus the significator to the conjunction or evil aspect of the malefics will show the period of married life. Mars. then Venus to conjunction Saturn gives eight years of married life. Scorpio. Sun. tenth. In Aries. it makes the nature fruitful. and Saturn in Libra eighteen degrees. the nature is moderately fruitful. and the planet Saturn were in Cancer eleven degrees. Virgo. LENGTH OF MARRIAGE . and the power in the female. At fifty-seven years of age she remains unmarried. and the Sun were eight degrees distant from it. I find the Sun oriental. the number of children is increased. Mars at the same time being in no aspect to the Sun. then ten years of married life would be experienced. and in a barren sign.113 The position of Mars in a female horoscope is of great importance. or seventh house. Capricorn. Or. Sagittarius. CHAPTER IX CHILDREN THE condition of the Moon is of importance I this enquiry. or Capricorn. Thus. Leo. or Uranus. if Uranus were the significator. the nature is disposed to barrenness. and in conjunction with the Moon. The Moon in Aries. in trine to Jupiter in Scorpio. If the Moon be found in Cancer. Jupiter being ruler of Pisces on the cusp of the seventh house – all excellent signs of marriage. Again. then Uranus to conjunction Sun would indicate the marriage years as extending over eight years. in as much as it shows the inclination in the male. and in a fruitful sign.

and the eleventh house denying them. and shows a danger as well of being kidnapped or. shows the death of some in infancy. or afflicted by the malefics. Taurus. if the Moon be also well placed and aspected. scientific or administrative nature. but with difficulty. Neptune in the fifth house favourably aspected shows children of musical. in conjunction with the ruler of eighty. the children will be reared. The Moon in the tenth or fourth.. or Pisces. The benefics. a full family may be expected. show the same result. Pisces. Cancer. The benefics. but if Pluto be afflicted it will show progeny whose subsequent actions and way of life will cause distress and in extreme instances bring dishonour or disaster to the family.114 The Moon in Cancer. The malefics. or the Sun. and the Sun afflicted by any of the malefics. and in good aspect to Jupiter or Venus. Scorpio. with girls. or Virgo on the cusp of the fifth house promises a large family. The Sun in the fifth. particularly by the Moon. but some of them will not live. theatrical and diplomatic ability and. of them being forced into the white slave traffic. or Leo on its cusps. and afflict the offspring. Venus or Jupiter will give children of outstanding merit and genius which can be of an artistic. or the Moon. shows death among the progeny. Scorpio. in certain instances stress capacity of a religious and psychic nature. no progeny will live beyond childhood. The same if the eleventh promises and the fifth denies them. The fifth house denoting the birth of children. The signs on the cusps of the fifth and eleventh houses and the planets in those houses must also be considered. in good aspect to Jupiter or Venus. etc. Pluto in the fifth house well aspected. Thus. The malefics in fruitful signs in the fifth or eleventh. The malefics in the fifth or eleventh. The ruler of the fifth house. show that children will be born. afflicted by the malefics. in these houses. afflicted by the malefics. or the Moon. kills the children. If badly aspected it gives a very marked warning to guard children against the possibility of drowning in early life through such agencies as ornamental ponds. Saturn in an . in the fifth or eleventh are bad. in these houses increase the strength and number of the progeny.

designing. be afflicted in the eleventh. and the luminaries. and in every harmful to the native. otherwise well place. if Saturn. or Mercury. are found in the eleventh house. the ruler of the eleventh. or Mercury. then the friends are false. is a sign of sterility. and those posited therein. If the luminaries. and likely to die. The fortunes of the progeny are. The majority of the planets in male signs shows a predominance of male progeny. and vice versa if in female signs. Uranus. the benefics. But if the malefics be found in the eleventh. But if the benefics be retrograde in the eleventh. the native will have many friends by whom he will benefit. those who would befriend the native oftentimes cannot. If a malefic planet be in the eleventh. Moon. in a general way. will show the sex and condition of each child. and so on. taking every alternate house. badly place. The same if the luminaries or planets. then judge that child to which the house corresponds to be weak and ailing. The planets ruling each alternate house. then the injury denoted will not be the result of unfaithfulness. the ninth the third. the first child would be a girl. For example. In a female horoscope the first child is denoted by the fourth house. well placed and aspected. with the Moon in Taurus. The malefics in the eleventh. are the chief significators. CHAPTER X FRIENDS AND BENEFACTORS THE eleventh house. The fifth house in a male horoscope denotes the first child. Thus. by the sex of the signs they occupy and their own natures. Mercury. but some of the friends will be the cause of unconscious wrong to the native. in its own sign or exaltation.115 angle. the seventh shows the second. or the luminaries afflicted therein. the native will suffer through his friends. in a male horoscope. and so on. afflicting both Venus and Moon. . and agreat care will be needed in the selection of them. judged from the condition and aspects of the significators or rulers of the alternate houses. the sign Cancer on the fifth and Saturn therein. the second by the sixth. or Mars be in any of these houses. and would be very sickly. afflicting the Sun. or afflicted therein. The same if Saturn be with Venus in the seventh house. and only reared with great difficulty.

Several planets in the same sign show many acquaintances. or the ruler of the eleventh in the ascendant. the friends of the native will be faithful and reliable. and is much benefited by them. The same if Mercury be in good aspect to the luminaries. wars and such-like conditions. if in common signs. Moon. on occasions through extraordinary happenings such when disasters occur and if well aspected shows subsequent benefit. If adversely aspected the presence of Pluto in the eleventh house shows a loss of genuine friends through disasters.116 Saturn therein causes deceit. and an encountering of abnormal difficulties through the treachery of those with whom friendly associations have been made. Pluto brings the forming of strange friendships. Chiefly. unless these planets be in good aspect to the Sun or Moon. regard the Sun. Uranus. and free from the affliction of the malefics. shows false friends. should they come into his or her life. If the malefics in the eleventh house be elevated above the luminary it afflicts – i.e. while the longitude of the malefics .. nearer to the meridian – then the friends will be the cause of the native’s ruin. Mars. a quiet and successful life will be experienced. all kinds of extravagance and strife. or indeed to any planets. and the lord of the eleventh is found in a fixed sign. in cardinal signs. estrangement and quarrels. frauds and seductions. or in good aspect to Jupiter or Venus. or these rulers in conjunction and good aspect to one another. the native makes many friends. but few real friends. The Moon anywhere in the horoscope. The ruler of the ascendant being in the twelfth house conduces to a reclusive life. If the luminaries and Mercury be found powerful. When a fixed sign occupies the cusp of the eleventh house. Mercury in good aspect to Jupiter or Venus gives many true friends. for if these be well aspected or well placed and free from the affliction of the malefics. and Mercury. afflicted by Saturn. doubtful and inconstant. however. ambitious and time-serving. The ruler of the ascendant in the eleventh house. Neptune causes plots and deceptions. the associations of the native will be happy and fortunate. The dates shown by the longitude of the benefic planets will indicate the birthdays of persons who will benefit the native. with many sincere friendships and happy associations.

These houses are opposed to the first. sight. The malefics in these houses are very evil. honour. . In addition to these natural significators.117 will show the birthdays of persons who will work mischief therein. as being indicative of probable sources of loss or trouble. and tenth. together with the planets therein. seventh. social. if evil plants be in the seventh. and nefarious schemes designed to bring the native into trouble. unless they afflict the Sun or Moon. Uranus in the seventh house shows public rivals. plots. and those that lie in ambush around him. Mercury indicates petty traducers and commercial rivals. The opposite points will give the birthdays of persons who may prove disastrous to the native. Pluto in the seventh house if badly aspected shows an encountering of enmity in public life. the planets which may afflict the Sun or Moon or ascendant must also be taken. they will oppose the ascendant. secret foes. Persons born on the dates corresponding to the mid-heaven and the ascendant. and will denote many strifes and open contests from persons whose avowed interests are contrary to those of the native. The benefics in these houses need not be considered as enemies. Neptune in the seventh produces ambushes. or such whose interests will be opposed to his. eighth. will be found to dominate the native’s fortunes to a large extent. which denote the material welfare of the native. those in the twelfth show enemies to his personal comfort. the Sun therein denotes open and powerful rivals. financial or business nature. The evil planets in the fourth house denote such as are opposed to the dignity. Thus. with the houses they occupy. Mars denotes such as may use violence and do him bodily harm. CHAPTER XI ENEMIES THE rulers of the twelfth. Enemies will seek to harm through attacking the marriage or business partner or attempting to involve the partner in something of a scandalous moral. and fourth houses must be taken into consideration. and credit of the native. second. Saturn shows deceitful opponents who will use fraudulent means to overcome the native.

well placed. by Saturn it brings deceit and treachery. The lord of the ascendant elevated. or in no aspect to them. the native will rise above his enemies and vanquish them entirely. denotes that there is little or no danger of serious enmity.118 Any planet afflicting the Sun or Moon. twelfth. afflicted by the lord of the sixth. then the enmity will produce only good. legal disputes. fourth. and well aspected. Otherwise. Jupiter is found in the ascendant or tenth house. the native will rely on the assistance of others to overcome his enemies. The malefics in any of the houses cited. Similarly. An enemy to be feared is denoted by a malefic in the seventh. who will injure the native continually and effectually. it be itself essentially dignified and elevated above the ruler of the seventh house. if the malefic be in its own sign or exaltation. and judgment is made according to its nature and the house it occupies. and in good aspect to the Sun and Moon. Mercury badly aspected in any part of the figure shows enemies to abound. and having a good aspect from the benefics. If. When. or a malefic in the sixth. the reverse of this will happen. and the ruler of the ascendant strong and well aspected. Such conditions produce persistent and malicious enemies. If good aspects are the only source of strength to the lord of the horoscope. the native will be in danger of hurt and reversal through his inferiors. in the sign of its detriment or fall. denotes that the native will never fear his enemies. the native will of himself overcome his rivals and opponents. or eighth house. but itself configurated with Jupiter or Venus. may be taken as an enemy. and much controversy. by Neptune. and if the lord of the horoscope be stronger that the ruler of the seventh house. from any part of the horoscope. and in good aspect to the Sun or Moon. by Uranus it produces quarrels. Pluto badly aspected by Mercury shows that enemies will try to lower the prestige and reputation by libelous and lying statements which so distort the true facts that litigation to prove the truth would be almost ruinous. plots and frauds. and afflicting the Sun or Moon. The lord of the tenth house. and the ruler of the tenth stronger than the lord of the fourth. therefore. If afflicted by Mars it produces scandal and slander. . the native overcomes all his enemies. however.

The result of close association between the two persons would be dangerous. unless some modifying influence also existed in the two horoscopes. is a strong friendly tie. He proves agreeable to the one born under Sagittarius. The reason is obvious: Aries is in trine to Sagittarius. or. another is born with Sagittarius rising. Their ascendants are in sextile aspect. will be disposed to injure one another by diversity of interests.e. Two friends will take opposite views regarding the same person at first sight. but. The square aspect between ascendant signs is bad for both sexes. Another person is born under Aries. Persons of the same sex born under opposing signs rarely effect a lasting friendship. . there would have been an attraction instead of a repulsion. Venus in one horoscopes in the place of Sun or Moon in another. There is a cause for it. denotes strong attachment and affection. with Libra rising at birth. They are friends.119 The horoscopical causes of friendship and enmity are explained in the succeeding chapter. Suppose a person to be born under the sign Libra – i. otherwise. and occurring in the horoscopes of opposite sexes. Had the person born under Aries been a female. unless marriage were in question. and in opposition to Libra. The longitude of the malefic planets in the horoscope should be noted. of the opposite sex.. He comes into the lives of these two people born under Libra and Sagittarius. and the science of horoscopy affords a useful and satisfactory explanation. In horoscopes of opposite sexes. Mars in the one on the place of Venus in the other. is a strong sex attraction. The Sun in one horoscope in conjunction or parallel to the Moon in another. on the contrary. it disposes to marriage. and the one under Libra a male. CHAPTER XII SYMPATHY AND ANTIPATHY EVERY observer of human life will have been struck by the strange instinctive likes and dislikes which some people manifest towards others of their own or the opposite sex. and disagreeable to the one born under Libra. and the dates corresponding thereto will indicate the birthdays of the persons who will oppose the native’s fortunes.

The opposite effect will be experienced when the malefics in one horoscope occupy the places. Moon. But this will not last unless there are radical indications of friendship between the parties concerned. denote that good will result to that person whose benefics are so placed. and the Moon in similar relations with the Sun also. and he whose malefic it is will suffer injury according to the nature of the planet and its signification in the horoscope. after birth. will be the cause of good to the other. and Moon in Sagittarius 10 . will produce a strong friendship. there is radical sympathy or antipathy between them. The two luminaries would then be in mutual trine aspect. and whose Moon was in Cancer 20 . The Sun in one progressing to the place of the Moon in another. The Moon progressing to the body of a malefic in another horoscope will cause trouble between the parties concerned. Sun. or afflict the places of the Sun. The same may occur if Venus in one be passing over the place of Mars in the other. Temporary sympathy or antipathy is caused by the motion of planets in one nativity to the body or aspect of planets in another. Such radical dispositions of the planets are never overcome. or Scorpio 20 . will produce a temporary magnetic attraction. the planet Mars in one horoscope passing over the place of Venus in another. These will pass away if the horoscope shows radical points of sympathy. or Leo 10 .120 The strongest sign of friendship between two persons is when the Sun in one is in trine to the Moon in the other. Thus: if one person had the Sun in Pisces 20 . though under certain circumstances they may be liable to interruption. Thus. It is the most felicitous augury when happening between the horoscope of friends of opposite sex. or ascendant in another. The Moon progressing to the opposition or square of the Sun in another horoscope produces breaches and quarrels. The person whose Sun. When such or similar relations as the foregoing are found to exist between the horoscopes of individuals. Satisfactory relations will not transpire between the persons whose planets are thus mutually placed. or ascendant it is. Moon. Benefics in one nativity on the ascendant. the person who would best agree with him would be one whose Sun was Aries 10 . or Moon of another. .

The Moon. Reason similarly in regard to other relationships. The Moon signifies all kinds of changes. as the case may be. and voyages. Mercury. The method of computing the progressive positions of the planets will explained in Book iii. their rulers. The progressive position of Sun and Moon in that person’s horoscope. or these be on the cusps of the third or ninth houses. Scorpio. In all cases. viz. will further point to the results of the acquaintance. Mars. The ninth house shows long journeys in foreign countries.. and Mars have also much influence in regard to journeys. If students will observe the progressive places of the Sun and Moon at the time of making the acquaintance of any person. out of which benefits will arise. If the majority of these. whether good or evil. and the planets therein. compared with the radical positions in the horoscope of the subject. progresses to the radical position of the other’s. Cancer. Mercury. or who causes the evil or commences the quarrel. Moon. The result of this would depend wholly on the radical sympathy or antipathy of the two horoscopes. if Mars in a man’s horoscope progresses to the radical place of Venus in a woman’s horoscope. Pisces. or Moon. Sun. and compare them with the places of the planets in the horoscope of that person. the man will at that time make advances of an amorous nature. Thus. voyages are denoted. If the majority are in watery signs. be in movable or common signs. and the rulers of the third and ninth houses. and Mercury the inclination . the truth of these observations will be at once apparent. have chief influence in this question. that person whose planet. The third house denotes railway and inland journeys. CHAPTER XIII TRAVELLING AND VOYAGES THE third and ninth houses. many journeys and changes will take place. will be the one who makes the overture or advance.121 The Sun progressing to the place of Jupiter in another horoscope is an exceedingly good sign of friendship.

then judge that journeys and changes will take place. If in the third house. these unusual circumstances will be connected with the native’s relatives but if in the ninth house will be connected with or caused by the marriage partner or the marriage partner’s relatives. produces long voyages and a taste for traveling and foreign life. and most of the planets in fixed signs. the third house showing relatively short journeys but the ninth house indicating long distance travel unless the sign Gemini is involved when it denotes continental rather than long distance travel. or Pisces. The Moon. Libra. ninth. or first. ninth. if the majority of the planets are found in Aries. fixed signs are found in the third or ninth house. sixth or twelfth. are all in either movable or common signs. Many planets in watery signs show many voyages. The Moon in any aspect to Uranus. the greater is the tendency to lead a roaming life. especially if these signs occupy the ninth or third house. Sagittarius. Planets in a watery sign in the twelfth. The Moon in Gemini or Sagittarius. Mars in any aspect to Sun or Moon tends to produce changes and journeys. or tenth.122 thereto. or Mars cadent in the third. family or marital affairs. If Neptune should be badly aspected there will be liability to sickness or danger through storms at sea. Gemini. Pluto in the third or ninth house shows travel of an unusual nature of brought about by an arising of unusual circumstances connected with relatives. Virgo. produces sudden changes and frequent removals. So. Saturn strong and in the ascendant. Capricorn. then the native will not travel much. seventh. voyages and life in foreign countries. If. however. Sun. The more planets there are in cadent houses and common signs. fourth. Neptune in either of these houses increases the indication of travel by sea and by air. Cancer. the same tendency is shown. and counteracts the influences which tend toward changes. denote a voyage early in life. rising or in the mid-heaven. When Jupiter. tenth. gives a love of a locality. denotes many journeys. either being in the first. third. or through hazards affecting the airplane. and if in watery signs or in Sagittarius. Mars. Mercury. .

tempests. the native should not leave the country of his birth. floods. by drowning. the voyages will be dangerous through lightning. falls. or afflict the rulers of those houses. by foundering or running aground. kicks from animals. Venus. On the contrary. Success abroad is shown by the benefic planets. by fire. By a “foreign land” is meant one that is distant from the place of birth. burns. in earthy signs. occupy the first. and privations generally. if the third and fourth houses are more favoured than the ninth and tenth. dampness. and falls from high places. in the ninth house. cuts. SUCCESS OR LOSS BY TRAVELLING . If in airy signs. evil planets in the fourth house. in watery signs. He may go abroad or stay at home with equal success. tenth. makes the native adverse to traveling. bites and fevers. in fiery signs. Therefore. Uranus. The malefics in the ninth house. In all cases. by famine. or the Sun or Moon afflicted therein.123 The Sun or Moon in aspect to Saturn. afflicting either luminary. where the malefics occupy the third and ninth houses. the travels are far from prosperous and in many cases are fatal. it would be the height of folly for the native to leave the country of his birth. Mars. or the Moon or Sun. etc. show dangers according to the signs they occupy. sunstroke. Similarly. The benefics. ninth. therefore. the native will do well abroad. give the native free choice in the matter. show dangers and losses in foreign lands. or the luminaries therein. and aspecting the Moon or Sun. and badly aspected. or the Sun or Moon well aspected. or the luminaries well aspected. or the luminaries well aspected. or twelfth house. produces a restless life. in the ascendant. Jupiter. stabs. judgment is made as follows:If the benefics. But the malefics in the ninth house. no matter of what nationality the native may be. are strong reasons for the native leaving his own country. As to the advisability of traveling. If by the foregoing rules it be found advisable for the native to go abroad. or Mercury strong. and the latter strong in the figure. If such be in the third or fourth house. avalanches. selection of the place or direction should be made as follows.

W. the tenth. or by the luminaries well aspected. its house the distance. Jupiter and Venus. the antipodes. The place of Vunus might hten be taken. the first house denotes the East. for it would be a significator of loss to the native.. This can readily be done by adding the longitude WHERE TO GO . But should Jupiter be afflicting the Sun or Moon. the seventh West. and the horoscope favoured going abroad. the quadrant between the first and tenth S. the native should never leave the country in which he was born whatever the indications of traveling may otherwise be. because its good aspect to the luminaries is of more value than an evil aspect from the benefics Jupiter and Venus. the fourth North. and between the fourth and first N. Thus.. it would not be advisable to take that direction.W. In this respect the third and first houses denote places near to the birthplace.E. Neptune. Thus. or the luminaries well aspected. take the judgment from its house. When a person goes to a foreign country. his destiny therein will be seen by. the Cape would be a good place to go to. the tenth South. then take a planet which is in good aspect to the Sun or Moon. the twelfth and eighth show distant countries. if Jupiter were in the ninth or tenth house of a London horoscope. the second and sixth houses denote any place in the country of birth. But always use these latter planets whenever possible. or Mars. and if this were propitious. he would infallibly leave behind him the best influences of his horoscope. Saturn. the direction its sign indicates should determine the direction. If neither Jupiter nor Venus afford good influences. referring the horoscope to the longitude and latitude of that country. between the seventh and fourth N. And this holds good even if that planet be Pluto. This would be especially good if Jupiter were in good aspect to the Sun or Moon. Regulate the distance by the house. the first and seventh denote adjoining countries. and the direction by the sign.. as that is in the right direction. and if it be strong and well placed. By doing so. that between the tenth and seventh S.E.124 Note the sign and house occupied by the benefics. Uranus. the eleventh and ninth any distance in the world. If the fourth house is strongly favoured by the presence of the benefics. The direction is judged by the house occupied by the benefics.

a person should travel to that place in which.E. and son on. If Capricorn. with this new mid-heaven. or elevated above the sea level. by N. its aspect and locality. and not in a conspicuous place. The planets will retain the same longitudes as at birth. the best influences of the natal horoscope are brought into prominence. would alone cause a difference in the nervous condition of a person. if Libra. The difference of atmospheric pressure. then the residence should be in a valley. but between others.. the house should be situated at sea level. Attention must be directed to the sign occupying the fourth angle. Then as to the locality. The old authors. harmonious surrounding can only be regulated by choice of habitation in regard both to locality and aspect.” and other influences. Then.. and must have a differing effect upon the magnetic condition of the body. therefore. In the author’s opinion. etc. RESIDENCE . If Cancer. or cusp of the fourth house. on the top of a hill. and. If this be Aries. or subtracting it if the place be west. North. that a person shall remain in his native land. While the native resides in that country. When it is determined. If a cardinal sign be rising. and certainly we owe them much respect. South. it becomes a matter of some importance as to where he should reside. saturation. have laid down rules as represented herein. the “directions. by this method. If a common sign be rising.125 of the country to the mid-heaven of the horoscope if the place be east of the birthplace. Taurus and Gemini. however. by the horoscope of birth. denote respectively N.E. take out the cusps of the houses from the “Table of Houses” belonging to the latitude of the country. If a fixed sign ascend. the house should be in a prominent position. By this choice of aspect and locality it is believed that the native is put into magnetic conditions agreeable to his nature. or that it is advisable so to do. must be referred to this local horoscope. being between East and North. West. by E. and N.” “transits. Astrology offers some important information regarding the choice of a house. the house in which the native lives should face East. The atmospheric conditions obtaining at the summit of a hill and at its foot are very different.

such as explosion. Pluto and Neptune must both be considered as malefic planets if they are afflicted by adverse aspects. Moon. Mars or Saturn. building collapse. arising from disease or old age. 8. and when no assistance is given by Jupiter or Venus. and elevated above it. A violent or accidental death occurs when the Sun and Moon are afflicted by a malefic. or one of them. Two malefics attacking the same luminary. The afflicting planets being in the violent signs – Aries. or the Sun alone by more than one. if at the same time afflicting the luminaries. particularly from violent signs or cardinal signs. 3. or on the cusp of the seventh. then a violent death ensues. The following aspects occurring in a horoscope. also if the Sun or Moon be in these signs. or if in one of the National Services through such things as mine. 4. Malefics opposing one another from angles. or fourth house. Both luminaries afflicted by a malefic. or afflicting one of the luminaries only. tenth. Scorpio. arising from a variety of causes. The Sun or Moon afflicted by the malefics in the first. Capricorn – is an additional sign of violence. 2. and the Moon by another. A malefic in the first or eighth. Mars afflicting Sun and Moon by conjunction or aspect. sixth. 6. 7.126 CHAPTER XIV THE KIND OF DEATH MORTALITY is of two kinds – natural. especially of the Sun. torpedoes. eighth. and accidental. give warning of a violent death:1. Both the Sun and Moon afflicted by one or more of the malefics. if one of the luminaries and one of the afflicting planets be in a violent sign. If Pluto is in the eighth this will give indication of death occurring through being involved in some public catastrophe connected with the work that is being carried out. when the Sun is afflicted by one malefic. one of the luminaries being oriental. A natural death may be judged to ensue when there are no signs in the horoscope to the contrary. 5. or when the Moon alone is afflicted by more than one malefic. providing always that no assistance be given by Jupiter or Venus. If in . submarine crash. Again.

