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Strike Force: Shantipole
by Ken Rolston and Steve Gilbert
Development: Steve Gilbert • Editing: Bill Slavicsek • Star Warriors Scenarios: Doug Kaufman Art Direction: Stephen Crane • Graphics: Rosaria J. Balduri, Anne Fink, Susan Kramer Typesetting: Carl Skutsch • Interior Art: Lucasfilm, Ltd. • Map Art: Rosaria J. Baldari Production: Steve Porpora • Proofreading: Paul Murphy • Rules Upgrade: Greg Gorden, Bill Slavicsek
(R) TM & © 1988 Lucasfilm, Ltd. (LFL). All Right Reserved. Trademarks of LFL used by West End Games, Inc., under authorization.

Welcome to another Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game adventure. If you want to be a player in this adventure you should stop reading now. This book contains information for the gamemaster (GM) only. Players who read ahead spoil the adventure for themselves and others.

Preparing to Play
If this is your first Star Wars adventure then you'll need to spend a few minutes helping your players select and customize their character templates. Several space battles occur in Strike Force: Shantipole, so having a couple of characters skilled in piloting or gunnery is highly recommended. Next, give each new character 1,000 credits for purchasing equipment. In addition to purchased equipment, the Alliance provides the player characters (PCs) with a modified light freighter, named Out Runner, at the start of the adventure. If the PCs have their own ship, let them use it instead of the Alliance light freighter. If your players already have characters, feel free to let them use them. Remember though, a group of Rebels without a skilled pilot or gunner will be at a distinct disadvantage.

In This Adventure...
... a group of Rebels must rescue a high-ranking Alliance officer and his secret project from an embattled asteroid field. Hidden in the Roche Asteroid Field, home of the alien Verpine, lies a secret Rebel base. Here Commander Ackbar* oversees the construction of a new starfighter — the two-man B-wing. As the adventure opens, the project is near completion and Alliance Command has sent Rebel heroes to retrieve Ackbar and the prototype B-wings. The Empire knows of their activity, though, and has plans of its own for this new starfighter. Can the Rebels rescue Ackbar, his team, the peaceful Verpine and the prototype starfighters from the attacking Imperial forces, then escort them out of the asteroid field without falling to the terrifying power of an Imperial fleet? These are the challenges of Strike Force: Shantipole.

Adventure Materials
Let's take a moment now to go over the components found in Strike Force: Shantipole. In addition to the adventure booklet, you'll find: • Star Wars Rules Upgrade. This four-page folder contains important additions and clarifications for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. We strongly suggest using the rules upgrade when running this adventure. • The Pullout Section. The four-page pullout section includes the script that starts the adventure, the maps of Ackbar's Command Base and Research Station Shantipole's hangar bay, the key to the full-color map, and non-player character (NPC) templates. • The Full-Color Map. This map details the interior of Research Station Shantipole. The text tells you when to display it for your players. • Additional Materials. Other items needed to play this adventure include Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game hardcover book, pencils, paper and lots of six-sided dice. The Star Wars Sourcebook, The Star Wars Campaign Pack (which includes a gamemaster screen), Star Wars Miniatures Sets, and the Star Warriors starfighter combat game are also useful, but not necessary for play.

Running a Star Wars Adventure
Alien beings wander to and fro, TIE fighters scream overhead, blaster bolts whiz by — this is Star Wars, a universe full of action and excitement. To capture this feeling while roleplaying, the gamemaster must be familiar with the adventure material. No one has any f u n when undramatic pauses invade a crucial scene. "Two TIE fighters come screaming in on your port side," explains the gamemaster dramatically. "Umm, just let me read for a couple of minutes to see what they do next. . ." So much for maintaining the tension of the moment. Being unprepared spoils the fun and ruins the excitement of playing in the Star Wars galaxy. If you've only run a few Star Wars adventures, here are some hints on how to handle Strike Force: Shantipole. First, read through the adventure completely to familiarize yourself with the characters and the storyline. Next, before you begin play, go over the first two episodes carefully. In a typical evening of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game it'll take your players a full session (two to three hours) to go through two episodes (although you can stop whenever you feel they've done enough for one evening). Once your players finish these episodes, stop play. As a suggestion, stop during some bit of action. This creates a "cliff-hanger" ending that will leave your players eagerly awaiting the next session. Before resuming play, read through the next two episodes. And so on. Being prepared assures that you and your players will get the most out of every session of play.
* This adventure portrays Ackbar prior to his promotion to Admiral. For additional information about Ackbar, see page 76 of The Star Wars Sourcebook.

Difficulty Numbers and Game Balance
As GM, you must modify this adventure to fit your particular group of players using the Difficulty Number Scale found in the rules upgrade. For example, if the text says that PCs need to make an Easy Dexterity roll to accomplish a given task, turn to the "Difficulty Number Scale" in the rules upgrade and assign a number between 6 and 10, depending on the level of skill of your PCs. Attributes are capitalized and italicized, skills are only italicized. In addition, the number and template types of PCs in your group affects the outcome of each encounter. This

adventure is designed for six beginning player characters with a good mix of skills. If you have fewer PCs, you may need to scale down the encounters accordingly.

Adventure Background
The months after the victory at Yavin were a time of great hope for the Rebellion. Following the Death Star's destruction, volunteers and recruits from across the galaxy poured in to swell the Alliance's ranks. Among those recruits were Rebel pilots, who found lumbering Imperial convoys easy pickings for their speedy starfighters. Manpower and supplies were on the rise, and it seemed that the dark days would soon be over. But all that changed when the Imperial fleet began to relentlessly hunt for the hidden Rebel base. To make matters worse, the Empire added a new vessel to its supply convoys — the powerful Nebulon-B Frigate. At 194 million standard credits, the Nebulon-B costs less than one twentieth of the price of an Imperial Star Destroyer. With its 24 laser batteries, two TIE fighter squadrons and heavy shielding, the Nebulon-B is more than a match for the lightly-armed Rebel raiders. Since the vessel's introduction, damage to raiding parties has climbed so dramatically that Alliance High Command has discontinued all attacks on Imperial convoys. Supply problems grow critical as the Rebellion slowly strangles into submission. The Alliance has one hope to counter the deadly escort frigate. Everything depends on a daring plan proposed by a Mon Calamarian named Ackbar. Ackbar learned of the Nebulon-B while he was Grand Moff Tarkin's personal servant/slave. From what he saw of the vessel's overall design, Ackbar determined that only an equally powerful capital ship (of which the Alliance has precious few) or specially equipped starfighters could hope to stand against the escort frigate in combat. It was the decision of High Command to develop a new starfighter to handle this problem. And so, before the wreckage of the first failed convoy raid cooled, Ackbar traveled to Roche system to seek the aid of a renowned race of shipbuilders — the Verpine. Using Ackbar's vision and their own design skills, the insectoid Verpine began creating a technical work of arf — the B-wing starfighter. This heavy starfighter, capable of closing with an Imperial frigate and disabling its TIE bays and hyperdrives, was to be the latest accomplishment of the Slayn and Korpil hives. Soon, without effective escorts, the cargo transports would once again become easy targets.

Under Ackbar and his team of Alliance engineers, the Verpine have completed prototypes of the two-man B-wing starfighter. The two-man B-wing employs a unique firing compartment which allows the gunner to fire from a stable platform while the ship conducts evasive maneuvers. This results in a starfighter with significantly enhanced fire control. In addition, the new B-wing carries more shielding and more firepower than any other Rebel or Imperial starfighter in production.

Recent Events
The Empire: Unknown to the Alliance, a member of Ackbar's design team is an Imperial spy. Salin Glek, Ackbar's lieutenant, keeps District Commander Bane Nothos apprised of the B-wing's progress. Nothos could have crushed the Rebel project long ago, but intstead elected to wait until the starfighter prototypes were completed before capturing them for the Empire. While somewhat risky, the district commander hopes this plan will lead to a promotion upon its successful completion. Three days ago, Nothos received the signal from Glek indicating that the time to move was almost upon them. Since then, Nothos has pulled escort craft out of his district's convoys to form a strike fleet. He has also deployed long range TIE recon-fighters to patrol the outer perimeter of the asteroid field. He now waits for Glek's final signal. But just in case the spy fails, Nothos has ordered the strike fleet to prepare to blockade the entire Roche system. Even now they are moving into position. The Alliance: Ackbar and a team of Alliance engineers have been working with the Verpine to upgrade the original B-wing design to fit the Rebellion's current need. Two prototype two-man B-wings have been completed and await shipping to the Rebel fleet. Once there, construction of new B-wings will begin in earnest. Unfortunately, the Verpine's pacifistic nature keeps them from openly joining the Rebellion. As a result, the task of replicating the B-wings will fall on Rebel engineers who, though on hand throughout the design process, are hard pressed to match the Verpine's natural talent for ship construction. Not surprisingly, Ackbar's second assignment is to convince the Verpine to join the Rebellion. The Verpine empathize strongly with the noble Ackbar, a Calamarian pacifist turned warrior, but remain reluctant to commit to such a warlike course. Now a group of Rebels are on their way to pick up Ackbar, his team, and the prototypes. They should arrive just prior to the Imperial strike fleet. . .


Mon Mothma. all ship pilots must make a Moderate Starship piloting roll every round (as one of their actions) to avoid slamming into an asteroid. If you have fewer than six. Commander Ackbar and his team desperately work to complete a new starfighter capable of neutralizing the Nebulon-B. the struggle for freedom may indeed be over. his team. Three TIE fighters bank right. commander of the Alliance. assign additional parts as necessary. three TIE fighters jump them. orders the PCs to escort Ackbar and the prototype B-wings to a Rebel rendezvous point in the Pothor system." and so forth. . The Rebels can attempt to escape into the asteroids or close with the TIEs. just before blaster bolts lance across your ship's bow. When they arrive they learn of the new B-wing and meet Ackbar. the remaining TIE attempts to retreat back to its command frigate. As they near the field. On the holo-disk. TIE/rcs can operate over longer distances than their combat equivalents. They know that these craft are quick and maneuverable but lightly armed. The TIEs continue their pursuit into the asteroid field. . Two successful rolls to avoid asteroids. have orders to stop all craft traveling to and from Roche. As the battle nears its conclusion. the TIEs try to get as close as possible. If they opt to ignore the TIEs. one to reach medium range. The Rebels must dispatch the TIEs before continuing on to Ackbar's base. the Imperial ships chase them. ead Aloud A long time ago. If the PCs submit to these orders. Without the spoils from Imperial convoys. This could spell the end of the Rebellion. one to reach short range. PCs making a Moderate technology roll identify these as TIE/rc starfighters. The TIEs fire warning blasts across the freighter's bow. turn to "Finishing Off the TIE Patrol. then broadcast instructions ordering the ship to follow them. combined fire. turn to "Captured!" If the PCs decide to fight. . far away. Your sensors indicate a high concentration of energy at the TIEs' weapon ports. and the traitorous Salin Glek. Even now a team of brave Rebels approach the asteroid field. Once two of the three TIEs are destroyed.pisode One Into Roche Asteroid Field Summary The adventure opens with the Rebel PCs approaching the Roche Asteroid Field in Out Runner. Any ship that fails hits an asteroid and rolls for damage (asteroids do 3D damage). These are dark days for the Alliance. . Inside the asteroid field. refer to either "RPG Starship Combat" or "Star Warriors Combat" depending on whether you're using the roleplaying Starship combat rules or the Star Warriors boardgame. Rebel supplies have become dangerously low. and the starfighter prototypes and return them safely to Alliance High Command. then let your players begin the script. screaming toward you in tight formation. leader of the Alliance asteroid base. part of Nothos's advance patrol. It takes four rounds to enter the field: one to close to long range." He or she starts reading the script aloud. If they fail. When attacking. in a galaxy far. Read the section below out loud. If you have six players. a modified light freighter. The TIEs. RPG Starship Combat The Rebel ship begins the battle at medium range with the TIEs and at one greater than long range with the asteroid field. in two successive rounds. under orders to pick up Ackbar. But all is not lost. the Empire has virtually ended all raids on cargo convoys. The parts are labelled "1st Rebel. Point to the player assigned the part of "1st Rebel. making them perfect for reconnaissance missions. pick up the action with "The TIE Patrol" below. The TIE Patrol When the players finish the script. They use all available combat options — speed. Using the new Nebulon-B escort frigate and its mighty armaments. read the following passage out loud. The TIEs want Out Runner to accompany them to their command frigate on the outer edge of the system. gunnery. They have orders to deliver a sealed and coded holo-disk to Commander Ackbar. and one to enter. When the script is finished. On a remote base in the Roche Asteroid Field. and evasion. 3 ." "2nd Rebel." Start the Adventure Hand your players a copy of the script from the pullout section and assign each player a part. each player reads one part. the Verpine.

