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Times : 50 minutes

choose $ne best answer. You must go to the ________ now or you will miss the plane. #. SE"TI%N A &uesti$n 1'4 Choose the best ($)* to complete the sentence. A gym ! airport " supermarket # fire station 4 We have our meals in the ____________.This question paper consists of 40 questions. A hotel ! airport " cinema # stadium . Answer a questions. A bathroom ! living room " porch # kitchen + Fathul Yasir is watching a football match at the ______________. For each question. A porch ! bathroom " dining room # toilet &uesti$n 5'Choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph. 1 I brush my teeth in the ________________ . . Each question is followed by four options. A. ". !.

'hen choose the /est answer . 5 A ! to the safari to the park " to the farm # to the "oo 6 A ! bathe the giraffes feed the giraffes " watch the giraffes # ride on the giraffes - A ! in a cage in a coop " in a stable # in a kennel SE"TI%N ! &uesti$n . he was very e$cited because her parents were taking her ______________ %5& . he also saw a monkey locked _______________ %-& . 'hey saw many interesting animals there.'10 tudy the pictures carefully. 'hey came home late in the evening. 'hey were e$cited to ____________ %6& . I"" #ayani loved to watch the elephants because they were gentle and friendly.Last unday! I"" #ayani woke up early.

&uesti$n 11'15 Choose the /est sentences to fit the situation shown in the pictures. 'here is a modern bungalow on the hill. 'he boy is wiping the window.. 10 A ! " 'he boy is cleaning his room. A ! " 'here is a hut near the (ungle. 'here is a huge palace by the lake. 0 A 'he bird is eating in the cage. ! " 'he bird is flying in the cage. 'he boy is holding a toy elephant. *ak +asser is whistling the bird. . # 'here is a double)storey house in the garden.ow often do you e$ercise- . # *ak +asser is feeding the bird. # 'he boy is putting a coin into the piggy)bank.

end my regards to 0ncle Fadil and 1unt Ida.y handwriting is bad.11 A It makes us strong and healthy. ! " I/m writing to our cousin! Yaya. 1+ A . It/s good to e$ercise in the park or field. ! " I always e$ercise in the evening. # Five times a week. When should I post the letter- # What are you looking at2o you know that 3iolet! 4laus and unny lost their parents in an accident- .

'here are a lot of pictures. 'his story is very funny SE"TI%N " &uesti$n 16'+0 Choose the /est answer to complete the sentences. 'he story has a very sad ending. Look6 'he 7oyal London Circus is in town. ! " Wow6 'his is going to be fun. # 5h! no6 I don/t have enough money.1. 14 Why are you smiling- A What are you reading! " Let/s buy the newspaper. A 5h6 *oor them. 5h6 I can/t go home early today. A a " an . 16 1inul Fitriyah is __________________ cleverest student in her class. hall we watch it tonight- # Why is 'he 7oyal London Circus in town- 15 A ! " # 'he song is very difficult to sing.

It was delicious. A a ! the " an # ) +0 We are going to _________ Indonesia tomorrow. A 1 ! 'he " 1n # ) &uesti$n +1 Choose the word that has simi a) meanin1 as the underlined word. A e$cellent " handsome . A a ! the " an # ) 1. A a ! the " an # ) 10 _________ moonlight is very bright tonight.'ira 8 Why is ______ front door openYani 8 5h! no6 omeone has broken into our house.! the # ) 1. I bought _____ apple yesterday. +1 Count 5laf is a very horrible person.

+.ighness Court. A neighbour/s ! neihgbour/s " nieghbour/s # niehgbour/s +5 I need a needle and some __________ to sew this dress A thraed ! tharead " thread # theraed .udge at highness court # . A ! " 9Who is your favourite singer-: asked the class teacher. Choose the sentence with correct 2un3tuati$n. &uesti$n +4'+5 Choose the correct s2e in1 for the given options. +4 . (ustice strauss is a . Who is your favourite singer6 1sked the class teacher. ++ A ! " (ustice strauss is a (udge at .! evil # good &uesti$n ++'+. 9Who is your favourite! singer-: asked the class teacher.ustice trauss is a (udge at . .y __________ son works as an engineer. # 9Who is your favourite singer6: asked the class teacher.ighness Court.ustice trauss is a (udge at highness court.