When death is judged to ensue from natural causes. fractures. it is a sure sign of a violent end. and the luminaries also afflicted. or hairbreadth escapes will be made. of poisoning or of death through wrong drugs being taken or administered or of overdoses of an anæsthetic. in addition to the signs they are in. Violent planets. such as Uranus and Mars. or Venus afflicted by Saturn or Uranus. for when you find the malefics so afflicting. When the afflicting planets are in human signs – Gemini. Aquarius – the death will be by human means. ruptures. unless the positions are very striking and unmistakable. will indicate the nature of the death. etc. loss of blood. cuts. and in elevation above the luminary. he causes deaths by ambush and treachery. frenzy. The eighth and fourth houses have chief signification in this matter. the sixth and . animal. or Saturn and Neptune. airy. according to its sign and house. which must carefully watched.. It inclines to suicide. together with their aspects. and the planets in them. Neptune in the eighth will bring a danger of drowning. fiery. Observe always whether the malefics afflicting the Sun or Moon are elevated above the luminary or the reverse. you find Jupiter or Venus in trine or sextile to the afflicted light. by drowning and by strange spiritual causes. The lord of the eighth house being afflicted by malefic planets is an additional sign of a violent death. then danger is averted by strange interventions. especially if Mercury be found weak and badly afflicted.127 private life through such catastrophes as mine disasters. are testimonies of an untimely end. Mars causes death by burns. When Neptune is the afflicting planet. death results in some extraordinary and remarkable manner. If. and in battle. Do not judge a violent death will happen. Saturn causes deaths by crushes. whether human. With Uranus as the cause of evil. There is danger of trance or simulated death. Sagittarius. falls. when in violent signs. underground railway crashes. but the houses occupied by Saturn and Uranus must also be considered. The planet Mars has special signification of the cause of death according to the sign it occupies. scalds. with these indications. etc. The exact nature is usually judged by the sign occupied by mars. drowning. Virgo. earthy.

while Saturn rising in Capricorn accounted for his shortness in height. CHAPTER XV ILLUSTRATIONS THE following examples will serve to illustrate the rules laid down in the preceding chapters. in London. and Mercury. the kidneys. Uranus.m. liver (Libra). etc. If Saturn be in the eighth. Fixed signs show death by blood (Aquarius). Queen Victoria.15 a. Common signs show colds and affections of the lungs (Gemini). it will be quick and painful. King Edward VII. sudden and unexpected. Jupiter there. when other testimonies point that way. The Moon and Mercury are passive. THE BODILY FORM . the death will be slow and tedious. heart affections (Leo). Movable signs denote death by affections of the head. in comfort and order. and generative system (Scorpio). brain fever. King Edward’s full florid physical body was due to the influence of Jupiter. Jupiter was rising in Sagittarius and Saturn and Mars were intercepted in Capricorn in the Ascendant. Neptune in the eighth operates to produce trance. but the Moon has a signification of death in the public streets. ruler of the Ascendant. 1819 at 4. bowels (Virgo). with Gemini rising and the Sun and Moon in the Ascendant. and she owed her short stature to Mercury in Taurus. Her son. or in the presence of strangers. peaceful and without pang or throe of pain.m. also erysipelas and disorders of the skin (Capricorn). Mars there. and his fair complexion inherited through his mother the Queen was due to Sagittarius. and nervous system (Sagittarius and Pisces). disorders of the throat (Taurus). stomach (Cancer). and act according to the nature of the planet in nearest aspect. in the sign Taurus. ending in syncope.48 a. and simulated death. coma. The fair blonde complexion of the Queen was due to the Sun and Moon rising. (Aries). was born on 9th November. there. the great Queen of England was born in London on 24th May. 1841 at 10. in public hospitals and other places of a public nature. Venus there.128 eighth houses are taken into consideration. together with the signs in which the malefics may be placed.

would have save him. the effusion of blood. with Moon in Taurus in ascendant. Moon in first in Taurus. fearless. in conjunction with the Moon. in the ninth house. The truth of Astrology in general. in sextile to Neptune and Mars. the cut on the head. Aries 13 rising. born 7th April. and made him fond of pleasure and the company of the ladies of the day.” But what concerns us at this moment is the man’s CHARACTER ACCIDENTS .” he wrote in one of his dispatches. very clear. Mars in conjunction with Moon in Aries. in conjunction with Mars.10p. Moon in Aries. Mercury in tenth in Capricorn. Duke of Albany.R. The perfect example of a man of high character is shown in the horoscope of General Gordon of Khartoum. have none:… to carry myself is enough for me. He was fond of hard riding and the story goes that he met with his death as the result of a fall from a horse. in the ninth house. The Duke. 1833 at 9. in the tenth house. H. Saturn in conjunction with Uranus in the mid-heaven. one of the sons of Queen Victoria. grey eyes. The description of the hero of Khartoum is in agreement with the rising sign. who was born on 28th January. and Mars in Taurus. Slight in figure. and this was often a source of self-gratulation. but Venus was retrograde. Capricorn 4 on mid-heaven. I want no other baggage. thank God. is here admirably illustrated. He was unmarried. cardinal signs on angles. Died from severe contusion of the head. Prince Leopold. Venus. show the fall. in an earthy sign.H. square to Sun in Aquarius.m. and the danger of accidents abroad. “I. and in the sign of her debility. but opposition to Saturn. with a fair complexion. 1853. foreign countries. five planets in a violent sign. Aries. Venus in conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces. the result of a fall. dignified.m. and Saturn oriental. at 1. light curling hair and round head. sextile to Venus in Pisces. had inherited the full blooded way of life through his father Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (The Prince Consort). which rules the head. four planets in fixed signs. and partiuclarly of the rules contained in this work.50 a. and conjunction with Uranus. “You have wives and families.129 Mars in Capricorn gave the military regal bearing.

cardinal signs on angles. and Venus on cusp of ninth. as measured by this saint and hero. and gave him his extraordinary faith throughout a career of restless activity.m. name. It is believed that the time of birth was 3. in exact sextile to Jupiter. WEALTH . one who never wishes to see his home again. one who has a healthy body and energetic spirit. Cecil Rhodes who was born on 6th July.130 character. Saturn in Taurus. gives recklessness and enterprise. The man. and the controller of evil. Jupiter on the cusp of second house. and severe privations. Mercury. Venus sextile to Saturn. 6 34 . Mercury in sextile to Venus in her exaltation. Mars sextile to Mercury. 1853. Time of birth unknown. one who looks to God as the source of good. the presence of the Moon in the ascendant. Venus in Cancer. “and I will take him as my help. Here we find the Moon in its own sign with the Sun and Venus. “Find me the man. And if you cannot find him. and the Moon being the strongest planets in the horoscope: all these were signs of that inherent nobility of character. 28 47 . keen judgment and ability to estimate the value of every opportunity which presents itself. Uranus in Taurus. innumerable dangers. and the Sun in Cancer. 14 46 . honour. His disregard of money is shown by Mars in Taurus occupying the second house. that “scorn of consequence” and disregard for life which characterized the man. Mars in Gemini. 9 1 . which gives the 20th degree of Scorpio rising. and the ruler of the horoscope in sextile to Jupiter. It is well known that Cecil Rhodes used his money in no niggardly spirit. and in sextile to Uranus. 27 54 . was not within his reach. Mercury in Leo. It has been unconsciously sketched by the hero himself in the despatch already quoted from.” he wrote. and trine to Saturn. Another great character from history was the founder of Rhodesia. and in opposition to Jupiter.. Sun and Moon trine to Neptune – all signs of success. 14 14 . and Neptune in 12th degree of Pisces. in sextile to Venus in Pisces. Jupiter in Sagittarius. then leave me alone!” Alas! Gordons were not too plentiful. and one who looks on death as a release from misery. glory. the near conjunction of the Sun to Uranus. 16 32 retrograde. Jupiter. At noon the Moon was in Cancer. 11 52 . His honours were due to Mercury in mid-heaven.50 p. who utterly despises money.

at Berlin.131 Horoscope of Kaiser Wilhelm II. perhaps. Mars and Neptune conjoined in the meridian. except. and the Sun semisquare to both. and the Sun in opposition to Saturn denuded him of his power among the nations. the malefics – Neptune. and Uranus – elevated. that of the Sultan of Turkey. and during his reign the German Empire suffered reversals of which it hitherto had had no shadow of experience. Nothing more adverse or less royal than this horoscope of the Kaiser. Here we find Saturn in the sign of its debility opposing the Sun in its weakest sign. born 27th January. 3 p. Mars. The destiny of Kaiser Wilhelm was such that he lost the whole of his possessions. The Kaiser with his withered arm . and the Moon in opposition to Uranus.m. He was never in continual quarrels. was to be found among the rulers of Europe. 1859. He lost his royal spouse (the Moon in opposition to Uranus retrograde) suddenly. The Emperor had a most fateful horoscope.

and Jupiter is found in the fourth house in sextile to the Moon in the second. Saturn and Neptune in conjunction with ascendant. how faithfully in agreement with the astral portents: Sun in conjunction with Uranus on cusp of the fourth. 1769. Abraham Lincoln. the Moon applying to Jupiter retrograde. The President died in the height of his political glory. He died by the hand of an assassin. but is retrograde.B. the romantice poet.m.S. and in opposition to Uranus and Sun. These are indications of much success in life and rising fortunes. at midnight. This horoscope is introduced to illustrate the rules in regard to the question of wealth and possessions. Observe the end of life. at 2 a. the Moon is with Mars in Cancer. and elevated above all the other planets. and the Sun in Aquarius is opposed by Uranus in Leo. Seven planets rising. Note also the marriage portents: Mars in conjunction with Saturn in Cancer in the seventh. Pisces. The malefics are all oriental.) Venus is found in Aquarius. President of U. conjoined with Saturn. (N. born 1st May. was born on 22nd January. – The hour of birth is a matter of dispute. and sextile to Sun and Uranus in the fourth angle. as an outcast living in Doorn. four planets LOVE AND MARRIAGE RANK . His rivals or open opponents are signified by the seventh house. where we find Mars and Saturn in the sign of their debility. Jupiter holds the meridian in the martial sign. with Moon in sextile to Jupiter. Jupiter retrograde in mid-heaven.A. Cancer. 12th February. near Jupiter. Holland. Lord Byron.. square to the Moon in Capricorn.132 lived to a great age and died suddenly from a heart attack. in trine to Saturn and Mars in the seventh in Cancer. trine to Mars and Saturn. Duke of Wellington.18a. born at Washington. trine to Jupiter in mid-heaven. and Uranus on the cusp of the twelfth house. the Moon is in the sing of Jupiter. in the second house. trine to Moon. but this does not concern the author’s purpose in bringing the horoscope forward under this head.m. when success and honours wre wholly within his grasp. Jupiter in the fourth house in its own sign Pisces. 1809. 1788 at 1. and Mars in Libra. opposed to Mercury. Arthur Wellesley. Scorpio. and Sun in trine to Mars. The Part of Fortuneon the mid-heaven.

adventurous and yet arduous nature. and the splendid trine from Jupiter in Leo to Mars in Sagittarius indicated his geniality. He did his work quietly and unobtrusively but was neverthe less thorough and efficient and in all these activities and interests he had the unstinted support of his beautiful queen who. aspects showing travel that would stir the imagination and yet be associated with many strange vicissitudes TRAVELLING . and the combination showing travel of an unusual. Venus. and even after his death. and the criticism to which he was subjected throughout his life. Commander Peary. together with the Moon and Uranus were in the sign Scorpio denoting his strength of will and personal firmness. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius rendered His Majesty democratic and philosophical and showed his great interest in all forms of social and philanthropic work. the estrangement from his kindred and country. 1856 with his Moon and Saturn in the sign Gemini. whilst his Moon was separating from a trine of Mars and applying to a square of Neptune. the outstanding zodiacal sign which rules love. King George VI was born on 14th December.133 in fixed signs. the latter being clearly signified by Saturn. good humour and generosity. His horoscope provides the perfect example of a quiet. by her devotion both to him and in the carrying out of national duties has endeared herself to all his subjects. the blighting of his love. the ruling planet. He had the sign Libra rising. The position of Venus. both signs being very much connected with travel. He had his Sun in the sign Taurus applying to a sextile of Neptune. very aptly shown the disappointment and trouble to which the Hellenic hero was born. companionship and marriage. and Jupiter and Neptune in the sign Pisces. afflicted by Saturn. who reached the North Pole. kindly type of ruler who made a perfect marriage and was very much in love with his charming Queen until the end of his days. the world famous explorer. but also by the pen of his own sister. and three in cardinal. and the affliction of the Moon by Mars and Mercury. natural charm of manner. Being the sign of the “balance” it indicated a character well fitted to preside over both marital and national destinies. 1897. not only among his natural enemies. was born on 6th May.

which rules theatres. Mars ruling the eighth is afflicted by Uranus and Jupiter from the fifth house. 1831. END OF BOOK II . Mars in Scorpio. 19 November. the Moon in square to Uranus and Jupiter. Saturn ruling the fifth is in the twelfth: secret enemies. Saturn lord of fifth in twelfth. The signs of this assassination are. opposing the Moon. in Scorpio.m. The mathematical and judicial aspects of the science of horoscopy will thereby be brought simultaneously to the knowledge of the student. Mars. He was born on 20th April. therefore: Mars lord of eighth. His Sun was also in Taurus and the eighth house. both within the eighth house sphere of influence. from fifth house. and Mercury ruler of ascendant. denoting secret enemies. ascendant sesquiquadrate to Uranus. Sun. the house of death. He met his death while in a theatre. In this horoscope we find Saturn in the twelfth. Sun in the conjunction with Uranus would also show unexpected events and unexpected honours. and Uranus in the fifth in square to the Moon. and to study them in the light of the rules given in this section of our work. KIND OF DEATH President Garfield. He was shot in the bowels. the Moon being in parallel to Mars. Adolf Hitler provides the perfect example of one who through his own stupidity met a violent end. Throwing away the opportunity of living and dying as one of the world’s greatest characters in history. 1889 and had the sign Libra rising with Venus. in parallel and opposition to Moon in the eighth. at 2 a. Venus and Mars were in square to Saturn which was in Leo and elevated in his map showing a rise to power and a tremendous fall from power. The student is advised to erect as many of the foregoing horoscopes as may be practicable.134 of life. born in America. he came to a violent end in the ruins of Berlin. and Saturn is found in Virgo. progress being always in direct ration to the amount of exercise given to the faculties employed. his ruling planet I the sign Taurus in conjunction with Mars.

and other writers. This theory. It was published in 1890. including Wilson. in his “Dictionary of Astrology” – wherein the idea is badly conceived and erroneously illustrated – and is generally known as the Trutine of Hermes. This relationship has been loosely formulated by Gadbury. The author has been fortunate in having the collaboration of a trained and veteran scientist in the work of establishing the primary law designated as the Pre-natal epoch. This law was first definitely formulated in June. The theorem. is correctly stated by Coley. assumes the proportions of a scientific statement. This theory involves the concept of periodicity. and met with considerable comment and general approval. however. But every statement of a general law. is open to modification. The Hindus have a theory. that the World-breath has definite and periodic pulsations. AND THE LAW OF SEX The general law controlling the Pre-natal Epoch is based upon the known relationship existing between the Moon and the ascendant of the horoscope. and that only every seventh impulse of the World-breath permits of human births.MANUAL OF ASTROLOGY By – Sepharial BOOK III THE MEASURE OF TIME CHAPTER I THE PRE-NATAL EPOCH. a systole and diastole action. 1886. from which the intelligent mind will not turn in a spirit of patronizing contempt. whereby birth and death are controlled. that these intervals are in accordance with lunar motion. Its primary use is the correction of the time of birth. . when the estimate time only is given. a fact well within our knowledge and scrutiny. which is to be found in their ancient astrological writings. It further employs the idea that births can only take place in respect to any single locality at intervals. when referred to lunar action. of an idea in its incipience. which has been established by modern scientific research. such as the Brihat Jâtaka and the Brihat Samhitâ.

that all births are brought about in exact harmony with lunar laws. note :- . III. and BELOW the horizon. When the Moon at birth is DECREASING in light. the period is MORE than ten Lunar months. the period is LESS than ten Lunar months. then.136 and is only properly defined in the light of elaborate tests. to whom this enquiry is of the most vital interest. IV. 2. and the horizon of the place of birth. the period is MORE than ten Lunar months. as first formulated by the author. 1. and define their character. and more particularly that of physiologists and obstetricians. as we hold it can. which bring into array the many exceptions to which any general law is subject. the period is LESS than ten Lunar months. The law in regard to the period between the Pre-natal Epoch and the Natal day is thus defined: I. If it can be shown. Afterwards it will be necessary to classify the exceptions to this law. II. is as to how much more or less than the average period any case may require. Therefore. and BELOW the horizon. When the Moon at birth is INCREASING in light. that intra-uterine life is in direct relations with the sidereal world without. capable of instant recognition and treatment. that the great fact of maternity is capable of purely astronomical measurement. and the variants have been reduced to a series of groups. with a general statement of the law of the Pre-natal Epoch. all falling within the general statement of the law. or ten Lunar months. THEOREM A GENERAL LAW OF THE PRE-NATAL EPOCH The next question towards the determination of the exact epoch. we have good cause to claim the serious attention of all intelligent women. Such tests have been made. We may proceed. When the Moon at birth is INCREASING in light. and ABOVE the horizon. This period is subject to an increase or decrease. When the Moon at birth is DECREASING in light. according to the position of the Moon in regard to the Sun. and ABOVE the horizon. The general period of intra-uterine life is nine Solar.

