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Angela Sellers Stress Management Project 11/25/2013

Six stress management techniques I have chosen
Keeping a journal I chose this because I really enjoyed doing this this for class and it has been hel ing me! I lan on using the journals I already ha"e and #ee ing them by my bed! I lan to do this at least t$ice a $ee# or $hen needed! %his $ill hel me to get my feelings out and to remember the good times and $hat I ha"e learned from the not so good times! %he category of the $ellness $heel it enhances is emotional& intellectual and s iritual! Meditating I chose this because it hel s me to rela' and calm do$n! (y $earing comfy clothes and sitting do$n in a comfortable s ot and closing my eyes& focusing on my breathing& listening to meditation music! At least t$ice a $ee# or $hen needed! )o efully to lo$er my blood ressure& an'iety and to feel calm and good! %his enhances emotional& hysical& s iritual& intellectual! Expressive art therapy I chose this because it hel s me to relie"e stress and because I lo"e art and colors! I find free rintable art and I use colored encils! At least once a $ee# or $hen needed! %o relie"e stress and to un$ind and rela'! %his enhances emotional& intellectual&s iritual! Exercise (ecause I really need to be healthier! (y $al#ing& lifting $eights& s$imming& etc!! I $ant to start $ith at least t$ice a $ee# and $or# u from there! %o lose $eight and to feel good! %his enhances hysical&emotional&social&intellectual&s iritual& and en"ironmental!

Pray, church, etc.. (ecause I need and $ant this in my life and it $ill im ro"e all things! (y attending church& raying& reading scri tures! *hurch once a $ee#& raying and reading e"ery day! %o im ro"e my s irituality& and to get to #no$ myself and +od better! %his enhances hysical& emotional& social& intellectual& and s iritual! Wor on ho!!ies that I love (ecause this ma#es me feel good and ta#es a$ay my $orries for a $hile! I lo"e to crochet& do hotogra hy& calligra hy& coo#ing& laying my recorder! At least once a $ee# or $hen needed! %o feel good at accom lishing something $orth$hile to me and ho efully others and to rela'! %his enhances de ending on $hat I do& hysical& emotional& social& intellectual&s iritual& and en"ironmental! I also ha"e ut together a calendar on the ne't age that is for the month of ,o"ember! I $ould li#e to be fle'ible in $hat I do& meaning I li#e "ariety and I $ould li#e to mi' things u month by month! I really feel good about $hat I ha"e chosen because I already do a lot of these things! I just a reciate all of these things no$! (ecause of this class it has hel ed me reali-e $hat I ha"e already done& and $hat I can continue to do and the ne$ things I can im lement!