26, 2013

NR # 3299

House Committee on Ways & Means to scrutinize qualifications of new BOC officials
Members of the House Committee on Ways and Means have asked for the credentials of the newly appointed officials of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to determine their qualifications to their ob assi!nments" #n a recent hearin! of the Committee on Ways and Means chaired by $ep" $omero %Miro& 'uimbo ((nd )istrict* Marikina City)* $ep" +helma ,lmario (( nd )istrict* )avao Oriental) said the new appointees should submit their resumes to the House panel" %#n as much as we are at this point of askin! their qualifications and how they are (doin!) in the BOC* # su!!est that they submit to this committee their resume" How is it that they are now with the BOC- What e.perience (of appointees) can ustify why you are now at the BOC at what port are you desi!ned to perform-& ,lmario said" ,lmario said the work e.perience of the new officials would determine if they really fit the obs assi!ned to them at the BOC" %,s we went alon!* some of you said they/ve been at the BOC for only si. weeks* while the others were not there years a!o* and ust took the ob this year or last year* or what not" 0o it/s better for us to have the resume of all of you so that we will know the e.periences that you have really suit the obs assi!ned to you*& said ,lmario" 'uimbo said the !ood thin! is that there is a new !roup takin! over at the BOC with the appointment of the new officials" He said lawmakers are !oin! to be the new BOC officials/ 1umber 2 defender and at the same time their 1umber 2 scrutini3er" %# don/t think there is any reason for anyone to hesitate" 4lease submit to us your respective resumes* #/m sure these will more than ustify the appointments*& said 'uimbo" 'uimbo also asked for clarification from the )eputy Commissioner for intelli!ence and enforcement 5essie )ellosa* a former ,rmed 6orces chief of staff* if there is indeed %militari3ation& at the BOC in li!ht of reports about the presence of former military personnel at the BOC" %,re there other military or former military officers there because we read in the papers recently there are a number of military personnel or former who are now in the bureau" What is the framework or direction of the )epartment of 6inance ()O6) when it comes to that-& 'uimbo asked"

7ast week* it was reported that !overnment was militari3in! the BOC with the appointment of ei!ht retired military and police !enerals at the bureau" )ellosa said the military officers were needed in fi!htin! smu!!lers and smu!!lin!" %0ince we are fi!htin! smu!!lers8smu!!lin!* we need !enerals to fi!ht these smu!!lers" ,nd also these !enerals have mana!erial skills and leadership skills* yun po ang kailangan*& said )ellosa" 7ast 0eptember* 4resident ,quino appointed five deputy commissioners of the BOC after the removal of (9 district collectors who were subsequently transferred to a %think tank& at the )O6 called the Customs 4olicy $esearch Office (C4$O)" +he appointments were made as the BOC is stru!!lin! to meet its collection tar!ets" +he five new BOC deputy commissioners are retired :eneral )ellosa for the intelli!ence and enforcement !roup; 4rimo ,!uas* for the mana!ement information system and technolo!y !roup; ,!aton +eodoro <vero* for the assessment and operations coordinatin! !roup; former )epartment of Bud!et and Mana!ement )irector Myrna Chua* for the internal administration !roup; and )epartment of 6inance ,ssistant 0ecretary =ditha +an* for revenue collection" ,fter several weeks* BOC Commissioner $uffy Bia3on detailed 2> more BOC officials to the C4$O* brin!in! to ?9 the total number of transferees" (?>) rbb

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