THEOREM D Note. i.137 (a) When the Moon is BELOW the horizon. 2. it will be found at the Epoch in the sign which is RISING at birth. it should not be impossible to reverse the operation. which has to be established in the present argument. Note. Theorems A and B contain the general statement of the law as to time. more or less than the Moon’s tenth pre-natal revolution. The following argument is advance as a harmonious extension of what has been already stated:THEOREM C 1. If the Moon be INCREASING at birth. at the rate of 12 degrees for each day. Theorems A and B are in agreement with C and D. (c) The number of degrees between the Moon and the horizon will yield so many days. (d) These days. the known fact. B and C determine it to an interval of two and a half days.e. That day on which the Moon transits the EXACT degree of the ascendant at birth (or its opposite). is the day of the Pre-natal Epoch. (b) When the Moon is ABOVE the horizon. When the Moon is INCREASING at birth. the time the Moon is passing through any one sign. its place will be RISING at the Epoch. – Theorem A yields a general measure of the period. in as much as it establishes the exact moment of the Pre-natal Epoch. it will be found at the Epoch in the sign which is SETTING at birth. its place will be SETTING at the Epoch. the distance of the Moon from the EASTERN horizon is taken into account. and 1. on the eastern horizon. to its presumptive ante-natal cause. – Theorem D brings the argument for the general law to a close. the count is made from the Moon to the WESTERN horizon. 3.. 2. . THEOREM B Note. If the Moon be DECREASING at birth. When the Moon is DECREASING at birth. and argue from the Epoch to the Birth. – It will be observed that the discussion of this problem of the Pre-Natal Epoch proceeds inductively from the birth. will yield the day of the Epoch. When the law governing the relations between the birth and the ante-natal cause is determined.

we say:- To calculate the Pre-natal Epoch. and whether increasing or decreasing in light . and to formulate the general law in a succinct form. Then : Count nine moths backwards. or decreasing and above the earth. according to the Moon’s increase or decrease at birth. when the Moon at birth is increasing and below the earth. until you come to the day when the Moon is in the sign ascending or descending at birth.] Having found the lunar place. when the Moon at birth is decreasing in light.138 make the ascendant at the Epoch and the Moon’s place at birth interchangeable. from the date of birth. it will be necessary to procure an Ephemeris for the year preceding that of birth. When the Moon at birth is increasing in light. (2) of the Moon. birth took place earlier than September. and the Moon’s place at the Epoch will be the descendant at birth. When the Moon at birth is increasing in light. or. counted backwards from the day of birth. according to the rule. [If the TO FIND THE DAY OF EPOCH I. the period is less than ten lunar revolutions by one day for every 12 degrees of the Moon’s distance from the horizon to which it next comes after birth. take out from the horoscope of brith – The longitude (1) of the Sun. and mark the date on which the Moon is in the sign it held at birth. . and below the earth. the period is by the same measure more than ten lunar revolutions. But. From these elements you will observe whether the Moon is above or below the earth. calculate as directed on pages 48-49. TO FIND THE HOUR OF EPOCH 1. if none are available. II. Take that day on which it transits the exact degree on the horizon at birth. To summarise these theorems. then its place will be setting at the Epoch. count forward or backward. either in direct or opposite terms. and the Moon’s place at the Epoch will be the ascendant at birth. Call this the Day of Epoch. (3) of the ascendant. Ascertain where the mother of the native was residing on the day of Epoch. and refer to the “Tables of Houses” for the latitude of the place. as the case may require. its place will be the ascendant at the Epoch. But. or decreasing. and above the earth.

in hours.e. and this degree of the Zodiac must rise at the Epoch. corrected to the longitude of birth is 7.T. The Epoch. The moment of birth. by adding the seven days required by section c.m. or G. as the time before noon at which the Epoch occurred. 1. therefore. The time of birth was taken by the accoucheur from a chronometer timed to Greenwich. born at Middlesbrough. Moon in Lilbra. and.M. The difference between the sidereal time at noon. The Moon is increasing in light and below the earth. viz. and this will give the ascendant or descendant at birth. 3. EXAMPLE . 2. to find the hour and minute at which this degree rises..14 a. 51 min. ELEMENTS. Find the Moon’s longitude fro this time on the day of Epoch. the count is made from the Moon to the eastern horizon.m. (Theorem A. Yorks. (midheaven at noon). The date on which the Moon transits the degree rising at birth is 31st August.35 a. measures to September 6th. 4. (mid-heaven at Epoch). 28 50 . Sun in Gemini. as the case may be. 10. This gives 1 hr. 50 min. Take out of the Ephemeris the sidereal time at noon on the day of the Epoch. gives seven days as the excess of the period over ten lunar revolutions. 1891. from Libra 28 50 to Leo 5 23 . 2. (Theorem B. which we take from 10hr. divided by 12.) The Moon being below the earth. we count to 30th August. and seconds. – 1..) The distance from Leo 5 to Libra 29 is 84 . section a. i. and note the sidereal time. we find the sidereal time of the meridian to be 8 hr. backwards from the day of birth. refer to Tables of Houses for Middlesbrough. Male.. or right ascension of the meridian. 5 23 . (Theorem D. as the case requires. in local time.m. This will be the sidereal time at Epoch.) The Moon at birth is in Libra 28 50 . 16 .139 2. 31st August. Bring the Moon’s longitude at birth to the ascendant or descendant. Asc. and the sidereal time at the Epoch will give the time before or after noon at which the Epoch occurred.) The measure of the nine solar or ten lunar months.40 a.09 a. at 7.) Then. in Leo. section c. will measure to more than ten lunar revolutions. With Libra 28 50 . minutes. (Theorem B. 41 min.m.. 3. which. (Theorem D. 1892. 6th June. rising. – 10.

1892.m. at 5. in 11 20 Asc. 1891.44 p.22 p. 7 49 2. at 11. 29 45 4.m. at 11. 1892. in 3 10 Asc. 25 17 7.m. 16th July.m. Asc. Asc. 10th July. 25th July. which was the ascendant at birth.21 p. – 8th November. 1891.m. 1892. at 11. – Female.m. 23rd June.m. Asc.23 p. in 29 38 Asc.48 a. – 22nd September. at 9. – Male. – Female.10 p. 11th June.140 Find the Moon’s longitude for this time on the day of Epoch – Leo. – Female. at 8. 1891. 1892. 0 40 in 21 24 5. 22 29 8. – 11th September.m.27 p. 11 56 in 26 13 Epochs 1. in 19 2 Asc. 1891. 4 55 in 25 17 7. the time being taken fro the moment of the first breath of the child. in 2 26 Asc. at 2.52 p. 19 15 in 27 49 3. We have now to show that the case given in illustration of the Law of the Pre-natal Epoch is not an isolated one. 1892. The following births took place on their several dates in Middlesbrough. 11 38 in 7 49 2.m. 21 24 5.30 a. Asc. Asc. at 0. Asc. at 0. 1 51 in 0 16 6.m.m. EXAMPLES OF REGULAR EPOCHS Births 1. 14th July. 28 59 in 29 45 4. 26 13 . 5 23 . 27 49 3. 1892.25 p. 1891. at 11. – Female.m. Asc.43 p. – 14th September. at 1. in 11 52 Asc. – 27th October. 1891. at 4.m.. in 5 6 Asc. by the attendant physician. at 5. at 6 a. – 3rd October.m. – Male.30 p. 3 29 in 22 29 8.36 p. – 5th October. 1892. at 11. Yorks. 1892. at 11.m.m. in 29 33 Asc. 1891. – 31st August. 22nd June. – Male. 0 16 6.22 p. 1891. 22nd June.46 a. Asc. – Male.

at 11. The “signs of short ascension” in northern latitudes are Capricorn.m.m. Regular breathing was established at 9 p. Asc. Pisces. however. 6 33 in 27 37 Epochs 9. 1891.m. Asc. 10 36 11. at 8. at 7. Note. and if referred to the latitude of birth. Asc. the conditions of birth were somewhat remarkable.m. whereas on the equator the uniform rising of the sings is about one in every two hours. exactly.1 a. will be found to yield a difference of time which is practically inconsiderable.10 p. etc. It will be observed that they are all within the limits of an error of observation. at 10. – 11th September. in 1 2 Asc.m. at 8. the head and arm at 8. in 4 22 Asc.m.m. 1 21 in 10 36 11. 24th July.m.13 p. The above will. 1892. The right foot was extruded at 8.10 a. but. – Male.25.27.m.15p. the left foot at 8.. owing to the oblique ascension of the signs in high North latitude.35 p.. – 20th October. at 4.m. the third at 8. – 1st December. serve for examples of all the others. at 2. Its first breath was taken at 8. the second at 8. Taurus. and the first five degrees of Gemini rising in the same interval of time. the apparent discrepancy of some minutes of space between the longitude of the ascendant at birth and the Moon at Epoch. 1892. Aquarius.57 p. – Male. Thus. Asc. 31st August. 1892. 1892. and hence the apparent discrepancy is likely to be greater when any one of these is the rising sign at birth. Aries.19p. or its opposite.17 p.23 p. – 1st November. 21 5 12. The child was asphyxiated. and Gemini.12 a. 26th July. 9 29 10.m. – In regard to Case 12 in the series above. 10 53 in 9 29 10. – Male..141 Births 9. 4 27 in 21 5 12. – 16th December.40 p. The mean between the first spasmodic breath and the establishing of regular breathing . such as conform in all particulars with the law as already defined – might be adduced indefinitely. 1891. nevertheless. 1891. 27 37 Cases of Regular Epochs – that is. 1891. not such as to overthrow the Law of the Pre-natal Epoch. in 6 33 Asc.m.m. in 10 57 Asc. in the latitude of Middlesbrough we find the whole of Aries and Taurus. at 1.

4 21 Here we find the Moon decreasing in light. In all such cases. at 12. requires less than ten lunar revolutions. 11th July 1892. at 7 p. – Male. and D. at 7. at 2. is found at the epoch in the ascending sign. or sets.54 a.m. The Moon being also below the earth. 21st May 1892. 25 5 in 4 21 Epoch 2. –1st September.41 p.m. but instead of its place at birth setting at the epoch..142 gives 8. or wherein the Moon’s place at birth rises at the epoch. decreasing at birth. – Male. 21 55 in 18 53 Epoch 1.. and is found at epoch in the ascending sign Leo. but exactly contrary. so must its count be as regards the horizon. although increasing at birth. Middlesbrough Asc. London Asc. 1891. But as the position of the Moon is reversed at the epoch. and the Epoch. being only twenty-seven degrees from the eastern horizon. is found at the epoch in the descending sign.52p. for the time of birth. contrary to the rules laid down in the general statement of the law of the Pre-natal Epoch. as required by the regular rule. but not so much as ten days.. 1891. in 21 55 Asc. 187 53 IRREGULAR EPOCHS In this case the Moon is decreasing at birth. The Moon . section c) will not be in agreement with the other requirements of the law as set forth in Theorems A. Birth 2. and at epoch it is found in the sign descending at birth. –13th October. C.19 a. the count from the Moon to the ascendant or descendant at birth (Theorem B. and the Moon is found to be ten days’ motion from the western horizon.m.40 p.m. we find it rising.m. Are those wherein the Moon. in 24 32 Asc. or wherein the Moon. a difference of one minute only.m. instead of Aquarius. works out at 8. according to rule. taken for this time. Examples: Birth 1.

It is found at epoch in the rising sign Libra.m. – Female.m. 6 12 in 17 50 Epoch 5. as was found to be the case in Examples 1 and 2. Middlesbrough Asc. at 11. in 13 2 Asc. is made in the contrary direction. The result is an epoch which differs from the birth by only one minute of space as regards the Moon’s place at epoch and the ascendant at birth. 25 5 ..: Aquarius.42 p.m.. –30th October. at 4.m. viz. 1862. 13 3 in 21 5 Epoch 3. it is then found in the descending sign of the birth. 17 46 in 26 41 Epoch 4. and its place at birth is setting at the epoch. Birth 4. 1891. Middlesbrough Asc. since the Moon is below the earth and decreasing in light. instead of which we make it from the western. in 6 12 Asc.6 a. 17 50 . at 11. and find thereby about two days by which the period is to be reduced. but instead of its place at birth rising at epoch we make it set.11 a. and the count instead of being from the Moon to western horizon.. at 11. –15th February. –6th December. 25th July 1892. 1862. at 2.17 a. 1891. at 3. The Moon is seen to be increasing at birth.m. This count gives us a matter of five days by which the period is to be curtailed. Birth 3. 22nd Nov.25p. in 17 53 Asc. Although the Moon is increasing and below the earth. the count should be made from the eastern horizon.14p. – Female.m. which accordingly is effected. Birth 5. 21 5 This was a case of placenta prævia. 1st September.. the count is made from the Moon to the western horizon. 26 41 This is a cease of complete reversal of the terms employed.143 being below the earth. – Male. 1892. London Asc. and above the earth.

. It will be observed that the unit in the integer of each degree is the same as the unit of the fractional part multiplied by seven. the inverted the female. 0 and 0 . –13th July. – Female. 1887. and again. 1886. 19th April. 25 5/7 . in the sign rising at birth. and three of odd number. 4 2/7 . London Asc. Applying this observation to the question of sex distinction. we found a wonderful harmony to exist in their several integers. dividing the Zodiac at seven points from the solstitial degrees. endeavoured to fathom the cause of this reversal of the terms in what we have called. Birth 6. and 8 4/7 . and accordingly the count..m. we came to the conclusion that these degrees might be expressed by two trines or triangles. giving seven days in excess of the average period. for the sake of distinction. at 11pm. and the four sets of degrees generated from the four cardinal points would then stand in illustration as follows:- . we get twenty-eight degrees in all. 21 3/7 . the Moon being below the earth at birth. with zero. there are three whole degrees of even number. Also. instead of the eastern. in 19 57 Asc. This irregularity makes the count from the western horizon. to whom we have elsewhere referred as the discoverer of the septenary aspect (Book i.144 Here the Moon is found at epoch in the sign which was rising at birth. We have the Moon at the epoch on the 13th. Primarily. In 1892-93 our friend and collaborateur.. instead of being from the eastern horizon. it is found to be setting. but instead of its place rising at the epoch. On examining the series of degrees generated from the septenary division of the Zodiac. 20 19 in 22 30 Epoch 6.m. we have seven points arising out of this septenary division of the Zodiac. 1886. E.37 p. page 4). from which they are generated. the upright being the male.52 a.S. taken from 0 .0 . To these we add the opposite degrees of the Zodiac. 12 6/7 . at 9. They are . is made from the western. at 11. 17 1/7 . irregular epochs. and the Moon’s place at birth setting at the epoch. 22 30 The generative act in this case is stated to have been effected on 11th July.


It will be observed that of the degrees generated from 0 and 0 , what are taken to be female degrees are attached to each of the reversed triangles, the male degrees being associated with the upright triangles; the reverse being the case in those generated from 0 and 0 . The fractional parts belonging to each whole degree are placed in the adjacent angles of the figure. Of the four cardinal points, 0 and 0 are here held to be female, and their opposites, 0 and 0 , male. The segmentation of the embryonic cell is after the manner of the primary division suggested above, viz., firstly, vertically; and secondly, horizontally, making a circle and cross, thus The determination of sex in the fætal life was considered to take place after the following manner:- The triangle of force represented by A B C, indicates the male-female potentiality, in which the line A B = male direction, and A C = female, B C being the plasmic substance on which there lines of force are acting.


Potentially is converted into active potency towards the fifth month after conception. The triangle, A B C, is then reflected in D E F, where D F is the male potency, and E F the female. All this takes placed within the sphere of potentiality represented by the embryonic cell, and here illustrated by the circle whose quadrants, a a’, are male, and b b’ female. When the male potency, D F, overpowers the female, E F, the direction of the sex is determined to the quadrant a’, the line of force being deflected to H in the male quadrant. But when the female potency, E F, overpowers the male, D F, then the result is a female birth at G in the quadrant b. And now we come to the statement of the Law of Sex in relation to the epoch, and in this connection the reader will please observe what has already been said regarding Irregular Epoch, because it will be found that the Law of Sex is the controlling factor. Many people have sent us epochs of a difficult nature, for which the general rules do nto serve. In as manyu cases as our leisure would allow,

147 we have returned the communication with a statement of the true epoch, but hitherto no statement of the cause of the irregularity has been give. The present publication will doubtless constitute sufficient apology for such denial.

The epoch having been determined by the rules already laid down, the ascendant and the Moon’s place in the epochal figure of the heavens must be observed. If the epoch be true, it will afford the following arguments:(1) The ascendant will be in or near one of the degrees already enumerated, and known as “critical” degrees. (2) The Moon will be in or near one of such degrees. (3) Both the ascendant and the Moon will be in such degrees. (4) Neither the ascendant nor the Moon will be in or near a critical degree. (5) The Moon will be in a male or female quadrant, of which the S.E. and N.W. are male, and the S.W. and N.E. female. The agreement of the Law of Sex with the Law of the Pre-natal Epoch is here established. For observe:(1) If the ascendant of the epoch be in a male degree the sex of the birth will be male, and vice versa. (2) If the Moon be in a “critical” degree, and the ascendant not in a critical degree at all, then the Moon’s position controls the sex, according to whether its degree of longitude is male or female. (3) When both the ascendant and Moon are in critical degrees of the same sex, the birth will be of that sex. (4) When neither the Moon nor ascendant is in a “critical” degree, then the quadrant the Moon occupies will determine the sex. (5) When the ascendant and the Moon are in “critical” degrees of opposite sexes, the quadrant the Moon occupies will determine the sex. N.B. – The “orb of influence” of a critical degree is not as yet fully determined, but to be at all powerful the position must be close, i.e., within three degrees. The following diagrammatic table of the critical degrees and the quadrants is given for ready reference.



Irregular Epochs, therefore, may often be referred to the controlling influence of sex. In practice, the safest way to find the epoch is to follow the rules for the regular epoch, and if these do not yield an epoch in agreement with the birth figure, then the count should be made in opposite direction to that stated in Theorem B, and an epoch tried for this

149 measure of time, with the reversal of the factors, as shown in the examples of Irregular Epochs.

The following method is employed in the calculation of horoscopical figures in latitudes for which no tables of Houses exist. To find the Ascending Degree The right ascension of the mid-heaven, taken in hours, minutes, and seconds, is converted into degrees, minutes, and seconds of space at the rate of fifteen degrees for every hour, or one degree for every four minutes of time. Then proceed: (1) Add 90 to the mid-heaven. This will give the oblique ascension of the ascendant. (2) Find the distance in degrees, minutes, and seconds between the oblique ascension of the ascendant and the nearest equinoctial point. (3) The cosine1 of this distance plus the cotangent of the latitude of birth will give the cotangent of the FIRST ARC. (4) If measured from Aries add 23 28 ; if measured from Libra subtract 23 28 . This will give the SECOND ARC. (5) Add together the tangent of the distance of ascendant from equinoctial point (rule 2), and the cosine of the first arc. Subtract therefrom the cosine of the second arc. (6) This will give the tangent of the longitude of the ascendant from the equinoctial point taken. Then, with this ascendant and the Moon’s longitude, proceed. To find the Epoch I. When the Moon’s place at birth is rising at the epoch. (a) The tangent of latitude of epoch (i.e., of the place where the mother of the native was residing at the time) plus the tangent of the declination of the Moon’s longitude, equals the sine of the ascensional difference of the Moon’s place. (b) If the Moon’s place falls between Aires 0 and Virgo 30 , the right ascension of the Moon’s longitude minus this ascensional difference is equal to its oblique ascension.

Consult Chambers’s Mathematical Tables.

150 (c) This oblique ascension minus 90 is equal to the right ascension of the meridian. (d) This meridian taken from, or added to, the sidereal time at noon on the day of epoch, will give the time, before or after noon, at which the epoch occurred. Note. – If the Moon’s place at birth falls between Libra 0 and Pisces 30 , then rule b is reversed, and its ascensional difference is added to its right ascension to get its oblique ascension. In other respects the procedure is the same as given above. II. When the Moon’s place at birth is setting at the epoch. Rule. – Take the opposite point of the Zodiac to that in which the Moon is placed at birth, consider the Moon there, and proceed exactly as shown above. CHAPTER II DIRECTIONS THE period at which the different events promised by the horoscope of birth are brought into effect is determined by the process called Directing, wherein a day after birth, or a degree of the Zodiac, or again, a degree of the Equator equals one year of life. The system most in repute is that which regards the motions of the planets in the Zodiac, and the rising and culminating of the planets after birth. In this system, the Are of two kinds – Zodiacal and Mundane. Zodiacal Directions are those formed in the Zodiac by the motion of the mid-heavens, ascendant, Sun, and Moon to the aspects of the planets. These directions may be divided into three classes, viz.: Direct Directions, Converse Directions, and Zodiacal Parallels. When the direction is made in the order of signs, it is called a Direct Direction; when made against the order of signs, it is called a Converse Direction. The Sun, Moon, mid-heaven, and ascendant are called “Significators.” The planets to which they are directed are called “Promittors.” But each of these significators becomes a promittor when any of the other significators are directed to it. (See p. 161.)