use its stats instead. TIE/rc *2 in hex 1024 facing hex 1124. Roll of 1 or 2.4). maneuverability 2D+2. If the PCs fly their own ship. according to the die roll. * These statistics are for Out Runner. All three TIE pilots have 4D+2 piloting and 4D+2 gunnery. roll of 5 or 6. asteroids move two hexes. the freighter supplied by the Alliance. asteroids move one hex. For this battle you'll need three TIE/rcs and the Out Runner counter. Once in clear space. the TIE attempts to increase its range to one greater than long range. asteroids move three hexes. but not within three hexes of any ships. Weapons: One laser cannon. If the PCs follow the TIE. damage 4D. • The freighter's two pivot guns have a limited field of fire. • Asteroids dumped off the map by the move are reset anywhere between hex rows xx0l and xx21. but will see the large vessel in the distance. hull 4D. then fold the strip in half. or one TIE escapes off the far end of the map. Set-Up: Place TIE/rc *1 in hex 1023 facing hex 1123. TIE/rc STAR WARRIORS STATISTICS TIE/rc Starfighter Pilot's Guns: SLF Gunners Wpns: 3/2 Body: 7 Speed Max: Turn No's: 1 1 /1 2/1 2 3/2 3 3/2 4 4/3 5 5/4 6 5/5 7 8 (6)/(5) 9 (6)/(6) Stabilizer No. turn to "Captured!" Special Rules: The following special rules are used when playing this scenario. they must make the rolls as well.: 4 4 1/2-Loop: Ship Type: Slip: Roll: Jink: Bank: Overturn: Overspeed: Accelerate: Over Accel. If it succeeds. Weapons: Two laser cannons (fire independently). It is played with a static map. he battle rages through a deadly asteroid field are required to escape the asteroid field. apply glue or rubber cement to the unprinted side of the provided counter strip. TIE/rc Starfighter: Hyperdrive multiplier: zero. all three TIEs are destroyed. fire control 2D. and TIE/rc *3 in hex 1025 facing hex 1125. between hex rows xx0l and xx21. of Aux. You now have two-sided counters. roll of 3 or 4. of Shields: No. and Asteroid (24) rules with the following modifications. Place the asteroids on the top half of the board.: Decelerate: Over Decel. Shields: 1D. hull 2D. Shields: none. fire control 2D. Game End: The game is over when either the PCs surrender or are destroyed. If they move closer. as per normal asteroid set-up rules. If the PCs surrender or follow the TIE. • Use only 12 regular asteroid counters and 18 irregulars. the other can fire only into the Forward Right and Rear Right arcs. Go to "Captured!" Rebel Modified Light Freighter*: Hyperdrive multiplier x2. damage 2D+2. Pivot Gun (14. • Asteroids move the following number of hexes. Sublight speed 2D. Cut along all solid lines to separate each counter. Starship piloting 4D+2. it reaches the escort frigate. One can fire only into the Forward Left and Rear Left arcs. Place Out Runner in hex 2640 facing any direction the players want. Starship gunnery 4D+2. The PCs can continue to close. they are caught in the ship's tractor beams. 3 No 4 . maneuverability 0D.Required Rules: Use the Standard Game. Fbw: R2 Unit? 3 3 3 2 7 4 2 6 3 9 8 6 4 4 Star Warriors Combat To fight this battle using the Star Warriors system. Sublight speed 5D.: Damage Ctrl: Pinpoint Fire: Snap Fire: Targeting: Angle Shields: No.

Inside the docking bay. They oversee the project from here.: 4 1/2-Loop: 6 Slip: 4 6 Roll: Jink: Bank: Overturn: Overspeed: Accelerate: Over Accel. an Imperial officer questions the Rebels. read the following passage aloud: The final TIE darts away from your ship. or discovery of the holo-disk puts the Rebels in jeopardy. a race of insectoid bipeds with a natural talent for ship building and other technological pursuits. circling a small yellow sun. belligerent PCs. The TIEs lead the Rebels back to their waiting command frigate on the edge of the system. Pilots must constantly be on guard against impacting asteroids that suddenly bounce into the path of their vessel. allies of the Alliance. engine failure results in certain death. Asteroids do 3D damage. Already. a large asteroid deep in the heart of the field.: Decelerate: Over Decel. varying in size from tiny meteorites to large planetoids. As the stormtroopers search the ship. Sparkling fragments fly by. of Aux. improvise the following scenes. Pilots hurrying through the field. Continue with the adventure. The Rebel Command Base houses Ackbar and his staff of Alliance engineers. Their ship is equipped with a receiver that will lead them to a homing device broadcasting from the base. If they put up a fight. he gives them a warning and lets them go about their business. And in an asteroid field. But the actual testing and construction take place at Research Station Shantipole.: Damage Ctrl: Pinpoint Fire: Snap Fire: Targeting: Angle Shields: No. the PCs can continue into the asteroid field and on to the Rebel base. A weak cover story. trying to use its speed to full advantage. of Shields: No. Its asteroids travel almost predictable elliptical paths around the system's star. within an asteroid field. If the PCs haven't hidden the holo-disk. Finishing Off the TIE Patrol As the PCs prepare to take out the last TIE/rc. If the PCs surrendered without a fight. Nothos's fleet is moving in and soon the asteroid field will be surrounded. These aliens. Each failed roll results in a collision with an asteroid. it won't be long before the Imperials arrive in full force. the stormtroopers don't find the disk. Row: R2 Unit? 6 5 1 6 3 1 3 9 6 5 5 6 4 6 3 No The targeting arrows line up. must make five Moderate starship piloting rolls to reach the base. oche Asteroid Field The Roche Asteroid Field is a cluster of rocks. or simply inform the players that they failed this mission. fading into the silence of space. the PCs are placed in the ship's detention block. If someone did hide it. If the PC rolls higher. Of course. You will have to improvise an escape attempt. Your gunner has it in his sights. Once they convince the officer of their innocence. let any reasonable story they make up satisfy the officer. located in the Roche system. The field is also home to the Verpine. Let them create new characters and try again. and the TIE fighter disappears in a colorful fireball. stormtroopers swarm aboard the freighter in search of contraband. "almost predictable" still means trouble for visiting ships. but it's quickly moving out of range. appears rather orderly for a whirling storm of space debris. the stormtroopers find it. live within the honeycombed interiors of the larger asteroids. While the Imperials attempt to break the disk's coding. the frigate engages its tractor beams and reels the PCs' freighter in. A patient pilot can pick his way through the Roche field to the Rebel base by making four Easy starship piloting rolls. Once close enough. a failed con roll. hullpiercing micrometeorites.OUT RUNNER STAR WARRIORS STATISTICS Ship Type: Out Runner Pilot's Guns: DMF Gunner's DLPx2 Wpns: Body: 16/13 4 Speed Max: Turn No's: 1 1 /1 2 2 /2 3 /2 3 4 4 /3 5 (5)/(4) 6 (6)/(5) Stabilizer No. 5 . or those trying to navigate while engaged in combat. that person makes an opposed hide/sneak roll against a stormtrooper's search (skill of 2D). He demands to know their business in this sector. Even if the PCs were able to stop the TIEs before contact was made with their command ship. Captured! If the PCs surrender or are disabled by the TIEs. Once the TIEs are defeated. Two Verpine asteroids have been modified to handle the Rebel project. This extremely old field. they need to come up with a very good cover story and make a Difficult con roll. Mynocks and space slugs inhabit the Roche field. a gentle squeeze of the trigger. and dense areas with no room to maneuver.

Read out loud: You have followed the signal beacon to an hourglass-shaped asteroid. are peculiarly close-mouthed on this subject.000 individuals. then another hive must have existed at one time and may still exist somewhere. Once the PCs have navigated Out Runner through the asteroid belt by making the required number of starship piloting rolls. as well as all information available at lower levels. including the original B-wing starfighter." If the Rebels give the codeword mentioned in the script and then identify themselves honestly. leaving only the asteroid field as evidence that a planet once orbited Roche. they come upon an hourglass-shaped asteroid. Some believe they came from another galaxy. Each of their larger asteroids is a selfsufficient colony capable of producing energy. Difficult Information (roll of 16-20): Verpine are highly-advanced technologically. Most colony asteroids contain 20 to 100 inhabitants. Verpine colonies use focused repulsor beams to avoid collisions with other asteroids. identify yourself immediately and state your business. Easy Information (roll of 6-10): Ver-whats? Can you spell that? Moderate Information (roll of 11-15): The Verpine are a bizarre race of highly-advanced insectoids who live inside asteroids in the Roche system. from deep within the Rebel Command Base. About 50 Verpine and a half-dozen Rebels live and work on the Command Base. The signal beacon they follow originates here. Research Station Shantipole. coordinating the activity of the other asteroid colonies involved in the two-man B-wing project. each encounters the other's repulsorfield shell and ricochets harmlessly away. Verpine. a PC who rolls a 16 to 20 knows Difficult information. All Verpine belong to one hive and share a form of limited communal consciousness. but because of their telepathic natures any individual can speak for the hive with complete authority. while normally happy to discuss any matter. Control panels and other machinery. a new alien race. they receive clearance to land. and atmosphere. your com unit crackles to life. food. Have each player make an alien races roll to see exactly how much his player character knows about the Verpine. Points of light penetrate the asteroid's outer crust. As your ship circles the spinning chunk of rock. All design and construction takes place on the larger asteroid. As you approach. highlighting air vents and repulsor-beam projectors. A brief outline of their culture follows. but other asteroids are needed for supplies and communications. When two asteroids do come in contact. The clone form is of no importance. and while not active participants in the Rebellion. others that the Verpine world slowly disintegrated around them over the course of thousands of years. Very Difficult Information (roll of 21 to 30): There are two major forms of Verpine — the hermaphroditic dominant form and the sterile worker clone.Ackbar's Command Base Ackbar's Rebel Command Base is a strange cross between a high-tech community and a cave. add a total of 6D to the given statistics. they receive clearance but are met by an armed party when they land. Don't feel obligated to give your players all of the information listed below. and subdued track lighting illuminates the entire base complex. It is further speculated that the memory of this war forms the basis for their present-day commitment to pacifism. but their exact origin is unknown. The Verpine have no government. built into stone walls. Corridors and ceilings have no uniform width or height. Let them find out some things by themselves as they interact with the Verpine. since it is barely sentient and totally subservient to the dominant form. The single-seater B-wing was designed jointly by the Verpine engineers from the Slayn and Korpil colonies. you notice an opening in the asteroid's side. The Verpine are brilliant ship designers. A third theory is that the Verpine destroyed their own world in a catastrophic civil war and that they now live on its remains. To create a playercharacter Verpine. Obviously the Verpine didn't evolve on the near-airless asteroids. These statistics describe an average Verpine in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. the Verpine openly sympathize with the Alliance's cause and have produced some ships for them. to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. If the civil war theory is correct. erpine Strike Force: Shantipole introduces Verpine. as well as Moderate and Easy information. The dominant form is known to most galactics and is extremely social by nature. displaying an almost child-like sense of wonder when dealing with new machinery. PERCEPTION: 1D + 1 DEXTERITY: 1D+1 KNOWLEDGE: 2D+1 STRENGTH: 1D+1 MECHANICAL: 2D+2 TECHNICAL: 3D 6 . but rumors persist that colonies near the heart of the field house up to 1. This allows the Verpine to arrive at basic policy decisions simultaneously. A PC knows the information available at the level rolled. If they don't supply the codeword but identify themselves as Rebels. "Freighter. and several figures can be seen moving about within its lighted interior. jut out from the most unexpected places. It appears to be a hangar bay. For example.

PCs who let them out of their sight later find the young engineers poised over an open hatch. Apparently carved and hollowed out of the natural rock. waves his antennae at you. though in excited states he lapses into the garbled sentence patterns common among Verpine speakers. For more information on Suskafoo. both assigned to the Shantipole project. A successful roll means the freighter lands smoothly. Three tall insectoids which you figure must be Verpine scurry out of the passage toward you. his engineers. suggesting they complete their mission quickly and be on their way in case their ship was tracked. For more information on Glek. If the PCs failed to give the codeword when they were asked to identify themselves on the approach to the base. As you emerge from your craft. If stopped. Suskafoo chirps an angry reply. the walls remain uncomfortably close. A mixture of instrument panels. landing is tricky. Suskafoo. and the Verpine comment about the accident throughout the adventure. "Greetings. and quickly exits the chamber. read the following: The small hangar bay appears functional and efficient. explain how the freighter slams into the side of the hangar on its way in." 7 ." he says in halting Basic. The lead Verpine. Suskafoo freely tells the PCs about the two-man B-wing project and discusses its problems with them. erpine like Suskafoo help the "friendly Rebel hive" anyway they can. the Verpine are a very likable race of beings who are fascinated by technology. fighting off TIE fighters. as the commander is extremely busy at this time. Verpine. Otherwise. he is alone. this blunder should prove quite embarrassing for the Rebel heroes as the adventure progresses. has read extensively concerning alien culture and behavior. A control tower juts out over the hangar deck. A wide stone passage leads out of the chamber. If the Rebels hand over the disk. I am Lieutenant Salin Glek. and patches of natural reddish-brown stone cover the bay walls. aide to Commander Ackbar. a student of galactic culture. these Verpine have never seen one. "I trust you have a prime reason for jeopardizing the security of this base?" If the armed engineers are with Glek. cooling veins. It's not exactly the kind of greeting the Rebels hoped for after jumping halfway across the galaxy. such as scraped paint and small dents. Essentially. see "Giving Glek the Disk. If left to finish what they started. then turns to you. The figure's head resembles a four-tentacled squid. Glek's tentacles wiggle excitedly and he demands that they turn it over immediately. refer to his character template in the pullout section. An escort will arrive momentarily. Feel free to stretch your legs. His use of Galactic Basic is almost unaccented. dressed in a simple brown tunic and matching cape." Once the Rebels debark. The alien watches the Verpine disappear down the corridor. tries to restrain himself somewhat. He is very interested in the Force and questions Rebels with Force skills at length.Because of the hangar's small size and the rapid rotation of the asteroid. While the ceiling rises high overhead. Suskafoo readily discusses Project Shantipole with members of the "friendly Rebel hive. emerges from the corridor. he inquires as to the purpose of their visit. While light freighters are common in most parts of the galaxy. the Quarren named Salin Glek. but the younger Verpine have no such inclinations and rattle on and on. The other two Verpine are junior engineers. it should also make them dislike Salin Glek. He suggests that they allow him to take any messages they have to Ackbar personally. the bay barely holds your ship. then move on to their meeting with the traitorous Salin Glek. right? Fine." Suskafoo answers any reasonable questions concerning the lifestyle and culture of the Verpine. chittering excitedly as they streamline Out Runner's power system by throwing out all the useless wires. All three barrage the PCs with questions concerning the design theory behind their ship's engines and configuration. the Rebels meet Ackbar's chief aid. If not. Not only should this greeting make them nervous. Suskafoo. it will be up to the PCs to repair the damage (a Moderate starship repair roll). Increase its sublight speed by 1D. Ackbar's team was the first non-Verpines he had ever met. cannot even conceive of lying. Glek simply stares accusingly at them. Meeting Salin Glek After a few minutes with Suskafoo and his assistants. that's what you want. "Nice flying. His two companions mimic the farewell and follow behind him. While only minor damage occurs. However. daring them to respond. you are greeted by an excited squeak. Park her anywhere. If the roll isn't made. Glek will have two armed human engineers at his side. especially whenever the need arises for piloting skills. being of one hive and sharing a communal consciousness. the young Verpine actually improve the ship. He orders them to comply. refer to his character template in the pullout section. Use this period to introduce your players to Verpine ways. Read: Another figure. A voice over the com unit announces. If the Rebels mention the holo-disk. freighter pilot. Keep up this interaction for a few minutes until the PCs become familiar with the Verpine. The pilot must make a Moderate starship piloting roll to dock smoothly. Have Ackbar. Glek does his best to get rid of the PCs. First. and flying through an asteroid belt. they level their blasters at the PCs. He focuses his attention on Suskafoo and utters three sharp sounds.

