Was. Is. Always will be.

Our first truck was actually a bus.
After months of tinkering, Jack Mack was finally finished. Standing before him and his brothers on that day in 1900 was a milestone in American transportation: the first bus ever built on this continent. Over the next twenty years, this 18-passenger, 24-horsepower bus would carry thousands of sightseers through Brooklyn’s scenic Prospect Park. By the time it logged a remarkable one million miles, the bus had established the foundation of Mack’s reputation for durability and longevity.

Over a centur y of growth, accomplishment and innovation. Some things never change.
A Mack® truck is so much more than a well-built machine. It’s where a company’s century-long past intersects with an innovative spirit. It’s a precision-engineered example of what happens when customer needs are always put first. It’s a steel-clad synonym for strength and power — “Built Like a Mack Truck®” is a lasting, living part of the American language. To generations of drivers, a Mack truck is a testament to the idea of getting the job done and to the rewards of hard work. The story of Mack Trucks, Inc., and the legend of the Mack truck began in a dusty Brooklyn garage at the opening of the twentieth century.

Trucks can be war heroes, too.
When the first Mack AC model rolled out of the factory in 1915, no one had any idea the role the truck would play in history. When America entered World War I, thousands of AC models were pressed into service to transport men and materials. While other trucks were bogged down in the axle-deep mud of the French countryside, the AC proved to be unstoppable. British soldiers were impressed enough to dub the AC model “Bulldog” after its snub nose hood and ferocious tenacity. The nickname stuck and a trucking legend began growing. In 1963, the Smithsonian Institution recognized the war-winning contributions of the Mack AC by placing it on permanent display.

An icon is born.
One day in 1922, someone at Mack with astute marketing sense had the idea of leveraging the British Tommies’ nickname and create a brand. The first bulldog image appeared on a steel plate that was bolted to the side of AB models and in advertising that showed Mack’s relentless commitment to reducing hauling costs. The famed Bulldog® hood ornament appeared ten years later. Perfect timing, too — a building boom was ready to roar through the nation and the tenacity of Mack trucks would be severely tested on some of history’s most grueling construction sites. As Mack trucks overcame great odds to get any job done, the Bulldog’s reputation soared.

Building a nation while creating a legend.
As the country modernized in the years before and after World War II, the nation journeyed to prosperity and leadership in the company of the Mack Bulldog. Mack trucks moved countless tons of earth to build Hoover Dam, Rockefeller Center, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Lincoln Tunnel. Constructing the Mt. Wilson Observatory in California, these steel workhorses climbed treacherously narrow mountain roads hauling huge steel girders. The nation was awestruck by the way these vehicles performed. The expression “Built Like a Mack Truck” worked its way into the American vernacular and continues to serve as shorthand for durability and strength.

How many companies have their mission statement carved from chrome?
Look at the piece of finely chiseled chrome that is the Mack Bulldog and you’ll see an object that embodies the guiding principles of an entire company. Words like tough, relentless, powerful, strong and long-lasting are all associated with a 4-inch-high hood ornament that dominates an industry. But those words do more than capture the essence of Mack trucks; they describe the organization that stands behind each and every vehicle we sell.

A truck company with global reach and resources.
Mack was, is, and always will be a driving force in the trucking industry. It is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles in North America, and Mack trucks are sold in more than 45 countries. As a member of the Volvo Group, Mack benefits from the global technological leadership and far-reaching resources of the world’s second largest heavy-duty truck producer, and largest provider of heavy-duty diesel engines. Mack continues to leverage its strong brand identity and innovative spirit to meet the commercial transportation needs of today and tomorrow.

Designing the right truck for the right job.
One of today’s hot business terms is “customer-centric,” which, in plain English, means giving customers what they want and need. This is not something new for Mack. We’ve been putting customers first for decades, going to any length to get the job done. Our thoughtfully designed, highway and vocational truck lines are amazingly versatile. Mack engineers listen to drivers and fleet managers to discover what they want in a truck and then deliver it. Over the life of a single model, Mack will “spec” a truck thousands of different ways for thousands of different customers. It’s how we’ve put our customers at the center of everything we do for more than one hundred years.

Driven to innovate.
Since its earliest days, Mack has been driven to break new technological ground. The list of industry-changing innovations developed by Mack in design, engines, transmissions and electronics is too long to detail here. Many of those advancements began at the Mack Engineering Development and Test Center — a 62-acre facility dedicated to pushing the engineering envelope and perfecting our products. Here, vehicles undergo a battery of torture tests. A cab bounces for months at a time over simulated bumps. A one-ton wrecking ball crashes into a door frame. A brutal off-road test track ensures Mack vocational vehicles live up to impossibly high standards. If a truck can make it here, then the real world will be a cinch.

