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Democrats Criticize Regulator Over Delayed Foreclosure-Review Report Democratic lawmakers are still frustrated by a lack of information on the nearly 11-month-old multibillion-dollar settlement U.S. regulators announced to end a troubled review of foreclosure abuses. In a letter being sent Monday to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry, three lawmakers criticized bank regulators for failing to publish a report on regulators’ decision to halt the comprehensive review of foreclosure files in favor of a settlement with banks….

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Financial Reform Is About to Catch a Second Wind And Elizabeth Warren is ready to ride it Financial reformers seeking new rules beyond the range of the Dodd-Frank law haven’t had much to cheer about this year. The chances of Congress passing new regulations—OK, passing anything—look bleak…. Federal regulator lays down the law for consulting firms Consultants are supposed to work at the behest of regulators to provide objective assessments of an institution’s problems. But lawmakers have raised doubts about the independence of consultants handpicked by financial firms accused of….

How the banks' big foreclosure settlement cheated consumers Schneiderman's legal action reminds us what a scam that supposedly groundbreaking settlement Remember that was from the get-go. settlement? Trumpeted by the regulators as a huge victory for the consumer….

National foreclosure settlement rules tweaked amid complaints The $25 billion national mortgage foreclosure settlement is getting tweaked, to address numerous complaints that mortgage servicers are falling short in their dealings with struggling borrowers….

Home Price Growth Is Cooling Off Home prices grew by 1% month-over-month in August 2013, according to the latest Corelogic home price index, after growing 1.7% in July. This figure excludes distressed home sales transactions, in which a lender takes possession of a property following an unsuccessful foreclosure auction….

Justice’s Deceit on the JPMorgan Settlement, and Why Ed DeMarco Should Get Some Apologies The fact that half of the fine would deal with WaMu’s liability in that FHFA lawsuit confirms that this is the model. If so, the way in which this is being presented by Justice and the New York AG is remarkable in its deceitfulness…..

What Rights Does Wells Fargo As Trustee Have To Forclose? In the decision, the District Court examined the deñnition of “Mortgage Loan” to determine Whether the parties to the transaction at issue intended that, for purposes ofthe defendant loan seller’s repurchase obligation, a Mortgage Loan would survive even after it has been foreclosed upon and the mortgaged property sold….

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