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Adrianna Holbrook Elizabeth Caruso Engl 1101 7 November 2013 Women’s An Athlete’s Point of View Advertisements are found all over the world these daystoday: on billboards, in malls, in schools, around airports, and all over social media. We use them to help companies endorse their products so that they are able to sell itCompanies use them to push the products they are selling to a targeted audience. Advertisements are designed with the sole purpose of catching the audience’s attention with the result of an increase in sales. . In these advertisements above, the pictures are aimed towards women off all ages and sizes. The advertisements highlighted in this paper are targeting the everyday athlete. They are pictures of advertisements from: Nike,

Comment [BC1]: Be sure to put your name in the filename.

Comment [BC2]: Sell what? Be specific in your wording.

Holbrook 3 New Balance,New Balance, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. These four products are different brands of active wear for both women and men. This paper is off of a woman’s point of view and how we look at these images.All four of the images reflect women in their early to midtwenties that are physically fit, slim, and attractive. We as women are usually never satisfied with how our bodies look. We are always wanting or looking for something to change about our bodies. Women, even athletic women, have a more difficult time than men being accepting of their body type, appearance, and weight. This is where the role of these four advertisements above comes into play. These Athletic brand advertisements s give off the idea that you control how you look and that hard work pays off. These images are supposed designed to motivate you and help encourage you one to strive to better yourselfhis or herself. The main ad that was chosen was a Nike adwas a recent New Balance advertisement focusing on the New Girls’ Night Out. The ad was a tall, blonde, and very muscular young woman that had a sports bra and shorts with leggings on. This girl had a very defined body with a six-pack of abs and a huge smile on her face. Bold red print jumps out at the audience when viewing the ad with the logo matching the wording and in a prominent position on the poster. The girls are running together with an air of friendship and support network. Competition is not an element of the advertisement, which takes place at night in a city. The feeling is one of safety with the girls wearing fun and bright colors. This advertisement appeals to the everyday athlete by showing that everyone is capable of wearing the New Balance sports apparel to be physically fit and active. Moving into the second selected advertisement, a young woman is fully clothed in Adidas sports apparel. However, in contrast to the New Balance advertisement, color is not the
Formatted: Indent: First line: 0.5" Comment [BC4]: Although your introduction does serve to share the lens through which you will view the advertisements, by mentioning all of the ads, you leave your audience thinking that you’ll talk about them all equally. The first sentence of your next paragraph won’t make sense to your reader. Comment [BC5]: Be precise in your language. This is what the woman looks like – not what the ad looked like. Comment [BC3]: Remember what we discussed in class about mentioning the paper and yourself. You don’t technically have to be a woman to analyze the ads from a woman’s point of view.

Holbrook 4 main attraction. Comfort takes the key role in this ad. The athlete is wearing an all black, loose fitting outfit. The ad demonstrates Adidas sports wear as made for everyone. The remaining two advertisements target a very different and selective audience. The Nike and Under Armour advertisements were designed to be revealing and suggestive while displaying their apparel. The Under Armour ad shows a female alone wearing a form fitting salmon colored sports bra and black compression shorts. The contrast of the color used in the ad against the woman’s skin tone emphasizes the healthy, bronze glow of her skin. The image is also taken from the back view of the female, which once again draws attention to the woman’s body, especially the definition of her back muscles, as opposed to the sports wear. The advertisement does not realistically personify an everyday athlete or the targeted audiences of most sports wear ads, instead focusing on unrealistic fitness desires. The final advertisement selected is a Nike ad displaying a young woman with the “perfect” body including the flat, six-pack abs of most women and men’s dreams. The bright blue sports bra draws attention to both the sports apparel and the woman herself as it is against a neutral colored brick wall. The arms of the women in both the Nike and Under Armour advertisements are positioned strategically to highlight every defined muscle in their bodies. The only writing that appears in the Nike advertisement is True Love with the Nike swoosh between the words. The words are placed across the chest of the woman drawing attention to her body instead of the apparel. There is no type of writing in the picture, the only thing that had words on it was her sports bra and it said “true love” with the Nike swoosh in the middle. This first advertisement is very eye catching with the young girl that isn’t well covered in clothes and she has a very appealing body. In my second ad it was a similar picture to my first ad but this one is an ad for Under Armour. In this new ad it is a women with her back