"The rest of this message is for your eyes only. and for the agents who delivered it to you." Hyperspace jump coordinates replace Mon Mothma's image. and the prototypes to the rendezvous point. The walls of the room are covered with monitors and control panels. but Glek waits until prompted by the PCs or Ackbar. then the holo-disk shuts off. but he's actually another one of Ackbar's lieutenants (see his template in the pullout section). Trust them as I do. and a Mon Calamari. "To Commander Ackbar: Allow these agents to bring you. tapping controls on the projector tank and Mon Mothma's holo-form freezes. the location codes are embedded at the end of this holo-disk. He says that Ackbar will explain everything. then stops and announces. the lieutenant escorts them and Glek through winding tunnels without answering any questions. Pollard remains silent. You must safeguard Commander Ackbar. Pollard demands to know what's going on. but he ceases when a scar-faced human appears in the corridor opening. hissing and screaming at them in a strange combination of Basic and Quarren. the commander again taps the proper control and the message continues. These are the messengers. A holo-projector tank fills the floor space on the far side of the chamber. When they do. Read: "The Alliance fleet is assembling in the Pothor system. I trust your journey was an uneventful one?" If the Rebels tell Ackbar about the TIE recon fighters." says Mon Mothma warmly. Pollard leads you toward them. your team. and may the Force be with you. but we could not risk interception of this message. I must now ask you to perform another service for us. I apologize for the heavy-handed precautions." Mon Mothma continues. Please pause the holo-disk until all other personnel have left the area. Do not take this duty lightly: our agents suspect that there is an Imperial informer on the commander's staff. The field disappears. "Greetings. 8 . looks like a pirate. old friend. She is Mon Mothma. replaced by a woman in a flowing white gown. Glek becomes angry. When everyone has gone. read the following: Pollard leads you into a large circular chamber. In the Command Center If the PCs agree to accompany Pollard to meet Commander Ackbar. and escorts the Rebels to the command center. he expresses considerable concern about their presence so near the base. I understand that you've traveled a great distance to see me. Proceed to the rendezvous point with all speed. Next. "Let's see what you've brought. Proceed there immediately with your design team and your two prototype B-wings. Glek adds a biting comment about how the PCs' ship was probably tracked here. He inserts the disk into the machine. Upon arrival you will assume the rank of Admiral. "Commander Ackbar." Ackbar reachs out. read the following: Ackbar leads you over to a holo-projector presently displaying the Roche Asteroid Field. it's up to the PCs to give Ackbar the holo-disk.ommander Ackbar. hunched intently over a display terminal. Once he finds out. The human. the Alliance owes you a great debt. Glek raves at PCs as he tries to intimidate them. If the Rebels refuse. escorting him and his project to the rendezvous point. Pollard and the Verpine take their leave immediately. the two young Verpine. my friends. "To the agents who delivered the disk: Thank you for your service. Glek follows along. "As you predicted. he calls Ackbar. "Welcome to our base. The new starfighter is too crucial to the survival of the Alliance. When the Rebels reach the command center." The Mon Calamari turns and says. Your report that the Shantipole Project nears completion could not have come at a better time." says the Mon Calamari. The holo-image speaks. Across the room. quiet and sullen. notifies him of the PCs' arrival. are Suskafoo. leader of the Shantipole Project. Supreme Commander of the Alliance. Commander Ackbar. the Nebulon-B escort frigate has put an end to our supply raids. named Pollard. You first duty is to organize a mass production system for the new B-wing.

There will be two unresolved problems for the PCs to deal with if the holo-disk remains in Glek's possession. handed a top-secret communique to an Imperial spy. they've 9 . If the PC's inquire about Glek. There's no sign of Glek or Out Runner. First. they receive an automated distress signal from Ackbar's base. repeats itself over and over. they have made a terrible mistake. Use this conversation to fill your players in on the basic storyline. proceed with the storyline as follows. holds a terrible secret that could destroy Project Shantipole. The PCs cannot raise anyone over their com unit. All of them do. Ackbar signals for the command center personnel to return. Pollard says he saw Glek walking toward the hangar bay. The message. Go to Episode Two. they've disobeyed their orders to deliver the disk to Ackbar personally. Ackbar's Quarren assistant. Let the Rebels question Ackbar about the assignment. Problem number one: the PCs no longer have the rendezvous coordinates for meeting the Alliance fleet. The PCs head back out into space aboard Out Runner. If they return to the base.alin Glek. The commander answers all queries to the best of his ability. When the PCs run out of questions. Second. they arrive after the Imperials have attacked. A look at the hangar deck monitor shows an empty bay. calling for assistance. Tell them about the problems with the Nebulon-B and the role the new B-wing will play in future raiding parties. Giving Glek the Disk If the Rebels give Glek the holo-disk. Problem number two: the Empire does have the coordinates and will be waiting for the Rebels unless the PCs can somehow warn Alliance High Commmand. except Salin Glek. Just as they prepare to jump to lightspeed. If they believe their mission is accomplished and decide to leave.

Nothos has guessed correctly. and it doesn't respond to our signals. "Emergency evacuation! All personnel immediately report to the life boat bay. provided a person knows the access codes. If they don't. Atmosphere Generators. an unidentified craft is approaching this asteroid. . It'll take those stormtroopers quite a while to cut through one of them. explosions. arriving just as Glek gives the prearranged attack signal." Suskafoo and Pollard both volunteer to help the PCs. The main assault force targets Research Station Shantipole where the prototypes are kept. . the lights flicker ominously. With each explosion. "Hangar bay to Commander Ackbar! Sir. Read out loud: Warning sirens scream throughout the asteroid complex. Ackbar orders them to "delay those stormtroopers. Without the codes. attacks Ackbar's Command Base. Ackbar turns to Pollard and says. The defense of the base is the PCs' responsiblity. It's closing fast.pisode Two The Empire Strikes Summary When Nothos lost contact with the TIE/rc patrol (from episode one) his instincts told him the time to strike was now. These can be closed or opened via control panels positioned on either side of the doors. the Rebel PCs must fight a desperate delaying battle to save Ackbar and escape via life boat. . "If I don't retrieve the two-man B-wing configuration files from this computer. and deadly stormtroopers. Base Room Descriptions The following is a brief description of Ackbar's Command Base as shown on the map in the pullout section. the bombardment stops. They can be smashed open if the damage roll is twice the Strength roll of the door. Ackbar needs 15 combat rounds to finish retrieving his files. Ackbar then turns to you. it's an Imperial assault shuttle! Repeat. I need some time!" Allow the PCs to volunteer to buy time. The PCs' must give him that time. . We just don't have enough soldiers. a Difficult security roll is needed to break the codes. "Each blast doors is 18 inches thick. Regular doors can be locked from inside using a simple bolt lock. "There's no way we can hold out against an attack. The second assault force. of course." Two explosions rock the base. with cables and wires running along their length. then read aloud: Pollard says. 1. Nothos launches a two-pronged attack. can open or close blast doors without any trouble. A normal door's lock mechanism can be bypassed by making an Easy security roll. Pollard explains that he hasn't used a blaster in some time. The stormtroopers' attack plan is described in "The Assault" below. but there should be enough for you to get a general idea of the type of equipment that may reasonably be found. shouting into his com unit. As usual. Irregularly-shaped corridors connect the various rooms together. as suddenly as it began. an alarm sounds. constructed of enhanced titanium. Amid fires. Then a voice booms from the command center com unit. These doors are Easy to hit and have a Strength of 2D. This is no drill!" The base shudders as the assault shuttle continues its bombardment. Dozens of pipes lead out of the 10 ." Pollard complies. but he knows all the access codes for the base's blast doors. Otherwise. then everything we've worked for will be lost. The screens monitoring the asteroid's interior flash white and flick off. Show the players the map of Ackbar's base in the pullout. it takes 10 rounds to cut through a locked blast door. This is by no means an exhaustive list of every item on the asteroid. Pollard. atop meter-thick bases of reinforced permacite. an Imperial. Most of the rooms consist of rock walls and floors. Ackbar surmises that the base has been invaded and stormtroopers must even now be approaching the command center. The base is a converted Verpine colony asteroid. Blast doors are located throughout as indicated on the map. He calls up a holo display of the base. The atmosphere generators sit in this hollowed-out room. then find a way to get him safely off the asteroid. showering dust and small rocks upon you. Base Alert As the PCs and Ackbar attempt to find Glek. Wait. Give the evacuation signal." Then. as he knows the codes. made up of 70 stormtroopers in an assault shuttle.

Life Boat Bay. (Nothos wants the Rebel commanders alive for interrogation. Fissures appear in the walls and atmosphere can be heard leaking through the cracks. 7. Three tall. 4. 2. Rounds 26+: The shuttle disengages and moves back to the hangar bay. Rec Area. A control and monitoring panel rests against the far wall. Anyone still in the base dies. Rounds 6-15. Most of this area is open barracks. Rebels who begin moving from the command center to the hangar bay when the first explosion sounds reach the bay on round 3. which is used only in emergencies. asteroids will begin smashing into the base at a rate of one every three combat rounds. the asteroids involved in the project. the generators explode 20 combat rounds later. ready for immediate escape. Four have orders to take the medical center. Two exits lead out of the immediate area. 11. If the PCs are successful. Rounds 16-25: The Imperial assault shuttle disengages from the hangar and swings around to the life boat bay. The stormtroopers spread out and leave the hangar bay as rapidly as possible. To one side of this room stands a holo-projector tank. 9. Living Quarters. silver cylinders. provided they know the access codes or can circumvent then by making a Difficult security roll. Three airlocks lead to the surface of the asteroid for routine maintenance work. Medical Center. the stormtroopers battle the Rebels. 3. This large. Auxiliary Command Center. as the Imperial stormtroopers carry their own artificial environments and few of the base personnel have time to don space suits. fill this chamber. they arrive at the hangar no earlier than round 6. and move captured Verpine toward the hangar to load them onto the assault shuttle. Command Center. this has at best a negative effect on the battle. courtesy of Salin Glek. A surgical area is curtained off in one corner. combining their fire (in fire teams of five) on those Rebels who give them the most trouble. this storage room contains both Verpine and Rebel supplies. Main Power Generators. Inside the asteroid. Computer panels and communications equipment fill this area. near-empty room has a control tower mounted to one wall. Two large machines. The stormtroopers' orders are to capture as many prisoners as possible. Numerous computer displays line the walls. and two smashed asteroid hoppers parked to one side (Glek damaged them as he left). If this device is damaged. The resulting explosion five combat rounds later causes 6D damage to anyone in the room. 10. a food dispenser. four to capture auxiliary command. The five-meter tall generators have catwalks running around their upper halves. Communications Center. and PCs stumble across a group of Verpine doing just that when they start searching this area. If they wait for Ackbar's instructions and take time to check the command center monitors. 5. Several smaller rooms have been set up against the back wall for Ackbar and his team. the auxiliary power unit and the auxiliary power coolant system. any PC can open and close blast doors throughout the base. Two ladders lead up to the catwalks. Ten stormtroopers remain on board the shuttle in reserve and as 11 . These are the repulsor beam generators. it again connects its boarding tube and disgorges 10 more stormtroopers. Disembarking: At the beginning of round 6. shattering the asteroid. The hangar bay has tall ceilings but narrow walls. Hangar Bay. Humming quietly. Three medium-sized life boats are recessed into the asteroid's outer wall. fill this room. the Imperial assault shuttle pulls up along side the hangar bay and lays a boarding tube into the bay. 12. stormtroopers begin pouring out of the boarding tube at a rate of five per round. Just about anything reasonable. and a holo-chess game. the other squad goes through the far hangar tunnel). up to a total of 50. A large. interconnected by a maze of pencil-thin filaments. Four meterthick pipes lead out of the generators into the stone walls. disappearing into the rocky walls. Numerous lines have been traced across the board showing the trajectory of Roche's larger asteroids. The stormtroopers have a very precise schedule and are thoroughly familiar with the layout of the base. 8. and the surrounding system. The first 20 stormtroopers are assigned to take the command center via the communications center.) The stormtroopers push forward rapidly. set up for communal living as the Verpine prefer. PCs making a Difficult Technical roll can set the units to overload. Screens monitor the Roche Asteroid Field. Note: If the PCs are returning to the base after falling for Glek's ploy. 6. The next 20 are assigned to capture the living quarters (one squad of 10 goes through the rec room corridor. This is also a good place to hide. A medium-sized room with lots of boxes. Docking: During the first five rounds of the battle. the main generators fill this tall. Control consoles with chairs line each of the walls. Once there (on round 20). This common room contains tables and chairs. trying to overwhelm the opposition by sheer numbers. clear plastic board stands near the center of the room. Combat Rounds 1-5. This bay also handles small craft and most of the asteroid hopper traffic. rocky chamber. except weapons. The final 10 stormtroopers remain in the hangar in reserve. The base's medical center consists of eight beds and one bacta-tank. they arrive at the beginning of combat round 6. can be found here. Auxiliary Power. A pressure valve leads directly from the coolant system to the outside. An Extremely Difficult Technical roll is required to sabotage these units. Repulsor Beam Generators. From the main console. and two to remain in the bay as guards. Each life boat holds 15 passengers.machine. The Stormtroopers' Assault Below is the timetable and attack plan for the stormtroopers. If the Rebels decide to disrupt the base's air supply. 13. and 10 space suits are stored in a wall locker. The blast doors between the hangar and the rec area are warped by the Imperial's initial bombardment and they cannot be closed. Storage. and each produces the energy that shields the asteroid from collisions with other floating rocks. Refer to it as necessary. Fifteen combat rounds later the base is pulverized in a collision with another large asteroid. including space suits.