151 The distance between any significator and the place where it forms its conjunction, parallel, or aspect with a promittor, is called the Arc of Direction, and is measured in degrees and minutes of the Equator, which degrees and minutes are turned into years and months at the rate of one degree for every year of life, and five minutes for every month. The promittor, in each case, is supposed to stand still in the place it held at birth, while the significator is brought to its position or aspect. Thus, in the specimen horoscope given on page 51 the longitude of the mid-heaven is Scorpio 1 , the right ascension of which is found to be 208 33 , while Neptune in Virgo 23 27 , has right ascension of 174 5 .
A.R., M.C. A.R., M.C., = = = 208 33 174 5 34 28 in zod. converse

This are of direction, turned into time, equals 34 years, 5 months and 18 days, at which age the indication would be of an overseas and long distance journey by sea or air. Again, in the same horoscope the mid-heaven is directed to the time of Mercury by Direct Direction.
A.R., A.R., M.C. Deduct 120 M.C., = = = 353 208 144 120 24 10 33 37 0 37 in zod. converse

This are of direction, turned into time, equals 24 years, 7 months and 12 days at which time some form of promotion in connection with vocational interests, together with the passing of examinations or tests of proficiency successfully would be signified. The right ascension of a planet is its distance from Aries 0 measured on the Equator; and the latitude, or distance N. or S. of the ecliptic, that a planet has, is taken into account. Rule. – To find the right ascension of a planet, take its longitudinal distance from the nearest cardinal point, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn; take also the planet’s latitude and declination at birth from the Ephemeris, and then say: As the cosine of the planet’s

or cusp of the first house. measured by right ascension. Therefore. while that over the ascendant. To direct the Sun to a zodiacal parallel. When taken without latitude it is merely required to add the cosine of the planet’s longitudinal distance to the arithmetical complement of the cosine of its declination in order to find the right ascension. The difference is the arc of direction. Note. The ascendant is directed by oblique ascension under the latitude of the birthplace. Next look in the Ephemeris for the day after birth on which the Sun attains that declination. is the arc of direction for the zodiacal parallel by converse motion. to find the sine of its ascensional difference. To the tangent of the latitude of the birthplace add the tangent of the declination of the required degree of the Zodiac. An inspection of the Tables of Houses at the end of this work will show that the passage of the Zodiac over the meridian. 1. the Sun and Moon. is irregular. and subtract from it the Sun’s right ascension at birth. This may be computed roughly from the Tables of Houses for the latitude of birth. find the declination of the planet to which the Sun is directed. Direct and converse zodiacal direction are thus very easily calculated. Add this ascensional difference to the right ascension of the said degree if the declination be south. and the space it has moved in the Zodiac from that time to the time of birth. .152 declination is to the cosine of its longitudinal distance. or tenth house cusp. The Zodiacal Parallel has regard to the declination any planet may hold at the moment of a birth. it is necessary to bring the longitude of that body or aspect to the horizon. but more accurately by trigonometry. – The arithmetical complement of a logarithm is what it lacks of 10.00000. to direct the ascendant to a conjunction or aspect of a promittor. so is the cosine of its latitude to the cosine of its right ascension. Find the right ascension of the longitude of the Sun at the time. This oblique ascension of the Zodiac is due to the fact that the ecliptic and the circle of observation do not lie in the same plane. The count may be made backwards (conversely) to any day before birth on which the Sun has the same parallel of declination as any planet at birth. The mid-heaven is moved or directed in the same way to the aspects and parallels of the planets. is uniform.

it would . the horizon. after passing the lower meridian. the space of two houses. Mundane Directions have no relation to the Zodiac whatever.e. when the middle distance between the two bodies comes to either the mid-heaven.153 or subtract it if north. or. by means of which the planets are carried from east to west through the several houses. and also with the ascendant and mid-heave. 2. will be the arc of direction. and if a planet were in the fourth house at birth. i. A mundane parallel is formed when a significator and a promittor come to an equal distance on opposite sides of any of the four angles. Add 90 to the mid-heaven to find the oblique ascension of the ascendant. When contrary to the order of the signs. and the radical positions of the Sun and Moon. the direction is called direct. it would be in mundane sextile to the ascendant. and in mundane conjunction with the Sun. CHAPTER III SEPHARIAL’S METHOD OF DIRECTING PRIMARY DIRECTIONS THE Sun. descendant. Thus. rise to the cusp of the third house. ascendant. Mundane directions.. the direction is called converse. the converse. forms aspects and conjunctions with the positions of the celestial bodies in the horoscope of births. or lower meridian. When the meridian is moved in the order of the signs in order to form an aspect between a significator and promittor. The difference between the oblique ascension of the ascendant and that of the point directed to. . 3. in other words. and the mundane parallel. like zodiacal. forming thereby certain angular distances or aspects with the meridian. but are based solely upon the axial rotation of the earth in relation to the circle of observation. by its diurnal motion in the Zodiac after birth. The result is the oblique ascension of the aspect or body to which direction is made. when it would be in mundane sextile to the ascendant. if the Sun were on the cusp of the third house. are of three classes: the direct.

at the rate of one day after birth for each year of life.. as one month. 3. Months are measured by the secondary directions. 4. 2. The Sun Progressive and Planets Radix. So Ptolemy writes:. or one-twelfth of a day. 4.154 It also forms such with the planets’ places in the Zodiac after birth. their positions at birth. and mid-heaven in the horoscope of birth. Ascendant Radix and Planets Progressive.e. both primary and secondary. Thus. 2. the following table shows all the directions which can be formed. SECONDARY DIRECTIONS are those formed by the Moon in its motion through the Zodiac after birth. The Moon Progressive and Mid-heaven Radix. either to the radical positions of the planets. Moon.e. The constitution and first principles of all mundane events are drawn from the Sun. The Moon Radix and Plants Progressive. The Sun Progressive and Planets Progressive. 5. and lastly. which will measure so many years of the . between the significators and promittors. 1. accounting two hours.“The Sun is the source of the vital power.. ascendant. The Moon Progressive and Ascendant Radix. 1. Primary The Sun Radix and Planets Progressive. 6. which is true in regard to events in the phenomenal world quite as much as in regard to the generation of natural bodies. or to their progressive places. Secondary The Moon Progressive and Planets Radix. These aspects and conjunctions are called Primary Directions. Primary directions are slow in their formation. the Moon of the natural power”. Mid-heaven Radix and Planets Progressive. accounting one day after birth as a year of life. the places they have attained at any given age. i. TIME –MEASURE Years are measured by primary directions. and receive their special form through the vegetative power of the Moon. the planets in their motions after birth form aspects to the Sun. The Moon Progressive and Planets Progressive. i. extending sometimes over many days. 3.

the more powerful will be its action in the life of the native. note the days after birth when the Sun in its progressive motion comes to an aspect with any of the planets in the horoscope of birth.155 lifetime. representing a scale of the years of life. The causative influences thus held in latency by the primary directions are brought into effect at such times as the secondary directions agree with them in nature. termination of any matter whose beginning was accurately noted. 2. The aspects of the nine heavenly bodies to the ascendant and mid-heaven and the Part of Fortune. METHOD OF DIRECTING The method of directing is extremely simple. set down the aspects formed between the Sun in its . accident. and with the ascendant and mid-heaven. Lastly. The planets’ aspects to the Moon’s radical place are taken out next. Uranus. Venus. Jupiter. the student should examine a few critical moments in the lives of persons known privately. and requires no more than a knowledge of the astrological aspects. The Sun’s aspects to the Moon’s place at birth must be included under the head. 3. To form a just idea of their influence. Run the eye down the columns marked Neptune. and should also read the published views of astrologers on such moments. Hence it is only necessary to note on what day after birth the aspects are complete. or more. e.g. and the use of simple proportion and addition. or days after birth. Next. death. 1. Saturn. or of celebrities. Take the solar directions first. 4. 5. Mars. and set down in the scale of years. Prepare a sheet with a column of figures from 1 to 70. and they should be neither ignored nor over-estimated. promotion or succession to honour. Set down the aspect in the “scale of years” opposite the day after birth on which it occurs. Set them down in their proper place in the scale of years. and set down in the same manner. one at a time.. Note the Sun’s radical place. But the more a direction comes towards completion. are taken next in their order. TRANSITS Transits produce effects when in aspect with important signifycators. and Mercury in the Ephemeris. and note the number of days after birth that each of these planets forms a complete aspect with the Sun’s radical place.

Suppose the Sun’s radical place is attained by Venus thirty-three days after birth. It should further be noted what sign the aspecting planet is in. The aspects falling out in any year of life are strongest at that age. and call them hours. N. the affairs of the native will be unsettled. i. and call them minutes. – These are generally noted in the Ephemeris. month. the days by four. and also the house. Against 33 in the scale of years we set down: P 8. These can be calculated for a single year or as many years in advance as the student may choose. and for an equal period afterwards. and vice versa when evil aspects occur. The primary directions afford a general survey of the periods of good and evil throughout the life.B..e. the influence of any direction will be felt from two to three years in advance of its exact formation. but the student is warned that frequent omissions and printers’ errors occur. some good and some evil.156 progressive after birth. When the influences are mixed. . are denoted by the letter R against their respective symbols. One year will serve as an example for all others. Mars. It should be observed that when the progressive places of the planets are employed in the aspects noted. by calculating the sescondary directions. and day of birth from the beginning of the year for which the secondary directions are required. A series of good aspects indicate a period of good fortune extending over the years embraced by them. but owing to the slow formation and distribution of the primary directions. 2. Example:. and if the planet be retrograde. The radical places. that also should be marked B. and Mercury in their progressive motions. Set the results down in years. Venus. those of the planets at birth. the letter P should be set against the symbol of the planet. The scale of primary directions will now be complete. Saturn. Uranus. Subtract the year. always coming into notable effect when the current lunar or secondary directions agree with it in nature. with the planets Neptune. It is now necessary to fill in the features of this general outline of the life. Jupiter. the Sun being in Aquarius on the cusp of the eighth house. Proceed then as follows:1. and days. It is therefore advisable to go through the process independently and with care. months. multiply the months by two. Call the years days.

In the specimen horoscope (Book I). divide this by twelve.T. Add this monthly motion to the longitude of Moon for the st 1 January.. 1972 10th April. 1940. and minute thus obtained. This will give the Moon’s motion for each succeeding month of the year. Month 1 4 8 31 days Multiply by Add (3) Subtract Time of direction . To this result add the hour and minute of birth.M. The result will be the time of direction for that year. Then refer to the nativity... 1940. and all others. 1972 20 4 80 mins. the secondary directions for 1972. and this will give its longitude for the 1st of each succeeding month. Example:. Now turn to the day after birth corresponding to the year of the direction. . viz. and note the aspects the progressive Moon forms to the radical places of the planets. Set these down opposite the month in which they are completed. 1940 Age on 1st January. B. 8. 20 0 to convert to secular time 20 p. (2 a. and note what aspects the Moon forms to the planets on that day. on the 1st January. ascendant. 4.m. hour. at 1 a.). Required. Note also the sign and house in which the planets are situated in the radix or progress. G.157 3. (1) (2) Year 1972 1940 31 .m. and mid-heaven therein. 1 18 12 6 = = = 1st January.T. and P against the progressive. 0 a. on the 31st day after birth. 5. Find the Moon’s longitude on the day. .m. 1972. male. . = 11 27 = Moon’s progressive longitude 1st January. Put R against the radical planets.. born 10th April.m. 6. Set the aspects down opposite the month in which they are completed.m.20 p. 7. This will be the Moon’s progressive place for the beginning of the year required. 11th May. (4) The Moon’s longitude at 6. Find the Moon’s motion in twenty-four hours. Day 0 10 20 8 2 16 hrs.S..

is 6 43 . April.. is 6 39 .(5) The Moon’s motion in the 12 hours from Noon to Midnight on 11th May. May. (7.e. under the heading of Transits) or by the New Moon (Lunation) of the month. which divided by 5 gives 1 7 as the Moon’s monthly progression for the second six months of the year. (6) The Moon’s motion in the 12 hours from Midnight on 11th May. which divided by 6 gives 1 6. 1972. 1940. 1940. iv. 1 8 for the last month of the year. 8. 1940. It will usually be found however that even when no lunar aspects are in force. June and December. will overlap as it were into the following month. The effects of directions are to be judged according to the interplay of the primary and secondary forces. some part of the month will be affected by one or more transits (described in Chap. When this occurs the lunar aspects in force during the previous month. and the Moon’s aspects to the radical and progressive planets’ places are set out in order of formation. to Noon on 12th May. i. Thus 1972 January February March April May June July August September 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 27 33 40 46 53 59 6 13 20 158 R Fourth House October November December 21 22 23 27 34 42 P R R R R !R R "R P P # R $R&P Ninth House First House Third House Ninth House Sixth House Sixth House Fifth House Third House Fifth House Fifth House Third House Ninth House As will be seen by the above table there are no lunar aspects formed during the months of January. February.5 as the Moon’s monthly progress for the first six months of the year. 9) The Moon’s monthly motion is added successively to 11 27 . the Moon’s longitude. plus 1 extra. if any. 1st January. The following rules will serve to guide the judgment in this matter:PRIMARY CONSIDERATIONS .

and a trine or sextile is always good. then both the good and evil secondary directions will have force at that time. considered with the sign. If the primary and secondary directions agree in nature. When a period of two or more years elapses between the formation of primary directions of an opposite nature. When the primary directions are of a mixed nature. and during the critical year they are free to act either for good or evil as they are formed. CHAPTER IV EFFECTS OF DIRECTIONS Primary directions have a general signification extending over the period of their operation. – The nature of the directions is judged by the aspect. from Uranus or Venus. Although their influence is brought to a climax whenever the secondary directions agree with them in . will not be lasting. partly good and partly bad. the secondary directions act in abeyance to the primary last formed. a critical epoch is formed midway between the two directions. IV. In such case the secondary directions will act in accord therewith. whatever may be the planet throwing the aspect. V. both being either good or evil. A square is bad. then the whole interval will be good or bad. and the affairs of the native generally will be unsettled at that period. not by the planet. Until that point is reached. When a period of two or more years intervenes between primary directions of the same nature. and particularly the house in which it is placed. N. whether from Jupiter or Saturn. the secondary directions will produce marked results of the nature denoted by the planet to which the Moon is directed. the effects denoted by the secondary. II. according to the nature of the aspects. III. When the primary and secondary disagree in nature.159 I.B.

would not hold good to the same extent in the case of one born under the very lash of tyranny and oppression. as already stated. Consider first the promise of the radix. Have regard to the environment of the native. as the case may be. Secondary directions are judged more exactly by the house and sign occupied by the planet to which the Moon is directed and the nature of the aspect formed. either in the progress or the radix. yet they will be found to exercise a continuous influence for good or evil as long as they are in operation. It is the root in earth from which the tree of life grows. suppressing the good effects of secondaries and increasing the evil ones. the sign it is in must be taken. owing to its orb of influence. 2. 3.160 nature. . but in a variable degree of good or evil. it generally operates as if it were in that house. next that of the primaries in operation. 5. If the constitution be a good one. The house and sign in which a planet is situated when directed to the Sun. do not conclude the first attacks made upon it will be fatal. Never lose sight of the radix and its potentiallites. 4. Secondary directions have a particular significance in regard to the exact time and nature of events. These are disparities which must be referred to ante-natal causes reaching back one cannot say how far. are the chief keys to interpretation of effects of directions. and always acts in the same manner as the planet to which it is in nearest aspect. They always produce results when complete. The following general observations will prove of service:1. and judge of the secondary directions in accord with these. ascendant. Primary directions are judged in a general way. according to the aspects and the planets forming them. or if not in aspect to any planet. Moon. They operate in harmony with the primaries. and when good. When a planet is within five degrees of the cusp of a house. Mercury’s nature is interchangeable. If the radix does not promise fortune. suppressing the evil and augmenting the good. What would be true prediction in regard to a person born in fortunate circumstances. according to the primaries which control them. or mid-heaven. no directions will permanently secure it to the native. when evil.

Moon. ascendant. credit. and the female relatives. The SUN has signification of the life. the progressive Moon. Jupiter. and Pars Fortuna are called “Significators. and its aspects and conjunctions with the progressive and radical planets must have a temporary signification of the same general nature. and these will have their effects in all future years. constitution. In general practice it is not directed. also the trade. and for all time. and a particular houses over which they rule in the nativity. his money and effects. The reason for suggesting this method of directing the Part of Fortune is. Uranus. The MOON governs the health. Do not founder on the rock of fatalism. and progressive Sun as the calculation of its place in the radix. new causes are continually being evolved. general changes in life. taking the radical Ascendant. The ASCENDANT has relation to the body and person of the native. Remember that Astrology supports the idea of continual causation.161 6.” They have a general signification according to their several natures. meridian. or Pars Fortuna) are called “Promittors. It is associated with the Sun in this respect. and honour of the native. that as the radical position has a signification in regard to the general possessions of the native. life and fortunes in general sense. mid-heaven. and worldly standing. and recommend independent research. profession. Saturn. and the male relatives. The Sun. an Mercury (together with the Sun and Moon when these are directed to the ascendant. and credit of the native. We have repeatedly found this to be the case. advise the student to calculate its position for each month. business. Neptune. however.” The planets Pluto. just as the Moon is with the Ascendant in others. the health. Mars. so the progress of the Sun and Moon in relation to the ascendant of the horoscope must throw the Part of Fortune continually and successively from one point of the Zodiac to another. Venus. The MID-HEAVEN has relation to honour. but the progressive aspects of the planets to its position in the radical figure are taken as primary directions. The PART OF FORTUNE has relation to the possessions of the native. and whereas the future is only the past unfolded. We would. .

success with public bodies. and changes of an unpleasant nature. If Saturn is in good aspect to Jupiter at birth. loss of office. It is an ill time to travel or make changes in home or business affairs. The magnetic power is increased. disappointment. The native is likely to suffer from public bodies and powerful enemies. and bereavement are among the effects of the evil direction of Saturn. sarcastic. etc. Accidents are frequent.C. and a man is inclined to company and the friendship of women. it frequently brings legacies under these directions. causes benefits and honours from women. and a restless anxious time. If the body is feverish. produces changes. # & indicates success in business. etc. & produces serious evils in the life. annoyeances. The mind is . The disposition bears strongly towards romance and adventure. The society of the opposite sex should be avoided. It brings disgrace. Dishonour. % or Asc. the health will improve under this direction. The mind is troubled and anxious. or M. failure in business. If in a watery sign it brings voyages. when all the affairs go wrong unexpectedly. contemplative. Travelling is dangerous. It produces changes and unexpected events generally. bitter.C. and destructively or aggressively inclined. and general prosperity. attended with honour or ill fame as the primary influences may indicate. losses. advantageous changes. grief. # produces benefits of a sudden and unexpected nature from such persons and things as are shown by the house Uranus is in. Its effects are sudden and extraordinary. popularity and preferments. and stubborn. # Asc. The mind is industrious. yet fanciful and eccentric.162 SECONDARY DIRECTIONS Asc.. brings losses through women and public functionaries. Its conjunction with the ascendant often causes illness of a cold or watery nature affecting the head and the part ruled by the sign ascending.C. The period is restless and unsettled. or M. benefits from women. troubles. denotes a critical time. or the reverse. He is criticized or slandered. A steady. patient. loss of fame. or M. It makes the mind hypercritical. prosperous time. The M.C. It makes the mind curious and enquiring. especially through aged persons and saturnine things. and soberly inclined.

nervous. In fiery signs there is danger of high fever. and active time. dauntless. and profligate. in earthy signs. The affairs succeed through the industry of the native. and free. Danger of accidents and loss of blood. Jupiter acts chiefly on the arterial blood. and free from all care. accidents by gunshot. Fevers are produced. The body is healthy and in good tone. This is a bad time for business affairs. and thrift should be exercised. He acts impulsively. and his judgment is hasty. lingering diseases. Losses occur. demonstrative. so that he loses money. but it is usually of an impulsive nature... busy. bites. The disposition is cramped and constrained. etc. The disposition is free. The mind is courageous. # ". doctors. Some new enterprise is generally begun. in airy signs. and aches and pains. # ! denotes a brisk. and honourable attachments and friendships are made. and the body afflicted with congestion. etc. These are very good directions. and produce gain. the health suffers from cold. as denoted by Mars. etc. falls. There is trouble through the law or church. hurts from animals. etc. and so falls into dangers. in parts governed by the sign Jupiter is in. surgeons.163 melancholy and morbid. and leaves the native in an impecunious condition. Journeys and business activities are frequent. fame. Speculations should be avoided. Gain is shown by military men. if the primaries are . The mind is jovial. the native is suspecting. in watery signs. want of tone. and friends or associates impose upon the goodwill of the native at this time. With females this direction inclines to marriage or courtship. and profits accumulate. slander. which at this time is replenished and in a healthy condition. and the native is disposed to exercise and sports. and much care is needed in all the affairs of life. and misanthropic. danger of frowning. Many advantanges accrue from these directions. hurts by human hands. etc. The native rarely escapes without loss of blood. affairs ago very successfully. The blood is gross or corrupted. and success in all affairs. The period generally brings many expenses and few receipts. frank. !. ". evils from drink and excess. prosperity. loss or hurt by fire. and reckless. scalds. and dishonour. It is an ill time to begin any new concern. fevers. according to the sign Saturn is in. The native suffers discredit. extravagant. In business. He is extravagant. generous.

The opposite sex ought to be avoided at this time. The relations of the native with the opposite sex are not productive of happiness at this time. grief. but given to the pleasures of company. the disposition is peaceful. success. The health is good. and ambitious of honour and esteem. bereavement. with events of a domestic nature which are pleasurable or advantageous. and especially if Mars be angular. and induces many anxieties upon the mind. # . producing honours. Brings ill health. . It creates intemperate tendencies and irregular habits. domestic affairs go badly. to which planet the Sun closely corresponds. It is a frequent testimony of courtship or marriage. With women it produces slander and discredit. and peaceful time. and bereavement. prosperous. very important changes in the affairs of life result from this direction: it often produces marriage with both sexes. it brings honours to men. loss of employment or office is to be feared. which generally is attained to a large degree. This is a good direction for both sexes. affects the health. The favour of dignified persons is conferred upon the native. This brings disappointments. troubles through females. and honour. credit. This is productive of changes. success with superiors and parents is experiences. and. Generally. the mind dignified. # . The mind is prone to be overbearing and haughty. new friends are made. . The native loses friends and supporters. loss of fame. These influences tend strongly to a successful and happy marriage in both sexes. . servants. and produces feverish symptoms as the result of cold or chills. dignity. and some success in public affairs and business. This produces a happy. the direction is not so good. and bereavement in many cases. happy. but it frequently afflicts the health in a manner somewhat after the nature of Mars. It is a bad time for all concerns. If the primary influences are bad. losses. and joyous. troubles through the parents. the mind temperate. The native is inclined to excesses of the nature denoted by the sign Venus is in at the time of direction. and renown. and inclines to impulsive actions. etc. or entertained with due discretion. it may cause death. the health is good. etc. lofty. and troubles through superiors arise. troubles from the opposite sex. With women.164 evil. It is an ill time for all affairs. In all cases a change in life. . and relative s are experienced. in some cases.

new ideas will be born. He has success with the opposite sex and in society. lassitude and indifference follow as a consequence. $. scholastic honours and success through writings. little success attends the efforts of the native. The influence of Neptune in seductive. Gain and credit accrue to the native from works of an artistic or inspirational nature. when in good aspect. etc. or a depletion of the vital forces. he is criticized. The mind is troubled and harassed with fears. The body is afflicted according to the nature of the sign Mercury is in at the time. it brings results attaching to the nature of the planet to which it is in closest relationship. It is a bad time to sign any agreements or to frame contracts. The native may give way to unhealthy desires. and a multitude of small worries attend the native’s affairs. new business affairs. 165 . # '. a receding business of financial opportunity. Secret enemies become active and dangerous. [This must be a matter of judgment with the student. He gains by schemes and combinations.# . The native is the subject of plots and schemes designed to bring him into discredit.. The mind is changeful and disposed to pleasures. Personal initiative will find new ways of bringing interests to fruition and completion in all important avenues of life. Ambushes and deceptions are experienced. but much attention must be paid to the nature of the sign and house Mercury is in at the time of direction. Produces serious complications in the affairs of the native. If Mercury at birth is dignified and well aspected. The mental inspiration will be enhanced. If Mercury is not well placed at birth. # $. and meets with disgrace. a fading romance. and discovers evils existing around him. journeys. active and restless. The mind is restless and anxious. and in business. activities will move ahead on a wave of progress and many benefits will be derived. It renders the mind industrious. overthrows his enemies. and the moral nature suffers under its evil aspects. etc.] This rule applies chiefly to the conjunction. slandered. generally. as the sextile and trine are both good in their effects by whatever planet the aspect is thrown. Will give an excellent opportunity for the reviving or furthering of what has appeared to be a lost cause. the health suffers from wasting disease. Nervous disorders and brain affections are frequent under these directions. The general nature of Mercury is to produce changes. . etc. it will produce evil effects by its conjunction.