A dealer network as strong as the products they sell.
The spirit of the Mack brand doesn’t just reside at company headquarters in Allentown, Pa., or in our manufacturing plants in Macungie, Pa., Hagerstown, Md., and New River Valley, Va. You’ll find it at each one of the hundreds of Mack dealers covering North America. Our dealers are dedicated to helping customers use our vehicles in the most productive, profitable ways with parts and service, leasing options and emergency assistance. This industryleading network is supported by six North American Parts Distribution Centers helping to guarantee that Genuine Mack™ parts get to where they need to be. The OneCall™ CompleteCare program is a driver’s personal Mack support network, by simply dialing one number to get the help they need. All part of our commitment to keep customers moving.

Trucks built to be as tough and indomitable as the people who drive them.
America is the home of the endless highway. Its vast stretches can take you anywhere, both literally and metaphorically. Since 1900, Mack and its machines have helped people succeed and realize their dreams. These trucks are part of the American identity — hard-working, practical and tenacious — the same qualities you find in the people driving our trucks.

Impervious to punishment. But never change.
No one can dispute that Mack trucks helped build America. Thanks to a continuous line of popular models that stretch back to the early twentieth century, Mack has been a perennial construction trucking leader. It’s due to a combination of strength, power, innovative thinking and an ability to meet changing market needs. When truck owners wanted a lightweight vehicle that didn’t sacrifice durability, the result was the Granite Bridge Formula® . When the market needed a truck to handle severe duty hauling, Mack developed the CL model. The bottom line is this: Whatever it takes to get the job done, Mack will build the truck to do it.

And one small step for refuse workers.
The refuse business is difficult. You have to be tough and fiercely competitive to survive. It’s exactly why Mack is the dominant maker of refuse trucks in North America. The biggest waste management companies rely on us to stay profitable with trucks like the Mack LE — a vehicle that single-handedly revolutionized trash pickup. This truck’s door is a scant 18 inches above the curb. Workers only need to take a single step to enter and exit the cab. Pickups are faster so more work is done in a shift. The Mack MR is the industry’s favorite cabover, helping to give drivers unmatched visibility and more maneuverability in tight spots. Sure, refuse can be brutal. Luckily, it’s a little easier in a Mack truck.

The construction truck evolves.
Might alone is not enough. Staying successful in the tough, competitive construction business takes brains. It takes a truck with sophisticated electronics that minimize downtime and promote efficiency. It takes smart engineering that reduces weight while boosting durability. That truck is the Mack Granite® model. It’s specifically designed to give owners a sharp competitive edge. This powerhouse features one of the strongest cabs Mack has ever built, adding to our legendary longevity. Granite keeps drivers satisfied and productive. Plush seats, an ergonomic dashboard and a spacious interior set new standards for comfort. The Mack Visibility door helps drivers maneuver around tight spaces. Trucks usually drive past milestones. With its innovative engineering, Granite has become one.

Delivering comfort, economy and profits.
Drivers are a demanding bunch. They want to work in well-appointed cabs that deliver comfort over long hours. They want the power and torque to effortlessly cruise over the steepest grades. And they want to feel proud standing next to their rig. Vision by Mack™ is a triumph of design, comfort and functionality. Its graceful styling slices the wind, bolsters fuel economy and turns heads. Drivers sit in a seat that cradles their bodies against rough roads. All to deliver big profits mile after mile. If you want to see the result of a company listening to the needs of its customers, look no further than the ™ Mack Vision.

Miles ahead electronically.
Trucks today are as much about software and silicon chips as they are about horsepower and steel. In keeping with its innovative heritage, Mack has been at the forefront of the technological revolution sweeping through trucking. Our advanced, proprietary electronics package — the Vehicle Management and Control or V-MAC® system — is the only one in trucking that seamlessly integrates vehicle and engine electronics for greater efficiency. It gives drivers and fleet managers the ability to use a Mack truck more productively and squeeze more money out of every mile.

All trucks measure revolutions per minute. We measure revolutions per century.
In 1905, Mack was one of the first manufacturers to mount a cab over the engine, boosting driver visibility and maneuverability on busy city streets.

Mack made trucks safer to drive when it pioneered power brakes in 1920 by using a vacuum-booster system.

Mack was the first truck manufacturer to design and build its own diesel engines in 1938.

A technological breakthrough in 1967 provided better maximum horsepower over a longer range of revolutions. Fuel efficiency increased and the need for shifting decreased.

Drivers became a lot more comfortable when Mack developed this major ride and durability improvement in 1969.

Mack revolutionized truck electronics in 1999 with our innovative V.I.P.™ system. This in-dash driver display is the industry’s largest and helps trucks run more efficiently.

Was. Is. Always will be.