renting the Mood When running this battle. brawling 3D. They emerge from behind a vent or duct and lead the PCs to an adjoining room. See episode four for more details. jostling you and hampering your aim in their hurry to escape. Also. Frightened Verpine scurry by. Ending the Episode This episode ends with the PCs and Ackbar escaping the asteroid (most likely in a life boat) or being captured by the Imperials. they can escape through the airlocks and make their way. blaster 3D. 12 . If the Rebels try to storm the assault shuttle. Here are a few ways to get them out of tight situations. The obvious course for the PCs to take is to seal as many blast doors as possible. reveal the numbers to them as they encounter each group or wave of troopers. With so many Stormtroopers. showering you with blisteringly-hot sparks. Ackbar closes the door and presses the eject button. they wade right in. Three airlocks lead from the atmosphere generator chamber to the surface of the asteroid. This asteroid. Other than that. * These codes reflect armor adjustments. then combine fire against one PC at a time. through the parting clouds of smoke. If you use this scene. and create the Star Wars mood. and soon you can see nothing but the sparkling haze of blaster fire. Blaster damage 4D. attempt to contain the stormtroopers until Ackbar finishes his retrieval program. Pollard won't hesitate to give up his own life to distract the Stormtroopers and allow Ackbar to escape. across the asteroid to the life boat bay. and run the Stormtroopers according to the instructions above. keep the action moving. STR 2D (3D for damage purposes). His life has been long and hard. Pollard's Dramatic Death. A small explosion sounds outside the craft and a jarring leap plunges the ship into space. Rebels trapped in an isolated area (such as the storage room) can be rescued by the two young Verpine techs who were with Suskafoo in the hangar earlier. blaster in the other. If the PCs don space suits. If the PCs manage to cut down five or more of them. Any time the Stormtroopers encounter PC resistance. the Stormtroopers dig in. Running the Battle Keep track of the number of combat rounds that pass. all they need do is overcome the guards. however. All other attributes and skills 2D. Let Pollard charge forward. so be ready for anything. As soon as everyone climbs inside a life boat. For example: Blaster bolts explode near you. brawling parry 3D. Let them guess the total number or sweat it out thinking they're facing the entire Imperial fleet! And don't let on that Ackbar needs only 15 combat rounds to extract his computer files. grenade in one hand. contains a number of narrow corridors and sub-passages hidden behind ventilation shafts and service ducts. keep in mind that later in the adventure the PCs will discover that Pollard is still alive. His action buys the Rebels a few precious combat rounds to make good an escape. players rarely do the obvious. while foolhardy actions fail. Verpine to the Rescue. If the PCs ask him when he'll be done. then The Escape By the time the PCs reach the life boat bay. Instead. If the situation merits. there's always a chance your heroes will find themselves trapped somewhere in the base. Escaping to proceed with the adventure is the ideal ending. dodge 3D. Verpine colony asteroids consist of dozens of tiny rooms connected by extremely narrow corridors. give the game a movie-like feel. Stormtroopers*: DEX 1D. Pollard is a hero in the truest sense of the word. keep up the suspense. it disconnects from the asteroid and hovers out in space. using any available cover or falling prone. and death holds little mystery to him. That information is strictly for you.guards for the prisoners. in addition to all the large chambers presented on the map. Of course. These techniques build suspense. Let reasonable actions and heroics succeed. just move the Stormtroopers through the base and keep track of what the PCs are doing. Then. Ackbar tells them "just a few seconds more" as another explosion rocks the base. fight their way to the life boat bay (as Glek has run off with their ship). Without hesitation the troopers charge your position. Once there. unobserved. Wounded during his heroic action. The Verpine life boats have no steering or navigation controls. one of the three life boats is gone. taken by escaping Verpine. Don't tell your players how many Stormtroopers have invaded the base. they rely upon pre-programmed computer guidance systems to fly them to predetermined pick up points. he was captured and placed in Research Station Shantipole's detention area for safekeeping. Escape Through the Airlocks. Show them what's going on by putting their characters in your descriptions. you see the gleaming white armor of Imperial Stormtroopers. Instead. Don't give your players a lot of time to analyze their actions.

Once inside the transport. navigate through asteroid storms. you remain helpless. picks up the Rebels' life boat. dent thought. yet no collisions occur. Occasionally the life boat makes a leisurely course adjustment. Then let them see the distinctive architecture that marks this bay as part of a Verpine ship. As you contemplate the unpleasant situation. With the help of a holo-projector. Rescued! Read: Time passes slowly within the drifting life boat. under and around asteroids. the Rebels get brought up to date on the Imperial raid. allows the crew and passengers to travel more comfortably by keeping the main compartment stable while the rest of the ship rotates to compensate for any maneuver. the life boat shudders and becomes caught fast. They probably think they've been picked up by an Imperial ship. a dominant Verpine approaches. a Verpine leads the PCs to the ship's bridge. searching for survivors of the Imperial raid. sort of a gravity gyro. After a few moments. although other races can see no physical difference. Ackbar assesses the situation quickly and formulates a plan. The PCs should be ready for anything. It's only a matter of time before the Empire finds them. As such. at the mercy of the vessel's automated controls. as though caught in the jaws of some great power vise. sensors. to avoid the hundreds of asteroids out there. This system. and elude TIE patrols. Read: From across the bay a Verpine strides over to meet your group. They're wrong. revealing an enormous docking bay. one of many scouring the field for survivors of the Imperial raids. If asked. Ominous sounds echo through the craft. Verpine have no trouble telling a worker clone from a dominant form. "Mine is the pleasure Commander Ackbar. The command chair spins around and another. The PCs learn that both Ackbar's Command Base and Research Station Shantipole have fallen to the Empire. Ackbar and Jurfel Tell All The following information can be presented to the players as simply a series of facts. Without communication equipment. The Verpine life boat uses this system. Show them the dozens of Verpine skittering about at a hurried pace." With the help of Speaker Jurfel. the entire sector is under naval blockade. The Verpine in the bay seem oblivious to the PCs. But most of the conversation is dominated by the two leaders. Furthermore. Open the life boat's hatch slowly. Not enough. Jurfel. the "leisurely course adjustments" they experienced while inside the life boat were actually violent maneuvers over. a Verpine elder who speaks for the entire hive. they ignore the PCs and go about their duties. Soon the Rebels find themselves flying to Research Station Shantipole on a desperate mission to recover a combat vessel and destroy the remains of Ackbar's project. it's small wonder that one of the Verpine's earliest technological developments was a ship stabilization system. They are worker clones and little more than automatons. here's what Jurfel and Ackbar reveal: 13 . Then the sounds stop. but we suggest revealing it as part of a conversation involving the PCs. They cannot speak and are completely incapable of indepen- Quick Note on Verpine Ships As traveling through an asteroid field involves lots of gut-wrenching maneuvers. The Rebels have been rescued by a Verpine transport. Unknown to the PCs. During the flight to the captured asteroid. the PCs must battle probe Droids." he says in halting Basic. TIE fighters constantly sweep the asteroid belt in search of Ackbar and his team. The episode ends just as the PCs see Shantipole in the distance. Only Suskafoo seems unconcerned with the prospect of flying blind through an asteroid belt. and Ackbar. Suskafoo. Ackbar steps forward and says. Verpine considers you and your companions. He leads your group through several crowded corridors to the bridge. Build the tension. "It is good to see you again. allowing the players' imaginations to run wild. but let them sweat it a little. as does the B-wing starfighter and most other Verpine ships. Speaker Jurfel. older. Suskafoo describes the system to the PCs. But danger threatens the hive and we must act quickly. they are encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions. Let them notice the two other life boats sitting upon the open deck. or flight controls. "Please follow me." The Verpine nods. you think.pisode Three The Trip to Shantipole Summary A Verpine transport. While the PCs and Suskafoo are present in order to be brought up to date on the situation.

they are the only real warriors Ackbar has (except for Pollard. Unfortunately. is the weak link. but we'll be easy targets for the Imperial ship. Ackbar's Plan While Ackbar cautions the Rebels to be ready to think for themselves and modify the plan as they proceed. When the generator explodes it should destroy the entire station. They are Ackbar's only hope. They must recover the disk and broadcast the hyperspace jump coordinates to the Verpine fleet before they clear the asteroid field's gravity well. He says. Show your players the full-color map of Research Station Shantipole while Ackbar speaks. Here's how you can keep your party together if some of them were wounded in the stromtrooper assault. if the PCs gave the holo-disk to Glek in episode one. Here. at this point." Ackbar Reveals: "Those capital ships have formed a blockade. they have another problem to overcome. Mortally wounded characters can be saved by the Verpine tanks. "With your ship missing. if he's still with the group). zooming in to show the research station. the computer files I have stored within this data pad and all members of the Alliance engineering team. with it. ounded Rebels Nobody likes to be left behind. ckbar presents his plan to the Rebels. If you have not secured a combat vessel and begun your distraction maneuvers on the frigate. The image changes. and the prototype starfighters along with it. The TIEs are engaged in a systematic search that will not end until they find what they are looking for — namely. The situation is grim. A single escort frigate is the only obstacle in sector G147. Our remote sensors reveal that a large number of capital ships have moved into position around our asteroid field. as per normal Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game rules. I'll provide you with the detonite and timers myself. so Glek was the only one in the command base to receive this news. "You must fly through the asteroid field to Research Station Shantipole. and may the Force be with you. we shall try to escape anyway. That explosion will be our signal to move the fleet into corridor G147. "The Verpine fleet consists of unarmed ships which stand no chance against the powerful Imperial vessels. After all." Ackbar hasn't been informed that the B-wings are in working order. Instead of discovery by the Empire being imminent. especially during an exciting part of an adventure.Jurfel Reveals: "One hour ago. it is docked in the Shantipole's hangar bay. Ackbar calls up a holo-image of the asteroid field. He can retrieve additional data files from the base computer that will save months of work when B-wing construction starts. TIE fighters are sweeping the area in regular patterns. and set the main generator to explode. the Empire broadcast a sub-space message on all frequencies. have Ackbar announce: "After analyzing the Imperial search pattern. Imperial stormtroopers have captured Research Station Shantipole and. The engineer that reported to Glek didn't know the Quarren was a traitor. After that we're certain to be discovered by the TIE patrols." Those nine days give the Rebels plenty of time to heal any wounded or incapacitated characters in Verpine rejuve tanks. Of course. Good luck. But my analysis shows a flaw in the blockade. Suskafoo volunteers to accompany the Rebels. ordering the Verpine to submit or die. An armed vessel could provide cover fire and a distraction that would allow us to move the fleet out of the field and into open space before the rest of the blockade could respond. The Verpine transport and the research station are highlighted to show their relative positions. effectively cutting off our avenue of escape. We are massing our own fleet in an attempt to gather the hive for escape. Ackbar orders them to undertake it. Ackbar will have to guess at a safe jump destination and the muchneeded B-wing prototypes will not reach Alliance High Command until new coordinates can be provided. the only combat-ready craft in the immediate vicinity is my transport. 14 . he nevertheless outlines the mission as he sees it. get inside undetected. however. The hive has rejected the Empire's ultimatum and has decided to actively join the Alliance. I calculate that we have a little less than nine days to make our breakout attempt. recover the ship. A small strike team could sneak into the research station. and eliminate any remaining evidence of our secret project." If the PCs don't volunteer for this important yet dangerous mission. where the asteroid trajectories form a natural corridor through the field. A 30-minute fuse should give you a reasonable safety margin. Otherwise. the two prototype two-man B-wings. but not in time to go on the raid.