2. – These rules are necessarily only of a general nature. The objective that has been aimed at and worked for. The sign that planet is in at the time of direction. have much signification of events happening within the month following upon the conjunction of the luminaries. Note. Moon. probably for many months. ascendant. The radical power of the planet to which the Moon is directed. 5. 1. But for general guidance the student should take the following points into consideration :1.etc. helpers and supporters will seem to be taken out of the life as a result of their circumstances changing and in some instances will never really come back into it again. The house it is in at the time. such as the mid-heaven. the New Moons will be found to have an equal influence in the production of events by development of the primary directions. 4. 166 CHAPTER V OTHER TIME MEASURES – LUNATIONS The New Moons falling on important places in the horoscope. 6. A table of the places of New Moons will be found in the Appendix to this volume. Sun. To enumerate the various results attaching to the directions of each planet when posited in the different signs and houses. '. whether good or evil. By means of it. or the planets’ places. A New Moon falling out coincident with a secondary direction. 3. will seem to recede just when it is anticipated that it will be achieved. would require a volume in itself. When no secondary influences are in operation. The nature of the aspect. with the marital or partnership sides of life if the latter apply. or progress. the past and future lunations can be examined in the light of the following general rules. The strength of the aspect. The general nature of the planet. Friends. and even then certain considerations necessary to be made would have to be left out. Brings disappointments and setbacks. Difficulties of a business and financial nature will be experienced and there will be a disturbing of matters to do with the affections. .

1957. and most frequently at the full of the Moon. or contrary to the primaries in force at the time. under October 1957). will bring that direction into activity within fourteen days. The New Moon of 23rd October. New Moons produce good when in good aspect to the planets in the radix or progress. 4. and of opposite nature. Contrary results will be manifest when the New Moon falls in evil aspect to any of the planets. near to the cusp of the sixth house. 2. which was an eclipse of the Moon fell in 3 . . The eclipse fell in the twelfth house of the map and the dual indication from the twelfth to the sixth houses would signify a period in hospital as a result of shock and a feverish condition resulting from an accident. 1948. A New Moon falling out coincident with a secondary direction. within 2 of the opposition to Venus and Mars which were both in 5 of . fell in 18 . or those which favour the horoscope by position at the nativity. will delay the effects of that direction. A succession (two or three) of New Moons falling on important places in the nativity or progress. the twelfth house showing hospital treatment and the position of Venus and Mars in . according to the natures of the planets which the lunations excite to action. showing the accident. Eclipses particularly should be noticed. 3. This is within 2 of the opposition of Saturn which is in 2 in the fourth house of the map and the signification of this opposition would be the danger of a severe illness affecting the bladder (ruled by ) with a reaction upon the throat (ruled by ). within 2 of the Uranus which is in 20 . The New Moon of 9th May. The events will be of the nature indicated by the position of the planets in aspect to the New Moon. if the direction be weak. 5. or by aspect in direction. A new Moon falling on a malefic will produce evil results. Examples: .167 and of the same general nature. and the reverse of this when falling on the place of good planets. was a solar eclipse and fell in 0 of (see Table of Lunations in Appendix. which was also a solar eclipse. near the cusp of the fifth house and this would indicate that interests of an educational and an artistic nature would become very prominent and would increase both the capacity and the expressing of ability in these directions. and will even nullify it. The Full Moon of 24th May.In the specimen horoscope (Book i) & is in 2 . 1956. will constitute an epoch of great good or evil.

and mid-heaven of the radix. Saturn. ascendant. as an eclipse accentuates the power of the New or Full Moon. or when no directions are in force at the time. Their full . or the place to which it has progressed by direction after birth. Sun and Moon. more particularly in the month of January following. Its influence. particularly when a solar or lunar eclipse occurs. however. They are very significant. Observe that the transits are subsidiary to the lunations and secondary directions. Uranus. which gives the longitudes of the superior planets Neptune. have marked influence in the affairs of life. The benefic planets produce good. TRANSITS The transits of planets over the places of the Sun. The transits must be taken out of the ephemeris for the current year. and act freely only when these latter are in agreement or not in force at the time of a transit. and within the last ten days thereof. together with their Declinations for this period. Raphael has published a book entitled The geocentric Longitudes of the Planets 1900 to 2001. Moon. The Table of Lunations in the Appendix gives the approximate longitudes of the New Moons in each month. Jupiter and Mars for the 1st of each month. A transit is the ephemeral passage of a planet over the place of a significator in the horoscope. Thus 1st January corresponds to 11 .168 These examples will help to serve as illustrations of the working powers of lunations (New Moon’s) and of Full Moon’s. should be noticed in conjunction with the current directions. or the progressive mid-heaven. and malefics evil. The aspects of the planets have not the same influence. ascendant. The power will naturally be enhanced should there be no monthly lunar aspect in force during that particular month. and will produce striking events when in agreement with the directions. ECLIPSES The eclipses. and any lunation falling in degrees before the 11th of Capricorn would take place in December of the preceding year. It should be remembered that the first of each month corresponds approximately to the 11th degree of the sign beneath it in the same column. would be felt at the full of the Moon. whether of the Sun or Moon.

The lunar eclipse. and the malefic planets in the horoscope. from the day of the eclipse to its climax. like New Moons. ascendant. It is generally believed that eclipses are uniformly evil. A proportional arc is measured from the ascendant. will the eclipses produce evil. fall in the opposite points of the Zodiac. though they have their current effects. midheaven. a planet that is fourteen degrees away from the Sun throws its proportional arc to the same distance on the other side of the Sun. 1. Note that events pre-signified by the eclipse in its bearing on the horoscope of birth. It is as if the Sun became the center of a circle whose circumference is traced by a planet moving round the Sun. during the month following their formation. They first came under the observation of the author in 1895. is often delayed for some time. Nothing can be more erroneous. of course. to obtain the date of the climax. Thus. A Table of Eclipses with their approximate dates will be found in the Appendix. 3. observe the following rule:. and an eclipse that falls in good aspect to the benefic planets in a horoscope. will produce good to the native. By reference to any solar calendar. Only when falling on the mid-heaven. Add this result to the date of the eclipse. What is one man’s loss is another’s gain. and subtract it from the hour and minute of the eclipse. or climax. and in that point of the Zodiac . So if the Sun were in 5 . or the places of the Sun.169 effect. In order to obtain the date of their climax. Moon. so is x to the answer. Result = x. at the rate of 30 for each month. PROPORTIONAL ARCS Proportional arcs are of the nature of longitudinal parallels in the Zodiac. the balance of influence would be thrown to 21 . 2. will give the number of months and days. Take the time of the last rising of the luminary which is above the earth at the eclipse.The distance from the eastern horizon of the luminary which had rose before an ecliptic conjunction or opposition. sun and Moon (in the horoscope of birth) in relation to any of the celestial bodies. Then say – As 24 hours is to 12 months. the longitude of the eclipse can be found by the Sun’s longitude on the give date. and Venus in 19 . will transpire at the time of the climax.

” has elaborated the system of planetary periods or “periodic directions. altogether thirty-four points in the Zodiac which hitherto have escaped attention among students of Astrology. midheaven. the influence of the house in which the radical planet is actually situated will be brought into activity. Placidian. or when no lunation occurs thereon. As there are nine planets (including as such the Sun and Moon). This and subsequent investigations have fully established the Proportional Arcs in the author’s consideration. either Ptolemaic. will produce eighteen such points of influence by their proportional arcs. Raphael. or when the Moon by direction came thereto.170 the influence of Venus would be felt. or secondary. and a lunation that fell apparently nowhere! We say “apparently. each of the planets is thrown into four distinct points of the Zodiac. in his “Manual of Astrology. together with the full influence of that planet according to its signification in the horoscope.” because not only did the lunation fall on a proportional point. Thus the influence of a planet may be strongly felt at a time when no direction to that planet’s radical or progressive longitude is in force. the Sun and Moon to any planet. or time-measures. primary. and was first made by the writer while endeavouring to fill in one of those ugly blanks which are within the experience of every practical astrologer: an event of great importance and no direction. PLANETARY PERIODS Ptolemy has referred to the chronocrators. taken as centers of action. as producing notable events in their periodic revolutions. whenever a New Moon fell thereon. the ascendant and mid-heaven. in addition to its actual longitude at birth. In all cases where this occurs. and the Moon as many more. measured from the ascendant. The Sun will produce eight. The observation is entirely original. By these proportional arcs. Then it will often be found that a direction or lunation falls on a proportional point. but the Moon by direction also fell upon a proportional point at the exact time of the event. and thence to the same distance on the opposite side of the significator.” . Also a transit over that point would act upon the Venus affairs of the native as if the planet were actually there.

to be uniform. A set of ephemeredes for eighty-five years. will be of assistance to the student. 8 20 (. 9 (. Sun. It returns to the same longitude in the Zodiac at the end of eighty-four years. the reader is referred to Raphael’s “Manual of Astrology” for a statement of the system of periodic directions. Mars. . 1900. same date. ten years. same date. Uranus has a period of eighty –four years. but. It has a very close period of thirty-three years. owing to the equation of the calendaric and solar year by the leap-year addition and other adjustments. 1648 (eighty-four years later). is all that is required in order to obtain all past or future positions of the planets. Venus. same date. 9 40 (. eight years. at the end of which it returns to the same minute of longitude on the same day of the year at noon. on 4th May. Mercury. thus making impossible any aspect between them after birth. Jupiter. 1732. such as that published by Raphael. but is about 1 45 further advanced.” Raphael makes the error of ascribing to Mars the same period as the Sun. its yearly increment being about 2 15 between each solar conjunction. its longitude was 7 40 (.171 In this connection. as given by Lilly in his “Christian Astrology. four years. Jupiter’s period is exactly eighty-three years. twelve years. 1816. fifteen years. same date. it should be noted that the “least years” of the planets are observed in most cases. the periods ascribed to Mercury and Moon should be altered to their shortest years. but is 40 further advance. nineteen years. PLANETARY GEOCENTRIC LONGITUDES The author has completed some important researches in the matter of planetary cycles. In regard to these. Saturn has a period of fifty-nine years. 10 20 (. Saturn. The Sun’s place in the Zodiac is approximately the same from year to year. we would observe that the periods of the planets are stated to be – Moon. With the above comments in view. Thus. 1564.. twenty and twenty-five years respectively. Neptune has a period of nearly one hundred and sixty-five years. viz. thirty years. It comes to the same longitude in the Zodiac on the same date every fifty-nine years. and believes that an excerpt therefrom in regard to the longitudes of the planets.

The Moon forms its conjunction with the Sun on the same every nineteen years. in which it returns to the same geocentric longitude on the same day of the year. Note on Venus’ Period Venus has a mean period of eight years. By means of these periods the planetary places can be approximately ascertained for any day in any year from observations made during the present century. which is within 1 of the same longitude. taking its position at the end of several periods of eight years. Thus. we find a plus increment of from 10 to 18 . having a plus and minus increment of variable quantity. But this period is inconstant. . but Mars gains 1 in that period. The Moon’s longitude can be approximately ascertained by reference to tits place at the New Moon preceding the epoch required. Venus has a period of eight years nearly.172 Mars and Mercury have both a period of seventy-nine years.

173 .

174 .

175 native during the succeeding year. only respect must be had to the age and condition of the native. The result will be the meridian for the solar return. if the Moon in the solar figure were on Mars at birth. Then with the longitude of the Sun on that date. the year would be ominous of accidents. Calculate the planets’ places for this time. or the opposition thereof. LUNAR MANSIONS The critical degrees already referred to in connection with the law of sex are the initial degrees of the twenty-eight lunar mansions . The positions of the planets in the solar figure as regards those at birth are of importance. the time before or after noon. and the signs retain. For the more ready calculation of the solar figure. It is further to be noted that transits made over the planets of the planets at the solar return have important effects. more particularly that date when the Sun comes to the place of Mars in the radix. The progressive solar revolution is of great importance in practical astrology. and to the fact that the prognostic extends only to the following year of the native’s life. etc. (See previous page. To this we would add that the dates when the Sun comes to the place of any of the planets in the solar figure are important dates.. as. and opposite this will be found certain hours and minutes which must be added to the meridian of the radical or birth horoscope. reference is made to the ephemeris for the current year. and lunations occurring in important places of the progressive revolution.) In the column marked “years. aspects. and the positions. the preceding table is added. The judgment is to be made in all points as for a nativity. will be readily known. By referring this mid-heaven to the sidereal time at noon on the birthday anniversary. the houses. It is found by adding to the day of birth as many days as the native has attained in year. productive of events in accordance with the promise and potency of such planets in the horoscope of the solar return. for which the figure is to be erected. and set them in the figure of the solar horoscope. and the Moon in the solar figure. as ever.” the age at the birthday return will be found. have great significance. The planets. their primary significations.

refers to enemies. 26 to 30 to contracts. such as brothers and sisters. with which is associated. whether in aspect to any planet or not. 0 to 13 . the good or evil results being shown by the Moon’s aspects. a critical and important epoch in the life is reached. the trend of affairs takes a turn from events of one order to those of another. or Lunar Mansions set forth in chapter I of this book. Events of a striking nature occur. Thus. and always agree with the sign the Moon is in by direction. It has been found by continual experience that whenever the Moon by progressive direction enters upon one of these degrees. In the same way Gemini denotes not only relatives. Libra.176 so much in repute among the old Arabian astrologers. It is our intention to introduce them here in a light not hitherto familiar to the modern astrologer. but journeys and writings. but also contracts of all sorts. particularly if the ascendant and mid-heaven also occupy such degrees. Similar divisions of other signs and their corresponding houses are made.e. When the Moon enters the gate of a mansion. The presence of planets at birth in the “critical” degrees brings such planets into prominence in the life of the native. but it may be taken as true that the Moon’s ingress by direction to any “critical” degree will produce a change in the trend of events. In this connection.. according to the influence of the mansions. Each mansion comprises 12 6/7 . and a number of planets so placed produces a marked individuality. The points of demarcation are those coincident with the “critical” degrees. Much research will be required in order to establish the exact dominion of the several mansions over the various affairs of life. Libra does not only rule marriage. the reason of the variety of events and relations attributed to each of the signs will become apparent. the “critical” degree commencing it. and the time will be a critical one in many ways. which practically may be taken as 13 . and enemies or rivals. Thus. END OF BOOK III . denoted by the seventh house. i. 13 to 26 to marriage.

etc. were so nearly identical as to justify his statement of the “Dignities. the relation of the Hindu Zodiac to our own. the dignities of the planets have been received by Western astrologers exactly as given by him in that famous work. Now. and Varaha Mihira only perpetuates and carries on the teachings of his far more ancient predecessors. however.” whether he referred them to one or the other of these aforesaid zodiacs. This question comes up in relation to the “Dignities” of the Planets. The first point that presents itself to the student of Jyotisha (the name for Hindu Astrology). Ever since the days Ptolemy. and referring all his astrological ..MANUAL OF ASTROLOGY By – Sepharial BOOK IV HINDU ASTROLOGY AFTER PARÂSHARA THE application of Hindu Astrology to European and Western conditions of life has ever been a subject of great interest. is one that has already been canvassed to some considerable extent. that Hindus referred them to the Natural Zodiac. and as the result of considerable research and experience in the matter. and that primarily the teaching was derived from India. It is certain. But there is every reason to believe that Ptolemy received his initial instruction in the celestial science from one of the Alexandrian teachers. the writer of the Tetrabiblos. At all events. it is well known that the science had attained considerable excellence in that country many centuries prior to the time of Ptolemy. and the Intellectual Zodiac. in Ptolemy’s days the Natural Zodiac. in marking the distinction between the two zodiacs. commencing from the shifting Vernal Equinox. we venture to bring the subject to the test in the following pages.. consisting of the constellations Aries. viz.

Nârada. and will continue to be in that sign for ten days more. refer to the Natural Zodiac when speaking of the planets’ places. to obtain the date of the coinciding of the zodiacs. however. The Kali Yuga began in February. etc. Let us bring this into line with our own researches.000” = 19º 26’ 40”.400..400 x 50” = 70.. 3600 – 3102 = A. Therefore. 3600. commenting on the phenomenon of the Precession of the Equinoxes. and it being understood that Mihira and all his ancestors. quoting from his predecessors (Parâshara and others). we have decided. B. “the Summer Solstice coincided with the middle of Aslesha” (Leo of the Hindu Zodiac). Consequently. which supply the date. and 1. the . when the solar month of Mesham commences. dignities. the Sun does not reach the first degree of the Hindu Zodiac until about the twentieth day after the Vernal Equinox. who have taken our cue from Ptolemy. Parâshara. where. and (2) if they referred those exaltations to the Natural Zodiac. except when. Cancer of the Hindu Zodiac).D. Hence. etc. 3102. K. then we. and the Winter Solstice with the first degree of Makaram: whereas at one time. 1898 less 498 = 1. he observes. According to the European Zodiac. And this agrees with the observation of Mihira in his Samhitâ. which extended from A. in common with many competent Pandits that the two zodiacs exactly coincided in the year of the Kali Yuga. which falls well within the limits of the period ascribed to Mihira.Y. 416 to 572. let us see to what extent we are justified in continuing to refer those statements to our own Zodiac.C.e. do wrong to maintain the dignities of the planets as given by him. This point being settled to our satisfaction. and thus supports his independent statement and observation. This increment is referred to in the Hindu books as the Ayanâmsha. in modern times.080 years previous to the time of Mihira. the Sun will then have reached the twentieth degree of Aries. Garga. it follows that (1) if the exaltation of the planets were known to the Hindus before the days of Ptolemy.D. Hence we know that those from whom he quotes must have made their observation about 1. 3600. he states that in his day the Summer Solstice coincided with the first degree of Kâtakam (i. we say.. 498. the time elapsed since the coinciding of the two zodiacs. The present year. or interval between the beginning of their Zodiac and the Equinox. The Precession of the Equinoxes is taken in India at 50” per year.178 observations to that which we have called the “Natural.” By reference to various Sanskrit and vernacular works.

This was putting old wine into new bottles. THE AYANAMSHA Having the horoscope of birth in hand. which may not be at first apparent. minutes. and seconds of space. we may at once proceed to indicate the practical use of the Ayanâmsha in the system of Hindu Astrology we are about to place before European readers. and the conclusion is of some consequence to modern astrologers. with this new . The distinction between the Natural (Hindu) Zodiac and the Intellectual (European) Zodiac being understood from the above comments. Ptolemy seems to the have taken his astrological knowledge from the East. 2. (b) The planets’ places. minutes. or astrological writings of the Hindus.C. made in the usual European manner. and reduce to degrees. and then erecting the figure. From the year of birth subtract 498. The figure thus obtained is the figure of birth according to the Hindu system. This is done as follows:1. Uniformly subtract this number of degrees. N. the two hypotheses presented above have been proved to the satisfaction of all who have studied the Jyotisha Shâstras.179 planets fall in the last ten degrees of their respective exaltation signs in our Zodiac. the first thing is to convert it into terms of the Hindu Zodiac. 3. a perfectly safe but inadvisable proceeding.B. – A serious error. and applied it to the zodiac instituted by Hipparchus in the second century B. will occur in the event of the student subtracting the Ayanâmsha from the mid-heaven only. Who can say how much the wine may not have suffered in consequence? At all events. This will give the Ayanâmsha period. and seconds from (a) The cusps of the houses in the European figure of birth. Multiply the Ayanâmsha period by 50 1/3”.

for the oblique ascension of the signs and planets will be falsified. two whole asterisms and one “part. To avert this possibility. it ought to be in the same relative position in the Hindu figure derived by the above rules. but for simplicity we may call them merely “parts. from the Tables of Houses. or quarters. say.” As there are 30 in each sign. Its name is Abhijit. Each asterism is divided into four parts. a separate column indicates the planet ruling each asterism. but with this we are not concerned..e. THE ASTERISMS The Asterisms. and another. a planet holds a certain place. and 13 20 in each asterism. The asterisms count from the beginning of the Hindu Zodiac for purposes of the present system. the period through which it is said to rule:- .180 mid-heaven. The only difference will be that the planet may have changed its sign. called Padams. observe that if. 5 from the cusp of the second house. distant. or Nahshatrams – as they are called in Sanskrit – are twenty-seven in number. falling in Capricorn.” The following table shows the asterisms contained in each of the signs. which is the case when the degrees held by it in any sign are less that the Ayanâmsha. A twenty-eighth asterism. is sometimes used in Hindu Astrology for the purpose of some branches of Prashna. and are each exactly 13 20 in extent. or Horary Astrology. it follows that a sign contains just 2 ¼ asterisms. in the original European figure. i.

and underneath it four Ashvini. and the books we have consulted are silent upon the matter. so that there is a proportion of 1 for each year of life.s Ascending Node. gives thirteen years four months. therefore.181 If attention be paid to the following explanation. and Mula in the third column under Sagittarius. Ketu. four of Bharani. which the Hindus regard as the natural life-period. and half of Mrigashirsha. it is seen that the total of the different periods is one hundred and twenty years. which is twenty-seven. Kuja. which is three times one hundred and twenty. Mercury. Mars. however. Guru. when divided by nine. Venus. or Moon’s Descending Node. and Mula are all ruled by Ketu. Ashvini being one. the table will soon be understood. the number of the significators employed. This period. moreover. four Bharani. and that Ketu’s period is seven years. while still further I the same line we find the Dragon’s Tail (called Ketu by the Hindus) and the figure seven. the Dragon’s Head. in the second column. The names of the planets in use among us will be preserved. the whole of Rohini. The Moon. Shukra. Bharani two. one Krittika. Shani. Under Taurus we find the remaining three parts of Krittika. but without success. the Dragon’s Tail. In the same line with Ashvini we find. each of 13 20 and the life-period of one hundred and twenty years. but for the purposes of reference. Upon study of the subject. In the first column we find Aries. Rahu. In order to overcome the difficulty of introducing Sanskrit words into this dissertation upon Hindu Astrology. and so on to Revati. Budhan. as in our own systems. Magha. in some way corresponds to the complete circle of 360 . to find out upon what principle the various periods are allotted to the several planets. which means that in the sign Aries there are four parts of Ashvini. and one of Krittika. the asterism Magha under Leo. Saturn. THE PLANETS’ PERIODS We have made very careful and prolonged enquiries among the native Jyoshis of southern India. their Hindu equivalents are given in this place: The Sun is Surya. we propose to call the asterisms by their unmbers. Chandra. It will be readily seen. The zodiacal circle we have found to be divided into twenty-seven asterisms. Hupiter. or Moon. which means that Ashvini. that the basis of the system lies in the Triad – .