Holbrook 5 towards us, she is wearing a sports bra and very tight shorts. She is built just like the young woman from the first ad, she may not be as skinny as the first one but she is very toned. This picture doesn’t have words in it all it has is Under Armour written on the articles of clothing. Even thought it doesn’t have any writing in the picture you can still tell that the point they are trying to get across is that with their appeal you can become fit. An enormousThe primary factor in advertisements is drawing attention to the viewer’s eye. This strategy could honestly makes or breaks the advertisement; . this This is crucial because without drawing in the viewer, the purpose of the ad would be pointless. With no audience, there would be no increase in sales. having something that would catch people’s attention. Without having something that’s eye catching people would just over look the ad and the product wouldn’t sell. In the Adidas ad there is a young blonde woman who is fully clothed. She is wearing a black jacket and black pants it is very plain. This ad doesn’t have the eye catching attention effect that they first two ads had. In fact this should be an example on what to not do in an advertisement for active wear, there is no writing besides the logo on the woman’s jacket. Another example is the New Balances ad that is pictured above. It is a woman in a green casual shirt and shorts with New Balance shoes on. This looks like an outfit that you would wear going out to dinner with friends not something you would wear in the gym. This ad is by far totally different from all the others ads pictured above. The other ads are wearing more than just the shoes that the company makes they are also wearing the workout clothes those brands have to offer. The New Balance ad doesn’t even look like a fitness ad it look like they are telling you that you can wear the shoes with almost anything. They pictures doesn’t have any words on it so its hard to understand the message they are getting across.
Comment [BC9]: Be mindful of the language you use. Become intentional about how you word your sentences. Comment [BC10]: Are these advertisements? Comment [BC8]: It doesn’t seem like it is an advertisement. It seems more like a picture of active wear in a catalog. Comment [BC7]: You haven’t mentioned how the other two are eye-catching. Comment [BC6]: It seems that this paragraph serves to just describe two advertisements, but your audience will not be able to tell what you’ll do with them.

Holbrook 6 Color is something that these advertisements have in common; they all have some type of color in them. The Nike and Under Armour advertisements both have very positive, up beat, vibrant colors in them. Another factor with those two ads is that they are not wearing a lot of clothes so that also attracts most of the attention not the colors. In the Adidas and New Balance advertisements they have more of dull and gloomy kind of colors and the women are fully clothed in their advertisements. The message that came across me is that you can wear these clothes and accessories in more places than the gym. The way this advertisement is viewed can come across in several ways depending on the person.The way advertisements are perceived will differ with each audience. When analyzing the impact of each of the advertisements above, the audience is a critical factor. The New Balance ad reflects the image of the everyday woman and athlete. It shows the sports apparel as useful and supportive while still being appealing and fun. The advertisement itself, displays how fitness doesn’t have to be competitive or judgmental, but necessary to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Some may see the ad and think its motivation to get a better body and others may find it offensive, and disturbing but it all depends on who is looking at the advertisements. The image, the color, and the amount of skin showing on the modelsin each advertisement are all leading factors in the effectiveness of the advertisements on its targeted a role in how the advertisement is observed to different audiences.
Comment [BC11]: Overall, you cover many ideas in your paper, and in order to strengthen these ideas, I’d like you to focus on not pimply describing your ads, but analyzing them – drawing conclusions about how the product for your main advertisement is being sold in that particular ad. You don’t seem to come back and talk about your main ad once you move on to the others. Also, be sure you are more intentional about your wording and what you are wanting to say. This will make the presentation of your ideas much stronger. Formatted: Indent: First line: 0"