. what's that red light mean? 2nd Rebel: I told you. 5th Rebel: Imperials! Why does it always have to be Imperials? Start the Script 1st Rebel: What's that red light mean? 2nd Rebel: It's an Alliance signal receiver. Roche. didn't they? 3rd Rebel: Weird-looking? The B-wing assault ship is one of the most heavilyarmed starfighters in the galaxy. . When the light starts blinking. it means we're close to a broadcasting base-homing device. "Bantha pudu. 6th Rebel: They developed that weirdlooking starfighter. The sooner we turn this holo-disk over to Commander Ackbar. Be sure to listen to what the other characters are saying as the script contains important background information to start the adventure. 4th Rebel: Secrets. We know. it wouldn't be a secret. I understand the entire race lives within the asteroid field. Just before they gave us the code word. . that's the signal receiver. I believe the name is. 3rd Rebel: It also happens to be the home of the engineers working with Ackbar on his secret project. When your turn comes read your lines out loud. 6th Rebel: If everyone heard about it. I did. do you? 4th Rebel: Um. . what was that code word again? 5th Rebel: I believe the commander pronounced it. . 3rd Rebel: To identify us when we reach Commander Ackbar's base.PULLOUT SECTION trike Force: Shantipole Adventure Script Use the following script to start your adventure. talking to our commander before the briefing. I saw Mon Mothma back at the base . 2nd Rebel: No really. you know. You don't want them mistaking us for Imperials. 1st Rebel: I never heard of an Alliance base located in an asteroid field before. We should be docking in less than an hour. 5th Rebel: I believe this disk is much more important than you realize. everybody's got secrets! Any idea who these engineers are? 5th Rebel: They call themselves the Verpine. 2nd Rebel: Not now! Plotting a course into an asteroid field isn't easy. 4th Rebel: Good. that's the full-spectrum transceiver. Playing mail carrier to outer rim systems isn't my idea of a glamorous assignment. 6th Rebel: And we were specifically ordered to hand deliver the disk directly to Commander Ackbar. speaking the way you think your character would. 1st Rebel: Hey. the phrase originates with the Huttese culture and means . You told us. anyway? 15 . Your gamemaster will tell you what part (or parts) to read. 1st Rebel: What do we need a code word for. 3rd Rebel: We just follow the signal to its origin. 2nd Rebel: Don't forget. Alliance ships are too scarce to be used on frivolous missions." According to our computer lexicon. 6th Rebel: . the better. 4th Rebel: No. Three TIE fighters are approaching on our port side. .


Quote: "We dream of a day when the galaxy will again be bound together by peace and justice. firm. all the while learning whatever he could about the Empire. comlink. He wears a simple brown tunic and cape. but for spite. Eventually rescued by a Rebel strike force. and concern.: 1. He wears a white jump suit and speaks with a watery gurgle. but he hides it well. Quote: "Pah. Still. From there. dreams are only useless illusions. Instead. He betrays the Alliance not for money or power. Background: Enslaved by the Empire. and he works to exploit that knowledge to one day restore the Old Republic. Ackbar served with quiet dignity. He will never ask anyone to do something he will not do. He knows both the powers and the weaknesses of the Empire. honor. Equipment: Comlink." Salin Glek Template Type: Quarren Ht. he joined the Alliance and worked up to a position of power. but he understands the necessity of war. Background: Glek grew up in the bowels of a Mon Calamarian floating city. Personality: Ackbar is a peaceful man who has been forced to learn of war by the Empire. with the help of the Empire. and a true leader. everything he does is tempered by justice. Glek's head resembles a four-tentacled squid. He never stops working for peace. Ackbar was taken from his world and given to Grand Moff Tarkin as a gift by an ambitious fleet officer. Equipment: Blaster pistol (damage 4D). Ackbar now serves as a valuable officer in the Alliance. But he never showed any discontent." .PULLOUT SECTION GAMEMASTER MAP: RESEARCH STATION SHANTIPOLE Stormtroopers Commander Ackbar Template Type: Mon Calamari Ht.8m Sex: Male PER 2D+1 DEX 3d+1 Command 6D+1 Blaster 4D+1 KNO 3D+1 STR 3D Alien Races 5D+1 Bureaucracy 6D+1 MEC 2D+1 TEC 3D+2 Astrogation 4D+1 Starship Piloting 4D+1 Physical Description: Ackbar is a bipedal. he will make the Mon Cals pay for what he feels are their crimes against his people. He is quiet.: 1.8m Sex: Male DEX 3D PER 3D+1 Blaster 5D Con 5D+1 Dodge 5D KNO 2D+2 STR 3D + 1 TEC 2D+2 MEC 3D Starship Piloting 4D Security 3D+2 Physical Description: Like all Quarren. hateful individual. data pad. Personality: Glek is a bitter. salmon-colored amphiboid from Mon Calamari. mini-computer. He despises Ackbar and his Mon Cal dreams. learning to despise his Mon Cal neighbors.

Instead. but he doesn't always realize the consequences of some of his suggestions. if I were you. his antennae moving in time. like all Verpine. like all Verpines. but Foo's asteroid was the first contacted by the Alliance.: 1. but he can't put his finger on anything solid enough to go to Ackbar with. and he has worked with the Mon Calamarian ever since. Suskafoo's most striking aspect is his dark. Quote: "I wouldn't do that. featureless eyes. Equipment: None. Suskafoo. Quote: "Now that you mention it. Background: Pollard speaks little of his past." Personality: Foo has grown to see that the Empire and the Alliance as something other than two opposing hives. countering their plans." DEX 4D PER 2D Blaster 5D Command 3D Hide/Sneak 2D Dodge 5D STR 3D+1 KNO 3D Brawling 4D + 1 Streetwise 4D MEC 2D+2 TEC 3D Starship Piloting 3D+2 Starship Repair 4D+1 Starship Gunnery 4D+2 Physical Description: Dark and heavily lined. Foo has worked as a mediator between his hive and the "Rebel Hive. wary. Forget I ever suggested it. He is tough. but his loyalty to good causes soon wins them over. 5D Starship Repair 6D Physical Description: Suskafoo's tall. When speaking Suskafoo twitches and chirps excitedly. Pollard's face is scarred and ageless. thin body is an evenly colored pale green. Foo is only beginning to understand the concepts of good and evil. Pollard was one of the Alliance agents that participated in Ackbar's rescue. His joints. I suppose that would cause a thermoblast.: 1.9m Sex: Male PER 2D + 1 DEX 2D+1 Hide/Sneak 3D+1 Dodge 3D+1 KNO 3D+1 STR 2D+1 Languages 5D+1 MEC 3D+2 TEC 4D Computer Prog. Personality: A born leader. is incredibly curious about technology of any sort. People first meeting him often find him sinister. He doesn't like or trust Salin Glek." . Pollard would do well with a command of his own. The Verpine had dealt with galactic traders for many years. and keeping Ackbar safe. Foo used his programming experience to quickly master Galactic Basic. Equipment: Heavy blaster pistol (damage 5D). and dangerous-looking. There is a fundamental difference between them. Since then. he exists in the present — watching the Empire's movements. Background: Suskafoo ("Foo" to his friends) lived his early life on an asteroid on the edge of the field. He loves working on theoretical problems. comlink.PULLOUT SECTION RESEARCH STATION SHANTIPOLE Lower Level RESEARCH STATION SHANTIPOLE MAP KEY Verpine Tunnels Airlock #1 Communications Center Rec Area Mess Elevators Command Center Computer Room Atmosphere Generator Pilots' Rec Room Hangar Bay #1 Storage Maintenance Shop Damaged Maintenance Shop Damaged Hangar Bay #2 Shield Generator Power Cells Storage Airlock #3 Agrifactory Storage Research Lab Auxiliary Power Hangar Bay Sub-Level RESEARCH STATION SHANTIPOLE Living Quarters Airlock #2 Life Boat Bay Side View Hidden Passage Medical Center Repulsor Beam Controls Main Generator Power Converters Life Support Lieutenant Pollard Template Type: Outlaw Ht. are somewhat awkwardly articulated causing Foo to appear ungainly in his movements.9m Sex: Male Suskafoo Template Type: Verpine Ht. But he is not an ambitious man. He prefers to fill what he considers important secondary roles.

If the probot ever receives enough damage to incapacitate it. the encounter with the probe Droid takes place. However. the second involves either navigating through an asteroid storm or dodging an Imperial patrol. damage 4D+2. Weapons: none. They can fly through the asteroid storm and risk being smashed to bits. Speed Code 2D. Probe Droid: STR 4D. have the pilots make Easy repulsorlift operation rolls to start them up and lift out of the transport's hangar. Below are two encounters which occur along the way. mperial probe Droids hunt for Ackbar's team. space suits for every member of the party. The trip to the station lasts about three hours. We usually just fly around them. Allow any reasonable diversion to draw the probe Droid away. But it will if it continues on its present course. while a Difficult security roll breaks the code and reveals that the Droid has not yet discovered the Verpine fleet. the second encounter occurs. Asteroid Hopper: Crew 1. A Moderate roll pinpoints and identifies the approaching probot. The first involves an Imperial probe Droid headed toward the Verpine fleet. leaving the gathering Verpine fleet far the one you arrived in is engulfed by one of the larger vessels. Encounter One: The Probe Droid Imperial probe Droids scour the field. An unusually heavy concentration of asteroids has appeared up ahead. I expect we would be spotted and quickly blown out of space. "Asteroid storms are rather common. After the first hour. The PCs intercept a transmitted report from a probot that is on an intercept course with the Verpine fleet! A PC making an Easy security roll determines that the transmission is of Imperial origin. or go around the storm and risk encountering the TIE patrol. They have been covered with a sensor-reflective material that should confuse Imperial scanning equipment. search 4D. Weapons: blaster cannon. the PCs can try to lead the probe off-course. The Journey Begins Once the PCs are aboard the hoppers." The PCs have two choices. Asteroid Hoppers Jurfel leads the strike force to a small docking bay in another part of the transport. Passengers 3. Shields: none. Read: The asteroid hoppers glide away from the Verpine transport. so the PCs have to either ram the Droid or open the hatch to use their blasters. These short-range repulsorlift craft are ideal for traveling through asteroid fields. provided nothing goes wrong. Ramming does 6D damage to the probot and 3D to the ship. they have to get there. Destroying the probe Droid won't be easy. An hour later. three timers. The hopper carries no weapons. Encounter Two: The Asteroid Storm The Rebels are near the end of their journey when they pick up two things on their sensors. searching for the missing Rebels. all of them Verpine. Any additional requests for supplies can be granted. That's not as easy as it sounds. Before the Rebels begin the raid on Research Station Shantipole. Nothos has ordered their use because the TIE patrols are ineffective within the more dense portions of the asteroid field. Waiting for the PCs are six cubes of detonite. Have the pilots make Easy repulsorlift operation rolls to simulate the journey. blaster 4D. as long as you remember that the Verpine have no weapons. The Verpine Speaker explains that each asteroid hopper carries up to four people. and a TIE fighter patrol skims the edge of the field near where the hoppers travel. You kick in the repulsorlift engines and your hopper leaps away. but cannot operate in deep space. and four asteroid hoppers. Maneuverability 3D. The PCs should decide that the probot must be destroyed. it automatically self-destructs to avoid being captured. Body Strength 3D. Several dozen small. with those TIE fighters patrolling the edge of the medium-sized craft float nearby. within reason. Imperial probe Droids are programmed to investigate anything out of the ordinary. A life boat similar 19 . Suskafoo explains. Alternately.

Then the surface cuts away. He projects the image onto each hopper's heads-up display. 20 . revealing the interior. the rest of the journey is uneventful. If the PCs maneuver around the storm. The TIEs swoop in. Failing a roll means an asteroid has struck the ship." explains Suskafoo. The players can add the hoppers' maneuverability dice to their skill roll. "I'm afraid." Shortly thereafter. they must move toward the outer edge of the asteroid field (going further into the field means traveling through even heavier concentrations of asteroid fragments). See the previous paragraph for details. they realize the TIEs are repeating the same criss-crossing flight pattern as they scan for Verpine ships. Flying through the storm requires three Difficult repulsorlift operation rolls. Then Suskafoo suggests a final look at the research station layout. A hopper that cannot move because of damage continues to be pounded by asteroids until destroyed. Show the players the full-color map again and read: The asteroid station appears on your heads-up display. The players can add the hoppers' speed code dice to their skill rolls.erpine hoppers provide the best means of transportation through asteroid fields. If the PCs didn't discern the patrol pattern. PCs can fly around the asteroid storm and between the TIEs by making a Moderate repulsorlift operation roll. but nothing else quite as prominent as the destroyed hangar bay. Next Stop: Shantipole Once past the asteroid storm. There is other evidence of a violent attack. the hoppers reach Research Station Shantipole. From their angle of approach. The Rebels must decide how they will enter the station before they move closer and alert the patrolling TIE fighters to their presence. doing 3D of damage to the hull. slowly rotating to show you its battered surface. If they stop to discern their patrol pattern (and make a Moderate Perception roll). PCs who don't make the roll are spotted. Rebels within an unmoving hopper take damage from asteroids along with their craft. But now they must deal with the crashing asteroids. It does not show any damage sustained by the recent attack. the PCs can see the flames and smoke rising out of what used to be hangar two. We won't be able to determine the extent of damage until we're within visual range. blasters blazing. They immediately spot the two TIE fighters. If the Rebels dive back into the asteroid storm they can escape the Imperial ships. they must make a Very Difficult roll to avoid being detected. "that this image is being produced from our computer library tapes.

Research Station Shantipole was the Alliance's largest base in the Roche system. and the prototype B-wings are being moved to Nothos's flagship. Here. drifting lazily into space through the now-dead force field. The first. Research Station Shantipole Before the Empire arrived. Before the assault about 200 Verpine. a Mon Calamari freighter. A blackened ship lies twisted against one wall. is in shambles.) The asteroid. Dozens of stormtroopers stand guard while unarmored technicians load boxes on a large Imperial shuttle. apparently surveying the damage. two hangars come into view. lived and worked here. The stormtroopers have the same statistics as those in episode two. read the following: The research station rotates slowly before you. As the asteroid turns. is considerably larger than the one that housed Ackbar's Command Base. originally a Verpine colony. A second ship. They travel in squads (eight troopers and an officer) or details (three to five troopers).pisode Four To Retake Shantipole Summary After their harrowing journey through the asteroid field the Rebels arrive at Research Station Shantipole. as depicted on the full-color map and the map in the pullout section. Several airlocks and repulsor-beam units are visible. The second hangar is well-lit and undamaged. sits unattended in the corner. Observing the Asteroid As the PCs draw near the asteroid. as that would be a convenient vantage point for observing the station. Now Shantipole is under Imperial control. guarded by a horde of stormtroopers. Any mistake by the PCs will alert the stormtroopers and almost certainly make their mission even more difficult — perhaps impossible! of Ackbar's engineering staff. then find the hangar where the combat craft are stored. reach the main generator and set their detonite timers. Verpine who didn't escape during the assault are being rounded up for shipment to Imperial detention centers. Suskafoo suggests landing on a tiny moonlet that orbits nearby. Once the Rebels land. obviously a target of the Empire's attack. Verpine engineers worked for nearly five months designing and constructing the new two-man B-wing. as well as the rest 21 . The facility has three levels. Shantipole belongs to the Empire now. (Note that stormtrooper officers have skills and attributes 1D higher than normal troopers. They must figure out a way to get inside the station undetected. Frayed wires and other debris float freely within the shattered confines. Commander Nothos has ordered his stormtroopers to dismantle the entire operation. haphazardly spaced across the asteroid in typical Verpine fashion. Five Imperial techs in full vacuum suits move about the hangar's semi-darkness.