... but these are only copyists of the more mathematical systems of the West. viz. but all tends to the same end. and merely mark the ascendant (Lagnam) either by a line.. there are many astrologers in the north of India who use Tables of Houses. though there are no symbols to indicate the fact. the same as those obtaining among Western astrologers. another system is in vogue. . . or by the letter L.. and at once the intelligent astrologer would be prepared to find that there is some underlying numerical harmony. who always suppose Aries to be in the first house... . but in none of them is any attention paid to oblique ascension. and the natures of both the signs and their rulers are.. These signs have no symbols among the Hindus. In the famous and most ancient of all Nâdis. THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC From what has already been said. it will be seen that the Hindu Zodiac is similar to our own. The order of the signs is the same..182 360 = 3 times 120 120 = 3 times 40 40 = 3 times 13 ½ 9 = 3 times 3 Let us grant. Mesham Vrishabham Mithuna Kâtakam Simha Kanya Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces . . In the north of India. Experience is the great test. the rest of the signs are equally and uniformly distributed through the twelve houses. having twelve divisions of equal degrees to one another. as a starting point. . and although we are quite prepared to find it so. at the present time we are not in a position to state that the said harmony actually exists. and indicate oblique ascension of signs. for the purpose of investigation. At the present day.. . to determine the rising sign.. From this. . the Brighu Samhita. in all essentials. The names of the zodiacal signs corresponding to ours are: Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo . Tulâm Vrishchika Dhanus Makaram Kumbha Mînam . and had no experience proved to us the truth of the deductions of Hindu astrologers. . numerous figures are given. . we should not deem this exposition worth writing. by which this apparently arbitrary division of the life-period is brought into line with all se know of the Astral science. . that the periods of the planets are the result of experience...

or spiritual powers (siddhis). The first exception of our system is the fourth house. the occult. in the European system. then. or perhaps the fourth or tenth. with four exceptions. the things of the memory may be regarded as the acquired property of the mind. the eyes are ruled in the same system by the second house. and Brighu – the more ancient Eastern astrologers – is indentical with that followed by ourselves. observe. just as the second house denotes the acquired property of the physical man. among other things. as being the second (wealth) of the third and ninth. there is every evidence of the correctness of this arrangement. THE HOUSES It is at this point that the Hindu system of Astrology really becomes perplexing to the European student. It will simplify matters if. The great variety of seemingly unconnected this. we find. education. These exceptions we shall now deal with. it is quite evident that the modern writers have disturbed the original harmony and simplicity of the system. the system of Garga. religious instruction.183 The meaning of the Sanskrit words are the same as imported by the Latin names in use among ourselves.g. the first. and we would therefore point out at once the remarkable and assuring fact that. the Religion is said to be ruled by the first house. But. and not the father. etc. To our own mind. And truly. to the third or ninth house. while all that constitutes it. as we do. for the fourth house is the “angle of the earth. comes under the ninth house. This all Hindu astrologers uniformly attribute to the mother. The five physical senses (Gnanendriyas) are attributed to this. the ears by the third house.. This would probably fall. the “thread ceremony” (upadesha). temples. the Memory is under its dominion. we know not! In the same way. we draw out into prominence some of the points of contradiction between the two systems.” and the earth is the symbol of the mother in all . house also. Parâshara. attributed to the several houses by the Jyoshis. renders anything like a systematic statement of the rulership of the houses a matter of great difficulty. From these illustrations. in this place. and from which it is built up. e. and how the senses can be dissociated from their respective organs. Among the elements of the first house.

our best friend. as regards a male horoscope. and others which will suggest themselves to the student. the universal symbol of the mother-principle in nature. which. and the Night. and father of Saturn (Kronos) the significator of Time itself. our partner in joy and woe. at least. over which the Moon is said to rule. while indicating honour. as identified with the noon-day and the mid-heaven. But the seventh house is the house of partnerships. is feminine. The second exception is the tenth house. and life-long confidant. and the Hindu system in this instance appears to be more consonant with nature than our own. the First of all the Gods. Eve. in the typal male horoscope. the ruler of enemies. and the profession. and from whom no titles descend. of the astrologers having failed to take onto consideration the corrupt- . follow the ancestral line on the father’s side. The connection of the gods with Gaia (earth) and the birth of the Heroes of the Greek Pantheon will recur to the reader in this connection. and the fourth to his divine spouse Parvati. the fourth house more naturally signifies the mother than the father. and with the Sun. How. in giving the tenth house to Shiva. then. associated with the night. seems more naturally to signify the father than the mother. then. and chiefly the wife. Delilah (ruler of the night) is the wife of Samson (the Sun). the family titles. Such is the true wife.g. further. the father. probably. the maker of the day. Then. the sign Cancer. does the seventh come to denote enemies? It is the result.” and rightly denoted the father by the tenth house and the mother by the fourth. as contradistinguished from the Day. the mid-heaven is mythically identified with Ouranos. is the sign of the Moon (Juno-Lucina. the protector of our children. whose name changes with marriage.. The fourth house is. The third exception falls in the sixth house. and assuredly the tenth house. Moreover. indicated once for all the mundane relations of these houses from “the pattern of things in the Heavens. Hevah. This latter conclusion naturally follows upon what has been said concerning the fourth house.184 mythologies. and Parvati). and such persons as we form alliances and contracts with. also denotes in the Hindu system. Surely. identified with the fourth. the friend of our adversity. again. which we attribute to the seventh house. there is every reason to think that the Hindus. fame. especially when it is remembered that the family titles – the Dharma (special occupation or magistery) – and the honour of the native. and that none of these come through the mother. e. For these reason.

and the act of manifestation in the Divine impulse is often referred to as the Mahâ-Swara. or Great Breath..185 ing influence of a malefic in the seventh. All other affairs may be safely taken as ruled by the same houses as ascribed to them in the standard European works on the subject. is that of the twelfth house. which latter satisfies the law of polarity in nature. – The Hindu Trimurti. viz. the Hindus regard as an evil house. whereas we should judge both gain and loss from the second. and brings about harmonious alliances and unions. Note. express the same idea.” would be: since the first house represents in a particular and special sense the personality of the native.” He it is who brings all thins to gruition. Brahma. of knowledge and . the seventh. The next exception. and the last. we have a position in which even good planets are debilitated. are astrologically denoted by the planets Saturn. But when we come to the sixth house. of servitude and obscurity. or Deity. the sixth for enemies. in connection with other things. The argument for the seventh house being that ruling “open enemies. and the twelfth for losses. and Mars. or opposition. Jupiter is called in Sanskrit Brihaspati. Then. We must leave these points to the investigation of the student so far as they may apply to European systems of astrology.” is the name for the Creator. and hence hurts and injuries result from the affliction of the significators by planets in the seventh house. Jupiter. or Deific Trinity. When those whom we have drawn nearest to us come to be corrupted by the evil planet. Our words Breath. a house of disease and sickness. The wife of Brahma is Saraswati. and judgment must be made according to the statements above. and so on all around the circle. which. This is far more fitting as a place of “enemies” than the seventh. would denote his enemies. then assuredly they are our worst enemies. But on the same lines one might argue that all the houses have their respective seventh. in the act of manifestation. the goddess of arts and sciences. the fourth house for the mother. too. in common with ourselves. tenth for father. and perfects every work of man. Breathe. from the root Brih “to expand. and merely state here that they must be taken as principles of the Eastern system. and hence the “relatives” signified by the third would have their open enemies in the ninth. or the “Lord of Expansion. but they likewise give monetary losses as ruled by this house. the seventh house denotes such as are capable of afflicting us physically. which is opposed to it.

evil. and the half trikonam. the “Preceptor” and spiritual teacher. Thus: if the Sun be in the second house.. who followed the ancient teachings of the more spiritual system of his predecessors. verse 11. and the sixth. represented by the planet Mercury in its female aspect. of the Semites. and tenth. as some believe. and eleventh. as in the semisquare and sesquiquadrate of our system. The first. twelfth. gives good results when good planets are so placed. and eleventh are uniformly good. sixth. It is well known that in the old institutes of the Aryans. and the father came to be judged of from the condition of the same house. But Jupiter is also called Guru. The image of Sagittarius in this capacity is faithfully depicted in the Apocalypse. and third from lagnam or ascendant. chap. iv. This is why we have the anomaly of the ninth house ruling the “father” in the works of Varaha Mihira. the father was invariably the spiritual preceptor. or Hehovah. or sextile. to whom he transmitted his mamtram and spiritual heirloom at the time of death. Panapara (succedent) second. which rules over religion and spiritual things. and Jupiter was the natural significator. In the name of Jupiter we have the Deva-pitri or Deo-pitar of the Hindus. . ninth. fifth. Both these are good. i. ninth. seventh.e. the ninth. and the first house the body. and the “God-father” of the Christian baptism. is a relic of the ancient system of spititual heredity. as the fifth house denotes the soul. and Venus in the third house of the figure. and evil when the planets are evil. fourth. Apokalima (cadent) third. and in this sense is related to the sign Sagittarius and the ninth house. Venus is spoken of as in the second from the Sun. is the chief aspect. the third. it follows that the guru. eighth. and. fourth. The Kendra. the Deus-pater of the Latins.. fifth. or trine aspect. The method of signifying aspects is to refer to the number of signs from the significator which the aspecting body may hold. twelfth. by essential and accidental dignities or debilities. of the eldest son. or guru. being Kabalistically the significator of the Spirit of Man. In the judgment of a figure the condition of the planets are taken by sign and house. eighth. viz. The trikonam. Observe also that the “joint family system. or psychic powers. second. or square aspect. The signs and their rulers we have already seen to be the same as with ourselves. 186 ASPECT The aspects in Hindu Astrology are counted from sign to sign. There are no half signs employed. and as the fortunes of the family are merged in the horoscope of the eldest born son. belongs to the same order. Of these houses. the Jovah. The houses are also the same: Kendra (angular) first. also.education. his siddhis.” which constitutes the eldest son the head of the family and its branches in India to-day.

Saturn in the eighth house of figure in the sign Virgo. third. Rahu and Ketu. This is the simplest and surest rule that is known in all the books. ILLUSTRATION In order to properly set out the system under notice. These aspects may be counted from any significator. Saturn would be taken as favourable. and must not be restricted to the houses bearing those numerals in the figure itself. being in the fifth from that luminary. all other are evil. unless in their neecham or “fall. In judging the general effects of the combination of the planets by period and sub-period (a measure of time which will presently be given). second. a sure judgement can be given. and tenth depend upon the planets occupying them. and. and those also which (being themselves good) are in the same sign as the significator. Example: Ascendant.” while Saturn and Mars. if due allowance be made for the accidental and essential strength of the planets. which we find ready to hand in the . Yet the essential or natural sympathies and antipathies of the planets among themselves must not be lost sight of. twelfth.187 seventh. Aquarius. the Sun in Taurus in the fourth of the figure. so that even Saturn may confer some benefits when in temporal benefic relations with its natural enemy. unfavourable. the general rule in regard to the planetary relations is that of temporal position. eleventh. Sun and Moon. in which signs they are respectively strong. but in relation to the thins of the first house. in the fourth from a significator are friendly. unless in their dignities. the Moon. and Taurus with Ketu. Thus: all planets in the tenth. are benefic. It may be mentioned here that the sign Scorpio is identified with Rahu. we shall have recourse to an example. So that in judging of the this ruled by the fourth house. but accidentally in good aspect to Sun. The above remarks have reference to judgment from the radix only. The planets Jupiter and Venus. are evil. for a temporal relationship cannot entirely prevail against a natural and inherent one that is contrary to it. Here Saturn is evil in regard to the first house. Nevertheless. and fourth houses from the significator. experience will show that the radical affections are often swayed into temporal service that is contrary to their free or unconditional nature.

321 years.D. and the signs must be set in the figure without regard to oblique ascension. not being included in the system of Parâshara and of the Hindu writers generally. and . The signs. the result would be as follows:Saturn Mars Venus Mercury Dragon’s Head Taurus Sun Moon Jupiter EMPRESS OF INDIA Dragon’s Tail . as in the example given below. the Sun and Moon are in the same sign of the Hindu Zodiac.492 = 18 28 10 . Jupiter into Capricorn. = 1. Shorn of all the elements which properly belong to the European figure. and which are not required by the Hindu Jyoshi. are included therein. if any. is left out of the figure. but to determine merely what change of sign. are differently placed in regard to the houses. or difference between the Vernal Equinox and the star Revati. Uranus. being equally distributed throughout. And in the example given. This amount must be subtracted from the ascendant and the planets’ places. is thus determined: 1819-498 A. and mars into Pisces. is due to them by the conversion from one Zodiac to another. Mercury passes into Aries. x 50 1/3” = 66. The subtraction of the Ayanâms’a is not for the purpose of marking the exact degrees held by the planets in the Hindu Zodiac. while the Moon’s Nodes.188 horoscope of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. we find that the ascendant falls in Taurus (Vrishabham). too. The Ayanâms.

Venus. through which the Moon has passed up to the birth-time. Saturn. we see that Rohini is ruled by the Moon. Mars. S’ani. and Dragon’s Head.10 leaves 5 11 to be accounted for. and 15 11 . we say that at the Queen’s birth the Moon was in Rohini. Saturn and Mars in Pisces in the eleventh. Mercury. in this case: If 13 20 gives ten years. Guru in ninth. Looking at the table again. and S’ukra in in “svaneecham” (its debility). four of Rohini. and with these elements he would go to work. These 5 11 form part of the next asterism – Rohini. observe the exact longitude of the Moon in the Hindu Zodiac. It will be remarked that the ascending sign only is give. Reference to the table on page 180 will show that in the sign there are three parts of Kritika. We have therefore to find how much of the ten years is due to 5 11 of Rohini. Dragon’s Tail in Libra in the sixth. S’uka. Mercury. and the Sun and Moon are friendly to all except the Dragon’s Tail. Surya and Chandra. therefore. with Sun and Moon. Reading this figure we say: Taurus rising. but all would agree in placing the planets and signs in the same relative positions as above. A Southern Hindu would say: Vrishabha Lagnam. we say. Venus. Venus. Each asterism being 13 20 in extent. Therefore. Mercury. Ketu in sixth. and Dragon’s Head are friendly to all except the Dragon’s Tail. Mars. Now. and that. and two of Mrigas’irsha. to determine the asterism of birth. and being in the “second” part thereof. and the first house is placed indifferently in various parts of the figure by the several schools of astrologers. and also to the Sun and Moon. Each of these parts we know to be 3 20 in extent. three of Kritika = 10 . what will 5 11 give? 13 20 (800 ) : 5 11 (311 ) : : 10 : 3 years 10 months 19 days . The longitude given in the European figure of birth is 3 39 .189 There are different methods of drawing the figures among the Dravidians in the south of India and the Aryans in the north. the rest are understood as being identified with the several successive houses of the figure. The accidental relations of the planets are as follows: .Dragon’s Tail is an “enemy” to all the planets except Jupiter. Budhan and Râhu in twelfth. being reduced by the Ayanâms’a 18 28 . Saturn. Kuja in eleventh. Jupiter in Capricornus in the ninth. having passed through 5 11 of that asterism. whose period is ten years. Jupiter is friendly to Dragon’s Tail. remarking that Chandra (Moon) is in “Svochan” (its exaltation). and Dragon’s Head in Aries in the twelfth. gives 15 11 .

– Required the (antaram) inter-period of Jupiter in the sub-period (Bukthi) of Saturn. There is a cipher for the last figure of the product. 2. Example. Thus. The days. the total period of Jupiter whose antaram. Period = 7 years Sub-period = 13 months 9 days Inter-period. or inter-period. 13 ÷ 4 = 3 days 6 hours By rule 2. then. with this expired portion of the Moon’s period of ten years. and the period (Das’â) of Dragon’s Tail (Ketu). multiplied by 16. this will give so many hours. Divide the days of the Bukthi period by 5. minutes. hours.The period of the Moon is ten years – 10 x 10 = 100 = 10 months. which is Jupiter’s inter-period in the sub-period of . THE SUB-PERIODS The sub-periods are obtained by multiplying together the years due to the planet ruling the period and sub-period. Take another example:Find the sub-period due to mars in the period of the Sun. this will give so many days. and minutes thus produced must be multiplied by the total period (Das’â) of the planet whose antaram period is required. the Sun’s period being six years. or antaram = ? By rule 1. etc. 3. hours. The rule for determining their duration is as follows:1. multiply it by 3. etc. They are further divided into antaram periods. is required = 1 month 25 days 9 hours 48 minutes. and that of Mars seven years. These sub-periods are called in Sanskrit Bukthi. and call the result days. we are able to determine under what sub-period in the Moon’s period the Queen was born. 7 x 6 = 42 = 4 months 6 days. cutting off the last figure in the product. 9 ÷ 5 = 1 hour 48 minutes Total = 3 days 7 hours 48 minutes This period. and therefore the sub-period has no odd days. to find the sub-period due to the Moon in its own period: . Divide the months of the Bukthi period by 4. the first figure in the product being so many months.190 Then.

and the first inter-period of that sub-period. Sub-Periods Moon Mars Dragon’s Head Jupiter Saturn Mercury Dragon’s Tail Venus Sun Inter-Periods The above example will. 5. or effects. following in their order. Whether or not they were able to determine the phalam. 8.. viz. EXAMPLE OF PLANETRAY SUBDIVISIONS Moon’s Period 1. 6. 2. the interperiods of the planets will be found sufficient. For all practical purposes. . Then follows the sub-period of Mars in the period of the Moon.. make the preceding chapter intelligible to all. then will rule the first sub-period. and inter-period.191 Saturn and the period of Dragon’s Tail. S. It is stated that the ancient Hindu astrologers sub-divided these periods into most minute fractions. In subsequent chapters the letters P. and stayed only at the Swara. 7. if the period belongs to . but it was also seen that . Ketu Das’â. or breath. . Guru Antaram. or. will stand for period. 4. as the Hindus would say. So. The Birth-Period We have seen that. and the first interperiod of the sub-period will likewise be ruled by Mars. . S’ani Bukthi. The order of the planets in the successive subdivisions of the periods is as follows:In all cases the planet whose period is subdivided takes the first place. 9. a period of a few seconds. .. sub-period.. due to these minute periods is a matter of question. 3. in the case of the Queen. and the rest follow on in the order observed in the Table of Asterisms. no doubt. the period in force at the time of birth was that of the Moon. etc.P. and I.P.

3. 6. 9. therefore. Moon Sub-Periods Mars Sub-Periods Dragon’s Head Sub-Periods Jupiter Sub-Periods Saturn Sub-Periods Mercury Sub-Periods Dragon’s Tail Sub-Periods Venus Sub-Periods Sun Sub-Periods Total Of these sub-periods. and 11 months and 19 days of that of Jupiter. 5. to determine the sub-period which is operating at the time of birth. Moon’s Period — 10 years Years 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 10 Months 10 7 6 4 7 5 7 8 6 0 Days 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1. and to set out the scale of periods and sub-periods for the whole term of life. thus leaving 4 months 11 days of Jupiter’s sub-period to be worked out. the whole of the Moon’s. 8. 3 years 10 months 19 days had expired at the moment of birth. 6. the whole of Mars’. We need. 2. The ages at which the various sub-periods of the Moon’s period will expire can thus be set out in order: Moon’s Period Years 0 0 1 0 3 Months 10 7 6 11 10 Years 1 1 1 0 1 0 Days 0 expired 0 expired 0 expired 19 expired 19 expired Days 0 0 0 0 0 0 1. 7. 5. 3. 2. 9. 4.192 of the ten years due to the Moon as its full period. Jupiter Sub-Periods expires at the age of Saturn Sub-Periods expires at the age of Mercury Sub-Periods expires at the age of Dragon’s Tail Sub-Periods expires at the age Venus Sub-Periods expires at the age of Sun Sub-Periods expires at the age of Months 4 7 5 7 8 6 . had expired at the time of birth. 7. of 8. the whole of the Dragon’s Head’s. 4. Moon Sub-Periods Mars Sub-Periods Dragon’s Head Sub-Periods Jupiter Sub-Periods Total 4. in all amounting to 3 years 10 months 19 days.