<ased on the picture and the passage given! choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. +6 ++. . +0 .0 Look at the picture carefully.SE"TI%N # &uesti$n +6'. 'hey called ___________ %.alan 4eris yesterday.& van. 1 man on a bicycle was knocked down by __________ %+.0 A an A an A an A an A an ! ! ! ! ! a a a a a " " " " " the the the the the # ) # ) # ) # ) # ) . 1 few passers)by stopped to help ___________%+0& victim. It was raining heavily in __________ %+-& evening. 'here was __________ %+6& accident at .0& ambulance and sent him to the hospital. 'he cyclist laid motionless on the bicycle was badly damaged.

Last unday! we visited our grandparents who live in a village in 4a(ang! elangor.1 When did 7a(oo receive 1nusha/s letterA > . +o.5 7ead the letter below carefully and answer the =uestions that follow. Yours sincerely! 7a(oo .1'. +ow! my aunt has recovered.ay ?@>@ 2ear 1nusha! 'hank you for your letter which I received two weeks ago.ope to hear from you soonest. . . I am sorry for not replying earlier because I was too busy. While we were having lunch with our grandparents! my father/s handphone rang.+ From the letter above! we can say that 7a(oo/s father is a A engineer ! teacher " doctor # vet . Who was seriously ill. 'hen! we come home. We rushed to the hospital.4 'he phrase B$n t4e ine5 can be replaced with the word C A speaking ! yelling " screaming # crying . ?A . he was seriously ill.ay ?@>@ " ?A .e said that my aunt was warded.7a(oo/s ____________.ay ?@>@ # A . It is about ?@ kms from where we live.ay ?@>@ .ay ?@>@ ! >@ .&uesti$n . DA! . . .. 1fter my father e$amined her! he said she was not that serious.y uncle was $n t4e ine.e gave her some medicine to take.alan eri Cheras D! 'aman eri Cheras! AE?@@! Cheras! elangor. . A cousin ! uncle " aunt # grandmother .e wanted my father to e$amine her.

. 7a(oo lives in Cheras. 1nusha lives in Cheras.m. You too are 6in t4e same /$at5.aybe we can meet at the canteen after visiting hours. Where/s your mother anyway-. Your father will be well soon. .e had a heart attack+isha82on/t worry.5 7ead the conversation below carefully and answer the =uestions that follow. # 1nusha lives in 4a(ang.ei Ling.You look very sad.6 <oth the girls met at the ____________ .E@ p. 1nyway! what are you doing here-+isha8I come to visit my aunt. I/ll be there. .ei Ling8I am going to visit my father at the hospital..ei Ling8I think that/s a good idea. I/ll see you in the canteen at A.ei Ling85h6 I/m sorry to hear that. &uesti$n .5 Which statement below is 3$))e3tA ! " 7a(oo stays in 4a(ang.+isha85kay..ei Ling8 he/s already with my father.1'.. It/s only a mild attack. . Where are you going.+isha8Well! it/s okay.ei Ling8What happened to her-+isha8 Well! she fell from the stairs and sustained a fracture in her right leg.. . +isha8.

# .0 'he phrase 6in t4e same /$at5 means .What happened to . +isha/s ________ suffered a fracture of the leg after a fall. .e had a minor heart attack .e .ei Ling/s fatherA ! " . A mother ! sister " aunt # father .. .e had a serious heart attack. 'he girls will meet again.ei Ling/s mother already with her father. 'he visiting hours end at A..ei Ling and +isha are A ! " in the same situation travelling in the same boat looking for the same boat # in the different situation 40 Which statement about the conversation above is in3$))e3tA ! " +isha/s aunt had a heart attack.m.A bus)stop ! canteen " hospital # +isha/s house .e had a ma(or heart attack # .E@ p.