STR 4D. Both routes hold promise for entering the base unobserved. create suspense by letting them see something move in the shadows. have Suskafoo remind them that the Verpine fleet is in danger of discovery and time is crucial. This requires a good story and a Difficult con or command roll. The hangar has no power. It continues to attack until wounded. Entry Via the Damaged Hangar Hangar Bay #2 was completely destroyed by the Imperial bombardment. 10. By following the trail of ice (and making three Easy search rolls). If the PCs decide to wait for an extended period of time. so the techs rely upon glow rods to provide light. Entry Via the Hidden Passage By exploring ice-crystal deposits on the surface of the asteroid. A Moderate security roll is needed to operate these controls. footing becomes more 22 . but otherwise further observation reveals very little. the PCs discover a hidden passage. Unknown to the Verpine or the Imperials. Suskafoo explains that this dome covers the colony agrifactory. the PCs eventually come across the still-operational vent. If the PCs stage a diversion. the ice crystal formations become considerably larger. PER 1D. and through the damaged hangar. You may lower the difficulty number depending on the quality of the PCs' roleplaying. but it won't hesitate to supplement its diet with a Rebel or two.Each PC who makes an Easy Perception roll notices one of the following: • Glistening ice-crystal deposits can be seen in spots all over the asteroid. There are two good routes into the asteroid: through the hidden passage into the Verpine tunnels. lower the difficulty number appropriately. The tunnels contain a much more dangerous obstacle. In the damaged hangar the PCs must avoid or deal with five Imperial technicians. the space slug's attack comes as a total surprise. Both are well-lit and guarded. Increase the station's alertness level by one (see "Shantipole Defenses" below). and 27 on the map) or a small opening that leads into the Verpine tunnel system (area 1 on the map). • Make Difficult hide/sneak rolls to slip around the techs under the cover of darkness. but both also hold danger. Suskafoo explains that the presence of ice indicates that an airlock or ventilation system still operates somewhere within the passage. Getting Inside After spending some time observing Shantipole. Then let the PCs make Moderate Perception checks. Any military-type PCs will recognize the techs' non-combative nature and will know that killing these men is not a heroic act. Space Slug: DEX 2D. the PCs have just 30 minutes to recover a battle-ready ship and come to Ackbar's rescue. Investigating any of these ice deposits reveals a standard airlock hatch (areas 2. the slug attacks the nearest person each combat round. An emergency airlock has been rigged to permit travel between the pressurized regions of the research station and the hangar area. A failed roll means a stormtrooper or tech sees something suspicious and reports it. Thereafter. Every time they fail a search roll they find themselves in an ice-free maze. As the PCs follow the ice trail. which means the PCs can do nothing during the first round of battle. Give the players some time to plan their raid on the base. Speed code 3D. give them a scare by having them stumble across a nest of mynocks. • Four TIE fighters hang suspended from the undamaged hangar's ceiling on a temporary TIE docking platform. Passages without ice deposits lead nowhere. which quickly scatter and fly away when disturbed. and will only fight if given no other alternative. • Arrange an "accident" for one of the techs that requires his fellow workers to rush him to the medical center. • Bluff their way past the techs. but are not combat troops in any sense. Next. but all they'll find is a maze of similar corridors. The technicians carry low-power blaster pistols. The PCs can explore one or two if they want. the Rebels must begin making their way to the captured asteroid. Those who are successful shout a warning as the space slug attacks. Five-man crews of Imperial technicians work around the clock surveying the damage and studying the mix of Verpine and Alliance equipment. If no one made the roll. They have com units built into their space suits and will call for help at the first sign of hostile activity. a space slug has taken up residence within the hidden passage. offering little chance for entering unnoticed. The PCs should instead try to slip past them without resorting to violence. he or she realizes that the ice indicates atmospheric discharges such as when an airlock opens. They run before they fight. Space slugs instinctively attack any moving body they encounter. Other less suitable but still plausible routes open to the Rebels include one of the three airlocks or through the functioning hangar bay. The space slug has been preying on the mynocks which infest the icy passage. From that moment. A panel recessed in the stone wall controls magnetic seals that can be activated to provide an atmosphere-safe corridor into the Verpine tunnel system. Here are a few ways they can accomplish this. and more treacherous (-1D to all Dexterity-based skills). • A large dome rises out of the top of the asteroid. Following the ice path is the least of the Rebel's problems — a space slug lives in these caverns. The Space Slug's Tactics: This rather small space slug (four meters long) attacks the last person in the Rebel party when it first appears. Size 4 meters. Because of the narrow confines of the tunnels. Rebels who delay for more than 12 hours receive an emergency message from Ackbar stating that the Verpine fleet is under attack. Combat: teeth (5D damage). From the moment the Rebels enter the hidden passage. A Moderate hide/sneak roll is required for each hopper pilot to reach the asteroid unseen. PCs lose a die from all dodges against the space slug (this is in addition to the die lost due to icy conditions). The techs in the damaged hangar work throughout the day. Occasionally they see an asteroid deflected away by the base repulsor beams. and one mobile laser cannon has been set up near the hangar's entrance. As they travel deeper into the asteroid. If the same PC makes an Easy survival roll. That's the key to entering the research station from this area.

Even so. A failed roll means the airlock opens but the base goes up one defstat level and stormtroopers are sent to investigate. the rest are working in the hangar. then nothing but tremendous luck or extravagant use of the Force will keep them alive and the base below defstat three. Normal guard stations (as marked on map). Any other plan to gain entry through an airlock should involve effective disguises. When the PCs reach Shantipole. offered no resistance. the research station is at the lowest defstat level — defstat zero. dozens of stormtroopers are busy pacifying the base. PER 2D+2. pointing out that at least 25 stormtroopers and a heavy weapon were visible during their observation period. The capture of the the base was bloodless and the Verpine. requiring a Difficult security check to open them. At present. with the life support computer automatically sealing the blast door nearest the airlock. guarding Research Station Shantipole is a tactical nightmare. The ease of the operation has lulled the Imperials into a false sense of security. technology 4D+2. superb marksmanship. They are confident that the few Rebels who escaped are busy staying hidden. During defstat three. otherwise somebody sounds the alarm. All other attributes and skills: 2D. About 90 of these are searching the tunnel complex for hidden Verpine. Success means the Rebels have entered the base unnoticed. A roll of 1 or 2 on a sixsided die determines that the PCs have run into a patrol. this map should not be shown to the players. Three stormtroopers are stationed inside the base to keep any free Verpine from escaping. Defstat Two: Guard post personnel double. A small viewport located in each door provides a limited line of sight to the other side. A pressure lock keeps both doors from opening at the same time. (Roll every time they exit a chamber).) An Easy hide/sneak roll must be made by each Rebel to avoid being seen whenever they encounter a patrol or guard post.) Shantipole Defenses The gamemaster's map of Research Station Shantipole (located in the pullout) shows where each stormtrooper detail in the base is stationed. or use of the Force to have any chance of succeeding. One door opens directly into space. A battle with a patrol instantly increases the defstat level by one. Unlike the large color map. This sudden loss of pressure also causes a base-wide alert. Every few minutes one of the guards peers into the airlock as a standard precaution. Stormtroopers and repair personnel arrive in 10 minutes to investigate. Blaster damage: 3D+1. The base goes up one defstat level and a stormtrooper squad is dispatched to investigate the hangar. (Roll every time they exit a chamber. the defstat level rises by one. A roll of 1 on a six-sided die determines that the PCs have run into a patrol. Finally. Whenever the PCs do something to make the Imperials suspicious. Defstat Zero: No stormtrooper patrols. Control panels for the airlock are located outside each door and inside the airlock itself. a Moderate security roll is required to figure out the code for the airlock. there 23 . Entry Via Hangar Bay #1 Suskafoo warns the PCs against entering Shantipole through the undamaged hangar bay.• Stunning or rendering the techs unconscious. (Turn to episode five for further details on hangar defenses. For the Imperials. when cornered. The squad arrives in five combat rounds. If the PCs encounter a stormtrooper patrol while the station is at defstat one or two alert. performing routine patrols. ne of the Rebels assigned to Strike Force: Shantipole. Defstat Three: Blast doors seal around the area where the Rebels were last encountered. During these 10 minutes the PCs must close the airlock. KNO 2 D + 2 . Defstat One: Normal guard stations. the stormtroopers must make an Easy Dexterity roll to keep from being blown out into space. Codes for blast doors change. The corridors twist and wind. they will be asked to surrender before the troopers attack. Nothos expects to capture every straggler on the base within hours. Stormtrooper squads patrols the station for possible intruders. If the PCs slip past the techs. then override the security lock on the blast door by making a Difficult computer programming roll. the Rebels must find a place to hide to avoid the investigating stormtroopers. PCs making a Difficult security roll can override the pressure lock from the outer control panel. the other maintains the base's atmospheric integrity. Imperial Technicians: DEX 2D + 1. stormtrooper patrols blast everything that moves. are no clear lines of fire. and the Verpine tunnels are three levels deep and contain over one hundred small chambers. When this episode begins the Imperials have no idea that the Rebels are planning a raid. and also contains a map key for quick reference. The PCs have two combat rounds to incapacitate all five techs. If both doors open at the same time. Shantipole has been set to operate on a four-level defense status (defstat) system. Squads patrol the station for possible intruders. Two heavily-armed squads sweep into the area with orders to capture all intruders. Ignore all references to Salin Glek and the B-wings if the PCs go there at this time. Entry Via Airlock Each airlock is a two-meter by two-meter room with two four-inch thick durasteel doors. A Moderate hide/sneak roll must be made by each Rebel to avoid being seen whenever they encounter a patrol or guard post. or standing guard duty. If the Rebels ignore Suskafoo.

7. provided he has six uninterrupted combat rounds to accomplish his work. each oblivious to the world around him. If the guards are missing. Three disconnected computers stand in the center of the room. instead. 5. 4. Verpine Tunnel System. Rebels making an Easy con roll can actually walk through the command center unchallenged. the Rebels encounter a stormtrooper squad. Suskafoo can access the main computer from this room and retrieve the remaining B-wing data. On a roll of 6. however. see "Entry Via Airlock. Eliminating guards has consequences. Nothos isn't stupid. 6. From inside this room. Elevators. If the PCs find they must use force. This raises the base one defstat level. 90 stormtroopers search for Verpine in the tunnel network. Suskafoo can access the main computer from this room and retrieve the remaining B-wing data. six chairs. Wires dangle loosely where the computers were once connected with the wall. Data cables run across the floor and dangle from walls. Rec Area. The techs don't notice the PCs unless the Rebels take some action. and the life support center to the auxiliary power chamber on the lower level.Once Inside . provided he has six uninterrupted combat rounds to accomplish his work. a food dispenser. too.. 2. Consoles appear to have been dismantled or moved. Once the PCs pass through the vent. stormtroopers are called away to search other sections of Shantipole. If they make a lot of mistakes early they will probably have to contend with a base on full alert. The more damage the PCs cause. a Verpine could sneak them out of a tight spot through a secret tunnel. The Imperials are busy stripping the memory banks of the station's computers. He sends a patrol to any guard post which misses its regular com check (troopers must report every 15 minutes). Airlock #1. The Verpine tunnel system is a sprawling multi-level facility. For example. but it is lying several feet away on one of the disconnected computers. At that point. Six long tables. Communications Center.. As the station's defstat level goes up. Mess. Four Imperial technicians work here. On the roll of a 1. Three levels tall. roll a six-sided die every so often as they explore the winding passages. A hidden passage leads from the surface of the asteroid to a vent on the top level of the tunnel system. a wellcoordinated surgical attack offers the best chance for success. As with Ackbar's Base. a general description of each room's more prominent features. the complex contains over one hundred small chambers and twisting passages. the PCs find a fleeing Verpine. the Rebels can control every blast door on the asteroid. the patrol instantly raises the base one defstat level. Repulsorlift tubes connect the various levels. Command Center. Shantipole Room Descriptions The following descriptions detail the rooms on the asteroid as they appear when the Rebels arrive. 1. Stormtroopers who survive more than two combat rounds report the Rebel intruders. the tougher it's going to get. you'll probably have to give them a little help. These old-style lifts connect the main level to the agrifactory. and discarded equipment has been dumped in one corner. Assorted techs and officers are seated at computer stations around three of the walls and around a central console island. For a complete description of the airlocks. benches. it's up to you (and the players!) to devise a breakout scenario. some of the Rebels might get captured and taken to the storage room that now serves as a detention cell (area 26). busily prepping the Verpine com stations for removal. the information provided is not an exhaustive list of everything found in the station. they can't just land and start blasting. Alternately. The officer in charge has a comlink. Death or capture awaits Rebels who try to assault an entire base commandeered by stormtroopers. This recreation chamber contains two tables. 24 . Any attack on the command center instantly raises the base to defstat three. and several half-eaten meals are the only things to be found here. Stealth should be the Rebels' main concern as they move through the base." 3. When the PCs first arrive on the base. There are 12 techs here. It is. If this occurs. and a holo-chess board.