193 It will thus be seen that the Queen’s age at the expiry of the Moon’s period was 6 years 1 month 11 days. reaching to the age of 47 years 1 month 11 days. how the Nakshatrams (or asterisms) are counted. which rules for seven years. he nevertheless used the Equinox beginning from Revati. which . bringing us to the age of 31 years 1 month 11 days. Then.” such persons claiming for the East a common use of Tables of Houses. the computation of horoscopes by oblique ascension under the latitude of birth. corresponding to our directions) are to be calculated. we refer critics to the Bhrigu Samhitâ. with a period of sixteen years. It will now be more or less clear to the student of Hindu Astrology upon what basis the Zodiac rests. After Mars comes the Dragon’s Head. and what planets rule over each of them. and to silence the contention that the system of Parâshara was confined to the South of India. and referred all his rules and horoscopes to a fixed Zodiac. To this part of the work a complete set of all necessary tables will be appended. and who consequently wish to appear in all matters to be “up to date. we maintain that. Add this to the above age and we get 13 years 1 month 11 days. Despite the efforts of these gentlemen to improve their credit for intelligence at the expense of their Jyotish Shâstra. and a full knowledge of the Zodiac which begins with the equinoctial point. although Mihira knew of the Precession of the Equinoxes. so that it is only necessary here that the methods should be known in order for the student to use those tables intelligently. and the age progressively shown at the expiry of each sub-period. whose period is seventeen years. where it is yet in vogue. which is now (1898) 19 34 26 East of the vernal equinox. Next Saturn. Next Mercury. with nineteen years for its period. the age at expiry of Mars’ period. rules to the age of 66 years 1 month 11 days. and quoted Parâshara and Garga to the same effect in his Brihat Samhitâ. It will further be clear after what manner the periods. In proof of this. brings us up to the age of 83 years 1 month 11 days. The next period is that of Mars. which rules for eighteen years. sub-periods. Jupiter. These periods can be set out according to the example given in the Moon’s period. together with the periods of their rule. and inter-periods (the Hindu method of computing the time of events. A good deal of controversy has been raised in regard to this system by Hindus who have received a European education.

profession. and . over which it rules in the horoscope. journeys in one’s own country. and I. ambitions. the law. while the planets’ places are referred to the fixed Zodiac. sickness. W. increase. wealth in kind or specie. poison. Râhu has affinity with the sign Scorpio where it is strong. pilgrimages. the wife. The Moon governs females. change of residence. (3) the house. brothers and sisters.. when judging the effects of a planet. prowess. Mercury governs the mind. passions. servants. ill health. health. Jupiter governs the religion (dharma). food. the house of residence. courage. hearing. We have in our possession over a hundred horoscopes from that colossal work. Saturn governs the father. fire. and messages of all kinds. father. S. or houses. advancement. madness. teachers and preceptors. pleasure. traveling. Râhu and Ketu (Dragon’s Head and Tail)govern such things as are denoted by the houses occupied by them at the time of birth. marriage. or more ancient authority be adduced to the contrary? JUDGMENT BY PLANETARY POSITION In judging the effects due to the planets in the horoscope and their successive combinations in the P. fever. wealth. marriage. it is necessary to take into consideration. In general. the following general dominion of the planets must be taken into account:— The Sun governs honour. religious ceremonies. the memory. and not to the Vernal Equinox. mother’s relatives. apparel.194 is in the possession of Pandit Nandkishor of Meerut. poverty. good fortune. more reliable. fame. Mars governs. and health. adventures. articles of value. devotion. after birth. the speech. health. nobles. Province. trinkets. arts and sciences. (2) the house (bhâva) occupied by it. and in none of them is there any observance of oblique ascension. religious duties. condition of the family.P. the mother. and native place.. alliances. hurts. disease wasting. chronic affections. (1) its natural rulership in the order of the signs. N. journeys to foreign lands. quarrels. energy. Venus governs money. learning. Can any further. the father’s brothers and sisters. jewellery.P.

and its sympathies and antipathies in the natural world and in man. mutatis mutandis. i. From these descriptions. According to the condition of the planets ruling the required period. For this reason. irrespective of the signs in which they are found. The result is similar when. PERIODS As the general phalam (effects) of the horoscope is derived from the configurations and conditions of all the planets. Its basis is the Moon’s place at birth. i. taken as significators for the whole life. if the period planet shows good effects. in addition to the place of the planet itself. sub-periods. the Sun in the fifth and first. and they are subsidiary to the fortunes promised by the period planet.e. or Iron Age.. simplify matters. the Moon is strong in the second and fourth houses. In this respect they may be considered in the same manner as lunar and solar directions. attention must be paid to the condition (by position and configuration) of the planet ruling that period as determined by the calculation called Kâlachakradashâphalakathna. This calculation was set forth in the chapter upon periods. the Dark.. SUB-PERIODS These are considered in relation to the general effects due to the planets governing the period in which they fall. it will be seen that judgment concerning any planet is derived from a consideration of its rulership in the signs and the houses occupied by those signs. and an evil sub-period planet cannot counteract its effect wholly. which will. or exaltations. perhaps. so. it does so from its position and aspects at birth.P. the dividing of time (the life-period) into its periodical effects. during the whole of Kali Yuga (the present age). for they have affinity with these several houses by their affinities in the world-soul. Then. its general nature. but some good will remain behind. etc. and interperiods. These signs are called their uchha. Saturn in the tenth and seventh.e..195 Ketu with Taurus. the horoscope of which is Meshalagnam (Aries for rising sign). in judging of the effects of any period of the life. . Mars in the first and eighth. the life and fortunes of the native will be affected. the P. planet is evil and the S.

The longest of these reaches over a period of 6 months 20 days. yet when the sub-period planets is in good aspect to the period planet it will produce good. INTER-PERIODS These are taken as subsidiary to the sub-periods in the same manner that transits or lunations are considered in relation to lunar or secondary directions in our European methods. and due to their respective natures. III. Consider well the positions and affections of the period planet. in the P. .P. the I.196 planet good. but in addition thereto its relations with the period planet must be taken carefully into account. or themselves afflicting (by position) the period planet to which they are related. The condition of the I.. even though these planets be natural enemies. The effects of the ruling planets are intensified at such time as the Sun may be passing through the signs occupied by them or the signs over which they rule. the shortest inter-period is that of the Sun in its own sub-period and period. and its relations to the sub-period planet properly estimated. or afflicted by the majority of planets. of the S.P. RULES TO JUDGE OR PLANETARY PERIODS I. either for good or evil. it lasts only 5 days 9 hours 36 minutes. as the case may be. But when both agree in nature and point to the same end. The sub-period planet must be considered in the same way as the period planets. then the effects are forcible and decided. for though the planets have a natural enmity and friendship existing between them. A few straightforward rules are necessary in order to bring the above observations into systematic form. planet must be taken into account. for even a good will not bear good fruit during its period if it be ill affected by sign or position. friendly and benefic planets will not produce good fruits if weak or afflicted. viz.P. II. Its effects may then be accurately known. Similarly..

The sign. the effects will fall out in relation to the eleventh house affairs. The houses in the horoscope ruled by the planet whose . then seventh house affairs will be affected. yet there are sub-periods. IX. that planet occupies Leo. as shown by the position and affections of the period planet. and their natural relations. as these latter are to the period planets. in the sub-period of any planet. Thus. if Venus be in Libra. when evils may naturally arise. occupying the third and eleventh signs respectively from one another. counted from the rising sign. VIII. The inter-period planets are considered in the same manner.197 N. The number of the signs counted from the period to the sub-period planet will give the house corresponding thereto. must be well considered. if. and Venus be in the sign Aquarius. Thus. It thus happens that even when the period is a good one. Thus if the period be that of Sun. VI.B. in which case they are in temporary good relations. and Scorpio be rising. over which the effects will hold sway. and the sub-period be that of Venus. but it is to be understood that a temporary friendship will not entirely overcome a radical and constitutional enmity. although natural enemies by sign and exaltation. and again inter-periods. will give a further element of interpretation. in regard to the sub-period planets to which they are related. The general effects of the planets thus related must be taken into account. the effects will fall on the tenth house affairs. as well as their temporary relations in the horoscope.—The Sun does not enter the Hindu signs until twenty days after its entry into the European signs bearing the same name. Judgment is made accordingly. VII. Saturn and Sun. Thus: Sun in Virgo and Venus as sub-period planet in Scorpio will show the third house affairs to be affected. IV. in the period under consideration. may be respectively in Libra and Leo. V. The effects will further have relation to the nature of the house corresponding to the sign occupied by the subplanet.

and this fact alone draws it away from the domain . The tenth. and of the planets to which they are conjoined. and the Dragon’s Tail with the sign Taurus. governs the West. and Saturn the South. The seventh. with ninth and eleventh. when such is shown in the horoscope. S. and next.P. but subserviently. N. from the signs occupied by the planets.198 period. effects. the Moon rules the North. THE KALAMRITAM The effects of periods and sub-periods. with third and fifth. the original takes the form of a Kavita or poem. and known as the Dasâ Bukthi Phala. and I. Judgment is chiefly to be made from the houses. and the fourth. governs the East. with its complements twelfth and second. The Dragon’s Head has affinity with the sign Scorpio. Mars rules the East. Venus governs the West. governs the North So in the signs: = South. In making this translation. the following rule is usually taken:— The first house. but transmit the influence of the signs they are in. or inter-period is considered must also be regarded as affecting. governs the South.P. a small but explicit treatise upon the system of Parâshara. with fifth and eighth. The following statement of the effects of the periods and sub-periods of life (measured according to the rules already given in this exposition) are taken from its pages. are given variously in different Sanskrit and vernacular works current in India.B. LOCALITY In judging of the direction in which a person will travel. respect has been had to the customs of European life.. = West. But that which seems to be held most in esteem among the astrologers of Southern India is the Kâlâmritam. Like most treatises of its kind.. Therefore. and = East. measured from the asterism held by the Moon at birth. sub-period.—Rahu and Ketu (Dragon’s Head and Tail) have no houses. = North. or again in the P.

dysentery. troubles fall on the relatives. Moon’s Sub-period. i. Jupiter’s Sub-period— Friends will benefit him. EFFECTS OF PERIODS AND SUB-PERIODS PERIOD OF SUN Sun’s Sub-period.— There will be trouble among relatives. gain and success in business. it is quite English enough to state that his “wealth and property will increase. rich cloths. 12th July to 12th August. instead of enumerating the “gold. or other wasting disease. Employment among people of good position. Sickness is to be expected between 12th April and 12th May (if included in this period) or again between 12th August and 12th September. soft cushions. The sense and import of the text have been chiefly considered. carriages. Thus. the following may be accepted as the general. troubles through women.) Mars’ Sub-period— Rheumatic or other sharp pains. new enterprises. and turbans” that certain periods and sub-periods will confer upon the native. Dragon’s Head Sub-period— A great many troubles and fears. (This will be augmented in the month of Katakam. Anxieties.” With these reservations. . pearls. He will increase in knowledge and will give evidence of his powers in some form or other. crosses and changes. headaches. and the ideas embodied have been put into simple English. and bearing in mind what has been said in regard to the radical relations of the different planets. and on those days when the Moon passes through Cancer. or may lose it by theft or carelessness.. some danger of enteric fever.e. feverishness. quarrelling and difficulties with superiors and those in office above the native. Entire break-up of the family.199 of scholastic criticism which would only be concerned with a work of scholarly pretensions. the native wastes his money. quarrelling. pains in the eyes. sunshades. when the Sun is in Mesham (Aries) or Simha (Leo). pains in the ears. The native will be away from his home at the time. some tendency to urinary or kidney affections. granaries.— Benefits from superiors or patrons. according to the condition and place of the Dragon’s Head. His efforts will not be very successful.

much unhappiness. He will suffer some disgrace. Troubles among relatives and associates. There will be no benefits in this sub-period unless Dragon’s Tail is well placed and in good aspect to the Sun. if married. Accidental or enforced estrangement. many will become his enemies. He may leave his home or country. He will be involved in disputes and trouble by a superior. a predominance of mental and physical pain in this sub-period. Venus’ Sub-period— A possibility of marriage. Mars— Useless quarrels and litigation. The eyes may be affected.. Will overcome all obstacles. much anxiety. etc. The health will be afflicted. rashness. cutaneous affections. This will be cured. All his wishes will be fulfilled. children will cause trouble. may have the birth of a child. . Mercury’s Sub-period— Even his own friends will be against him. Loss of property. there will be fainting or nervous exhaustion. Dragon’s Tail Sub-period— Memory will decrease. MOON’S PERIOD Sub-Periods Moon— Marriage frequently occurs during the rule of this subperiod. Saturn’s Sub-period— Sickness of children.200 association with people of high rank. Bodily sickness. trouble on account of the wife or children. He will do good actions in this period. wanderings. and will reap their reward. Irregular meals and sleep. The native does heroic actions and noble deeds. Owing to disputes he will live in a different house. and the mind will be filled with doubts and misgivings. Some bodily sickness. a ruler or a judge. Enemies will be made. and. and there will be cause for grave anxiety and fear. loss of property. He will have changes or residence. He inclines to public life. impetuosity. and is fortunate. Increase of prosperity. A child may be born to him. He will go to a distant country or place. the mind will be afflicted with troubles. Many short journeys. disputes of all kinds.

and the native will experience some trouble. food and comforts will be plentiful. Loss of friends. In the month of Virgo. In the month of Aries or Scorpio (if included) he will have trouble . Saturn— The partner (wife and lover) may die or be separated from the native. governors. according to the relative position of the Sun and Moon. sickness. Benefits from persons in good position. loss of property. Sun— Biliousness and feverish complaints. The Native may beget a child at this time. or hurt by fire. Much mental trouble. The body will be subject tot some eruptions or swellings. Dragon’s Head— Loss of money. enmity of superiors or those in power. Success.201 danger of fire in the month from 12th April to 12th May. The eyes may suffer. there will be prosperity. Dishonour or slander will be experienced. enmity. Venus— According to the position of Venus in regard to the Moon and rising sign. he will give evidence of some intellectual achievements. Severe pain in the eyes. may meet with dishonour or be the means of his own undoing. the reverse of this. Some change in the bodily appearance. and loss through enemies— or. Anxiety on account of friends. Mercury— Disputes will cease. the father. The native will have pleasure through children or love affairs. th th 12 September to 12 October. or a state of impecuniosity. or the reverse. some ill health. He may incur some public criticism or displeasure. or the ruling powers. pain. The mind will be filled with cares. masters. Loss of wealth. Anxiety or trouble through the wife or lover. or in regard to marital affairs. danger of stirring up enemies. there will be sickness. MARS’ PERIOD Sub-Period Mars— Danger of hurts according to the sign held by Mars. Dragon’s Tail— There will be sickness of a feverish nature. Danger of disputes between husband and wife. All intentions will be accomplished. according to the sign the Dragon’s Head occupies. Jupiter— Property will increase. or between lovers. Wealth will increase.

He may feel more inclination to religious observances and festivities. Travelling will give him pleasure at this time. But in the month of Gemini or Virgo (if included) he will be subject to slander. Loss of relatives.with superiors. Moon— Profit. Some severe form of cutaneous disease. much anxiety. i. Danger or fire. Existing evils in body and mind will disappear. Enmity of superiors. Fever or other inflammatory affections. cutaneous affections. foreigners or people abroad. Sun— Anxieties. or may be poisoned in his body by hurts from animals. Wealth will increase. The wife is likely to be afflicted with disease. There is likely to be renovation of the house or improvements made therein.. disputes. boils. Troubles through persons in position. Many enemies. or sloughings may be expected. gain of property. Change of residence. Jupiter— Loss of property. He will have many enemies. and through Mars men generally. and the acquisition of valuables. But the end of this sub-period will be more fortunate. Will have domestic happiness and successful love affairs. troubles with his own kindred. But in the end of this sub-period there will be a decrease of all these good effects. He is influenced by churchmen or sectaries. His association are beneficial. Saturn— Quarrels.e. or insects. loss of property. trouble through women. and if so will be fortunately wedded. there will be danger of open violence. Danger of scrofulous or skin affections. litigation. Skin eruptions. In the th th month of Cancer. Mercury— He will be inclined to marry at this time. 12 July to 12 August. Dragon’s Tail— Family disputes. or by abrasions. loss of office or position. Disease. Poisonous complaints threaten him. Knowledge and the fruits of knowledge will increase. Venus— He will acquire property or gain money. 202 . according to the sign held by Dragon’s Head. Dragon’s Head— He will suffer from poisonous complaints. and favours from superiors an persons in position may be looked for. Enemies will be created in the place of residence and beyond it. and some anxiety through strangers.

will attack his health. The native will have some removals. etc. He will be seriously inclined. In the last twelve he will experience enmity through his own actions. Ill health to his children. Dragon’s Tail— Danger of physical hurts and poison. and will gain money. superiors. or the head of the family. Mercury— of the thirty months ruled by this sub-period planet. Some swellings in the body. Disease will appear. master. biliousness. Gain through nobles or persons of position. Trouble will prevail. Friendly alliances will be formed. Mars— Danger of fire. Danger of blood poisoning. The native will thrive well. The health will be unstable. Fear and suspicion will arise in connection with the wife.. All sorts of quarrels and scandals will take place in regard to him. the first eighteen will be very busy. Troubles on account of the wife. Loss of money through the wife. But all evils will pass away. children. Rheumatism. Danger from superiors. senior partner. Moon— Loss of relatives. There will be cause for mental anxiety. There will be danger of personal hurts. Mental anxiety. He will be married. engaged. False friends will come to light in their true colours. or if married will be re-united to his wife. The wife is afflicted. Incessant disputes and contests. Sun— Quarrels on account of the family. Jupiter— Pleasure will increase. Benefits from persons in good position. He will leave his native place or his present residence. Benefits from superiors or those in deceit being practiced upon the native. The wife will be fortunate and a source of happiness. All his efforts will succeed. Pains in the limbs. Benefits and comforts through his superiors. Changes of position or residence will occur. Saturn— Enemies will arise. Dangers . and other physical hurts. and relatives. burns. Venus— Acquisition of money and other advantages.203 DRAGON HEAD’S PERIOD Sub-Period Dragon’s Head— Death of the king.

Moon— Prosperity increases. Sun— Gain. and he may leave his business or forsake his occupation because of all this. Good success in the profession or business. good position. After this. and he will live in peace. Saturn— There will be an increase of wealth and property. He gains honour and fame. Property will increase. although strong. or parent. The native will change his place of abode. Mars— Annoyances and troubles of various kinds. in the case of married people. Danger of loss by theft. when the Sun is in these signs). Relatives are friendly. rheumatic pains in the limbs. Benefits from the employment or occupation. A tendency to lax or dissolute habits will show itself. Acquires property. Much enjoyment. and superiors favour the native. Venus— There will be a reunion in the family. pains in the body will be experienced.204 to the person through the malice of enemies. Dragon’s Tail— The partner. Mercury— Gain by knowledge in the fine arts. JUPITER’S PERIOD Sub-Period Jupiter— Much prosperity. will die.. A falling off of profit and credit in the place of abode. Troubles through the wife or partner. Wealth increases and advantages from superiors fall to the native. But these evils will not endure.e. Loss of bodily strength may be experienced. Lawyers. elder brother. He will gain land in the month of Taurus or Libra (i. Loss of a friend. . Disputes and mental anxiety. But these troubles will pass away. There will be domestic plenty and happiness. He will be separated from his relatives and friends. Good actions are performed or the fruits of past good action come to the native at this time. Benefits through children and happiness to them. All good efforts in the past will collectively render their fruits to the native. Fame. Danger of loss by theft. Some disease will appear according to the sign held by the Sun. Birth of a wellfavoured child. priests (clergy).

There is some loss of property. Mercury— Knowledge in some particular direction will increase. Victory over enemies and the overcoming of obstacles. Venus— Attentions and favours from others. SATURN’S PERIOD Sub-Period Saturn— Disease appears. Losses both of money and property. Troubles come upon the native through his relatives. Danger of death. Much blame will attach to the native. Danger of poisonous elements in the system. and the body languishes. and will sell or mortgage his property. Children will prosper. Chronic poisoning. Relatives will meet with success. The native will be reduced to great need. Intestinal swellings. Mars— Some disgrace will fall upon the family. The native will be wise and discreet. relatives cause disputes. Dragon’s Tail— Rheumatism in the right leg. Hæmorrhage of the generative system. which occasions some loss or trouble. and will recover it only after a lapse of time. Very serious enmity and strife will ensue. or sickness. There are family disputes. Moon— Trouble and sickness fall upon the native. He will move from his present place. Gifts. Small quarrels are numerous. Even healthy children and wives come to the sick-bed under this influence. Contentions and quarrels. A bad time generally. Loss of children and money is to be feared. The native will prosper and receive favours and approbation from superiors. Sun— Danger of blood-poisoning. and will fail to accomplish his engagements. He will go from one place to another. Affections of the eyes. The native becomes the object of deceptions. Serious enmities arise. Some biliousness. The body is full of pains and disorders. Profit in business. Dragon’s Head— Relatives give trouble.205 Some inflammatory disease arises in the system. Increase in the family circle by a birth or marriage. and will lead . Troubles to the wife or through her. Loss of money. Danger from the native’s own son.

MERCURY’S PERIOD Sub-Period Mercury— The native gains a brother or sister. He experiences some sickness. Many obstacles in all his affairs. This period will end in quarrels. Sun— Danger of fire. Mental anxiety. Even foreigners will become his enemies. Happiness in the married state. Moon— Some danger of jaundice or bilious fever. Dragon’s Tail— The native leaves his place of abode. will be deprived of money by fraud or theft. etc. and danger in regard to his medicine. He will leave his home and kindred. Will be in danger of physical hurts. . An increase of the family is shown. Anxieties. He returns from a long journey. Learning will attract his attention and engage his efforts. Relatives prosper. Neuralgic pains and severe headaches. either by marriage or birth. and receives advancement. He will have many enemies. Sickness due to trouble.206 an unsettled life at this period. Jupiter— He will find favour and refuge with good men or clergy. Neighbours cause troubles. Troubles through superiors. he will form an alliance at this time. Affections of the blood. Various physical troubles will ensue. He will abide happily in one place. Enemies give trouble. Will have some increase in his bodily comforts. He gains in business. If not already married. Sickness of the wife. Trade increases. Venus— The native has good children born to him. Dragon’s Head— Loss of money. Dragon’s Head— The native is removed from his present position. misfortune to his relatives. Through the aid of superiors he will accomplish his intentions. wounds or hurts. and have an increase of family. He has some trouble through doctors. Knowledge is gained. Troubles increase under this influence. loss of property.

