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Xuefeng Corpus Lifechanyuan

Let Us Raise a Banner of Hope for Humanity

translated by Conglong celestial & revised by Kaer celestial

Isadon and all brothers and sisters in Konohana Family:

Warm and heartfelt greetings to all of you!

How happy we are, to meet friends from afar. Today, all brothers and sisters of the Second Home are immersed in a sea of joy from ichiyo!s "isit and because our

two communities ha"e united as one. We ha"e transcended national borders, cultural differences, and historical conflicts, and ha"e become a single harmonious family. This is not only a great news for #onohana and the Second Home, but also for all $apanese and %hinese people, and ultimately for all of humanity.

#onohana &amily has been de"eloping for nineteen'()* years under the outstanding guidance of +sadon, and has achie"ed material abundance and spiritual wealth. The

Xuefeng Corpus Lifechanyuan

li"ing en"ironment is elegant, the community atmosphere is harmonious, and e"eryone feels happy, free, joyful, and blessed. +t is an impressi"e achie"ement and we are "ery proud to join you.

The road ahead is "ery long. ,eople ha"e been searching for thousands of years to find a beautiful ideal. Throughout history, sages and saints ha"e dedicated their wisdom, efforts, talents, and e"en their li"es to eliminate po"erty, famine, conflicts, and wars, and to the causes of peace, happiness, and freedom. Today!s unity of #onohana &amily and the Second Home is a crystalli-ation of human wisdom. +t is also a symbol of the ad"ancement of ci"ili-ation and the result of thousands of years of pursuing a beautiful lifestyle, as well as the best hope for the future of humanity.

.et us raise a banner of hope by showing our sincerity, /indness, beauty, lo"e, faith, and honesty, and let us set a good e0ample by uniting our two communities. We are confident that we will surpass all obstacles along the way and lead humanity to wal/ on the Way of the 1reatest %reator and the road of peace, freedom, and happiness, and e"entually reali-e our dream that, The talents will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family.

2pportunity /noc/s but once. Today3s world is filled with sa"agery, ignorance, autocracy, power grabs, conflicts, and fights. The 4nited 5ations and many go"ernments are ma/ing efforts to end this, plus thousands of communities, eco6

Xuefeng Corpus Lifechanyuan

"illages, and indi"iduals who lo"e peace are also wor/ing toward this goal. We shall wor/ harder, gi"e up personal interests, and open oursel"es to embrace people from different regional, national, cultural, political, and religious bac/grounds to initiate a bright new era.

2ur physical li"es are limited, but our spiritual .+78S are unlimited. The earth is limited, but time and space are unlimited. Human wisdom is limited, but the 1reatest %reator!s is unlimited. Hand in hand, we will wor/ toward learning the infinite mysteries of time and space, and continuously e0plore our way forward.

2n behalf of all brothers and sisters within our community, + send my warmest blessings and best wishes, and wish you all health and happiness!

5o" (:, ;<(=

brothers and sisters of #onohana &amily, $apan (the 5th branch of the Second Home)

Xuefeng Corpus Lifechanyuan

brothers and sisters of the Second Home (the 1st branch)

brothers and sisters of the Second Home (the original 3rd branch)

Xuefeng Corpus Lifechanyuan

brothers and sisters of the Second Home (the 4th branch)

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