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by john rogers
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i lo v e u

The lights flicker on in the cavernous hall you can have anything you want hostesses dance their ritual dance The physical memory fades fast I am young / I am strong / I am alone in the world, The earth screams as we leave it everything bright white up here human blood is rare Tell us your fantasy / We'll make it real* Sent from my BRNLVberry®


Five Weeks

And then there was this other thing The cats rolling around on the grass The broken wheelchair in the driveway It was too hot to sleep but I dreamed about Hollywood. Someone upstairs will be taking a shower The water in the pipes, the house creak Wind chimes, traffic, screaming Your flatmate will be making toast The walls are sweating We are not awake yet. You’ll feel sick in the car Standing, walking, running into the sea The cafe quiet, the clouds high and fast Your skin will be glowing and hot to the touch The bridge is old, I’ll be scared of seeing you fall, We’ll be in the trees, then. We sit on high stools and talk for hours It feels like it’s raining You watch me noticing you My heart thumps harder and my hands tingle You’ll be gone for five weeks.

Universe A tiny hand wraps around your thumb pink face eyes closed This creature’s head will soon contain a universe that will never stop exploding.





y r c




w i th

fu ll

The face of the creature is scaly Little sequinned eyes and slimy dreadlocks Mandibles clicking, crablike as it fixes you with that inhuman gaze In its mouth, its gullet, deep inside, A light source lean in It glows blue and white, shimmers and rotates like a mirror ball or a cut diamond Lightning colours in lava Each little facet a screen perhaps showing a beach scene perhaps or A sandy haired angel who smiles from your past or The spotlit artist hanging naked on a white wall, eyes lit up in rapture or The empty lobby, marble and gold, luxurious or maybe purgatorial I don’t know or This drive on the autobahn under the hard sky water spraying over us, shrouding the car in mist.

* beautiful landscape *

Behind the curtain lies the world The quiet roar of waterfall Cars scything through puddles like everything is a foot deep but I am asleep, and it hasn’t rained. Yes, we had a lovely day, yes, thanks The speeches were in German but we, nodding along, smiled when the crowd laughed And drained the open bar. I held the gaze of a female Polizei in the lobby I’m not sure why We went for a drive A story about a father, shouting at his two year old in the street to “grow the fuck up” Street graffiti: “don’t drink and fuck” As if there’s anything else to do in This endless city, this sun-beaten sprawl, this dirty kitchen of Deutschland.

perfect decision

I have literally just walked in the door Well, a few minutes ago, it's nice out there It is literally autumn now. I am literally drinking a can of Sprite Not as I type but, you know what I mean. I've literally no way of knowing how it feels to be you. I have literally looked at every picture on your Facebook literally about five times, (I am literally glad you don't know that) I have literally got the hots for you what do you mean "what are the hots"? I have literally just written the first eleven lines of this poem We are in a state of literal intimacy right now You are literally reading my thoughts Isn't that beautiful?

Hi! You are my true love. I love you and I always will. Writing this love letter is specially my way to express my feeling of love for you. Of course I am not perfect, but I do have goals in my life. I am a honest, sincere, and true lady, and I have a lot of love to give if you are willing to be on the receiving end http://tiny1.ca/1qu3 Love always, Yours, Vasilisa.

john brainlove@gmail www.cargocollective.com/johnrogers

thank u see you lster

thanks to steve roggenbuck, internet poetry, m&s riviere, tegan christmas, diane marie, austinalism, ana, francine, amy, @hexachordal


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