causing 8D damage to everyone in the room. 14. The techs are preparing to dismantle the beam computers. Eight overturned beds lie on the floor. a lone technician works quietly trying to access the B-wing data from the main computer (which is actually located in a sealed chamber on the lower level). Two repulsor beam generators sit in the center of the room. 25. provided he has six uninterrupted combat rounds to accomplish his work. the generator does not explode because the detonite wasn't set properly. except for the stormtrooper guards. Suskafoo can retrieve the remaining B-wing data from this room. A variety of tools. Salin Glek docks the stolen Out Runner here and proceeds to hangar bay #1. See episode five for further details. Living Quarters. Shutting down the entire system is as simple as one well-placed blaster bolt. only a trace element in most atmospheres. A simple one-man computer station is recessed into the back wall. 23. 21. composition. 20. Lower the set time by one minute for every number less than the difficulty number. along with water recycling systems." 24. The generator sits unattended in one corner atop a meter-thick slab of permacite. from which Suskafoo can retrieve the remaining B-wing data. Overturned bunks." (Note. used by the base personnel to escape the Imperial assault. The life boat bay is empty. see "Entry Via Airlock. Seated here. This large open chamber has beds laid out in rows. There are three power cell units. Around them. Damaged Maintenance Shop. used by the base personnel to escape the Imperial assault. The atmosphere generator responds directly to commands from the life support computer and works mainly to produce argon. Two bacta-tanks with smashed face plates stand in the room's center. Shield Generator. In either case. an alarm sounds throughout the base and blast doors adjacent to the hangar automatically close. barrack style. 25 . Medical Center. From this terminal the Rebels can program every system on the base. 10. Power Cells. Rebels who bother to search the room find three medpacs. across the ceiling. gauging your generosity by the success they have had up to this point. Repulsor Beam Control. 13. and to the power converter in the room beyond. Maintenance Shop. A Moderate demolition roll is needed to set the timer for 30 minutes. the detonite explodes as the PC works with it. Destruction of the atmosphere generator will set off an alarm which raises the base defstat by one level. the detonite will explode sooner than the Rebels expect. disrupting life support results in an alarm sounding at the command center. Pilots' Rec Room.8. Nothing remains in this totally wrecked chamber. while the PCS are wandering the station. Use your discretion as to what the PCs can find. Six Imperial pilots are resting here. Hangar Bay #2. Airlock #2. This base. Stormtroopers must make an Easy Dexterity roll to activate their mag-boots and keep from being blown into the void. these cells can provide up to 72 hours of backup power for the shield generator. and circulation all originate here. each tied to the shield generator by its own network of wires. sits against one wall. with two duplicate computer stations facing it. Life Support. Detention Area. clothes hastily tossed aside — it's obvious the research station residents were totally surprised by the Imperial attack. Power Converter. Main Generator. The Verpine won't begin to feel the effects of argon deprivation for several days. Life Boat Bay. This unit controls the magnetic fields that maintain the atmospheric integrity between the hangar bays and space. raising the defstat level by one. is critical to Verpine health. 19. Locating the main power cable requires a Moderate Technology roll. A temporary airlock has been established within the passage that leads from the shop to the inner corridor. This hangar is undamaged. Any fighting in this room. Argon. Verpine use repulsor beams to protect their asteroid colonies from smashing into other bits of space debris. 17. PCs can set four cubes of detonite to destroy the generator. The Imperials are now using this chamber as a detention area. to a minimum of 15 minutes. All six are vacant. bacta healing fluid pools on the floor. occupied by four Imperial technicians. like most Verpine colonies. diagnostic computers. 15. Five Imperial techs in full vacsuits examine the damage. but smaller items still remain. turn to episode five and refer to the map in the pullout. Atmosphere Generator. 9. A pressure pipe leads directly from the generator. Atmospheric pressure. Two guards stand near the door. 22. For more information of this hangar bay. is sure to attract the attention of the 12 technicians in the command center and raise the base to defstat three. armed with blaster rifles (damage 5D). Storage. For a complete description of the airlocks. When the magnetic field drops. A computer station sits against one wall. uses a boron power generator. Pipes from the generator lead directly into life support. To shut down the shield generator the Rebels must cut the power lines to all three power cells and then divert or destroy the generator's main power cable. Hangar Bay #1. 16. 12. A four-man computer station. turn to "Entry Via the Damaged Hangar. their sheets torn and scorched. All weapons and heavy equipment have already been removed.) 11. A large computer sits unattended in the room's center. 18. Excess energy transfers from the main generator into the converter unit for use by secondary systems such as lighting and gravity synthesizers. If the roll fails. the life support computer distributes the argon throughout the base via a series of ducts and fans. Before the Imperial attack. Broken boxes and crates lie strewn about this room. 26. and vehicle parts can be found here. Launch ports for six life boats are built into the wall. There. Shutting down air-flow to selected portions of the base requires a Difficult Technology roll (but this will not affect stormtroopers since they wear self-contained environment armor). If the roll is missed by more than 15. The initial bombardment by the assaulting forces all but obliterated this hangar bay and the adjacent shop area. In case of an energy failure. In this case. When the PCs come within sight of hangar bay #1. Computer Room. The climax of this adventure occurs here. The techs have no such option. however. this storage room held spare parts for the shop.

created by converting excess energy from the agrifactory solar cells. 31. an the Rebel heroes survive the dangers of the fallen research station? 32. Turn to episode five. Rows and rows of six-foot tall dividers.) Ending the Episode This episode ends with the PCs reaching hangar bay #1 and preparing to recover a combat ship." 28. If the PCs arrive here before reaching hangar bay #1. gauging your generosity by the success they have had up to this point. Storage. (The first B-wing is already aboard the shuttle. For a complete description of the airlocks. The auxiliary power chamber can be reached either by elevator or through the lower level maintenance room. Agrifactory. they explain to the PCs that the B-wings are in working order. Also. All weapons and heavy equipment have already been removed. Life support maintains a sweltering tropical temperature in the agrifactory. Auxiliary Power. It is also the first room disassembled by Nothos's agents. The Imperials have yet to discover the prisoners' importance. Each grow wall is covered in magenge. If the Rebels rescue the prisoners before going to the hangar. then there will be no Verpine in the bay in episode five. 30. There are hundreds of grow walls. Against one wall is an asteroid hopper flipped over and mounted on two braces. These are also the same Verpine which appear in episode five. A detail of stormtroopers are stationed here to catch escaping Verpine. if Pollard "died heroically" in episode two. and two tables piled with tools and machine parts rest in the corner. Nothing remains here. It peels easily from the grow walls and is best if eaten while still moist. a type of fungus.Seven Verpine sit quietly against the far wall. can supply the station with enough power to remain operational for limited periods. Hangar Bay Maintenance Center. The Verpine live exclusively on magenge. he will be found here when the Rebels arrive. line the room. every storage disk. Airlock #3. but will do all he can to aid the PCs. These Verpine are the configuration team which developed the original design for the two-man B-wing. 27. The agrifactory is topped by a giant dome. Broken boxes and crates lie strewn about this room. and piles of solar collector panels to hide behind. A variety of engine parts lie scattered across the floor about the hopper. Use your discretion as to what the PCs can find. This room was where the most of the configuration work on the updated B-wings took place. see "Entry Via Airlock. A vehicle lift leads to hangar bay #1 above. 29. Research Lab. called grow walls. Hiding in the agrifactory isn't difficult. but smaller items still remain. Auxiliary power. Two elevators lead to the agrifactory. Magenge is light green in color and sweet to the taste. Several computer terminals dot the outer edges of the room. a giant water distribution complex in one corner. He is wounded. 26 . Every computer station. every chair has been removed and loaded on the Imperial shuttle in hangar bay #1. At the first opportunity. they interrupt Glek and the techs as they load the second B-wing onto the lift.

four TIE fighters hang suspended from a temporary TIE docking rack. control tower. Unseen. It's important to realize that this is a two-level hangar. the stormtroopers prepare a special welcome for them (see "The Stormtroopers on Alert"). If they are at higher alert status. preferably just seconds before the main generator explodes (if they successfully set the detonite). on the catwalk. The craft is in working order. indicated on the map. connect the catwalk with the hangar floor. Before they reach the ships. the PCs find that the situation has taken a dramatic twist. or if you have a copy of the Tatooine Manhunt adventure you can use the stats for Alabak's Gold. three stormtroopers stand by a tripodmounted repeating blaster. The following read aloud assumes that the Imperials have not gone to an alert status higher than defstat one. or if the Rebels have made it known that they are headed toward the hangar. its loading ramp down. Twenty stormtroopers move about the hangar's floor. tormtroopers stand ready while an Imperial officer supervises the loading of the prototypes. Imperial shuttle and maintenance lift are all on ground level. Hangar Bay #1 The Rebels reach the hangar through either one of two tunnels. Across the bay. Mon Cal Freighter. four TIE fighters. The episode ends with the PCs flying out of the hangar in one or more captured vehicles. A familiar squid-faced Quarren directs four technicians as they load boxes onto an oversized Imperial shuttle. and a Mon Cal freighter. Mon Cal freighter. so characters can crawl underneath if they want. Below are brief descriptions of the more important locations in the hangar and the various characters found here. This ship sits unattended. A Mon Cal freighter is parked on the far side of the bay. Three of these guard a group of Verpine off to one side.pisode Five Battle In Hangar Bay #1 Summary The Rebels assault the heavily guarded hangar bay #1 to procure a combat vehicle. The tunnel you are standing in enters the room from the side. The traitor Salin Glek directs four technicians loading boxes onto an Imperial shuttle. the two prototype B-wings are stored in the shuttle's hold for transport to an Imperial facility. the hangar control tower juts out from the stone wall. entry tunnels. Even though their original mission was to retake Ackbar's freighter. The catwalk. A metal catwalk forms an awning some 10 meters above the floor. The hangar bay is immense and bustling with activity. the PCs can take any ship they want. When they reach the hangar. Use the stats for Out Runner from episode one. To your right. Two officers stand inside. Near them. and TIE fighters are all on the upper level. Six ladders. The hangar floor. The landing gear keeps the ship suspended about one meter above ground. though. or by taking the vehicle elevator from the lower level. 27 . Three other tunnels exit from the bay. the PCs must defeat the stormtroopers stationed here. Visible craft include an oversized Imperial shuttle. directing the activity below. See the map in the pullout section for an illustration of the chamber. The boxes all bear markings that identify them as part of the Shantipole project.

then he has it in his belt pouch at this time. Note. drawn-out battle allows reinforcements to arrive. One squad is stationed near the tunnel that leads to the maintenance shop. Oversized Imperial Shuttle: Hyperdrive multiplier: x1. don't forget any detonite charges they may have set. This oversized shuttle has been modified to serve as a cargo transport. When the PCs enter the room. The first pile is stacked near the shuttle's rear loading ramp. Verpine Prisoners and Stormtrooper Guards. but takes only two combat rounds to turn into the room. During the battle. Weapons: Four laser cannons (fire linked). combined damage 4D. the other squad stands guard at the rear of the shuttle. One round after the shooting starts. Salin Glek and Four Techs. When the PCs arrive. not indicated on the map. a goal beyond Ackbar's wildest dreams. these Verpine tell the PCs that the B-wings are in working condition. It takes three combat rounds to switch levels. which should surprise both Suskafoo and the PCs. Out Runner. Without a leader. Two doors connect the control tower with the catwalk. Suskafoo also insists upon saving the Verpine prisoners. The gun fires once per combat round and does 6D damage. Two squads are presently assigned to the hangar. "Look. both prototype ships have already been loaded aboard the shuttle. Note. Any Rebel entering the hangar must make a Difficult hide/sneak roll to avoid detection. stormtroopers of the same squad use combined fire if their squad leader is still alive (and not incapacitated). if Glek was n Imperial officer. the stormtroopers open fire in unison. Glek directs these techs as they load the remaining pieces of Project Shantipole aboard the shuttle. Heavy Weapons Stormtroopers. Unknown to the PCs. they deploy so that they can fire into the tunnel the PCs approach from. 28 . The tower's window is made of pure transparisteel and is impervious to blaster fire. They have the same stats as stormtrooper officers. They fall prone or take cover wherever possible. This craft requires both a pilot and a co-pilot to operate. let them study the situation for as long as they want. Officers are distinguished by a red shoulder guard and have plus 1D in all skills and attributes. The rear hatch is open. and can be launched from the shuttle in space. one on each side.Imperial Shuttle. Sublight speed 2D. given the holo-disk in episode one. These seven Verpine were captured by the Imperials after the base fell. However. if the PCs visited the maintenance area before coming to the hangar. Ladders connecting the catwalk to the hangar floor are spaced at even intervals. The second sits beside the maintenance lift. Below is a summary of the NPCs' tactics during the battle. If a PC is spotted. The Stormtroopers' Tactics: The PCs biggest obstacle are the two squads of stormtroopers. Both craft are in working order. the prototypes are combat ready and can be used to break the Verpine fleet out of the asteroid field. The doors have a strength of 3D. at airlock #2. he has docked their ship. but without the armor bonuses. fire control 1D. The Stormtroopers On Alert If the Imperials are expecting the Rebels. They figure this out either by examining the craft or by having one of the Verpine prisoners tell them. hull 3D. the stormtroopers stand behind partial cover. if the PCs met these Verpine in the detention cell they will not be here at this time. At the first opportunity. Glek retreats to the pilots' rec room in this situation. maneuverability zero. If the Rebels aren't spotted. The RPG stats follow. Shields: 2D. Maintenance Lift. Rebels!" The other stormtroopers are surprised for one round. These piles provide medium cover during combat. are in the hangar. Equipment. Where possible. Two piles of captured Rebel equipment. B-wing Prototypes. Five stormtroopers use a combined action to fire at the first Rebel entering the hangar. See "The Battle" for further details on how the NPCs behave. They are being watched by a stormtrooper detail near the front of the Mon Cal freighter. the stormtroopers simply fire at the nearest Rebel without using combined fire. In fact. They can be destroyed by an incapacitated damage result or better. A long. Your players should realize that by stealing the shuttle they can actually save the B-wings. The gun starts out pointed toward the hangar opening. Two Imperial naval officers are stationed here. Catwalk. Control Tower. The Battle PCs making an Easy hide/sneak roll can observe the hangar from the tunnel entrance without being seen. a stormtrooper points and shouts. This standard metal-grill catwalk has safety rails running along its outer edge. Each squad consists of eight stormtroopers and one officer. Three specially trained stormtroopers stand beside a repeating blaster situated atop the catwalk just to the right of the TIE docking rack. they interrupted Glek and the technicians as they transported the second B-wing from the lower level to the shuttle. Note. To defeat the stormtroopers the Rebels must hit quickly and hard. and resting in the huge hold are the two prototype B-wings. after that it's open season on the PCs. Two Stormtrooper Squads. both squads open fire. This elevator moves small ships and equipment between the maintenance area and the hangar. They fight to the death.

