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Document #2: Map of the Yangtze River by U.S.

Geological Survey

Document #3: “Hydroelectric Power” from Mount Holyoke University
By the time of it’s completion in 2009, the Three Gorges Dam will produce enough electricity to supply 3% of China’s total energy needs. The demand for energy is increasing so rapidly in China that the initial estimate in 1993 for energy production capacity was 10% of China's total energy needs. The dam will generate as much energy as 18 coal power plants and will have 20 times as much power capacity as the Hoover Dam in the US. The rate of energy production, equivalent to burning 11,000 barrels of oil per hour, is enough to supply Beijing with power for one year. The project is part of China’s initiative to move towards green energy usage. China is currently the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. Coal is the main energy source, accounting for two thirds of all electricity produced in the country. Coal power is not only a nonrenewable resource, but also generates immense amounts of pollution, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

Document #4: Interviews from PBS
WANXIAN RESIDENT Q. How do you feel about the move? A. It's fine. It will be the same. The new city is supposed to be better. It will be a better environment. Q. Is the government going to help you with the expenses for the move? A. This has nothing to do with the government. If the country needs us to move then we move. Q. Will the government help you build your home? A. This is in the future. I will worry about that when the time comes. FARMERS, Wuxi County Q. Where will you move? A. We don't know where we will move. A. We are going to move over there. A. We can't move there. There isn't any land. We couldn't live there. Q. So you don't know where you will live? A. No, I don't. Q. Will the government give you money? A. Money? I have no idea about any money. A. We will be given money to build our new homes. A. This is my homeland, I don't want to move. Q. What if the government tells you to move? A. Well, if that is the case, then there is nothing I can do.

Document #5: “China’s Three Gorges Dam, By the Numbers” From National Geographic
1. It cost an estimated $24 billion to construct the dam. 2. About 1.3 million people lost their homes and were displaced. 3. Before the dam was constructed, flooding was a major issue that killed about 300,000 people. 4. Navigation and trade have increased over 25 million tons of cargo because of the construction of the dam. 5. Dam prevents garbage from entering the ocean. So far, over 10 million tons of garbage has been removed from the river.