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Company Background The company was incorporated on October 6, 1976 and was listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia on 10 August 1992. Gamuda Berhad, is the leading infrastructure and property developer with operations in Asia and the Middle East Regions. Focusing on three core businesses in Engineering and Construction, Infrastructure Concessions and Property Development, Gamuda take pride in having delivered numerous large-scale civil infrastructure projects to-date; operate and maintain 230km of highways that serve more than two million road users each day; provide water supply to more than two million Klang Valley residents daily; and built more than 14,000 homes in our integrated lifestyle townships. Besides constantly challenging the status quo to go beyond their boundaries in the developments they construct, Gamuda endeavors to enrich the communities by positively changing the way people live and contribute to nation building through continuous education and training. Gamuda have transformed communities with mega developments such as the internationallyacclaimed Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) in Malaysia; the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) in Taiwan; Sitra Causeway Bridges in Bahrain; Dukhan Highway and New Doha International Airport (NDIA) in Qatar; Durgapur and Panagarh-Palsit Expressways in India, as well as Gamuda City and Celadon City in Vietnam. Paving the way for a new chapter in Malaysia’s transportation history, we are the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for the MRT, Mass Rapid Transit project (Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line) (SBK Line), the nation’s largest public infrastructure project. The new 51km MRT line comprising 31 stations will form the backbone of an efficient and sustainable mass rail transportation system for residents in the Klang Valley. Gamuda are also the appointed main contractor for the 9.5km underground tunneling portion of MRT’s SBK Line by the Government. Gamuda scope of engineering expertise covers highways and expressways, bridges, tunnels, dams and hydropower generation, hydraulic engineering and water treatment, railways and massrapid transit systems, marine works and ports, and buildings, delivered through general contracting, design and build, turnkey, as well as the Built-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T) approach. Gamuda emphasis on differentiation, value-creation and operational excellence has enabled the Group to consistently deliver distinctive infrastructure and homes bearing Gamuda’s hallmark of innovation, superior quality, outstanding value and on-time completion. The company was also the sponsor of the ntv7 television series Phua Chu Kang Sdn Bhd.

Taiwan. The MRT. Spreading their wings beyond Malaysian shores as early as more than a decade ago. Gamuda has realised breakthrough engineering solutions for a multitude of infrastructure challenges locally and in various parts of the world with an aim to promote sustainable living. Mass Rapid Transit (Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line) – with the appointment as the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) by the Government. Gamuda are now on the verge of our next big chapter – the MRT. the Panagarh-Palsit Highway and the Durgapur Expressway located at the Dankuni-Palsit Section. Gamuda set foot in India in 2001 and secured two projects. The integrated urban rail transit system will unite the existing rail networks available in the Klang Valley. particularly in West Asia. The PDP will be primarily responsible to ensure the full completion of the 51km first line by 2017 within the prescribed project budget. Gamuda are constantly expanding their horizons to other parts of the world. Gamuda’s hallmark of innovation. For almost four decades. Malaysia’s most ambitious and largest infrastructure project to-date. by clinching the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System’s Orange Line Package CO4 project. Monorail. Indo-China and the Far East. in the State of West Bengal. Gamuda are present in Qatar and Bahrain for the construction of one of the most challenging projects within the Group. namely the Putra Light Rail Transit Lines. namely the New Doha International Airport and the Dukhan Highway in Qatar and the Sitra Causeway Bridges in Bahrain. Gamuda achieved the honor of being the first Malaysian infrastructure company to enter the Taiwanese construction industry in collaboration with New Asia Construction and Development Corporation.Company Prospect and Challenges 1) Engineering and Construction As the leading infrastructure developer in Malaysia. Within the bustling Gulf region. Gamuda are driven to further enhance our presence in the international engineering and infrastructure development arena. The following year. KTM Komuter and feeder bus routes with a single ticketing protocol. Leveraging on our continued success. India. project management expertise and delivery consistency has earned them a sterling track record as the builder of choice for mega infrastructure projects. . Having successfully undertaken more than 40 major civil engineering works. will consist of three lines and is expected to be fully completed and operational by the year 2020. ensuring seamless travel convenience for commuters.

Gamuda owns one of the largest privatised water suppliers in Malaysia. Gamuda currently operate 30-year or longer concessions for these infrastructures through their associate concession companies. In India. With this ultimate vision. Gamuda Land adopts the strict Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS). the distinctive property development arm of Gamuda. Damansara Puchong Highway and the SPRINT Highway. Realising Malaysia’s strategic infrastructure blueprint has remained Gamuda’s primary agenda in almost four decades. Highways Having built. construct and maintain annuity payment concession with the National Highway Authority of India. the Group also has a 40-year concession to operate and maintain their international award-winning flood mitigation and traffic alleviation project. Gamuda Land takes pride of the fact that they are the first Malaysian developer for landed properties to score more than 80% in the CONQUAS assessment. providing essential water resource for 2 million residents and industries in the Klang Valley and Selangor. and community wise. is synonymous with holistic lifestyle developments that uplift the quality of life of the communities they touch. Adopting great emphasis on superior infrastructure. operate and maintained the Shah Alam Expressway. Gamuda Land ensure their townships are wholesome and sustainable in every sense of the word – economically. . environmentally. as part of their aim to facilitate the country’s progression into one of the most sought-after investment destinations in the region. Gamuda Land undergo stringent workmanship assessment to benchmark our homes against the highest standards in structural integrity and craftsmanship. located at the heart of Klang Valley’s most dynamic growth corridor. With a combined length of more than 100km of Malaysian highways under their belt. Besides highways. Water supply Through their associate company SPLASH. Gamuda is the largest intra-urban expressway concessionaire in the country. 3) Property Development Gamuda Land. the Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART). developed by Singapore Building and Construction Authority. Gamuda maintains 130km of inter-city highways in West Bengal under a 15-year finance.2) Infrastructure Concessions Infrastructure development is one of the keystones that empower a nation’s economic development and competitiveness. In their pursuit to design unrivalled living standards in all their developments. Renowned as a builder of high-demand and cost-efficient infrastructures. Gamuda pride themselves in being instrumental in leading the development of a diverse range of privatized infrastructure projects ranging from intra-urban expressways and flood mitigation solutions to dams and water treatment plants.