Two rounds after the pilots reach the TIEs. Roll a six-sided die at the start of each round to see how many show up. Your radio crackles to life. the officers lock both control tower doors. It takes four rounds to reach a TIE. Glek spends the next five combat rounds preparing the shuttle for flight. For example. the shuttle flies straight for Nothos's flagship. they're in real trouble. if the PCs start to lose. MEC 3D. read: Your ship lurches forward. On the tenth round. Salin Glek and the Techs' Tactics: If Glek survives the first round of combat. proceed with the orignal plan. They will not call for help unless things look extremely bad. Beginning in round three. to give the Rebels a chance. Break Out Once the PCs have commandeered a ship and started it up. Thereafter. including TIE fighters. the PCs must fight them as they break out into space. See Salin Glek's tactics for details on launching the shuttle. Two head toward the shuttle." 29 . If the PCs break into the tower. The techs break for the pilots' rec room. two more squads of stormtroopers pour in through the tunnels. they use the hangar bay com system to direct three stormtroopers in combined fire against one Rebel. STR 2D. On round two all six rush out.Imperial Officers' Tactics: The round after the firing starts. have the Verpine create diversions. use the Ver- pine to balance the combat. TIE Pilots' Tactics: Six TIE pilots are relaxing in the pilots' rec room when the shooting starts. Four run toward the catwalk to reach their TIE fighters. he starts the repulsorlift engines. slipping through the atmosphere shield and out into the asteroid field. the heavy weapons team fires the repeating blaster at the most dangerous-looking Rebel. Once launched. May the Force be with you. TIE Pilots: DEX 2D+1. the battle ends with the PCs fleeing in a stolen ship (or ships) just seconds before their detonite charges explode and Shantipole is consumed in a tremendous fireball. Verpine Tactics: On the first round of combat. TIEs which escape circle the asteroid. "Good work strike team. Ten rounds after the battle opens. he uses a full combat dodge to dive into the shuttle. The sublight engines kick in and Research Station Shantipole disappears behind you. reinforcements start arriving. but their shots bounce off your ship's hull. Heavy Weapons Team's Tactics: If the PCs don't knock out the repeating blaster immediately. Thereafter. The entire team must be killed or incapacitated to silence the blaster. the Verpine prisoners scurry and hide. Back in the hangar bay. the officers surrender. starship gunnery 4D. if necessary. the starfighters launch. Rebels who fly a captured ship are attacked by the TIEs as soon as they leave the hangar. On the eighth combat round. Some fire from extreme range. Refer to the battle in episode one for statistics and special rules for fighting in the asteroid field. Seconds pass. If any TIEs escaped during the battle. You recognize Ackbar's voice as he says. he lifts off. using their own lives. 1-2: No reinforcements 3-5: Two stormtroopers 6: Stormtrooper squad The PCs can commandeer any ship in the hangar. Then an orange explosion rocks your craft and Shantipole is no more. two to reach the shuttle. starship piloting 5D. Ideally. as defeating these intruders will earn them points with Commander Nothos.

The Verpine fleet has arrived ahead of them and is locked in a one-sided battle with an Imperial Nebulon-B escort frigate. provided they can get close enough for a point-blank shot. If the PCs have more ships than they can man.. This episode includes a starfighter combat scenario with modified rules for battling a capital-class ship. both Ackbar and the fleet will be lost. The Situation As time ticked away and Imperial patrols closed in. Moments later you break clear into open space and see a chilling sight. a combat-ready Nebulon-B." Questions about how Suskafoo knows this draw one of his long-winded technical replies. Out Runner. but they refuse to fire weapons. Each Verpine has starship piloting skills of 2D+2. Suskafoo speculates that "A good clean hit on the main engine should render the frigate's propulsion and maneuvering systems inoperative long enough for the fleet to escape. and by ordering the frigate to leave its post. or TIE/rc fighters. The Verpine fleet is already out of the field and engaged in a onesided battle with an escort frigate! Your com units pick up a broadcast from the Imperial ship. That simple flaw in his logic could prove to be Nothos's undoing. Ackbar decided to move the fleet into the corridor ahead of schedule. The B-wings can be launched out of the shuttle's rear cargo hatch. probably to fortify the more obvious route leading from Shantipole to the field's edge. and my flagship will take great pleasure destroying your fleet one transport at a time until Ackbar and his project team surrender. This means giving it something to shoot at other than defenseless Verpine ships. 30 . Nothos leisurely begins to destroy all but the largest command vessels. Verpine fleet. Ackbar ordered the fleet full speed ahead. It's likely that the PCs have the shuttle and the B-wings. he slowly moved his own ship in to replace the frigate." A barrage of blaster fire leaps from the frigate to punctuate the Imperial's statement and a fully-loaded Verpine transport explodes into flaming shards. Unknown to them. And in case you think I am bluffing. has engaged the Verpine fleet.. Unless the PCs intervene quickly. They will fly any ships the PCs ask them to. approaching from the sensorblind asteroid storm that frames one edge of the corridor. Now Nothos's flagship. If so. let the rescued Verpine prisoners help out. othos's Nebulon-B command frigate guards the Rebels' escape route. set his trap for the The Verpine Shooting Gallery As the Rebels near the end of the asteroid corridor. "Rebel scum! I am Imperial Commander Bane Nothos. To save the fleet the PCs must distract the Nebulon-B. read: The asteroid field thins as you reach the end of the natural corridor. Confident that the unarmed ships cannot harm him. Other ships the PCs might be flying include the Mon Cal freighter. When Research Station Shantipole exploded.pisode Six To Run the Gauntlet Summary The Rebels fly through the G147 corridor to the weakest point in the blockade net. Long-range sensors indicated that the Imperial frigate guarding the corridor was moving away. Suskafoo points out that the B-wings were specifically designed to pack enough power to disable an Imperial frigate's engines. But Ackbar didn't count on the combat genius of Commander Nothos. He hoped the Rebel strike team had commandeered a combat craft fast enough to catch up with them because there was no slowing the fleet now. He has ordered the rest of his blockade to capture the Rebels who destroyed Shantipole. provided the Rebels can think of a way to distract his ship while the Verpine jump to lightspeed. Nothos figured out Ackbar's plan. expecting them to break through the field at a spot closer to the now-destroyed research station.

The Rebels begin at long range to the frigate. developed the B-wing starfighter. • After it receives 4 structure points. but they can hurt it. though. turn to the section which matches the combat system you're using. The PCs may set-up their ships anywhere between xx29 and xx40. if they hesitate to attack Nothos's flagship. Sublight speed 3D+2. Star Warriors Combat To use this battle as a Star Warriors scenario. • The Nebulon-B's maximum speed is 6. you'll need counters from this adventure or the boxed game to represent the ships the PCs are piloting. use the fleet to motivate your players. every hit that causes heavy damage or better knocks the craft back one range step. Star Destroyer rules (23). • The gunners have a rating of 4D. maneuverability 1D. and then only if they aim for the engine housing. Proton torpedo launcher (8 shots).000. • A special weapon has no effect on a frigate unless it inflicts 6 or more body points of damage in a single shot. In addition. When the B-wing's pilot conducts a full evasion. damage 7D. Weapons: Two laser cannons (fire linked). markers. If it does. • The frigate's body rating is 8 for purposes of special weapons fire. The new B-wing requires both a pilot and a gunner. damage 9D. until they reach short range. hull 4D. To hit the fragile engine housing requires a difficulty roll of 6 or better. turn to "The Big Conclusion. Instead. Use a Star Destroyer counter from the boxed game to represent the escort frigate. the two-man B-wing's construction gives its gunner a special bonus. In addition to damaging the vessels. This won't be easy. Weapons: four turbolaser batteries (fire separately). Game End: The game is over when the escort frigate takes four structure points and is dead in space. damage 4D. or one well-placed proton torpedo or concussion missile. The battle begins with the Nebulon-B between the fleet and the Rebels. Every round they can close. two Verpine colonies. carrying a crew of almost 1. The PCs don't have enough firepower to destroy it. RPG Starship Combat The Nebulon-B is a sizable ship. 31 . damage 4D. the gunner adds only half the evasion roll to his difficulty number (round up). Their weapons will only affect the frigate at short range. Required Rules: Standard Games rules. and only one system may fire in a round. Any hit that causes actual damage (heavily damaged or better) counts as a direct hit for purposes of knocking out the engine systems. Four turbo laser batteries guard the frigate's rear arc. engine hull 5D. For example. or when the last PC ship is destroyed. turn number is 3. fire control 4D. Each round the Nebulon-B fires upon the fleet.Once the Rebels are ready to attack. three direct hits from their energy weapons or one direct hit from a missile or torpedo. maneuverability 1D. Sublight speed 2D. to temporarily knock out the frigate's engines. Four turbolasers fire upon the Rebel ships as they close. Three ion cannons (fire linked). the fleet has no effect on the battle. fire control 1D. the frigate loses one structure point. fire control 3D. layn and Korpil." Nebulon-B Escort Frigate: Hyperdrive multiplier: x2. Set-Up: Place the Star Destroyer marker that represents Nothos's escort frigate in hex 2623 facing hex 2622. Two-man B-wing: Hyperdrive multiplier: x2. You also need the map. Weapons may be fired by the gunner only. fire control 3D. • The Nebulon-B has only 3 shields and 4 structure points. and ship's log record sheets provided with the Star Warriors game. the frigate is dead in space. and missile rules (22) are required for this scenario. Special Rules: Treat the Nebulon-B escort as an Imperial Star Destroyer with the following exceptions. When the Rebels accomplish their goal. It takes three direct hits from blaster cannons. as the engines are especially vulnerable to point-blank hits. let it destroy a Verpine freighter. to a maximum of long range. Shields: 2D+2. For purposes of combat.

The Nebulon-B continues flying toward the top of the map where the Verpine fleet is located. 32 . of Shields: No. The Verpine fleet is not shown on the map. and then the engines go dead. The hail of fire from the ship's laser batteries tell you that the frigate isn't completely vulnerable. saving the B-wings and disabling the Nebulon-B. of Aux. Ackbar offers the team commissions as Rebel officers.: 4 1/2-Loop: 8 Epilog Back at the Rebel rendezvous point. for you follow the last Verpine transport into hyperspace.: Damage Ctrl: Pinpoint Fire: Snap Fire: Targeting: Angle Shields: No. You direct the Verpine fleet to prepare to jump to lightspeed. however.• The frigate uses only the first column of the "Star Destroyer Attack Table. Ackbar's voice comes over your com unit loud and clear." But before you engage your own hyperdrives.: Decelerate: Over Decel. menacing voice. Before the ceremony. "Savor this victory while you may. Our sensors indicate that the rest of the blockade is headed this way.: R2 Unit? 5 6* 6 5 13 7 4 10 5 12 10 3 4 4 2 6 5 No Pilot's Guns: Gunner's Wpns: DHF. From that point on the Nebulon-B automatically destroys one Verpine ship per turn. At this time you should also replace any Force points spent during the adventure. Rebels." It has no ion guns. TMF(I) Body: 11 /9 Speed Max: 5 Turn No's: 1 1 /1 2 2 /2 3 3 /3 4 4 /3 5 5 /4 6 6 /5 7 7 /6 Stabilizer No. Reduce the number of skill points given by two for each part of the mission they failed to accomplish. Afterward. It stops when it reaches the map edge. A rumble tears through the Nebulon-B. n Imperial shuttle. B-WING STAR WARRIORS STATISTICS Ship Type: B-wing Starfighter Slip: Roll: Jink: Bank: Overturn: Overspeed: Accelerate: Over Accel. injured Rebels are treated immediately. It is a cold. Fbw. causing electric-blue sparks to dance over the scarred metal. The moment the Nebulon-B loses four structure points. another voice cuts through the cheers. Feel free to give players an additional two points for exceptional play. for one day I shall find you and make you pay — and dearly — for what you have done. Rewards For rescuing Ackbar. give each player 10 skill points." If Nothos says more you do not hear it. The Big Conclusion After your players have damaged the frigate (with the set amount of direct hits or structure points) read: Your last shot explodes along the frigate's engine casing. Now let's get out of here. turn to the section titled "The Big Conclusion" below. Ackbar asks the PCs and Suskafoo to act as his honor guard. Ackbar is promoted to Admiral two days later at a ceremony presided over by Mon Mothma herself. Remember the name of Commander Bane Nothos. We owe you our lives. "Nice shooting strike team.