Sun— He will have a long journey. Will be separated from his relatives. Good fortune generally. Some disease or pain in the part governed by Saturn. advancement through superiors. Wealth increases. restraint. There is cause for fear an anxiety. Disputes and contests of different kinds. Enmity is incurred. and will return. But these troubles will pass away. Loss of property. in which the native loses. The mind is filled with gloomy forebodings and grief. Moon— disputes on account of the actions of the other sex. Danger of fire. The native suffers in consequence. sickness. Jupiter— Will have a fair degree of happiness. some renown or esteem. Severe reversal. Saturn— Bad fortune. Evil dreams. Jupiter— Profitable transaction. fever. however. Relatives suffer a downfall or some disgrace. or marriage (if not already married). good credit. Danger of destruction through one of the opposite sex. DRAGON’S TAIL PERIOD Sub-Period Dragon’s Tail— The native has some mental troubles. All troubles will vanish. and loss of appetite. The wife becomes the cause . Dragon’s Head— Danger of blood-poisoning will come and go. In the end of this period. fame and honour is to be feared. Some disease or sickness will disfigure the body. Association with people of good position. Anxiety on account of the partner in marriage. Will be subject to some estrangement. Danger of poison.207 Fear and danger through foreigners. headaches. or an operation. Disputes concerning property. Trouble through the children or on account of them. Enemies arise. The native is in danger of ruin. He becomes a stranger to success and happiness. His wife also will be ill. or detention. he will have sickness. All his efforts are crowned with success. Mars— Obstacles bar the path of progress. Gain and financial success. Birth of a child. Venus— A child may be born to the native. Females will suffer.

Danger from relatives. Wealth will increase considerably. and become as distant as possible. Family and domestic troubles. but in the month of Libra (12th October to 12th November) there will be cause for sorrow. Mars— Property will increase. His plans will not succeed. It may mean that he will retire (if he be wise) from his family or circle of acquaintances and seclude himself. His mind will be upon earthly things. Many pleasures. Prosperity will decline. Anxiety on account of children. He will change his place of abode. Anxiety owing to the sickness of the wife or partner. he will perform Tapas (religious austerity). bent upon pleasure and neglecting religion. Some affection of the eyes and skin will appear and pass away. Sun— He will have cause for anxiety and fear. his love affairs progress well. Money will be plentiful. There will be troubles through the wife.” This is a difficult passage to render into astrologic parlance. There will be disputes with the wife or partner.208 of pleasure. by a very rare medicine he will withdraw himself from them. with children and others. This will be caused by superiors. Some cutaneous disease is to be feared. Even in sacred places or in regard to spiritual matters he will be involved in disputes and quarrels. Through the influence of women he will not perform his duties and will become lax in his efforts. and domestic happiness will ensue in full measure. Moon— He will accomplish all his intentions. If married. Dragon’s Head— “Like a perfect mouni (one under a vow of silence). Saturn— All properties will be in danger of ruin. In some . The native will suffer heavy losses in different ways. neglecting his duties. Foreseeing quarrels among his people or relations. Venus— Financial success. Mercury— Changes will occur. and between them and himself. Good servants and the accessories of good fortune. but they will pass away.

”) NOTE UPON THE ABOVE EXTRACT In going through the various effects of the periods and sub-periods in our own life and others. In this way the prognostics serve for every period of life. Danger from quadrupeds. piles. Distasted for food. Danger of the eyesight being affected at this time. the above “effects” will apply equally well to those also. but it will be cured. loss of appetite. or persons ruled by Jupiter. Profit through the occupation. The physical condition of the native will be in a very poor way. Increase of wealth. Saturn— Affections of the excretory system. an entire change of surrounding may be expected to happen. He will gain fame. In all cases the effects due to the “period” planet are of prior importance. the sub-periods and inter-periods following in subsidiary order. Gain of knowledge in the arts and sciences. 209 . but will experience some anxiety in the end. Someone in the house will come by an accident and may have blood-poisoning.cases it may have a more sinister meaning. Dragon’s Tail— Troubles in love affairs or through the wife. and the inter-period planet as a subperiod planet. Many benefits through superiors or employers. Jupiter— Means of livelihood will increase. Mercury— Pleasure through the wife and children. etc. allowance being made for the relations of the significators in the minor periods. Sciatica or rheumatic pains in the legs and hands. If the inter-periods of the different sub-periods be taken into account. (End of Extract from “Kâlâmritam. but actually surprised at the literal exactness of the predictions. we have been not only convinced of the truth of the Hindu system of Das’d budthi phala. by counting the sub-period planet as a period planet. In all cases. Successful period. Disease in the system. from the greatest to the least. The partner will be ill.


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Now. Neptune. since both are in Virgo. But in point of fact this is not the case. Chaldean. that these directions should be properly calculated. In fact. The means of distinction is supplied by the proper method of calculating the progressed horoscope. providing we understand those directions which are formed by the Sun. and to the radical or birth positions of the various bodies. and Moon conjunction Neptune P. the places of the slower moving bodies. and the sphere of life affected will be controlled by the House in which that planet may be. and the effects are different. as taught in the “Primary Considerations” on page 159. and this is what may be safely claimed has never before been done in any of the published expositions of the system. the direction of the Moon to the conjunction with Neptune ninth day after birth (corresponding to the tenth year of life) would be the same as the conjunction to its progressed place. reference must be made to the specimen horoscope given on page 51 of this work. the effects are not distinguishable. and Saturn. by their motions in the heavens after birth. and Planets among themselves. Uranus. But when we come to consider the practice of directing the Sun and Moon to the places of the planets in their progress after birth.. The nature of the event will be in harmony with the nature of the planet to which direction is made. It is essential.. directions of the Sun and Moon to these positions will have the effect of bringing them into action for good or ill. This has not received due consideration in any work which has made “Progressive” or Secondary directions the subject of study. The positions are not the same.221 SUPPLEMENT TO REVISED EDITION THE PROGRESSIVE HOROSCOPE UNDER this title it is the author’s intention to add to the information already given in Chapter III on the system of secondary Directions. This figure contains the radical positions of the planets at the moment of birth. both the radical and progressed positions of that planet being in Taurus on the cusp of the fifth house. such as Pluto. Luni-Solar. Moon. if Neptune at birth were in Virgo 23º 27'just before the cusp of the ninth house as in the figure on page 51. are usually accounted to be the same both in the Radix and the Progress. and in practice there would be nothing to distinguish the effects of Moon conjunction Neptune R. however. In order to support this statement. The method is as follows:- . Thus. as well as others when retrograde. just before the ninth cusp. It really does not matter whether we call these directions Secondary. it will be necessary to take into account the natural motion of the heavens during the interval that has elapsed since the moment of birth up to the moment when the direction is completed. according to the nature of the aspect formed tot hem by direction. or by any other name. Similarly in the case of Moon to the aspect of Uranus.

3. The Moon by progression is passing through the seventh house of the map and the sign Cancer. at all events in regard to their progressed positions.m. page 51.M. EXAMPLE In the specimen horoscope. as instructed on page 47. and it will then be found that a true astronomical figure. This combination would react upon the mental/emotional side of the child’s nature in so far as a child . All the planets (except such as are retrograde) will have increased their longitudes by their own proper motions in their orbits. 3. Saturn is in the fourth house of the map and Uranus is near the fifth cusp. Under the sign of the Ascendant we find 0 38 of the sign Capricorn. we enter the Tables of Houses for latitude 52 28 N.A. To the Sidereal Time at noon on that day apply the hour of birth. we may inquire concerning the directions of the 5th and 32nd years of life.222 TO CALCULATE THE PROGRESSED HOROSCOPE 1. on the morning of April 14th 1940.m. is obtained. and by the Tables of Houses the horoscope can be erected. The planets’ places for the hour of birth on the day of the progress must be set in this figure.C. G. But it will also be seen that nearly all the planets have changed their Houses since their last conjunction with the Moon. Following the rule :— 1. Four days complete reaches to the 14th April 1940 at 1 a. The planets’ places are then placed into the map for 1 a. This is equivalent 13th hours past noon. Thus we have the progressed Mid-heaven and the progressed Ascendant. and under the sign of the 10th house we find 7 30 of the sign Scorpio. and the figure for the progress is completed. 2. Count the number of days after birth corresponding to the number of years completed. 2. Now at the outset it will be seen that the Mid-heaven is separating from a sesquisquare of the radical position of Saturn and that the progressed Ascendant is separating from a sesquisquare of the radical Uranus and applying to a quincunx of the radical Pluto. They have therefore changed their significance. Therefore — To the Sidereal Time at Noon Add Correction for 13 hours Progress Right Ascension of M.. representing the places of the planets in regard to the place of birth a certain exact number of days after birth.T. Deduct for West Longitude 2 Right Ascension of Progressed Mid-Heaven H 1 13 0 14 14 M 26 0 2 28 8 20 T 5 0 10 15 0 15 With this R. This will give the Right Ascension of the Mid-heaven in the progressed horoscope.

A. The progressed Mercury is found in the 8th degree of Taurus. covering the year as a whole would be taken from the progressed Aspects made by the Mid-heaven. to part way through the seventh house. Ascendant and Mercury. Mercury would be in sesquisquare to the radical Neptune denoting a danger of encountering some form of intrigue or trickery and warning against an abuse of personal confidence whilst it would signify that the ensuing year would be unfavourable for long distance travel.C. The progressed M. Therefore the main significations fro the 32nd year of life. The progressed Venus is in the 3rd degree of Cancer. Hence.C. although the major planets (and also the minor ones when retrograde) do not appreciably alter their . Thirty-one days after birth measures to the 11th May 1940 when the calculation is as follows:— Sidereal Time at Noon on 10th Add time elapsed to hour of birth Correction for 13 hours at 10 seconds per hour Progress Right Ascension of M. The progressed Ascendant. Deduct for 2 West Longitude Right Ascension of Progressed Mid-Heaven H 3 13 0 16 16 M 12 0 2 14 8 6 T 32 0 10 42 0 42 This R. whilst Mars in 26 of Gemini has moved through Gemini until just past the Descendant. Saturn in the fourth house ruling the mother. Uranus being on the cusp of the fifth house ruling children. of conditions of a worrying nature in connection with home and family affairs and in addition it could have shown a recent addition to the family in the shape of a brother or sister. while at the same time the lunar and solar directions to the radical places will have the effects due to their radical positions.223 of four years could respond to such vibrations. is applying to a sesquisquare of the radical Sun and a semi-square to the radical Moon’s North Node showing an experiencing of troubles and difficulties in connection with vocational interests and warning against a possible loss of favour or support from those who are in higher positions connected with the actual work that is being done and with the social or public activities which are being carried out. and Pluto being in the sign Leo which also rules children. having moved from near the cusp of the sixth house at birth. just separating from the opposition of the radical Pluto would signify a degree of financial difficulty and warn against the taking of financial or speculative risks. Now let us take the indications for the 32nd year of life. Venus makes no aspect by progression and therefore does not exercise any specific influence during the year and the same signification applies to Mars which also does not from any aspect by progression. and could signify the experiencing by the mother. It will therefore be seen that the influence of a lunar or solar direction to the progressed planets will fall in a different sphere of the native’s life every time the same aspect is formed. for emigration or for anything of an overseas and foreign character. as determined by their sign and House. gives the Mid-heaven between the 3rd and 4th degrees of Sagittarius and the Ascendant approximately 1 of Aquarius. having moved from near the cusp of the third house (its birth position) to about a third way through the fourth house.

This is not the case in point of fact. By reference to the Tables of Houses for the latitude of the birthplace.224 longitudes in the course of a lunar revolution. the diurnal progress of the heavens will bring them successively from one House to the next. . The test of this system is made by the directions to the progressed M. every five years bringing up the same influence of the same planet for good. It will not be necessary to erect a series of figures for the successive years of life. the major planets which produce the greatest effects in the life will continue in the same House all through the life— Neptune. and every seven years bringing up the same influence of the same planet for evil. and from the eighth to the seventh. Mundane Directions). for if there were no truth in it. from the ninth to the eighty. throwing the Mid-heaven forward at the same rate. for the influence is gradually changing from one House to another. The foregoing exposition of the progressed horoscope will supplement and modify the statement of the system already made in this book in regard to Secondary Directions contained in Chapter III. but it will suffice for ordinary proactive if the Mid-heaven and Ascendant in the Progress are set out in the scale of Primary directions referred to on page 154. and then return to the same sequence of events. By the ordinary method of the fixed horoscope. whereas the effects are of the most appreciable nature and altogether convincing. The Moon does not make a clean sweep of the possible influences of the major planets in a twenty-eight year cycle (28 days). Also planets coming to the cusps of Houses by the same Progress are of remarkable significance. it will at once be seen in what houses the progressed positions of the planets will fall. THE LUNAR EQUIVALENT The Lunar Equivalent is an extension of the progressed horoscope. It certainly returns to the same sequence of aspects to these major planets. Uranus on the fifth cusp. so that they will have successively different influences. and will affect different spheres of the life. in terms of the natural motion of the heavens as seen from the place of birth. effects will happen at every successive good or evil aspect to these planets. We have already shown that each complete day after birth marks a year of life. near the cusp of the ninth house. and Ascendant. Saturn in the fourth house. conversely. Jupiter in the third. neither would the transits of the planets over these points be in any way significant. but as they have all changed their houses by the progress the effects are of the greatest importance. according to the nature of the aspects they thus form in Mundo (see page 153. and that during the revolution of the earth on its axis each day the Sun gains one degree (roughly). directions to these points would have no influence at all. as shown by the Tables of Houses.C. that is to say. and bringing the Ascendant by oblique ascension to the horizon at a variable rate.

at the end of one complete revolution of the Sun round the Earth. for 31 years 1 month H 16 2 18 M 6 0 7 T 42 0 20 2 For each successive month a further two hours and the increment for equation will be added to the progressed Mid-heaven. at 31 years 1 month the Mid-heaven will be in R. from hour to hour. constituting a change in the progressed Mid-heaven and progressed Ascendant corresponding to lunar motion. Consequently.A. these points falling in different Houses. on 6th May. but gradually.m.2956 log. Taking any progressed horoscope. the Mid-heaven will have gained twenty-four hours. of M. Thus in the case already cited.9283 .A.50 p. and the Moon will come into aspect with these planets at different points in their diurnal revolution round the Earth. 0. 16 hours 10 minutes 39 seconds. set for the hour of birth. on the 26th day after birth. and four minutes will equal one day. we have figure which represents an exact number of solar revolutions round the earth by apparent diurnal motion in the heavens. At the end of this time the Moon will have progressed 13 degrees 22 minutes. By this method a further series of positions will be obtained for the progressed planets. Consequently. that being its diurnal motion for one day between the 11th and 12th May. corresponding to the end of the seventh month after the thirty-first birthday. 1940. It is the Lunar Equivalent. two hours will equal one month. amounting to about four minutes. But the Sun and Mid-heaven do not make one degree of the Zodiac per saltum.. at thirty-one days after birth the Mid-heaven is in R. Plus Increment for 2 hours R. Thus :— Saturn’s longitude at noon Moon’s longitude at noon Difference Moon’s motion in 24 hours Saturn’s motion in 24 hours Time p. of the Conjunction 2 hours 50 minutes Taurus 5 53 4 27 1 26 12 16 7 12 9 log.m.A. while the Moon and planets are moving forward in the Zodiac. 1.2239 This time is 13 hours 50 minutes after the hour of birth. 1940. as the Earth revolves upon its axis while the Sun is moving forward in the Zodiac. 16 hours 6 minutes 42 seconds. we shall find that it meets it at 2. At thirty-two years complete it will be in R. which will give the progressed Mid-heaven for the next birthday anniversary. viz. As one day equals one year. 0. plus the equation for twenty-four hours (as determined by the Sun’s motion in the Zodiac). ILLUSTRATION If we calculate the time of the Moon to the conjunction with Saturn. as experiment will show.225 But there is yet another aspect of this subject which has not hitherto been explained.C. log. and which is of considerable importance.A.

and Mars— are in transit over the meridian or ascendant of the diurnal horoscope are evil in their import.. it will be advisable to make a separate column of the progressed Mid-heaven. Observe. . their places at birth). it follows that to erect a figure for each successive day of the year at the hour of the birth will be equivalent to taking a diurnal revolution in right ascension. the ephemeral positions of the planets play an important part in the nature of the events predicted from this source. pass the angles of the diurnal horoscope.226 To the R. It is based upon the apparent motion of the Sun round the Earth from day to day. of Mid-heaven Turning to the Tables of the Houses for latitude 52 28 N. as over 24 hours Lunar Equivalent in R. Moon. and also the Sun.. Similarly with all other cases. and Mercury when radically afflicted. each day being completed when the Sun returns to the same distance from the meridian as it held at birth. Those days on which the malefic planets— Neptune. knowing of the sickness of Queen Victoria. the exact date of the demise was accurately predicted some time before the event. Uranus. By means of this diurnal horoscope. and by reference to the Tables of Houses we can then at once see where the aspect actually falls in the heavens at the time of its exact formation. and also those on which the Sun.e. As may be surmised from the nature of this horoscope. are evil. Those days on which the radical places of the malefics (i. Moon. of progressed Min-heaven Add time elapsed Correction Deduct. 2. and the horoscope set for this time will be the diurnal horoscope ruling that day of the life. the following rules:— 1. Therefore in preparing the table of lunar aspects as on page 158. It will simplify explanation if the native is considered to be re-born every day at the same moment of time as at birth. Saturn.A. and gives many valuable keys for exact prediction.A. we shall find that with this Mid-heaven the conjunction will fall in the eighth house. And since the Sidereal Time is controlled by the Sun’s motion in its apparent orbit. This enables us to add point to the particular influences at work from the conjunction of the Moon with Saturn. and Mercury. H 16 13 0 29 24 5 M 6 50 2 59 0 59 T 42 0 18 0 0 0 THE DIURNAL HOROSCOPE This horoscope is set for the time of birth on every successive day of the year. By means of this horoscope we are often able to fix the exact date of an event which is only defined by the methods hitherto considered as likely to happen within a given month. when in evil aspect to other bodies. therefore. Also the date of King Edward’s decumbiture on the eve of his coronation. pass these points of the diurnal horoscope.

Next. The daily aspects formed by the Moon must be taken in regard to the Houses occupied by the planets aspected. Moon. 84 years gives an advance in longitude of 40 only.20 From the longitude of Uranus of the 15th October 1840. 6. Jupiter. 164 years 280 days. has a period of exactly 83 years. Given Ephemeris for 1902 Subtract 1672 Difference 230 divided by 84 gives 2 periods. mean annual motion 2 10 54 . next to the mutual aspects and conjunctions of the plants and lastly to the aspects formed by the Moon to the planets in the ephemeris. Thus. but inconstant. At the same time the Moon may have good aspect of Jupiter I the eleventh House. or the Sun. it has been possible to further examine the mean periods of the planets. Note on the Planetary Periods In review of the information given on page 171. Saturn. To make use of these periods. Mars. the conjunctions that are formed by the major planets with the Sun. The place of the new Moon in the diurnal horoscope is important. and applying it to the Sun’s mean motion for an equal period.09 Subtract 1. 5. it will indicate danger of being defrauded of money on that day. as it shows in what sphere of the life changes may take place during the month. But the transits of Jupiter and Venus. plus 62 years.20 Longitude of Uranus on the 15th October. the following general paradigm may be followed:— Required the longitude of Uranus for the 15th October 1672 (New Style). for the diurnal horoscope acts in terms of the prevailing influences. 79 years gives an advance of 1 34 . we are able to obtain the mean synodical periods of the various bodies or the times in which they will form their conjunctions with the Sun on the same day of the year. when not afflicted. 8 years gives a mean advance of 1 32 . the following are offered as more approximate to the truth:— Neptune. The chief effects are due to the transits over the angles of the diurnal horoscope. 4. Taking the mean motion of each planet in its orbit. and Mercury when well aspected (either in the ephemeris or the radix). good or bad according to the aspects to the luminaries. Pisces 17. Mercury. 79 years gives a mean advance of 1 27 . The basis of all these considerations must always be those directions which are in force at the time. Venus. and the following notes will doubtless be of service to the student. are uniformly good. Uranus. bringing them into operation at those dates when the Diurnal indications are in harmony with the directions. if the Moon forms a conjunction with Neptune in the second House of the diurnal horoscope. but irregular.227 3. and 2 periods multiplied by 40 gives 1. and the advice of a friend will be a corrective.S. 1902 minus 62 years gives 1840. Instead of the periods given on page 171.) Pisces 15. 1672 (N. 59 years gives an advance of 1 53 .49 .

4 days For the 7th Century. add to the Old Style the following number of days:— For the 20th Century. or taking the required year from the epoch if the former be before the epoch. 10days For the 15th Century. To this is applied the increment for the mean advance in the given periods. 12 days For the 18th Century. 3 days For the 6th Century. 1 day For the 3rd Century. 4 days For the 8th Century. 7 days For the 11th Century. 7 days For the 12th Century. for the purpose of this calculation. subtracting it from the year required if the latter be after the epoch. Note. 1 day For the 4th Century. 13 days For the 19th Century. 0 day For the 2nd Century. The periods will be multiplied by the mean advance of the planet in one period.228 Required the longitude of Mars for the 17th January 1905 Given Ephemeris for 1801 79 years ) 104 (1 period 79 25 Epoch 1801 Mars longitude 17th January 1826is Scorpio 0 21 To which add for 1 period 1 34 Mars longitude 17th January 1905 will be Scorpio 1 55 Any number of periods can be thus dealt with. 11days For the 16th Century. 5 days For the 9th Century. 11 days For the 17th Century. we shall have a certain number of periods and odd years. 6 days For the 10th Century. subtract 1 day . then dividing the period of the planet into the remainder. subtract 1 day For the 1st Century. 9days For the 14th Century. and the years when applied to the epoch will give the year in which the longitude of the planet is to be sought on the required date. and the approximate longitude of the planet is obtained for the required date. 2 days For the 5th Century.— To convert Old Style into New Style. by taking any epoch. 8days For the 13h Century.

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