S P Setia first property development – the 700-acre Pusat Bandar Puchong (Puchong Town Centre) – set the benchmark for subsequent S P Setia projects: a well-planned development that balances affordable quality residential and commercial properties with an outstanding landscape and community-centric facilities. Sabah called Aeropod @ Tanjung Aru. S P Setia has consistently been in the top three and ranked No. S P Setia Berhad has been named The Edge No. They have a distinct advantage over their competitors. The results were announced on 10 October 2013 at The Edge Property Excellence Awards 2013 gala dinner where S P Setia took home a total of four prestigious awards. S P Setia embarked on its first international foray to Vietnam in 2007 when they joined forces with the country’s top state-owned conglomerate. In an effort to grow the brand regionally. Becamex IDC Corp to develop Eco Lakes at My Phuoc Industrial Park. the Group has expanded into the commercial sector with projects such as SetiaWalk Puchong and the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Eco City. As a general building contractor. cost effectiveness and innovation. They are also set to make their presence felt in East Malaysia with the building of a state-of-the-art transportation hub in Kota Kinabalu. In July 2009. Leveraging on the strong demand for commercial and investment grade properties. The Group has also expanded its business into Australia and Singapore and is exploring opportunities in China. wood-based manufacturing and trading . making this the 8th time and a truly amazing feat as no other developer in Malaysia has achieved this record number of No. S P Setia has been responsible for some of the most iconic buildings in Malaysia. as well as a number of major infrastructure projects. Johor Bahru and Penang. 1 for four consecutive years from 2005 to 2008 and another four consecutive years .1 wins. S P Setia also offers highly specialized capabilities such as industrialized building system (IBS). namely Klang Valley. as they not only bring an outstanding breadth of industry experience and expertise to their projects. Since the inception of the awards in 2003. S P Setia is now well-established in all the three key economic centers of Malaysia. 1 Property Developer2013.have been developed to provide maximum synergy for efficiency. the S P Setia story really began in 1996 when they refocused their core business to property development. Property development is S P Setia's primary business driver and their other businesses construction.S P SETIA BERHAD Company Background Although incorporated in 1974 as a construction company. infrastructure. S P Setia launched the first luxury high-rise condominium called Setia Sky Residences in Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

from 2010 to 2013. . S P Setia was honored with The Edge-PEPS Value Creation Excellence Award 2013 for SetiaWalk and The Edge-PAM Green Excellence Award 2013 for Setia City Mall. Adding to the awards roll. value creation for buyers. The judging criterion for this is based on a developer's quality of product. innovation and creativity. brand and expertise. S P Setia also won for the Best Qualitative Attributes Category for the second year running.

S P Setia share their passion with other corporations and individuals because they all have to work together to protect our planet in the face of climate change and other environmental threats. while the dividend payout ratio grew 100%.Reduce. Additionally. C for Community S P Setia longstanding commitment to the community has been their greatest strength." The acronym ECO appropriately encapsulates their activities and approach: E for Environment S P Setia are committed to building sustainability into every aspect of our business. Reuse. This upward trend is set to continue as S P Setia has the competitive advantages that will keep it at the forefront of the highly competitive Malaysian property scene for the next decade and beyond. Their aspirations as a responsible corporate citizen can be summed up in a single statement: "Building Sustainable Communities for All. originating groundbreaking ideas and concepts in all their endeavors. the Group has identified commercial property development as a key driver for our next phase of growth. With the land bank estimated to last 10 to 15 years. the Group is well placed to respond quickly and proactively to new growth opportunities that may materialize in the future. S P Setia wants to be a leader in every sense of the word. S P Setia hopes that their efforts in this area will inspire a greater sense of community and neighborliness. Social activism is an integral part of the S P Setia corporate culture. S P Setia goal is to build capacity and they want to contribute actively by providing avenues through which their customers and beneficiaries can realize their personal aspirations. O for Organization S P Setia successes and achievements are the result of teamwork. S P Setia "cradle to cradle" approach focuses on the 3Rs .Company Prospect and Challenges The S P Setia mission is to create value for all stakeholders. The Group has one of the largest developable land banks in the country. Now is the time to take Team Setia to new levels of excellence as they build creativity into their culture. acquired at very good prices. the Group's profit after tax rose by 163%. and with the low holding costs. . They achieved this by ensuring that they successfully evolved into a financially sound and profitable Group that maintains impressive year-on-year growth. the Group is in a good position to build value over an extended period. Numerous exciting commercial developments in the Klang Valley and Johore Bahru are in the pipeline. Having proven ourselves as a market leader in the residential sector. Along the way. Between 2001 and 2006. by keeping a strong balance sheet with low gearing. Recycle.